but it was soo worth it


Well love your arr keep doing what you love And make your drems come ture..

- Moho says: thank you for this massage and tbh sure, I can have my bad days where I feel like nothing is worth it anymore, but drawing just gives my comfort. I honestly CANT give it up since I’ve been doing to for soo long and it was the only thing that Keeps me entertained through out my boring unproductive life( tho I don’t see my self as an extreme artist that makes paintings and all that jazz) and drawing here makes me more passionate about art since you guys give my positive feedback on my work and comics ! And I really appreciate that🌸 so I understand if you feel like giving up, but if you’re really passionate about it, you shouldn’t. Just take a break from it if you really need too and when you feel like drawing again, do so 👍










Yuri internally *Yes it was silly*

I wish you never Retire AKA “YES I AM FOREVER YOURS”

PERFECT!!! \(T^T)/

It’s 3:43 am, I stayed up to watch this and this was so so so worth it! My love for this show keeps growing more and more! I LOVE YURI!!! ON ICE 

let‘s just take a moment

Chapter 60-

“You should eat something,” I say.

He raises an eyebrow at me.

“Oh piss off,” I say, and I wonder if this is why he’s never had a girlfriend. Because he’d take her on dates to the library, then insist on sitting there creepily while she ate dinner alone.

Simon, dear, are you implying that this is a date you’re on?

Memories Worth Keeping



I had this WIP in my folders since Nov and only now I’ve been ale to get to work on it!(Mostly cause I forgot about it at the time due to finals) I really wanted to do something very positive for him getting his memories back and I thought to the memory reels from black butler in how they show the memories of someone who’s passed on(Fidds is alive here don’t worry!!)

But its just in time for Fiddlemarch!


10 of my favorite Korean drama couples

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Valentine’s day is coming up, so here are my 10 favorite Korean drama couples. (in no particular order)

Hong Nan Hee & Byung Hyung Tae - 9 Ends 2 Outs

If I had to choose my favorite couple of all time, Nan He and Hyung Tae would take the title. These two best friends turned lovers are still making my heart pound whenever I watch 9 Ends 2 Outs. Their knowledge and understanding of one another, as well as their constant need to protect each other was wonderfully portrayed. And Soo Ae’s chemistry with Lee Jung Jin was so on point I wondered if they didn’t date in real life.

Ban Ji Yoon & Yoon Dong Ha - A Witch’s Romance

Noona Romance are not new in kdramas but this one is probably my favorite. It was heartbreaking to watch Ban Ji Yoon fight her feelings for Dong Ha because of their 14-year old gap, but the mature take on the subject made it worth it. Plus, their kiss scenes were just too hot.

Na Bong Sun & Kang Sun Woo - Oh My Ghost

These two are just too cute. Introvert Bong Sun and top chef Sun Woo didn’t look like they were ever going to fall in love but thankfully our ghost Soon Ae helped a little. I particularly love how Sun Woo just can’t resist Na Bong cuteness. 

 Kim Bok Joo & Jung Joon Hyung - Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo

A fan favorite and probably the best couple of 2016, Bok Joo and Joon Hyung have brought to light a realistic portrayal of a couple and their relationship. From strangers, to friends, to lovers they’ve showed us how a relation based on respect, communication and trust can work.

Cheon Song Yi & Do Min Joon - You Who Came From The Stars

If these two aren’t the definition of opposites that attracts I don’t know who could be. Using one of my favorite trope, neighbors/cohabitation, Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon’ love story was stellar. 

Choi Hee Jin & Kim Bong Do - Queen In Hyun’s Man

Another opposite attracts kind of story, Choi Hee Jin and Kim Bong Do made my heart pound and break and pound again. The idea that love is timeless and that 400 years of distance is not such an issue was one of my favorites out of all the love stories. 

Yoon Myeong Joo & Seo Dae Young - Descendants of the Sun

Set in the military, the obstacle they faced wasn’t just your usual parents disapproval. Seo Dae Young’ struggle to follow orders while trying to keep Yoon Myeong Joo from hurting was heart wrenching. But it’s Yoon Myeong Joo’ stubbornness that made this couple so lovable. This and their beautiful theme song.

Jang Dan Bi & Lee Do - Splash Splash Love

It was only two episodes but these two gave me feelings that some couples haven’t been able to do in 20 episodes. Their love story was short lived but so sweet that it will be remembered for eternity.  

Grim Reaper & Sunny - Goblin

Definitely the couple with the most painful story on this list, Wang Yeo and Sunny made cry like a baby. To be exact, it’s the innocent and slow approach this couple took only to find out the ugly truth that made cry. Like hurting in one life is already awful but can you imagine it being your destiny? Granted their reincarnation did get a happily ever after but it wasn’t the same. 

Go Eun Chan & Choi Han Gyeol - Coffee Prince

I love these two because not only did they do the romance but they also did the bromance. Their love story was really one that transcended genders, which was quite a feature for Korean drama. Han Gyeol struggle to understand his feelings for Eun Chan, followed by his acceptance of the situation gave me so many feelings. 

One thing all these couple have in common is how much they loved each other, they might not have made the best decisions all the time but their love is so big that it blinded me several times. 

