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Colors Part 6

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

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Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence

A/N: So, this won the contest! I knew I needed to post this soon, given the awful cliffhanger I left y’all with last time. Well….I’m not gonna say anything else really. Just….consider yourself warned. 


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When Hank Met Mulder

Thanks for all the comments. My previous fic was supposed to be a standalone, but then I got the bug (and requests), so here’s another chapter for you. 

He spots her the instant she walks into the bar, her hair giving her away. She glances around the room, almost as though she’s looking for him. Somehow he knows she’s not.

For a moment he isn’t entirely sure here he knows her from – he half wonders whether he shared her bed once upon a time, at least for a night, and then it dawns on him. The one that got away, or one of the many who’d gotten away over the years. He’s thought about her from time to time over the years, as stupid as it sounds. She’d made a big impression on him; she’d seemed so lost and alone when they’d spoken, and then on top of that she’d told him he was sick. She wasn’t easily forgettable.

But now, as she walks towards the bar, she looks well. Very well in fact. Her hair is a little shorter than when he last saw her, and her clothes thankfully a little tighter. Her cheeks are full of color, at least compared to the last time, and a smile plays at her lips. She doesn’t look sick at all.

“Mrs FBI!” Hank greets her as she comes to a standstill at the bar, just a few meters away from him. Her head instantly whips round as she hears the greeting, and she raises her eyebrows in surprise as she meets his eye. “Mul…?” She catches herself, and Hank notices the instant she recognizes him. “Oh!” she exclaims. “Mr –”



“That’s right.” So he’s not the only one who remembers that night. The thought comforts him somehow. “How are things Mrs FBI?” he asks, taking in her appearance and checking her hands for good measure. No ring, not yet, so there’s still hope for him. “What can I get you?”

“Oh.” She looks behind her, as though searching for someone in the crowd. After a moment Hank realizes that’s exactly what she’s doing. “Thank you, but I’m with someone tonight.”

A moment later, the “someone” enters, and Hank is surprisingly relieved to see it’s Mr FBI, his brother from another mother. “So I see.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re with him as in you’re out here working, or…?” He doesn’t finish his sentence, but they both know what he’s insinuating.

Scully smiles as she remembers a conversation the two of them had a little over two years ago. “We’re in LA for a case,” she answers, before edging closer to whisper to him. “But I also know what his sex face looks like.”

Hank laughs. “Atta girl,” he exclaims, lifting a hand up for a high five. Scully immediately obliges. “I’m glad you’re finally –”


“…Getting some.”

“Mulder.” Scully turns to face her partner, who’s shooting Hank a suspicious look. “Do you remember Mr Moody?”

Her partner’s eyes narrow as he looks Hank up and down. “I can’t say that I do,” he replies coolly. Hank recognizes that one of voice. Jealousy. He grins smugly up at the man next to him.

“Dana and I go way back, don’t we?”

Well aware of what he’s up to, Scully rolls her eyes. “I need the bathroom. Can you boys play nice for a few minutes?”

“Can we Mr FBI?”

Mulder doesn’t look too keen at the prospect of being left alone with a relative stranger, but Scully gives him no other option. “I won’t be long,” she reassures him, reaching out to squeeze his hand. “Can you get me a drink?”

He nods as she turns and walks off in the direction of the bathroom. Both Mulder and Hank watch her go, the two of them transfixed by the sight of her.

“You lucky, lucky bastard,” Hank comments.


“I said you’re a lucky bastard.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit. I mean you’re lucky to have the delectable Agent Scully warming your bed at night. I bet she’s a little firecracker in the sack.” Mulder glares at him. “I mean I’m just presuming. Sadly I’m not speaking from experience. Wait, you really don’t remember me?”

Mulder shakes his head, then pauses to give his drinks order to the barman; a beer for him, gin and tonic for Scully. “I can’t say that I do,” he replies moments later. “You obviously made quite an impression on Scully though.”

“We met two years ago,” Hank explains. “In this very bar. You’d pissed off your partner, and not for the first time I’m guessing. Dana and I had drinks and talked. When you’d finally got your head out of your ass and came to find her, I was the helpful schmuck who told you not to fuck it all up.”

It suddenly dawns on him. “That was you?”

“You sound surprised. I wasn’t aware I looked any different.”

Mulder ignores him, his mind back in 1994. “It was good advice,” he suddenly says, remembering.

“I know. It’s not every day I dish it out, but when I do it’s usually profound pearls of wisdom.”

“I guess I should say thanks.” As if on cue, Hank sets his now empty tumbler down on the counter. Mulder takes the hint. “Same again?”

“Grateful.” Hank waits as Mulder requests the additional drink. “So everything turned out well I see.”

“Life still has its moments.”

“She was sick.”

Mulder gives him a look of surprise. “She told you that?”




“It nearly killed her.” Hank can hear the pain in the other man’s voice.

“But she got through it.”

“She got her cure. We still hold our breath each time she has a headache or comes down with the flu, but so far so good.”

“I’m glad.” He means it too.

“So, I have to ask. What went on between the two of you?” Hank can tell he’s been curious ever since the night they first met.

“Dana didn’t tell you?”

“No. She didn’t tell me much in those days.”

He decides to put Mulder out of his misery. “Like I said, we met here. Dana looked lost and lonely, so me, being a hot-blooded male, tried to pick her up. She, being a sensible woman who knows exactly what she wants, declined.” For some reason he doesn’t tell Mulder that Dana had been about to go home with him. Hank thought about that later that evening, when he’d gone back to his apartment alone. He’d been shocked when Dana had agreed to go with him in the first place, and deep down he’d known that nothing would happen. She was in a bad place, anyone could have seen that.

“Who knows what she wants,” Mulder repeats.

