but it was so nice out today


Jimin was at your apartment right at noon and you couldn’t help but giggle as you opened the door.

I am ready for English time! He exclaimed as he held up a couple bags of take out. You opened the door and watched him walk into your place. He looked around and smiled. Wow, your place is nice! He exclaimed and you shook your head, grabbing some of the papers off your table so he could put the bags down.

Thank you. You said quietly. Your heart was racing as you noticed him taking a few containers of food out of each bag. What in the world is all of this? You asked and he turned around with an adorable smile.

So, I might have mentioned that I was doing this today and the guys might have invited themselves. Jimin said quickly and you looked at him with wide eyes.

But … I … Wha — You stuttered as Jimin apologized profusely.

I am so so so sorry, they’ve been bugging me forever about you and I told them that I was coming over today and then next thing I know, they are telling me that they will come by a little after I got here and I didn’t know how to tell you over the phone and I was worried that you would get mad and say I couldn’t come over and — You held up your hand and began laughing at the rapid fire pace that Jimin was speaking.

Jimin, calm down. You said slowly and he took a deep breath.

I’m super sorry. He responded and you nodded.

That’s okay, but I think I need a glass of wine or something. You said as you walked into the kitchen. Jimin followed and you looked behind you. Would you like one too? You asked as you opened your fridge. He scanned the contents and reached in front of you to grab a beer. You saw his bicep flex subtly as he grabbed the bottle. Swallowing, your mind went into a frenzy. You had forgotten already that the rest of BTS was coming over in a little while and you were incredibly aware that you and Jimin were completely alone. Grabbing the bottle of wine and closing the fridge, you turned away from him to regain your thoughts and grab a glass. Jimin smirked and cracked open the bottle.

There was silence between the two of you, but it was apparent just how much sexual tension had built up between the two of you. Still in your kitchen, you placed the glass of wine up to your lips and took a sip. The sweet, yet bitter taste of the wine allowed for your body to relax a little. Looking up from the wine, you saw Jimin staring at you, slowly he put the beer up to his lips and took a long swig. You felt every pore on your body begin to sweat and you tried to find something to talk about, but your mind just kept going back to what Jimin would look like shirtless in your kitchen.

Jimin seemed to scan your body with his eyes, before he took a step forward. You looked into his eyes, as he gently took the wine glass from your hands and placed it on the counter behind you. You looked away from him, but he gingerly took your chin in his hand and steered your gaze back into his eyes. Your breathing became shallow as he dipped his head down. Pecking your lips at first, then becoming more passionate, the two of you seemed to pull at each other’s clothes and hair. It was like a seal being broken or the floodgates opening as the two of you seemed to lose yourselves in each other. But as soon as it had sparked, the flame was doused when a loud knock could be heard at your door.

The surprise caused you to accidentally bite a little too hard on Jimin’s lip. He growled a little and you touched his lip.

Oh my god, I’m so — You started, but the smirk on his face made you stop. He pulled you close, his lips lightly touched your ear.

We will save that for later. He huskily whispered in your ear and your cheeks burst into flames. Holding your face and trying to calm yourself, you went to the door while Jimin ran to the bathroom to check on his lip. As you opened the door, a large eruption of noise came at you at full capacity. Six guys seemed to swarm around you, Tae and Jungkook running in with Hobi following closely behind and Jin, Namjoon, and Yoongi strolling in last. You sighed and threw a hand through your hair, trying to straighten out your thoughts after the unexpected, but not unwelcome make out session only moments before.

Hello, Y/N! Jin said to you as he placed a cake onto the table. Jungkook was already eyeing the take out containers, while Namjoon seemed to gravitate towards your lesson plans. Looking around, then back at Jin you smiled.

Hello, how are you? You asked Jin, but he seemed to be more preoccupied as he looked at you a little closer. Grabbing a napkin, he handed it to you, and made a motion with his hand around his lip.

