but it was kind of hard to tell who was speaking


Listen, in the last twelve hours since making a perfectly measured response to a request, I have been called all kinds of names, been told that I shouldn’t be teaching, and been berated by a barrage of angry anons who feel that my students need their TWs before we discuss art with any kind of nudity. I take personal issue with those attack my career - I worked HARD to get here and teaching is my dream. Think before you speak - why say such ridiculous things? Don’t act like you can intuit the educational experience of my students from a simple post.

This is insane to me. The response I wrote was something I would tell any of my students, and I would tailor it accordingly if they expressed specific concerns. I had no idea why Anon requested what they did, so I wrote a generic reply attempting to explain why I believe it’s important we engage with art the way it was made.

From this point, I won’t reply to any messages, anon or not, that are disrespectful. I’ve been hurt, but not surprised, at many of the messages I’ve received, and I expect better from my fellow human beings.

do you remember last year when there were literally only a handful of minghao stans and he wasn’t really popular but he struggled and worked hard and never stopped believing in himself and never gave up. he’s grown so much to become the genuine, thoughtful, kind, funny, dedicated person he is today and i’m so proud because so many more people appreciate him and acknowledge his talent and perseverance. so many more people have grown to love and admire him, so many more people are aware of his efforts and passion. and him telling mingyu not to worry about the colour of his skin and reassuring him that he’s handsome just the way he is speaks volumes of who minghao is as a person. he is caring and sweet, and aware and honest. he won’t be afraid to fiercely protect and support the people he loves and this is exactly why i’m so incredibly happy he’s my bias. i’m so happy more people know who he is and i genuinely hope he’ll forget he ever said the words, “no one wants to take my picture” because if I could I would capture every single picture i could to frame up and show him just how beautiful he is both inside and out

Hufflepuff stereotypes.

Frankly speaking I’m really tired of the hufflepuff stereotyping. Actually I’m tired of the stereotyping done for every house but it seems to be the most for hufflepuff.
Are you telling me that hufflepuffs are weak?
Because these bad asses are loyal as shit and would defend their friends and family till they die. Even those who betrayed them along the way.
They are the house of loyalty and hard work. So they would ,probably at 3 in the morning, carry 20 books in their hands going back to the common room. They’d stay up all night and read those 20 books and it would drain them mentally but they won’t give up because this could save someone’s life.
Are you telling me that hufflepuffs aren’t fierce because they would work for a cause they believed in until they died and probably even their ghost would go educating other ghosts.
And of course hufflepuffs are the nice and kind and the happy house because they believe in changing people’s opinions through kindness and not hatred and humiliation. They are nice because they believe that in any day what we need is hope and they feel obligated to spread that positivity to the other houses because someone needs to be there to support the gryffindor and make sure they don’t do anything reckless without the presence of their mama hufflepuff. They need it make sure that their ravenclaw mates don’t tire themselves out and eat something because they forget all of that once they see an opportunity for more knowledge. They need to make sure no one hurts their little slytherins by their prejudice and make sure they don’t challenge the gryffindors into something reckless because “oh no Kevin you aren’t doing that”.
Hufflepuffs are important. They aren’t useless or the leftovers. And honestly, I can’t imagine a life without hufflepuffs.


I know everyone sees INTP and INTJ as the classic world domination dynamic duo, but let me introduce you to the true dynamic duo…… ENTP and INTJ.

It’s kind of a hard relationship explain sufficiently, but I’ll do my best.

ENTP is the wild, insane, mad scientist, that comes up with the half-baked, insane-but-amazing ideas. INTJ is the near perfect balance to that, the one who calms the insanity down a couple notches, keeps things organized, but is still down to destroy the continent.

1. Ideas

ENTP loves to come up with ideas and tell them to INTJ, while INTJ disects the ideas flaws and points then out, and loves to improve on these ideas to make them better. Example:

ENTP: Ok so what if our eye color changed based on our emotions

INTJ: Dude that would be awesome

ENTP: It could totally work too, I mean emotions are just chemical reactions so if you could direct those reactions…..

