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Who Is He? | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Jealous!Zach
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hey guys! I really missed writing about Jealous!Zach so I had to bring him back even for just a short one-shot. A couple of people also requested for a Jealous!Zach imagine and I thought now was the perfect time since it’s been a week since I’ve started this blog! Happy week-sary to me haha! Anyway, enjoy this cute little write-up starring Jealous!Zach and a special participation from Clay Jensen. LOL.


“I could get used to this.”

“So could I.”

I reply as Zach and I laid together on the leather sofa in his living room. He laid on the sofa with his legs spread out and his back leaning comfortably on the armrest. I was on top of him, my head resting on his firm chest with my arms wrapped around his waist. I placed my ear where his heart was, I could hear it beating every second or so and the sound of his beating heart calmed my head and pulled the corners of my lips upwards. His arms were wrapped around me, almost like a warm blanket and his chin rested on the crown of my head. We just sat there in silence, although it was very comfortable and calming.

It’s only been a couple of months since we had officially started dating but for some reason it’s almost like we’ve known each other for more than that. We’re very comfortable with each other, and we already know each other quite well if I do say so myself. But of course, like any other relationship, ours wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

It was times like this when I didn’t mind him always being busy with school, or basketball for that matter. He has to do well so that he can get a scholarship in his chosen university. He was busy, he was always either at the school courts practicing or in different states battling it out with other high schools, and I understood, seeing as he is the captain of the Liberty High basketball team, and he is their most valuable player. It’s his dream along with becoming a marine biologist, and who am I to get in the way of his dream. I’ll always be there for him, to support him, to help him, to encourage him whenever he feels down but I missed times like this, if I’m being honest, and these were the days where I could be selfish around him. What meant the most is that I still get to spend times like this with no one else, but him. He was mine, only mine, and I was his, only his.

“I really missed you.” I look up to face him.

“What? Babe you see me in school almost everyday.” he replies with a chuckle.

“Yes I do see you but I don’t get to actually spend much time with you since you’re always so busy.” I answer with a pout.

“I’m sorry Y/N. You know I have to do well to get a scholarship.” he says as he strokes my hair gently.

“Of course I understand Zach. We’ll just have to spend times like this wisely because we rarely get to be together like this. So what exactly do you want to do today? Do you have anything in mind?” I ask him. Just as Zach was about to reply, my phone which was resting on top of the coffee table, lit up. A person’s name came up on the screen and I got up immediately to answer it.


“I’m good, I missed you! How ‘bout you? How are you doing?”

“Uhm, nothing much I’m just with Zach right now.”

“Sure! Sure! He’ll understand. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

“Alright, yup, i’ll see you soon Helmet!”

I smile as I take the phone to my chest and run to Zach’s bathroom. As I freshened up, I can feel heavy footsteps coming closer to the bathroom door. A few seconds later, as I turn around, I see Zach’s tall figure leaning against the doorframe.

“Who was that?” he asks with his arms crossed infront of his chest.

“My helmet.” I reply without looking at him as I hurriedly tried to brush my teeth.

“What did he or she need?” he asks.

He wanted to see me.” I answer as I got out of the bathroom.

“Why did he want to see you?” he asks once again.

“Because we miss each other?” I reply with a smile and my eyebrows raised.

“Where are you meeting each other?” Zach continues to ask.

“The coffee shop down the road.” I say as I put my jacket on and take my purse with me.

“I’ll go now baby, I’ll be back soon I promise.” I continue as I quickly give him a kiss on his cheek.

I run out of Zach’s house and walk my way to the coffee shop. As soon as I saw the wooden sign of the cafe, I went in immediately with a huge smile on my face. And there he was! He sat at the seats near the glass window in front of the coffee shop with a navy blue hoodie on; a pair of headphones hanging on his neck.

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your aged up Yurio! Out of all the versions I've seen of him, yours is my favorite! He just looks so sexy and I absolutely love his muscles.

Thank you! :’D I um. Have a thing for drawing muscles, it’s fun, I like it, and therefore I have a tendency to exaggerate and bulk up everyone >.>;;;; And long hair <3

misselizabeth530  asked:

Wait, are you not supposed to offer for cashiers to "keep the change"? I've done that multiple times and usually they just say thank you and pocket the change. Can't you do that everywhere?

In every job I have had you would be fired for “pocketing” any change. (The big mouse, the supermarket, ghettomart, and the depot of offices.) And the last would get written up if you were over OR short so if someone left money and ran out I would have to let others be short to make up the difference.


Sticking to a Novel

@nour386 asked: “Sorry if this isn’t an appropriate writing question, but how do you stick to a piece that you’re writing? When you sit there and can’t make words flow anymore and you’re just sitting with a blank line and have no idea what to do?”

