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If piece of shit america destroys net neutrality i cannot live, internet is my only way to access my education since my school is online and the internet is the only place i will ever contact most people on, including for work, because guess what, i have a condition that makes me so anxious in public that i have panic attacks whenever i’m in an even somewhat crowded area, you know, like, anywhere that’s not lost in the middle of a field.

If net neutrality dies, i will die, i will die after spending the last bits of my life in a psychiatric hospital because i will be forced to attempt to heal enough so that i can be legally sent outside with no degree because i couldn’t access the education i had paid for.

America needs to grow out of fucking kindergarten and care about the people it destroys: The people outside, but also their people they are already stepping on and rubbing in the dust.

The world is dominated by America, and America is dominated by fucking morons

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Cor indulging in his sweet tooth or someone finding out about said sweet tooth

Nyx loves watching Cor eat.

It’s not even sexual. He supposes it could be, if he really tried to look at it that way, but most of the time it’s just… he enjoys it so much. Nyx is used to valuing food more for the company than the food itself, though after arriving to Insomnia, finding pockets of familiarity have made the tastes from home just as meaningful. But there’s something methodical and careful about the way Cor eats. Like he’s focusing all his attention on it, letting himself enjoy it. Nyx is guilty of eating while he’s working, but he’s found himself making time to hit the canteen more often, if only because Cor has a preternatural sense to know when he’s there, and zero in on his table. Nyx doesn’t even care the jerk usually ends up eating half his plate, when he does.

(Nyx does care, a lot, that he is actually allowed to eat at the officer’s canteen, what with the new rank and the new responsibilities and the fact every single one of those officers looks at him and thinks Not Titus Drautos, and he shouldn’t be bitter about this, but he is. Always.)

It’s a game they play, of sorts. Nyx tolerates maybe half a teaspoon of sugar in his coffee mid-morning, whereas Cor drops three tablespoons, per mug. So it’s very clear, whenever Nyx picks up an extra serving of dessert or something obviously, sickeningly sweet, that he’s not going to eat it.

(Sometimes he has to. Sometimes Cor doesn’t stroll into the canteen like he owns the place - he technically does, outranking every single member of the standing military in Lucis, save the King and his Shield, and even the Shield’s rank prospective the Marshal’s is a hot debate among some circles… Nyx avoids those circles as best he can. The point is, sometimes Cor is busy or tired or he forgets. Maybe he just doesn’t want to. This isn’t an exact science, this game of theirs, they don’t have set dates or agreements of any kind. Sometimes Cor isn’t there and Nyx forces himself to eat through the sweets, because he’s too much himself, still to let them go to waste. Or maybe he’ll take them on with him and drop them for Crowe, if he really can’t take them, but that feels wrong, somehow, to give someone else something of Cor’s. Even if it was Cor’s unofficially.)

Cor sits across him, always, and he’s not subtle when he swipes his share off his plate. Nyx will glare and snark,and Cor will deadpan and snark back, and they’ll eat in comfortable vitriol that’s as easy as sharing a flat.

(Sharing flats, in Nyx experience, is not supposed to be easy. He lived in a dilapidated shoebox, before he died, mostly because it was the best he could afford without having to share. He tried to share, before, with strangers and friends and Libertus, even, and every single one of them drove him crazy without trying. Cor doesn’t chafe, that way. Cor exists precisely beyond the borders of his own life, close enough to touch, but never actually brushing against each other, and Nyx likes it, desperately, and tells himself it’s stupid to.)

His favorite thing to not eat - and watch Cor eat instead - are cinnamon rolls. Cor takes extra long to eat those, unfolding them bit by bit, one bite at the time, and there’s something decadent in the way he licks his fingers when he’s done. It’s not sexual, but it could be, if it were Nyx licking his fingers for him. Cor’s utilitarian about it, utterly unfazed. He’s not teasing, which makes the teasing all the worse, because it’s all in Nyx’s head.

(Nyx would lick more than fingers, if he could, and he’d ignore the sugary glaze because the only thing he wants is the taste of Cor’s skin beneath it. It’s a terrible thought and he should look away. He never does.)

It’s all in his head, and that’s fine. It’s fine. Cor smiles, sometimes, when he catches sight of Nyx’s plate.

It’s fine.

Small life update: (t/w for suicide talk and all that.)

So, I’m going to make a long story short: My stress is about killing me. For those who missed the announcement, I broke up with my fiance and am now living back with family. From there, my birth parents found out where I was living and…I really can’t think of another way to put it other than I need to get out of here asap.  I jumped from mildly to actively suicidal practically overnight, and I wouldn’t doubt that I’ll get thrown out if I become too dysfunctional. 

I hate begging, and I don’t want to ask for donations in the middle of the holiday season, because I know I’m not the only one short on money. But me and Star both are making plans to get out of our toxic households, and with me only put to work 20 hours a week and Star without any way to get a job, we need some help. We’re still making plans for where we’re going to go and when, but the sooner we get out of here, the better.

