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A fruit frenzy

Monopoly squad goals: Blackwell Academy version.

It is finished~ I would’ve replaced the old post’s pic as this, but eh, I can’t seem to do it.
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“Sorry! I thought you might be getting sick. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Huevemeber Day 24: This is fanart for @uncannycookie‘s wonderful, wonderful fics cause I absolutely love them and they are killing me. This scene is actually from the second one, And Nearly Letting Go, but I totally recommend reading Of Cold Hands Reaching first! 100% worth your time if you like this pairing.

It was also their birthday the other day so Happy Birthday as well!

I adored drawing Shigeo with bed hair, it is by far his cutest form hahaha. I never know what to do with Teruki’s hair at the best of times though… I’m inclined to have him grow it out again (they are around 16 in this pic) but that’s just cause I have the selfish desire to give him a ponytail when he’s older.


Briar knew the pin that was meant; the boy had showed it to everyone the day before. “Me?” demanded the street rat, horrified. “Nick that piece of flash? There’s no pump worth is Bags as would pay more'n a few copper pennies for it!”
“Liar!” cried his accuser. “It cost me two silver crescents!”
Briar lifted his eyebrows. “Silver-gilt paint, tin, and a glass pearl? Then you was nicked, and nicked proper.”

Briar <3 Hahaha. 

2 down, 2 left to go :))


“How would Kojuro react when MC is turned into a cat?" 

Well, that’s not just a crack headcanon now, Voltage has made it canon in his epilogue for this event. And the answer? They still converse and it is mega cute! And so much more so because Kojuro likes cats but for some unknown reason cats hate him, hahaha, poor darling!

I recommend buying all the epi for this event. It’s so worth 2 pearls each if you like crack stuff. 

The hashtag for this event should be #CRACK TREATED SERIOUSLY, hahahaha



Today our school got a certification for being one of the best in the country and what not which was a pretty big deal with the local TV and journalists and shit so our teachers split all the couples apart in the ceremonial hall so we wouldn’t fuel the lesbian cliché (we’re an all girls catholic school) so my friend and I waited until the camera was directed at us and made out and now we’re being expelled and our headmistress is crying I CAN’T 

The Graduate

Sister Winchester - The Graduate

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Word Count: 2992

Summary: After attending boarding school for four years it’s finally graduation day where you are reunited with your brothers at last. However an argument erupts over what’s best for you: The Apple-pie life or the Family Business. Fluffish 

Warning: An argument? and a little abandonment on the side. 

A/N: I had to search up a Kansas boarding school for this hahaha so it’s legit as I could make it. Also I almost mentioned beach getaways before actually looking at Kansas on a map and seeing that it has no coast line so I changed it. Sorry to all American readers that I don’t know the geography of your country. Lots of love xx 

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You took down four years’ worth of photos off your dorm cork board which was fixed to the wall above your desk. There were photos from your first to last proms, parties, midnight adventures and weekend getaways with friends. Now your beloved room looked as bare as when you first walked in all those years ago. You remember feeling uneasy and slightly scared as it was the first time you were away from your family. Since they left you at the gates, you hadn’t seen them since.

Four years at Maur Hill Mount Academy in Kansas, had been bitter sweet. Sweet because you loved it there and you were quite successful at school with grades and friends. You were making your own way in the world and you were okay with that future. However, at the same time it was bitter because you felt there was a part of you that was missing, your family to be exact.

You pulled a dusty, old shoebox from the back of your cupboard and lifted the lid to place the photos in. You peered into the box and froze when you saw the small faded photos laying patiently at the bottom of the box. You thought you had lost them as you pulled the small photos from the box and sat on your bed as you marvelled at the ancient photos of your family. They were faded yellow, a little crumpled on the edges but they were your most prized possessions. The photos included your mother and father on their wedding day, Dean holding baby Sam in the maternity ward with a brimming smile with the same green eyes, Sam holding you as a baby in the maternity ward wearing overalls whilst you were wrapped in a light pink blanket with Dean close by, both the boys and you playing in the Impala with army men and Lego, and lastly one of all of you in front of the old house. All smiling, all happy. I wonder if any of you knew how few and precious those days would be.

How long had it been since you had seen any of them? Four years you guessed. One time you swore you saw the old car driving down the main street. Your heart almost burst in hope, joy and surprise but before you could stop the car, it was already gone. There was also the time you heard about a commotion coming from the old house but it was the middle of the week and there was no way you could go down to check it out.

