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Ok um wow I thought you were a generally nice person, but seeing your response to the previous anon was really rude Maybe that anon was just innocently asking, or maybe they knew you from the comic dubs and decided to make their own tumblr and follow you. Either way, you didn't have to be that rude. Oh and by the way? The other chara looks like a fucking 13 year old drew it. Unfollowing this bullshit

*calls me rude
*Then insults me and the other artist I’m working with on the crossover

See here is the thing, that ask has been done many, MANY times. and I have a limit to my patience. Like when you get hundred of asks asking the same thing over and over, of course you get tired at some point, especially when you put on the blog’s description who made the blog and everything so the people visiting it read it before they ask.
But oh well, I don’t need followers like you, who show their hypocrisy by calling me rude when I didn’t even insult the anon on the first place BUT you do it. Yeah, nice one there, I don’t need people like you here, take care

01 | the hour after

( things you said at one a.m. + min yoongi )
word count :: 2,129

You usually aren’t one to get nervous over many situations that spring up in your life. For example, cooking a difficult meal to impress your family? Easy. Moving out at seventeen years old to take on university in the big city? Simple. Taking on a multitude of presentations in both a school and workplace environment? Manageable, once the anxiety was overcome. However, like most people, there’s something that you constantly struggled with and that was relationships—most specifically the different milestones that come along with the whole honeymoon stage, those first moments when two people start to learn about each other in order to pick up on their quirks and habits, their likes and dislikes.

It’s the stage that you’re definitely still in with Min Yoongi. Now, don’t be fooled, you love the honeymoon stage with Min Yoongi. Even with the distance that is often carved between the two of you through his travels and promotions, writing songs, music videos, having to engage in constant communication with his fans—all of which he loves dearly, and you know this and you respect this part of his life—he still manages to text you and call you whenever he can if only to get in one or two words about his day. It’s through this that you learn of how much effort he puts into everything that he does, a gesture that really only makes you fall more in love with him.

But through all the excitement that comes with discovering all the little pieces that make up an individual, it also brings into light the apprehension of how a person would react to certain events. It’s from this that you realize that perhaps the only thing that could generate a nervous sensation in the pit of your stomach is the thought of your boyfriend.

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College AU. Sleeping with an asshole wasn’t your intention, and neither was falling in love with him.

Pairing: Asshole!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of sex and drugs, moderate swearing. c:
Author’s Note: I think the fandom needs an assholish version of Bucky that gets whipped by love and if you’re into gotg check out my Peter Quill fic for something lighthearted here.

Hot and groggy, you sluggishly wiped away the sweat drenching your forehead with the back of your hand and sat up.

Dazed, you cracked your tired eyes open and almost croaked when the chill of the room caressed your bare breasts. You folded your arms across your chest, and squinted at your surroundings, only to find, to your immediate distress and horror, that you weren’t in your own bedroom.

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Lindsey Graham says James Comey may be “incredibly incompetent”

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said it would be “incredibly incompetent” of former FBI Director James Comey if he’d taken a suspicious Russian intel document as the impetus to publicly roast Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server, CNN reported.
  • The document — which described a purported email between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and a Clinton staff member, in which Lynch promised to limit an FBI investigation into the server — may have prompted Comey to hold a press conference meant to hold Clinton to account. 
  • Graham said Comey told members of Congress he had obtained the “highly explosive” material — but apparently declined to mention that the FBI’s own analysts thought it was incorrect or a deliberate fake. Read more. (5/28/2017 5:40 PM)


For those of you that remember last October I did a special limited edition of commissions. I did a Witchsona themed personal commissions where I opened up 10 slots and turned you or a loved one (or both!) into witches based on your personality and how you imagined yourself. This went over really well and was one of my favorite set of commissions I’ve done! 

This time I wanted to do one for my ACOTAR fans (or just in general people who enjoy fantasy) and I wanted to make you into High Fae of the Court of your choice! As a refresher, the courts are:

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Day, Night, and Dawn courts. 

