but it was well worth it!


by the same channel as the video on the ‘born sexy yesterday’ trope, its long but worth watching especially if you love these movies or romances

cw for assault violence etc

Yuri!!! on Pot headcanons

Someone brought up Victor and Yuuri getting high together and I just… can you imagine? Oh my god. Yuuri smoking pot every once in a while is a beautiful thing. (I also feel like @dadvans will appreciate this)

+ It probably starts with Celestino slipping Yuuri a little baggie of green buds, murmuring that it might be an avenue worth exploring when Yuuri’s anxiety gets out of control. At first, Yuuri’s horrified, because what kind of coach gives his underage student illegal drugs? But Celestino assures him it’s on the up and up – grown by his sister in Italy and purer than extra virgin olive oil, because who the hell knows what people cut it with in the States? Celestino wouldn’t trust the well being of his skaters with anyone else.  

+ When Yuuri brings the baggie back to the little apartment he shares with Phichit, numb with disbelief, Phichit is thrilled. “Of course we should get you high! I’m so pissed I didn’t think of it first.” But of course Celestino didn’t give them anything to smoke it with and Phichit left all his paraphernalia back home, so they have to venture into Chicago in order to get supplies, which leads them to a surprisingly clean and straightforward sex shop. Among all the various dildos and bottles of lube are pretty glass bowls and artfully sculpted bongs. 

“Yuuri, look! That pipe looks like a dragon! It even has little wings!”
“Everyone in here is an undercover cop, I know it. We’re going to jail. I can’t go to jail, Phichit, do you know what they’d do to me there? I couldn’t even get through the first half hour of The Shawshank Redemption without crying!”
“Oh my god, Yuuri, LOOK. This is it. This is the holy grail.”
“Is that a… is that a squirrel?”
“You smoke from its tail! I’m buying two.”

+ Back at their dorm, Yuuri sits on his bed, clutching his knees, while Phichit painstakingly grinds the buds down, then packs the squirrel–named Jeremy– with the kind of expertise that makes Yuuri squint suspiciously. Phichit teaches him with the patience of a grade school teacher how to light the bud and inhale (”Cover the carb when you light it. No, you’re not–wait, no, just–here, let me do it.”), then rocks a nice buzz while Yuuri sits as still as a statue, eyes wide with terror, because he’s been in America one month and he’s already a lawbreaker. Somewhere his mother just got knocked to the floor by a sudden wave of disappointment and she has no idea why. He cries until he’s sick.

+ However, Phichit doesn’t know what “give up” means, so by the end of the second month, Yuuri is a certified stoner. He’s never felt so relaxed in his own skin before. He is adamant about keeping it to once a month, because something so enjoyable can’t become just another crutch (not to mention he has to work twice as hard to keep off any sudden weight gain when the munchies hit), although he is a little less strict when he travels for competitions. It’s kind of astonishing how many other skaters smoke. The first time he smokes abroad is in Canada when he shares a joint at a hotel with a handsome pairs skater named Nathan, whose crooked teeth bite odd bruises into Yuuri’s thighs but his cock is nice and fat and feels amazing inside him, so Yuuri rides the high–both of them–to silver. Smoking the night before a competition becomes a thing. 

+ Of course, with Vicchan’s death still fresh in his mind, remembering to light up the night before just sort of… falls to the wayside. Which explains the shitshow at the Grand Prix Final. 

+ After Victor becomes his coach, Yuuri doesn’t smoke at all, too afraid that Victor will think of him as a drug addict, and doesn’t bring it up until well into their first year as a couple. It takes him the better part of a week to spit it out, and when he does, Victor’s eyes go wide and excited and he cancels all their plans for the night so they can stay in, get stoned, and watch Minority Report

“Yuuuuuri, we should make brownies!”
“Yurio is visiting tomorrow. I’m not having edibles around for him to find!”
“Let’s be honest, he could really use one.”
“I’m not going to be the one to take him to the emergency room after his soul falls through the earth. You’re definitely the irresponsible parent. Are we out of corn puffs? Vitya, the corn puffs are gone!”
“You ate the whole bag, cахарок.”