I have a mega-commission that I’m chipping away at slowly, so I can’t really take on another large project, but I’ll offer 5-10$ drabble commissions. Basically like my kinktober drabbles, they’ll be anywhere from 500-1,000 words. They’ll also be written and sent back either the same day or the next day, and can be about pretty much anything (canon/canon, canon/oc, etc.) Just give me a topic and a word range (ex. 600-800 would be 6-8$ depending on how much I write) and I’ll write it, charge based on the final word count, then send it however you like (e-mail, published on tumblr, ao3, etc.)

We also have a paypal if you can and want to donate:  paypal.me/SkullsWriting 

I’ll be making a separate post without all this to promote the commissions, but thank you all for reading, and I hope you guys have a nice Thanksgiving <3

The New Teacher - Shyan AU


Shane watched as Andrew made his way through his second bowl of cereal with milk. Only kids like that, my ass! He was beaming. It just felt so right to sit by his son’s side and enjoy a nice breakfast before leaving for work. Unfortunately, the familiarity of it brought back memories that he wish would’ve stayed buried on the depths of  his mind.

He and Sara used to make pancakes of the new characters of Disney that they had been working on at the studio and Andrew would happily munch at them after pointing out mistakes in anatomy or color. The first time he did it, they were so surprised that they thought they had hurt his feelings and perhaps shut down their child, but the next time they tried to subtly make him comment it worked out fine. It should’ve been expected, after all, he was their kid and art was always a big part of their lives so it obviously would attract little Andrew. Shane remembered when they had just adopted Andrew, they were trying to figure out how to make the small 8 year-old interact with them so Sara suggested painting palm trees’ leaves on the living room wall and Andrew sat on the flower and started to make small coconuts. Even though it was sort of painful to revisit the memories, he would always have a fond smile as the mental image of a smaller Andrew with his brows furrowed as he mixed the colors to get the perfect green popped in his mind.

He sighed.

There was no use trying to hold back those memories. Watching Andrew eating his cereal while simultaneously trying to tweet just reminded him other mornings. After Andrew’s second day in high school, he wouldn’t shut up during breakfast about the art class and how the other students loved his style and of course, it was when he met the transfer student from Malaysia, Steven Lim, who even asked to keep one of his drawings.

“Dad, are you in there?” Andrew was waving a hand in front of him. “Earth to dad!”

Shane gave him a tiny nod and went back to staring at his now cold pancakes and coffee. Andrew’s voice was weak when he asked. “Are you thinking about mom again? It’s just that you have that look…”

This time Shane actually made an effort and fought back the urge to hide his emotions from the world. “I… No. Not really. Not now.” he pinched the bridge of his nose. “I wasn’t thinking about her per se and I’m definitely not in love with her anymore, kiddo. I know you might think that I am..”

“It’s not that dad…” Shane made a gesture to stop him.

“It’s just hard to sort of filter my memories. Most of my happy memories with or without you are full of your mom’s presence and it’s tough to get over the fact that I was the happiest when we were together, probably the happiest I’ll ever be. I don’t think I can find someone that will make me feel like that again.” Andrew was looking at him with a concerned expression. “No! It’s not that I am unhappy. I mean, I have you! Andrew, you are the one thing in life that matters, the one thing that makes me wake up in the morning and actually thank god that I’m alive. For you being the way that you are, I’ll forever be grateful. I still can’t believe you chose us, that you chose me.”

“Dad, cut the sentimental crap!” he shouted, but he was visibly taken aback by his dad’s declaration. “You’ll find someone better for you, someone that deserves you. You and mom were okay, but okay doesn’t mean right, you get it?”

“So…” Shane didn’t want to discuss this any further, so he did what he was good at. He changed the focus of the conversation and with a teasing smile playing on his lips he continued. “Are you and Steven right, right?”

“Ugh, you are insufferable!” he snapped as he got up and stormed off to his room, leaving a very amused Shane and his very dirty bowl to be cleaned. As Shane washed the bowl he allowed himself to wonder if maybe his son was right. What if there is someone waiting for me? Nah, that’s bullshit.


“Have a great day, kiddo!” Shane handed Andrew his backpack and leaned on the side of the car. “Remember to give that Bergara dude hell.”

Andrew rolled his eyes and managed to give his dad a nod before turning around and going in the direction of Steven, who waved at Shane with as much energy as puppy. He watched them holding hands and disappearing inside the school building. It was the perfect image to have in his mind before jumping inside his car and going back to his eight hour shift at the Disney Studio where he would be trying keep sanity as he worked on a new animation project. But life had other plans. As he was about to turn away he noticed a cool Jeep pulling over at the teacher’s parking lot. Shane gritted his teeth as he saw the small guy hopping off the car.

Begara noticed him and as he walked in the direction of the school staring at Shane the whole time in what was supposed to be a menacing way. The staring match didn’t last much since when Ryan was about to climb the stairs to the building he tripped on his own foot and fell. Shane’s laughed was the only thing heard on the area. The other man quickly got up and stuck his middle finger to Shane which would’ve been offensive if he wasn’t blushing like a small kid. Shane chuckled again when he heard the main door of school being slammed.

“What a lovely day.” he said between giggles.