You can send me an email at danimariedraws@gmail.com with what court you would prefer to be in, some pictures for reference, and anything else you would like to add to the picture! 

Along with a limit of 10 slots, I also have reduced prices! Check below for prices!

Waist Up Full Color: $20     Full Body Full Color: $45   

 Additional Characters (friends, family, SO): + $20

I’m so excited to get started! I’m going to keep the list here and reblog periodically so you guys can see how many slots I have left!

1. @oops-yuri

2. @littlemissbrianna

3. @patrickpanda

4. @delirious-gestures







Again email me at danimariedraws@gmail.com with your requests!

203 rewatch

“put a man on an island, give him power over other men, and it won’t be long before he realises that the limits of that power are nowhere to be seen. and no man given that kind of influence will stay honest for very long” 

i can’t believe this is coming out of james mcgraw’s mouth i can’t believe this blatant foreshadowing re: james flint in nassau i hate this show its like a devastating emotional onion it has too many layers save me 

Being real as much as we all like rag on tumblr or The vapid social media I’ve met so many talented young people on the Internet.. And it’s weird Bc a few years ago it was kind of weird to make friends on the Internet but now the Internet is like.. not just a means or a tool but a whole fleshed out plane of community and interaction and production, and also the plane of the future and its ppl who limit themselves to the circles in their immediate geography who r limited. and now it’s ppl who can navigate this intensely dense kudzu of language and literally daily-evolving forms of the Internet, those who can connect over the Internet, who have all the resources in the world available to them & the freedom to connect w all these great young minds anywhere in the world… everyone has their own skills & niches too like hypothetically u could take a bunch of people you met on the web and w your collective experiences and different skills and creativity You could like found a collective… a journal… a tech startup… a band.. other things that require many people with different skills I’m blanking.. a football team…. a film crew… anything…. thinking about it.. it’s iconic

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How ahead of your queue are you? And how far would you say is too far?

i currently have 19 posts so not too far. tbh i don’t really limit myself bc i go through posts very quickly. I think the most posts I’ve ever had queued was just over 110

thank you all so much for sending in requests for sketch time today! (O  w O) i’m sorry i wasn’t able to get to them all, but thank you as always for sharing your ideas! it’s super fun every time! (^    o  ^) it’s almost 2:30am so it’s off to bed now! tomorrow i’ll be back to work on “Sweet, Sweet Madness”! i have dreams of finishing page three entirely tomorrow since i already did the basic re-sketch… but alas… i’ve realized my limitations lately! lol lol lol! before my holiday break is over on Saturday i’d like to finish up to page five! then~ hopefully stick to doing two pages a week???? though… as anybody who’s been following me for a while knows, i get distracted by new ideas CONSTANTLY! LOL! (^   O ^) but i’ll never do less than one a week! still, two is the goal! <3 thank you all again for your support thus far! (O    w O) have a wonderful day, a beautiful week, and if you’re heading into exam season~ i wish you strength, endurance, and a +50 boost to your memory!!! hehe! <3

Emmilyne’s Writing Update

So… I promised weekly updates about my writing.  Ah… okay, biting the bullet, TSTS is officially on Hiatus.  I tried to go back multiple times.  Didn’t work.

Blame 5x20 it ruined me for AUs for awhile.  Also I had been working exclusively with TSTS for over three months and exclusively with Felicity’s pov and 3 months is usually my limit before I need to switch stories.

So, maybe if I tell you what I’m working on that will help with the disappointment?  Maybe?  

Fair warning…title and summary and both tentative:


(Don’t) Let Me Go

Felicity told him to let her go and even when Oliver tried, it didn’t seem to be something he was capable of. In the end, there would be nothing in the world Felicity was more grateful for.

Weaving in and out of the final four episodes of Season 5 and beyond, follow Oliver and Felicity’s journey back to one another, one step at a time.    