Ah, you got some lipstick well … everywhere around your mouth. He said quietly, and your hand shot up to your mouth, your eyes wide with surprise. You opened and closed your mouth, only to have Jin crack a smile and chuckle. I’m only kidding, but now I know what you two were doing. He murmured and your cheeks went bright red once more. Jimin came out of the bathroom to see you, red in the face, standing next to a smirking Jin and rolled his eyes.

Stop bothering her, hyung! He called out to the eldest member, Jin waved his hand and Jimin and walked over to the table to grab some food. Jimin walked up to you, his hair casually disheveled as he looked you deeply in the eyes. Everything okay? He asked and you nodded. But in your head, everything was out of control. You couldn’t really figure out what had just happened, but as you watched Jimin walk over to the table, you lightly touched your lips and smiled.

You didn’t really know what was going on, but you liked what was happening.

Happy birthday @innocentcinnamonbun ♥ !!

I just found out that today was your birthday and I wanted to draw something for you because you’re always so nice to me (I love reading your tags ; v ;) It’s a quick drawing, but I did it with love.

Hope you have a great day ♥ 

a-broke-in-heart  asked:

I've been sick today so I stayed out of school and literally the whole time I wasn't sleeping, I was binge reading your blog. It's so nice and you're art is so good. I just really appreciate your blog because it's amazing tbh and so are you and your art. I also love how you aren't fake like some Tumblr blogs. You just have this "if you love me okay, if you hate me okay" attitudes. It's great.

awww I’m flattered you like my blog sm!!

I was late to school this morning and i couldnt find my gaff so I cut the elastic band out of some old underwear and cut the end off a tube sock and put it through the middle. I already shaved so Im wearing shorts today. Nice try universe.

Can’t Stand This Guy

Request: helloooo, I’m in love with your imagines and I wanted to ask if you could write some extra angst with Daryl

So I wrote this as a sequel to Protect You!
And thank you so much love! <3

“Hey Y/N, you mind helping me out at the armory?”, Aiden shows up at your doorsteps while you try to fix one of Judith toys which lost a head.
As you look up you can see a bright smile on his face and can’t help it but laugh about his enthusiasm.
“How can I say no to such an nice smile?”, you smirk before you put the toy away and get up to walk down the steps.
Today is a really nice day in Alexandria and for the first time you got here, this really feels like a home.
For good this time.

“So, you’ve settled in alright?”, he looks over to you and you nod while you think about the last couple of weeks here.
“We have indeed, thank you. Everyone is really nice.”, you smile and he nods too before you reach the armory and open the gate.

While opening it, you wonder where Daryl might be, since he left early in the morning in a hurry you couldn’t quite understand.
But then again, who knows what he might up to and so you decide to not worry about it.
You’ve spend the afternoon with helping Aiden at the armory and when you’re finished he invites you over to dinner at his parent’s house as a thank you.
“Come on, Y/N. It’s just a dinner, not a proposal.”, he laughs and you can’t help it but laugh too before you agree on dinner.
“Fine. See you tonight.”, you smile before you head back to your house with a huge smile on your face.

As you reach your house and walk up the doorsteps you can see Daryl sitting on the porch, cleaning his arrow.
Your smile grows bigger and you place a kiss on his cheek when you reach him but he pulls away with an annoyed mutter.
“Okay?”, you raise an eyebrow and step a few feet back to look at him while waiting for an explanation.
“You gonna tell me what this was about?”, you ask and he takes his crossbow before he gets up again and gives you a mad look while he grabs the bag next to him.
For a second you’re surprised he’s getting jealous again but you did nothing wrong, so he has no real reason to be jealous.
“Nothing. Forget it. I’m out of here.”, he mumbles and walks past you to get to the gate.
He jumps on his bike and just leaves Alexandria without another word.

You just stand on the porch and look after him while you’re still trying to process what just happened.
And the second you realize WHAT just happened, you collapse on the floor because your legs won’t hold you any longer.
As you crash on the floor you can’t move, you can’t think and you sure as hell can’t breathe.
Did he really just pack up his bag and left Alexandria and you behind?

