but it was the only way to make this work

With Worlds coming up I feel like its time to make another reminder post:


What do I mean by this? I mean please do not go onto photos or videos of skaters solely to make a YOI reference or say “omg it’s (character name)!”. Please do not go into the tags for skating events and make only Yuri on Ice references and not actually comment on any of the skating. Etc.

Seeing similarities between a character and a particular skater is FINE and bound to happen, as many of the characters were loosely based on real life skaters in some way or another, BUT when you reduce a skater to nothing more than a fictional character you dismiss everything that that skater is, everything they work for, everything they’ve achieved and overcome. When you go onto a post of Yuzuru Hanyu (I see it with many skaters but I feel it happens more frequently with him) and comment “it’s yuuri!” you aren’t doing anything good for yourself or for the YOI community or for Yuzuru. Do you think he has worked his ass off through injury and fatigue to improve his programs so people can comment on how he looks like a fictional character and not say anything about his skating? The same applies to any skater. Nobody wants the sum of all their hard work and dedication overlooked in favor of making a character reference. Not to mention it’s rude to people who are fans of skating but not of the show; nobody likes tag spam, and people trying to watch skating shouldn’t have to wade through a pile of unrelated posts or comments just to enjoy their favorite sport.

Many skaters actually like Yuri on Ice (half the people in my freestyle group have either watched it or heard of it; it’s everywhere) but you disrespect them and push them away from wanting anything to do with the community when you do these sorts of things. I personally am thankful the show is getting people into watching/doing figure skating! But please, be a good fan, these are national champions, world champions, Olympic medalists, have some respect. 

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"Rather than wait for someone else to make things better, Clexa fans rose up..." - Zimbio,.. summarizing exactly why ppl need to leave us the fuck alone w/ the guilt trips & saying we only care about Lexa. Go do it yourself!!!!! Every fandom needs to fix their own shows shit. Can't expect Clexas to come in & make it magically better for you.

“For Clexa fans, Lexa’s death was an inexcusable letdown, and it became much larger than what the show had intended. It’s cultural impact started an in-depth discussion about improving the visibility of LGBTQ characters and understanding the impact they have on their fans. The Clexakru took their frustrations about the insensitive way The 100 handled Lexa’s death, which occurred just moments after she slept with Clarke for the first time, and worked to turn those frustrations into action.”

I live for the media dragging this show.

Another good prompt @rowendarkholme! What came to my mind with this AU was teen!lock. Hope that works for you! ;)

“You’re such a baby,” Eurus groaned with a roll of her eyes as she shoved her brother. “I see the way you stare at Molly like an idiot every time she comes over to study.”

“I do not,” Sherlock whispered between gritted teeth, obviously terrified his sister’s friend would hear, seeing as she was only a few meters away, reading under a tree. “Besides, isn’t Jim Moriaty-”

“He’s not the one who makes her blush and forget how to speak coherently,” Eurus cut in with weary laugh. “Leave Jim to me, stop listening to Mycroft, get out of your own head, and go ask her out!”

Sherlock stared at his sister, and then over at Molly, and then back at his sister. “Alright, fine,” he spat out and jumped up, propelled by sibling peer pressure, which Eurus always did excell at.

Eurus smiled proudly to herself as she watched him approach an instantly smiley Molly Hooper. “Thank God, finally! Was beginning to think I’d have to lock them up together in a cement room or something…”

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I really love my girlfriend I really do and that's the problem, we're in a long distance relationship and we don't get too see each other very often and I'm just fucking hurting I feel like the only way to stop hurting is letting her go but at the same time I know that I cannot live without her I dont know what to do why does love hurt so much

if you love her, just hold on. you can make things work if you really want to. i know things might not be great right now, but just dropping everything leaves you lonely and with no chance. it doesn’t fix anything.

get creative with ways to spend time. try watching movies together online, playing games, facetiming or skyping, etc.

hang on, and eventually when a visit is possible or you’re both adults, things will be so much easier. it will be worth it.

and above all, tell her how you’re feeling. burying and hiding your feelings helps no one.