When Shane arrived at the studio there was, indeed, a pile of things to be done, but he was on such a big mood that he actually started to whistle some Disney songs. He turned his computer on and started to work on the animation, trying to make everything in sync and all the transitions smooth to facilitate the job of the Keith, the dude responsible for checking his progress and corrected small details.

The morning passed really fast. So fast Shane didn’t notice it was time to have his lunch break and got startled when Eugene touched his shoulder.

“Jesus, Madej. It’s break time. Stop working.”

Shane got up from his chair and stretched his body, lazily. He pocketed his phone and wallet and was about to leave when he decided to go back and take his sketchbook too. Today he was feeling creative. He decided to go to the Subway near the studio where he wouldn’t have to socialize with his co-workers and where people wouldn’t be asking questions about his doodles.

The place was almost empty, there was only a family of tourists with their ridiculously big Mickey Mouse Ears hats and faces full of sunscreen. Shane ordered a sandwich and chose a more reserved booth. He settled the sketchbook on the table and picked his favorite pencil, which was really small and was completely dented from falls and nervous teeth biting into it.

He gave a tentative bite on the sandwich and moaned slightly as he tasted the unique artificial flavors that only a fast-food chain restaurant could have. No wonder everyone called him a raccoon, he’d consider almost any food delicious. Or at least edible.

Shane started to sketch and after eating half of the food and finishing the face he realized he had drawn the fucking crazy teacher. Ryan Bergara. He ripped the page off and crunched the paper. Why would he draw that guy? He decided to keep the drawing though. It was fine art. So he got the little ball of paper and placed it on his jacket’s pocket.

There was still some time left before he had to go back to work, so he decided to get a nice ice cream cone. Shane bought one with two flavors ,vanilla and cookie though, of Mr. Tinsley a cool older guy that used to work as a detective or something like that in the 70s. Since it wasn’t a hot day, but the sun wouldn’t help the case of his ice cream, he found a nice bench underneath a tree.

He got his phone out and began to browse through Instagram. Then he stopped at a new photo of Steven. In the photo Steven was wearing a tinfoil hat, which wasn’t something so unusual, but the caption of the picture was the problem.

“What the fuck!” Shane perked up on the bench and gripped the ice cream cone harder. “‘@ryanbergara lended his cool hat to me, best teacher ever :)’”

It was impossible to ignore the urge to click on the username. In fact, Shane didn’t even try to hold back. He was bombarded by a series of photos of a Mr. Bergara at Disney and Universal Studios, puppies, Lakers and mirror selfies. He sucked in a breath. If the dude wasn’t bat shit crazy he would totally be my type. His bisexual senses were tingling so he decided to close the app. Nope.

I wonder if he has a twitter account? Maybe I could fight him. Shane clicked on the blue icon on his screen and typed bergara and there it was a @ryansbergara. Shane had a devilish smile as he analised the profile. The fucking profile picture was a photo of him wearing a tinfoil hat and his header was a screenshot of the X-files opening. Not surprising at all but that made Shane itchy to annoy the guy. That was practically begging to receive some of the old skeptic treatment that his family perfect through the generations.

Shane Madej - @shalexandej   01:39 PM

@ryansbergara hey dude nice hat. going to teach the kids how to do one… oh wait you already did!

He watched as a notification pop-up appeared on his screen only a few minutes later.

Ryan Bergara - @ryansbergara  01:42 PM

@shalexandej ha ha ha very funny stalker, i didnt teach them that!! i talked about how it is useless and actually applied some scientific concepts [GIF]

Shane Madej - @shalexandej   01:43 PM

@ryansbergara THANK GOD YOU DID THAT but i’ll have you know that i instructed my kid to make your life hell

Ryan Bergara - @ryansbergara  01:45 PM

@shalexandej oh really? Cause he actually helped in class

Shane Madej - @shalexandej   01:45 PM


Ryan Bergara - @ryansbergara  01:46 PM

@shalexandej hahahahahhahahsahs maybe ;)

Ryan Bergara - @ryansbergara  01:46 PM

@shalexandej i have to go prepare for my next class, see ya stalker [GIF]

Shane was about to reply when he receiver another type of notification. Ryan had just followed him. Well Bergara, this might be your downfall. He clicked on the follow button and he unconsciously knew how big of mistake that decision was.


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I’ll be posting a final reminder- and the 6th, SECRET BUTTON!!111 -on Sunday.

One of my favorite things @turianosauruswrex and I decided that Vulpes Augustus Volpe, esteemed member of the White Gloves, does to his fellow members is killing Mortimer in a fairly spectacular way. When Jules McAllister was working with the Legion she got the White Gloves to secretly go cannibal again, because of course she did, and this secret is kept well after the Legion falls, but a secret like that can only stay down for so long. Queen Miri and her lawmen are finally making progress tracking down the rumors of cannibalism in the Ultra Luxe and Mr. Volpe will be DAMNED if the noose gets Mortimer before he does.

Augustus here fucking LOATHES every one of the White Gloves, ESPECIALLY Mortimer, and he’s also a fucking literature nerd (he curates their library, not like anyone actually reads the goddamn books though), so one night he invites Mortimer into one of the wine cellars and traps him and bricks him into the wall Cask of Amontillado-style, while mocking him for not even knowing the basics of Poe. 