“Y/N? Y/N, can you hear me?”, Maggie’s voice sounds up and you can barely look up, let alone stand on your own.
“What happened?”, she asks after she placed you on the bench on your porch and you just feel like you are going to choke because your body denies you to breath in.
“She’s having a panic attack.”, Denise shows up on your porch to and tries to calm you down while talking to you.
When she realizes this isn’t working she just slaps you in the face, breaking the panic attack down.

You breath in with a loud gasp and look at her with a shocked look on your face.
“Did you just slap me?”, you ask and when she nods, you remember what happened before you break down in tears.
“Damn it Y/N, what happened? Where’s Daryl?”, Maggie pulls you into a hug but you’re not able to talk because the only thing coming out of your mouth is a desperate sob.
“He left.”, you cry out when you’re finally able to speak again.
“He just left.”

Hours passed and finally you stopped crying. At least for now.
As you lay in your bed, Maggie sits next to you and hands you over a cup of tea.
You tell her what happened, every little detail and why you’re not understanding what happened.
Suddenly the door is pushed open and you can hear footsteps running up the stairs to your room.
“Y/N?”, Daryl’s voice sounds up and he almost slams the door open while he enters your bedroom.
With a soft smile on her face Maggie leaves the two of you alone.

“What happened?”, he crosses his arms in front of his body and you shrug your shoulders while holding your cup of tea.
“Had a panic attack because you left. Thought you were gone for good.”, you whisper and he raises an eyebrow before he shakes his head.
“What? Would never do that to you, you know that.”, he says and sits down on the edge of the bed.
“Then why did you leave?”
“I just…I can’t stand you with this guy and the way he looks at you. And when you smiled back at him…”, he shrugs his shoulders and you put away the cup.
“I told you before, you don’t have to worry about him. He invited me to dinner because I helped him.”, you whisper and he looks at the wall without saying a word.
“I’m just…don’t want you to find someone better..”, he mumbles and you shake your head while grabbing for his hand.
“I’d NEVER find someone better. I love you Dixon. Always and forever.”, you smile and place a hard and meaningful kiss on his lips to prove your point.


The Magicians, Quentin x Eliot

Word count: 1,985

Because I wrote a thing a few days (?) ago about Eliot getting a phone to send little nice messages to Quentin and it hilariously backfiring. So here’s the actual drabble for that. Except its not hilarious.

The first time it happens, Quentin’s walking across the quad, head in the clouds, desperately trying to figure out a plan to defeat the beast. But his phone dings in his pocket, making him remember he actually has a phone, as he passes through the tech areas. He stops, pulls it out of his pocket, surprised the battery isn’t dead, and reads the text. 

Unknown 2:47pm

You look cute today.

He stares down at the phone for a long moment before shaking his head and shoving it back in his pocket. It has to be the wrong number.

But then, three hours later, as he passes back through the quad, a stack of books in his hands, his phone buzzes in his pocket again. He sighs, stopping and shuffling around until the books are balanced on one arm in the crook of his elbow and forearm, and pulls the phone out of his pocket. 

Unknown 6:04pm

You are the smartest, and kindest person I know. 

He debates texting the person back and telling them they have the wrong number, but he’s got more important things to deal with than somebody texting him nice things on accident. Like, figuring out a way to defeat the beast, for example. So, he shoves the phone back in his pocket and makes his way back to the physical kids cottage. 

“Quentin!” Eliot calls as Quentin pushes open the front door. 

He looks up from his book, smiles, “Hey. I think I have an idea about the beast,” He says as he makes his way into the living room. 

Eliot rolls his eyes, but pats the seat next to him on the couch. “Let’s see it, then.” 

