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what I found in you | 01

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jungkook x reader slight angst, smut

12,820 words

a/n: remember that time i posted a long list of fic ideas n stuff i was writing and this wasn’t on it? oops! this was originally gonna be a oneshot but things got way out of hand so, please forgive me for taking two months to write a 12K part one, i know i’m garbage. the next part will have a lot more angst so prepare yourselves, and once again thx @mysoftae this would never have come to fruition without you ;(

~ in which your ridiculously hot, annoying brat of a roommate keeps you up at all hours of the night, takes up all your space, is essentially trying to ruin your life, and is intent on sticking his dick in you

     You had always liked living alone.

     There were no one’s dishes to wash but your own, you could play your music as loud as you wanted, the only person you had to worry about your cat liking was yourself, nobody could complain about what spices you stunk up the place with, and most importantly, you never had to wear pants.

     You would have been content to live alone for the rest of your sad, lonely life enjoying nothing but those small pleasures.

     Then one day there was Jeon Jungkook, on his knees, hands clasped beneath his chin, looking up at you with those wide, glittering brown eyes of his. Maybe you would have said no if he hadn’t been blocking you up against the door to the library, if there hadn’t been a line of people building up behind him complaining about the two of you being in their way, if he actually would have moved when you grabbed his shoulder and tried to shove him to the side with all of your strength. That kid had been working out a little too much.

     Also, he was begging. That might have had something to do with it.

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Oh Captain!// Steve Rogers x Reader (P2)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Language, fluff, smut, unprotected sex (WRAP YOUR WANG BEFORE YOU BANG), slight dry humping, bit of dirty talk, a little Sub!Steve…if you squint and cock your head at a 45 degree angle.
Summary: Steve bares all, in more ways than one. How is anyone supposed to resist this god-forsakenly beautiful man? You don’t; you give into temptation and enjoy the ride. Sometimes Steve’s smart mouth gets him into trouble. Bonus: Bruce is so cute when he’s embarrassed.

A/N: I’m still getting the hang of this smut thing so pls bear with me. Idk why tf I’m so damn shy about writing it when I’m sinful as hell irl.  Also bless you @emilyevanston for reminding me that Steve is so much more than just Captain America. Sorry this took so long, hopefully the fic makes up for the long ass wait! Feedback is absolutely appreciated.

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Previously on Oh Captain!

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Sharing is Caring

Word Count: 2104

Player: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Feat. the Baby Leafs

Warning/s: mild language, hardcore fluff, requested by @memz-elizabeth-

Song: They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction

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She’s a golddigger. He’ll get rid of her soon.

I’ll give them another two months. 

Come on they’ll never last he has a new gf in a couple of weeks.

Aw puppy love. Too bad puppies grow up.

I heard she was seen hanging out with Nylander again. She’s cheating!

Those were a few of the comments that kept popping up on your insta. You didn’t even follow those blogs, but still, you couldn’t help but read the comments under the photos that Auston posted of you. Or Marns or anyone actually. Every time you were in a photo, even just in the background, the comments kept going into directions like this. 

There were countless blogs dedicated to your relationship with Auston. Not in a good way though. Instead, they were discussing how it was ridiculous of you to be serious with each other. Everyone seemed to an opinion, most of them sharing the opinion that you were too young to know what love is.

“You okay, babe?”, Auston questioned. 

He was currently sitting on the couch, trying to get better in CoD, since Marns was still mocking him for being bad. You looked over from the kitchen, a small smile spreading on your face. His hair was a mess. He had insisted on staying up later than usual because he wanted to finish the season you were currently watching. So now he looked like he was in desperate need of a nap, lying on the couch half asleep, wearing a hoodie and sweatpants.

“I’m fine. Cheating on you with Willy as always. You, on the other hand, look exhausted.”, you chuckled.

Both you and Auston used to get super upset over the comments. You tried to prove everyone wrong, but every time you were the best girlfriend in the world, the ‘fans’ found a new thing to hate. After a while, Auston made you promise not to try so hard anymore. You were perfect to him already and there was no point in being perfect for everyone else. So it had become a joke. Sometime’s when either of you found a really hilarious comment or mysterious headline, you would share it with each other.

“What? You got over your affair with McDavid that fast? That was literally just during the World Cup of Hockey!”