“It was obvious from the way she spoke about you that there was something going on.”

“Really?” The surprise is evident in his voice.

“Women only get that pissed off when they’re in love.”

“Speaking from experience?”

“Hell no, women only get pissed off with me because I’m an asshole.” But he doesn’t want to talk about that. “I’m glad you took my advice though, you’re welcome.”

“Well, I didn’t for a while.”

“You gave her a few days to calm down? I can’t say I blame you, it’s true what they say, redheads are fiery.”

“More like a few years.”

“What?” The barman glares at Hank as he sets down the additional drink.

“About three months ago.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Mulder shakes his head. “It took me a while to get my head out of my ass.”

“No shit.” Hank glares at the man opposite him incredulously. “Man, I should have tried harder to pick her up.” He sighs, taking in a drink. “But you’re treating her well?”

“As well as I can. She deserves better though.”

“Yeah well, feel free to pass on my number.” Hank shakes his head. “Three months ago?”

Mulder nods sheepishly. “What about you?”

“Me? Oh my love life is even more shocking than yours was up until three months ago. Still,” he adds, as Scully reappears, approaching them somewhat cautiously, as though she’d been expecting to find them fighting. “I’m glad she’s happy.”

Mulder looks genuinely surprised by his words. “Thank you.”

“Everything ok?” Scully asks as she reaches the bar, a hint of skepticism in her voice.

“It sure is,” Hank pipes up, before Mulder has a chance to speak. “I knew you’d finally come round to my way of thinking.” He gets up from his stool and suddenly embraces Scully. “I must say, I don’t get asked to do this every often, but I’d be delighted. I’m honored you want me in your threesome. Like I said to Mulder here, I’ll try anything once.”

As he steps back, Scully gives Mulder a confused glare. She looks as though she’s not quite sure whether or not she believes Hank. “What?”

“I’m just kidding,” he replies, putting her out of her misery. “Although if you’re intrigued by the prospect, I’m willing to oblige. Oblige you that is,” he tells a now bemused Scully. “Mulder will have to find someone else to suck his –”

“It’s always good to see you Hank,” Scully interrupts, as Mulder laughs.

“You too.” He really means it. “Come, sit down.”

The look Scully shares with Mulder is brief, but Hank still notices it. He’s used it himself on many occasions, he knows what it means. “I’d love to stay and catch up, but I’m needed elsewhere,” he lies. “Places to go, people to see.” From the expression on Mulder’s face, the agent knows that Hank is lying, but Scully doesn’t seem to realize.

“It was great to see you Hank.”

“You too Mrs FBI.”

She suddenly remembers something. “How’s your Baby Momma?”

Hank makes a face. “Not good.”


“Not good at all. Long story but I fucked up big time, and I mean big time.”

“I’m sorry.”

He shrugs, smiling sadly. Karen is another one who has gotten away. “That’s life I guess.” He hugs her once more, and this time Scully relaxes into the embrace, squeezing him tightly. “Take care of yourself Mrs FBI, and if you find yourself wanting a real man…”

“I’ll call you. Take care Hank,” she replies, kissing him on the cheek.

“Careful, I’m already hard just having you in my arms.”

“Hank!” Pulling away, Scully slaps him playfully. “Goodbye.”

“Bye.” Hank nods a goodbye towards Mulder and starts to walk towards the exit. He’s just about to open the door when he hears Mulder’s voice behind him. “Hank?”

“Yeah?” He spins round to come face to face with his lookalike.

“A few years ago you gave me some good advice, and now it’s my turn. Tell her.”


“The woman you and Scully were discussing. Apologize and tell her how you feel about her. That’s what I did, eventually.”

“I think it’s too late for that.”

“Keep telling her. One day she’ll come round.”

Hank nods, then smiles. “Bye Mulder.” He shakes his hand, then watches the FBI agent walk back through the bar towards his partner. Considering his words, Hank then retrieves his phone from his jacket pocket, and dials the familiar number, waiting for the familiar voice to answer. “Hey Karen.”

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heyhey!! can you do a silly imagine with charles like right after cuba where its like nighttime and hes sad so y/n tries to cheer him up by telling him stories of stupid things they did when they were high (tbh if you want inspiration just look up ThatHigh comps or smth theyre really funny) and after a while he ends up laughing at it and yeah just fluffy thank you!! (sorry its a weird request i just thought it could be cute !)

Charles Xavier X Reader – This One Time

A/N – I’m finally settled in my new place ^_^

Warnings – Mild drug use.

Rating – T

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You wiped away fresh tears, trying to quell the melancholy that came with your mutation; empathy was a tough power to host when all you wanted was the simple, underrated gift of only feeling your own emotions. Naturally, you knew where the emotions were coming from, there were only four other people in the house and Charles had lost the most in Cuba; of course he was depressed.

You sighed impatiently, getting up, knowing you had to cheer up Charles if you wanted any rest at all in the coming weeks. It was the only solution really, or so you told yourself, denying your feelings for him until he could be in a better place to accept them.

You crept silently down to the make-shift hospital wing, taking extra care to be quiet when going past Hank who was posted outside, making sure nobody would disturb Charles; if the mansion ever did become a boarding school, you’d bet that Hank would make an excellent matron.

Opening the door and seeing Charles made you just as miserable as he was, the way he laid on his back, staring bleakly at the ceiling, probably contemplating life’s course, brought you close to tears again. You breathed deeply, fighting to control your emotions before taking a seat beside Charles’ bed. He didn’t acknowledge you, not even when you greeted him; his eyes merely flickered to you momentarily then back to the ceiling. You sat awkwardly wondering what you could possibly say to make the situation any better, all the time feeling self-conscious that Charles was most-likely seeing all your thoughts, especially the stupid ones which would get you nowhere. After an overly long, stumped silence, you blurted out, “I licked a cat once.”

