but it was perfect so


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The only reason why I’m posting this is to thank Anna Kendrick for existing and for being an incredible person.
What she said today about bechloe means so much to me and to the fandom. She listen to us, she cares so much for us…
We don’t deserve her. The world doesn’t deserves her.
She’s amazing.
And that’s all, I just needed to say it.


Planning toh dance karte karte bhi kar sakte hain..

math and creativity overlap an enormous amount! I feel like I always see this idea that the two are mutually exclusive and I know a lot people hate math, which I understand! but math is in our music, in our paintings, and movies. math makes up everything around us in the most beautiful ways! I know thinking about math can sometimes make your head hurt and your eyes glaze over but think about van goghs starry night. it’s an amazingly beautiful painting that actually almost perfectly portrays a mathematical concept called turbulence which is a large part of why the light in the painting almost appears to move, contributing to its beauty.
math is just. so amazing