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*clutches chest* Please, I need to know...what is 'Steve and the chicken incident' in the Tony is Holmes au??

@naferty Ohhh a Tony is Holmes! au question!! Alright, buckle up.

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With Steve cheerfully telling Watson to ‘clench up doctor’ as he tosses Watson out a window, and Watson dumping an entire bucket of cold water over Steve’s head, one didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to predict how dangerous Watson’s and Steve’s escalating prank war will be.

(Watson smiled into his afternoon tea as Steve’s screeches could be heard from the bathroom. At Holmes’ raised eyebrow, Watson only cheerfully responded with ‘itching powder’. 

Holmes paused, slowly putting down his violin as he heard astonished gasps and loud barking through the open window. Holmes joined the grinning Steve in the window, peering down in the street below.

Holmes couldn’t hold back a snort. “What did you slip into his coat?”

Steve hummed as he watched the dogs chase Watson up and down the street. “The butcher may or may not have had some extra sausages this morning. I admit nothing.”)

As the pranks got more and more elaborate, it didn’t take long for the residents of Baker Street to become accustomed to weird weirder sights coming out of flat 221B. 

And after numerous noise complaints, and embarrassing public indecency calls, Holmes was surprised that the ‘chicken’ incident was what had gotten Lestrade to finally snap.

To be fair though, seeing both Steven and John running past him down the street, covered in head to toe in feathers with a live chicken under each arm was definitely an odd sight. Especially since they were being chased by two angry roosters, the butcher, the baker and a group of very angry brothel workers. 

After a fielding a few desperate calls from Lestrade, Holmes was finally ready to step in to put an end to this mess, telling Steven and John so. For all that he could predict and calculate, Holmes definitely did not see Steven and John both agreeing right away to stop immediately, and even (reluctantly) apologizing to each other. Holmes brightened, beaming at the pair’s apparent blossoming friendship.

(It honestly had nothing to do with Holmes…well, Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft had paid the two of them a visit, and had promised unpleasant consequences should they continue. Sherlock was never to find out.)

To this day, Holmes never did get the entirety of Baker Street’s infamous ‘chicken incident’ - neither John nor Steve were inclined to talk, and no one on Baker Street was willing to say much about it.

(Tony is super curious about it, but has accepted that he’ll likely never know, even if Steve still flinches occasionally when he sees a rooster.)

Of Sinners and Saints - EventHorizon - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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They grew up in a rough neighborhood, where an intelligent, gentle boy like Mycroft Holmes would have been savaged if it wasn’t for the fact that his best friend was Greg Lestrade, one of the toughest kids around and one who was devoted to keeping Mycroft safe from anyone who might want to hurt him. That devotion deepened into something very different as the boys aged and, though his heart swelled with pride when Mycroft won a scholarship to a prestigious college, that same heart shattered when Mycroft went away, determined to study theology and forge a life in the church.

Without Mycroft’s steady support and clear sense of right and wrong, however, Greg takes a different path and forges a life in the criminal underworld. After a ‘business’ deal goes bad, Greg races to the one person he knows he can trust, but have Greg’s choices forever closed the door on their relationship, be it one of friendship or something much, much more? When an unfamiliar car pulls up to the front of Mycroft’s church, that question has a chance to be answered…

As one might expect, nothing is ever calm and placid with our little family…

Shit Slytherins Say: #111
  • Slytherin to Gryffindor: Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity, don't you think?