INTJ: How? I can’t see tubes working out

And this can go on for days until they reach a solution or get bored of it.

2. Activity Balance
ENTP, of course, is the adventurer, the ‘lets go wandering around to see where this path goes. INTJ, is surprisingly enough down for this most of the time, as long as they think it’s a reasonable feat. INTJ and ENTP’s calculations can be off sometimes though ending in freezing their asses off an hours walk away from home(true story). On the flip side, INTJ keeps ENTP inside researching ideas, Pintresting, watching music videos, somehow without making ENTP bored at all. Also, INTJ is good at prescion and learning cool,skills, which in turn they teach to ENTP(I have an obsession with making flower crowns thanks to my INTJ).

3. Academic Balance

School project? You bet your ass this duo is coming out with the coolest ideas yet(which other people overhear and steal sometimes but regardless). Time management can be their biggest problem as they can both be kinda lazy and procastinate a ridiculous amount. In the last week when everything did though, shit is on. ENTP does the research and mostly the academic side while INTJ uses their unlimited presicion and patience to make a beautiful project, that usually get an A, a B if they forgot some of the requirements(ENTP mostly lets be honest ).

4. Sarcasm/Insults that kill

Sarcasm is a constant between these 2, but it doesn’t offend them. This constant practicing though, gives them the skill to kill. ENTP and INTJ are both great at reading people and with that, they can see into people’s fears quite easily. ENTP has the habit of going straight for the kill, destroying your ego and your confidence in one blow. INTJ is more like a snake however, and wraps around you, pissing you off until you are most vunerable, then they go in for the kill, making their insults more devastating(The more emotional you get the weaker you are, basically).

5. Deep conversations like it’s nothing
Honestly, this is one I had to be told about because I hadn’t realized it was all that deep. Of course someone usually butts in and is like “ Shit that deep” and INTJ and ENTP just “??????? The possible orgins of our species isn’t that deep?”

That’s all I could think of right now, but I’ll probably add more as I think of them.

Unpopular opinion

We shouldn’t expect people to be able to tell the nationality of an East Asian person just by looking. 

In my experience, even East Asian people have a hard time telling each other apart by nationality/ethnicity. I’m Chinese/Taiwanese and going to Korean or Japanese businesses is always awkward because the staff will assume I’m Korean/Japanese and talk to me in those languages (I can’t speak either!). The Korean kids at my school are always mistaken for Taiwanese and basically nobody can tell Chinese or Taiwanese people apart by appearances alone. If you know what different languages sound like then it is a bit easier, but it’s just ridiculous to expect random Americans who’ve probably seen a total of 10 irl Asian people in their lives to make these kind of calls. The only people I’ve met who are anywhere near reliably accurate about nationality-guessing are 1st gen immigrants who have spent most of their lives in Asia.

I can’t tell if I’m just desensitized from living in a majority Asian town but honestly being mistaken for the wrong nationality isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you and if that does happen and people get aggressive to you on the grounds that you’re “____” I think the problem is that they’re racist and not that the racism is going to the wrong person.

sometimes I think there is a struggle of persistence between many men and women on the internet, with men often being entitled to others’ submission and to others approval of their words and will try over and over again until they get the ‘right’ outcome of their contribution, will either explode in rejection or appear ‘cool’ to deflect when people tell them that they’re behaving terrible,

and many women being so tired to just nodding and smiling that when they have a shield of distance between them and any kind of dangerous situation just. trying so doggedly hard to point out why all this is bullshit, to expose this entitlement, to reject it and just to keep going and going because stopping means that they’ve gotten dominated yet again and someone who’s wrong is the victor by nature of force rather than merit of argument

and it just. is infinite. man speaks out his ass, is told no, rejects no, is told no, rejects no, is told no, rejects no, is told why the no happened, rejects the validity of no, is told no, rejects the no


it goes on forever because both parties have investments in not being dominated. One from hierarchical aversion to shame and entitlement to success. One from repeated experiences with domination and shame and dread of it, and hatred of its perpetuation

meanwhile being wrong or unwanted on the internet is not about domination, it’s just mistakes.