Charles snapped to attention, his expression one of wholly confusion, “What?”

“When I was high.” You rushed. “I licked a cat because that’s what their mothers do and she looked lonely… In fairness, she purred the entire time.”

Charles observed you curiously for a few seconds before laughing hysterically, an action that your mutation made you mirror. After the two of you calmed down again you apologised. “Sorry, that was random, wasn’t it?”

Charles shook his head. “No need to apologise, quite frankly, it’s nice to have someone who isn’t tip-toeing around me all the time; Hank tries but, well, you know how it is.”

“Yeah, I get it, nobody knows what to say really. Things’ll go back to normal eventually, until then though, want some company?”

“Only if you have more stories like that.”

You grinned eagerly. “Yeah? All right uh, okay, I got one. Once, I decided that it was an amazing idea to go for a drive after smoking a blunt but I saw this cop pull in front of me on the road and I was like, freaking out, thinking that he’d come to pull me over and arrest me. Now, like any sane person, I didn’t wanna be pulled over so in my drug-addled state, I decided it’d be a really good idea to follow the police car; that way it couldn’t pull me over because I was behind him. Anyway, long story short, I followed it for 30 minutes before coming to my senses and going home.”

Charles laughed even harder and you joined in of your own volition this time, enjoying odd memories of the past. He grinned, relieved to just relax after days of medical questions and unsavoury conversations about Erik. His smile quickly faded however, with a thought that made him uncomfortable.

“(Y/N)… are you just reacting to my emotions or are you actually happy here with me?”

“What? Why’re you asking?”

“I-” He hesitated. “I don’t want you to be a slave to your mutation.”

You glanced uncomfortably at your hands, picking at your nails while thinking through your options. “I… When I’m with you, it doesn’t really feel like it does with other people. I… I guess I kind of like sharing your emotions.” You blushed and waited for a response. When Charles didn’t say anything, you felt the familiar seeds of panic welling up inside you. With a decisive nod, you got up, your chair scraped loudly across the floor, somehow managing to make you feel worse.

“I should go.” You turned to leave.

“Wait.” Charles requested courteously.

You stopped, frozen in place, listening for what he would come up with next.

“I make it a policy not to read friends minds, most of the time it makes people uncomfortable. You know as well as anybody that I have perfect control of my abilities but with you… With you I tend to read your mind because I can’t stop myself. No. That’s not true. I don’t want to stop myself.”

“Charles, what’re you saying? I don’t understand.”

He sighed. “(Y/N), I’ve waited for you for a long time now and if I’m honest I want to be with you but-”

“Don’t let there be a but.” You laughed in a weak attempt to make the situation easier.

“But,” he continued seriously, “right now, isn’t the right time. You understand, don’t you?”

“…Yeah, I get it.”

“Then, will you wait for me? I don’t know how long it will be and I realise I have no right to ask but please, wait.”

You turned back to Charles, kissing the top of his forehead lightly, “For you, I’d wait an eternity. Get some rest Charles, it’s the only way I’ll get some bloody sleep.”

Charles exhaled, relieved that you were okay. “Goodnight (Y/N), sweet dreams.”

Imagine #12 Charles Xavier - Part 1 (Request)

Requested by Anon: Hi friend! I just had a pretty cool idea for a request! Okay so, the reader was on a mission right? They got hurt and blacked out. So when they wake up at the school, they don’t remember anything about the school/their past.With young Charles please

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Not my gif

Words: 1740

Warnings: probably typos

A/N: So, this is part 1 of ?, because I really liked the request and the one part would have been way too long, if I hadn’t split it, so yeah. Hope you enjoy it! xoxo

It was always difficult for Charles to follow the x-men’s thoughts during a mission, even with Cerebro. The calmer a person was, the easier it was for Charles to get into their head and naturally most missions did not leave his students in a particularly calm state of mind. Your mind however he knew like the back of his hand. He had been there from the very beginning, when you first lost control of your lightning, he had been there when you finally managed to contain it and he had felt everything from pain over sadness to inexplicable happiness and unconditional love pulse through your mind and body. He would recognize your thoughts among millions.

Which was exactly why he immediately realized that something was wrong when all of the sudden, everything was gone. There was nothing but silence, darkness. Emptiness. He felt his hands clench around the cold metal of his helmet as his mind tried to hold on to something, to grip the nothing that, only seconds ago, had been your presence.

Fear and worry threatened to flood his mind, to tear his concentration, that he so desperately needed to keep track of the mission, into pieces.

“Goddammit!”, he cursed and rose one hand to his eyes, trying to find back. “Tell me she’s alright!”, he almost shouted, not even caring who was listening. Maybe nobody was, or maybe everyone.

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X-Men Imagine #6 part 3 (part 1) (part 2)

warnings: none
gender: female

“Is there any way you'd ever do an X-Men Imagine #6 Part 3? I loved the
first two”

“I like your x-men imagines :D Can you please do X-Men Imagine #6 Part 2
sequel? Sorry I am curious what happens afterward, like do they met again or something?”

Synopsis: Hank and Charles talk. Later you meet with Hank alone and he finally admits something to you.

After you left, there was nothing but silence between the two men. Hank steals occasional glances at Charles, not sure what to say to him…or if he even wants to. He was mad at him for making you leave. Because of him, he lost one of the last friends he still had. He also hated the fact that you may very well put yourself in danger, even if it was just to get back at Xavier.

Hank put away the extra glass and served Xavier his drink in his study like he always did. When he finishes, he is about to leave and not say anything…but he turns around.

