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Could you recommend some really good HP blogs? My dash has been running low lately, and I'm looking to fill it back up! Thanks :)

hey anon, so sorry this took so long for me to get to! i am so rubbish at answering these cause i’ll never know, but these are all the mostly hp blogs i can find from the top of my head:

@njmphadora @owvlery @pctter @lilyevians @meraudurs @chovchang @ameljiabones @auroremus @puveblood @katiebells @fleurdealcours @dailyprophet @fleurrdelacour @cho-chang @fcrbiddenfcrest @nargles @driacomalfoy @emmelinevvance @jamespottuh @howlingremus @paddfoot @tonqs @magicfolk @ravehclaw @gxnnyweasley @ginnys @herrmione @hermionegrangcr + blogroll

and i have forgotten soo many others i KNOW, so i am so so sorry if you are above 70-80% harry potter and are not on this list! i have obviously been a doof and forgotten you, please reply with your url in the tags so maybe this anon could see you too! <3

looking for new blogs to follow!

hello! i’m looking for some new blogs to follow. my dash is a bit dead at the moment and I’m looking to meet some new bloggers and make new friends. If you like or reblog this, I will be check out your blog!

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I also post mythology, quotes, some aesthetics etc.

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moodboards: thestrals

If he had had to give them a name, he supposed he would have called them horses, though there was something reptilian about them, too. They were completely fleshless, their black coats clinging to their skeletons, of which every bone was visible. Their heads were dragonish, and their pupil-less eyes white and staring. Wings sprouted from each wither — vast, black leathery wings that looked as though they ought to belong to giant bats. Standing still and quiet in the gathering gloom, the creatures looked eerie and sinister.


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imagine luna meeting her grandfather in law, newt scamander, for the first time and she starts mentioning nargles and everyone’s like here we go again… luna and her imaginary creatures. but precious newt actually listens to her ideas and theories, and realises that she might be right. and so they go off on an expedition together, and they find evidence that nargles really do exist and that’s the start of their beautiful and pure friendship/family.

the harry potter books, rated by luna lovegood simply existing
  • sorcerer's stone: is only 10, not at hogwarts. still mourning her mom and starting her wonderful exuberant hobby of searching for the crumple horned snorkack with xenophilius. 1/10.
  • chamber of secrets: she's at hogwarts, thriving probably. but jkr is out here testing me, with no mention of this tiny dandelion. is she passing out little amulets made out of dirigible plums as a means to ease her ravenclaw housemates' anxiety and fear? we don't know. 0/10.
  • prisoner of azkaban: she probably hangs out w/ lupin, who patiently listens to her crumple horned snorcack stories and smiles and wow i'm crying why wasn't this given to me. -5/10.
  • goblet of fire: the lovegoods are mentioned as buying their quidditch world cup tickets way ahead of time, but did they enjoy it? did xenophilius catch leprechaun gold for luna and tell her it had magical abilities to make her hair longer or something? that it too keeps away nargles?? did she root for ireland? JO STOP HOLDING OUT ON ME. 0/10
  • order of the phoenix: UPSIDE DOWN SPECTRESPECS. stubby boardman. "you're just as sane as i am." TELLING HARRY IN FRONT OF LAVENDER AND PARVATI THAT SHE BELIEVES HIM. honestly a perfect character who has done nothing wrong. her wild conspiracy theories (the ministry one is my fav omfg). FIGHTING WITH HARRY AND CO. AT THE MINISTRY, SUGGESTING THEY USE THESTRALS. the gentlest scene at the end, where harry is comforted by luna's presence and gets mad about people taking her shoes. ME TOO. what a time to be alive. 10000/10.
  • half blood prince: i only see her at the slug club christmas party, and it's for like five minutes. "i miss the order, it was like having friends" and GONE. 4/10.
  • deathly hallows: ok her bedroom ceiling with the painting of hermione, ron, harry, and ginny and "friends" is linked around it my HEART. and helping harry bury dobby and all around being a great support system again. Validation Queen 2kforever. suggesting the diadem and being 10000% correct even when hermione is being condescending. 100/10.
  • Draco: Ladies and gentlemen of the wizarding community, I am now officially the King of Hogwarts!
  • Hermione: He is not the King.
  • Ron: Of course he isn't.
  • Harry: I am the King of Hogwarts!
  • Blaise: Okay guys, stop mucking about.
  • Hermione: Thank y-
  • Blaise: Clearly there is only one way to decide the King of Hogwarts.
  • All Gryffindors: Rap Battle!!
  • (All houses get up and push their tables to the side, standing in a wide circle. Harry and Draco stand facing each other, and prepare to battle.)
  • Hermione: Stop this now!
  • Ginny: Guys, come on...
  • Luna: The Nargles are attracted by your animosity, you're endangering us all!
  • Draco: *beatboxes*
  • (Snape, Dumbledore and McGonagall enter)
  • Snape: What is going on here?
  • Blaise and Ron: Rap Battle!
  • Dumbledore: Alright, everyone out of the way. Now boys...
  • (Harry and Draco hang their heads)
  • Dumbledore: Drop the beat!
  • Hermione and McGonagall: *bangs head on table*

