but it was so nice out today

So, today was our first wedding anniversary.

It rained this morning (it rained last year too) we slept in and then ate cupcakes for breakfast (same flavors and bakery that did our wedding cupcakes)

We laid around in our pajamas watching old movies (The Mummy and Rear Window) and youtube videos.

We went out and had a nice seafood dinner. We read aboutthe history of bread making and talked about The Giver.

Marriage is easy if you marry your best friend. (Well, not ALWAYS easy. But fun and awesome.) Dont let anyone tell you different.

Music Series: Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande

I hadn’t heard this song in a long time so it was nice to hear it again. I had forgotten there was a version he sings with Ariana, so I’ve given a link to the original and the collab via Spotify.

Give me romantic lyrics and I’m a suck-er. Anything romantic and I’m all in. The idea for this imagine came immediately before I even got halfway through the lyrics, so hopefully I’ll pop this one out a bit faster than I have been the rest today. Feel like my brain is in first gear and slowly oozing cheese because I’ve been writing so much cheesiness today it’s ridiculous! My apologies to those who prefer angst, just haven’t had the right songs in the queue yet for those. But never worry, do not fear, sooooo many songs in the queue, surely there are angsty ones awaiting you, plus I’m working on something else which will ooze angst like these have been oozing the cheese!

This is “Over and Over Again” by Nathan Sykes, with a collab with Ariana Grande.

Thank you for the request and for reading! xo



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Today (26th June 2017) marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the very first Harry Potter book! Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was released on the 26th of June 1997, exactly 20 years ago. 

To commemorate, this week the @hogwartsschoolnet is hosting a celebration, where we invite you to create something, anything, to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter.

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anything and everything harry potter related is welcome! we can’t wait to see what you make!

I only have 3 weeks left until I graduate DBT group which is crazy to me. My DBT therapist is presenting my case to the adults DBT team this week to see if I can finish the full DBT course with them because I turn 18 when I’m 10 months in, so I should find out about whether or not I can carry on getting treatment soon, fingers crossed I won’t be left with nothing when I turn 18!

Today I started back to school after study leave and my head of learning told me that I look so much healthier now compared to a few months ago. I forget that recovery makes you look physically better too… I just used to be so tired all the time and it showed in my face. Besides that, I’m going to the theatre to see Jane Eyre tomorrow night with my best friend which I’m so excited for, and I now have just over 3 weeks until I head off to Cyprus with my family☺️


I wanted to hit 10,000 steps on my fitbit (my daily average without trying is <4,000) so my mom and I went out to walk the waterfront.

It was a lot of fun! I saw a lot of dogs. It’s supposed to be 98 degrees F today so we left the house at 8am. It was still pretty hot but not unbearable.

I took a picture of this drawing on a bench. It says “we long to go out to sea, eventually to come back differently” which I thought was nice.

The waterfront has a few miles of walking paths, a few docks and little parks, and lots of people riding bikes and jogging and even tandem bikes. At the end there’s a whole strip of shopping and restaurants and million dollar houses. I was craving a burger (and I saved up my ww points!) so we tried this place. IT WAS SO GOOD. My burger was the triple pepper something or another so it had jalapeños and everything and mom had essentially a fancy Big Mac.

We’re home now and our feet are tired but we put up our inflatable pool yesterday so we might go swimming this afternoon. All in all a fun Sunday! ☀️


Is doing good good good.
On night turn out now, wound has noticeable change every day and looks and feels more shallow every time I clean it. I generally clean it after turn out and then again before turn out to reapply his ointment. His gait at the walk is good and relatively free in turn out which is nice to see.
He was feeling really good today during our walk in the drive way lol tried to squeal and play, so he’s starting to feel really good again!

I go on vacation in two weeks so hoping his wound has closed by then and he can just chill in his paddock for a week and walk around on his own. Maybe I’ll even ride him before my eye surgery in August!

He has a new bridle and a new set of flat work boots waiting for him upon his return❤️

Last night

Turned out real well. Anthony took me out to dinner. We had a nice shower together. We had wonderful sex. We made out almost the whole time and he said he could feel passion and I was apparently kissing all different ways and he loved it.

It was very nice. He makes me feel so beautiful and loved. Idk how I got so lucky. I might even wear makeup today cause I feel pretty on the inside!


