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Maybe I should make a video on this… or maybe not… I’ve reached the point ajere I think people don’t even watch my videos anymore.

Is not like I don’t make it clear that I don’t want spoilers like this out there, or that this exact same spoiler was what caused this whole Problem I’m in right now.

It also doesn’t take more than 1 second of using of brain to be like “wait, I am uploading someone else’s work without permission. If I upload this I’m just getting views off something I didn’t do, and that the creator probably wants to keep as a secret”

But NOPE, these dumb donkeys that act like a human do not think about that. AND THEY THINK IS COOL! Like they’re being a hero or some shiz by uploading a video that got deleted!

I haven’t been able to progress in my animtion at all this week, because I feel so uninspired to do anything because of this. Between the copyrighr strike, between the constant re-uploads of a full minute of animtion of my next wpisode without permisions, between my really crapy health condition at the moment (which gets worse and worse out of stress) it just… feels like it defeated me.

Makes me think, if people are clearly not watching my videos that don’t have the word Glitchtale plastered on the title (because if they had they would’ve realised that I don’t want spoilers somewhere) Then … crap man, I’ll be able to keep up woth this job for like another year or two and then what. I’ll probably live under a bridge or something.

I’m sorry I’m ranting ONCE AGAIN about this whole issue, but I have no one to share this with and I feel like if I keep it to myself I’m gonna break down.

But I find this spoilers in a daily basis right now. And I don’t feel like a video will fix it, people just don’t care, or they’ll do it anywaus regardless because they think is funny.

Drops of Jupiter [Jimmy Darling x Reader]

Warnings: SMUT, NOT PROOFREAD, loss of virginity, possible spoilers, some really weird angst, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), cursing, possibly more

Word Count: 953

Request: “Could you do an angsty smut thing woth jimmy where its thier first time and she’s like ‘touch me’ and he is so overwhelmed and happy cause omg she loves him???? Idk man but anyways its fine if not and i rlly love ur writing and yeah :)” - Anon

A/N: ty ty ty my child. And I’m not good with angst tbh so ???

And apparently condoms weren’t a huge thing in the 50′s like what? As much as I write unprotected sex, the idea disgusts me tbh.

(I’ve had this in my drafts for forever, sorry!)

“Jimmy,” You whisper as your boyfriend messily tugs the buttons on the front of your blouse. “I can help you…” He pulls the navy blue sleeves down your shoulders, and off of your arms, letting it fall on the floor, much to your annoyance.

“I wanna do it.” You quietly agree, but moments later notice Jimmy grumble, fumbling with your bra. You reach around your back, un-clipping the black garment. He lets out a small sigh, admiring you.

It’s like slow-motion when Jimmy’s lips smash against yours in a quick, passionate kiss that would lead to him tossing you back on the bed, and him un-buckling his trousers with a sly smile, completely forgetting it’s your first time. It wasn’t until he noticed how fast your heart was beating that he remembered, and to which he attempted to stop his actions. After reassuring him that there was nothing to be afraid of, he began again, very slowly.

“My God Jimmy, I’m not made of glass!” You said, a little bit irritated. Alright, a lot a bit irritated. He knew that he could touch you, that you wanted to be touched by him, but he just couldn’t ever get it through his brain. The two of you had fooled around before, going so far as to you sucking him off in bed during the late hours of the night, thankful that he had his own caravan, but never actually done it. Every time you got close to it happening, he backed out because he was nervous. You weren’t letting that happen this time, though. You were going to show him that it was okay. Whether he believed you or not, well, that was up to him.

Pulling him down on the bed with you, you flip over so he’s under you. Pulling his briefs down, his cock springs free. His size had never, ever failed to surprise you, and sometimes it felt like maybe he was too big. But through the times, he had managed to convince you that he wasn’t “too big” as you had originally thought. The thought still lurked sometimes, though.

“Darlin’, what are you doing?” You quickly shush him, trying to keep your thoughts (and confidence) in order. Sliding your panties off, you toss them to the side, along with your skirt, which Jimmy had previously un-zipped halfway. You hear Jimmy laugh nervously, mumbling something or another about you.

You line his cock up with your entrance, slowly sliding down. A small whimper escapes your parted lips, and Jimmy quickly brings his hands to grip your thighs. “Oh darlin’…” After a moment of adjusting to him, you raise yourself up, your hands on his chest, quickly falling again, the warmth already rising in your stomach. 

He groans again, feeling your warmth clasp around him. Jimmy mumbles nonsense, only every few words intelligible. You didn’t mind his sounds, just wished you knew what he was saying. You could make guesses, though.