“But you know, I am not emotionally capable of a long-distance relationship. That’s why I dumped him to flirt with the next guy.”, you grinned, plopping down on the couch next to him. 

Auston snuggled into your side, still focused on the game, as you started running your hands through his hair.

Auston and you had known each other since you were kids. He asked you out early in High School and you had been dating ever since. You were madly in love with that guy, willing to sacrifice everything for him. You saved up to visit him in Zurich as often as you could and when he returned, you were there when he was drafted. Auston never asked you to do anything, not wanting to put pressure on you, although he couldn’t be happier that you did all of that. 

Because you were important to him. You kept him sane with hockey and media drama. It had always been like that. So you both worked on a plan and you managed to successfully relocate both of your lives to Toronto.

Sure, it wasn’t always easy especially since you were both still young but it was worth it. The comments were still frustrating you, but you knew what you wanted. You wanted Auston in your life. Forever. Not just for a couple of months. And Auston couldn’t even imagine letting you go or breaking up with you ever. It was a once in a lifetime relationship.

“It’s still gross that you cheated on me with Marns last month. I mean, you were seen in a hotel together! You’re getting sloppy in hiding your affairs.”, Auston muttered. But he wasn’t playing anymore. Instead, he had his eyes closed, enjoying your touch.

“Yeah! Right. But did you know that - and you won’t believe this - Steph’s parents were staying in the exact same hotel? I mean, what else could we have been doing there?”

“Well, definitely not waiting for you boyfriend to stop being questioned by Steph’s Dad. Or waiting for Steph who forgot her purse in her parent’s room.”, Auston chuckled. 

You couldn’t hold back your laughter anymore, causing Auston to open his eyes and look at you.

“Your laugh is the best sound ever.”

“You say that every time. And you said the same thing about the new coffee machine!”, you laughed, stopping your motion in his hair Auston pouted, waiting for you to resume playing with his hair.

“But I don’t love the coffee machine.”

“That’s not what it sounded like when you convinced me we needed a new one.”

Auston grinned at you, before he tilted his head up, making a kissy face.

“But it’s great. Still, your laugh is better. Can I get a kiss?”, he smiled. 

His smile was adorable, and it made you fall in love with him again, every time. You leaned down to place a sweet kiss on his lips and when Auston was distracted, you snatched the remote from next to him and turned off the TV.

“Hey.”, he complained.

“Come on. It’s your day off. You promised to cook with me.”, you pouted. Auston leaned up to peck your lips, but he seemed to agree with you.

“I love you.”, he mumbled against your lips.

“I love you too, goofball.”

“You know, when you said we would cook together, I thought you would actually be helping.”, you grinned. 

You had just finished up the food and put it in the oven, but Auston didn’t do much to help you. Instead, he just kept his arms wrapped around you and his head on top of yours, making it hard for you to work.

“I’m good at grilling. Everything else is your specialty.”, he grinned, a yawn escaping his lips. 

You turned around to him and tried to look up, but he kept your head tugged under his chin. So, to be able to look at him, you hopped onto the counter behind you. Auston stood between your legs, tiredly smiling at you.

“You always get cuddly when you’re tired. You know that?”, you smiled back.

“You might have mentioned it before. Is that such a bad thing?”, he chuckled lightly.

“S'cute. I like it.”, you muttered, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss onto his nose. Auston answered by pecking your lips.

“Why did I agree to have Marns and Willy over for dinner?”, he asked.

“Because you’re a good friend that was worried they would eat takeout again? Because you were actually awake when you said that?”, you joked.

“But I want you to myself. And the food.”

“Aww. Sharing is caring. But they shouldn’t stay too long. You need your sleep before the game tomorrow.” You added another kiss, this time to his forehead, but Auston had other plans. He leaned in for a kiss to your lips, lazily remaining there for a while.

“You guys are gross. Why do you always do this?”, another voice whined. 

Both you and Auston jumped, turning around to an obviously amused Nylander. William was standing in the doorway, Marns next to him holding his phone up.

“Remind me why we gave them a key?”, you laughed, turning back to Auston.

“Something about emergencies.”, Auston replied. He pecked your lips again, this time much shorter, but just as sweet.

“Guys.”, William complained.

“What’s for dinner?”, Marns asked immediately after.

