but it was so nice out today

I’m thankful.

Today Sheila and I went to her sister’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. My FIL and BIL were there as were my SIL’s in-laws. A nice group of people. We watched football and chatted.

It was a traditional meal. The four people doing all the cooking did a wonderful job. I wasn’t a cook but I did clean my kitchen when Sheila was done baking.

The bird was tender and juicy. Pies tasty. Potatoes perfect. And much more.

Sheila is staying out there overnight so she can play in an annual cribbage tournament with her bother. Jack is working. He’s not sad because holiday pay is double time. Matt is in New Hampshire with a friend.

I came home to three dogs who acted like they’d been abandoned for weeks. (Fact: It was nearly two hours from the time Jack left and I got back.) They got some treats and are now playing tug of war with a stuffed animal. I think they’ll be okay.

I’ve donned pajamas, poured a coffee stout and tuned in to Netflix. Yes, I’ve much to be thankful for.


A HC that was pointed out to me today: Lexa coming into a gallery Clarke works at (before she’s famous but Lexa is) and Clarke’s boss freaks out cause she thinks Lexa’s gonna buy an expensive piece (she doesn’t know they’re together) so she starts barking orders at Clarke and makes her run petty errands and she FLIPS her shit when Clarke just smirks at Lexa and goes “nice ass, Woods”


OUT.        Happy thanksgiving day !!

So today my cousin was telling me about how her daughter is already turning out to be a sassmaster in kindergarten, especially since they’ve been learning about Columbus/Thanksgiving/etc. (her father is a high school history teacher). So apparently her teacher asks, “has anyone here ever heard of Christopher Columbus before?” and my lil’ cousin raises her hand and says, “MY DADDY TOLD ME HE WASN’T A VERY NICE MAN!”. And then the teacher changed the subject.

She’s going places, I tell you. 

happy thanksgiving !!! i’m not sure who here is celebrating today, but i wanted to take a minute to say happy thanksgiving to everyone! here’s a few mutuals that i made on this site over the few months that i’ve been on here that i’m blessed and happy to know, and i just wanted to remind u that i love u :((

@purelyparker : cass !!! i literally am so happy that i reached out to you bc !!! you’re so nice !! i could send you a meme at 5 am and you’d never be schisty with me so like,,,bless.

@malumplaylist : ayla !! you’re lterally the sweetest and i’m !!! i’m so happy that we started to talk bc you’re so chill and nice and i love talking to you !!! thank u for blessing me with ur friendship i am merely an egg walking through the void of life and i love u

@tonky-stank : sarah !!! you’re literally one of the nicest people on this site. like i was such a nervous wreck when i first started this blog to post my writing and you reached out to me and i was crying in the club. you own my entire heart and soul and i would actually die for you if you asked.

@thebucckybarnes : alex !!! you’re literally so nice all the time like wtf thank you for putting up with my ugly snapchats and dumb humor that accompanies them/my work selfies where i look dead inside. you’re so nice and warm and just one of the most genuine people i’ve ever met and so so friendly !! i’m so lucky to have met you wtf

@five-foot-two-joanne : carolena !! i am actually in love with you !! we both love lady gaga and i’m so glad that we started to talk bc you’re so nice and !!! thank u for putting up with the random memes that i send and wild conversation starters i give like rip

i know that was like -7 people compared to everyone else who does this, but here are some other blogs that i love and am eternally grateful for !! and if we’re mutuals and i forgot you, just know that i still love you and if you ever need a pick-me-up, i’m literally always around to scream at you about how wonderful you are !!

@agogirl1 @hufflepuffholland @sam-a-holland @lovelyimagines @incorrecttomhollandquoteimagines @spee-iderman @tbholland @ballyhoobarnes @parkerroos @screamholland @dusktillholland

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone here who celebrates has a wonderful day filled with food, family, friends, fun, and shopping if you dare to venture out. Black Friday shopping is a tradition for me, my mom and my sisters, so I’ll be out later spreading Christmas cheer, drinking Starbucks, being extra nice to the holiday workers, and praying that no one tramples me.

I’m very grateful to have all of you in my life - your humor, resiliency, grace, kindness, and intelligence truly inspires me every day. All of you keep me company throughout the day without knowing it. I wouldn’t want to be part of any other fandom with anyone else.

