but it was greeeeat


It’s called Catnip it in the bud and it is by @f-imaginings. It’s currently, like, seventy-five percent Ninoir and twenty percent DJWifi and five percent Adrino, but it’s only three chapters in and so far it’s greeeeat. Like, Chat Noir being vulnerable to catnip and Alya using akuma attacks as excuses to flirt levels of great. 

It’s kind of killing me, tbh. Like, at this rate I am gonna die before we even reach ten percent Adrino, much less get to MARINETTE. 

Edmund x Reader: Awfully Headed Wife

So have you seen that headcanon where Edmund doesn’t enjoy the company of the prissy princesses his age and all the little princess have crushes on him and he’s sweet to them and stuff? Well could you do something where one of the girls older sister is arriving and he’s like “greeeeat. What fun” but she turns out to be awesome and sarcastic and they become friends maybe more?


      "Just one more time, pwease!“ pleaded Princess Rachel.

   "No, no, no!” Edmund kindly smiled. He stared at the plastic tea set Rachel displayed.  He stretched his arms out and almost knocked the small table over. His back ached and his head was pounding. Edmund figured that it was due to his practicing all night.

   Edmund suddenly realized he’d been lost in his thoughts. Little Rachel was still staring at him with her green eyes.

   "Pweassse?“ She quivered her lip.

   "Rachel,” he raised his brow, but rolled his eyes as he gave up. “One more sip, then you have to play with your sister. Look, she’s playing…she’s playing, um–Mary, love, what are you doing?” Edmund asked. He slurped his invisible tea when Rachel glared at him.

   Mary flashed a grin and made a square shape with her building blocks. Then, she pointed at her older sister, (Y/n) who was sleeping peacefully on the couch.

   Edmund frowned. He forgot she was still here. He was about to feel bad for forgetting her presence, but like most of the other princesses his age, he never looked forward to her presence.

   "Oi! (Y/n), you’re supposed to be watching your sisters!“ Edmund scolded.

   (Y/n) jumped at Edmund’s voice and nearly toppled over. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "What do you want?” She yawned.

   "Play house!“ Rachel yelled! "I want to play house!”

   Edmund sighed. “Okay, we’ll play house.” Edmund agreed. “Right, (Y/n)?”

   (Y/n) rolled her eyes. “I’m not a pushover like you.”

    Edmund glared. (Y/n) had a sharp tongue; as much as Edmund tried not to like her, her sarcasm and wit made it difficult for him to stay resolute in his dislike.

    (Y/n) rolled her eyes when Mary pouted. “Fine, I’ll play.”

   "Yay! We are playing House!“ Rachel capered around Edmund and (Y/n).

   "House!” Mary rejoiced. She wasn’t a girl of many words, Edmund thought.

   "Okay, in the story, a boy and a girl are in wuv. They are getting married now.“ Rachel gleamed.

   (Y/n) scowled. Romance stories weren’t her favorite, obviously. Edmund couldn’t suppress his smile. It was one of the reasons he liked her. Edmund inwardly winced. He explained to himself what he really meant. He didn’t like her. No, he didn’t. Edmund shook his head.

   "Okay, who’s the groom?”

   "Duh! It’s you!“ Rachel shook her head. “You the only boy here.”

   Edmund ignored (Y/n)’s snickering. "Who will be the girl?”

   Mary replied by pointing at (Y/n).

     (Y/n) looked pale. “Uh, I’d rather not. Why can’t you marry Edmund?”

   Rachel blushed. “I wanna…But, he’s too old! He’s like fifty…I think.”

   "I am not fifty!“ Edmund protested.

      "Mary can marry him!” Rachel suggested.

   Mary giggled and shook her head. “(Y/n)!” She whispered.

   "Fine.“ (Y/n) said. "Let’s get this over with.” She muttered.

   Rachel smiled and felt content. “Now, stand in Mary’s square and hold hands, pwease.”