+ They have a lot of stoned sex, which is 73% giggling, 24% talking about the long-eared owl that lives in the tree outside their kitchen, and 3% actual sex.


“The land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.“

Sim Cosplay / Costume tag

Created by @cherrygrapesims

-Use a sim or sims well associated with your blog.
-You are not allowed to change any of your sims features: Hair color, eye color, facial features and shape, or body shape. You can loophole eyes by using contacts and changing hairstyle is acceptable.
-Dress your sim(s) up as a character or characters that they relate to.

I was tagged by @eslanes

I picked Scarlett O’Hara for Laney, because Scarlett is my favorite female character of all time, and also the furthest thing from Laney. So, I thought it’d be fun to see her take on a stronger gauntlet for once in her short life :D I went with her Atlanta hospital dress because the other GWTW cc out is so frustratingly inaccurate I just couldn’t q.q ahhh!

I’ll tag: @pixeltrashcan @7xsims @charmedsims @dinaswimmer @lovelychooser @furiouslydecaffinated @pottery-sims and @thesimperiuscurse (even though rip your spring break, but I’d feel bad leaving you out LOL) 

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Do you think that this narrative 5H x C will come to an end soon or only when the group ends? I'm so tired! :/

I’m tired of the narrative as well. Unfortunately, they’ll milk it for all it’s worth. Last night pretty much proved, the narrative is working. The true OT5 fans made sure to vote for Camila and 5H, because they want all of the girls to be successful. The Camilizers voted like crazy, because they want to prove she is/can/will be successful without the girls. The OT4 fans voted like crazy to prove that 5H can/will be successful without Camila.

It’s a fucking mess. Those who love all the girls and want them all to be happy, successful, and continue to be a part of each others lives, are all sick of this crap. Camilizers, and OT4 stans, can’t get enough of this shit. Management will probably milk it, until it proves no longer useful or successful. Hopefully, the fandom as a whole will pull their heads out of their asses and put an end to this narrative soon. I for one want all of the girls to be successful in fulfilling their dreams. EVERYONE SHOULD!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.

-Proverbs 9:10

It is good and healthy to study hard for finals, and to have a desire to do well in your classes, but we also need to remember that we are primarily concerned with eternal things, not earthly rewards. For all the intelligence you gain in school, the knowledge from the Lord is true wisdom. 

If you fail your finals, remember your worth does not lie in your grades and that God couldn’t care less what you get in school so long as you’re living and breathing for him everyday of your life. 

If you ace your finals, remember that your identity does not lie in your grades, but in the miraculous work of Jesus Christ in your life. Grades don’t last, but the grace of God is eternally everything. 

True wisdom and knowledge lie in the Lord. So study hard finals, but let them stay finals. They too will pass away, but the Lord never will. 

-31Women (Beth) 

Hot guys wanted: Chris Evans, Tom Hardy … who's next for CBeebies Bedtime Stories?
As the BBC’s parental-respite service continues its fine tradition of giving mums something pretty to look at, we ask who can follow Captain America
By Stuart Heritage

Tom Hiddleston

Hello ladies. Tom Hiddleston here. Just before we get to tonight’s story, allow me to point out how wonderful you look this evening. You remind me of my favourite film Heat, which I shall now recite to you in excruciating detail, while doing passable impersonations of the cast and looking you dead in the eyes. Oh, sorry, the story. Well, this story was written by an international aid worker, who once told me that the only thing that made their life worth living was the stretch of Wallander episodes I once appeared in. Hey, wake up. Wake up! I’m Tom Hiddleston!


Things I have accomplished:  FINALLY ACTIVATED LANDO.  He’s only four stars, so it’s going to take soooo loooooong to promote him to five stars, but I suppose it’s worth it.