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Any tips on how to improve art?

learn about & practice: 

  • anatomy 
  • backgrounds (interiors)
  • landscapes
  • coloring styles & color theory
  • anatomy
  • perspective 
  • lining styles (thick lines? thin lines? no lines?)
  • expressions & posture (partly anatomy and partly stylization)
  • anatomy please practice anatomy theres so much to learn about anatomy it will increase your skill by 200% if there is only One thing on this list you practice let it be anatomy

but tbh i dont think theres any one way to improve your art. you gotta experiment and find what works best for you and makes you feel the best about your art

dear monsta x,
please don’t be hard on yourselves!! monbebes will love you always and forever. make sure you sleep and eat and laugh. it’s okay not to win first place and you shouldn’t blame yourselves.
monbebes will work hard for you this time and get you your first win. you deserve it. thank you for all your hard work. when i listen to your music i automatically feel happier. not only are you good singers and dancers and producers, you are good people!!
you care about each other and your fans so much. we are lucky to have you. never lose hope!
love jill (a monbebe who has no way to contact you but just wants to share her appreciation so she’s writing a letter to nobody)

Mononokean Headcanons

because why the fuck not  (っ'▽’ )╮ =͟͟͞͞ 🍤

  • Ashiya can LIFT - I bet he does most of the heavy lifting at his mother’s flower shop, and since his favorite class is physical education he’s probably pretty fit (imagine Abeno walking into the shop one day and seeing Ashiya at work in an apron with his sleeves rolled up and then WOW dokis)
  • Zenko can find a practical use for anything - she probably wouldn’t even have batted an eyelash if Yahiko had really brought home that skull from the mountains; just stick it in a field and “hey it makes a good scarecrow”
  • Abeno gets cold easily - more of an observation than an actual headcanon but Abeno never seems to wear short sleeves (he was the only one in long sleeves during the training camp, he apparently zips his PE uniform jacket all the way up and he has long pants compared to Ashiya’s shorts…)
  • Ashiya does drink coffee; Abeno is strictly a tea person.
  • Saga still isn’t sure that Ashiya, Abeno, and Zenko aren’t all in some kind of relationship one way or another
  • It’s somehow become Ashiya’s job within the class whenever someone needs something to do with Abeno: ask Abeno a question? Ask Ashiya to ask him. Give/request something from Abeno? Leave it to Ashiya to pass it on! Funnily enough, Ashiya still hasn’t noticed.
  • Ashiya has so, so many pictures of Fuzzy on his phone (and quite a few in the Mononokean); he often wonders what the pictures look like to people who can’t see yokai.
  • Extremely extremely headcanon until/if she appears, but Ashiya’s older sister is his polar opposite and super extremely cool to the point that people will wonder if they’re actually related if they’re next to each other; neither of them find it strange though
  • Abeno isn’t a very big eater, Ashiya’s not a glutton, exactly (closer to normal than not) but Abeno is often incredulous at how much Ashiya can eat in one sitting (Ashiya insists he has a second stomach for his favorite foods and that Abeno’s the weird one for eating way too little)
  • Fuzzy’s favorite spots to nap: on the alcove by the Mononokean’s scroll, Ashiya’s shoulder because Ashiya’s face is in close proximity to nuzzle, Abeno’s lap because Abeno’s good at sitting still for long periods of time (doing work in the Mononokean, etc)
  • Zenko’s family buys their flowers for the temple from Ashiya’s mother’s shop
  • Yahiko is jealous of Ashiya, partly because he feels Abeno as his playmate is being taken away, and partly because he’s envious that as a human, Ashiya’s sense of time/perception of things flows better with Abeno than Yahiko, who’s remained the same for many years
  • Zenko’s warned him against doing anything big, but Yahiko sometimes plays tricks on her father such as toppling things over, or making food “disappear”.
  • Ashiya and Abeno are jealous of each other in different ways (mostly unconsciously): Ashiya admires how Abeno always seems to have everything together and is good at so many things, Abeno envies Ashiya’s straightforwardness and the fact that he can so easily cry and laugh and express things when he needs to (despite Abeno calling it “unstable”)
  • Ashiya is reeeeally salty over Abeno’s 1cm height difference over him and secretly wants to surpass it someday
  • Ashiya hums; Abeno has found himself getting drowsy when he hears it on occasion
  • Ashiya tries to get Abeno to go places with him other than by Mononokean (and the Mononokean is more than happy to oblige, much to Abeno’s annoyance)
  • Abeno’s not concerned about his appearance at school at all (although Ashiya calls it still “irritatingly perfect” and is absolutely sure Abeno’s hair is on purpose); he’s only concerned about appearances when he’s at work in his kimono

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There is this thing that i dont understand in the larrie brain, if Eleanor was really a "beard" why the fuck would she decide to come back to the 1D fandom after her having to deal with 4 years full of harrasment, slut shaming and just hate? the only logical reason behind her coming back to Louis, is because she truly LOVES him

When have they ever worked with logic? They paint her as money thirsty and apparently this is the only way for her to get it.