Chapter 1: (60% done) Missing scene 5x20, a full fleshing out of the ARGUS med bay scene (the scene just needed an extra somethin’-somethin’ to make the episode perfect.  😉)

Chapter 2: (40% done) Missing scene 5x21, the team heads to the local bar to celebrate catching Chase and much drunken fun and flirting ensues

Chapter 3: (20% done) Continuation of chapter 3, Oliver walks Felicity back to the Loft, as any gentleman would.

Chapter 4: (20% done) Missing Scene from 5x23. So…who says Oliver went home after the party?  Who says he wasn’t there when Curtis called?

Chapter 5: (20% done) A collection of missing scenes from end of 5x23

Chapter 6: (20% done) Post 5x23

Chapter 7-12 Post 5x23 (and probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that damn cliff-hanger.  If I don’t get back to TSTS or AKOI this summer it’s the shows fault, I swear it!

So, there you have it, what I’ve been working on.  Hopefully, it will be a least a little worth the wait for the other stories. Nothing super crazy original, but hopefully you’ll find something fresh in the mix. 😊

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Jacks wants to go to India but that's so random I mean of all the countries in the world he picks India? 💀

I’m sorry but I don’t see how that’s random? He wants to travel the world and he and got7 have fans all over the world so no country is off limits or random in that case and India is a beautiful country filled with beautiful ppl and rich with culture and he and got7 have fans there and it’s a country he has never been so it far from random or silly that he would want to go there!!

TalesFromYourServer: If you order a Long Island at a champagne bar, I'm going to ID you

Background: I work in a “higher” end champagne bar, we have a very limited drink menu all around. 2 beers on tap, 3 in bottle, 4 bottles of red wine (4 white), and 6 champagne. (Liquor is also very basic)

So earlier today I see two younger looking guys kind of vulturing the bar (watching from afar). I didn’t pay and mind to them as it was empty and I was in the middle of cleaning. Eventually they make there way over but it seems like one of the guys is dragging his friend with him to the bar. They settle in and seem ready to order CG will be confident guy, F is friend and M is me:

M: what can I get you today? CG: do you guys have beer? -he’s sitting directly in front of our 2 taps- M: yes we have -insert local beers- CG: no I’ll get a corona M: we have peroni, Stella and -local beer- CG: perONe? What are you having? F: (visibly uncomfortable) nothing I’m good CG: okay I’ll have a Long Island M: Unfortunately I can’t charge for that so I won’t be able to make one CG: okay okay you got wine?

At this point I’m over it with this guy, he’s been looking in our 2 page drink menu this entire time.

M: your looking at the list CG: yeah I’ll just get a perONe M: I’ll need to see your ID CG: really?! I even with all these wrinkles?

Luckily he didn’t put up much more of a fight but it turned out he’s 20 (cue shocked gasps). Just drives me nuts, don’t act surprised about being ID’d if you can’t pronounce anything we serve ya doofus

By: thedirtiestmermaid

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Congrats on the 1k! I'd love to see something in the Stony Limits Cannot Hold Love Out universe, if that strikes your muse : -)

Cat was curled around Lena, holding on tightly.  She blinked her tear-stained eyes a few times.  Kara drew the blanket up over their two naked bodies in the bed, and then stripped down to her tank top and boyshorts, and slipped under the blanket on the other side of Cat, so that she was held between them.

Katherine Grant’s heart attack had been unexpected.  Cat’s mother was generally a healthy-eating teetotaller, but genetics bowed before no-one, and she was no exception.

 Cat had always struggled with wanting and not-needing her mother’s approval, and had always suspected that she’d be somewhat relieved when the woman finally did pass.  But now, facing the very real possibility that her mother wouldn’t last the night, Cat was overcome with grief and regret.  She was harsh, curt, difficult with her two younger lovers, and they understood why, and bore it as well as they could.  But then she’d spill over into crying for a moment, and they’d have to be soothing, but not too soothing, because she’d get resentful at the fact that she needed delicate treatment. 

Cat had been tossing and crying for the better part of two hours, and it was now 1 a.m.  Lena had finally gently suggested, “Cat, maybe you could let me into your mind for a little?  I can’t make decades of hurt disappear, but …. Maybe I can help you get to sleep?”

