but it was part of barney's not so true story so it counts as his

Robin and commitment!

This is mostly observation but also a rant so sorry if this might be a little long. I wanted to post this because I think it makes sense regarding the person Robin really is.

So, I wanted to talk about the fact that Robin’s commitment phobias aren’t exactly that much of a big deal. Considering she’s had many boyfriends, two fiances and got married her fear of commitment isn’t that important to the person she is and becomes through the series. At first, it was a big issue, bigger than it should be because Robin is naturally independent and likes to be single, she even says this in the series. It’s not a big deal, it just shows that Robin likes her freedom and that’s okay. But, the real issue here is that the show constantly rubs her independence in our faces, for the entire series her commitment problems aren’t really that serious, it’s more of showing that not all women want to settle down, have a house with a white picket fence, have babies, animals, etc. Robin is this woman, she’s career minded, independent and likes to explore more things in life because of her upbringing.

The way she was raised, when she was growing up she didn’t have a role model or anyone to look up to, all she had was two very bitter and toxic parents. Her father wanted a boy and didn’t get that so he raises her as a boy and put a young girl through hell all because he wanted a son. Her parents were divorced and had many issues, her mother wasn’t there for her and wasn’t around while she was going up and her sister was too young to understand all the things that she was going through at that young age.

So, when she moved out of her father’s house and into her mother’s she became the teenaged popstar we know of now, her mother threw her into the spotlight after being in the hands of her awful father. She never had the life she was supposed to in her youth, she never had someone who truly loved her for who she was, and she never had anyone to guide her at that young age. As a young adult, she went off to college but her teenaged years and her young girl days made her feel like she wasn’t fitting into the world. She never had a place that was more of a home and not a mixed up family, she seemed to always be left out of the cold so to speak and it messed her up for her adulthood. So, when she moved to NY she finally found that guidance, support, care and love through meeting the gang and becoming a family with them. That’s something she didn’t have in her younger days and it’s something she needed in her life.

Now, I want to switch this up to talking about Robin and her relationship with Barney. I think this is important because when she met the gang and Barney she truly did meet her match, her The One, the guy she calls her soulmate, and the guy she eventually marries and does settle down with.

Barney and Robin are both commitment phobes, they both had bad upbringings and childhoods, they were messed up even before they even met so the only way they became the messes they were in their twenties is because of their horrible upbringings, their parents lied and manipulated them, they weren’t around much for them when growing up, Barney’s parents weren’t even married, his mother lied to him constantly (sure it was to protect him) but it was still not right especially the lies she told about his father. His father wasn’t in his life at all growing up after six years old, he needed someone there as a role model to look up to because his youth days wasn’t really a good or happy time for him. He didn’t get to have his father in his life until he was 30 and then you have the whole mess with Shannon and his first love screwing him over in which he ends up how he is in the series. The womanizing cad he had become, but that isn’t who he truly is and I think between his messed up and troubled youth and Shannon dumping him he lost who he is for a while until he meets Robin who changes his life and his heartbreak of Shannon dumping him and changed him back into the love sick guy he was in his late teens and early twenties. Robin, had changed his life but didn’t change his personality and she never wanted to change who he was and truly is.

Robin, she had given up on relationships, actually in fact I think she never wanted one and never wanted to commit to anyone but along with Barney he changed her life to wanting a more settled and committed life. Yes, sure their relationship had been messy, but it’s a good messy, a messy that works, a messy they understands, a messy that is passionate and loving, a messy that is fun and free, a messy that doesn’t make sense but actually does make sense. Barney and Robin are both a natural mess, their upbringings is why their adulthoods was more pessimistic and it’s why Robin was so cynical and pushes away any guy that comes near her because she’s too messed up to keep a relationship going strong.

Robin and Barney both had difficulties expressing their emotions, they were always emotionally stunted people again because of the way they were raised, they are both broken and messed up people but the thing that makes this relationship so real, so perfect but in a not so perfect way is because they get each other in ways that nobody else does. They are emotionally guarded people who don’t like to show their emotions and feelings especially in relationships. But, when they met that all changed, they both have to do a little growing and learning before they knew what they wanted in life before they understood that what they have together is something so wonderful and undeniable that even they couldn’t deny the way they felt for each other.