The kicker is that despite the wine cellar being noticeably smaller, none of the other White Gloves realize the wall has changed locations and instead think that someone has been thieving their wine because there’s less of it!!

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My personality doesn't "fit" any job! I want to study languages and travel but I'm an introvert. I don't know what to do! It's so frustrating! I like learning languages but I don't want to translate movies or books for the rest of my life. I would love to see the world and make a change but I would hate to talk to the world... I would love to talk to people... gaaah

me too!!! I mean, I’m very extroverted and career driven but like I want to study languages without being a translator but that seems the only way a lot of people can sustain it, have you ever thought about going into foreign affairs/relations? like i really hope to work for the state department (basically getting payed to learn languages and travel)

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 244 Short Review

I’m fully convinced that love is the root of all evils. Seriously, what’s up with love leading to disaster in more ways than one? Do we need to bring those boys that teach about love while in their love-making uniform that reminisce to Sailor Moon to get you people mind straight?! It doesn’t help that not only it’s said and done in a cheesy fashion but it happens to be addressed mainly from women.

Other than that, it’s a good chapter. It’s good to see Dreyfus and Hendrickson working together along with Margaret. It’s still nice that those two guys really want to make up for the damages they caused in the past, including messing up the relationship with her and Gil Thunder. If anything, those two made the chapter enjoyable.

While I don’t think they would be able to match the power level of current Sins, their effort and willpower to fight against the odds still holds meanings. I also like their chemistry. They did show sign of strong friendly relationship before and this chapter exploits it further. They’re pretty cool as one. Plus I like how Hendrickson is the oddball in the group; he was our main boss once upon a time. It’s amusing to say the least.

Margaret can fight well but not as strong as others, which is clearly highlighted. The big twist is her encounter with a Druid Altar; it was at that moment that I knew something really bad is going to happen. It’s good to mention that Dreyfus feels deja vu is about to happen with Margaret instead. Instead of Demon, it’s the Goddess that possess Margaret and not just any Goddess; it is Rueduciel, an Archangel. Basically, we are in for new Holy War.

It’s a straightforward chapter with a shift of focus on side characters that are far apart from Sins. The chemistry of bromance is good and amusing. Margaret is practically a replacement for old Elizabeth with her hell-bent will to do at all cost for sake of love, and that could be an eye roll. That said it does lead to an exciting twist with Goddess now making their move for potential new Holy War. This arc continues to grow stronger.

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Which kind of relationship do you expect between Sansa and Dany in next season? How do you think they will behave around each other?

I kind already sort of explained that here: https://winterfelland.tumblr.com/post/167422654702/do-you-think-sansa-will-support-jon-or-will-she

What I think will be very interesting to watch, is how Daenerys will deal with a woman of power. Up till now she’s worked with either sexist mustache twirling evil slaver guys or … Jon.

The way she handled the sexist guys won’t work on Sansa, and the way she handled Jon definitely won’t work on Sansa (nor Arya, for that matter). A whole speech about all she lived through will make Sansa shrug and wonder ‘SO? The point isss?’ And threats will go down badly cause she’s Jon’s sister and, let’s face it, Jon’s Dany’s only friend (with power) ATM.

Daenerys needs Sansa more than Sansa needs Daenerys. One might say that sounds like bullshit cause Dany is the one with dragons, but hear me out… burning Sansa and the North or letting it all go down by the WW Is not optional. What is Daenerys going to do? What power does Daenerys have over Sansa that would not result in bloodshed and pain? Jon has already proven that he’s not willing to do much more but roll his eyes and complain to Sansa in person afterwards when she loudly disagrees with what HE does. I doubt his response is going to be harsher when Sansa disagrees with his girlfriend. I bet it’s actually going to be softer. Jon seems pretty damn protective over his sister to me. I did Dany good luck if it ever comes down to him having to choose. I know his pick. Bet Sansa knows it too.

Sansa is, at this moment, trusted by Jon, friendly with Arya and Bran and popular with the Northern lords… those lords Dany must convince she’s the right gal to rule over them despite their obvious targaryen hatred. Good luck with that Stormbrat. Expect loads of foot stamping, hair pulling and total frustration with not being adored like a goddess by people who DO like this redhead lady who, actually, is a hundred times more capable than Daenerys. It’s gonna be interesting. I hope they do it justice, but well, my expectations are low.

“Making employees work on Thanksgiving is evil!”

Friend, I 100% agree. But if you want to work towards stopping it, you need to not shop on Thanksgiving. Maybe you by yourself may not mean much, but enough people together refusing to do business with companies on Thanksgiving will greatly discourage corporations from continuing the practice.

This is how you “vote with your wallet.” 

Thoughts on Getaway Car

So I just have a lot of feelings regarding Getaway Car and needed to get them out and I didn’t think it would be this long but here we are.

