but it was really bugging me not knowing if this was true


Insert coin (or vibranium shield) and lots of love to save your beloved one from another dimension :D

The request from @sailorbettery regarding the final episode of AA S3! And since I am a believer of true love always saves the day so I can’t help but draw my version of the story :D So let me introduce to you the Capsule Toy Machine version of Dimension (Yeah sorry I know it looks like a Crystal Ball and please don’t ask me how Steve’s shield was inserted and then come back let’s say it is the power of love (what)) and the happy ending they deserve :D

I have only slept for a few hours and after drawing this for more than four hours I don’t really know what I am drawing/saying, all things seem to make sense when I was half falling asleep at that time so sorry please forgive me for the bugs QwQ

Hope you like it!

Travel has a tendency to look very glamorous but that’s not always the case. I’ve been getting a lot of comments about how perfect my life looks, and that’s concerning because there is really no such thing. Social media is a great way to share pieces of my journey, but know that there’s always more to the story. I don’t post images of the times I’ve been homesick, frustrated from limited wifi or language barriers, or the one time I accidentally booked a week’s stay at a place infested with bugs (😖). Not to mention the difficulties of remaining on a plant-based diet in Africa lol. Even though this is a dream come true from me, it comes with its own share of challenges that I have to overcome. But that’s all part of the experience, so I take the downs with the ups.

Just a random thought  - you know what always bugged me in HLV (yes, there is lots of stuff, but this, too)? Greg planning to film an injured and drugged Sherlock on his phone. Come on, this is not ASiB anymore, this is not Sherlock the sociopath drugged by a lesbian dominatrix and Greg wanting to have laugh at his cost and show the vid to his colleagues at the Yard (true, this is a bit doubtful as well but I can really seem them going for this joke).

But in HLV? Sherlock nearly died and is getting morphine to make the pain somehow bearable. How cruel would it be to film him like that, maybe even share it with others? And Greg of all people, the only one we saw hugging Sherlock after his return? Does not make any sense to me.

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The one thing that really bugged be about Electrified was the fact that it was Venus, Silvi, Deuce and Raythe who started the band. If this really is suppose to be a reboot, then all we know about Venus and Deuce is that they like music (which was never a part of their character in the pre-boot) and so far music is all of Silvi and Raythe's personality because Mattel has given us nothing else. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much if we didn't already have SEVERAL musical characters.

This is true Monster High is kind of over saturated with musicians at this stage in the game.

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Wth, you're studying law! Why is anyone doubting your ability to think critically and analyse things 😂

My next blog is going to be me posting my case briefs.

I’m in a class on capital punishment right now, so they’re not even as boring as the ones from my Contracts class from 1L year.  Or, god forbid, marital property.  No one wants to read about people fighting over retirement funds while they’re divorcing.  And my con law case briefs are like really long b/c my professor was insane and made us memorize the cases.  (She liked me, though, so she called on me for abortion cases and let me spout my opinions, knowing they’d bug the conservatives in the class.)

Also, true story, I swear I got a good grade in Business Organizations because I actually referenced Hamilton a lot in my policy essay (see? my interests bleed!).

And, like, in general, you have no idea how many times I have to read “Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist Papers said” every day.


You know, one thing that’s bugged me as I’ve been writing fic and replaying the game, is I could never tell for sure what Rachel and Chloe’s relationship was. Chloe says in a couple of places that she loved Rachel. Rachel cared for Chloe, but it seems like she wasn’t nearly as attached to her.

Basically, Chloe’s plan was to get out of town with Rachel. Rachel though seems like she was ready to leave town without Chloe. Chloe makes two statements in that first scene in her room: 1) Rachel would have told her before leaving and 2) Something happened to Rachel.

Item 2) is true. Item 1)… not some much by the look of it. She asks both Frank and the trucker to drive her out of Arcadia Bay.

So… unrequited love? 

The really awful part is that Chloe ends up in that bathroom at the start of the game because of the money she owes Frank, which she used to fix her truck… so she and Rachel could out Arcadia Bay together. ;_;

The other day we went to the auto pound and collected our stuff from our car that had been stolen. There wasn’t really anything of value to begin with. The quarters from the change tray were taken and beer bottle caps were left in return.

You wanna know what they took? They took my Vocaloid metal CDRs. I mean, what the fuck, seriously. It’s just such a mystery, it’s sort of bugging me… like, did they turn on the CD player and think this was weird shit so they threw it out the window? Could it be that they actually liked my Vocaloid music and kept it!? I have no idea what to think about this disturbing possibility. Just who were these people anyway? I’m imagining that I could be walking around one day, and I’ll pass by somebody listening to my Vocaloid music. Surreal.