I think their feelings for each other started in season 1, possibly “Zip, Zip, Zip” because that episode showed just how absolutely perfect they are for each other. And, it just got more harder and complicated as the series went on to control the natural pull they had towards each other. That chemistry, it should be an even bigger reason why it felt so real, so natural to easily be pulled or well pushed towards each other. That chemistry is extremely strong, it’s real, it’s natural and it shows just how powerful it is when they’re around each other.

When they’re around each other, Robin is like a totally different person, her personality, her true personality comes out whenever she’s around Barney because he brings out the best parts of her true personality and she just loves being apart of his world, his life and being that partner to him that she doesn’t quite have with any other man.

Anytime she’s around Barney he brings out her fun side, she is always so happy and smiles when she’s around him because it feels natural to her. Barney is a natural when it comes to making Robin laugh or smile or whenever they have fun together she’s always just naturally happy to be around him. He’s truly her other half in that way because he bringing out something so real in her that they have this natural ease around each other.

They also have this real and natural light about them whenever they’re together. They are always themselves and always incredibly happy with each other. All the issues they have all goes away when they’re together, they don’t have a single care in the world but only each other, and each other’s happiness. They can’t be apart because when they are they aren’t truly happy. So, again this is why I don’t buy that ending for them because even if they seem unhappy and want to pull away from each other, there is still a real love there that overtakes any issues they might have. The fact that they are two very anti-commitment people who found each other at a time in their lives when they both gave up any idea of having a relationship. They found each other and through their friendship fell in love. Every relationship that starts out as a friendship and turns into love is always a relationship that lasts. When you try too hard and push a relationship (finale I’m looking at you) it just doesn’t feel real or natural or even right. Barney and Robin have an undying love that lasts, when they broke up (not counting the finale here for reasons) in season five they were both complete messes over the way it had ended.

Their relationship is so strong that you can’t even call that breakup or even the finale breakup real because their chemistry, love, care for each other and that natural pull towards each other will never ever go away no matter how much they deny their feelings. Their breakups weren’t breakups, it was them trying to find away to stay in each other’s lives without completely breaking down because losing each other is just not what they are ever going to want.

And, you know what that scene in “Ring Up” is proof of this couple never ever stopping their love for each other. A love that just doesn’t go away just as their chemistry doesn’t go away.

“Love is the best thing we do.”

So, in other words Barney and Robin never really broke up because their hearts would never completely heal over losing each other. Robin could try and move on from losing Barney but she will never be truly happy. And, Barney could bang anyone he wants to pretend that Robin never existed but that doesn’t change that fact that they are completely and utterly in love with each other and can not lose each other in their lives. They can move on or have other relationships but they and only they know that the other one is truly the One for them. They are best friends turned soulmates and I love this kind of love story because it just feels right.

How I Met Your Mother Finale

I just want to first make clear that I loved the finale. Well, that’s not true. I loved 90% of the finale. Up to when he said “That’s how I met your mother”.

Lets discuss the 10% of shit that i didn’t like, starting with Tracy’s death. Towards the end I figured out that she would die because really they’ve been hinting at it since they aired “Vesuvius”. What I didn’t expect was that big pile of horse shit at the end of Ted asking his kids if it’d be okay with them if he asked “Aunt” Robin out.

First of all, teenagers are not okay with something like! I don’t care if it’s been 6 years! Not to mention that letting your dad date someone you refer to as “Aunt Robin” after he just told you the most heart warming story of how he met and fell in love with your mother is more than weird. But this is not what bothers me the most.

What bothers me the most is that after more than 200 episodes of character development, after dedicating an entire season to Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, after having the viewers fall in love with the mother, and after finally having Ted let go of Robin, the writers decide to pull this little stunt.