   Edmund moaned, but he obeyed. Holding her hand was strange. It gave him a weird feeling that no one else gave him.

   Edmund cleared his throat and held her hands as they stood in the square. He felt the weird tingling in his hands. Edmund ignored it.

   "Do you, Edmund, take (Y/n) to be your awfully headed wife?“

   Edmund snickered, but shut up when (Y/n) glared. "Uh,” he paused. This was pretend. Why was he embarrassed? “Yeah,” he forced out.

   "No! That’s not how you say it, Mister!“

   "I do…” Edmund muttered.

   Rachel nodded and turned to Mary. “Take it away, Mary!”

   Mary smiled sheepishly. She pointed at (Y/n), then at Edmund, then she waited for an answer.

   "I do?“ (Y/n) chuckled. Mary nodded and grinned.

   "Now,” Rachel giggled. “You may kiss your bwide!” She covered her mouth to suppress her grin.

   Edmund shook her head. This was pretend, but he still found himself glancing at (Y/n)’s lips. Snap out of it! Edmund thought.

  He  hoped that (Y/n) didn’t see him blushing. Why was he blushing? His heart began to beat faster and faster as he lurched forward. She had closed her eyes. Losing courage, he quickly pecked her cheek.

   (Y/n) opened her eyes. “Uh,” she drawled.  

   Edmund blushed. Neither spoke a word. They were just staring at each other awkwardly, but unable to look away.

   "Ahem!” Rachel tugged on Edmund’s leg.

   Edmund and (Y/n)stepped back from each other. Edmund let go of her hand slowly. He couldn’t explain why he regretted it.

     "I’m bored now. Can we eat snacks now?“ Rachel asked.

     "Snacks!” Mary raised her hands.

   "Alright, let’s go to the kitchen and see if the cook has snacks.“ (Y/n) said.

   They kids rejoiced and ran out if the room. "Slowly!” She ordered.

   Edmund was about to leave until he saw (Y/n) cleaning. “Need help?”

   She shook her head. “Nah, why don’t you help the girls? Make sure they don’t eat all the sugary stuff.” She smiled. “Besides, they adore you.”

    Edmund rolled his eyes. “You should probably eat as well. I know you missed lunch.”

   She sighed. “You’re not going to stop bothering me until I do eat, aren’t you?”

   Edmund nodded. “Yep.”

   "Okay, okay,” she shook her head.

   Edmund sneakily slipped his hand in hers. It was meant to be a joke, but his stomach still flipped. “I’m just caring for my awfully headed wife, you know.” Edmund winked and felt normal again.

   (Y/n) gasped and let go of his hand. “Sometimes, you–you–ugh!” She dashed out of the room. Edmund could have sworn she was blushing.

   "What’d I do this time?“ Edmund laughed, knowing exactly what he did. 

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Hi! You know how in Lupin's route, he had to deal with the angry villagers back in Wales? Well, can I request how the other boys would deal with them in the same situations in which the villagers were insulting/threatening Cardia and she's visibly shaken by it? Thank you very much, and I hope you guys have a greeeeat day!!! :D

Mod S here! No, thank you. <3 And I hope your day is just as wonderful.

I’ll call this Other Code: Realize Guys Save Cardia from The Angry Villagers. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if something needs to be fixed. C: 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van would just laugh out of pity for the villagers. He’d shove Cardia behind him and pull out his two guns. He’d dare any of the weak villagers to even try to touch her with his angry stare, and it would take less than a second for them to back off and run away. Afterward, he would take Cardia to a secluded place and hold her hands until she was able to calm down. He’d say: “Protecting you is hard when you run away, but I will always be by your side to keep you safe. No matter where you are.” 