  • Oh my god I just love this song so much, it’s so beautiful, both lyrically and musically
  • The way she sings certain words is just so beautiful (listen to her singing “I knew it from the first” and “he was running after us” and you’ll know what I mean)
  • It’s strange but it almost makes me feel dreamy, and it seems somewhat whimsical, especially during the chorus, and because of this it sounds and feels like freedom at first
  • But only when you listen to it fully do you understand the true sadness in it
  • This is song of tragedy: the tragedy of an unwanted relationship; the tragedy of a relationship that would never work out; the tragedy of a relationship that was doomed from the start; the tragedy of wanting to escape so badly you make all the wrong choices; the tragedy of wanting freedom, only to become lost when you obtain it
  • It is the tragedy of becoming so intoxicated by freedom that you don’t care about the consequences of obtaining it
  • Parts of it seem almost accusatory in tone, with him refusing to acknowledge his part in the tragedy – they were both aware this was a doomed relationship from the start but he’s feigning innocence
  • The chorus after the first verse has the original air of freedom about it – she’s escaped, the wind is blowing in her hair as she cruises down the highway, laughing with happiness and freedom, ignoring all the warning signs
  • However, the chorus after the second verse is more ominous, with it almost seeming to weigh heavily with a sense of foreboding – she’s realised their mistakes, but it’s too late, everything is crumbling beneath them
  • The way she sings “we’re both sorry” makes me so sad, it’s just filled with such regret and melancholy
  • There’s almost a sadness in her voice in the bridge when she describes leaving him, and 
  • When she sings “I’m in a getaway car/I left you in a motel bar”, there’s such a soft sadness to it but it builds up into confidence 
  • I love the reference to Bonnie and Clyde because they’re usually romanticised and depicted as a couple insanely in love, which is far from the truth – beneath this veil they fundamentally had a toxic relationship and committed horrendous crimes, and while this is obviously not what she’s depicting in this song, I think it’s similar
  • On the outside, to the media, to the public, they appear to have the perfect and idealised relationship, but underneath that it’s far from the truth – there are cracks that cannot be fixed, and they ultimately turn out to be disastrous for each other
  • Undoubtedly the media played a large role in this, referencing back to the second verse when she describes their relationship being turned into a circus, and ultimately ruining whatever romance they may have had, leaving them both with regrets
  • The outro has conflicting undertones of anger, determination, and confidence to it but overwhelmingly has an air of freedom surrounding it
  • Although she’s describing how she was crying and dying throughout this relationship that she thought would free her, there’s almost relief in her voice now that she has finally and truly escaped 
  • I can almost imagine her stealing the getaway car and driving down the highway once again as she originally had in verse one, but this time she is alone and free and happy
  • Despite the conflicting feelings the outro gives off, it doesn’t give one of self-pity or sadness and I love it for that. It describes an almost toxic relationship that she escapes from, and she shows that she is not broken because of this. I just love that whether she intended to or not, this song shows that you can escape from relationships that are unfulfilling or unhealthy for you, and you’ll be okay afterwards
  • So basically, it’s the best of both worlds: It has a beautiful and compelling melody while simultaneously having meaningful lyrics, especially when analysed in depth
  • Honestly I don’t know if this is what Taylor was thinking when she wrote this song, and tbh it probably wasn’t, but that’s what I love so much about music and poetry and art – it can mean anything you want it to
BTS replaced you. - pt.3

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.END]

Originally posted by hobixing

“Ah… they did? What did they say?” Hongseok passes my phone to me as I read the messages I haven’t opened for the last few hours. Seeing them still hurt because it still feels insincere, as if I was alone in this friendship. 

“Are you going to reply?” Hongseok asked while taking one of my hand in his from under the blanket. It was barely even 6am and I wasn’t down for the drama just yet. 

“Not yet, let’s have cake.” I say smiling, and dragging him with me over to the kitchen still with my phone in one hand.

I took the cake out from the fridge and set it on the table between Hongseok and I. He placed a candle in the centre and lit it, turning the light off before he took his seat. The room was dark and the winter sun hasn’t yet risen and so all that was left to light up the room was the moonlight seeping through the gaps of the blinds and the orange candlelight. A few seconds after, the room was filled with his voice - he sang happy birthday and I couldn’t help but wear a smile on my face. His voice was pretty and I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for doing all this for me. When the short song came to an end we both clapped, I clapped to applaud his singing and he clapped to applaud me fo coming to life twenty-one years ago.

“Make a wish Y/N.” 

“Wishes don’t come true Hongseok.” 

“I’ll make sure this one does, as long as it’s realistic and I can afford it.” He laughed as I smiled. 

“There’s nothing I want.” 

“But there is, I can tell.”

“I just want a shoulder to lean on and not be a burden to people.” 

“Done!” I laughed at his enthusiasm.

“I’ll always be your shoulder to lean on, and you’re never going to be a burden to me.”

“It makes me feel as though I’m replacing them because that’s exactly what they said to me five years ago.” 

“I’m not asking to take their place silly, but just know that I’m always going to be here for you.” He grabbed my hand again from across the table and rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I wanted to cry in this moment because I was so grateful of him and his words. 

“I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” 

“Idiot, I told you this already. You deserve more and better but you’re stuck with me now.” 