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today was so nice! i went for a bike ride, right after this ✨😁✨
i got tagged by @suckmybigbong, @spaced-queen, and @eyesthesizeofmoons to do a stop, drop, and take a hit! i’m glad i did it today because now i’m out if weed (and kief) but as you may have noticed.. it doesn’t take much to get me up lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i’m praying for a re-up tomorrow!

i tag @black-stoners @bluexdreamx @sentientwitch @pimpjelly @a-zuquita @whospilledthebongwater @ha-ha-charadeyouare @darkwarps @sunflowerjawn and literally anyone else who wants to!! ALL OF MY MUTUALS ALL OF YOU!! there’s sooo many people that i wanted to tag so here is me opening the stoney gates and welcoming al who would like to enter 😇 JUST DONT FORGET TO TAG ME SO I CAN SEE YOUR CUTENESS

I got these lovelies in the mail today. Ebay for £11 the pair including the shipping, so I thought I could clean them up and then sell them. It’s nice that they have the fuller noses like that because they tend to break off really easy. The guy on the left was young because one set of teeth never fully came out, but all teeth are present. The other one unfortunately has like two or three teeth missing but it’s not bad going for the price.

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dean + 79 please ♡

❥ dean, ‘stop hogging all the blankets’, dortmund are were winning in the pokal holy shit that’s why this is shorter than usual sorryyyyyy

on the rare occasion that your boyfriend was actually next to you when you woke up - and boy was it rare, once every blue moon if you were luck - it was either heaven or hell. 

 you’d be in bliss because he had you in his arms and he had already woken up before you and was mumbling something into the crook of your neck in a sweet attempt to get you up saying something along the lines of wake up princess, it’s light outside or i’m thinking i should make you breakfast in bed, darling, sound good?

 that was an ideal situation, but like today that rarely did happen. it was like.. dividing 1/30 by 2/9. you’d not spend ages to try working that one out, but the probability of him being so damn nice to you was low; very low. 

 no, the more likely situation was that the two of you would be laid in bed with arms everywhere and hair all over the place, not to mention your legs somewhat intertwined with his but more like his leg over your thigh because he got cold in the night. and he wasn’t even awake yet - you were the first one to be awake so you wouldn’t be getting that breakfast in bed you wanted. 

 not to mention the fact that he had taken all of the blankets that you invested heavily in to keep you warm when he wasn’t around. 

 ‘hey,’ you mumble gently, spotting the time on the clock by your side and groaning to yourself because ten am was probably a very un-adult time to be raising from your bed. ‘wake up.’

 he groans in response, ignoring your words and instead turning over so even more of the blankets wrapped around him. but still you persist and push at his shoulder to attempt again to wake him up. ‘leave me alone’

 ‘nope,’ you answer him softly. 

 of course you weren’t going to just leave him alone and let him sleep because he was meant to be spending the rest of the day with you - a great end to getting to wake up together for the first time in a few months (especially without an alarm).

 ‘please?’ he asks softly. you pause at the sound of his voice that sounds so unlike him, raising an eyebrow in confusion. he turns to you slightly and peers through one eye at you, pout on his lips. ‘i’m tired. let me sleep for like twenty more minutes.’

 you hum as though you’re pondering but shake your head anyway. ‘its past ten, you need to get up.’

 ‘i really don’t need to get up,’ he responds. it’s followed by another groan when you start to push at his shoulder to wake him up again. 

 its hard to think that you’ll still treasure these moments considering how pointless they are, but you’re still appreciative of having your overly soft and cute boyfriend that liked sleep way too much finally getting to see you in the morning after so long. 

 so you leave it and lay back down, letting him get his beauty sleep. ‘fine. twenty minutes. but stop hogging all the blankets or i’ll wake you up again.’

Week wasted....

I’m in need of a little rant (sorry in advance)
I booked a week off for my birthday, original plans to go away fell though, but I wanted to make the most of it and do as much as I could.

I had each day planned (I like plans)
Seeing friends, days out, movies, getting may hair done, dinners out, museum.
Monday went off pretty well, lunch out, and a nice walk along the harbour. I did start feeling kinda ceappy.
Tuesday, I ended up cutting my birthday short, i went out for lunch, did some shopping, but cancelled the ebbing cos I wasn’t feeling well. Yesterday and today a wash out, I was so looking forward to seeing sparks.
Tomo is meant to be pottery painting and then drinks out with some friends and honestly I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. I’ve been coughing so much I’ve been sick twice.