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It was partially the hate (and I knew it didn't bug you much. You are built tough) but also its been a while since I've told you that you rock lmao

Both are true, and I’m also not really built tough I just know better than to let generic ass anon hate get to me. It’s the personal stuff that really gets me y’know?

But thank you!! You rock too tbh, very treasured mutual here friends

Ya know what bugs me? When I see the character Mae from Night in the Woods drawn thin. Like, no, she’s actually not??? I mean, she’s not really “fat”, but she’s not that starving-thin size I keep seeing. Don’t let the skinny “beauty” standard let you automatically assume that she’s not a bit round. She even states it while looking in the mirror. And honestly, chubby people know when they are, and Mae is not anorexic and with her attitude, you can deduce that she’s just brutally honest with herself. THIN STANDARDS ARE NOT ALWAYS TRUE. ROUND IS OK

Quick request since my knowledge of movies is failing me. I feel like I remember a scene where a scientist (possibly played by Steve Buscemi) holds up an animal (I remember a rat or mouse but it could have been a bug) and says something like “they really are the true masters of this planet.” But I’m far enough off I can’t seem to google it and I can’t recall the movie on my own. Does anyone know what I’m thinking of? Thanks if you do.

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See, if I’m talking about what colour something is, I’m not really thinking about chemical makeup. Like by that kind of definition, is the sky colourless? I really do appreciate your coolness with the common definitions though, it really bugs me when academics and experts think their jargon trumps commonly understood meaning, like nah, you took pre-existing words, adapted them to your purposes for your insular community, and now you expect us to accept your way, nope!

yeah like. there’s no need to get precious about it. but i’m not an academic or an expert so i probably have that going for me.

even if i was i like to think i would like. not be a jerk. i love showing new knowledge to people but i’m not expecting them to already know it. i’m still gonna call peacocks blue. i know that’s not Strictly true but unless we’re talking in a specialist context (like i’m doing now, deliberately bringing up the division between perceived colour and chemical colour to bring a trivia fact about birds), it’s not important to make the distinction.

So a few people told me to watch the Miraculous Ladybug (and if you haven’t, it’s worth looking at for a moment or two. Nice animation and it sounds pretty in French. Simple plot about a girl who saves France from an evil villain using her powers given to her by a sentient Jellybean or something like that). As someone who wants to write children’s films and television shows I was pretty much down to do it. 

It’s definitely cute. And really sweet. But I will say, there was one little factor that bugged me.

This was my reaction the entire time.

Adrien: [pining away] Who is ladybug.

Me: It’s Marinette.

Adrien: Who could she be!? That temptress of black and red.

Me: It’s literally just Marinette!



Adrien: LIFE IS MEANINGLESS WITHOUT HER! Oh my love! How shall I ever know who you are!?


Marinette: I don’t like Chat Noir. He’s really annoying and dumb. 

Me: Finally! Someone else notices that he’s not the shiniest knob in the-

Marinette: Not like my true love, Adrien.

Me: Oh screw you. 

Sasunarusasu HUGE Rant (Final Battle)

This has been really fucking bugging me over the last few… months. I’ve been struggling to put it into words. How much the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke fucking breaks me.

Okay so am I the only one that can fucking see the emotion in it? Are we all going to fucking skip over how much Naruto is sacrificing for Sasuke? Are we really going to skip over how Naruto has always been chasing after Sasuke, his best friend, his one true bond, the love of his life just to make him happy?

Are we going to just skip that Naruto even though he doesn’t want to knows that fighting is what Sasuke needs? And he’s still going to give Sasuke whatever he needs no matter what because he matters so much to him?

I mean just look at this. How doesn’t this break your heart? Despite having no energy, despite all the years of shit he had to endure, Naruto still didn’t fucking give up on Sasuke.

You can bullshit me all you want but that’s not something you do just for a friend, even a best friend. You don’t fight for them for three years. Not like this. Not unless there’s something more. Much more.

Even beyond the point exhaustion Naruto still doesn’t fucking give up on Sasuke. 

Ever since they were little, Naruto had only gotten stronger AND FUCKING STRONGER just for Sasuke. He has literally said, “I’ll grow stronger to save Sasuke.”

His entire motivation in life is to save Sasuke because he loves him so much. Everything Naruto Uzumaki has ever done, has been for Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke keeps trying to push him away but Naruto won’t let him. He has never let Sasuke go.

Everything Naruto has done has been for Sasuke. All the extreme amounts of pain he’s been through, all for Sasuke. Hell, he lost his arm fighting a battle he knew wasn’t necessary for Sasuke. Naruto didn’t do it to save Kohona. Sure, it was a factor, but the real reason was to save Sasuke.

