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Hoi!! Hop you all have a greeeeat day!!~ I made my first easy animation… I know, it looks bad ha ha~ Will try to make it better next time!!~ Also, wanna ask, do you want to see more animations like this or you like digital art most? I really intrested in your opinion~

Goth belongs to @nekophy
Palette belongs to @angexci
Day care AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge
Sorry sempaaais~

Yellow-eyed Betas and Foggy Windows

Liam Dunbar x Female!Beta!reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: T💕

Request: “Could you do a Liam imagine where Liam and the reader don’t like eachother since they’re both the new betas, but the actually start to like eachother. (Smut I guess😂)

 I rolled my eyes as I sat down on Derek’s couch. We had a pack meeting tonight to talk about whatever was reaking havoc in Becon Hills as of late.

 Derek came and sat next to me, pulling me into his side and kissing the top of my head.

 Now, I know that everyone thinks that Derek Hale and I are a thing, but he is actually more like my brother than anything. But that didn’t change the fact that I still smelled someone who was giving off a jealous sent when they walked through the door. I just couldn’t place who it was specifically because Scott, Lydia, Liam, and Isaac all came throgh the door at once.

 Derek got up and walked to the table and shook hands with Scott.

 Lydia waved to me and Liam rolled his eyes. I showed him just one of my fingers and he scoffed and looked away from me. I smirked triumphantly.

 Scott finished what he and Derek were talking about and turned to the rest of us.

 “So, Derek and I split everyone into groups. Lydia and Derek, Stiles and me, Jackson and Mason and Isaac, and Y/N and Liam.”

 Liam shot up. “Scott! What about what I told you?! You said you wouldn’t do that!”

 Scott smirked, “I know what I said.”

 “Greeeeat. I’ve got to deal with a child; just my luck.” I mumbled.

 “Y/N,” Derek said, “aren’t y’all the same age?”

 “Fuck you, wolf-boy.” I say.

 “You’re a werewolf too.”

 “I said fuck you!”

 The next night, Liam and I were sitting in my car, watching the section of the woods that we got assigned.

 Scott stopped by to bring us some snacks and water. “God, Y/N, couldn’t you have put on longer shorts?”

 I laughed. “Why? Am I distracting you?”

 Scott nudgged me and giggled. “I am not the one that you have to worry abou, but whatever.”

 I drew my eyebrows together. Scott started to the jeep where Stiles was. “My two betas better behave!”

 I rolled my eyes and waved as the two boys drove off to do whatever it was they needed to do for this mission.

 I looked and saw Liam sitting on the passanger side, his door open and his head in his hands. I put the stuff from Scott in my seat and walked to him. As much as him and I hate eachother, I needed to know that he was alright.

 I crouched in front of him and put my hands on his toned biceps. He looked at me.

 “You okay?” I asked him.

 Liam’s pupils were blown wide ans he was breathing shallow, but he nodded his head still.

 My hands fell to his knees. “Are you sure, Li?”

 I caught sent of something. I breathed deep and finally put a finger on what that smell was. Arousal. Liam clearly saw that I figured it out, because he sat back and looked down at me.

 “So,” Liam shifted, giving me a better view of the hard on that he had. “since you are the reason that I am so hard, are you going to fix it?”

 Liam’s voice had dropped a couple of octaves, and it really turned me on. I slid my hands up and down his thighs. I bit my lip and looked him in the eyes.

 “If you want me to…you just have to tell me what you want me to do.” I said.

 Liam s;ipped his right hand to the back of my head, pulling on my hair. I moaned and he smirked darkly.

 “I want you to take my cock in your mouth until I cum down your throat. Then you are going to let me fuck that little pussy of yours until you are screaming my name so loud that everyone knows exactly who I am when I’m finished with you.” His eyes glowed and I moaned a little.

 I didn’t even think twice before I undid Liam’s belt and jeans. I pulled his hard on out of his jeansl I gasped.

 “How can someone your age have a cock this big?!”

 He laughed. “Are you actually complaining about it?”

 I shook my head. “Absolutely not.”

 I started to stroke Liam’s cock, watching him watch me, his mouth open slightly.

 I took his cock in my mouth.

 I bobbed my head, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could, the tip of his cock brushing the back of my throat and his pre cum coating my tongue.

 Liam kept his hand on the back of my head, pushing it down a little more. I gagged around his dick and he moaned.

 “Oh, God, Y/N. Fuck, your mouth can definately work wonders. Fucking hell.”

 I squeezed his left thigh while I continued to suck him off. I drg my teeth softly over his cock, and he moaned out loudly. I sucked on Liam’s dick harder, until he gripped my hair tightly, almost painful, and shot his load down my throat.

