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Do you ever regret not being able to tell To finish the stories of Unit and Arno Stark? Can Siege be read as an spiritual end to all your marvel stories?

Honestly? A little, but less than you’d think. For my generation, who’s watched WFH comics from the outside, and read the histories and know exactly what it’s about, you engage - to use Mercury Heat’s phrase - emotional contraceptives. They aren’t your characters. You’re a nanny. You try to be Mary Poppins, but one day you’re going to fly out of that window. For me, finding ways to make myself care intensely about the work while having that core fuse in place is important. I’m always ready to blow it.

The only thing that’s ever got around that was JIM. I was genuinely upset when, for a week or so, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to tell the ending. With everything else, it’s more of a shrug.

With Arno I got to tell an end, though it’s a shame I didn’t get to the end and leave him in place to be Iron Man 2020 properly… but if I did that, I wouldn’t have created (say) Aphra or done anything in Darth Vader. You make choices.

UNIT reached the level of almost hilarity in terms of how many times I tried to do a story with him - as I’ve said, he originally took 451′s role when I was planning Iron Man. Yeah, it’s a shame - is SWORD launched at a different time and we got a full run, I think he’d be a lot more solidified in the universe (Get me in the pub, and I’ll probably tell my ending of SWORD. There wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house). UNIT ended up almost as a greek chorus meta critique about crossovers, and had the aura of being unstoppable in a Writer-protecting-character-way, simply because I never had time or space for someone to properly kick his ass. I had lots of great ways for his ass to be kicked. Sigh! 

For one Marvel thing they offered me recently which I briefly considered, I was going to start with UNIT being killed in the first three pages, just in a statement of intent.

Of all the bits and pieces I created at Marvel, UNIT’s the one I think other writers could find a use for. He fills a niche, has a distinct philosophy and way of doing things. Unfortunately, that only ever really happens if a villain gets to sing lead in a way which people can notice, and UNIT never did that. 

Much of my project at Marvel was trying to polish up villains. The Marvel Universe has far too many heroes and not nearly enough villains worthy of the name. UNIT works in a way I wanted him to.

I wish someone had told me “UNIT” was US slang though.

And yeah, that would be a good way of looking at SIEGE.


My 8 year old little brother, Zander, is absolutely obsessed and mesmerized with Gravity Falls and Bill Cipher and drew a comic for @_AlexHirsch on twitter as a thank you for making his “FAV SHOW of ALL TIME!”

He really wants Alex Hirsch to see it, and he will totally cry tears of joy if his idol, and the “dude who does the BEST Bill voice, I only hope I can get that good” saw his comic and liked it. 

See the tweet + comic here, and please retweet it saying “@_AlexHirsch” somewhere within it.

My little bro is at school right now, but if he were to come home to see that Alex Hirsch had not only liked his comic, but possibly replied/etc. I don’t think he’d ever stop smiling and screaming in happiness.

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Have you live blogged your reaction to the Fifty Shades movie yet? I can't wait and want to be sure I didn't miss it

Nope, I had some internet issues earlier in the year so hosting the stream (there’s gonna be live chat going down so I’m not suffering alone) didn’t work. But now we’ve got a solution so I’m preparing for it.

I’m drinking. Heavily.

That’s the only way I’m going to be able to make myself push play.

way back when i was a kid and everyone liked/praised my writing i always felt weird about it because in a funny sort of way it wasn’t real. i wasn’t saying what i really thought, i was just saying things because they sounded good. it was all style over substance. right now i’m doing my best to articulate my thoughts and feelings honestly without exaggerating or stylising, even if they don’t make sense to anyone but me. it’s difficult because most of the time even i can’t work out what’s going on in my head, but only by documenting things as i experience them can i begin to make sense of the world, which is still (as it has ever been) strange and lonely and gargantuan and beautiful. here’s something: today i was walking along the street, kicking up leaves, listening to some music that i hadn’t heard in a while. the sky looked like it was about to snow. i saw a little girl in a red coat holding her mother’s arm in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. an ice cream cone! in september! it made me happy and sad at the same time. i still don’t know why that is. but i’m glad i saw it all the same. maybe in the future i will understand everything.