“I like the sound of that though.” We both laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. Until my phone dinged, showing a notification from the group chat. I un-muted the conversation but didn’t think they’d be up to say anything.

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⤳ you could be my everything, can’t you see (insp)


Get a partner who will break the laws of physics with you.

Stormy Weather / Climatika


Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. You have found two.
⤿ quote from Clockwork Princess, by Cassandra Clare (x)

movies [ steve x reader ]

premise: (name) is dustin’s sister and they decide to watch movies all night. what (name) doesn’t know is that dustin invited steve, too

a/n: this was supposed to be shorter, like to paragraphs short, but…
also, requested by:  Hey I loved your Steve x Reader where reader is Dustin’s sister’s fic. Can you do more of it please? ( @queeeenofscots​ ) / can you plz do more dustinssister!reader x steve imagines??? thanks ily <3 (anon)

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A family night. Well, more of a sibling night. Mom is out of town with a couple of friends of hers (Mews death had really taken a toll on her). You and Dustin are left to your own devices, which means movie marathons and junk food all night. Falling asleep is also a no go because you swore to draw on his face with a sharpie if he even closed his eyes for a second. The same goes for you, of course. Granted, for being seventeen you sure can be childish sometimes. But you can’t really blame yourself for that, or wanting to spend more time with your brother. The two of you had always been close, but you drifted away when you grew into a real teen. Naturally the Demogorgon business brought you two together pretty quickly and neither of you intend to lose touch again.

Dustin picks between a few horror movies you had rented earlier that day as you heat up the popcorn, “Hey, (Name), how do you feel about Halloween?” Dustin asks from the couch.

You make a face, “Not good.”

“Perfect. We’re watching this one.”

You surpass the urge to roll your eyes and you grin and take the KFC you ordered out of those meek paper bags. As you turn off the lights in the kitchen, with one hand holding plates and the other grasping a big bottle of soda, you move into the living room as Dustin sets up the movie, “Just try not to scream.” Dustin says, fiddling with the VCR.

“Pretty sure you’ll be the one that’s screaming.”

The doorbell rings and makes a shiver shoot up your spine.  Instinctively you look at the looming front entrance and the dark night pooling behind it. You glance at Dustin but he doesn’t even look your way, mumbling something about ‘Stupid fucking movie why don’t you work?!’ so you set down the food and slowly make your way to the door. Right, maybe turning off all of the lamps so only the TV screen lights up the room with its ghostly bleak light and that weird scratching noise wasn’t the best idea. But it’s not like a Demo-dog can ring a doorbell, right?…Right?

Scolding yourself for being paranoid, you swiftly unlock the door and with a deep breath open it fully. The cool air pinches your cheeks red as you meet eyes with deep brown ones. Something clicks in your mind and you can’t help but grin at the visitor, recalling all those moments he had pulled you away from the mission just to talk or be close to you. Steve Harrington stands on your porch with a lazy smile on his lips and his hands shoved into his pockets. You make a mental note to thank Dustin later, because you sure as hell didn’t invite your crush over.

“…I was told there will be KFC.” Steve states.

“Who gave away this information?” You wonder, stepping aside to let him in. With a light shrug he enters and beelines for the couch.

“Hey, Dustin!—And I never reveal my sources, (Name).”

Soon you all squeezed on the small couch. Dustin in one end, you in the middle, and Steve in the other. After fighting over the popcorn and the abundance of puns Steve kept saying, a hush fell over your small group as the movie started. You were immediately sucked in and a bit terrified. You never could handle scary movies. And now that you literally had the opportunity to live out a real life scary movie with the Demo-dog business, you still find scary movies, well, scary. You pull the warm blanket closer to your lips as you are ready to hide behind it at any given moment.

Steve notices your terrified expression, and on a different occasion he wouldn’t find it as cute as he does now. You lean into him a bit when Michael Myers shows up. Something swells in his chest, something light and fuzzy and he can’t help but smile a little. For a full minute he ponders should he do the old ’yawn-put-my-hand-around-her-shoulders’ shtick. He conducts that would be pretty stupid and awkward so he just pretends to shift in his seat and drapes his arm over your shoulders anyway. You look at him. He pretends that nothing happened and gives you a playful glance.

Half-way through the movie you grew comfortable enough to rest your head on his chest. Steve’s fingers played patters on your skin, played with your hair almost subconsciously, but his eyes never once left the screen. When the clock struck 1 o’clock and the screen cut to black – the movie was finally over and you can take a breather, - you and Steve had to surpass a laugh at Dustin’s snoring. In hushed murmurs the two of you moved and Steve took up the job of picking Dustin up and bringing him to his room. With the blanket wrapped around your shoulders you waited him to return, and honestly, nearly swooned at how domestic he is.

Once he returns he shoves his hands into his pockets and looks around, almost as if trying to think of an excuse to stay. In lazy steps he approaches you and you have to bite down a smile, “I should…probably go now.” He says slowly, testing the waters. You flick your brows upwards.

“You sure?” You ask, “There are two more movies left.”

