but it was saved as a psd on my desktop

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How am i able to convert the fire alpacha documents into things i can upload here to tumblr? every time i try to upload from my folder, it cant find any thing. but when i look into the folder on my desktop, its all there.

You have to save as a .jpg or a .png (note: .pngs can be quite large and may still not upload on Tumblr). Make sure to also save your file as a .psd or .mdp in case you ever want to go back and edit.


PSD - what the hell is this and how do you make it

I’m pretty sure everybody came across something like “I added my PSD”, “I used this PSD” in any tutorial and nobody ever explains what the hell is that. Even more, there’s a whole trand of making PSD packs of any kind for any show. As I’ve noticed, any photoshop blog turns into a PSD pack den sooner or later. 

So let me show you what PDS is.

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hey have you double checked your saving location? because sometimes you have to either save the image on your desktop or in a newly created folder when you're on your mac

It’s been saving fine for several weeks while I was working. And I’ve tried switching the folder’s locations several times and that didn’t work (I have 4 copies of my lyricstuck now, saved in different areas eue).

I think it might be something with the psd files. I opened this one, exported it as a png and it’s fine.

I opened a psd from my lyricstuck, and Bomp! Back to not saving, even when I go back to the file above and re-export it. Nope doesn’t save. I’ll probably just have to deal with it until I finish, no matter how cumbersome it is. ene