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For you Halex shippers for Inktober…


Alex opens the large chrome doors to the lab, walking right up to Hank and slamming a pumpkin down right in front of his work.

“Help me carve this and I’ll dress up as whatever you want me to be,” Alex begins before Hank has time to even register what happened.

Hank looks up at the blonde boy. “What did you do?”

“Nothing!” Alex says a little defensive. “I just want to carve a pumpkin with my favorite person on my favorite holiday,” he takes his hand and flashes him a smile, but Hank doesn’t look convinced. “Fine,” Alex sighs. “Sean made a bet that he could carve the best pumpkin, so I told him we could make one a lot better.”

Hank only nods in agreement. “How long do we have?”

“Like two hours,” Hank shoots him a look. “We just made it and I had to go and buy a pumpkin!”


“Hank, it’s fine. We’ve got this,” he flashes him another smile. “Please?”

Hank let’s out a sigh. “Only if you wear what I want you to wear. Agreed?” Alex nods eagerly. “Let’s get started then.”

They end up having to move to the kitchen since they didn’t have the proper tools to cut the pumpkin.

Alex cuts off the top, making a face of disgust as the insides of the pumpkin smell hits him. “How can people do this for fun?” He cringes as he reaches inside and starts taking out the guts.

“Like this,” Hank reaches his hand in and grabs a handful of seeds, putting them on Alex’s face. “It’s a good look for you,” he laughs as he watches Alex’s reaction, which was complete disgust, then it shifts to a devilish grin.

Alex takes the hand with pumpkin guts in it and plops it right on his head, rubbing it into his hair for good measure. “And that is a good look for you,” he smirks, digging his hand in the pumpkin for more. Alex throws it on him, getting it on his white lab coat.

As Alex starts laughing, Hank takes a large handful of seeds and practically throws it on Alex’s face, getting it all over and in parts of his hair.

Alex wipes away the ones that got in his mouth and forehead, before aggressively reaching in the pumpkin and throwing more things at Hank.

They periodically continue to throw the insides of the pumpkin at one another, until the pumpkin is completely hollowed out and they’re both covered from nearly head to toe.

It’s Alex who starts laughing first, then Hank joins soon after.

“What the-?” They both turn to see Sean, holding a nicely carved jack-o’-lantern, followed by Raven, Charles, and Erik, standing in the kitchen. “Does this mean I won?”

Alex laughs a little more before composing himself. “Yeah Sean, you won.”

“Yes! I told you I was the best!” He says triumphantly.

“Yeah, yeah,” Alex turns back to look at Hank, who had stopped laughing and was starting to pick the seeds out of his hair. “I already won,” he grabs him by his lab coat and pulls him into a kiss.

“You two are going to clean this mess up, right?” Charles asks, looking at the kitchen island that was completely covered with pumpkin.

Hank pulls away to answer, his eyes not leaving Alex’s. “We will Professor, don’t worry,” he kisses Alex more heatedly. “Then we’ll shower together.”

“Can’t wait,” Alex smirks and seals their lips back together.

Safe Inside

Okay, so Part 2! This is set after the season 2 finale but before season 3 premier. It’s shorter than usual, but this song spoke to me in ways few others have. Enjoy, Safe Inside! I’m open to song suggestions and prompts, so feel free to ask!


Will you call me to tell me you’re alright?
‘Cause I worry about you the whole night
Don’t repeat my mistakes, I won’t sleep 'til you’re safe inside
If you’re home I just hope that you’re sober
Is it time to let go now you’re older?
Don’t leave me this way, I won’t sleep 'til you’re safe inside

When Hank had returned without Erin, the team had been silent. No-one had looked up as he passed, no-one moved right away – only Ruzek had jumped at the sound of the door slamming. A thick silence had passed over the bullpen as the rest of the team faced the shockwaves of what that meant. They were down a team member. Whether it was short term or long term – that was unclear, but Lindsey’s desk was empty and if the further slamming of things was enough of an indication; Hank had her badge. Atwater had started a couple of sentences, Ruzek, too. Dawson had been the one to hold his hand up, causing them to close their mouths and not offer any more unfinished sentences.

The loss was tangible, it was absolutely felt by everyone as the silence descended once again, not even the sound of typing or pages turning could touch the silence.  Their team was down one and Jay was down a partner. He’d known she was struggling, had tried to help, had tried to have her back but it wasn’t good enough and it wasn’t the first time those kinds of efforts hadn’t been enough; hadn’t been spotted. He swallowed hard, eyes on the screen in front of him as his vision blurred a little as he tried to breathe as normally as possible. His fingers itched to pick up his phone and call her, ask her what was happening but he resisted, an ugly and unbidden image of the guy on her sofa permeating his mind and causing him to huff out a breath and try to focus.

The usual banter that had once filled the bullpen still hadn’t resumed, Dawson had made himself scarce, Atwater eventually had left the room, too. The emptiness was jarring and Jay had yet to look right across the space, hadn’t allowed his eyes to waver from the screen since Voight had returned. His hands shook as he tried to ignore the silence of the room, usually the lack of noise didn’t bother him but right now it was suffocating and Jay could hear his heart hammering in his chest. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, Olinsky was making his way towards Voight’s office; the former partners had a kinship that Jay fully understood now. You have your partner’s six and you do whatever it is you must do to help them.

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Finally - Chapter 8: Christmas Tree

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on ff.net and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

“You didn’t have to come with me, you know,” Erin said as she curled her hand around Jay’s elbow, keeping close to him in the crowds.

The ground was crunchy from the first snowfall of that winter, and they were both bundled up in warm coats, scarves, gloves and hats to keep them from falling victim to the cold weather. However, with the snowfall also came the upcoming festive season.