I mean, it’s not like she comes from a well off family, has a blog with her best friend that allows her to travel the world and make money off it, has a deal with Tommy Hilfiger and a sociology degree to fall back on if the fashion thing stops working out or anything…

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My friend is getting me boxers (I'm ftm) is there anyway I can wear them with "girl clothes" without them being detectable? I'm not out yet and if my parents find out I have boxers it won't be good.

Yes! I did this for a while. It depends on the type of boxers… if they are “boxers” they are loose and baggy and can only be worn comfortably with baggier pants. If they are “boxer briefs” they can be worn with tighter pants (but, depending on the type, the leg seams may show through skin-tight pants). “Briefs” don’t go down your legs, so they more resemble underwear made for women, but with room for the front stuff. I think whatever kind your friend gets you you can make work in some way :)


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There's a guy in one of my classes who wears an antifa sweatshirt and doesn't seem to know shit about it, what it means, does, the political views, or anything. I'm pretty sure he just thinks it's a way to be edgy and seem dangerous, and is only somewhat supportive of antifa. Like, he'll wear the shirt, and maybe post something online, but I don't think he wants to go out and work to make a difference... What do I do with this?

Honestly, just leave him to it. Let him know what you think but then just leave him. If it’s just a fad then it will pass, failing that he may be just starting out!

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"I feel like the only way to stop the recent crossover doodles from turning into the boneheads 2.0 is to just never accept ask messages for the characters". Hey, makes sense. I imagine it'd get stressful managing TWO seperate comics at the same time. But hey, whatever floats your boat. —Jack Anon

It’s not like I don’t enjoy making comics like this, but as you say, it’s a lot of work. It’s already overwhelming enough as is with the boneheads messages that I haven’t gotten to yet. Add in the recent crossover artwork with Bendy, Oswald and co. and it would just be too much. I don’t the occasional suggestion, but I don’t really want to have to try and keep up with messages for that, too.

Drabble Requests OPEN

Hello you wonderful people!

I haven’t written in ages and I need to get out of my rut and I figured what better way to do that than opening up drabble requests!

There are some rules that I would love for you to follow to make this easier for me and I will list them under the cut along with the prompts.

I will be working on these all day and will do my best to get them all finished today, however if I can’t do that the rest of them will be finished tomorrow.

Now, on to the rules and prompts!

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hello! i hope youre doing well today. i understand that you have been very busy and you probably have DOZENS of requests in your inbox, but i was wondering if you could write up something detailing single dad shiro handling bby keith's first major temper tantrum? please feel free to take as much time as you need or refuse outright, i understand! i love your work either way!!!

Hello! What a lovely message and this made me so happy to read this! Haha, no I only got some messages today and yesterday but thank you dearie! This makes me so happy. Aw what a good prompt to do; this one was hard but it’s actually more of a memory I have of a younger sibling who was like this when they were younger, as an autistic child. Thank you so much for such a lovely message and I hope you enjoy this! I love all the prompts/asks you guys send in! Enjoy!


              Keith was not happy, no sir, he was not.

              First, he’d woken up late and his dad had to rush him in order to get to school on time. Then at school he realized that he had forgotten to pack his sweet snack so all he had was a plain, boring lunch. Then he’d gotten yelled at for fighting with another kid for teasing Hunk. And finally, his daddy had been late picking him up because of work.

              Overall, his day was rough and Keith was not looking forward to it ending. After all, why should the day jut end after everything that Keith had been through. He was still in a dark mood by the time that dinner finally rolled around and Shiro was starting to catch on.

              Shiro knew that Keith would have bad days every now and again. He knew that a regular day for Keith was much harder than for others, so bad days were always going to be worse. It was on days like this that Shiro wished he could take away all of Keith’s struggles and misery, but even he knew that Keith needed to have these days in order to learn and get better. He couldn’t protect Keith from everything. Though Keith’s sour mood was much worse than it had ever been before and it was a bit worrisome for the young father.