That’s a great question actually (and totally appropriate) and the truth is, it is hard. When you start a project, there’s so much hope and excitement and when that project is something as long as a novel, it can be difficult to maintain that excitement and desire to keep writing for however many tens of thousands of words it has to be. 

For this reason, I often recommend new writers start with short stories.  With short stories or really any kind of short piece of writing, the biggest obstacle is often finishing the project. If you can write a whole short story from start to finish, you know that you can write and edit and complete something of that length. You might dare to take on something longer the next time around. Writing a few short stories can be a great exercise in character, theme, and plot. Novels and short stories are by no means the same - their mechanics are different, but a lot of the tools and techniques you learn writing a short story can be applied to a novel. 

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Death and Levi

The other day, my friend @kyojinofbraveos asked if any of us believed Levi would be killed by the end of snk. I realized that I have a lot of thoughts about that, so I decided to flesh them out by writing this post. 

The short answer is that while I have no idea what Isayama is planning plot-wise, I think that thematically it would make sense for Levi to die (depending on the manner of death of course). And not just because he’s a tragic hero with a tragic life so of course he’s going to be killed. No, there’s more to it than that, so I wanted to take this chance to examine his development a bit and explain why I think Levi’s death would be thematically appropriate. There’s so much more to analyze about his character, but I’ll stick to the aspect that is most relevant to the point I’m trying to make.

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Hey guys….. so…. I’ll be entering in a hiatus. I don’t know for how long tho…. school is just too overwhelming and stressing that I just had a break down a few minutes ago and almost had a panic attack. I need some time… to try and focus on school to make it more easier for me. Everything is new. I’m not used to stay 10 hours in a school and I have so many more subjects and classes that I don’t understand. So. Yeah. You may see me here and there but I won’t appear much as before. I don’t know if this is gonna be a short or long hiatus. It depends on how my mental health will be

Sorry. I just. Need some time to set up my life

Thank you for your attention

See you guys soon

russethunter  asked:

Okay, but your Mafia AU gives me life! The story so far, and just your art in general with how beautiful it is in combination with the coloring is such a joy to see and makes me want to practice more! (Also I love the detail that Victor wears his jacket right off of his shoulders and it's basically my aesthetic because I just love it so much! o3o) Long story short thank you for blessing the dash with this wonderful AU and your art!

Awwwww, it’s so awesome to hear that you like the art so much, and that it actually inspires you!!! QAQ
The coloring for the Mafia AU is kinda messy, so, it’s interesting to hear that you think it looks good! :D
And omg, that’s totally my aesthetic too XD
Thanks for your kind words and support ;w;

Nightmare (Beast/Adam Imagine)

Request:Could you write a Beast imagine in which the reader has a nightmare and he like hears her scream and so he goes to check on her and she tells him it was just a dream. But as he’s about to leave, she very timidly asks him to stay with her but her bed is too small so he like carries her back to the west wing and they just kind of cuddle? Thank youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️- @disneykid1212

Tags: @brooke-supernatural16, @amazingangelaaa

Let me know if you want to be tagged in what I write!\

Sorry It’s so short!

Originally posted by a-dreamers-universe

Darkness surrounded you as a wolf jumped at you. It’s teeth barring and a blood thirsty look in its eyes. That was the last thing you saw.

“AHHHHH” Your awoke with a loud scream. The scream echoed through the castle as tears welled up in your eyes threatening to fall.

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carasauruswrex  asked:

Ms. Prophet, I have a serious Cockles question for you. So I was watching JaxCon 2017 footage of Jensen saying that "Destiel doesn't exist" in response to a fan asking about Dean's crush on Dr. Sexy and how come Destiel can't exist ect. The crowd boo'd her and cheered Jensen's answer. So Misha seems to not necessarily agree with Jensen as he is always playfully shipping Destiel. Maybe it's just heteronormativity, but do you think that Cockles could exist in a world where Destiel doesn't exist?

Okay well I think I can answer your question by first explaining something about the whole “Destiel does not exist” thing. Look back on any question that Jensen has ever been asked regarding the show and his interpretation of it— the question doesn’t even have to be about ships or anything even remotely “meta”, but Jensen will still only ever give very short, direct, not very in-depth answers. More often than not, he’ll start his responses with “Well as you saw [on the show] … ”  or  “Like it said in the episode … ” because for Jensen, what’s in the episode and what’s in the script is just the way it is. He doesn’t like to sit around and hypothesize or read between the lines. Everything he needs to know is printed right there in black and white. No where in any of the scripts has it said “Dean and Cas are dating” or “Dean is Cas’s boyfriend” or any variation of that (except for in the 200th episode, but then of course—the emphasis was that it was all just “fan fiction”). So to ask Jensen “Are Dean and Cas a romantic couple” of course he’ll say no, because the script has not told him as much.