I’ve given up on my flatpack, I’ve lost the energy and was getting spun out trying.

I’m suck of being sick!

I feel GREAT today.

And that’s not necessarily a good thing lol. Why do I feel like I have so much energy? Why do I feel like I wanna do all the things Today.. I want contractions! I want my water to break. I want to be swaying my hips trying to find comfort. Instead I feel fucking fabulous lol. Erik said “it’s the calm before the storm” haha. Two days until he’s due to arrive.. maybe I should take advantage of this energy today. I was really planning on relaxing and maybe getting some sun since it’s supposed to be really nice out today.

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am the anon who was rly "I LOVE YOU" yesterday and i see u reblogging other people's art and adding nice comments and ive decided; I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE TODAY!! YOURE SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING SO SWEET AND KIND I LOVE YOU!!!! :000


i think it was a better world when people wore gloves all the time so i bought some vintage nylon gloves on etsy and they came today and they’re so nice… one of them has some loose stitches but the fabric is pretty sturdy so i think i can fix it, if i’m careful i should be able to pull out the part that’s unraveling and sew it back properly

also the gloves smell fantastic, which is weird but pleasant, they have this very faint perfume… the seller is an actual grandma and it’s definitely a grandma smell but it’s like, a nice grandma

emily post says you can keep your gloves on while shaking hands unless you’re meeting a religious or political leader (of course i’ve read emily post cover-to-cover, who do you think you’re talking to) but i have the silly idea of wearing them to swan prince’s recital, shaking hands with him afterward and taking off one glove and if he says anything i can make a joke about glove etiquette

i just want him to find me charming and interesting, which is tricky because he’s 1. at least ten years older and worldlier than me and 2. a british expat and so, i imagine, has a low tolerance for stupid americans putting on airs, so i have to try but i can’t try too hard

also when you guys come to my wedding none of you can mention my blog okay? deal

my math teacher is honestly really great like,, I keep forgetting how to write the different forms of equations and what they're​ called and how to rewrite and solve them. and we had a math test today. there were like 5 minutes left of class and I still wasn’t finished so she came over and was like “ok what’s wrong; I literally went over this with you during lunch?? I know you know this stuff,,” and then she helped me figure out wtf I was doing. like somehow instead of doing something like (x+6)(x-4) as an equation, I had a FUCkiNg square root symbol in there??!??? and then she was like “ok flip the page over what else did you do wrong? ok look all you did was miss the last step, just finish it up. and for this one, just start by splitting it up; solve this half first. ok but you forgot the negative sign.” and I’m honestly so grateful that she’s like this, so shoutout to her for helping me

So, today I went out to eat with a few friends, nice restaurant, the whole nine yards. I decided to try a clam chowder, I’d never had clams before and everyone said this place had the best clam chowder, told me I absolutely had to try it. It was good, absolutely, but what I wasn’t aware of is that I am incredibly allergic to clams. Spending the rest of the day in the hospital wasn’t fun, but aside from almost dying I am completely fine! How is everyone?


Sooo, not only was PT absolutely miserable today but then I had my follow up with the ortho at noon.. he looked at my back and gave me some muscle relaxers to help me sleep, which is nice I guess but he also has me out of work another FOUR weeks!! So I sent the new doctor’s note to the DM covering my district and he gives me some shit about filling out the FMLA paperwork and if it doesn’t get done then this can be considered job abandonment.. really? Fuck you. I’ve worked for this company for 8 years and you can’t give me a break? So I went back to the doctor’s to get an update from them and guess what.. The FMLA paperwork I dropped off with them on the 10th IS MISSING! Fuck me, right? Now I’m going back and forth with them, HR and my attorney to get this situated before I lose my job over stupid paperwork. Ughhhh

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@taovol heard that it’s your birthday today..? so I doodled something from your fic “Of love and the art of ice cream future telling” to wish you happy b-day!!

Hope you’ll like it! I enjoyed your fic so much!…it’s a shance walmart AU you guys. I’m not saying that it’s adorable. But it’s totally adorable <3

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star