So many times, you felt your family slipping from your grasp. You missed them dearly, especially the boys. You missed how they use to let you play with them and how you would sit with them for hours watching movies whilst Dad was on a hunt. How they could always make you smile and how they use to protect you from other kids on the playground or at the local school. You missed your big brothers more than anything and your heart ached every time you thought of them.

Your father on the other hand was disconnected from you. There always seemed to be a barrier between you two. He was irritable and impatient with you unlike your brothers who would comfort you after Dad would lash out. You reminded John too much of your mother and you could see the pain in his eyes when he looked at you. One day he came into the room with your bag already packed with all your stuff and said you were going to a local boarding school. The boys pled with him not to leave you behind, but he said it was for the best, “This life isn’t for her” you remember him say, as they were etched into your long-term memory. He dropped you at the front gate and you watched as the Impala drove out towards the highway.

However, you knew that your old life was always for you. ‘You could take the girl out of hunting but not the hunter out of the girl’ as uncle Bobby use to say. Even though you had to hide the truth about the supernatural world from your peers, you still managed to hunt successfully even, at a young age. You started with simple jobs in the beginning: Salt and burns usually. Then as you got a bit older you could take down vamps, werewolves and exorcized the odd demon. You had a collection of simple weapons which you were proud of, kept hidden in your room but you always missed working with the security of your family but you never got too hurt on your solo hunts.

Other than hunting you worked at your father’s old mechanic every weekend and visited your mother’s grave every fortnight. One day you went to go visit your mother’s grave and found flowers you hadn’t put down yourself with a tag saying “We love you mum with all our hearts and miss you every day. Glad to know Dad is now by your side” in Dean’s scribbled handwriting. You stayed late that night as you mourned your father and cried over the idea that your brothers were in town and you had missed them. They knew where you were and they could have visited you at any time, but they didn’t, they never did.  

“Y/N are you coming or what?” Your best friend had popped her head around the door already decked out in uniform for the graduation assembly. “Yeah sorry I’m coming now. Just packing the last of my stuff” you smiled. You walked with your best friend until you came to the gymnasium and took your seat with the other seniors. They were all waving at family and friends and you urged yourself to not gain hope that maybe somehow your brothers heard about your graduation. Don’t think about them, Don’t think about them, Don’t think about them, you told yourself as you gazed at your fiddling hands resting in your lap.

If you had the courage you could have rung and told them to come, but every time you picked up the phone you would talk yourself out of it. One time you got as far as picked up the phone and rang it, but as soon as you heard Dean’s voice you froze and disconnected the call. In the long run, you just thought that they were better without you. They probably would have forgotten about you now whilst they were busy saving other people from monsters that go bump in the night.  

Your headmaster called everyone’s attention and the graduation began. You waited as your whole cohort was called on to the stage and received a certificate until, at last you were called, “Y/N Winchester”. You got up and smiled to your friends before walking towards the stage. There was the normal amount of clapping, however there were some people cheering your name and whistling much louder over the rest of the applause. It must be just your friends or your mates from the mechanics, you thought. However, you couldn’t pinpoint the distantly familiar voices. You got onto the stage and the cheering continued, you shook hands with the headmaster, “You have quite the fans over there” she commented whilst handing your certificate over. You followed her gaze to the back of the gymnasium where the loud cheering was coming from. Your jaw dropped and smiled as you recognised the two tall men now waving madly and cheering, “That’s our sister! That’s our sister!”. They were so much older and taller then you remembered. Sam’s hair was longer and he had now outgrown Dean. Dean seemed to not have aged that mush since last time you saw him, still with the same haircut and wore your father’s old leather jacket. You walked off the stage and away from your sitting cohort as the headmaster came to conclude the procession of the graduation.