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If the show even gets as far as adapting any of the later books, do you think they will stay as close to the books like they have so far and include all of the side story lines? It doesn't sound like it would work very well unless J&C are front and center. I'm asking this, however I haven't read past Voyager so I don't know exactly how everything unfolds past that.

I personally think the only way the later books will work on TV is if they cut out some/all of the side quests that aren’t critical to the central (Jamie and Claire) narrative.

There are just *so many* side plots in the later books because so many people become POV characters that I think if they tried to keep everything in, it would start getting Game of Thronesy with all the jumping around from place to place and not seeing certain characters for a few episodes, etc.

Ron said in an interview that moving forward, the show will deviate more from the books which makes me cautiously optimistic that they could pull it off.

But I’m keeping my expectations *rull* low. Like to the point that I’m waiting to see how season three goes to make up my mind if I even want the show to continue past season four…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO SO MUCH!! THANK YOU FOR CONSTANTLY MAKING SMILE AND LAUGH! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY AFTER A LONG DAY OF SCHOOL &/or OF WORK! Just thank you for existing. Thank you to your parents for birthing such a beautiful, hilarious, awesome, etc. (there are way too many adjectives to describe you) into this world!! Not sure why this text turned from uppercase to lowercase, but I’m not gonna change it because I would never change anything about you! Thank you for working so damn hard! A hard work ethic is a trait that I admire so much in people, and thank you for setting that example for me! Thank you for being so kind! Thank you for showing us that it’s better to be nice than to mean! I met you 7 months ago, and you were the nicest human being ever! Thank you for that! Also thank you for signing a maxipad for me,me that day, that was really cool of you! Thank you for thriving to make the best content that you can make! Thank you for constantly wanting to expand your horizons! Thank you for DIRTY 30! Thank you for NOT TOO DEEP! Thank you for ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL! Thank you for THE GRACE HELBIG SHOW! Thank you for ITS GRACE! Thank you for GRACE’S GUIDE: THE ART OF PRETENDING TO BE A GROWN-UP! Thank you for GRACE & STYLE: THE ART OF PRETENDING YOU HAVE IT! Thank you for CAMP TAKOTA! Thank you for the LOWES COMMERCIALS! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 1! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 2! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 3! Thank you for FREAK WEEK! THANK YOU! I APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN THIS CHEESY TUMBLR POST COULD EVER SAY! YOU CONSTANTLY INSPIRE ME IN WAYS HAT I CAN NOT PUT IN TO WORDS! I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU FOR MAKING STUPID VLOGS WITH MICHELLE! thanks for everything!

P.S. I WILL NOT REREAD THIS BECAUSE I WILL BEGIN TO CRY MY EYES OUT! Ignore the immense amount of grammatical mistakes and weird structure!


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I'm a trans girl who gets dysphoric when I hear other trans women's voice, do you have advice for getting over that? I feel really bad because hearing voices that I perceive as passing better than mine makes me feel like my voice will never be that good and hearing voices hearing voices that I perceive as passing worse than mine makes me worried my voice will sound like that when I get older. I really just wanna feel good about my own voice and everybody else's too.

Mm, I say this in the nicest way possible, but…It really sounds like you’re judging yourself too harshly, so you end up jealous of other people.

The only way to ensure your voice will be passing is to work hard on it, and if you surround yourself with people who will compliment you on stuff like voice it can help you a lot with self-esteem. 

If you really want to feel better about it, then getting a proper microphone and posting voice recordings online will not only help you work on it more, but you will also get feedback that will help you feel better. (Of course if you get popular you will also get anon hate, but the good with the bad) 

I am sorry if I can’t be more helpful, but this is about as far as I can go without starting to sound like a hypocrite. <3 Best of luck and many hugs <3 

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Is it bad I don't like ep.12? To me it's like they are rehashing old plot points to make it seem clever. I know we have the hope episode still so we can only wonder, but I wanna write my own ending to the series afterit. Is that wrong if me to do so?

Your personal feelings on the series are your own and just as valid as anyone else’s. I think to some degree everyone interprets or re-interprets things in ways that satisfy them.

The issue is if you take the attitude that you know best for everyone and badmouth the people who work hard to make it or people who feel differently than you.

As opinionated as I am, when it comes down to it, DR doesn’t exclusively belong to any of us. We can be disappointed or upset about developments, of course, but we don’t get to control canon.