Impey Barbicane: Impey would hide Cardia in a bush and tell her he’d deal with the villagers. When they caught up, he’d tell them it wasn’t right trying to hurt a defenseless girl, and that they shouldn’t judge someone so harshly. When the villagers resist, Impey disarms them and breaks all their weapons. They have to run away, because now their scared of Impey. Impey pulls Cardia out of the bush and says, “Cardia, you had me so worried. But never fear! Impey Barbicane will always come to his future wife’s rescue!” 

Victor Frankenstein: As soon as Cardia put distance between herself and the mob, Victor would throw smoke and light flashing test tubes in order to scare then villagers. Thinking it was witch magic, they would flee to protect themselves. Cardia would recognize the gas and light; she’d run towards the source and meet Victor there. He would embrace her (carefully) as soon as he saw her. He’d say, “Thank goodness you’re safe. But those horrible people won’t harm you anymore. I swear it to you.” 

Saint Germain: Cardia would run into Saint G almost immediately. He’d tell her to stand behind him. When the mob arrived, he would politely say that they’ve gotten the wrong woman and advise them to flee. When the mob doesn’t listen, Saint Germain incapacitates one stupid enough to attack, and the rest are so scared of him that they actually listen. Saint Germain dusts off his coat and says, “You’re safe now Miss Cardia. Though I do believe you should be punished for running away and scaring us. We will talk once we get home.” 

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*unknowingly bathing in your usual bathing spot in the jungle, hums a toon* this water feels greeeeat...!! 💖💖 sure glad I found this secluded spot. Too bad no one could join me to help scrub my back

*I slyly appear behind you, holding a scrubbing brush in my tail* Au contraire

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Any specific AU ideas you have for Stingue, Gajevy and Fraxus? :)

Hey there, anonny :D

How perceptive of you to choose my three fave ships at the moment

This is a good question! i’ve seen a lot of AUs that i love with these three (haven’t been reading much Fraxus lately which is a damn shame and i need to rectify that). i don’t really have a hard set list (as i haven’t explored enough), buuuuut:

Stingue: i love them in just about any AU, and find it particularly sweet when these two are in a bakery AU! I read a great great greeeeat little GMG AU by @becausesin that had me really interested, as well (also check out their other Stingue fics to live a fruitful and blessed life). (honestly i’m also into kingdom AUs for these two and this is single-handedly because of @little-miss-heartfillia).

Gajevy: i love love love love them in pretty much any kingdom AU but i also read an amazing bootlegger AU fic by @missmungoe and a fantastic steampunk AU (which i think sadly was removed by the writer). they’re also outstanding in anything that had a breath of domestic goodness.

Fraxus: honestly, @zelkam has me tossing and turning at night trying to decide if i want to explore writing a short pirate AU ficlet for these two. That aside, i think i like these two in pretty much anything that i’ve read. i also think these two would be a dreaaaaaaaam in a lawyer AU!!! i have an idea, may write a ficlet for this actually, haha (i mean imagine these two in suits, come on)!

:) hope that answers your question!

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🍸 Blackwall :)

Oh interesting one! (Love all the warriors tbh). Let’s do it!

Uriell cheers with Blackwall. “Heeeeey dat was somethin’! kinda disgustin’ when you beheaded that hurlock though, but damn! it must be the experience… Nah, come on, don’t look dat sad now! cheer up, ya killed a dragon today! ah nah, he’s sad again… Don’t be sad, you were greeeeat! I love when ya go with me on da field! really! ah…” *blackwall is looking away with a mysterious look and Uriell mutters to herself* “It’s da beard… tis full of wonders.”

Send me a 🍸 + a Character name and my character will drunkenly confess their feelings about them.

Clow Reed while creating Yue.

“Ah yes I want you to be the most beautiful, androgynous, white haired anime child imaginable. Since you have white hair you’re gonna start dying at some point and everyone has to rescue you. You’re going to have the personality of a sponge and be tsundere as fuck. But, later you’re going to be Moon Mom to this magical 8 year old. S'gonna be greeeeat. Your human form is part of everyone’s first yaoi couple, btw. Enjoy.”