 I wiped my mouth and loooked Liam in the eyes. “What was that second part that you said again?”

 “Get in the backseat. Now.” Liam growled.

 I practiacally sprinted to the backseat and slid to the door on the opposite side. I whimpered as Liam crawled into the car with a wild, animalistic look taking over any other visable emotion in his eyes.

 Liam shut the door behind him and licked his lips while he looked me up and down.

 I practically read his mind and took my shorts and sneakers off. Liam took his jeans off, and literally ripped my shirt off of my bodyl

 Liam didn’t waste any time diving between my thighs. He licked a single stripe up my pussy, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. My two hands flew to his messy brown hair and i gasped. Liam continued his oral assault on my clit and pussy lips. That boys tongue is magical, I swear it!

 My voice came out high-pitched. “Liam! Fuck!”

  Liam stopped eating me out and kissed the insides of my thighs. I moaned still.

  Liam sat up enough to line his cock head up with my entrance, and slammed into me.

  “Oh, Liam!” I screamed and clawed at his back.

  “You like that, baby? Huh? You like my cock dep in that pussy of yours?” He moaned in my ears.

  “Ha-harder.” I begged.

  Liam put one hand on my hip and the other on the window behind my head.

  His hips snapped harder and I could feel his cock hittin deep inside of me.

   I could do nothing but moan and gasp and scratch my fingers down his back.

  “Oh, fuck, Y/N, keep scratching my back like that, baby.” Liam said.

 I did like he said and drug my nails down his back again. Liam slammed his dick deep inside of me, causing so much pleasure I couldn’t see right.

   I could feel a pleasure knot in my stomach on the verge of exploding. I gripped Liam’s shoulders, digging my nails deep into his skin.

   “Li, I’m gonna-” My sentence was cut short by my orgasm.

   Liam came shortly after I did, roaring, literally, as he did. He stayed in his position until there was a knock on the window.

   “Get dressed so that I can rip you both to shreds for not following orders.” Scott growled at us.

   “So much for “hating” eachother.” Stiles giggled.

   “Shut it, Stilinski!” The three of us yelled at him.

The dumbest tweets from Libtards XD oh my fucking Lord!

@Kiirstin Marilyn 

Yeah, White Libtard regressives share the blood from these attacks on their hands. Dumb fucks wanting to open the borders and allow easy access to more terrorist attacks - “greeeeat idea” {sarcasm.}


……Are you mentally retar - wait - of course you are, that is because this and recent terrorist attacks over the past decade at the least on western nations have been from muslims. You dumb utter fucking moron. Get your head out of your narrow ass, damn fool.

One Piece 863

Where the Vinsmokes at tho?

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Sanji saving Pudding

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Luffy’s plan

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Big Mom

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This was such a greeeeat chapter haaaaah thx Oda you made my daaay!!

Be Back

First (very very preliminar) draft of a song I finished recently. I was a little bit lost in terms of production, but Semper Femina’s wild electric guitar (especially in “Nothing, Not Nearly”) inspired me. Also got ideas from Marika Hackman’s use of multiple voices (chaotic ending to “My Lover Cindy” <3).

I will redo the entire thing properly, but I am pretty proud of this and I felt like sharing. 

Feel free to send feedback, constructive criticism is aaaalways welcome :)


It’s called Catnip it in the bud and it is by @f-imaginings. It’s currently, like, seventy-five percent Ninoir and twenty percent DJWifi and five percent Adrino, but it’s only three chapters in and so far it’s greeeeat. Like, Chat Noir being vulnerable to catnip and Alya using akuma attacks as excuses to flirt levels of great. 

It’s kind of killing me, tbh. Like, at this rate I am gonna die before we even reach ten percent Adrino, much less get to MARINETTE. 

Edmund x Reader: Awfully Headed Wife

So have you seen that headcanon where Edmund doesn’t enjoy the company of the prissy princesses his age and all the little princess have crushes on him and he’s sweet to them and stuff? Well could you do something where one of the girls older sister is arriving and he’s like “greeeeat. What fun” but she turns out to be awesome and sarcastic and they become friends maybe more?


      "Just one more time, pwease!“ pleaded Princess Rachel.

   "No, no, no!” Edmund kindly smiled. He stared at the plastic tea set Rachel displayed.  He stretched his arms out and almost knocked the small table over. His back ached and his head was pounding. Edmund figured that it was due to his practicing all night.

   Edmund suddenly realized he’d been lost in his thoughts. Little Rachel was still staring at him with her green eyes.

   "Pweassse?“ She quivered her lip.