              “Keith, aren’t you going to eat any of your dinner? It’s going to get cold.” Shiro asked gently during dinner, when Keith hadn’t taken a single bite of his food. Instead he was just pushing the food all around his plate and slapping his fork against it with a scowl on his lips. Keith snorted and continued to push his food around.

              Shiro frowned. “Keith? You need to eat. Once you finish you can go to your room. I know it’s been a tough day for you.” Shiro said softly but Keith only growled to himself and slapped at his food.

              “I wanna go now. Don’t wanna eat.” Keith said between clenched teeth. Shiro sighed wearily and continued to eat his dinner, hoping that Keith would soon follow. He couldn’t just let Keith go hungry after the day he had.

              “You need to eat something first. If you can eat a few bites for me, then you can be excused.” Shiro replied causing Keith to scowl even more.

              “No. Wanna go now.” Keith hissed and practically threw his fork across the table. It skittered across the table and fell to the floor across from him. Shiro almost choked on his dinner and dropped his own fork while Keith glowered.

              “Keith! No, do not throw your stuff. That is not okay.” Shiro said, rushing to pick the fork up. Keith only kicked his feet out, sinking down into his chair. When Shiro picked up the fork, he noticed Keith shoving his plate across the table, attempting to toss it off the table with his fork. As quick as possible, Shiro grabbed the plate, leaving Keith to scowl again.

              “Stop it right now. That is not okay. It’s rude to throw your food.” Shiro reprimanded softly and sat down with Keith’s plate and fork. Keith groaned and kicked again, this time hitting the bottom of the table. In his chair, Shiro took a breath.

              “Keith, I understand that you must be frustrated but your behavior will not help anything. I need you to please calm down for me.” Shiro made sure to keep his voice soft and calm, while Keith’s behavior only became darker.

              “No! No! No! Don’t wanna. You don’t know!” Keith hissed, voice slowly rising in volume until he was practically yelling at Shiro. Shiro swallowed, watching as Keith got more and more aggravated by the second.

              “Keith Shirogane, you will not yell at me. I am not yelling at you, so you will not yell at me, young man.” Shiro said sharply, though his voice still remained quieter than Keith’s. However, Keith kicked the table once more and balled his hands into fists.

              “No! No! Don’t yell at me!” Keith shrieked, hands balled up at his temples. Shiro sighed and tried to straighten Keith in his chair so he would not fall off. Though, once he touched Keith’s shoulder, Keith jumped back violently and jumped out of his chair.

              “Keith, I’m not yelling at you. I want you to please lower your voice.” Shiro said but Keith only stamped his foot.

              “No! Stop yelling! It’s too much. No! No! No!” Keith shrieked again and again, grabbing the ends of his hairs and pulling harshly. Shiro recognized this as one of the signs that Keith was becoming increasingly stressed and tried to keep Keith from yanking all of his hair out.

              “Keith, please, no one is yelling at you.” Shiro said, trying to grab his son’s hands only for Keith to pull away harshly. “You are the only one yelling and that is unacceptable.”

              “No! Stop it! No!” Keith yelled loudly and finally let go of his hair, once Shiro had a hold of his wrists. When he couldn’t grab his hair, Keith began to swing his legs wildly attempting to kick Shiro as hard as he could. Momentarily surprised, Shiro let go of Keith’s wrists and Keith swung wildly. Until he managed to hit Shiro on the shoulder. It was nothing and Shiro barely felt it, but he was more in disbelief that Keith had tried to hit him.

              “Leave me alone! Stop it!” Keith cried and swung again, while Shiro attempted to get out of the way.

              “Keith! No! We do not hit anyway. Even if we are mad – you know that!” Shiro said sharply and took a deep breath through his nose. “You know we do not hit.”

              “No! No! I don’t care!” Keith yelled and swung and kicked at Shiro again. Shiro managed to grab a hold of Keith’s hands again and held Keith away from his own body. Shiro was still in some disbelief that Keith was trying to hit him, actually trying.

              “You know better than that.” Shiro warned quietly, still holding Keith’s struggling body away from his own. “This is unacceptable behavior. I understand that you are upset and you would probably like to be alone, but you do not hit anyone. Not me. Not your friends. Not anyone.” Keith continued to shriek and try to hit Shiro.