Welcome to Fitblr - 7 things you F***ing need to know.

On a side note

I don’t know how to tell you this so that you’ll listen

maybe if I swear in the title. 

I want to take a quick moment (haha. Me. quick. HA!) to talk to the newbies. To the folks just starting out on this journey. To the people who have had enough… for real this time! 

The thing is, I’m going to tell you a bunch of things you already know and unless it is “for real this time” FOR REAL AND HONESTLY you are going to blink, stop reading this post half way through and move on to the quick-fix detox tea companies that post pictures of unrealistic “skinny” people and promise you a handful of lies. If that’s you, you aren’t for real this time. Good luck though and when you figure out that you aren’t going to lose 100 lbs in a week for that perfect chiseled beach look - come on back. We’ll be here. 

For those of us on the “for real this time” trail, there are some things I want to tell you and you’ve probably heard them a million times before, but maybe this time a lightbulb flickers over your head and you have a brilliant AHA! moment all because of me. Probably not, but maybe. And maybe you are sitting there wondering who the hell I am and how I can possibly tell you what to do. First, I am not telling you what to do. I am telling you things I know FOR ME. Do they apply to you also, Maybe!

So who am I? I am just like you. My name is T. I am a blogger and a fitblr and a runner (ha!) and a swimmer (ha!) and a weight lifter (ha!) and a kickboxer (ha!) and a god-damn-zen-master (ha!) (or so I have been told - because here in my world, EFFORT IS EVERYTHING! I THINK THEREFORE I AM! I have nearly 500 followers which is breadcrumbs in the blogger world but HUGE to me and  much to my chagrin a bunch of them are porn blogs I can’t seem to make go away… sigh.

My highest weight was 220 lbs. My current weight is 206 lbs. My body fat % has dropped from 45% to 40%. I have been working, steadily on my fitness for almost two years. When I started, I knew nothing. I was sore, tired, sick and lazy. I’ve been working on this for two years, and yeah, it got a bit easier, but I still have to work at it every single day and today when I woke up sore and achy and tired I knew I wanted to share this with you. 

Things the new-to-this need to know (or things the old-at-this needs to be reminded of): 

1. Don’t expect it to be easy - remember how I talked about quick fixes and detox teas. THEY ARE ALL LIES. This is not going to be easy, not even a little bit. Prepare yourself for hard, then expect harder. You’ll probably cry. You’ll probably quit. You’ll probably cry. Keep going. 

2. Don’t expect it to be easy - people are going to tell you all kinds of things. “I lost the weight and didn’t change my diet”. “Oh, I just woke up like this.” “Take this pill” “I don’t eat carbs” bla bla bla. People are going to downplay your effort and success. One of the hardest parts of your walk down this path is comparison. COMPARISON IS AN ASSHOLE. FUCK COMPARISON. YOU DO YOU. (I can’t make my capital letters any bigger…) YOU. DO. YOU. Everybody else has their own journey and 80% of them are going to lie to you because they don’t want you to know the before. YOU.DO.YOU. 

3. Don’t expect it to be easy - your body is going to tell you that you can’t do it. It is going to tell you that it is tired and sore and incapable. THAT IS NOT YOUR BODY. That is your brain. Your body is far more capable than you are giving it credit for and the first time you feel your body accomplish something you didn’t think it could accomplish will give you a type of confidence-boosting-euphoria you will never find in any fucking blueberry-acai-grapefruit-organic-detox-cup-of-overpriced-water-lies. Keep going. 

4. Don’t expect it to be easy - I bet you have a goal weight. You have a plan. You are going to do this this time because you have written it down on a piece of a paper and you are going to lose 20 lbs and you are going to look beautiful and you are going to be able to go onto a beach in a bathing suit and that person is going to notice you because you are really-really-ridiculously good looking now. Find that piece of paper. Got it? BURN IT! 

