but it was the hottest day to be alive

It has only been 4 days since I started Criminal Minds and I’m already on season 3.

Things I know so far:
• Derek Morgan is the hottest man alive
• I’ve fallen in love with Reid
• Garcia is my spirit animal
• JJ is hot too and her hair makes me jealous
• Psychology is so cool
• I just really really love Reid

so my geography teacher is like the hottest teacher alive but he’s also funny as hell so today on our last day of class before exams he asked us to do a creative group project and said we could only have groups with up to 3 people

me and my 3 friends were like oh shit

I begged him to let us have 4 people in ours so he was like ‘okay here’s the deal, you beat me in rock paper scissors and I’ll let you guys be in a group of four’

so I went up to his desk and it was so intense like the entire class was watching us and we kept doing the same signs by accident but then he did rock and I did paper and my entire class was cheering and  yelling and it was the best thing ever

With great effort, Laurent said, “There was a rumour.”

Damen waited, and then prompted, “Yes?”

Laurent exhaled, agitated. “They said you were just as likely to bed a man who held up against you in the arena as you were a pretty maid.”

Damen released Laurent from his grasp. It was not what he had expected to hear.

(5.5k fic, Damen meeting Laurent in the practice ring, Auguste is Alive AU, very nsfw, birthday fic for @hypermenestras <333) 

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You were so ashamed that your Biology grade had slipped so far as it had. You walked into the tutoring room that you didn’t know existed and surprisingly saw lots of familiar faces. Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad. You checked the signup sheet and saw that you had been paired with [Y/C/N]. Dear lord, this was not your day. You had believed, very strongly that he was the hottest man alive, and he had a great persona, making him the crush you had been gawking over for the last six months. And now he was your tutor. Greaaaat.

You walked over to a table and sat down going through Instagram while waiting for [Y/C/N].

“[Y/N]?” Someone asked.

“Yeah?” You looked up to see [Y/C/N].

“How’s it going?” He asked.

“Good, how about you?” You replied.

“Pretty alright.” Then he looked over to an open door. “I got us a private room if you want.”

You gathered your bag, and together you walked into the room, he shut the door behind you.

“So, Bio, right?” He asked.

You nodded, “Yeah. I’ve been distracted lately and I need help.”

“Okay, so what are you confused on?” he asked.

That was how the tutoring went, day after day, week after week. But little did he know that even though your grade was doing slightly better, you weren’t processing any of the information. And your grade was rising due to extra credit. All you could focus on was him.

During the sessions, he would pace around the table while he taught you. When you got something right, he would throw his arms in the air and the hem of his shirt would rise up, exposing the chiseled ‘V’ he had. He would give you high fives and whenever your hands touched, there were tingles sent through your body, just overwhelming you.

One day though, you had just had a terrible day, you were felt like you were about to die, and you really didn’t want to suck up another hour and put up with the magnificent [Y/C/N] tutoring you for your final.

You were in the middle of your session and [Y/C/N] was getting frustrated with you, “No, [Y/N] , that’s not right, you were doing so good with this last week!”

“Well, I don’t know!” You protested. “I-I just can’t do it!”

“Yes you can! You did it last week!” He started to raise his voice.

“Don’t yell at me!” You yelled.

“You’re the one that’s yelling!” He yelled back.

“[Y/C/N], stop it!” You yelled and collapsed back in your chair, wiping your eyes, and holding your head. You had started to cry in the middle of that, and you didn’t want him to see you this way.

“[Y/N],” His tone had changed, he was being sincere, and he walked over to you, kneeling by your chair. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You said.

“[Y/N], I’m not stupid. Something’s wrong.” He said, moving some hair from your face.

“[Y/C/N], I-“ You couldn’t help it, you needed to tell him. “I like you.”

He was a little bit shocked. But then his expression quickly softened, and he smiled, that geeky smile of his, and he blushed a little. “[Y/N], what does that have to do with anything?”

“I can’t focus, at all.” You said. “This entire time, the only reason my grade got better is because of extra credit. All I can think about is you.”

He smiled, even more. It made you giggle. “Well, I guess you should know that the only reason I agreed to tutor you was because I like you too.”

You looked up at him, expressionless. “Really?”

“Yeah, I don’t remember Biology at all.” He laughed a little and scratched the back of his neck.

“Well, I guess that’s another reason my grade hasn’t gotten better…” You giggled.

“Well it’s not all my fault.” He defended.

“But it’s not all mine either!” You retorted, smiling.

“Yeah…” he trailed, looking away.

Then he did something that took your breath away. He kissed your lips, ever so lightly, they barely brushed, but you gasped, and as he began to deepen the kiss, you pulled away for air.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” He apologized.

“Don’t be.” You said.