So if you want to make your own ending for you and likeminded people for closure, go for it! Just don’t harass anyone else or tout it as “the true ending” or anything.

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I understand that when reading a birth chart you can't read everything individually it has to be read as a whole but I really struggle to do that like I was reading my friends and they have cancer on 8th house so sexually she'd probably want emotional intimacy and most likely won't be keen on casual sex but that's speaking just for cancer on 8th, she also has a sag Mars which would make her likely to have casual sex so how do I apply those together and explain it like tf????

Welcome to the beauty of astrology :’) Honestly, at first, it’s hard blending two seemingly opposing energies together, but the world works in mysterious ways.

I mean, there’s infinite possibilities but

  • perhaps when it comes to sexual matters, she goes for something adventurous, only to really want something that’s emotionally comforting
  • maybe in her sexual endeavors, she wants to have an adventure and have an emotional connection with it
  • she wants her sexual matters to be secret and emotionally fulfilling, but overall wild ;)

like, that’s just three possibilities, but do you see how those possibilities are extremely different, but they all fit the criteria for “cancer in the 8th + sag mars?” making up those endless possibilities is probably the best. most fun, and most important part of astrology. You gotta learn to blend the placements together!!

 the way i plot is, we work together to make a plot. i might message you to plot, sometimes i have an idea, sometimes i don’t. which is why i have my perma starter call saying i might IM you to plot, like i know not everyone is privy to plotting but i often find myself being the one to make the plot AND the starter (if i came up with the idea, it only makes sense that i write the starter) and i post a million starter calls and end up with too much on my plate because i just wanna do stuff ALL the time. but what i am saying is that i appreciate when people help me out and show me their ideas because i feel like i do most of the plotting work and its really demoralizing. 


Finally got my Cintiq 24hd in working order. I’ve wanted a Cintiq for like 14 years now??? So amazingly pumped to finally have one. I’ve been doing a lot of actual people work lately. Over the summer I was a lead instructor at a summer camp in the San Jose area teaching video game design and a bit of graphic design for web stuff. More recently I’ve been working doing merchandising for ye olde big box electronics retailer. My lovely wife Caity has long since been back at work teaching high school which has the unfortunate ramification that I only get to see her on weekends pretty much now as she’s not staying at our apartment and is instead primarily at the house we own. But we make it work.

So the top image is studying some of the way that my old friend from Art Center Bryan Lee paints and draws portraiture. We have a ton of shared interest artistically and I love the results he’s been getting from years of daily timed portrait paintings and the way he designs his shapes and blending of some classic illustrators approaches to get really concise images. Definitely look at his shit and see all the stuff I’m trying to pick apart and see how he’s thinking about stuff so I can find out if those questions will be relevent to my own art process. 

Next up sketching a neat coat thing off google images. Not much going into it, wanted to find some costuming stuff and study it before bed. I’m working on a more in depth illustration with a bunch of friends as Harry Potter characters for a birthday gift to them/all of us and commemoration of us all going down to Wizarding World for the 30th birthday extravaganza of one of those friends. More to come on that as it develops

Playing some D&D5e with friends online and finally sketched my bard a bit in our Catfolk disguises to start off our recent main story quest stuff. The game is comprised of all artists and our campaign often deteriorates into us shitposting on discord and drawing goofy shit. But it’s lovely.

I know I’ve not gotten into the stuff from GDC decompression and I might have a decent chunk of art I haven’t gotten up here yet, not sure this last few months have been really busy and I’ve not had as much time to do things as I’d have liked, definitely haven’t been on the daily drawing train for a while and hoping to get that cleaned back up a lot. Also it’s been more than a year since my much delayed honeymoon in Cancun now and that’s tripping me out. 

….How many times will I make a post about my coworkers/superiors in which I will feel the need to use the phrase “Im not fucking stupid” though?????

Everyone I work with in management is gross in their own way, honestly. I feel like the only one who considers the people I work with as actual human beings and not company property. 