Sending much love to everyone today. Xoxo 🧡🦃

✨ allirica’s blog positivity ✨

it’s been a little while since i’ve done this, but since for my American followers it’s a day to be thankful, i thought today would be a lovely day to do it (although it is, of course, still open to everybody!)

💫 what is it? 💫

every week, i’ll open my ask box to blog positivity/compliments. please feel free to send in a compliment or some love for a person/blog and i’ll tag them in it. Simple! it’s a great way to spread some positivity and share some love 💖

💫 what are the rules? 💫

no rules! while it would be nice if you checked out my blog, this is about sharing positivity, so you definitely don’t need to be following me to participate. There’s no limit on now many compliments you can send in - in fact, the more the better! you can be anon or not, it’s totally your choice 😊

💫 who can participate? 💫

anyone and everyone! this is all about sharing positivity, love and thanks ❤️

I’ll be running this today until Sunday. Please do contribute and signal boost if you can! 💖

(P)update 11/23/17

It was so nice and warm out today. We all really enjoyed it. Mozzi was ready to play.

Vinny knows he’s not supposed to sit on my lap, but he can get as close as possible.

And Vic spent most of her time guarding her turkey bones.

my biggest fan - part 1

Pairing: basketball player! jung wooseok x reader

Summary: “My biggest fan is so cute.”

Part: 1/?

“Nice job today, Wooseok.”

“Thanks, I know.”

“You punk,” Jinho clicks his tongue, making the duo laugh. They high five before parting ways to shower. As they’re engaged in casual talk in the showers, another teammate walks in and up to the pair.

“Wooseok,” He calls. The said boy looks over his shoulder, wondering what his teammate wants. “The rest of the team needs to leave, but your group of fans won’t let us go.”

With a blush on his cheeks, Wooseok smirks to keep his front. “I’ll come out in a second.”

“You better hurry up, Jae’s getting grumpy.”

He nods as his teammate leaves the bathroom. Jinho takes a glance at the younger boy and scoffs, smiling.

“You better get out there.”

“I know,” He sighs and rinses his hair thoroughly. “I was hoping to catch a break from the fans today.”

“But you love the attention.”

“Ah, don’t say that. It makes it sound like I’m some cocky jock.”

Jinho stares at him for a brief moment, laughing when Wooseok goes to hit him. He waves him off, telling him to go to his fans. He quickly washes himself and dries off with a towel. He rushes his changing and runs his hand through his hair to make it look decent enough.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Mm, go.”

Wooseok packs up his stuff and steps out of the changing room. He walks over to his group of his fans with his teammates glaring at him because they just want to go back to their dorms.

“My teammates have to-” He’s cut off by the fans making a path for them immediately. The boys wave him goodbye before leaving while they still have the chance. Wooseok chuckles, slightly embarrassed from the fans. “You can’t be making trouble for them.”


While the crowd boasts and talks his ear off, his eyes trail around in hopes of finding his special person. That person is you. Lucky enough, he didn’t have to look long. You stand only a few feet away, a bright red blush on your cheeks. Wooseok clears his throat, catching the attention of all the fans.

“Ah, you all must be busy with classes. You really shouldn’t skip class, you know?”

“We’re not skipping, Wooseok!”

“Um, but what about hanging out with friends?”

“They’re all here with us!”

“What Wooseok is trying to say is that while he appreciates you being here and supporting him, he’s a little busy right now,” Jinho says, smiling as he comes up to the crowd. The fans let out complaints, but walk out the door nonetheless. Wooseok looks over them and to you, finding your face drop. “Go talk to Y/N, would you? It’s so embarrassing having to push you over there every time.”

“Shut up.”


As you’re about to walk away, Wooseok comes running up to you. He nearly falls on top of you from being a bit too excited, but catches himself. You giggle and wave.

“Hi, Wooseok.”

“Hi, Y/N.”

You tilt your head to the side and scrunch your nose. Wooseok almost lets out a small squeak from witnessing this cuteness that is you. He stops himself again of course.

“I thought you had places to go, things to do like Jinho says?” You hum and place a finger on your chin.

“I have a few minutes to spare.”

“To talk to me?”


“Do you mean it?” You beam, growing happy instantly.


“You’re stuttering, maybe you don’t mean it after all,” You huff, teasing the tall boy. He shakes his head and waves his hands.