Now, with that being said— as fans, we see the show as a whole. We don’t see words on a page, we see entire worlds spread out before us; therefore, our interpretations will be far different than that of the actors who don’t even film scenes in the intended sequential order. We have the luxary of interpreting sub-text and that’s what makes us all have such differing opinions on what we’ve seen. Lots of us see Dean and Cas’s journey together to be this epic, tortured saga—where two individuals are happiest while together, so it makes sense that it could possibly be romantic. Misha is the type of person who enjoys making those types of connections as well. He enjoys reading between the lines—he likes making assumptions and speaking on behalf of the character, far beyond what is ever written down on the pages. Since this is something he enjoys, then it’s no surprise that he can also see Destiel as a possibility, and not be as dismissive about it  as Jensen.

Now—all that’s not to say any one actor is right in their actions or any one is wrong; they’re both simply processing the show and its happenings in the ways that make the most sense to them.

So, all in all … yes, Cockles can exist in a world where Destiel might never actually come to be in a script, because Destiel, as well as any other sub-textual interpretation of the show, boils down to individual opinions. Jensen and Misha probably don’t see eye to eye on a bunch of things, but they are obviously still very close. The way they behave when they’re around each other is most likely the reason why their acting across from one another is so full of chemistry. What we see in the show as “Destiel” is thanks to their in-person connection; and thanks to that connection … we have been blessed with the overwhelming love and joy that is Cockles.


So, I had this idea for a short little story that would actually happen in my Macy & Cali household.

They’re together for a while now and Cali always dreamed about a wedding but she never actually told Macy about it. She was scared of her reaction so she decided to just wait things out and maybe Macy would propose some day. But she didn’t. The thing is, Macy is just clueless. She lives in her own world. She’s an artist. She paints, designs and paints more. She loves Cali more than her life but as mundane matters as getting married is nowhere near the things she troubles her head with. Hell, sometimes when she’s focused on a new artwork she even forgets to blink and her eyes get all dry.

So yeah! That’s my little story. Don’t worry, I’m not making any legacies and things like that, it probably won’t happen again. I just had an idea and wanted to try it out. It’s too much effort honestly. xd

7 Day Phan Art Challenge

This is a Dan and Phil art challenge (but feel free to make other ships if Phan isn’t your thing)

Just a little challenge by me! Sometimes I feel like 30 day challenges are too much, so I decided to just make a short challenge that I will do and hopefully others if they find it interesting! Some may be simple some you may have to really think about 

Please @ me if you decide to do this challenge! I would LOVE TO SEE IT!!!

Rules: Be Creative & Have Fun! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Day 1: Mythical/Supernatural/Paranormal

Day 2: Something New/Different

Day 3: Adventuring 

Day 4: Redraw (Redraw Day 1 2 OR 3 BUT Art Swap with a friend)

Day 5: Same Age

Day 6: Sick Day

Day 7: Jealousy

anonymous asked:

Hey! do u have any fics where lily is just meeting james, and has just cut off her friendship w snape? So Snape makes an appearance but Lily's not happy about it. Thanks!!

These all have elements of what you’re looking for:

Title: Key Limes
Author: cgner
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 24,695
Summary: In which Academy Award winner Lily Evans discovers the periphery of internet fandom and the existence of Prince James’s gold star system.

Title: When Love Was King
Author: wearingaberetinparis
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Royalty/University Trope - Basically I’ve done royalty inspired Jily fics before, but I love writing them so much. Prince James just makes me swoon. This one is slightly different, though, because I thought I’d add the setting of a university. In short: this is kind of “The Prince & Me” as well as Kate and William-inspired.

Title: Textbooks, Time-Scarves and Tea
Author: cgner
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 7,821
Summary: Lily visits the coffee shop because Sev works there, even though he’s got a completely obnoxious coworker with admittedly fantastic hair.  

Title: The Bakes of Wrath
Teen and Up
Word Count:
Lily Evans and James Potter are contestants on the 2015 Great British Bake Off. Lily is determined to beat James. James is determined to win. And to make good cakes. Rivalries and Twitter wars ensue.

Title: Icing on Top of the Cake
Author: welcometonerdworld
Rating: T
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,000
Summary: Modern AU Jily/Marauders: In which there is no war, Lily is a Muggle, and the Marauders set up a bakery.

Title: Severus
Author: Molly Raesly
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 26,754
Summary: Seven canon chapters about how James and Lily happened and how Severus Snape happened around them.