              “No, no, no! It’s too much! Too much!” Keith almost whined when he started yelling at Shiro. Surprisingly, Keith’s strength wasn’t waning and he was keeping up steadily with Shiro. Shiro huffed as he attempted to keep Keith’s movements under control.

              “Keith, stop this. You do not hit! Do you want to be in trouble with me?” Shiro finally asked and pulled Keith closer. He was careful to be gentle and merely guided Keith towards him rather than yank and leave a mark. “If you cannot calm down, I’m going to send you to bed right now. No desert. No story time. No cuddles or kisses.” Shiro sighed sadly when Keith sagged and weakly kicked at Shiro.

              “No! No! Not fair!” Keith shrieked and his hands clenched up into fists again. “Not fair! Not fair!”

              “Not fair?” Shiro asked. “What’s not fair is that you’re trying to hit and kick daddy and you don’t think there is anything wrong with that. You’re trying to hurt daddy.”

              Keith struggled some more, his furious yelling turning into weak whines and whimpers. “No. No. No. No. Too much.” Keith finally croaked and Shiro’s heart cracked. He didn’t immediately draw Keith into a for a forgiving hug, because every now and again, Keith tried to kick at Shiro. He couldn’t cave in and let Keith think that this behavior was okay.

              “Too much? What’s too much?” Shiro finally asked, only for Keith to shake his head and whine. He struggled in Shiro’s grip, and Shiro finally let go for Keith to curl back onto the floor away from Shiro. He gripped at the ends of his hair and whimpered.

              “Keith? Honey, can you tell me what is too much?” Shiro asked softly, kneeling in front of Keith but careful to not actually touch the boy. Keith simply shook his head and sniffled into his arms. Shiro felt a lump in his throat.

              “Okay, you don’t have to say anything, alright? You can just nod or shake your head. Is that okay?” Shiro asked softly. After a few long seconds, Keith whined but actually gave a timid nod.

              “Okay. When you mean by too much, do you think me talking is too much right now?” Shiro asked only for Keith to shake his head quickly. “Okay, okay. Was dinner too much?” Again, Keith shook his head and whined.

              “Okay, was today too much for you?” Keith hesitated before quietly nodding and he whined again. Shiro let out a deep breath and ran his hand through his white bangs. Okay, we got something. “What about today? Was it people? A noise? Me? You?” Keith continued to nod his head repeatedly and Shiro was at a loss.

              “Can you explain?” Keith shook his head quickly. Slowly, Shiro backed off and nodded. “Okay, was it everything?”

              Keith hesitated before nodding timidly. Shiro sighed softly.

              “Alright. It was a bad day, wasn’t it?” Keith whined again and nodded causing Shiro to smile softly. “Yeah, it was a pretty bad day and I’m sorry it was all too much for you. That must have been very  hard to go through the whole day feeling like this. Are you angry?”

              Keith nodded once.

              “And upset?”

              Another nod.

              “Okay, and that’s okay. You’re allowed to be upset and angry after a bad day.” Shiro nodded more to himself than Keith. “But what’s not okay is to hit and try to hurt people, even if you’re having a bad day, do you understand?” Keith was slow in his reply but eventually he nodded firmly and Shiro could breathe a sigh of relief.

              “Okay, well, how about we come up with a sign. When you become too overwhelmed and it gets to be too much? Does that sound good?” Shiro scooted closer to Keith but refrained from touching him. Keith’s whines were dying down as were his tears and eventually he nodded. “Alright, how about you…how about you tap on your head twice, with both hands when it’s becoming too much? As a sign to say, “Daddy it’s a bad day and I need to calm down.” Okay? Then I’ll make sure you can go somewhere quiet and alone and there you can do what it takes to calm down? And if you want me to stay you let me know. How does that sound?”

              Keith eventually pulled his head from under his arms but he still didn’t look at Shiro. However, he did manage to nod a couple of times, before putting both hands on the sides of his head and tapping twice. Then he pushed his arms out towards Shiro, wanting to cuddle and Shiro was more than happy to hold his little boy.

              “Alright. Sounds like we got a good plan. You just let me know whenever a bad day comes.” Shiro said softly and rubbed his cheek against Keith. Bad days were plenty to come, but hopefully with this, they wouldn’t be as bad.