On this note, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day whether you are in a relationship or single. For those of you who are in relationship, enjoy your time with your significant other. For those you who are single (like me) don’t feel desperate and just enjoy the day with yourself or your friends. Finally for those of you who don’t celebrate/care about Valentine’s Day…have a wonderful tuesday :)

so like, what about a platonic Beauty and the Beast AU with Stan as the Beast and Mabel and Dipper sharing the role of Belle????

(also, McGucket as Maurice, Ford, Soos and Wendy as the roles of Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Cogsworth, and Gideon as Gaston, with Ghost Eyes as Lefou)

idk, i was thinking of ‘hey, what about a platonic version of Beauty and the Beast, where platonic/familial love saves the Beast instead of romantic love??’ but then my mind was like ‘hey, what if i added Gravity Falls to this’ and then this happened lmao

i just love the idea of Stan getting turned into a beast, and having to suffer being like this for years and years, with his depression and self-worth getting worse and worse….. until, one day, Dipper and Mabel come into his life. And by spending time with them and bonding with them (via snowball fights, dancing with Mabel, and showing the library to Dipper), he’s slowly starting to love them, and they’re starting to love him back, and it’s just pure platonic fluff all around

exodarkwolf16  asked:

Hey, I love your reactions to far, please may I request a gif reaction to them falling in love with the only female hwarang who also is very caring and considerate, thank you :)

Sun Woo

Sun Woo would be confused about his feelings for you, and he would wonder if he was simply attracted to you because you were of the opposite gender. But he enjoyed that you were around him constantly, and he became extremely protective of you. He would take a while to confess his feelings towards you, but it would be worth it when he gives you a small, love-filled speech about everything he likes about you and how you make his heart flutter.

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Soo Ho

The minute he started feeling romantic feelings for you, he would become distant. He had never felt attracted to someone like you, and he was scared to confess only for you to turn him down. He would take a while to confess and it would probably be the most awkward confession ever - but it would be worth it, I’m sure. He’d definitely beat himself up for being so stupid.

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Han Sung

I feel like this innocent baby would be pretty blunt and wouldn’t really fear you potentially rejecting him. He loved you, and he wasn’t going to hide that from you - he had no reason to. Yes, you were the only female Hwarang, but that didn’t stop him from making advances.

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Yeo Wool

Yeo Wool will have been flirtatious from the very beginning, but once he developed genuine feelings for you, he would make sure to be by your side constantly. He would try to drop teasing hints about his feelings for you, but if you took too long to figure out he had feelings for you - he would probably just end up stealing a kiss from you.

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Maek Jong

This guy is not shy when it comes to being romantic and flirtatious towards you, so when he developed genuine feelings for you: he would invite you on dates and would not shy away from skinship. He loved you, and he was going to make sure everyone knew that you were his.

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Ban Ryu

Ban Ryu is going to be stunned about the fact he could ever develop romantic feelings, and the fact that those feelings were directed towards the only female in the Hwarang made him feel bad. He couldn’t stop loving everything you did, however, and would end up confessing his feelings via. a love letter.

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Yes! It’s finally done! The most complex thing I’ve drawn in a LONG fucking time. But it was so worth it! I’ve been wanting to draw a Universe Falls Christmas thing pretty much since before Thanksgiving, so here it is! Now since I designed this piece in the stupid way I did, you guys probably can’t see it all too well, so allow me to break it up into pieces to make it a bit more manageable visually: 

So here we have Mabel and Wendy collaborating on building “Peri the snow Gem”, much to her chagrin, especially as Ford watches on and laughs (and drinks some delicious hot cocoa!)

In the middle, we have Garnet helping Steven put the star on the tree (which, if you look closely, features all the symbols from the UF version of the wheel), as Pearl, Connie, and Soos also help.

And finally we have Lapis and Dipper facing off against Amethyst and Stan in a snowball fight. And as you can see, Lapis and Dipper are about to completely win. 

Another quite cute thing to note about this is that everyone’s ugly Christmas sweaters were sown by Mabel, of course. Also, I may or may not have stolen a background from Steven Universe to create my background because I’m lazy and tired…. O_O

Anyway, enjoy this and Merry Christmas (even if its still a few weeks away!)


“I want it (the marriage with Jung).”

Even after 10 years of personal growth and character development NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The level of WTF behaviour from the people So loves is holding steady at 100 %. Hae Soo, Jung, Wook - it’s such an epic irony of fate that the three people who together with his mother have brought him the most pain ARE THE VERY PEOPLE WHOSE LIVES HE SAVED 10 YEARS AGO. His love and compassion are Wang So’s undoing - had he not decided to follow HS back then, they would all be dead - THEY OWE HIM THEIR LIVES.

“If only… I had never met you.”

But unlike Hae Soo, Wang So doesn’t regret any of it, he doesn’t regret meeting her, knowing her, loving her; he doesn’t regret executing CR,… If he could do it all over again he would because to him it was all worth it. Because the life is not black and white - because where is love there must be hate, where is light there must be darkness, where is suffering there must be healing, where is sadness there must be happiness. There are no easy choices in life. Living is messy, it’s complicated and there are always more miseries, and mundane stereotypes than happiness because happy moments are rare, BUT IT’S WORTH LIVING FOR THOSE MOMENTS, IT’S WORTH HAVING HIS HEART BROKEN FOR THEM ALL OVER AGAIN. Even now when everything seems hopeless and lost, he is still fighting to spend his life with her because he is so used to getting rejected by her, to have no hope where she’s concerned,..