I’m about three shipments away from promoting Leia to seven stars as well! My Rebels team is not necessarily in great shape for the Palpatine event, but I think I might be able to at least put together a team of five stars.  I’m focusing on K2-SO for Taunt and Ackbar for supporting and I’d get Jyn promoted if the stores would just refresh already.  So, maybe?  We’ll see.

three-edged-sword said: There are certain events that are always, always going to require scoundrels. The Credit Heist and Training Droid Heist are both scoundrel-only events, have been since their introduction, and that’s probably not going to change. Likewise the mod stuff hasn’t changed since it was released so you’re going to need 5x5* scoundrels to get 5* crit chance mods. Also, in unrelated news, R2 like Yoda and Palpatine unlocks at 5*, so probably no use wasting energy on Empire.

darthpastel said: We are getting R2D2 so theres that and yea for loot you always use scoundrels. The palpatine event focuses on rebels, the yoda event has jedi and the newest R2D2 event is empire

Rrrrrgh, but okay this is good to know, thank you!!  I’m starting to focus on getting together a team of Scoundrels–it’ll take me awhile (and I’m only level 68, so they’re not super needed right now) but I have Lando and that brings me up to three Scoundrels.  I’ll probably start working on Cad Bane as soon as I get Ahsoka promoted to seven stars and then just figure out one more Scoundrel who’s easy to unlock, maybe Mob Enforcer, and then hope my others will be strong enough to carry the team at first.

I have given up on unlocking Artoo, sigh.  I’ll do what I can, but I’m not expecting to get past Tier III, honestly.  orz

fireflyfish said: What I don’t understand is why are there THREE different types of Geonosians? WHY? Why is the a Bug Solider and a Bug Spy and Poggle the Lesser AND Sun Fac? Do we need that many bugs and ewoks and jawas? Really? Why can’t we have Wolffe or Kix or Nien Nub or flipping Maz Kanata?

I’m always hoping that they’ll add the characters with a bit more fanfare eventually.  Like they’ve never added Artoo until now?  But look!  An event just for him!  I’m hoping that maybe one day we’ll get an event like that for Padme, because I would definitely be motivated to work towards that!

(And, as always, how’s everyone else’s game going lately?)

dinodrifterdarsh  asked:

Thanks for posting about the leak. I mean part of me is happy to see something, but given that it's not even the full thing, that's getting....what, almost nothing, and jeopardizing any/all future sneak peeks? Breaking the trust between Nefcy/etc. and the community (at least to some degree)? Not worth it at all. Hopefully this doesn't do too much damage to the fan/producer relationship, but if it does...well, it's understandable. Blegh. People need to exercise more self-control.

Yes, I totally agree with you on all of this! It’s just heartbreaking to see this happen, especially after the crew put their trust in us. I kinda feel like I’m repeating myself, but tbh Idc bc I’m just so upset over all of this. So, kingdom of mewni, was it worth it? 

Hotelier, chef, over-protective big brother and weekend swoop racer - my main man, Yarrel.

Ironically doesn’t have his own side blog, still.
I can’t believe how hard it was to dig up some of this gear for his “swoop racing” outfit. Them jackets used to be common as dirt (in fact he wore one very similar almost right through to level 50) but now I struggled to find one on the GTN. Ah well, worth it!

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Ok so I am like 90% sure I'm bi but like everyone I know doesn't even think that's a thing. Like they are totally ok with being gay but they wouldn't date someone who is bi cause they think there like faking it or something and I don't know what to do. I've been trying to tell them but they won't listen😭

Well you don’t need them to believe your sexuality. They aren’t bi so it is not like they know whats up. It’s like me (straight) saying that being gay is not a thing because I’m not gay. I suggest you stop trying to make them believe what your sexuality is because it’s not their job to tell you that you can’t be in love with both genders. They aren’t worth your time darling.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: but i dont think your job is an emergency...