  • You are already really really ridiculously good looking. I know we say that all the time here at Fitblr Central and we are going to keep saying it until you also start saying it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE GOOD LOOKING. YOU.DO.YOU AND THAT IS AMAZING! Own that shit! Flaunt that shit! 
  • You don’t need to lose 10-20-30 even 50 lbs. Oh? Your doctor said you need to for your BMI? Fuck the BMI. More bullshit. You don’t need to lose weight. YOU NEED TO BE HEALTHY! YOU NEED TO FEEL STRONG! (You may need to lose fat) but you 100% DO NOT need to lose weight. A lot of my posts are tagged with #duckthescale (an autocorrect faux pa I retained and use regularly) and I mean it. Fuck the scale. Who gives a shit what you weigh? BE STRONG! BE HAPPY! BE HEALTHY! BE FLEXIBLE! BE COURAGEOUS! BE KIND! BE CONFIDENT! BE A FIGHTER! BE NICE TO YOURSELF! Don’t make your goal your weight. please. You will end up disappointed. Focus on literally a million other things, not that useless number. 
  • Unlearn everything you thought you know. You KNOW  a lot of things. Dr. Oz. Oprah. Advertisement. Healthy and Beauty products. The people on that TV program with the catchy song and the spokes-person who looks like an angel; all of these people have taught you a lot of things. Forget them all. My favorite quote of the moment is: “I’m still learning. I’m still unlearning.” It is way harder to unlearn all the crap you’ve been “taught” than it is to learn the new stuff. 

5. Don’t expect it to be easy - you will need to wade through piles and piles and piles of overwhelming information. You will talk to hundreds of people who offer you advice (good) and advice (bad) and opinions (both warranted and un-requested). You will need to learn which advice is worth listening to. Here’s a tip: most of it isn’t. Read. Research. Talk to professionals. Talk to people in community groups and social media who can help (be careful who you listen to). Find people you trust and trust your instincts and don’t expect it to be easy. Find what works for you. You’ll get there.  

6. Don’t expect it to be easy - go slow. Don’t start out at 400 horsepower straight out of the gate. You’ll just break something. Take it slow. If it means you spend the first 2 weeks at the gym walking on the treadmill doing a weird book-reading juggling act while trying to secretly spy on all the gym goers using the equipment so you can hopefully figure out what this shit show is all about (true story) then do that. Just go slow. The Rock once said “for the first (enter timeline) I just went to the gym, sat there, and read a magazine. It’s about building the habit” (not his exact words but you get the idea) That really stuck with me. Build the habit however you need to. Remember: you.do.you.


7. Don’t expect it to be easy - BE KIND TO YOURSELF. This may be the hardest thing you do. Forgive yourself. Recommit every morning if you have to. If you take 5 steps today, take 6 steps tomorrow. If you skip a day, start again tomorrow. Be patient. Work hard, always. Love yourself first and please please please be KIND to yourself always.

So I kind of came out to my whole playwriting class today…
We were doing a writing exercise where we had to write down ten attributes about ourselves, physical and personality wise, then share them with the class, and we were supposed to make them creative/poetic. Everyone’s going around and saying stuff like, “my eyelashes cause wind with every blink” and, “I take up space like a woman shouldn’t” and, “my body is scared from a fight with a bicycle” and poetic shit like that.
So then it comes to me.
Now, my voice in my writing is really unique and I’m proud of it, but it’s not poetic like these other people who, imo, were trying a bit too hard.
But let me tell you, when I said, “My hair is the straightest thing about me, and it’s not all that straight,” the professor laughed so hard that I had to wait a full ten seconds to keep going.

i’ve been reading loud hands: autistic people, speaking, which is incredibly powerful but also deeply deeply hard for me to read.

this is the narrative of my autistic siblings across the country. this is my narrative. this is who i am, and this is who i could have been. this is what happened to me and this is what could have been done to me. 

as time has passed, I’ve realized more and more clearly that I have lost big pieces of myself, in possibly irreparable ways, to the rhetoric of quiet hands and eliminating autistic behavior and autistic thought processes and autistic life.