This is what I’ve been up to at the weekend if anyone is interested. It’s been great had a nice but very tiring time. Took the train to Leeds had dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italian. Saw the incredible Celine Dion (my birthday present from march), she is easily the best person I’ve ever seen! Then after it finished it was a little scary as it was like a stampede to get out of the arena and it was mostly escalators down and no one was moving at the bottom so people were piling off the escalators into no room and everyone was panicking. Plus all the people in hand cuffs outside the arena with all the armed guards keeping everyone safe and watching everything! Today we’ve just been shopping around Leeds! I got a few things from Victoria’s secrets and then went to forbidden planet and picked up some exciting things. We’ve had lots of cocktails and nice food! My feet are killing but we have a few hours to kill before the train home ♥️

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Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

I honestly love that 99% of the Star Trek fandom is so… nontoxic.

Yeah of course there’s the shadowlands and the elephant graveyard where the light doesn’t touch and anon hate roams wild, but compared to a lot of other fandoms it’s not only “chill” but widely accepting and outwardly kind!

Whenever I have a conversation about characters or ships or headcannons even if others disagree with me there’s an initial attitude of “oh huh I haven’t looked at it like that!” and then a discussion/debate which might not end in agreement but usually ends with a “cool thought process!” and that is SO underrated.

I feel so non-stressed when engaging with most other Trekkies because even if I ship Spirk and someone ships Spuhura I can still admit that Uhura’s a badass who cares about Spock a LOT and the other person can admit that Kirk flashes Spock bedroom eyes whenever the Vulcan makes a snarky comment.

And people share fanart and fanfics and have such nice things to say and they generally just enjoy the content without tearing others down! And if someone says “your fave is problematic” there’s a general willingness to listen and accept certain things and then continue to enjoy the content without needing to shame anyone for that enjoyment!

I know this is a bit sappy but I just love that a show about a future where everyone is treated with kindness and respect brings that out in so many people *today* because we’ll never get where we want to go if we don’t work towards it now, but I think we are working towards it, and I know Gene would be overjoyed to see that his work has led to so many good people doing good things.

CN internship: Update 3

OK so today was my first official day (since yesterday was just orientation and tour etc.)!!! It was a very nice day!

I started off by going into work and then heading to the recording booth, where I got to sit in on an awesome recording session with the SU cast!

Here is all of them in the booth (Grace posted this picture)! It was awesome getting to see Deedee, Michaela, Shelby, Jen, and Grace as always, but it was the first time I’d met Estelle and AJ in person!

As someone has pointed out on twitter in this screenshot, I was also featured on Michaela’s instagram story making a dumb face, RIP me

SO yeah!! Then after work I bumped into some of the other super cool interns from orientation who were going to this mini art gallery being held downstairs at CN, so I hung out with them and it was super fun! All the other interns are so kind and talented and it’s amazing! And we went and got pizza and it was awesome!! It was a great day!!!


Summary: Bucky and Steve will never let you know that they’re the heads of your booty’s fanclub.

Authors note: It was so hard to find old timey slang for butt. Like we have so many words now I was surprised lmao.

Warnings: None, Bucky and Steve appreciating that cake

  Your jeans only make it halfway up your thighs before they refuse to budge. You groan.

‘And this was my favorite pair too’

You sigh, before peeling off the jeans and rooting around in your dresser for something that you can wear. You never were the skinniest person, especially when it came to your hips and thighs. But then again you never were exactly bootylicious either. So when you became a SHEILD agent you thought your body would kinda slim down into a  svelte mass of lean, toned muscle like the other female agents.

 Boy were you wrong. 

You gained muscle, and a lot of it too. Every single inch of you had at least some definition and your thighs had bulked up considerably. As for your butt….You sneak a peek at it in the mirror ‘I swear it gets bigger every day’ . Since you had joined the Avengers last year and your training had gotten even more intense you swear your booty had doubled in size. Your body was very… in your face nowadays. Wanda kindly described you as ‘shapely’. You pull out a pair of denim shorts that have some slight stretch to them.

You look at yourself in the mirror sighing. ‘ If I get anymore shapely I’m gonna have to buy an entire new wardrobe.’ 

“Pal, why is ya oatmeal always so…” Steve makes a face “…Soggy?”