So I mentioned I took my family to a really nice upper tier brand of my bigger brand this weekend. Amazing assed crew at Fancy Cambodia very south. Their tripadvisor and Ameilia Bedilia reviews will be through the roof for figuring out where my husband’s ridiculous truck could be parked (too tall for most things). my family members being interesting and the connector door between our rooms just randomly falling off, seriously it made my day because I didn’t want a connector so being able to show my family the door handle that just fell off when I tried to open it was well worth the price of admission.

The part of my hotel experience that sucked wasn’t any of this stuff. The staff was brilliant, it was getting that talk I think a lot of us get, the I don’t want you to do this for a living anymore talk.

My heart hurts when I’ve spent my time and a few FDAs time to get these rooms in 4-5 star spot.

I am so over people being disappointed in what I do. There’s nothing disappointing about life behind the desk. We work hard, we fucking get shit done and this is the last time I’ll be told my job is stupid while I’m standing in the lobby of a hotel someone couldn’t afford without me with them and also I don’t know fucking paying for it.

Oh and the hotel I put my notice in at? Called me to come in, golly I’m five hours away, that’s gonna be a motherfucker huh?

This is really not a pity party but more of a shout out to everyone who does what we do. It’s not easy. I left my room in Fancy Cambodia almost how we found it with a nice note and a huge tip.

By: queenofcambodia


Gif is mine

I heard you liked Phlox requests? How about alien dad comforting the reader after a date gone wrong:3 

Requested by itswrittenintheshinyorbthings~

It felt stupid, confiding in a Denobulan, of all people, to talk about a ruined date. Did Denobulans even date? Did Phlox even understand why you were so disheartened?

If he didn’t, he was doing a good job of pretending. The doctor wore a small, comforting smile. “I’m sure this isn’t the last date you’ll ever have.” Phlox reminded.

You huffed out a smirk, shrugging. “I guess. But I was looking forward to this date…”

“Well, if they couldn’t even give you the courtesy of telling you they won’t make it, then I don’t think they’re worth the hurt feelings.” Phlox replied. “It’s not your fault they didn’t realize what they were missing.”

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Seungkwan eating out his gf?

Hi guys, I hope you enjoy this. I tried so hard to make this the best. We will try to post at least once a day. Feel free to ask anything we are open to writing everything! If you have any questions about the admins feel free to ask as well. Thank you.

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Seungkwan and you were hardly ever sexual but when it happens it’s always amazing and worth the wait. Just the thought of his tongue exploring your body gets you wet. Makes your body crave his touch. Just thinking about the last time you both got intimate makes your body tingle. You sit at your desk trying to concentrate on the assignment you have due but the thought of Seungkwan tongue leaves you restless.

You pick up your phone and think about what to text your boyfriend to get him to come over. He knows you’ve got an assignment to do and he doesn’t want to be a distraction but he’s the only thing you want right now. You finally decide what to say, you text him saying “I miss you can you come over later?”  You get a response almost instantly saying “haven’t you got an assignment to do?” You expected this reply so you quickly figure out a response that will make him come over. You decide to be a little devious and say “I’m trying to but I’m getting sick.” You get a response again  “I’ll be there soon with food, take care baby.” A smirk grows on your face as you know your plan has worked.

You realise that he’s going to be here soon so you quickly run around tidying up your apartment. After your apartment looks cleanish, you hop in the shower cleaning yourself to make sure you look good when Seungkwan comes over. You hear the door open and quickly rush out with only a towel wrapped around yor body. You hear Seungkwan say Y/N and respond saying “I’m in my bedroom come in.” You hear your bedroom door open and greet Seungkwan with a kiss. You notice his cheeks starting to blush and pull away.