okay but what if agender luna ??
luna who just cant be bothered with being a girl or a boy when there are so many beautiful creatures ????? who has time to care about human binaries when you could be befriending the nargles floating around your head so they will let you keep a clear mind ???
luna who really doesn’t give half a shit what pronouns you use because sometimes even luna doesn’t know which ones to use
luna who gets a pixie cut after hogwarts because the long hair kept getting in the way and then people really didn’t know what to call luna when luna was wearing dirty overalls and sporting a haircut everyone was pretty sure harry had at some point
agender luna who even as an adult never bothers to try and identify with he or she because neither really fit but also both do ???
luna who just exists and lives a happy existence with all the creatures who live in the garden ginny insisted on getting instead of letting all the plants grow wild

hey folks !!! thank you for being patient with me, this has been a right ordeal to sort through, but honestly it’s been wonderful too :) i really wish i could have awarded you all a lil something but unfortunately, there can only be a few select winners !!! to all those who didn’t win, please don’t feel disheartened !!!! it’s not because your blog isn’t incredible it just so happens that others ranked just a lil bit higher. also, i’ve tried so hard not to repeat urls, so if you’ve won one category, then i will usually have tried to pick other people to win the others.


richard gansey iii award: favourite bloggers
   @aliciavspinnet @jilys @grriphook @fleurrdelacour @pctter @vanillasweet

luna lovegood award: kindest bloggers
  winner: @nargles
  runner up: @currentlyinlovewithjily @lumox

fred and george award: funniest bloggers
  winner: @oliverswood
  runner up: @nevillelonbottom @weascleys

sirius black award: best harry potter
  winner: @dailyprophet
  runner up: @lilyevians @ickle-ronniekins @flurishandblotts @doradelacour

the doctor award: best multifandom
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A Good and Lovely Holiday

Snape: Miss Lovegood… What are you doing?

Luna: I am decorating the halls for the holidays, sir.

Snape:*narrows eyes* Miss Lovegood, the hall was already decorated for the holidays. You are removing those decorations. 

Luna: But sir! This must be a mistake! The corridors have been littered with mistletoe! 

*holds up bundle of mistletoe in an alarmed fashion* *tosses it into a much larger pile of previously removed mistletoe*

Snape: That…is not a mistake, MIss Lovegood. Put it back. You are stealing school property, technically.

Luna: I cannot, in good conscience, do that, sir. This is for the safety of the students..

Snape: *intrigued despite himself* …How?

Luna: There are three things which attract the attention of nargles, sir. Cheer, the color red, and…*whispers* mistletoe. 

Snape: …

Luna: And now, with it being nearly Christmas and all the school being so happy, why, they are all at risk! Even worse is this insane practice I have noticed recently, sir. Students are purposefully lingering underneath the mistletoe, and I swear, I saw two people kissing yesterday! Kissing, right below a potential nests of evil creatures which would steal their very hearts! 


Luna: *points at mistletoe pile angrily* This plant is inspiring romance when it should be invoking terror! *eyes blazing* *demeanor fierce* People are kissing when they should be running! *raises fist* *majestic stance* There is too much cheer! I must put an end to it!

Snape: *peers into Great Hall, where there are far too many students experiencing far too much cheer* *admittedly sees no issue with her goals, even if the logic in nonexistent* 

…Carry on, Miss Lovegood. 

*turns to return to dark dungeons where the sun blessedly does not shine*

Luna: Oh, sir?

Snape: *looks over shoulder warily, to see Luna Lovegood setting fire to a pile of mistletoe in the castle hallway, which is against more school rules than he can fathom* 


Luna: *smiles* Happy Christmas! *more fire*

Snape: *almost smiles back* …Happy Christmas, Miss Lovegood.

*walks away, experiencing something which might be holiday cheer*