You ran to your brothers with tears flowing from your eyes from happiness with a large smile on your face absolutely giddy in surprise in seeing them, you thought you were dreaming. Sam and Dean were so proud of you, their little sister all grown up and graduated from high school – they couldn’t believe their eyes. They remembered you as the tiny and shy little sister that you were, and now you stood before them more beautiful than ever and happier than they could ever imagine. Dean caught you first as you ran into his arms and held you tightly, he still possessed the same scent that you recognised as home and made you feel instantly at ease. You released from Dean’s hug and latched onto Sam’s own enveloping hug, wrapping your arms around his neck as he stumbled back. “Well done bug” Sam beamed, your heart melted when Sam’s smooth voice reached your ears calling you your old pet name. It was as if nothing had changed they were still exactly as you remembered them. Yes, they were older with much deeper voices, but Sam was still as gentle and loving whilst Dean was still protective and comical. You stepped back from Sam’s hug whilst Dean handed you a bunch of flowers. “H-How did you know?” You asked flabbergasted whilst you took the flowers, was this really happening!. “C’mon like we would miss our little sister’s graduation” Dean assured giving you another bright smile and elbowing you in the side. “I can’t believe this! I missed you so much. Thank you for coming” you sincerely thanked, “I almost didn’t recognise you guys, my own brothers!” you rolled your eyes in disappointment in yourself. “I know it’s been too long and we’re so sorry” Sam apologised. “We should have visited” Dean admitted guiltily. “Well why didn’t you?” you asked as it was the one word that played in your mind for the past four years. Sam and Dean exchanged a glance before Dean revealed the brother’s reasoning, “it was just…we didn’t want to pull you away from this life. I mean first Dad didn’t allow us to come when we were with him and that was harder than anything, we missed you more than anything. It wasn’t the same without you around Y/N, we missed our annoying little sis bugging us 24/7. But one time we were here on a job and we drove past on the main street and we saw you with friends. You were so happy and safe and we knew, you were better away from the family business to have a normal life that you deserved even if that meant we couldn’t see you anymore. It’s what Mum and Dad would have wanted for you,” Dean reasoned, “and look at you now, you have your whole amazing future in front of you. You can go to college, get married even get us a couple nieces and nephews. It will be happy and safe and that’s all we want for you” Dean explained but there was some pain behind his voice.

You looked up at your two brothers in concern when you saw their sad eyes even as they tried to plaster on a smile on for you. Even after being away from your brothers for so long, you could still read them like a book, “Wait are you guys leaving again?” you asked with fear bubbling under the surface. Sam pressed his lips into a hard line where as Dean rocked his head to one side as he thought about how to carefully select his words, but you stopped them before they could get another word in, “No, you can’t leave, I have barely seen you guys yet. Don’t I have a say in any of this? It is my life after all” Dean rubbed his forehead and stressed, “Y/N it’s for the best-”. Dean had to be kidding you thought, “For the best? Dean how would you know what’s best for me-” You snapped, “Because I am your big brother, that’s why and I have lived this life and I know I don’t want you in it” Dean’s voice had begun to raise and he started to remind you of your father. You shook your head they were still as stubborn as they were when they were teenagers, “We haven’t seen each other for four years Dean, so don’t stand there thinking you know what is best and safest for me. The only thing that kept me sane these past years were you guys and now you want to drive off again and save some damsels in distress. You could have called or dropped in. You should have when Dad died, like what the hell guys I found out through a bunch of flowers you left at Mum’s grave! How hard would it have been to just come and see me?” You voiced had edge in it. You were so furious as you tried to keep the tears from falling but they were brimming at your eyelashes. “Yeah no go run away again, I’ll just stay here and pretend everything’s fine and wait for a bunch of flowers to tell me you guys are with Mum and Dad” you croaked as now you had tears starting to fall as you turned and walked away from them. You couldn’t believe them, but you should have seen it coming.

You walked down the hall and pass other smiling families as you tried to shield your tears from their glare with a hovering hand. “Y/N…Y/N wait.” Sam called out as he jogged between the crowd up to you and reached out to grip your arm so you would finally stop. You were pulled back by Sam’s grasp and tried to hold back the tears which made Sam and Dean’s heart break, this was supposed to be a happy day. You looked at Sam through glassy eyes and he sighed at your sadness, “Y/N we are so, so sorry. We should have come and told you in person when Dad died-”, “So why didn’t you?” you argued “Because if we could prevent you from being a hunter then we would. Because we didn’t want you to miss out and end up like Mum and Dad- or us for that matter…So, we thought if we told you that you might want to come back to hunting, even seek revenge for Dad’s death. So, we left the flowers as way that you would hear about Dad but couldn’t persuade us to come with. We weren’t proud of it but we thought it was for the best…Y/N, You’re right, we don’t know you as well as we wish we did or use to, but we are still your older brothers and only want the absolute best for you and that’s here, in this world. Away from hunting and the pain that comes with it.” Sam explained with sad eyes. You understood what Sam was saying but you still couldn’t let them slip from your grasp again. “I c-can’t have you leave again. I’ll go mad. I have waited for you to come back for so long and I just can’t live this life knowing you are out there keeping us all safe after you leave. I don’t want the apple-pie life I want the crazy and I want the hunts and not just the easy solo ones I have been doing in the past. I want to be back like we use to, motel rooms and fast food and all. I want my brother’s back…Please just let me tag along for a while and then see what happens from there…just please don’t leave me again” you begged as you fell into Sam’s hug and wept in his chest. Sam laid one large hand on your head and rocked you back and forth to calm you down. Dean looked at your sadness and felt guilty knowing it was him and Sam who had placed you in this state. It had been hard for them as well to leave you there in the boarding school. Dean had nightmares of the yellow-eyed demon coming and taking you away and that they never saw you again. You were too far away from him at the academy and in honesty, Dean wanted you back by his side where he could keep a closer eye on you. He loved you more than anything else in the world and would do anything to make you happy which pained him even more seeing you so distressed, “Alright” Dean gave in. You peaked out from Sam’s hug and looked towards Dean, “You can come with us if you want. At least then we can keep a closer eye on you. I have missed you too much to let you slip through my grasp again Y/N” Dean admitted with a smile at the end as lightly shook his head. This was better than all the Christmas’s and thanksgivings and any other holiday wrapped into one. You couldn’t believe it that you could finally go home to your brothers. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” you exclaimed as you jumped up and gave both brothers large hugs and a kisses on the cheek.