He looks your body wrapped tightly in a towel with water droplets left on your shoulders and chest. Just from looking at your body you can see his manhood growing in his pants. He nervously tried to cover himself but you move his hands away and cup his manhood rubbing it softly over the material. A moan leaves his lips but then he promptly asks “is this the reason you wanted me to come over?” You reply softly while rubbing harder saying “I knew you couldn’t come over unless there was a good reason.” He pulls you in for a kiss, carrying you slowly towards the bed.

Once you feel the bed at the back of your knees you turn around and push Seungkwan onto the bed roughly. You let your towel drop to the floor and climb on top of him. You watch how he looks all over your body while you climb on top of him. You begin to lean down to kiss him but he flips you over. He pushes your hands down as he begins to kiss you hungrily. Not being able to hold him drives you crazy. You break away from the kiss and say “let go of my hands I want to be able to touch you everywhere.” He responds with a smirk saying “you wanted me to come over, you wanted this so now it’s going the way I want it.” His answer leaves you speechless but you can feel yourself getting wetter by the second.

He slowly makes his way down to your neck, kissing and sucking on all of your weak spots. Hungry moans escape your lips as you feel yourself craving him more and more. Once he gets to your chest he bites your boob which releases a loud moan from your lips. He looks up at your face with a pleased look. He keeps playing with your boobs. Licking, sucking and biting until you’re begging him to move closer to your wetness. When he finally reaches your clit, he gives you a slow lick which send butterflies to your stomach. But after that he moves down and begins to kiss your thighs which leaves you annoyed but still feels so good.

You start begging him to bring his tongue back to your cilt. You beg him saying “baby please give me what I want, I need you.” Hearing about how bad you wanted him boosts his confidence as he’s smirking but doing exactly what you begged of him. He begins to slowly tease your clit with only the tip of his tongue. His gentle movements drive you crazy as the only thing you need right now is his tongue pumping in and out of you. He increases the speed and he’s licking your folds fast and rough causing you to grip the sheets tightly as you try to hold in your moans.

He begins to lick your entrance only teasing you until you beg him to put himself inside. You needed him. You wanted him. You begged as soon as you felt the first lick at your entrance. “Seungkwan iiii neeeeedd youuuu pleaseeee dooo it” you struggle to even make out that sentence as he’s still licking your folds. Your words was all he needed to begin pumping into you. He starts off slow exploring as he goes but as soon as he hears you say “immm soooo closeeee” he starts pumping so hard into your while massaging your boobs with his hands. He’s pinching and rubbing them which intensifies the feeling you’re having.

You finally cum right on his tongue. He licks up all your juices saying “how is it possible for you to taste better than the last?”  He loves the taste of you. He lies on the bed next to you. He kisses your nose before whispering in your eye “how about you show me how thankful you are for that orgasm.”  You kiss him hungrily while rubbing his manhood.

Admin Sunshine.

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I think Gillian made a huge mistake yesterday, she could publish only the first pic about M and S. The part about David was unnecessary and it bothers me. In the worst scenario, Gillian is a huge bitch who just uses David and her fans for everything and I don't want to think about her that way but if PM turns out to be truth, that will be my opinion about her :(

Well, you are entitled to your own opinion but I wish that people could take this thing less seriously and not interpret it literally. It was obviously a joke from the OP and Gillian had a laugh about it and then she thought it would be worth it sharing on SM. I’m just glad she is back to her funny self, because there were times when I thought we would never see this side of her again.
I’m always on David’s side when it comes to defending him, but I don’t think he would be upset about something silly like this, and we shouldn’t be either. It was only a joke, and it didn’t cross my mind that someone would be offended by it.

And please don’t change your opinion about her because of something so meaningless.

@misshyen I just really hope people will think this chapter of ATBoDaB is worth the ridiculously long wait.  But I think the smut portion is going well thus far, so fingers crossed!

@buckyslocalfarmer I’m definitely gonna continue with Seb the Fertility God lol And it’s good to know at least some people will wait it out with me lol