I’ve been in this fandom since the very beginning 9 years ago. I watched Ted and Robin end their relationship because they wanted different things, mainly Ted wanting kids. I watched Robin tell Ted she didn’t love him anymore (multiple times). I watched her fall in love with Barney. I watched Barney change from a playboy to a man wanting to commit to this woman. I watched them all mature and accept that things don’t always stay the way you want them to. For 200+ episodes I watched these characters mature and grow and accept the paths in which their lives had taken them. This finale basically threw away all of that. You might as well only watch the pilot and the finale for all the good those other 200 episodes did. Why have these 3 characters go through so much together and because of each other only to throw it all away in the end to conform to what you (the writers) thought of as the perfect ending which you wrote 8 years ago. Are Craig and Carter really so egotistical that they can’t accept that ending no longer fit the story they’ve been telling for 9 years. Characters change, stories change, shows change and for Craig and Carter to completely ignore that only to go ahead with an ending that, perhaps made sense then but, no longer makes sense 9 years later is not only disrespectful but a huge slap in the face to the fans that have loyally and dutifully watched this show since the very first episode.

The format for this final season was confusing at first. It took place over the course of Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend. Now thankfully this wasn’t all we saw. We got flashbacks and flashforwards of the gang and of Ted and of all of them interacting with the mother. Watching this season I found that I actually liked the format because we got to see previously unseen clips that we could match to episodes and clips of the life that Ted and Tracy make. It also allowed us to see how great Barney and Robin were for each other. We saw them root for each other and we in turn began or continued to root for them as well. Not to mention that Ted finally (FINALLY) lets her go (complete with a scene where we see her float away like a balloon). The fuckery that is the finale threw the concept of this format to the trash. Who, in their right mind, would think it’s okay to dedicate this entire season to Barney and Robin’s wedding where we, as the viewers, only root for them more and more only to have them divorce 3 years later. Apparently the same person okay with throwing away 200 episodes worth of character development. In what universe is that logical? In the universe where what Craig and Carter say is always right and it doesn’t matter if it makes zero sense.

Because of this format (which is how this show has been formatted since the beginning) we got to see clips of the future. The futures of Lilly and Marshall (perfect couple, BTW) , Barney and Robin, and Ted and Tracy. Those clips allowed us to see how great Ted and Tracy were together. She was so like him in so many ways but so unlike him in others that you couldn’t help but think how perfect she was for him and fall in love with her as well. That is probably the cruelest part of this entire finale because even after having us fall in love with her and with them as a couple the writers go ahead and just toss her aside. They basically used her as a surrogate for the kids that Ted wanted but Robin couldn’t have.

One thing that I have always loved about this show is that they were able to show that life isn’t perfect, things fall apart, relationships end, death will happen, yet still keep a sliver of hope for better things to come. Having said that, what they did to Ted and Tracy was not that at all. Yet, many people have argued that the finale showed that exactly. Here’s why I disagree. For 9 seasons we have seen Ted be put through the ringer trying to find his soul mate. This guy was left at the altar, humiliated in more ways than one, beat up by a goat, and had his heart broken more times than I can count (multiple times by Robin). Life is unfair and no one more than Ted can attest to that but taking Tracy away like that after everything he’s been through trying to find her is more than one man can handle. This guy did not deserve having the love of his life taken away from him so soon. He deserved a lifetime of happiness with her at his side along with his children. So after having them fall in love and create this life together filled with so many possibilities the writers decide to kill her off and have him end up with Robin in the end.

This finale was perfect until those last 2 minutes of illogical fuckery. Craig and Carter were too wrapped up in ending the series the way they envisioned years ago that they disregarded all they created since then. This ending could have been beautiful and heart warming, which it was for the most part, and a proper farewell which the fans could rejoice in. Instead it’s a slap in the face to those who’ve watched the show since the beginning as well as those who just recently discovered how great it was.


“Love changes you.”
“People change people.”
From Girl Meets World!

“I don’t think I like her.”
“I love Robin more than I loved anyone.”

“You’re an idiot.”
“I love you so much.”