With another thrust, the two of you fall into a nice rhythm. Every time you’d slide down, he’d buck up to meet you. It was a strange way to lose your virginity, but you weren’t really sure if there was a uniform way to do it. Moans spilled from your newly dirty lips, and somehow, pride was apparent in them. You were brand new to the game, but had Jimmy Darling (of all people!) a groaning mess beneath you.

“J-Jimmy!” You pant, Jimmy pushing you back down to meet his hips. He let out a loud grunt escape his lips, feeling you pulse on his cock.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was lost in his own little world. You were the center of his thoughts, how fucking gorgeous you looks sitting on his cock, the angelic sounds you made, the way your body moved… He was so proud of himself for landing a girl as amazing as you. His mind didn’t even jump to the fact that he didn’t deserve you, unlike usual. It was safe to say that you had blown his mind with your sudden dominance.

He had been with two or three girls before. They were awkward, mostly drunken encounters, who were quick and dirty in the back alley. A back alley Sally, if you will. And I mean, who would want to fuck the lobster boy sober? They had gone with whatever he lead with, and probably ignored him the entire time. None of them spoke up about what they wanted, or even attempted at communicating their needs. 

But you took charge, apparently, and Jimmy loved that.

With his hands still on your hips and in the perfect sync, he made an attempt at flipping the pair of you over, so that you were on the bed. A second later, you dismount the handsome boy and lay on the bed, the warm Florida breeze sticking to your skin. Jimmy eagerly takes the opportunity and climbs on top of you, peppering kisses on your neck and chest. 

It’s not but a few seconds before he’s mercilessly (well, almost) pounding into you. Now, it was your turn to be the moaning mess beneath your lover, enjoying every single second.

“Jim- Ah!” You shout, Jimmy’s hand quickly rising to cover your mouth. 

“Shh. We don’t wanna be caught, do we?” Shaking your head no, he lifts his hand. Quickly, and without warning, you feel yourself release over him again. He groans. Not but a few minutes later, both of you had finished and were laying messily sprawled out on the bed. “Well then…” 

“Well then, indeed.” You confirm. He smiles, pulling your bare body closer. And soon enough, the pair of you are fast asleep, praying that nobody entered the van until morning.

MOAN (drabble)

Summary - Literally what the image down below says . 

WARNING- A handjob

A/N- I didn’t want to add to your work Taw @supersoldierslover . I hope you like it . I wrote this in like 15 mins . I hope its good . 

Not edited .

“What are you thinking so deeply about Y/N?”, Nat asks seeing you laying on the sofa with your phone to your chest and eyes closed . 

“Huh? What?”
“WOW . You are so engrossed in your thoughts you didn’t hear me? Watcha thinking about? Is it  Bucky?”, she asks  teasing you , and sits next you when you get in sitting position . 

“What?Pfft , no . I am not always thinking about him . I think about other stuff too , you know.” You reach for the remote but Nat beats you to it as she snatches it from you hiding it behind her back .

“Yeah , of course you do . Like his beautiful muscles , his magnificent mane ,his shiny metal arm and the things he could do , his dick……”
“NAT!!!!  . Speak softer . Someone might hear you.”, you say scolding her in a soft voice . 

“Unless you tell me what you are thinking about , I’ll tell the whole tower about your crush on Bucky.”
“NOO!!! You wouldn’t.”, you eyes widening in betrayal.

“Try me.”, Nat says crossing her arms , smirking . 

“ARGHHHHH You are unbearable . Okay . I was just thinking about how Bucky would like while he was moaning . He just has a pretty face . So I figured his sex face would look sexy as hell too . That’s it.”
“Damn girl . Some weird shit you think about.”
“Shut up .”, you mouth as you see Bucky entering the room . 

“What are you guys talking about?” Bucky asks approaching the both of you . 

“You.”,Nat blurts out .

“What she meant was your…. new….diet? It seems to be working really good .”, you say struggling with your words . 

“YES!!! Your new diet . And I was just leaving .”. Nat says trying to cover up the awkwardness.

“What?Why?”, you ask . She is leaving you? Alone with Bucky ?

“I just remembered I had some work . Gotta go . BYEE!!!.”, she sprints across the room and leaves as soon as she could . 

You both mumble your goodbyes to her and give each other an awkward smile . You were cringing so hard inside . What if he heard you? What if heard what  Nat told you ?What if he heard what you told Nat? OMG.

“I did hear you .” WHAT??? NOW HE CAN READ MINDS !!! FUCK . He heard . OMG . 

“And you know how hard it got me just thinking about you making me moan?”
You turned your head sharply to look into his eyes , onto to see him smirking back at you with lust filled eyes . He took your hand in his and put it on his crotch .