Bucky and Steve are sitting eating breakfast, at a table that’s situated slightly back and across from the kitchen, next to an open door. Bucky snorts.

“It’s oatmeal Steve, it’s supposed to be soggy.” Steve rolls his eyes but takes another bite of his oatmeal, making a mental note to make breakfast himself the next morning.

Bucky lets out a soft, low whistle. Steve turns his his head, slowly. He knows what that whistle means. He watches as you enter from the other side of the room, cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cabinets. Or rather he watches your ass cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cupboards. You Steve, and Bucky were pretty good friends. You had surprisingly befriended Bucky first, and then Steve. Bucky had been making a good recovery, but was still kind of shy, except around Steve and Sam, and then you. Your sense of humor and openness kind of disarmed him. The three of you would always hang out, watch movies, and talk about anything and everything. But the one thing that Bucky and Steve would never mention is that they both agreed that you by far had the best body they had ever seen. And they were low-key its fan club. The super soldier’s eyes track you as you gather your cup of tea and cheese danish in one hand and exit the room.

“Now ain’t that a beautiful sight to see in the morning?” Bucky says, smirking and sipping his coffee. 

“Yes,” Steve smirks back “As I always say,the lady is truly blessed.”

“Amen.” Bucky says raising his coffee mug. “I mean have you ever seen such beautiful gams on a dame?”

“No,”  Steve pushes back his bowl of soggy oatmeal and crosses his arms over his chest. A devious grin forms on his face. “But that’s not the only thing that’s beautiful.”

Bucky’s grin widens to epic shit eating proportions. “True, Y/N’s a bit broad in the beam, ain’t she?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

 Your voice coming from behind them nearly stops both super soldier’s hearts. They turn, mouths slack, to find you standing in the doorway behind their table, tea and cheese danish in one hand, the other perched on your hip.

“Ah-um-I-um” Steve splutters, unable to form words. Bucky, on the other hand, decides distraction is the best course of action.

“Y/N! Sugar, sweetheart, you look lovely today. How’s that cheese danish? I heard the weather’s going to be nice , maybe we should go to the park?” He exclaims, red slowly creeping up his neck until his whole face is scarlet. You silently look from Steve to Bucky. ‘Well if they’re not gonna spill, Google will’

You pull out your phone and look at it. “Well looks like I have somewhere to be so I’ll see you boys later.”

You turn, hearing twin goodbye’s being called out after you, with at least one voice cracking in the middle.

You retreat back your room and fire up your laptop. Bucky and Steve were always using obscure old timey slang that no one understood. ‘they better haven’t been throwing shade…’ you shake your head. It seemed like they were talking about something physical about you, and not in a bad way. You feel warm and kind of insecure at the same time. You couldn’t deny that the two super soldiers were very attractive.

You open google and type “gams meaning” into the search engine.




plural noun: gams

  1. a leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg.

A giggle escapes your mouth. ‘oh my’ you think.

You type the next phrase into Google, and click on the phrase dictionary that comes up.

Broad in the beam


Having wide hips or buttocks

You stare at the screen for a moment and then  recall the overheard conversation. Your mouth falls open as you choke out a laugh ‘Oh my god’

Later that day you find Bucky,Steve and Sam sitting outside. You join them, and they all greet you, but you notice Bucky isn’t looking you in the eye and Steve’s ears are pink. Sam doesn’t seem to notice the tension and dives into a story about sweeping a girl off her feet in the local coffee shop.

“…then she gave me her number.”

“That’s great!” Steve says “You gonna take her out soon?”

“Yeah this weekend”

“That is great,” Bucky smiles “What does she look like?” he asks curiously.

“Man she had the cutest laugh, and those dimples…” Sam pauses, smiling to himself. “She had short dark hair, and was so curvy…..like damn.” Everyone chuckles a bit at this, and after the chuckles stop you pipe up.

“Curvy? Sam get with the times, you don’t call women curvy anymore, its called being broad in the beam.” You say and smirk at the two super soldiers. They promptly turn bright red, Bucky choking a little bit. Sam whips his head back and forth between the three of you.

“Am I missing something?” he asks.

 Steve clears his throat, holding out his hands imploringly.

“Y/n, sugar, listen. I can explain”

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