“NO! I mean no. I want you to stay, so I can talk to you.”

You hum, raising your notebook up to cover your mouth. You look up, trying to find another way to tease him.

“Anything for your biggest fan?”

“B-Biggest fan?”

“Yes, Wooseok. I’m a fan of yours as you’ve probably noticed.” You shyly laugh and he nods.

“You do go to a lot of the games.”

You grin. “You actually see me there?”

“More like I look for you,” He mumbles to himself and you tilt your head. His eyes widen when you get closer to him.

“What’d you say?”

“Nothing! I was just talking to myself. Ah, please don’t think I’m weird.”

“Don’t worry,” You giggle.

“Oh my, my heart,” Wooseok gasps softly and turns away. You pout, walking in front of him. He hides his face behinds his hands. You laugh, reaching to him as you try to pull his hands away.

“Are you blushing?”

While you find this absolutely amusing, Wooseok doesn’t think so. He is about five seconds away from letting out an embarrassing sound from how cute you are. He’s containing himself, but he’s hoping Jinho would intervene again, so he can keep his cool front up. Though, that may not be the case with you. It seems he’s grown a soft spot for you already.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop, but will you look at me if I do?”

Wooseok stubbornly shakes his head, making you laugh. You shake your head.

“Do you want me to leave then?”

He shakes his head.

“Wooseok,” You whine and tug on his shirt. He inhales sharply and freezes. He peeks through a small hole created by his hands to find you adorably pouting at him. He groans as his head falls back. You grow confused to his reaction. “Did I do something wrong?”

“So cute,” He sighs before gathering enough courage to look at you. You softly smile at him and he places his hand on his heart. “Cute.”

“You’re not making any sense! What’re you saying?” You huff, wanting to know what he’s whispering to himself about. You continue tugging on his shirt while he chuckles at your cute form. “Wooseok!”

He continues to watch you pouting at him to tell you. He can’t help, but already grow fond of you. He knows he wants you around often, but will he be able to even get a sentence out without saying the word cute the whole time?

November 23, 2017

Hiveswap: Act 2 is not out yet.

i am………like one or two minutes late. I just got off work it is 2 am Central time and im eatin leftovers from thanksgiving dinner on my own before i knock out SO………im finally making this post.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and if you went shopping, i hope you saved on a lot of stuff!!!

black friday is tomorrow (today) and retail workers are v tired bc chances are they had to work today and are only getting a few hours to sleep before their next shift (i just got home and i have to be back at 11am) so please be nice and patient!!! we r tired and trying our best.

anyway, surprisingly nothing too bad happened and it is the 23rd which is strange…because usually something terrible happens.

but anyway! good night!!

christmas season is now officially here.

It has been -(12) days since we were told the release frame of Hiveswap: Act 2.

Closer | YutaxMinion

  • Yuta has had a crush on this one beatiful figure for a while now
  • Today was finally the day he was going to ask Mimi out
  • He walked up to the yellow skinned cutie and tapped her shoulder
  • “Ahh!! yuta-kun!! You scared me!”
  • “Oh im so sorry mimi-chan!! I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me this weekend?”
  • Mimi smiled at yuta and his heart clenched
  • “I would love to!”
  • The weekend arives and yuta was trying to dress nicely
  • Whats a nice color that will compliment mimis nice yellow skin?
  • Ahh yes purple!!
  • He got to the amusment park a bit early
  • Eventually 30 minutes pass and now mimis late
  • “Ahh!!! Yuyu-kun!!!”
  • She trips and her skirt flaps up
  • “KYAAAA!!”
  • “Mimi-chan!! Are you ok?!?!?”
  • He helps her up by grabbing her hand and he feels little shoots of electricity go through him
  • Is this love?
  • Yuta and mimi eventually go i to the park and ride a ton of rides
  • But when the sun is starts to decend, he takes her to the ferris wheel
  • “Wow yu-kun the view is amazing up here”
  • “Yeah it really is”
  • “Youre not even looking!! Youre only looking at me…”
  • “Because you are the view mimi-chan”
  • He leans and kisses mimi
  • It gets hot fast
  • Mimi starts to french it up and it becomes a battle of the mouths
  • Yuta starts sliding his hand up her thigh
  • “Mimi-chan oh mimi”
  • The glass of the cart is becoming a bit foggy
  • “Say my name mimi-chan”
  • “Yu…ta”
  • She can barely speak with his tongue down her throat
  • The ride came to an end with a frazzled ride operator opening the door
  • “Uhh the ride is over and the park is closing. Please leave”
  • Yuta and mimi left, hand and hand, unashamed
  • True love has no shame
  • And both of them knew that

I interviewed such a genuinely nice guy today. He was very nervous but he was well presented, had done his research and is clearly very smart.