“Do you feel it? So fucking hard .”, he says rubbing your palm up and down his erection . He was bigger than you imagined . And OH Did you imagine the shit out of him fucking you . 

“I know you wanted me since day 1 . I heard you speaking to Nat about how you wanted to fuck me in the gym, while I was lifting .”
You moan at his words and pull down the elastic of his trousers and his cock sprang out .He was going commando . FUCKING HELL . 

You wrapped your hands around his girth as you pulled his foreskin down as you stroked him , exposing his tip to you . 

“Uh , fuck.Just like that .”, he says leaning back on the sofa . His eyes closed in pleasure , and his mouth open , moans threatening to spill out . You dragged his precum from the tip , hoping to use it for lubrication . 

He moans got louder and his voice huskier as your strokes became faster . You rubbed your finger at the tip bringing him closer as your other hand continued stroking him . All the while you looked at his face , admiring his beauty . 

He looked back at you with furrowed brows , innocent look and he fucking bit his lip .

“I am going to cum.”, he said softly , curses flowing out of his mouth along woth praises .

“OH GOD . It feels so good . Don’t stop .Don’t stop . Ahhh……” 

He came in long spurts ,spilling on your fingers and his torso , a little on his trousers too .

“Fuck!!!”, he stated chuckling as he came back from the euphoria . 

“SO?? What is the inference?” , he asks . You look at his confused before realising what he was talking about . 

“You look super hot moaning. Probably hotter moaning on top of me .”

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Cami.... Are you ok? It's like everyday you get even more angry (at least I think) I'm getting kinda worried about you 😥

A person can only take so much BS…

Especually when people lacks empathy towards me. Acussing me of false things.

Cus if you have a dude who’s like a stick on your butt, you can’t really ignore it. And when you answer people go with a counter argument and add something else to the table like.

Wow you shouldn’t have answered like that!


Is this how you handle the situation? Unbelieveable.

And now you don’t have only 1 stick up your butt, now you have 2. The initial argument and the guy who tells you that you’re rude for responding in a certain way.

And go on and on and on. Now these people usually don’t have a stick. They have the entire tree trunk up their butt and they think they’re doing the right thing by adding more problems to the situation instead of treating them by one.

I think the only times I used “rude” words in my answers was to, describe the situation in general or a group of people in general. But never to one person specifically.

Because I like to treat people woth as much respect as I can possibly do. I either sound rude because I’m joking. I love sarcasm, is like my favorite way of humor. And most of the times I don’t mean my sarcasm, is just a lot of fun to read. But the people that have a trunk up their butt will take offense. And make a huge deal about it and cry harder than a 5 years old kid that can’t get the toy they want in the supermarket.

And this is not regarding “THE ISSUE” is regarding everything else.

So, whenever I’m done saying my point of view AND answering everyone’s counter-argument. I’ll probably start joking about it since I have nothing else to say in the matter and I hate repeating myself.

Not because I’m “RUUUDEEE” but because I’ve already answered everyone

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It’s tweaked a little; I thought it was cute? Haha. Photo credit to the owner! It’s an beautiful picture. xx

YOURINSTAGRAM: you’re currently snoring into my ear as we lay in bed and, usually, it drives me nuts but it’s okay for tonight because how can i be nuts with you when you bossed your first solo gig? i couldn’t be any more prouder of you after tonight. i love you and i’m so lucky to be the one who gets to be by your side as you strut away down the catwalk of the music industry. you’re wonderful. you’re incredible. you deserve the sun, the moon, the stars and more, @harrystyles. i’m forever and always going to be proud of you, no matter what you do. xx

{Reaction} Monsta X Find Art you Made of Them

Monsta X reactions to finding artwork you’ve made of them? Thank you so much, I reeaalllllllyyyyyyy love your writing and I’ve been hooked since I found your blog. ☺️♥️

I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Minhyuk: “I can’t believe you made this woth your hands. I can’t comprehend how you did it. How can you draw so accurately? I tried to draw Shownu once and he looked like Mr. Potato head. Jagi please teach me your skills.” 

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by cosmicmari

Kihyun: “Alrighty show off, just because you’re more talented than me.” *teasing* “I’m joking Jagiya, you’re incredible. I love this picture. I want to frame it.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

Originally posted by shouwnu

Wonho: “Wooah” *In complete awe* “This is better than professional commissions Jagi”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

Originally posted by hyungnu

Shownu: “It looks more like me than I do, Jagi. It’s amazing.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Changkyun: “How is it that you’re more talented and creative and incredible every single day? I keep finding new things out about you all the time. You never fail to blow me away… In more ways than one” 

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

Hyungwon: “I’m proud of you Jagi, you even got my better side.” 

