but it was the only 1080p vid i could find

anonymous asked:

im looking for the show champion backstage vids and this one twitter*com/NCT_140/status/900380029024063489 but i can only find them in mp4 :c

OH RIGHT, i was also looking for this.. i remember spending a whole day :( Try mentioning @/nctvideos on twitter or sending them a direct message to see if they have it! 

do you have specific show champion backstage vids in mind? i might have some and could reupload it on gdrive for you if i do!! a lot of the links for the ts have expired but you can find them in 1080p on naver. Otherwise check this thread to see if the video you’d like is on there and just dm the op!!!

EDIT: Sam senpai (nakamotens) just replied to this post and said that the ts files actually come from the mp4 naver files, so those would be okay to gif!! (thank you;;;;)