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Henlo fren. I ADORE your mocs. I haven't built a bionicle moc in like 6 years. I'd love to get back into it but Jesus it's so expensive and I don't have nearly as many parts as I used to. What would you suggest I do? Oh and one more thing, YOU ARE HECKING CUTE OH MAH LAWD

Thank you! :3c

Lego tends to be quite the expensive hobby, be it for MOCing or collecting, so I totally get the struggle. I’d like to think I have a fairly large collection at this point but it is also something I have built up for over a decade now.

If you really cant afford anything right now, I’d say try to build something out of whatever you do already have. Even if it isn’t much to work with, that doesn’t mean you can’t build something unique! Often part limitations can force someone to be more creative with their builds. If you have any sets still together, it may be the time to sacrifice them for the sake of MOCing.

Or, alternatively, if you have a low budget, looking for clearance (typically in Wal-Marts if you have those where you live.) can be great. I’ve found some of the G2 Toa on clearance in Wal-Mart for just $4 once. And those new expensive Star Wars sets can sometimes be found as low as $9 (which is pretty cheap since they run anywhere between $20 and $35 excluding the new biker set).

Yard/garage sales and flea markets can snag you a lot of Lego for cheap as well. Same can be said for Ebay lots if you’re auction savvy.

Or! and this is a great option IMO, if you have any friends who have Lego or know anyone in the community, offer a parts trade! you can trade pieces and both come out with what you need at no cost (or shipping costs only, potentially.) Or perhaps you can offer a different item in exchange for the pieces.

Personally, I usually just look for clearance sets or good lots in yard sales, and often I’ll make trades with friends. Sometimes I’ll place an order on Bricklink, but that’s fairly rare, as I always try to build 100% from my collection before resorting to buying specific parts there.

Overall, MOCing and collecting in general is a long process unless you’re rich enough to bulk buy Lego right from the Lego store. Don’t let a small collection deter you, and happy MOCing!

Maybe Not

What I think the casual fans are supposed to take from all Wanda had to share is:  Ben was spending his currency all over, fucking around with multiple women back in the summer of 2014, when one of the nameless women got pregnant.  Ben decided to make lemonade out of the lemons the casual fling served him with.  He did the honourable thing and married this woman, doing everything in his power (including, but not limited to: talking her up, trying to help her network with people in the industry, involving her in projects of his own like Letters Live, introducing her to people from the fashion industry in case she could sell shoes, going so far as to even buy the rights to a book written by one of her relatives, naming her as a producer on the film his own production company is going to fund -even though she’s never produced anything-, working very hard to provide his family with everything the money he makes from his work can buy, devoting as much time as he possibly can to them, being a hands-on dad while working long hours to provide for his family) to make the marriage work, hoping his unemployed wife who’s also an actress will do her part and try to make the marriage work too.  Unfortunately things seem a bit rocky, but Wanda still hopes these two idiots will make the marriage work.

That’s probably the most rational idea that’s come out over the past 3 yrs.  It keeps the door open for a quiet breakup, without dragging anyone through the mud.  Whether or not we believe it doesn’t matter.  On paper it works.

- Maybe Not


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. Thank you Maybe Not!

It just goes to show that if someone with half a brain had been in charge of the narrative of this showmance from the start, none of us would have become skeptical about the showmance from hell in the first place…  Regardless of the fact that Ben is incapable of lying convincingly.

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What do you mean when you say binge? Ate everything in the kitchen, go over your calorie limit, eat junk instead of healthy?

All of the above. I lost control and reverted back to how I used to be. I ate because I was bored or upset at something or just because I could.

“If you have a rule that you KNOW is going to limit the types of blogs you RP with, please put that rule at the top. Don’t make me read through ¾ths of your Rules page just to find out you don’t RP with people older than 30, or blogs that use real FCs, or muses that have magic, or whatever. I’m not upset we aren’t going to work out - I’ll get over it. But it feels a little inconsiderate. I’ve wasted time reading through rules that suddenly don’t matter because you won’t RP with me anyway.“