but it was so woth it


That moment when your crush, don’t like the same things you do (honestly he should have expected it…)

I’m back with more maxwil, this time based in the reincarnation AU created by @a1rjayce​ (go and check it out!), I couldn’t help it, I loved the concept.

The explanation for the scene, is that, if I recall correctly, Maxwell and Wilson meet in one of Maxwell’s shows, so I assume that maybe he could give Wilson a little gift.

Hope you like it!

-Souda realizing that there’s more to Sonia than just being a princess and getting over his ideals of a dream girl and actually getting to know her and still loving her
-Sonia yelling at Souda and Gundham to get along for her sake and they slowly start to like each other literally fitting the trope of enemies to friends to lovers
-theyre all in this braiding train but souda is Too Punk to get his hair braided so he tries to Fight Gundham so he can braid Sonia’s hair so they both do it and she has one really good braid and one really sloppy braid.
-gundham and sonia telling souda spooky stories and he’s like freaking out and screaming so they all have to cuddle to calm him down
-gundham is all like “my skin is poisoned you cannot touch me” so they respect that but he slowly opens up to them and like starts bumy just small touches to like holding hands and the. Just !!!;
-souda freaks out over Every Inconvenience so like he does anything wrong and starts freaking out
-souda also feels really bad about creeping sonia out earlier and always apologizes bc he didn’t mean to do that
-just!! Everyone calmly explaining to souda boundaries and what he is doing is wrong and at first he’s mad but then it turns into being really sad and then he’s like fuck I gotta change !!!

  • X: "I work so hard for you to buy you food and clothes. I spend my money on you and your education and that's how you repay me? Saying no to my every order, being so stupid and immature. Who do you think you are?"
  • Me: "I may be grateful for what you did for me but you, as an adult, chose to have a child and to take care of it. I didn't ask to be born. You chose to take care of it and to provide it woth everything that is necessary. Now you are doing your work which you, yourself, chose. I am saying it again: I didn't ask for anything of these. It is your work to be a parent. I owe you nothing. Don't you even try to guilt trick me into this."
  • Too bad I only replied in my mind..
A difference with Lillie and Gladion

One thing I think about with these two are how Lusamine potentially raised the two of them.

It is sad to say that I think everyone can relate to feelings of your parents manipulating your own choices in life to match their own will…

One thing that gets to me is how Lusamine herself treated UB01 and Type:Null. It is possible she could have easily projected this on her children, prompting Gladion running away years earlier.

To summarize:
UB01 - Powerful by sheer existence. The ultimate beauty. It has no will of its own, so its own will is reflected from its host.

Type:Null - An experiment created to fight the ultra beast. Keeps its helmet on until it fully trust someone.

So my idea would be along the lines of Lillie facing worse emotional trauma because Lusamine would be trying to zap her of her own will. Gladion left the foundation woth torn clothes from Null, so it might be safe to say he had more physical neglect tossed at him, even if he wasn’t meant to fight the ultra beast.

If this is the case, it is easy to understand why Gladion left so early.

2016 wasn’t really a bad year for me, but it certainly wasn’t as productive Gunpla wise as the previous two. Last year I think I did 10-15 or so individual models plus my diorama, this year I did four, plus a diorama. I’ve just been so busy this year, and life really catches up woth you sometimes, but Im happy to say I’ve already begun work on some 2017 projects, as well as filming more videos. Hope you all have a great, happy and healthy 2017. Cheers!

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Kinda going off the hot cocoa anon - i think when Prompto is a dad his kids are gonna love his food and stuff the most. I think he'd be the type of parent who has like an empty jar that has a tag of it that says ~love~ and when he's cooking or making drinks he pretends to take a pinch of love and put it in the cooking. My nanna used to do that and I always thought she made the best food because of it! All foods taste better woth a pinch of love!

OH MY GOD. That is so cute! Your nanna sounds absolutely precious. I don’t see myself having kids in the future but I have a cat right now and I am going to do that whenever I feed her. Not that she’ll understand me, but it’s the thought that counts.

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You know, sometimes it seems that it can no longer be denied that GA is indeed dating PM, and I try to make peace woth it and read people from the other side. And I immediately hightail back to gillovny haven, because everyone there is such giant jerks! Is being a flaming throbbing asshole a prerequisite to shipping gillorgan?

Lol! I don’t know what’s going on in Gillian’s life right now, but I know that the Gillovny fandom is my happy place even in times like this. At least this mess revealed people true faces and showed me that I have real friends I can count on in here, so I’ll be eternally grateful to Gillovny for that.

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Bouncing off the collar ABO line in the YGaBT AU- would prompto be able to hide the fact that he's been bonded multiple times with a collar? I'd assume iggy's claiming bite is easier to hide on his thigh, but the two on his neck? not so much. Especially if collars still hold the social stigma of out of fashion 'barbaric' times ownership, would the boys be mortified if prompto asked for one? Or would it all be null because people would be able to tell just by Prompto's scent?

Hmm. I hadn’t considered it but yeah, I suppose he could. He smells mated but that doesn’t come with a ‘mated to this many alphas’ sign or anything. He’s pretty thoroughly scent marked at first but its not like they’re touching him, so that would ware off woth time. Its the two bites on his neck that give away that he has at least two alphas so hiding them would work in his favor.

That said wearing a collar would stand out, as you noted, and people would stare. But better to have people think he’s bonded to some weird, backwards, fundamentalist Alpha who makes him wear a traditional collar than being seen as a pack omega? Maybe.

Something to consider. ;)

my mom came home and didnt let anyone know she was home no calls no texts no nothing and now she’s acting all passive aggressive bc no one came to help her get the stuff out of the car like I swear she does this stuff on purpose just so she can bitch about it like “you shouldve heard me come in” ???

That’s me 3 years ago when i got this tablet from my ex and me today
At first I got really sad because i rarely get gifts and it was so amazing and it being from a person i have no contact woth for almaot 2 years and all… But life goes on, since then i moved 4 times, got a job, lost it, started a new university, got new pets improved in some parts, became a bit of a better adult and just kept on. I hope to post the similar pic in 3 years time and hopefully it will be better and not worse