With this being the first year with Olive bringing Danny to visit for Christmas, Erin had decided that she would try to recreate the festive theme the Voight house use to exude when she was growing up there. It was Camille’s favourite time of the year, stating that it was the only way she coped with the freezing temperatures. They had had a tradition of having a real tree in the living room, decorated by the four of them one evening with a few lights on the outside of the house. It wasn’t much but it had been fun to see Christmas on the other side for Erin. But without Camille, Justin nor Erin in the house any longer, Voight would never go to the effort of decorating himself.

Which was where she came in. And with a brief mention to Jay earlier that afternoon in the break room, they now found themselves in a tree sale lot.

“Trust me, Erin, when you see what I have in mind, you’ll be grateful that I decided to tag along,” he told her confidently, shooting her a smile which only backed up his words.

“Oh, really?” she laughed, allowing him to guide her through the many trees without sparing much of a glance at them.

“I’m practically a pro when it comes to choosing a good tree,” Jay bragged nonchalantly, stopping in front of a 6 footer to seemingly consider before shaking his head and moving on.

How, exactly?” Erin questioned, because from what she knew about her partner and boyfriend, being a professional at picking a good Christmas tree somehow hadn’t come up.

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I’m Not a KID Anymore

Warning: Cussing

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader (Platonic), Hank McCoy x reader

Request: could I request a Charles Xavier X reader with “Could you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?” and “You’ve done so many amazing things, and the only things I’ve ever done were when you were guiding me like a five year old.” ~ Anonymous 

A/n: This went in a direction that I didn’t think it would go. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Nicholas Hoult is one sexy man and so is James McAvoy. I’m sorry it took so long to do, I didn’t have any inspiration until I started doing ships. God I love doing them, they help a lot.

Tag list @captainamericasbeautifulbutt @marvelismylife

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               You were walking, well more like stomping, through the mansion. You were upset. Upset was nothing compared to how pissed you were at that moment. You had just walked away from Charles, you had to or else you would have punch him. You’ve known him for years, meeting him just after he met Raven. He has helped you get ahold of your abilities as well more like held your hand through everything.


               “Could you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?” Charles looked up at you from his chair. You were trying all morning to lift the X-jet off the ground with only your mind. By the time Charles rolled into the hanger, you were getting tired and sweat was starting to glisten on your forehead.


               “You know Charles, I could do this myself. Hank believes in me and so does everyone else here.”


               “I never said you couldn’t do it. I know you can. Just let me help you.” He had a look of concern on his face which only made you mad.


               “You’ve done so many amazing things and the only things I’ve ever done were when you were guiding me like a five year old.” You were now beyond mad. “I’m NOT FIVE CHARLES! I’m not going to leave you here like Erik and Raven did. You have been my brother for God knows how long and ever since then you have treated me like this. I’m A GROWN WOMAN! I CAN DO SHIT MYSELF!” With that, you left the hanger. Not stopping when you saw a few of the others.



               You made it to your room, locking it behind you to make sure no one came in. You walked into your bathroom and took a shower to wash away all the sweat and help you calm down. You even put up a barrier around your room to make sure Charles couldn’t get into your mind.

               Once out of the shower, you got dressed and laid down on your bed. Not caring if your pillows got wet from your hair. Just as you were about to doze off, there was a knock on your door. You groaned just before getting up. You opened the door to see Hank standing there.

               “I, uh, I heard what happened in the hanger.” He scratched the back of his neck. He was always like this around you, ever since you met. “You should have seen his face when what you said sunk in. He looked like he felt bad.”

               “Right now, Hank, I don’t care if he feels bad. Ever since we were kids, he was always trying hold my hand when I tried to do something for myself. I guess I finally had enough of it.” You looked into his blue eyes, you saw worry there. Not for Charles but for you. “I think that is why Raven left. She didn’t want to be treated like a little kid anymore.”

               “From what I heard that’s pretty true. But (Y/n) you need to know that he does what he does because he cares.”

               “I know he cares but he needs to let me do things on my own.” Hank had a sad smile on his face.

               “I know but you should go talk to him. He knows of the barrier you put up around your room.”

               “Of course he does.” You rolled your eyes. You leaned up and gave Hank a kiss on the cheek, if you didn’t know better you would have thought the blue furred man in front of you blushed. “I’ll go talk to him. Thanks Hankie.” You loved calling him that, even though it was recently you started call him that.

               You walked back through the mansion and made your way to Charles’ office. You noticed the door was open but you knocked anyway. Charles looked up and smiled.

               “I’m sorry.” That was all he said for a few moments. “You’re right, you’re not a child anymore and I need to start respecting that.” You saw the look in his eyes, he truly thought of you like a sister.

               “I’m glad you finally see that, Charles. Besides, I’m sorry for bringing up Erik and Raven. It was a heat of the moment thing and I shouldn’t have done it.”

               “I’m actually glad you did. You made me realize that you are no longer that little girl that Raven and I found in the streets all those years ago. You have become such an amazing woman and I’m proud of you.” You felt the presence of a few of the others on the other side of wall. You waved your hand and closed the door and blocked everyone’s minds from being able to hear the two of you talking, nosey bastards.

               “You know the others are on the other side of the wall trying to listen, right?” You looked at him with utter amusement. “Don’t worry, I blocked their minds from our conversation.” You smiled at the fact that you were able to do it.

               “I don’t think I ever taught you how to do that.” He smiled.

               “No you didn’t, I figured it out myself with Hanks help.” Your face went a little red. You liked him but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

               “Well, I have to thank him for helping you.” You saw a smile on his face.

               “I’m gonna go get something to eat. This morning took a lot out of me.” You smiled at Charles as you walked out of his office. You walked past everyone, who all had frowns on their faces which caused you to smile more.