   "Rachel,” he raised his brow, but rolled his eyes as he gave up. “One more sip, then you have to play with your sister. Look, she’s playing…she’s playing, um–Mary, love, what are you doing?” Edmund asked. He slurped his invisible tea when Rachel glared at him.

   Mary flashed a grin and made a square shape with her building blocks. Then, she pointed at her older sister, (Y/n) who was sleeping peacefully on the couch.

   Edmund frowned. He forgot she was still here. He was about to feel bad for forgetting her presence, but like most of the other princesses his age, he never looked forward to her presence.

   "Oi! (Y/n), you’re supposed to be watching your sisters!“ Edmund scolded.

   (Y/n) jumped at Edmund’s voice and nearly toppled over. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "What do you want?” She yawned.

   "Play house!“ Rachel yelled! "I want to play house!”

   Edmund sighed. “Okay, we’ll play house.” Edmund agreed. “Right, (Y/n)?”

   (Y/n) rolled her eyes. “I’m not a pushover like you.”

    Edmund glared. (Y/n) had a sharp tongue; as much as Edmund tried not to like her, her sarcasm and wit made it difficult for him to stay resolute in his dislike.

    (Y/n) rolled her eyes when Mary pouted. “Fine, I’ll play.”

   "Yay! We are playing House!“ Rachel capered around Edmund and (Y/n).

   "House!” Mary rejoiced. She wasn’t a girl of many words, Edmund thought.

   "Okay, in the story, a boy and a girl are in wuv. They are getting married now.“ Rachel gleamed.

   (Y/n) scowled. Romance stories weren’t her favorite, obviously. Edmund couldn’t suppress his smile. It was one of the reasons he liked her. Edmund inwardly winced. He explained to himself what he really meant. He didn’t like her. No, he didn’t. Edmund shook his head.

   "Okay, who’s the groom?”

   "Duh! It’s you!“ Rachel shook her head. “You the only boy here.”

   Edmund ignored (Y/n)’s snickering. "Who will be the girl?”

   Mary replied by pointing at (Y/n).

     (Y/n) looked pale. “Uh, I’d rather not. Why can’t you marry Edmund?”

   Rachel blushed. “I wanna…But, he’s too old! He’s like fifty…I think.”

   "I am not fifty!“ Edmund protested.

      "Mary can marry him!” Rachel suggested.

   Mary giggled and shook her head. “(Y/n)!” She whispered.

   "Fine.“ (Y/n) said. "Let’s get this over with.” She muttered.

   Rachel smiled and felt content. “Now, stand in Mary’s square and hold hands, pwease.”

   Edmund moaned, but he obeyed. Holding her hand was strange. It gave him a weird feeling that no one else gave him.

   Edmund cleared his throat and held her hands as they stood in the square. He felt the weird tingling in his hands. Edmund ignored it.

   "Do you, Edmund, take (Y/n) to be your awfully headed wife?“

   Edmund snickered, but shut up when (Y/n) glared. "Uh,” he paused. This was pretend. Why was he embarrassed? “Yeah,” he forced out.

   "No! That’s not how you say it, Mister!“

   "I do…” Edmund muttered.

   Rachel nodded and turned to Mary. “Take it away, Mary!”

   Mary smiled sheepishly. She pointed at (Y/n), then at Edmund, then she waited for an answer.

   "I do?“ (Y/n) chuckled. Mary nodded and grinned.

   "Now,” Rachel giggled. “You may kiss your bwide!” She covered her mouth to suppress her grin.

   Edmund shook her head. This was pretend, but he still found himself glancing at (Y/n)’s lips. Snap out of it! Edmund thought.

  He  hoped that (Y/n) didn’t see him blushing. Why was he blushing? His heart began to beat faster and faster as he lurched forward. She had closed her eyes. Losing courage, he quickly pecked her cheek.

   (Y/n) opened her eyes. “Uh,” she drawled.  

   Edmund blushed. Neither spoke a word. They were just staring at each other awkwardly, but unable to look away.

   "Ahem!” Rachel tugged on Edmund’s leg.

   Edmund and (Y/n)stepped back from each other. Edmund let go of her hand slowly. He couldn’t explain why he regretted it.

     "I’m bored now. Can we eat snacks now?“ Rachel asked.

     "Snacks!” Mary raised her hands.

   "Alright, let’s go to the kitchen and see if the cook has snacks.“ (Y/n) said.

   They kids rejoiced and ran out if the room. "Slowly!” She ordered.

   Edmund was about to leave until he saw (Y/n) cleaning. “Need help?”