and I wish I could take my young self by the hand and tell them, in their own language — in the words and patterns that make sense to them, that mean something to them in the deep places of their heart — that it’s okay to be what they are, to show who they are to the world. that they can claim the words that make them feel strong, that they can claim the words that let them feel vulnerable. that their hands can be loud, and they should never apologize for celebrating, or for thinking about the world in new and exciting ways.

that they are allowed to take up space. that there is no way to exist wrong. 

but I know that I could never do that. because if I did that and they listened, things might very well be worse. because passing is a survival mechanism. because as flawed and damaging as it is, it has likely kept me alive. because even though my skin itches and blazes with the desire to touch, to know, to draw out the shapes of things, to make patterns, to draw connections, part of me knows that quiet hands are what has kept me safe. 

that’s a really terrible feeling — to know that to tell myself to be true to who I am would put me at such risk of harm even though it has cost me so much to maintain this facade, even though passing has nearly cost me my life too. 

there’s so much pain in this book, in the self-loathing and violence and insidious degradation so many of us have faced in one way or another. there’s so much joy here too, in the resistance to the idea that we are broken and wrong, that we are too much to be allowed, that it is better we were dead than alive and autistic. joy in community, in growing celebration, in taking up space with loud hands and loud voices. 

it’s hard to find the words for this, to put this sense of shared experience into words. to put this sense of determination and pain and need into the right words. 

this is what it looks like. 

it looks like a small, battered notebook, bright yellow like sunshine and the heat that glimmers off the cars in the parking lot in arizona in the summer and that perfect leaf in fall. it looks like pages and pages of scribbled notes, of quotes in scrawled cursive and in large block typography and in ballpoint pen and glittery art pens, the words of others adapted and rewritten and recontextualized in someone else’s life. it looks like grocery lists and to-do lists and notes all written over each other, the written evidence of a life lived and remembered. it looks like emotions and thoughts bled out onto a page, consolidated and shaped to share or keep, and stickers on the page, little bits and pieces stuck in from wherever, and little drawings in the margins, figures and swirls and whorls, and whole pages of nothing but curved lines tucked into one another, a page of ink adapting and twisting to meet and shape the other pieces on the page. 

it looks like a page that says only “THERE ARE ONLY TWO STORIES: EITHER YOU GO FORWARD OR YOU DIE.” in large block letters, and another with “so much depends/upon/a red wheel/barrow/glazed with rain/water/beside the white chickens,” tucked into a corner in neat, nervous cursive, and a third just covered in ampersands of various sizes and colors and styles. it looks like survival. it looks like the connection of my life and others’, like art and words, like so much depends/ upon us and on this and/ upon/ the stories we tell to one another.

It’s kind of disgusting and awful that we push the “you can do anything you set your mind to” narrative so hard, especially on neurodivergent and/or mentally ill and/or disabled people?  Like what kind of thinking??  

Obviously you can’t do anything you want just because you WANT to, it takes certain skill sets to do certain things, and not everybody possesses every skill set.  When a neurotypical/able bodied person isn’t able to do the thing(s) they always wanted to do we usually tell them it’s okay, you tried your best, it’s fine, go try something else.  

But when the person is neurodivergent and/or mentally ill and/or disabled, we get angry.  THEY are the ones who ”“"didn’t try hard enough”“”.  And it needs to stop.

anonymous asked:

Just being able to find someone who likes talking with me is something I personally feel proud of, since it means I'm making friends the right way

Send me an ask or a submission and tell me about something you did and that you’re really proud of.