Because Naruto’s fucking in love with Sasuke, and always has been and that final battle is so fucking intense and I don’t give a shit what anyone has to say because Naruhina and Sasusaku are NOT real fucking canon. They’re just fucking bullshit. 

If you really think that this final battle has no meaning and is a show off of cool Jutsu, then you fucking need to reread. The entire manga. 

Naruto knows that he has to suffer, to hurt, to feel physical pain and to fight to get through to Sasuke. He knows it is what Sasuke needs and he has never done anything other than what Sasuke needed.

And here we see the realisation of how Sasuke sees the truth too and blood MAGICALLY flows that way, defying all fucking laws of physics whatsoever to form a semi-heart.

So yes, Sasunarusasu IS canon. It is more canon than anything else in that story, and it’s truly a very emotional and depressing final battle. But it is what it is. And it’s perfect. 

This is where Naruto truly ended. Chapter 698 is the real ending. The rest is just bullshit.

Me at a Halloween party
  • Someone: we should all go around say our biggest fears ;) creepy! Does anyone want to go firs-
  • Me: I'm scared that one day I'll fall in love and I won't be able to give them all of myself and love them unconditionally because how can you love someone when you don't love yourself? And either I'll break their heart or they'll break mine, or both. But regardless I'll end up shattered and worse off than before. And perhaps it's better that I haven't tasted true love yet, because I know that once I have, even after it hurts me, I'll never stop craving it. So perhaps my greatest fear really, truly, is that one day I'll have to pick between letting myself and the one I love get broken, or to not allow myself love in the first place.
  • Them: ....ok anyways I'm scared of small spaces and bugs
Being too comfortable...

Are you a Catholic Priest? I am a cradle Catholic and I saw your post on doubt. 
I myself have been doubting God for a few months now. I am confirmed and really love my faith, but sometimes I think it’s too comforting or too good to be true. I think that humanity wishes for something to be true, such as God, and it becomes true.
I am conflicted even just writing down these thoughts, because I know it is near blasphemy. But it’s been bugging me. I’ve read tons of writings such as Mere Christianity but I still find myself lacking faith many times. 
Any hopeful words are appreciated.


Yes, I am a priest. Did you Google me? I have my own parish and life outside of Tumblr, as people find out when they research me.

As for your comments, let me say that at times faith is too comfortable. It is not bad to be comfortable. It is also not bad to shake things up and be challenged. If a person comes right out and defends the Catholic Faith, on Tumblr, and stands up for the “unpopular Catholic teachings” I can assure you, you will leave the comfort zone in about .5 seconds.

We are too comfortable in faith at times because that is how we like our spiritual life and we do nothing to mix things up with courageous witness and challenge.

As for wishing God to be true, I have to disagree. Life in some ways would be so much easier if God did not exist. We can embrace any error, we can break any law, and we can ignore everyone and just care about ourselves if there is no Judge to be accountable to. God does not become true because people wish God into existence. People, rather, wish that there was no God, when they are looking to be “let off the hook” and not have anything complicate their selfishness. And being honest, humans are selfish.

Rather, people who think hard and journey through life looking at its wonders and possibilities come to see that God is a conclusion we come to, when we realize how small and minuscule we are, and how intelligent, beautiful, and orderly the cosmos are, and how a voice deep down tells us we need to get with the program and leave this world in a better state than we found it because somewhere, somehow, we will answer for what we have made of our lives and our journeys.

It’s not blasphemy to have questions and doubts. How to resolve them? Only you can answer that question, for you. My suggestion to Catholics is that it may help to study each question of faith utilizing the apologetic websites in the Catholic blogosphere. However, we must also immerse ourselves into Church life and see the proofs of God’s existence that surround us each day and which we do not notice. God is still “incarnated” and walking around in the flesh, before our very eyes.

I see Him in the mother at Mass who has taken care of her special needs boy, in his wheelchair, for over 18 years and who is a woman of joy, of goodness, and has a smile shining through her tiredness. 

If God isn’t in that woman, I don’t know where you would see Him. I see Him in the many, many families where they are taking care of sick people, elderly people, teens with unplanned pregnancies, families that are dealing with addicts and rehab, and families that can barely pay the rent and yet are always at Mass, sharing faith with us and building up our church family.

I see God in the very devout people who make me open up the church 45 minutes to an hour before Mass, and who walk in with bibles, prayer books, and rosaries, and love to pray and get ready for Mass. They don’t care for “in and out church” like it’s fast food. They take their time and set an example for us to give quality time to the Lord. 