   She shook her head. “Nah, why don’t you help the girls? Make sure they don’t eat all the sugary stuff.” She smiled. “Besides, they adore you.”

    Edmund rolled his eyes. “You should probably eat as well. I know you missed lunch.”

   She sighed. “You’re not going to stop bothering me until I do eat, aren’t you?”

   Edmund nodded. “Yep.”

   "Okay, okay,” she shook her head.

   Edmund sneakily slipped his hand in hers. It was meant to be a joke, but his stomach still flipped. “I’m just caring for my awfully headed wife, you know.” Edmund winked and felt normal again.

   (Y/n) gasped and let go of his hand. “Sometimes, you–you–ugh!” She dashed out of the room. Edmund could have sworn she was blushing.

   "What’d I do this time?“ Edmund laughed, knowing exactly what he did. 

I seriously love my British overlords.. er.. I mean my team leads. I also love these Saudi Arabian drinks available at the DFAC. There’s a mango drink that is pretty greeeeat. They’re perfect. Pretty cool that we get stuff like this over here. ‘v’

Ops tempo is surging, so my time to relax is pretty much maaaaybe once a week for a couple of hours at best. I’m still trying to push through Mass Effect Andromeda with what little leisure time I have. Suffice to say, art is getting pushed back yet again until I can finally finish that goddam game. XD

Mission comes first, and I’m way too tired to throw down a simple sketch after a long shift… But when the time comes… Work hard, play hard!

Clow Reed while creating Yue.

“Ah yes I want you to be the most beautiful, androgynous, white haired anime child imaginable. Since you have white hair you’re gonna start dying at some point and everyone has to rescue you. You’re going to have the personality of a sponge and be tsundere as fuck. But, later you’re going to be Moon Mom to this magical 8 year old. S'gonna be greeeeat. Your human form is part of everyone’s first yaoi couple, btw. Enjoy.”

Holidays. 🎄

So this story is going to be like around that time when we weren’t together yet.

It was the middle of winter and Christmas was approaching, and we were all going to have Christmas at my aunt’s house only about 20-30 miles away from my apartment building.

Now it was the first day of break from school for the holidays, but I forgot my phone in Mitch’s class the day before.

Oh joy.

I wanted to go alone to get it, but Arvid (my little cousin) wouldn’t let me, so he came with, along with his sock monkey that he adores.

Since it was break, and only December 21st, I figured that only janitors would be there.

So, when I knocked on the door, I wasn’t surprised to see a janitor. I explained my situation and he let Arvid and I in, and the two of us casually walked to Mitch’s classroom.

To my surprise, teachers were there, all grading papers in their classrooms as I walked by.

Hoping that Mitch wasn’t in class, but secretly kinda hoping he was, we eventually got to his door and I opened it. The lights were on, but nobody was inside.

We shuffled in, our jackets crinkling a lot, and I walked up to my seat and my phone wasn’t there. I gasped and looked around, panicked. Then I, for some reason, figured it was in his desk. So, I walked over to his desk in the front and scanned over the top.

No phone.


Then, I remembered that he also has a desk in his office, so while Arvid was sitting on the floor, bored out of his mind and holding his monkey, I walked up the steps and opened the door and quietly shut it.

It was a small room, and not much ever really changed, but since it was winter the little heater he had in the corner was on, at full blast so the room was nice and toasty.

I looked around, then I saw it.

Not the phone, but the closet door. Wiiiide open. I gasped, and the door shut, and he was standing there.

Now I’m not going to lie, he wasn’t all dressed up and fancy like always. He wore a hoodie with dark jeans that had a hole in them, and his hair was all wavy and he had bed head. His eyes looked tired, slightly bloodshot, and he was holding a stack of papers and a big textbook.

When he noticed me, it obviously caught him off guard because he gasped and slightly jumped, and while he asked what I was doing there, he was running his fingers through his hair and adjusting his hoodie with his free hand.

I told him that I had forgotten my phone in class and was wondering if he had it. He set down the stuff and opened his desk drawer.

I didn’t see much, only a stapler, a few papers, and… My phone.

He grabbed it and handed it to me, I was SO happy to see that stupid phone that I literally jumped up squealing and hugged him.

It was brief, and unexpected, but it was nice.

When I let go I was, of course, blushing, but he was too. He was actually blushing, and smiling!

So I eventually let go and we wished each other a merry Christmas, and I left with Arvid.

And I winked at him as I left, which made his face even redder.

However… That’s not it.

While writing this story today Daddy walked up behind me and read it. When I asked him if he remembered it, his reply was “I was so embarrassed! I looked horrible because I figured I wouldn’t see you!” Lol he’s so adorable. ❤