“Come on, let’s feed them or they won’t shut up.”, Auston laughed, helping you down the counter.

“I can’t believe you filmed us.”, Auston groaned his head in your lap.

As it turned out, Marns had his phone up because he recorded your little scene in the kitchen. Every single moment ever since they entered. And they had been standing there for longer than Auston and you knew.

So now, the newest thing on Mitch’s insta account was a video of you and Auston, of course, both of you tagged underneath. You were already preparing yourself for the comments to come.

“It was cute. Gross but cute.”, Mitchell grinned. 

Willy nodded approvingly. He too was featured in the video. Every time either Auston or you had said something cheesy, the camera had been turned to William or Marns himself, showing their reaction. From eye rolls to fake swooning and even a fake gagging everything was featured, making the whole thing hilarious. And Mitch’s phone was blowing up with notifications.

“Remember when you had that privacy talk with Matt, Marns?”, you said, raising your eyebrows at him.

“Yeah, yeah. Ask people before you post stuff. Blah blah. But you wouldn’t have allowed me to post it. So I didn’t ask. Plus: You guys are always so lovey-dovey but somehow no one ever found out beside us. I’m just giving them these important bits of information.”

“Like you said: Sharing is caring.”, William grinned, giving you a wink.

“I can’t believe you guys.”, you groaned, but you rolled your eyes with a smile.

“Oh my goodness. Mitchell! What is going on? I thought you only posted it on Instagram?”, Auston questioned suddenly.

“I did. Only there, I swear.”

“Why, baby?”, you asked.

“My mom just texted me. She thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and I can assure you my Mom is not on Instagram. It’s everywhere by now.”

Auston showed you the messages from both his Mom and Breyanna. You couldn’t help but laugh at it, but your face fell in shock when your own phone started going crazy causing Auston to laugh at you this time.

“Oops. I didn’t know it would blow up like this.”, Mitch shrugged. 

And although you didn’t want to, you automatically scrolled down to the comments.

Wow. Hate to say it but maybe they won’t break up.

I said it before you dumbfucks, they’re happy now get a life and stop hating on their relationship.

Did you know that they knew each other since first grade?

His Mom keeps posting photos of the two of them. They do look kinda cute.

He still deserves better.

Not all the comments were suddenly nice, but even the small amount of comments that were, made you smile. Of course, that got Auston’s attention. He snatched the phone from your hands and scrolled through the comments you had read, looking positively surprised.

“Looks like a little more insight into our relationship changed some of their minds.”, he chuckled.

“Yeah, seems like it.”, you muttered, smiling at him.

“They have no idea about us. And they will be bored in a couple of months. Although I have a feeling the break will be short. Think about the number of theories and comments they will come up with when I finally get you to adopt a dog and marry me.”

You snorted, shaking your head slightly.

“You got your priorities straight, huh?”, you teased.

“It’s not news to me that I want to marry you some day. But I only found out that we’re allowed to have a dog in this Apartment yesterday.”, he joked.

“Fine. We’ll think about it for a couple of months and if we still think it’s a good idea we’ll get a dog. Deal?”

“Deal. And you’re gonna marry me then?”, Auston continued to joke.

“Goof, we talked about this. Your Mom might love us, but she will give you the lecture of your life if you don’t at least let me finish college first.”, you chuckled.

“Fine. Dog, college, Wedding. At least Mom loves you as much as I do.”

“I love you too.” Auston pulled you down to him, but before you could actually kiss each other you were interrupted.

“Guys. You’re doing it again.”, Marns reminded you.

You looked up to see that Marns had his phone back up.

“Marns!”, Auston and you yelled at the same time. Auston threw a pillow at Mitch, but he just threw it right back.

“Sharing is caring!”, he insisted, although the words were going under as the whole group started to laugh.

A Little Elriel Fluff

I kinda did a thing because @throne-of-omg-the-feels absolutely killed me with this post and I couldn’t stop myself… (might have gone off on a tangent but I hope you all enjoy it)

Azriel had always had trouble sleeping, especially in the pitch black of the night. It surprised most people, that a shadowsinger like him should have so much trouble in the dark. But the dark… the dark reminded him too much of the cage of his childhood. It reminded of cold rags on the floor, of constant, gnawing hunger and the agony of freshly burned hands.