I’ve been wanting to post this for a little while so since I’m bored I wanted to post this now. Here’s a little rant but a good rant for B/R that I think is really wonderful. So I was thinking about the first quote and think it associates really well with Barney and Robin’s story and here’s why I think they actually changed for each other as some people have pointed out already I think it’s actually true when it comes to Barney & Robin’s whole story. So, what I think is!


Barney & Robin had to meet for a reason and that reason is that they completed each other, meaning they changed because they met each other. They both had to go through a lot to get to where they were when they decided to make a commitment to each other and get married.  They had to meet: when they met they were both really secretive/closed off people who weren’t looking for a relationship, love and commitment but because they met each other when they did they changed because and for each other.

Barney and Robin meet sort of in the Pilot but don’t have interaction with each other until the second episode. Robin teasingly makes fun of him not having a date and he replies saying he doesn’t like her and that’s when I knew for sure that B/R were going to have some sort of relationship. Who knew they were going to fall in love and get married but that’s what happened and it’s because they liked each other from the very beginning. This little interaction in the beginning wasn’t at all mean on Robin’s part, it was kind of flirting, her teasingly flirting with Barney and Barney smiling saying he doesn’t like her but he means he actually does.

They had to meet to become friends, who are best friends, in which their friendship inspired each other and opened them both up to the possibility that there is something more there between them. Through seasons 1 to 3, you see their friendship really blossoming and it’s all cause they hung out playing laser tag and smoking cigars. That’s the moment that for me marked them as soulmates, they didn’t know that they would ultimately end up being soulmate but both knew they were by the end of the series. So, why did they have to meet? Because, they never had anything as special as they have together. Their friendship is based around them getting along so well and having a lot in common but their romance is based on them slowly finding themselves more throughout the series. Robin had to grow and learn through her friendship with the gang and Barney how to love, show love and give love to someone. She didn’t express herself, meaning she didn’t get to be herself until season 3 because of her being a love interest and not having much personality or things going on in her life. Barney, lost who he truly was after he lost Shannon so he changes to this womanizing,  psychopath, who uses women, has father issues and thought he had to be this person because he was afraid of having love in his life again. Shannon did him so wrong that his mind went to thinking he would never want a relationship or love again but that changes once he meets Robin.

Robin, had come from a really messed up family and had no real person who cared about her or loved her for who she was. She had to meet Barney for her to be more open with who she truly is and he loved her for who she is and she loved him for who he had become.

Now, here’s where the changes come in. Barney had to fall in love with Robin in order for him to show a different more real side to him, the guy he had lost along the way to meeting Robin. And, Robin had to meet Barney for her to be open to love and relationships. They also like each other for who they are and trust in their friendship enough to allow them to open themselves up to acceptance. They love and accept and appreciate each other for who they are so “love changes you”, “people change people”. Barney changed Robin because Robin fell in love with him and Robin changed Barney because he fell in love with her. They grew through their relationship with each other, most of the time the growth came from their great friendship but their romance came from how much they care, accept and appreciate each other for who they are.

They are true soulmate who met each other at the right time but had to grow and find themselves in order to realize they ARE right for each other. Those are the words of one NPH so if you think they aren’t right for each other and have such a messy relationship, they did have a messy relationship, they had to have a messy relationship to overcome the messy to realize that they still loved each other for all those years since they broke up and that they wanted to be together. They had to go through the lows to get to the highs, it’s the darkest before the dawn type relationship, season 7 was the lowest of the lows but when they’re together it’s the highest of the highs. Seasons 4,5,8,9 are the highs of their relationship, I do count season 6 too but that was just getting their friendship back from that heartbreaking breakup that caused them both to go down really miserable post-breakup paths. It was really sad seeing them post that breakup in season 5 because that’s what really changed their relationship for good. After their breakup they had the biggest rough patch ever and didn’t come out of it until they got back together and engaged. They were in love that entire time and nobody will ever tell me that they weren’t.

It says a lot about where they were in season 1 to where they end up in season 9. They had to meet in order to overcome all their faults to have them both accept those faults by accepting who they naturally are.

This went way too long, sorry.