Title: All Right, Evans?
Author: CokeBottleK
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 30
Word Count: ~177,000
Summary:The thing about being Lily Evans and James Potter was that you couldn’t do anything without everybody else saying something about it.

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Just wondering if you could help. So i'm 100% sure that im Asexual and i thought all that meant was that (In VERY basic terms) i didn't have sexual attraction but i did have romantic attraction, but looking on the asexual tag ive discovered all these different types of attraction, mainly 'aesthetic' + 'sensual', so now im wondering if maybe i have one of those instead and not romantic attraction, in short, what is the difference between romantic attraction and the others types? Thanks!

The types of attraction are different for everyone, but the rough definitions are:

Platonic: the desire to get to know someone, likely as a friend

Intellectual: the desire to “pick someone’s brain”, or to get to know how a person thinks

Sexual: the desire to have sex with a specific person

Romantic: desire to be romantic with a specific perosn (go on dates, spend lots of time together, maybe cuddle/hold hands) 

Aesthetic: appreciating how someone looks

Emotional: desire for a deep and meaningful relationship with someone

Sensual: desire to touch or be touched (but not sexually) 



VhazzRhossze @ twitter “ #オル出 Hercules !AU ? “

bnha in Hercules AU

because i just rewatched some disney movies bc my art block wont leave me alone

  • so i thought that the muses could be like yamada hizashi, midnight, mt. lady, mina ashido, and uraraka since theyre a bunch that seems to fit to be singing
  • gran torino as phil BECAUSE COME ON
  • idk if i should make endeavor as hades, or kacchan? since personality wise…. kacchan has a short temper but he can be really evilly chill and observant. or aizawa. it’s a really though choice.
  • pain and panic as mineta and kaminari.
  • lol nighteye as pegasus

anonymous asked:

Sorry I'm just in a real need of good vibes. I recently broke up because my ex had been pestering me to do certain things even though I'm ace. Long story short we started yelling at each other and I said I was done so she slapped me and left and I had a bad panic attack. Now I'm scared of everyone because I feel like she's spreading rumors even though I know she wouldn't do and there's still a mark on my cheek and I feel like such a coward for not being able to cope.

what the heck you’re definitely not a coward, she sounds like a jerk ;; lots of good vibes!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could recommend some books that you like. We have similar taste in books and tv shows and I need some new stuff to read. Thank you ❤️

Hi!! Rather than recommending books I’m going to recommend authors, if that’s okay, because I find it so hard to choose favourites by them!!

  1. Ali Smith - my favourite living author. Her writing is so unique and she writes a lot about queer issues and other social issues and she’s just amazing. Everything she’s written is a masterpiece.
  2. Alan Hollinghurst - he mainly writes about being gay in the 80s, and his books are so powerful and poignant. I actually do have favourites by him - The Line of Beauty and The Swimming-Pool Library!
  3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - another exceptionally unique writer who focuses on issues of race, gender and sexuality. I recommend starting with her amazing short story collection, The Thing Around Your Neck!
  4. E.M. Forster - author of the first English novel about gay characters with a happy ending (Maurice)!
  5. Zadie Smith - another writer who focuses heavily on issues of race and gender, I again do have a favourite of hers, which is On Beauty, a 21st century adaptation of E.M. Forster’s Howards End.
  6. Jeanette Winterson - a writer who combines very contemporary writing with historical subjects in a really interesting way. She also focuses a lot on gender and sexuality.
  7. Jackie Kay - another fantastic writer who focuses on race, gender and sexuality. Her best book, in my opinion, is Trumpet, which tells the story (based on truth!) of a famous trans trumpeter, his wife and their son following his death.

Those are my absolute favourites, but let me know how you get on with them and I’d be more than happy to recommend more!!

Hairy situation.

Literally. I don’t know what to do with my hair.

I halfway want to cut it short again, like right above my shoulders. The other half says, “NO! IT TAKES FOREVER TO GROW! WHAT IF YOU HATE IT?!”

I’ve been saying that once Amanda gets married, I can cut my hair. Well, the wedding was Saturday. One of my thoughts that day was, “Hey, this means I can cut my hair!”

Really though. What if I hate it? This is such a hard decision. I know it’s such a trivial thing that really doesn’t matter, but still.

I’ve had my hair short before and I actually loved it. But I’ve worked so hard to get it long again. Bah.

I have some time to decide. My hairdresser just had back surgery and is out of commission for a while. She’s going to have a cow when I tell her to chop it off next time I go in. Lol. I haven’t prepped her by giving her any inkling that I want to do it. Haha. That should be fun. She’s quite the loud, proud, opinionated Italian mother.