Even five centuries of freedom hadn’t completely purged him of that little spark of irrational fear, that fear of the dark. It was for this reason he always kept his curtains open the tiniest bit, so that the gentle light of the stars filtered through. Enough of a reminder that he didn’t destroy his bedroom every time he ripped himself out of a nightmare. (For Azriel could walk in darkness and shadow, could dance in it, could listen to its song… but sleep, sleep was another type of vulnerability entirely. Sleep was dangerous.)

Still, even this small precaution wasn’t enough for Azriel to let his guard down and let someone sleep next to him. Oh, he’d had lovers over the centuries - sometimes even ones that stayed for longer than one night. But he’d never laid beside them. (For so long he’d hoped, dreamed, that one day Mor might be the first by his side - glorious, free Mor. But she’d since told him that this dream was impossible… and so he had let it go, in little bits until the last vestiges of it had faded into a beloved memory.)

And then there was Elain. Unexpected and utterly beautiful in every way. She came into his life, into his heart, slowly until one day it hit him, what this feeling that had grown inside his chest was. And she was like him. Different. Different in a way the others couldn’t understand. The seer and the shadowsinger. What a pair they would make. And by the Cauldron, he’d longed to be a part of that pair, a half of a whole… to be something to Elain Archeron that he never been to anyone else before. He longed for her body lying next to him in the cursed dark, quiet and at peace. But he didn’t deserve that kind of happiness, that kind of companionship. Certainly not from someone as wholly good as Elain.

So he hadn’t dared hope that she might pick him, not after Mor and not when she already had Lucien Vanserra for a mate.

And yet she had. She’d picked him over her Cauldren-chosen mate.

And Azriel, damn him, couldn’t refuse her. Not when she looked at him like he mattered.

The second their lips met for the first time, the shadows retreated from him completely for the first time in centuries. They stayed away all night, when he learned her body so thoroughly with his. (She was so heartbreakingly lovely, delicate in a way that was uncommon among their kind… but despite appearances she was not weak. Never weak. Too often did people forget the kind of strength it took to stay kind in a cruel world. And she was a curious creature too, as eager to learn him as he was to learn her. Azriel also quickly found that her shyness did not extend to the bedroom, not with him - Mother above, she would truly be the death of him, one of these days… but he would would only be too happy to go.)

And when they were finally sated, and Elain slid into his side, draping her naked body over his, he did not find it in him to move away. To his eternal surprise, he drifted off into peaceful sleep.

His sleep remained completely undisturbed, to the point that when he finally opened his eyes, he was utterly disoriented. He sat up slightly in the pre-dawn light, running a hand through his ruffled hair and catalogued his surroundings with a shocking lack of panic.

He was home and-

“Elain,” he murmured softly, voice gruff with sleep, as he spotted her lying in his bed with him. Unharmed by his night terrors. Still so devastatingly perfect.

He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her, the bare skin of her back aglow in the light of the slowly rising sun.

Azriel moved closer to her without hesitation, curling his naked body around hers and using a hand to pull her firmly into him, her back curved perfectly into his chest. She sighed contently against him, still fast asleep, and Azriel found himself pressing light kisses to the apple of her cheek, peppering them down and down until his face was hidden in the crook of her neck. His hands roamed freely over her sides with no real intent, simply touching her to revel in the feel of actually having her here with him.

He pressed another soft kiss under her chin, to her throat, her shoulder. Again and again and again, until his mind was filled with nothing but Elain, Elain, Elain.

Azriel immediately felt it when Elain finally awoke in his arms, despite the fact that she kept her eyes firmly closed. A small smile played at her lips, as if she couldn’t quite suppress her happiness.

He kissed her cheek again, lingering there as he spoke. “I’m afraid aren’t quite stealthy enough to fool me just yet,” he whispered, grinning when she sighed with faux disappointment.

Elain blinked her eyes open then, turning her head slightly so she could gaze up at him. Her gaze was soft with sleep, sparkling with quiet, gentle mischief. “I didn’t want to risk you stopping,” she told him, reaching up to trail light fingers down his jawline.

Azriel kissed her behind her ear in response, still grinning like a fool. He didn’t deserve this, he didn’t. But he couldn’t let go of it, of her, either. So he would stay with her, for as long as Elain found him worthy. He would stay for her.

