but it was very pretty!

hold on

since pike and scanlan didn’t get together until the last episode is their relationship like the longest slow burn in history? what other relationship takes 450 hours to culminate?

Save yourself, I’m not worth the time
T̀h́iś f͏ailur̕e͏ ̴i̷s b̶u͞il̨t ̀d͝eep i̵nto̧ ͝my͘ ḑe̷si҉gn
Is there something wrong with me?
This do͠ub͟t ̷is dea͠f̧ȩni̧ņg
Cause you were gold but I’m color blind

“A dream, that’s all this could’ve been..”

“That I could ever be so close to someone..”

“Only a dream could it have been..”

“All it ever was…”


@lizardwaifu (Althea) Lol, we were waiting for Daily reset roll over, and I snapped a picture.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what a tragic ship this be, it won’t even sail!

Hi I want everyone to know that

I also want everyone to know that

Do you know who else I love?

but wait there is more!

And please don’t forget that

you guessed it

and most importantly of all

I love every single one of you! You don’t even have to know who I am but know that I love and support you and wish for your happiness. You are going to be amazing no matter what.

“My job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you. Your job is to do whatever it is that makes you the most happy in the world. If you wanna do whatever you wanna do, be whoever you wanna be, do it here in this room.”

Harry talking to the crowd in Boston tonight 9.30.17


ive been literally watching nothing but the great british bake off so naturally this had to happen

click on pics for character name and hcs!!