Lee Jooheon

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

Jooheon: “You should make some fan art of the two of us Jagi and then we can frame them and put them on the walls. It’s so romantic.” 

Book series i haven't read
  • <p> <b>Throne of Glass:</b> Girl is badass in a world where every guy is hot and every girl is badass. Girl is very special though. She switches names once or twice. Everybody always sounds like everything is very Dangerous™ and they're all about to die but we dont actually know what's happening<p/><b>The mortal instruments/The infernal devices:</b> Honestly there is a world of characters out there. More books and sequels and prequels are always on the way. You would think the battle against the dark bad guys, whom you fight with tattoos and magic and also arrows?? somehow, would be defeated by now. One of these two has been made into a show. Blonde cocky guy, redhead hothead, gay emo tol son and bi very old 26yo looking guy<p/><b>Shatter me:</b> Girl can't touch people. Book Boyfriends Alert. Very lyrical, makes no sense at times, but who cares because you will find your Dreamy Dream dude in there. Girl will seek vengeance or be used as weapon?? Probably has issues with "being a monster"<p/><b>The Young Elites:</b> Scar. Everyone is bi apparently? I think this is The Darkest Minds but written by someone who already has a great series behind them (Legend). Probably quite dark. Pretty sure the protag is at peace with killing and that sort of thing<p/><b>A Court of Thorns and Roses:</b> Sexy times woth faeries. No one knows how to pronouce anything. A lot of "y" and "s" in there. Retelling of fairy tale. Don't know what this is trying to accomplish but again everyone is very beautiful and very badass<p/></p>

Seth Rollins x Reader

Requested by @insearchofsunlight

Prompt: Could I possibly have a Seth x Reader where Seth has a major thing for you but thinks you like Corey Graves (because Corey is always flirting with you) but you’re always turning Corey down because you actually like Seth?

Tag list: @oreillyskyle

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

“Hey Y/N would you like to… of course only if you’re ok with it…” Seth paced infront of his mirror in his locker, “That’s stupid… I can’t do  this like that..” He came to a halt infront of the mirror, taking a deep breath as if he wanted to say something but let out only a deep sigh. His mouth closed again and his shoulders slumped down.

“Gosh darn it, why is this so difficult?” he scolded himself, “She likes you… she has shown it several times by now… just tell her. Maybe she just wants me as a friend though…” he reasoned with himself.

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That moment when your crush, don’t like the same things you do (honestly he should have expected it…)

I’m back with more maxwil, this time based in the reincarnation AU created by @a1rjayce​ (go and check it out!), I couldn’t help it, I loved the concept.

The explanation for the scene, is that, if I recall correctly, Maxwell and Wilson meet in one of Maxwell’s shows, so I assume that maybe he could give Wilson a little gift.

Hope you like it!

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… Alana would win

-Jared would be so mad??? Like fuck how’d she beat him again? At his own game? In his own house?

-Alana just being super chill like “yeah, I used to play a lot with my brother”

-Zoe always comes in 2nd place. ALWAYS. It makes her so fucking mad (Evan once was in first place and he let her pass him.) she then let out a victory screech.

-connor would be like super into it or super mad about it.

-“how the fuck do you go fast? How do you throw shit? ZOE HIT ME ONE MORE TIME WOTH THE GODDAMN FUCKING BLUE SHELL I WILL END YOU.”

-Jared eating popcorn waiting for the siblings to kill each other

-Evan just kinda slowly backs away while Alana ((mom friend)) scolds them for yelling

-one time Conor would be in 2nd place with Zoe winning, he finally finds out how to throw an item .

-He throws the blue shell and it hits her dead on.

-He’s so excited he drops his controller and ends up losing though. )-:

who has time for this

me. i do. @monbeboo is a doll 

RULES: you must answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people
prolly won’t tag 20 ppl sorry


1. Drink: Peach Press

2. Phone call: my brother wanted to tell me some useless info that was text-worthy

3. Text message: “i am panicking what if he asks where you are??”

4. Song you listened to: BTS - Not Today (forever a jam)

5. Time you cried: UH UUUHHHHHH 

6. Dated someone twice: not officially (0/10 would not recommend)

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: OF COURSE DUH

8. Been cheated on: yes mayne 0/10 would not wish on my worst enemy

9. Lost someone special: i lost my mom in the grocery store once

10. Been depressed: 11 years and counting wow moving on

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: pro-tip, the more colorful the drink, the more colorful the vomit do not learn from me

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