               You saw Hank in the kitchen as you walked in. He had made you something to eat, which caused you to tur red a little again. “I take it, you two are talking again?” You nodded you head as you took a bite of the sandwich he made for you. “Good.”

               “Thanks for the sandwich, Hank. How did you know I was coming in here for food?” You looked at him puzzled.

               “Charles.” Of course he did.

               Once you were done eating, you got up from your seat and put your plate in the sink. “Was there anything else he told you?”

               “Ye, yeah. He did.” You looked up at him. His blue eyes were shining and you absolutely loved them. “I, I was, um, wondering if you would like to go on, uh, date with me?” You couldn’t help how cute you thought he was when he got nervous. You leaned up and placed a kiss on his blue cheek.

               “I would love to Hank. Now Summers will stop bugging me to date him, which I don’t like him like that but you, you my favorite smart blue mutant.” You saw him smile. “Plus there is a great spot on the edge of the grounds that I know, which no one knows of so we could have some privacy.” You wrapped your arms around his waist as his wrapped around your shoulders.

               “Wait a minute, you mean Alex has been bugging you to date him.” You nodded your head. You looked up at him and saw some anger in his eyes.

               “Don’t be mad Hankie. Just remember, I’m now yours and won’t ever be his.” You lean up and place a soft kiss to his soft blue lips. “Plus Hankie, I’ve always loved the color blue.” You made him smile, he was made fun of by the others and now they could all shove it. Hank was yours.

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ok i know he's your URL but is mats your #1 and if so....pourquoi!!!!

mats is my number #1 for a lot of reasons. buckle up lol 

when i first started watching hockey i started learning about the rangers sort of one by one by how popular they were. hank first, mac because he’s captain, and it kind of trickled down. my mom has always been a rangers fan, but i really got invested only a few years ago. but i remember first starting to watch the season mats got chucked in the head with the puck. thinking about not only how scary that is, but how he was so determined to return and be good was inspiring to me, as someone who has a neurological disorder. seeing him return the following season and lead the team in points was just so incredibly inspiring. and as i started to fall deeper into the hole of loving the hobbit man i realized i stanned him for a good reason.

he runs his own charity that supports grassroots hockey and athletic programs in lesser privileged places around the world, constantly donates his time and energy to charities too and it really shows how much he thinks about his place in the world. He sent Tromsø’s women’s ice hockey team to their championships this past season when they set up a fund because they couldn’t afford the trip there. He doesn’t do what he does for notoriety or recognition, he does it because he cares.

And lets not forget about this.

“treat her right” !!!

He’s feisty, he works hard on and off the ice to become a better player each and every day. People doubt him because of his size but time and time again he’ll prove everyone wrong by doing the most amazing things out there. He’s always motivating the team when things are bad. He’s just all around an inspiration to me, to keep moving and to keep pushing myself when I feel really bad or like I’m not good enough for what I’m trying to accomplish. He reminds me to stay grounded when things are good, and to be humble and thankful for the good things that I have. 

And that’s why I love Mats Zuccarello. The end.

Tell It Slant (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Tell It Slant

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: PG-13/T

Author’s Note: So many people asked for linstead + baby, but I’m not really known for fluff and I’m still very much so in the post-2x23 mindset that I ended up with linstead + baby + Voight. The title of this fic comes from an Emily Dickenson poem entitled “Tell all the truth but tell it slant”.

Normally, he’d pound on the door with such fervor and harshness that it would begin to sound as though the door – wood or not – might splinter under the weight of his force. Punctuate the slam of his fist against the door with a gruff voice calling out for them to open up because he means business and, truth be told, because he likes to see the panicked look on Halstead’s face when he opens the door. Enjoys knowing that he still holds some sway over the guy who definitely did not listen when Voight told him that Erin was off limits.

Except, tonight, when his soft knocks against the metal door identified as 310 go unanswered, he merely pulls out his  cellphone with his right hand and furrows his brows. Erin’s text clearly said he should come over after shift tonight, and Hank glances back up from the phone to the door as he considers whether or not he should call her.

Her car was out front. Halstead’s, too. And it’s not like them to sneak out on him. Sneak around, yes, but not up and leave when Erin, at least, knows he’s coming over. So Hank slides the phone back into his coat pocket, tightens his grip on the casserole dish in his left hand, and lightly knocks against the door once again.

One knock. Two.

“Hey, Sarge,” a voice punctuates the second knock drawing Hank’s attention away from the closed door to the man making his way down the hallway towards him. A white, plastic laundry basket is tucked under one arm and a slightly blank look has settled across Halstead’s face as he fishes his keys out of his pocket, as a yawn acts as a conjunction between his greeting and the next words out of his mouth.

“Erin’s asleep,” Jay explains as he slides the key into the lock. Throws the deadbolt with a quick twist of his wrist; pushes open the door by dropping the laundry basket down on the handle and bumping his shoulder against the solid, metal door. “But, uh, we can watch the game or something until she’s up.”

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@i-am-loco made it GIVE THEM PROPS 

“I’m on a beach, in Cuba, with you” 

Charles giving back Moira’s memory isn’t a romantic gesture. The scene is shot in such a way to “straightbait” the casual audience, while everything makes perfect sense without heteronormaltivity and in a non-romantic context.

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Foolish Games II [Series 1]

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[Part I]

Group: iKon

Pairing: Reader + Koo Junhoe

Genre: Smut/BDSM/Slice of Life

Song Recommendation: Me & U - Cassie (Village Bootleg remix)

Summary: After a busy day at the diner you find that someone is waiting to help you release after your shift.