“You know, I always considered myself a patron of the arts so yeah, I say I could stay. With you. T-To watch the movies. If you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t. Trust me, I don’t.”

Steve makes quick work of setting up the VCR as you find a good spot on the couch. You fluff the pillows and can hardly contain the excitements that’s practically radiating from you. Now there’s way more space to move around, but he sits close to you and you throw your blanket on the both of you to keep warm, if that is even needed. Honestly, you just want to share something with him. Be as close as you can possibly be without going overboard with your feelings. You have a small hint that he may feel the same way, but then again, you don’t want to ruin this – whatever this is you have with him – by tuning all mushy and sappy and kissy. Not that turning kissy would be a bad thing, now that you really consider it.

The movie starts in bright flashes and loud sounds and you frown softly. You feel Steve’s arm drape over your shoulders again and you turn your head to him. A kaleidoscope of colors shine on his face – it almost appears mesmerizing – as the thought of the two of you being completely alone finally sinks in. A spark lights up your chest and fuels your whole body with the need to kiss him. Your gaze roams from his eyes to his lips and back, an action he notices and smirks at, as you lean in ever so slightly and asks, “…Patron of the arts? Really?”

“I lied.” He grins, “Sorry.” He murmurs, leaning in and capturing your lips in a long overdue kiss.


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Lance's Love Interest

Okay guys. I could write a dissertation on why I think Keith will be Lance’s love interest, but that’s pretty much already been done. So what I do want to talk about is why Lance’s love interest won’t be Allura.

Before I get into this, I feel obligated to say that I’m a big ol’ bi sexual. Meaning that I’m not against this ship because ew girls. I’m not against it at all. Sure, I don’t ship it, but personal feelings about a pairing have no basis in cannon analysis.

Lets start with Lance’s vlog

What I got from the vlog is that nobody lies to Lance like Lance lies to Lance. Like seriously, how Lance can breathe beyond those Layers of Bravado is beyond me. He spends the majority of the vlog talking about how Allura probably does like him because he’s such a lady killer and yada yada yada, bull shit, bull shit, bull shit. You get the picture.

But then there’s this moment.

It’s legitimately sweet. Lance is gushing not about how he’s going to win over Allura or how awesome he is but about why he likes her so much. Only then he catches himself and goes right back into his Wow I’m So Awesome mode.

Then directly after this, he starts talking about how he’s not ready to settle down, which is… strange. Yeah, you could argue that Lance is saying this because he’s young, but the way it’s presented makes it seem like he’s covering something up, especially when you take into consideration Lance’s How to Fall in Love guide.

Lance loves love, not just as an end goal, but as an continuous endeavor. He understands it’s hard work, but he wants to put in that work. Lance wants to be in love.

What I’m getting at here is, Lance really likes Allura, but I think deep down he knows she doesn’t return those feelings. I mean, hes all like, ’Pff, yeah, of course Allura thinks I’m awesome, but sorry babe, can’t hold this stud down’ directly after we see him swooning over her, and honestly, how more obvious can it be that he’s hiding his real feelings/over compensating?

Lance knows Allura probably wont ever return his feeling and us as the audience knows that too. Or at least we should. Seriously, if I could say there was one thing I really have against this pairing, it would be the fact that Lance continues to flirt with Allura despite her obvious discomfort with it. The only reactions to his flirting we’ve ever gotten from Allura are disinterest and down right disgust. Meaning, his feelings are not returned.

Oh, but you might say, well they could be one day, and that’s where I’m going to have to disagree with you. I really don’t think Allura would just suddenly start to have feelings for Lance, not when there hasn’t been an ounce of romantic subtext between them and especially not when taking into consideration some of the comments made by the creators and voice actors.

Jeremy Shada said that Lance still thinks he has a chance with Allura, heavily implying that he doesn’t. The creators said that Lance would end up with someone he needed, not wanted.

Even if you ignore the blatant fact that Lance has wanted Allura from the beginning, it still makes this scene and Lance’s choice of words really interesting.

Lance straight up said that “Sometimes we don’t get what we want” while talking to Blue. And who is Blues new Paladin? That’s right! Allura! She even walked in right after he said it.

I know this has already been said, but just for the hell of it, let me point out that they also said Lance would end up with someone self assured, something Allura is not. She doubts herself more than any other character and has from day one. In fact, it’s Lance - one of the most insecure characters in the show - who gave her the confidence she needed in the season 4 final.

Now I really want to talk about this scene. I’ve heard people say that it parallels the ‘We are a good team’ moment from season one, and like, totally. It does, but apart of what this scene accomplished - at least to me - was solidifying the fact that Allura does not have feelings for Lance.

Lets break it down: There’s the obvious differences between these scenes. Keith and Lance’s has soft background music, unnecessarily long eye contact, fond smiles, a purple background (the combination of their respective colors), and a total mood shift. Its filled with romantic subtext and is also brought up later on several occasions. Lance and Allura’s moment had none of that.