I see God in my young people who are at Mass and hear sermons about the family, and then have to go back home to a toxic family, where they are abused, mistreated, discouraged, and just hang in there to emotionally survive because the home environment is such a wreck. They rely on the toxic adults for support and are not able to move out. And yet there they are at church trying to give back to the community with a positive presence and the love of Christ in their hearts.

I see God very clearly in many volunteers who do not get paid to minister, or teach, or help out around the church, and who pay a price for the time, talent, and treasure they give in Christian ministry. Some of them are secretly in very hard times, and yet they come each week and make it possible for the other members of the church to find catechism, youth ministry, confirmation, food pantry, choir music at church, a friendly visit for the sick, an appearance at the local jail, etc. If God is not clear and bright as crystal, in the lives of these people, I don’t know where we would expect to find Him.

It is not that God hides from us. It is that we are often looking for Him in the wrong places and when we don’t find Him, we doubt. And meantime, He is right there in front of your very eyes, if you are immersed in the Catholic life of a typical parish and have the spiritual eyes to see Him.

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

ISTP confession #12

On the differences between ISTPs and INTPs:

Sometimes INTPs drive me crazy. The way they seem so worried about not being good at socializing and “not having feelings.” They think “Oh, I’m such a monster, with an empty hole for a heart.” What really bugs me about it, and INTPs in general, is how they think they are special. Us ISTPs have least Fe too, and are actually the LEAST verbal type. You don’t see us complaining about it, or feeling like terrible people, or thinking we’re the only ones with this problem. The real difference is that ISTPs know they are not unique.

Ok, I feel the need to rant for sth a bit.. 

I have been seeing people getting upset for how “everything is about double b” and how they send only them in variety shows and don’t let others promote as well. Ok, so here’s the deal guys:

To go on Running Man you have to be popular enough. Like it or not, that’s true. Double B are gonna be there on their x-man special. Now, let’s be real, do you really think the producers of the show would let all ikon members to appear? no. A full group rarely appears on RM. It has to be either their ep or a special occasion. I know bc it’s my favorite show. When they have guests, they pick few members from few  groups and film the episode. that’s about it. double b are popular among the members because of smtm3. so they got to be picked. And went. 

Same thing applies for Happy Together too. I’ve rarely seen a group go there as a whole. Usually it’s just few members and most of the times it has to be the ones that are already popular. Not sure if you know but both RM and HT have Yoo Jae Suk as “a main mc”. I bet that after the rm ep, he suggested for them to go on happy together too. And so it happened.

Now, about Mari & I, this is a new show about pets. It’s not a normal variety that a new group will go to be promoted. Hanbin and Jinhwan are there as actual fixed members, not guests. We couldn’t send all the members there like seriously lol. I think this is a way to promote the group via two members in a new variety show. It’s good we will have them there. They will get to interact with the Korean Industry and people more. The group will get at least a little bit of more attention. It’s good. 

Now if you noticed as a group they only got to get promoted after debut on Tablo’s Dreaming radio. They don’t have their own show yet (ikon tv). They also didn’t have the chance yet to go a normal variety that new groups usually go. Like Weekly Idol or ASC. But I doubt they will ever go to asc because I’ve never seen YG artists go there before.

The thing is guys, Hanbin Jinhwan and Bobby are not going to these varieties as individuals. They are going as iKON. To promote iKON. This is good for their group. They have debuted 3 months now and they haven’t had enough promotions in music shows bc of their schedule and fanmeets. They need to be promoted somehow. All groups in industry does that. They promote a group via few members. Don’t you remember how Jackson was everywhere at first? How Hani and Seolhyun are usually the ones that go to varieties? So I don’t get why so much drama and whine. Why so bitter? But wait, I know why.

Because you just want a reason to hate iKON. You don’t actually care. You just want to hate them in general and that’s pathetic. Get a life.

The one thing that really bugs me about Brennans “how are you still alive?” story is this “true loves kiss” thing because it flies in the face of everything this show has given us on True Love. True Love must be fought for, it must be felt, IT DOESN’T WORK ON SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW. The show has always flipped the ‘love at first sight’ trope on its head, and you’re telling me Liam 2.0’s mother fell in love with Brennan based on, what, the shape of his nose? The fall of his hair? The curve of his lip?

It feels like an easy cop out. And it makes TALK feel less important to me. I don’t wike it, guys.

  • Catwoman: You know, Batman just thinks of me as a sexy thief.
  • Daredevil: I know. He’s only attracted to you because of how you look and it really bugs you. You know, I think you’re just going out with a guy who can’t see because you think you have something to prove.
  • Catwoman: That’s not true!
  • Daredevil: Yes, it is! You’re so hung up on this guy, you mentioned his name 35 times in the last hour.
  • Catwoman: It’s just that me and Batman—
  • Daredevil: 36!