[Written by Admin Maknae; Edited by Admin E]

**This contains sexual content and a hint of BDSM**

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‘It’s my diary", she’d explained.
“Every mark I’ve had drawn on my skin connects me to where and who I’ve been- so I never forget who I am and how I got here."There was humour in the smile she offered him. "And you know what the real beauty of it is?”
Hank had shaken his head.
“Nobody can take it away.”
― Charles de Lint, Someplace to Be Flying

Friends With Tax Benefits (2/?)

Have a surprise twoshot! :D


The Woodsman appeared for the first time when the kids were seven.

Henry wasn’t sure how the warlock in front of him found out about their relationship to Dipper.

Or how he had somehow managed to make a circle that bound even Dipper, and had tossed a trussed up Henry in next to him-

(Henry could feel the hate radiating off of Dipper, feel the heat of his eyes burning into the air, and the massive amount of will it was taking for Dipper to not completely lose his shit and scare the kids even worse than they already were).

Objective Henry wasn’t sure what drinking the blood of his children would do for said warlock since Henry was pretty sure demon magic and/or genetics didn’t work like that, and the warlock was going through all of this for nothing.

Objective Henry was just a tiny insignificant speck in his mind however, the vast majority of Henry focused on breaking the spell binding him more sure and true than any rope, chain, or zip tie ever could. Next to him he could feel Dipper throwing himself again and again against the wall of will called into being by the warlock, making cracks and dents in it, but it wouldn’t be enough, oh god it wouldn’t be enough.

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You better come back

Title: You better come back
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Words count: 1,190
Your powers: Reality Warping (shaping reality according to your will) + Telekinesis
Warnings: Language?
Summary: (Y/N) and Peter have been best friends since as far as they can remember, and funny thing, they are in love with each other but don’t know the feeling is mutual.  After escaping the Military facilty guarded by Stryker’s men thanks to Scott, Jean, Kurt and some kind of human beast, they head to Cairo to kick Apocalypse’s ass.
this gif isn’t mine

Your eyelids still seemed very heavy, as you just woke up. Everything was still blurred around you and the first voice you heard was Mystique’s.

- …I told you, I’m not a hero.
- Well, you’re a hero to us. Seeing you that day on TV changed my life.

And that was Jean’s voice. Finally awake, you looked around you. You were probably sleeping on Peter’s shoulder since he was the first one to notice you were awake. He looked at you as if asking if you were alright, the cutest smile on his lips, and you just nodded with a slight smile, entering the conversation, soon followed by Scott and Peter.

- Mine too.
- Mine too.
- Mine too. I mean, I still live in my mom’s basement, but…Pffffft.

Sighting, he shrugged poorly before ending his sentence.

- Everything else is…Well, it’s pretty much the same. I’m a total loser.

Everyone laughed lightly and you laughed along, even though you felt the urge to playfully punch him right in the shoulder you had just slept on.

- Ouch! What was that for?
- You’re not a total loser, dumbass. You’ve still got the privilege to have me as a best friend.
- Oh yeah, that makes sense. You must be some kind of medicine against losers or something that kind…
- Shut up, you know exactly what I meant.

When you turned to look at him, he was already staring, a wide smile crossing his face. You chuckled before sighting with a kind of relief. You were about to fight a group of powerful mutants including one who thought about himself as a god and owned the powers of hundreds of other mutants…‘bit intimidating, even for someone as bold as you were. So being able to let go of all this pressure for a few seconds was something you were really thankful for. But Peter always seemed to make you feel better in every stuation, so you were not that surprised either. Silently, you stood there the rest of the trip, heart beating fast, your eyes closed to keep as much control as possible on your power. You had learned very young to control your powers, but they were really powerful, so they could get out of control sometimes. Which was often a catastrophy if no one could help you like Professer X did.
When Raven stood up you looked at her with curiosity as she explained the plan. Get Nightcrawler in, take Charles inside of the plane. It nearly seemed easy. Next thing you knew, a silver flash passed in front of you and Peter was next to Raven, nodding towards Eric and the metal flying all around him.

- How are you going to get through that?

She looked at him, looking like she was thinking, before he added:

- I can get you in there. I came here for him. Let me help you.

As she nodded, your heart skipped a beat. What if anything happened to him? If he was next to you you could still do something to help, but if he was alone with Mystique and Magneto…

- The rest of you, get Charles on this plane and get him out of here.
- We’re not leaving without you.

You had answered, anxiety slowly makng its way inside you, making your heart beat even faster. But you were a warrior, so you hid your fear as great as you could.

- Don’t worry, we’ll catch up.
- Oh, you better catch up, Peter, because if anything happens to you I’ll kill you myself just to bring you back and kill you again!

Everyone was now watching the two of you, the two best friends who spent their time throwing cheesy pickup lines at each oher to find out which one of you was the best at ths game. Of course, Jean knew what was up, but everyone else thought about you two as an old married couple too. So every single time you and Peter talked together, all eyes were on you. He gasped, faking a hurt look before asking, his dimples showing through his smile.

- You’d bring me back again after killing me, right?
- I’m not so sure…
- You’d miss me too much.
- Stop it!

You were both amused and annoyed by his behavior. But you could feel your cheeks blushing. He was so confident about this that you started to ask yourself if he knew. Which he didn’t…Right?

- You need me too much to let me die.
- Oh my god, stop!
- You love me too much to let me die.

He stated like it was the most obvious thing ever. Just a friendly reminder that you were supposed to love him, yes. But only as a friend. You crossed your arms, laughing to hide the terrible feeling you had, still playing this stupid little game even though you were really really uncomfortable right now.

- Fuck you, Maximoff!

God, was he so blind? Or maybe you were the blind one…He shrugged with his dimpled smile, turning to the front of the plane to watch the area where Hank was about to land the plane.