let’s be real tho, talking is seriously hard?? i mean for a lot of people there’s the shyness/anxiety barrier to worry about, and then after that the next obstacle is how to even hold a conversation like idk i throw a link in a tiny group chat and we laugh about for five minutes and then the convo dies again until one of us has something to say several hours or days later (aside from the rare random bouts of two-hour headcanon/plot brainstorming). which personally i’m cool with and i’m glad my close friends just kind of roll with the same thing and that we’re all okay with it because it shows we don’t have to talk all the time in order to be close friends, so i always worry a bit that maybe other people i haven’t known as long think i’m not interested or don’t care or whatever because i’m a pretty silent fucker and am always relieved to find someone who can be like me and just randomly pipe up three weeks later with a thing out of the blue and it’s completely normal


shinee world iv: the fourth stage
02 / backstage: behind the show

q. managers who are with shinee twenty four hours a day are the ones who would know really well about their personality. please tell us about each member’s personality.

onew is reliable like a leader. he makes joke a lot of the time, but his leadership kicks in when there’s a need to harmonize opinions within the team. he’s also sensitive. jonghyun is the life of the party. he speaks very well, he’s sensitive and, above all, he’s very kind. his first impression might come off as strong but he has very sensitive sides. minho is a real man. he takes care of the staff especially. taemin is caring and is full of aegyo. even though he is the youngest member, his stubbornness as an artist is strong. he changes into a completely different person on stage but, when he steps down from the stage, he becomes to youngest member (ie: makenae) again. key works hard no matter what. his immersion, concentration and responsibility about work is very strong. of course, he takes care of the staff too as well. taking about it, i think all of the shinee members have similiar personalities. all five are the life of the party, take good care of the staff, have a lot of friends and are kind. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)


Today we acknowledge a really terrible loss. Cedric Diggory was, as you all know, exceptionally hard working, infinitely fair-minded, and most importantly, a fierce, fierce friend. Therefore, I feel you have the right to know exactly how he died. You see, Cedric Diggory was murdered, by Lord Voldemort. The Ministry of Magic does not wish me to tell you this. But not to do so I feel would be an insult to his memory. Now the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me, and, reminds us, that though we may come from different countries and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one. In light of the recent events, the bonds of friendship made this year will be more important than ever. Remember that, and Cedric Diggory will not have died in vain. You remember that, and we’ll celebrate a boy who was kind, and honest, and brave, and true. Right to the very end.


My entry for Roosterteeth’s RvB S13 Music Vide contest.  It hasn’t popped up in the gallery on the website yet (propbably still being reviewed at this point in time).

I used multiple Trocadero songs to capture Red vs Blue’s different elements reperesented throughout the story.

The first song When We were Soldiers kind of speaks for itself in terms of the characters all being soldiers themselves and a part of war. Some were lost and sometimes it was hard to tell who was the bad guy.

Faraway represents the build-up of the thrill and edge of the show. With the showing of the different places we’ve been throughout the story.

Finger Pushups easily shows off the constant comedy and jokes. The bit with “Equipment Malfunction”, the skipping track, and camera explosion runs along the joke of Caboose breaking something which is always followed by the saying “Tucker did it." 

I then used the radio sound and phrase "Memory is the key” to transition to the next part. It’s kind of like the film broke and then the next parts ends up popping up.

Outpost Sunset was used in season 10 with Church getting angry in the holographic room and everyone leaving. I used it to portray the emotion and feelings that are hidden within RvB (hence the film “breaking” and this part coming in behind it). The flashbacks to Allison being used in a different color tone to more represent it as an old memory, and how each overlaps fading into each other. (Honestly this part was my favorite to put together) 

I needed a clever way to transition to the next scene, so I came up with the idea of: you think it’s over but it’s not. So I put in the clip of Washington saying it’s over, which is immediately followed by Burnie’s voice saying “absolutely not” (Excerpt from Ten Little Roosters).  Then the clip of Locus and Felix pops up with Locus saying himself it’s not over.

Contact was built up in the Locus and Felix teleport scene. So the guitar instrumental sounded right when it happened. Contact is one of my favorites, so I had to use it. The part of the song I used sounds thrilling and memorable. I used it to perfectly end the video and represent Red vs Blue’s constant thrill, excitement, and awesomeness. And how memorable Red vs Blue is; it’s been around for over 10 years and I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon. It’s memorable by how it sticks with us and we love it.