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Since most of us think C$ers only ship it because of Colin (while pretending to care about JMo), how different do you think things would be if Hooked Queen happened instead? Do you think there would be less obvious racism and hate towards Lana? Would there still be so much homophobia towards SQ?

i mean, they have shown us that is true again and again …

but … i like to think Lana wouldn’t let Regina get treated the way H00k treats Emma, but it’s not like Hoo-2 was really different with the “you’re my property and it only matters what i want” nonsense. a matter of degree, not kind. 

i do think that without the need to instantly make H00k “good” as the partner to the hero he would have gotten much more of a real redemption. he would have had to work for it rather than just doing the handwaving “oh it doesn’t matter you’re a hero now” because i have to believe that not even THEY could do Regina’s real redemption alongside that with a straight face. maybe they would have skipped hers too. i don’t know.

there would absolutely be less racism toward Lana. but there wouldn’t be none if she was still as open and inclusive of SQ as she has been the last year and change. the hardcore ‘phobes would turn on her for that, no question.

likewise, if she was still as open and inclusive of SQ as she has been the last year and change there would be less homophobia toward SWEN because a nontrivial proportion of them follow show personnel’s lead (this is why JMo and Colin’s resolute silence and refusal to condemn the terrorizing of fans in their name is a problem). but there wouldn’t be none. 


Here’s my Taiwan Short Term Mission reflection if anyone wants to give it a read :)


Before going out on missions, I had many doubts about the point of short term missions. We only had 2 weeks total in Taiwan and 1 week at each school. What could we possibly do with only 1 week? How can you know a kid in 1 week, let alone share the gospel with them in a meaningful way within that time frame? Over the course of the mission, I grew to learn that the point isn’t about whether or not my own abilities can make an impact on people, but really about the difference God can make.

Looking back, I see how God was working in us even before we set off for Taiwan. While we were still training, I lived on campus and needed a ride to church for early Sunday morning. Graciously, Amy’s parents gave me a ride every Sunday before 8am. These early morning times with Amy would prepare us for Taiwan as she ended up becoming my teaching partner. Her energetic, peppy, VBS-inspired way of interacting with the kids became my perfect counterpart to my awkward uncomfortable-with-Chinese self. Amy was my biggest support in the classroom and I am ever thankful for the ways God worked even before we were in Taiwan.

Before going to Taiwan, I read that only “2.5% of Taiwan’s population is evangelical Christian. It has been described as an island soaking in an atmosphere of idolatry and superstition and with a revival of interest in Buddhism, it has been said that Taiwan has more temples per person than any other place in the world.“ I saw this to be especially true in Taoyuan. On one of our days there, we took a trip to the local temple. It was a huge and ornate building. We saw locals burning incense and praying to the gods of the temple and it dawned on me that I was in a place where Christianity wasn’t the norm. Growing up in the United States, it was “normal” to be a Christian. Lots of people say they are Christian. Whether they actual truly believe is a different story, but Christianity is, for the most part, a “norm” here. But in Taiwan, with only 2.5% of their population as professing Christians and only half of this 2.5% regularly attending church, it was very apparent to me that Christianity was very much not a part of the culture at all. A lot of people that I encounter at home may have gone to church when they were little, maybe attended some kind of retreat but in Taiwan, that was much less likely the case. Because of this, I developed a respect for the church in Taiwan that continues to love their people, their city and their country, despite being in the vast minority. It was truly eye opening to see what God was doing in the global church. In Nantou especially, I felt a spiritual connection between us and the workers of the church. Most of the team were new members and the people in the church were unfamiliar to us. Yet, they treated us as family as they tirelessly served and loved us. It was truly a spiritual bond between brothers and sisters in Christ that brought us together.

On our first day of teaching in Nantou, we found out that many kids weren’t even solid with the alphabet and I remember getting even more nervous because I wasn’t very comfortable speaking Chinese. Sometimes I couldn’t really understand what the kids were saying when they spoke excitedly at a million miles per second, or I would become frustrated because I didn’t know how to say what I wanted to say in Chinese but even in my short comings, I can say God truly bridged the gap. Even though my Chinese wasn’t the best, girls in my class would always want to sit next to me, talk to me, play with me or hold my hand. On the last day, they asked me over and over if I would come back next year which really touched my heart. It really couldn’t have been my own doing that somehow we reached them, but all glory be to God that even in our weaknesses, God still works in hearts. It gives me a lot of joy and hope that we were still able to make an impact on these kids in such a short amount of time, despite language barriers.