But mostly he came across as just a genuinely nice and thoughtful young man

Life is weird...

So today my expartner and father of my 3 kids has moved out to live with his new girlfriend in a different city… everything happened pretty fast
We wanted to get married and were still planning our wedding in summer
Well things change quickly… luckily enough today I found a nice apartment closer to the city so life will be easier for my kids and me.
I have learnt a lot these past days and I am grateful for all the love and support I have been receiving- i think without it life would have been almost unbearable.
Please keep your fingers crossed for me and my kids- so that around Christmas we are already celebrating in our newly built nest…
There Be Dolls should be back for good after the holidays…
Thank you for you support!

Happy Festival of Void!

I hope everyone had a nice day today!

You may have noticed I didn’t post any original workings in the ten days previous, It’s because I considered it much easier to stretch those out throughout the full Days of Void rather then backwards in the days leading up to it. This way we can fully appreciate what the aspect means and how it can benefit us.

We’re now in the Days of Void, Void is the aspect of negating, of nothing, and so of limitless possibilities.

Think about what Void means to you and how it can benefit you. How can you incorporate it into your life? Today I’m sure many people spent time with families. Would you throw these kinds of ‘mandatory’ activities into the Void as too stressful? or find that what you really need is to Void your anxieties and past experiences to enjoy yourself in the now?

Think of traits that don’t help you or things you don’t need anymore. Now as things cool down and they earth goes to rest, how much should you wipe clean from yourself to birth anew in the coming events and years?

God Tiering, and growing up, and just straight living is about making yourself the best you you can be. Spend the next month thinking about how Void can make you do that?

Thanks for Playing with Us everybody! I hope your game is going well.

——–~Mod Bee

Have a nice giving thanks day!✨✨✨

Heyo guys!

Just wanted to wish you all a great day of giving thanks! I’m not big on celebrating Thanksgiving, even if I had to go to parties in the past and today, but I sure love giving thanks. So even if you don’t celebrate this day, I hope you have an amazing day!!!

I’m definitely thankful for all of you magic peeps, you guys bring me lots of joy!!!

I love you guys so much and take care!!!❤❤❤✨✨✨

-Admin Signas and the MMPP Squad

5 kind things you could do today:
  • listen. listening is probably one of the most basic skills that we have acquired ever since. unfortunately, as we grow older, we tend to overlook the importance of listening and instead, most of us choose to talk, talk, and talk. thus this time, i challenge you to listen to someone. just listen. give them time to explain their side. listen to someone talk about their passion, their life, their love because remember: it is through listening that you will learn so much from people.
  • appreciate. this is one of the easiest thing to do because you literally don’t have to spend a lot of your time, energy, or money. the only thing you have to do is to compliment someone. tell someone you like their outfit, their makeup, their eyes. tell someone they chose the perfect color to match their hair. compliment someone because they deserve it and compliments are meant to be shared anyway. you will never know how important these comments are to certain people.
  • give out. it does not have to be something that costs you so much money or effort! it could be anything! a little note to cheer someone up! a short text message to make someone feel loved, an anonymous letter to someone who might need it. or you might even want to give out some wild flowers to someone who would like it. at the end of the day, it’s the thought that you made someone feel like they matter that counts! and that’s more than enough!
  • thank. if someone was extra nice to you today, thank them! thank your friends for sticking up with your crap. thank the adults who helped you grow. thank the little people- the security guard, the cafeteria lady, the bartender, the barista, the faculty of your school or your office. thank the people who deserve to be thanked. thank everyone who shaped you to become the person that you are right now.
  • offer. offering help to someone is literally one of the most precious, genuine, and heartwarming thing that you could ever do! you will never know how much they would need it since there are some who are not very vocal about their burdens! sometimes, all they need is a little nudge and a helping hand to speak up! bonus part: the person you help could also possibly help you in the future (not that you’re doing this for someone to owe you something).