And then you kissed him again. But soon enough he realized that you would need more privacy and he pulled back, held up one finger as to say ‘just a second’ and he got up, shut the door, and closed the shade on the room’s library window. And then his lips were back on yours.


AU: You and Ashton have been seeing each other for quite some time now and you’ve never really tried to hide it or anything. As your modelling career with Victoria Secret gets bigger Ashton faces the questions like “how did you land one of the hottest girls alive?” and “what’s it like being the boyfriend to a Victoria’s Secret Angel?” or comments like “you’re so lucky man!” and “good job bro” more and more each day. But Ashton doesn’t dwell on the rapid male attention coming your way or the label of World’s Sexiest Woman Alive, instead he sees you for your better qualities and let’s the media know it as well. *requested by 5secondsofyourshit

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Some people are just being so disrespectful about the High or Hey Records. Like, I can’t count how many times people have commented or tweeted back “ugh so THIS was the announcement? wow this sucks!” Can’t we just be happy for Hey Violet? This is HUGE for them and this is similar to the way that 5SOS became big and they can become one of the hottest, trending bands. So many more under appreciated bands will be able to become more recognized now because of this too.

And who knows, maybe the members of those bands will be able to help someone stay alive and clean for at least one more day, just like 5SOS has done to so many of us. Maybe they’ll have an extremely supportive fandom like the 5SOSFam. You guys are literally the reason that I’m alive. Maybe there’s someone out there who needs that kind of psychological help but can’t afford it or something, and they aren’t in the 5SOSFam but when they listen to Hey Violet, they join their fandom and are able to find help and support through there.

Also, 5SOS is saving even more lives because now the fam has a much bigger chance of being noticed and achieving their dreams.

Literally all this band does is put their fans before themselves. Very few bands do that. I hate how so many “fans” always try to tear them down because it isn’t what they wanted the announcement to be. They’re always doing something nice for us and so many others, even if they aren’t fans, be grateful.

  • DAY6 as moments in a day
  • Sungjin: It's noon and there are no clouds at all. It's the hottest time of the day, but you look at the sky and you catch a glimpse of the sun. And you felt alive when you did.
  • Jae: It's dawn and you're alone. You're immersed in your thoughts. You take in the solitude and you become aware of everything that there was, is and will be in the world.
  • Young K: It's evening and the atmosphere feels heavy with the city lights, dark sky and the busy roads. But a wisp of wind passed by you then you felt a chill and a sense of relief.
  • Wonpil: It's morning and you go outside and see that the sun's still behind the clouds. But you greet it anyway because it gives you light before it even shows itself.
  • Dowoon: It's late afternoon where nothing's really happening. Things you had to do is already done but your rest hasn't started yet. Still, you're glad enough to appreciate the day.
New Day: The Rock( tag team edition)

This has been on my mind recently and I can’t get the similarities out of my head when it comes to the New Day and The Rock.

It’s so fucking eerie how Black wrestlers have to get over by being heels and cash in on the natural dislike white fans have for them. Take the Rock for example. 3rd generation, wrestling all through both sides of his mixed family he debuts wins a title and then its “die rocky die”. I don’t think any wrestler alive today has been told to die by a fan base other than him. He turns heel and shits on the fans and then they love him! He’s one of the hottest stars all because he got angry with the fans and insulted them and made it ok for them to hate him and that somehow translated to them loving him. He goes on to win world titles and have a stellar movie career and is definitely up for the HOF when he’s done wrestling.

Now the New Day are three of the most gifted athletes on the roster. Big E is a former world class power lifter, Kofi Kingston is one of the most agile wrestlers WWE has had since Shelton Benjamin, and Xavier Woods presents a mix of both strength and speed to compliment the other two. not to mention all three of these men are college graduates so theres work ethic and intelligence among the entire team.

They started hot losing only once in their first month under the New Day moniker and they were ok baby faces with the Usos facing the only viable heels at the time, and the New Day were all set to maybe challenge for the Tag Team titles, until the Royal Rumble when a “smark” filled Philadelphia crowd took their Signature claps and added “ New! Day Sucks!” To them essentially making every crowd afterwards want to be cool and do the same despite an incredible win/loss record and talent rivaling trios such as The Shield and The Wyatt family (mostly white fan favorite teams). They were leapfrogged by a team they’d handily beaten a few times for a title shot and were followed by the new trendy chant.

And just like the Rock before them, they turned right back on the audience. While they still clap and try to turn chants, they have a similar but better style of insults for fans and fellow wrestlers and with the writing behind them and a big championship win, fans are back on the side of the New Day because it’s been made acceptable to like them and they’re not spurning the machine by disliking a babyface team anymore.

While the “cheer the heels” mentality has been around since the 90s, Black superstars almost have no choice in the matter if they are to get over for opportunities like WWE title matches or clear direction from the writing staff. Hopefully each member of the New Day can find some of the wrestling success The Rock did.