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Family Bonding

Request: Hi!!! Can u write a mark scenario where the reader and him are married and they have an infant? – anonymous

Genre: fluff and comedy

Word count: 3,818

A/N: …. So this ended up longer than I intended…. Oops? Haha. Anyway I hope this is what you had in mind nonnie and that you like this! I had a friggin’ blast writing it! ^^

     "Do you have the diaper bag?“ you asked, Mark lifting up said item as he yelled out a "check!” in response. “Umbrella just in case it rains?” questioned Mark, this time making it your turn to hold up the item he asked for, a “check!” coming from your mouth as you put it on the bottom of the stroller. “Baby bottles?” you asked, Mark’s eyes going wide as he ran into the kitchen, diaper bag over his shoulder as he went into the fridge to grab the two baby bottles that were already made and a water bottle before making his way to the cupboard to grab an extra one with the formula in it, just in case. Shoving the bottles into the bottle holders on the diaper bag he gave a thumbs up and a smile. “Check!”

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