Then I used the it’s over joke again to finish and with the Red vs Blue season 13 logo; since it is RvB S13 Music Video contest. The bit at the end with Church and Caboose I added to let it end just right. Kind of like they were watching it themselves.

Side Note: I actually had to shorten and cut things so that it would fit the time limit. The scene of the film “breaking” wasn’ going to go so fast, but I had to make it go quicker for time. Originally where Contact starts was where I had the song Funny Farm and then I was going to add Contact, but the time got me again, so I cut Funny Farm and just put Contact in. Also, I wanted to put the tracks Prancing Bull, Schemer, and Blood Gulch Blues in, but again: wouldn’t fit with the time limit.

I’d love to know what you personally think of it. I love getting feedback. And wish me luck in the contest. I’m hoping it’ll do well.


Things that Go Bump (1/1)

Author’s Note: Happy Birthday to Carrie @amagicalship, who I hope has recovered from her bout with a yucky cold. I know you had a great birthday, and I hope this makes it even better. You make this whole tumblr experience happier for all of us with your kindness, beautiful writing and gorgeous blog. Thank you forever for giving me moral support and off-the-charts great betaing behind the scenes. Speaking of which, thanks to @lenfaz and @kat2609 for betaing this for me.

Rated: M (graphic smut, for my smut queen Carrie)

Summary: Strange things are afoot at the Swan household. Family and friends help Emma prepare for a wickedly fun evening, while she and her pirate go all-in on their criminally sexy joint Halloween costumes. However, she comes to learn that playing tricks on a pirate always has consequences.


In the dimly lit room it was hard to tell if the ropes were tight enough.

Emma stared at the device hanging from the ceiling - set to fall on the next hapless victim - and wondered if it needed an adjustment. Without thinking, she lifted her hand to fasten down a rope with magic, felt the rush of energy flow to her fingertips…but decided against it. She needed to feel like she could do this on her own.

Just as she was putting the step-stool away, the front door opened and closed softly, and a familiar footfall sounded in her foyer. She stepped back into the shadows to see how well the contraption worked.

As Killian stepped into the kitchen, she held her breath.


“Am I to believe, Swan, that the residents of Storybrooke – some of whom have battled ogres and all of whom have been placed under spells – wish to mill about in these,” he waved his hook at the ceiling, “houses of horror, so they can be frightened by friends dressed as monsters and warlocks?”

“That’s about right,” she said stepping out of the shadows, irritated that the giant paper mache hand hadn’t dropped. She knelt down to move aside the padding on the floor that hid the release mechanism.

“For amusement?”

“Yes,” she smiled as he kissed the top of her head.

“I’ll never understand this realm.”

She reached up to grasp his hand and he squeezed once before walking off. In the wake of all that had come to pass, she had been left with a constant need to touch him…to make sure he was still there.

Emma glanced across the room to watch Killian - in his dark blue peacoat and jeans - place a bag of groceries on the counter (and perhaps stared a bit harder than necessary as he bent down to put away the bread).

More often than not these days, she simply forgot who he had been and where he had come from. But as he made his way through the old Victorian, thumbing rubber spiders and pushing aside wispy black drapes to look behind, she was struck by how much he still had to discover about this world.

He hung up his coat next to the cellar door, which was most definitely not going to be a part of the Storybrooke Haunted House Tour. Nobody needed to see the dark underbelly of her white picket house, given everything that went down…down there. As it was, she was still worried that half the town wouldn’t show up to her house. The former Dark One and all. It had been over a month and she was still waiting for the dwarves to come by and help rehab the basement into something not resembling a dungeon, but no one was returning her calls.

It was irritating beyond belief to get Happy’s voicemail yesterday for the tenth time - Off to work I go, leave a message and I’ll gladly call you back. - and given the look she got from him at breakfast (not happy at all) she was starting to think it was possible that the curse word she uttered into the receiver upon hearing the message was spoken after the beep.

Killian had moved into the living room.

Feeling playful, she edged around the corner of the wall and waited until she heard the creak of the hardwood on the other side of the dark fabric suspended in the doorway. As soon as she saw his hook push through, she pounced.