In Taoyuan especially, I saw the gospel itself break down strongholds and soften hearts. Our classrooms each still had their respective teachers there while we taught. This was different from Nantou, where we basically had the classrooms to ourselves. I remember the first morning assembly being quite awkward for the teachers. Here’s a church group, teaching our children English Christians songs, doing these strange motions - it was probably a lot to take in. They were stiff and just kind of stared at us from the back of the room as we interacted with the kids. However, as the week went by, not only the children warmed up to us but to my surprise, so did the teachers. By the end of the week, many of the teachers were singing along and doing the motions with us. I witnessed their hearts soften towards us before my very eyes.

As we got to know these kids better, we realized that underneath the happy smiles and excited laughter are broken people. Broken families, inattentive parents, the effects of low-income homes were a few cases of brokenness we encountered. We spent only a week with these kids yet we ended up loving them so much. For me I realized, if I could be as intentional with relationships as I was on missions, how much more could I not only get to know those around me but also better serve and love them in my daily life? There are so many opportunities for me to be more deliberate in my relationships with people back home. In Taiwan we only had a couple weeks. If I invest in and build my relationships here as much as we did in Taiwan, how much further could we build each other up and push each other toward Christ after a few months or several years?  

Not only did God work in the hearts of the people we met, he also worked in the hearts of our team. We had 15 members total on our team. Day to day, we were constantly supporting and building each other up. As we learned, served and grew together, our hearts were molded into something new. We saw how God worked in the global church through brothers and sisters that continually served and loved us. In Nantou, our hearts were softened to be more compassionate to the things that our hearts had forgotten about. In Taoyuan, we trusted that God would work and truly saw that happen. We were often stretched and tired, stepping out of our comfort zone but praise be to God that he sustained us through it all. In the end, the goodbyes were hard and tears were shed but the time I had in Taiwan truly impacted me and my heart.

In typical STM fashion, PTL, TYL, LHM, FHG, GGG, GBG. xD

i should stop posting everything so late at night

Do you ever think about how when Ron’s wand broke 2nd year, just using spell-o-tape wasn’t enough to fix it. It kept backfiring in ways that were really bad, like making himself eat slugs, or kinda just. being defective in general.

Hagrid’s wand was snapped his 3rd year. But he still uses it, disguised as an umbrella. And it works.

Like we know Ollivander didn’t fix it, since he was surprised to hear Hagrid had the pieces. Not to mention since Hagrid was expelled, it would be extremely illegal to fix it. Hogwarts works as a groundskeeper, and lives in a one room wooden hut that he made himself. He’s not going to have the money to ribe someone to fix it, and then there’s also the fact that because of his heritage, even if he could bribe someone to fix it, they probably wouldn’t. And sure, Dumbledore probably knows that Hagrid fixed his wand, there’s a certain level of deniability there. He wouldn’t have actually gotten involved with the wand mending process. Especially when Hagrid was just accused of killing a student.

So that means Hagrid would have put his wand back together himself.

The 3rd year transfiguration examination was to turn a teapot into a tortoise. Only inanimate objects into animals. Part of the reason animagi are so rare is because they’re human to animal transformations. The first time we meet Hagrid, he gives Dudley a tail, and correctly animates the boat he and Harry are on. Silently.

Harry and co. didn’t even attempt to learn silent casting until 6th year. Anything Hagrid learned after 3rd year would have been self taught.

Hagrid is one powerful wizard and holy shit combined with his resistance to magic with his giant heritage forget McGonagall holy shit Hagrid is terrifying


Mercedes Jones+ sharing her success

One of my favorite phrases my Creative Writing professor had for when you’re writing fantasy is ‘giving your story a Flux Capacitor’.

Because it’s not real, it doesn’t exist. But the way it’s thrown into Back to the Future, at no point does it throw the audience off or suspend any more disbelief than time travel would. You believe Doc when he says he created the Flux Capacitor - the thing that makes time travel possible, because the universe never questions him. 

So it essentially means like, there are going to be elements to your universe that are just not gonna make any sense, even if you set up a whole system based on it. And the only way to make it work is completely own it. You cannot second-guess your system or else the reader will too. You can give it the strangest explanation, but write it like you own it.