His wing curled in around them then, cocooning them gently until their world narrowed down to this beautiful moment. “Then I won’t stop,” he said.

And he didn’t. He didn’t.

A-Z NSFW: Sehun

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A = Aftercare 
Sehun’s the baby, he’s normally the one being taken care of, so I don’t see him being overly good at caring for someone else he cant even cook noodles cmon so aftercare is kind of a joint effort between the two of you. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
His hips are out of this world, I don’t trust those things, they have a mind of their own. Sehun knows his hips are the shit, especially when it comes to being with you, his hips are kind of his pride and joy. I ain’t even going to try and play, he loves your ass. There, I said it. He’s got pretty big hands too…your booty is his go to place to touch and grab at any given time.

C = Cum 
Because he’s young and he’s not the most experienced and porn is lies I don’t think he quite knows how to deal with cummin when another person is in the mix(i.e. not jerkin it) so he’s kind of messy. Changing the sheets and a shower are almost a necessary thing to do after sex with him.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
It’s not really anything significant, like he tried on your panties a few times or anything, I think a lot of people do this? But who’s going to tell someone they jerk off to their instagram selfies, honestly?

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Him and Kai be takin’ noonas’ phones and giving them back with the history erased….we know what y’all were up to you little shits. He’s pretty young, and even younger when he got into SM, so I don’t think he had a lot of time to fool around, but if his ass is taking a noona’s phone and doin that, boy watches too much porn, he knows what he’s doing.

F = Favorite position
He’s almost a sub, in the sense he lets you do what you want. Not so much about control, but he likes laying back, and watching you in your element while riding him, just his hands on your hips guiding you slightly. Sehun’s unspoken thing, not so much a kink though, is he likes seeing you above him, you riding him and the likes.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Sehun’s a dork, we all know this. But I think subconsciously he puts on a mask of a ‘man’ when he’s in the bedroom, he’s pretty focused and all business and intense eyes when he’s having sex. Unless he’s drunk…then that’s a different story.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Sehun’s pretty smooth, not a lot of hair on his tummy, just a lil bit, so I imagine that matches down below. Not a lot, just a lil bit. He keeps his junk pretty organized, he’s not bare, he trims pretty well, though.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
I don’t see Sehun being the most romantic boyfriend/lover in general, I think you’d be more of a dorky couple than romantic so I don’t think he’s really into the whole circus of going all out just to show how much he loves you and all, when he can just say it. He’s an after sex talker, to be honest with you, he coos about how much he loves you once you’re done and just coming down from the high.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Again….the noona’s phone…I don’t know any boy that just casually watches porn and doesn’t jerk off. Sehun’s a ‘steal and noona’s phone and lock himself in the bathroom’ kind of masturbater, it’s completely obvious what he’s doing but he thinks he’s being sneaky so we’ll just let it slide.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I really don’t see him being very kinky, pretty vanilla in that area to be honest with you. He’s got a thing for your butt, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination that he really likes spanking you. He gets to touch the booty, and leave his mark, two birds, one stone, amiright?