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me

A worldbuilding thing people often overlook is the way that cultures are contradictory without anyone really noticing or acknowledging it. Like “in Xland funerals involve covering the corpse with gold leaf and then making a dozen marble statues of the deceased” except, you know, those are only some funerals. Or “In the US in the fifties married women didn’t work outside the home” except that didn’t apply to poor women and plus actually quite a few middle class married women–with kids even–had full time jobs (like my grandmother, who was a social worker in the 50s and actually all the way up to her retirement).

The Sherlock Holmes style of deduction–no native speaker of English would make this particular mispelling! No member of this one religion would ever have/say/do this forbidden thing, therefore Person B must not have done it! Everyone in Society Z was married, so stories about an unmarried adult must be entirely fiction, or they must just not have mentioned a spouse for some reason” all these things assume that cultures are logically consistent in a particular, straightforward way that, frankly, they pretty much never are. Note, I’m not saying you can’t draw any conclusions at all from data about cultures, just, things aren’t hard and fast, certainly not simple, and people generally just don’t see the contradictions or put them in a special “but that’s different” category.

Okay, but imagine Ron not being the oblivious one for once

Harry Potter and the Gay Disaster

Starring Ron Weasley (AKA: The Boy Who Fucking Knew It)

“Ron, do you think Malfoy might be gay?”

“Oh, I dunno, Harry. What makes you think so? Is it the way he dresses like a model and spends at least an hour on his hair daily? How bout the fact that he’s had a crush on you since literally first year?”

“Huh. Yeah. I guess you’re right. I only asked because I heard him telling Pansy he liked blokes, but yeah, those things work too.” 



“Ron, do you think I might be gay?”

“Oh, I dunno, Harry. What gave you that idea? Is it the fact that you talk about Malfoy 24/7? How bout the way you follow his name on the Marauder's Map at ungodly hours of the night? Or the fact that you stalk him and wonder what he’s up to and even worry about him despite him being your supposed enemy?”

“Oh. Yeah. I suppose you’re right.”

“Of course I’m fucking right. It’s not like I’ve had to watch the two of you dance around each other for seven years or anything.”

“Right, well, I guess I’ll ask him out then.”

“You’d fucking better. I didn’t put up with your nonsense for this long to have you throw it away willy-nilly.”

“Right, um, thanks Ron.”

“You’re fucking welcome.”

Animal Intelligence

Ever notice how they keep moving the goalposts when it comes to animal intelligence vs. human intelligence?

“Humans are completely unique. No other animal uses tools.”

“Actually, wild sea otters have been observed using rocks to open shellfish.”

“Okay, but that’s not true intelligence. They just pick the rocks up; they don’t alter them in any way.”

“Chimps peel the leaves from sticks to make more effective termite probes.”

“Well, that’s just technology. Only humans have art.”

“What about painting elephants? Art critics often can’t tell the difference between their work and a human’s.”

“Okay fine. But only humans have language. That’s the mark of true intelligence.”

“These African Grey Parrots use hundreds of words correctly and even ask original questions.”

“Oh yeah? Well, does any non-human species demonstrate self-awareness?”

“Dolphins pass the mirror test without training.”

“Pfft. How about problem-solving?”

“I can’t keep squirrels out of my bird feeder no matter what I do.”

“Aha! Bet you can’t think of a species that possesses all these traits! Only humans! We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1!”



autistic studying advice

by an autistic undergrad

1) Don’t trust all study guides by NTs

Their brains are wired differently and some things that work for them won’t work for us. There’s a chance those tips and tricks won’t do anything for you, which might make you feel like a failure. You aren’t! If something doesn’t work, move on. It’s okay.

2) If you have executive dysfunction, laziness and lack of motivation is not your problem

When you struggle with executing tasks it may feel like you are lazy and aren’t motivated enough, but that’s not necessarily true! You might be hella motivated and still not be able to do a task. Trying to motivate yourself in that case will only make you more frustrated.

3) Get distractions out of the way

Little things that would not distract a neurotypical person might distract you, in which case you won’t be able to work to your full capacity. Build a sensory friendly environment with no noises, bright lights, bad smells, etc. Use ear plugs or music if you need to. Get stim toys if you stim a lot to concentrate. Good environment is very important and is probably the reason why you struggle at school/college/uni where your senses might be overstimulated.