- It’s okay, though. I love you too much to die here and let any other idiot have you.
- Geez, could you shut up?
- Make me!

No one said a word, while everything in his behavior challenged you. You caught in his eyes a glimpse you couldn’t quite define until something clicked in you. He wanted you to make him silent? Alright then, you’d make him silent. With a total lack of delicacy, you reached for the collar of his suit and pulled him towards you, your lips smashing against his. The kiss was rough, but surprisingly, he responded to it, moving his lips in sync with yours, a hand shyly reaching for your hips. When you let go, his face was stil showing surprise, and you blushed even more. He stared at you, a few seconds ,totally silent, and you stared back with a face as red as one possibly could be. And then, using his legendary speed, he was the one reaching for your lips, kissing you. His hand was behind your neck while you reached for his waist, to pull him closer to you.

- Alright kids, we’re landing. Stop making out behind my back and sit!

You didn’t even listen to Hank as he talked. You should have, though, because the plane shook, resulting in both of you falling on the poor Kurt, who instantly pushed you off of him, both awkward and offended.

- Ach nein, that is gross!

Laughing, you an Peter rolled on the floor looking at each other. When the plane touched the ground, you stood up and got out to stand next to Jean, who looked at you with a light smile. You rolled your eyes, sighting.

- I don’t need to see inside of your head to know what you think, you know?
- I didn’t say anything!
- You don’t need to!

Looking at a Mystique back in her blue form, you saw Peter placing his hand behind her neck, to avoid the “Whiplaaaash”, and you smiled, throwing him a last “goodbye”.

- I was serious though, don’t die!
- I don’t intend to! Love you!

And with that he ran away with Mystique, letting you mutter to yourself.

- I love you too, asshole…

nextraordinaire submitted: here’s the smol!charle for you! i am the slowest there is this is a week late but–

*tries to lean against door jamb but slips and falls out of frame*

Later on, when the initial panic had died down to something more of a simmer, Hank would admit that there had been a ( – only theoretical, very remote, not likely at all, it really shouldn’t have gone so far, I don’t know why – ) risk of this happening.

The serum was meant for an entire body. So the formula had to be a strong one, even in small doses. It was also initially a two-stage deal – first regressing the effects of his ‘cure’, then returning his feet to a human shape. From the beginning it had been in two separate doses, but pretty early on, Hank had combined them into one due to a low-level fear of needles, and increased the concentration in the process.

Here was the thing though: Charles may have lost his legs at twenty-seven, but his telepathy had been with him from the very start. Too weak for him to really notice, he’d passed it off as as tinnitus until the white noise turned into actual voices.

The thing was also that Hank wasn’t aware of this fact.

But the most important part was probably that Charles hadn’t bothered telling him before he injected the serum into his arm.

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X-Men: Hank/Reader

Hank Mccoy x male reader and it’s reader’s birthday and everyone forgot except Hank and he hangs out with reader and gives him a present (and maybe a kiss?) If that’s not the type of request you meant I’m sorry just ignore this.

Author: Queen of Ghosts

(Hope you like it!)

I threw my covers and scrambled out of bed as my alarm went off. Once the annoying thing was off, I groaned and rubbed my face before getting changed. In the mansion, I could hear the morning madness. Everyone attempted to get breakfast while they were half asleep. There was usually one person who managed to survive it and that was Hank.

Mainly because he took his foot to the lab he and Charles made.

Once I poured myself a bowl of cereal, I searched for the cupcakes I had made the night before. Thankfully, the others hadn’t eaten them all and I stuck a candle in one before putting it on a smaller plate. As soon as I lit the candle, I quickly made my way to the lab without the light going out.

“Hank?” I called from outside.

“Yeah?” He replied from inside. I opened the door carefully and went inside. Hank looked up from the microscope he was looking into and a smile grew on his face.

“I’d sing but my voice isn’t the best. And I don’t want to ruin your birthday.” I laughed. Hank smiled back.

“Well, you’re the only who remember, so it wouldn’t be too ruined.”

“Wait,” I put both the bowl and the plate down. “Nobody remembered your birthday?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He assured me. I shook my head.

“No, it does matter!” I pointed out. “You and I are going to have fun today.”

“And how do you suggest that?”

“We’re going out. Come on,” I grabbed his hand.

“Can we eat first?”


Once the two of us had eaten, I pulled Hank out of the house. The two of us got into one of the cars and I drove away from the house.

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” Hank questioned. I glanced at him and smiled.

“Nope.” I replied.

Finally, I reached our destination and turned in my seat to face Hank.

“The aquarium?” He asked looking out the window.

“Yeah! Come on,” I quickly got out and waited for Hank to join me.

Since it was still morning the aquarium was empty aside from us and the workers. I held out my hand and Hank took as we went inside.

“Hey guys,” I smiled at the workers who smiled back when we walked in. “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good, I see you have a friend.” One smiled at Hank.

“I’m friends with humans and fish,” I joked. “I’m always here, so the workers know me really well.” I explained to Hank with a shrug of my shoulders.

“Makes sense considering your powers.” He smiled.

“Come on,” I pulled him along to where the fish were.

We walked in peaceful silence around the aquarium. As we padded along, I spoke with the fish. Hank was distracted by other fish so he didn’t hear me. Once they all the same message, they all swam towards area. Grinning I pulled Hank over.

“I need to show you my favourites.” I led him to where all the fish gathered.

All the fish were formed together to spell ‘Happy birthday Hank’. Hank, with a new grin on his face, turned to face me.

“Happy birthday.” I told him happily.

“(Y/N), thank you!” Hank hugged me tightly and I hugged him back. I looked at his face was close to mine. Without anything said, I kissed him softly, hesitantly. Hank kissed me back and I smiled.

“Thank you (Y/N).”