Something less obvious Id like to point out is that if these scenes do parallel each other, then Lance would be the Keith in this situation and Allura the Lance. You may not agree with me, but I’m pretty positive that Keith has been low key pining for Lance since season one, which is fitting, because Lance has been pining for Allura. In Keith and Lance’s scene, Lance is drawn in by Keith whereas Allura merely glances back at Lance and then brushes him off. Insinuating that while Lance and Keith’s scene is a big moment to both of them and could be the start of feelings that Lance may go onto reciprocate, the same can not be said for Allura and Lance’s scene. In summary, Allura - being the Lance in this situation - did not show the same interest that Lance showed to Keith in their scene.

You could say that the situation was dire, and yeah, you’d be right, but for one, they don’t show us parallels for nothing. They’re used as a means to compare and contrast. Two, Keith straight up almost got his ass handed to him in the midst of a battle all because he was too busy making doki doki eyes at Lance. Meaning circumstance isn’t really an issue when dealing with this sort of thing.

The last thing I want to point out is, while Allura never reciprocates Lance’s advances, Lance - in his own self deluded, deny the bi, sort of way - does reciprocate Keith’s. First off, it should be heavily noted that Keith’s interest in Lance is much more subtle than Lance’s interest in Allura, because as we all know, Keith has abandonment issues, walls, and all that fun stuff. He doesn’t parade around his interest because he probably doesn’t see it ever being returned, not realistically.

But he’s wrong and here’s why: Lance feels inferior to the entire team, so the idea that he goes around challenging Keith and constantly vying for his attention out of pure jealousy/a need to prove himself makes no sense. If that were the case, he would behave that way towards everyone. Granted, Lance did think that Keith thought he was better than Lance, but in season two, Lance said, “I guess no one else thinks that” in regards to his marksmanship. Meaning Lance thinks that the rest of the team thinks hes not as talented as them also, and yet he treats them the same way he always has. Lance is literally obsessed with Keith, especially in season one. He’s the embodiment of the boy pulling on the girls pigtail to get her attention.

He also talked about Keith in admiration when he wasn’t around, wearing a similar face to that of the one he wears when hes flirting. Hell, he wears that same expression every time he teases Keith, but when he does it here, paired with this praise, we know it’s meant to be interpreted as a fond expression.

(also note that his expression morphs to this when he starts talking about Keith and only Keith despite the fact he’s praising the entire team)

He admires Keith. He wants Keith’s attention and respect. He flirtatiously banters with him. He goes to Keith when making important decisions about his future and place on the team. He expresses ambiguous jealousy every time Keith is with a girl.

Allura does none of this. So if you want to say that she could possibly reciprocate Lance’s feelings then you have to say the same for Lance towards Keith.

Look, my purpose here isn’t to dissuade anyone from shipping Allura and Lance or to down said shippers. I’m just trying to analyze cannon material and reach an conclusion. So my final theory on the matter of Lance’s love interest is that Lance has feelings for both Keith and Allura. He just doesn’t get that he has feelings towards Keith for the same reason he doesn’t want to admit he knows Allura doesn’t like him romantically. He likes to keep a lot of things tucked away in his head and chooses ignorance over introspection until those thoughts some how make it to the forefront and he’s forced to do otherwise. I think in season 5 the vlog will come into play and we’ll see the summation of Lance’s feelings towards Allura, but I have little to no doubt that it will not go the way he hopes it will.

And hey, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. More power to you Allura and Lance shippers.

13.05 coda


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The sun sets early this time of year. The sky starts to change color as Dean pushes the Impala along towards Meadows’ house of horrors; the violent orange of the sunset gleams across the chrome lining the windshield and gilds everything over. Dean glances away from the road for a second when the glare hits him in the eye. Sam had his head turned towards the window, but he looks over when he feels Dean do so, too.

“So, uh,” he says, clearing his throat. “You ended up at the Clam Dive after all.”

Dean’s mouth quirks for a second, but it doesn’t last. “Mm.”

Sam taps his fingers against the door. “Worth the four and a half stars?”

Easing the Impala around a corner plunges the driver’s side into shadow. Dean ticks his head away from the light. “Don’t let the name fool you. That is one classy joint.”

Sam scoffs. “I’m sure.”

Dean doesn’t reply. The sun dips lower on the horizon.

“So, you’re. You’re working through it, then,” Sam says, unable to stay quiet. “Business as usual. It’s… working.”

Dean clenches his hands on the steering wheel and hopes that Sam doesn’t notice. The first stars of the night have started to come out, visible just beyond the stained-purple clouds.

“Yeah. See? Totally fine.”

He doesn’t tell Sam that most of the time he spent at the Clam Dive was at the bar. He doesn’t tell Sam that he only sat by the stage once he was drunk enough to start seeing double. He doesn’t tell Sam that he didn’t have any fun even though he tried all his old tricks and every cheesy line in the book and even pushed some of his boundaries a little farther than usual. He doesn’t tell Sam that he drove the Impala full-blown wasted and didn’t even care because why would it even matter if he ended up –

He doesn’t tell Sam about the death sentence he keeps in his duffle bag. He doesn’t tell Sam that he tried to crawl into bed once he got back to the motel but the thought of doing so made him so lonely that he’d actually rather sleep on the floor.

Point is: there’s a lot he doesn’t tell Sam.

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