4) If you tend to hyperfocus, learn when it happens

Hyperfocus can be incredibly useful for studying, so if it happens to you, try to identify when it happens. For me I tend to hyperfocus when there are absolutely no distractions (for me that often means when I have headphones on and I’m alone). Then replicate those factors to get more done.

5) Learn ways around executive dysfunction and limited energy

This is the most difficult part. Studying when you have problems with executing tasks and limited spoons (energy resources) is tough. Here’s how you can deal with it.

6) Understand your priorities

You will not be able to do as much as NTs do in one day. Deal with it now. Understand that simple tasks such as brushing your teeth or talking on the phone also require energy. So prioritize. Assume you can only do one thing today, the most important/urgent one, and do that first. Then the less important thing. And so on.

7) “Don’t half-ass things” is a lie

Half-ass things. Quarter-ass things. If you can only do one math problem today, do it. That will be one less math problem later. If you can only read a few pages of a textbook today, do it. It’s also easy to think “if I can’t write the essay and finish that project today, might as well do nothing”. That’s a lie too. Do a small thing but do something. Do something badly but still do it. You might be able to fix it later. There’s no shame in being disabled, no matter what society makes you think.

8) Do the most complicated thing first

If you have several tasks and one requires more executive functioning, do that first. Your planning skills are probably at best right after you wake up, before you have time to spend any energy. So that’s the best time to do tasks with many steps or to plan tasks ahead.

9) Rest and take breaks right

It’s important to take breaks in between work, but you have to do it right. You might be tempted to do something useful for a break to be productive - like take a walk or read a book or talk to someone. Do not, or at least do not unless you are absolutely sure. Switching to another task requires mental energy, so that will only deplete your energy sources.

For breaks, do something ridiculously easy. Go on social media. Listen to a song and sing along. Watch a YouTube video. Stim. Daydream. Even lay down and close your eyes for five minutes. Just don’t switch to tasks that also require energy.

10) Don’t try to learn by repetition

Studies show that learning by repetition doesn’t work for us. It will not help you make more connections in your brain. Instead, do different tasks. Read from a book. Write down important points from the book. Read them out loud. Try to repeat them without looking. Pretend to explain it to someone. Answer questions related to the material. Draw it. Watch a video about it. Make a mnemonic for it. Whatever. Just don’t sit there reading it again and again.

11) Be kind to yourself

Your energy levels and capabilities will fluctuate from day to day, and you can’t always know how it will turn out. On some days I can write an essay from scratch in one sitting. On others I struggle to make myself a cup of tea. That’s normal, and it’s not your fault. Blaming yourself for it will only upset you and make it less likely that you do at least something today.

Imagine it like this: you are playing a game, and the difficulty setting randomly switches every day. On some days it’s on easy and you get through five levels with no problems. On some days it’s on very difficult and you can’t even get to the first checkpoint. That’s okay. Say to yourself, “my abilities haven’t changed, the difficulty changed”. Today, just get to that checkpoint. Tomorrow you might get through five levels.

12) Learn from other autistic people

For any other problem you might come across, other autistic people are the best source of knowledge. Allistic parents, teachers, friends, mentors, etc are likely to not understand your problem at all, or give you bad advice. Instead consult the real autism experts - actually autistic people. There are plenty of us who got through school, college and/or uni. Reach out to them. They will help.

Good luck!

musical theatre gothic

•it’s tech week. it’s so hot under the lights. you haven’t been home in four days. you’re so sweaty. you’re so miserable. and it keeps getting hotter. is it hell week? or just hell?

•the sound effects don’t work. the sounds don’t work. the sounds you make don’t work. you open your mouth and try to make a sound. it doesn’t work.

•your makeup is too orange. you try to scrub it off, and then you realize it’s already gone. this is what your face looks like.

•you try to take off your character shoes. you realize that they are now your feet.

•you can only speak in your character’s accent now. you don’t remember what it’s like without it. haven’t you always spoken that way?

•people dressed all in black are always hurrying by. they never slow down. once, you bump into one. they have no face.

•your prop is missing. you begin to doubt you ever had a prop in the first place.

•someone is napping backstage. they cannot be woken up.

•your leads are dating now. your leads are married now. your leads are parents now. your leads are grandparents, are retired, are dying in each other’s arms. it’s only been two weeks.

•"we need to get this down by opening night,“ barks your director. you’re always working towards opening night. opening night never comes.