You practically flew to your dorm as you collected your belongings and loaded them in the back off the familiar Impala. You sat in the back of Baby and waved the apple-pie life away as you drove back to the family business with your beloved brothers at last.

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Have you read the fic called "Finally kissed the bloody idiot" or something similar? Because if you haven't, YOU NEED TO. Fake relationship and eventual smut fic like..... I stayed up until 2:30am reading it because it was so good.

“finally kiss the bloody idiot” by Salambo06 (T, 29,812 w. || Mutual Pining, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Misunderstandings, Angst) – Inspired by a fic idea on tumblr : “John and Sherlock know the Yard has a pool going for when they’re finally going to get together. It’s been running forever, and it’s worth thousands of pounds. It’s all fun and games, hahaha, until they find out Lestrade is in dire financial straits (dog needs emergency surgery, he’s putting his kid through gymnastics training, I don’t know, something), and they decide to fake a relationship to win the pool for him. Sherlock figures out the day and way that Lestrade thinks it’s going to happen, and they act it out. It’s all for a good cause, fake relationship style, until it’s not.” Part 1 of The Pool

Hey Lovely!! I actually have this on my MFL list, but thanks for reminding me about it!! I should definitely get to reading it soon then!

Make Me Forget - Jeon Jungkook (M)

Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x noona reader x Kim Seokjin (mentioned, spoiler alert)
Genre: Smut, angst
Rating: M
Warnings: Alcohol use (mentioned), slight dirty talk, and sex (lots of it). Don’t even bother reading this if you’re underage.
Word Count: 2.3k
Author’s note: My first-ever BTS smut! I don’t know what I think about it exactly - I’m proud of it but at the same time I think it’s shitty, hahaha. 😂 Oh well, I tried and there’s always room for improvement. And oh… this might become a short series? We’ll see. Enjoy! (✿◠‿◠)

“Make me forget, Jungkook - make me forget everything that’s not worth thinking about.”

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persona 4 dancing all night songs [feat. original stage costumes]
[part 1/2]

The worth of a man is in how he picks himself up after a fall... or *cough* after "capsizing” (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017)

When Sho-kun does not appreciate being volunteered.

Sho (to Hatori-san): You’re just saying whatever you like to say aren’t you.

But still cutely gamely playing along.

Though when he “overturns” and manages to “resurface”, there are only good-looking onlookers nearby.

Upsy-daisy and here we go.  (notice the displaced position of the equipment)

And the adorable chipmunk just looks ADORABLE!!!

The proud proclamation of “What good waves there were today ne~”

└ Trust Sho-kun to look mecha mecha kakkoi while being bullied. (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017

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The author of 'On My Love' made an update in their tumblr about the progress of the chapter and holy shit almost 17k words in... I just KNOW it'll be worth the 2 1/2 months wait. I'm so excited for it!!! I needed to scream about this to someone, and I immediately thought up of you im so sorry hahaha ;~;



YES! Beat Yami Bakura for the first time at Level 40! Go me! :D My overall score was 3000. Times 18 made it 54,000 points and over 200,000 points total was enough to unlock Bakura as playable!

Yami Bakura: Memories……Virtual reality…… Hahaha……I see, Kaiba. This is a well-made game. I’d like to use it as an example for my own Shadow Game! Hahahaha! It’s a battle to decide the World Duel king…… I see. That’s something worth fighting for. For a Duelist, something worth fighting for brings considerable euphoria. However……I’m simply a killer. After I defeat everyone, i will be showered in euphoria! Dark Necrofear! ! I’ll show you a terrifying strategy that no one in the world knows…… Mwahahahahahahaha!!

I think NPC!Bakura may have become self-aware. What horrors have I unleashed!? XD