“OI! What do you think you’re doing?!?”

“So, the great Captain Hook can be scared.”

“I was not scared. I was caught off guard.” He reached a finger up to scratch his ear, and avoided her gaze.

“Is that so?” She nudged him with her thigh, a gleam in her eye. “You haven’t forgotten I can tell when someone is lying to me.”

“You’ve got quite the dangerous sense of humor.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” he took hold of her by the waist and hoisted her over his shoulder, “you can’t ambush a pirate and not expect to pay the price.”

She giggled as he hauled her towards the stairs, but they were stopped by the ring of the doorbell behind them. “Killian! Oh! You have to put me down, that’s Henry at the front door. I forgot he was stopping by.”

He flipped her down and set her gently on her feet, leaning forward to whisper into her ear. “This isn’t over, love. I’ll get you back for trying to frighten me…later.”

“I’ve defeated dragons and witches and darkness, Killian Jones. It’s going to take a lot of effort to scare me,” she goaded.

With his hand outstretched for the front door handle, he turned to face her – eyebrow peaked over a piercing blue gaze and his tongue tracing his upper teeth dangerously – before opening the door, “Henry, me boy! Come on in.”

Emma quickly replaced her look of gape-mouthed longing with a plastered-on smile to greet her son.

She’d have said hi, but first she needed to remember how to breathe again.

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hey taylorswift

just wanted to let you know that i’m going to two nights of your 1989 tour at gillette stadium. ya know…in case you wanted to know that kind of stuff…

july 24th i’ll be in section c3 row 12 with my best friend ashley raging HARD CORE at our second of your concerts together (we went to the red tour together too and that was INSANE)

july 25th i’ll be in section 236 row 20 seats 27 and 28 with my friend maddie who is like a little sister to me who is a huge fan and has never been to one of your concerts before! she is out of her mind ecstatic 

so i’m just going to leave this here and maybe you’ll use it to come find me? i wouldn’t say no! as you can tell (from that picture of me at your speak now tour. holy crap, i was seriously getting into that shiz), i get really intense at your shows so that’s fun we could totally be having together

here’s to hoping i’ll see you then! either way, love you forever homegirl!

title: cross your heart to take me when you leave
summary: clarke and bellamy never just mean what they say; there's always something more, something deeper in their conversations. 
pairings: clarke/bellamy, very minor miller/monty
warnings: canonical character death (mentioned), lots of alcohol.
an: took me way too long to complete this prompt, sorry nonny! hope you like it! it kind of got away from me..

Clarke wasn’t sure when she and Bellamy began speaking in implications, but most of their daily conversations now contained double meanings. When she told him she needed more herbs for her medicines, he knew she also meant: Stop working everyone so hard. And when he’d tell her that they needed to double up guard duties, she also heard: The Grounders have been too quiet lately. Something’s wrong. It wasn’t normal, Clarke decided, for two people who could barely stand each other to be able to communicate so effectively, but nothing about their situation was normal.

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(trans) ‘shinee world iv: the 4th concert’ shinee’s manager comment

question: managers who are with shinee 24 hours a day are the ones who would know really well about their personality. tell us about each member’s personality

manager: onew is reliable like a leader. he makes jokes a lot of times but his leader kicks in when there’s a need to harmonize oinions within the team. he’s also sensitive too. jonghyun is the life of the party. he speaks very well. he’s sensitive above all he’s very kind. his first impression might come off as strong but he has very sensitive sides. minho is a real man. he takes care of the staffs especially. taemin is caring and is full of aegyo. even though he’s the youngest members. he stubborness as an artist is strong. he changes into a completely different person on stage but when he steps but when he steps down from stage he becoes the youngest member (maknae) again. key works hard no matter what. his immersion, concentation, and responsibility about work are very strong. o course he takes care of the staffs too as well. taking about it, i think all shinee members have similar personality. all 5 are the life the party. takes good care of the staffs. have lots of friends and are kind.

translation © thatcoolcatmeow / take out with full credits