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Sehun’s kind of a lazy boy, but what do you expect from the baby? He likes any place that he can actually relax and stay relaxed when it’s over, he doesn’t have to move. So the bed is the majority of sex with him, but the couch gets sprinkled in here and there.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
He’s a fairly confident guy, but get flustered from compliments. But he really gets going when you overly hype him up, talking about how handsome he is and how much you love him and how much you love him touching you and working your body. Sehun’s a sucker for it, and you’re racing to the bedroom.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
He’s not really into bondage, he doesn’t like the idea of being trapped or held down, or you or himself. So handcuffs and ropes and all that good stuff aren’t even on the list.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Sehun is one of the rappers, so his tongue is in perfect working condition. He’s not the most skilled, but he’s an quick learning if you tell him what to do, that’s easily fixed. And he certainly won’t turn down anything that means he doesn’t have to use his hands on himself, seeing you on your knees for him is almost enough to make him cum on the spot.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Sehun’s another boy that I think will be normally slow but firm, his thrusts are purposefully but he’s almost lazy with his fucking. Obviously it’s not always that way, sometimes he ventures into pretty rough fucking, but on the norm, he really just let’s you have the power on top of him while he bucks lazily into you from below.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Sehun’s a fan of pulling you into the bathroom before or after a show or concert, just to relieve some pent up frustrations and nerves. They’re not his favorite, but he does enjoy them, and he always promises to do it properly when you two get home.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
(Look to T for further explanation) Sehun’s kind of a quiet boy, hyper, but quiet. So no one really expects him to be a freaky one, but he likes testing out different things. Sehun’s one of the boys that’ll try almost anything once. Toys, positions, locations, as long as he likes it and doesn’t have a bad experience(or already have a negative opinion with it) he’ll try it if you’re willing as well.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Sehun’s pretty young, and he’s kind of a hyper mess, so I see him being fairly okay with going for pretty long rounds, and 2-3 rounds on the average with him.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
On a trip to the mall, you two spotted and made jokes about vibrating panties, or just a small vibrator with a separate remote. He’d gotten the latter as a joke, saying he’d make you use it at the next award show he brought you two. Who’d have thought he’d been serious? He likes toys that make you squirm, vibrating ones being the toy his personal favorite.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s a slight tease, not unbearably so, but he crosses the line just enough to have you whining for him before he’ll stop and give you what you really want.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I don’t think he’s very vocal with sex, I feel like Sehun is more of a low grunting kind of guy. When he’s close, he moans a little bit louder, but outside of the room no one’s really going to hear him.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The biggest secret that you two will take to your grave, is drunkenly stumbling into Suho’s room while the boys were still out and fucking there. Thank the gods you didn’t pass out afterwards, but as soon as you were finished, Sehun tried to reach for the remote to have his post-sex cuddle and movie with you, and realized ‘oh shit, we’re in the wrong room’. Oops?

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana says Sehun is a skinny lil baby that he isn’t packing some sausage links in his pants. ‘He’s got more of a hotdog situation’ bye yall he’s more on the slender side of the spectrum, but he’s a bit longer than average, he’s got about half an inch on the average size.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Sehun is pretty much a hyper child, and a young hormonal boy, so having you, he doesn’t exactly hold back his yearning and lust. His drive is pretty high, he can’t keep his hands to himself if you’re in the equation, he’s clingy in the relationship aspect, and that just gets amplified in your sexual relationship.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Okay…he’s stays up all night doing live videos ?? Does he even sleep? Anyways, I don’t think he falls asleep easily after, or at all really. More like he just wants to lay down and cuddle afterwards, but very rarely does he fall asleep quickly after sex.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry you have to deal with all of the flak you're getting from people about Zhenya and Shoma. I don't understand why people have to hate on others who provide fair criticism about their favourite skaters... But anyway, I hope that it isn't getting to you too much, and that you're doing OK. As for my question, How would you rate Yuzu's jumps in order of favourite to least favourite, or most consistent to least consistent? And, other than Hanyu, who is your favourite skater in the mens field?

Oh, an ask to which I can wholeheartedly shamelessly stan Yuzu and gif-spam people, I love it, thank you!

Quick answer first: on the current circuit, my 2nd favorite after His Majesty is Patrick Chan aka PChiddy of Chanada.

Now for the long part: among His Majesty’s majestic jumps, his most consistent and my most favorite, by a mile, is the triple Axel. According to skateDB, his success rate on the 3A in competition up until end of last season is 92.3% and that is an insane number, utterly out of this world when you consider all the crazy entries and exits he’s been doing with it. I mean, in order to find a triple Axel he entered on a long-ish edge hold, you’d have to go all the way back to his early Junior days.

Incidentally, it was this one jump at this one event (Cup of China 2011) that got me hooked on the Yuzuru Hanyu, and the rest, as they say, is history :)

By the way, @ciindyho: I got your ask on Yuzu’s 3A entries and I swear I’m not ignoring you. I’m, err, collecting materials for that post. It’s a rather lengthy process because I keep running into intense argument with people regarding which entry is harder than which…

In his official quad repertoire, the quad toe loop is by far the most consistent, at 70.4% historical success rate, and I think the entire last season he only missed it once (SCAC). Over the years Yuzu has become so comfortable with the 4T that it has become his go-to emergency quad when he needed a BV boost, and for 2017-2018, he’s incorporating two variations of the 4T combos into his layout: the 4T+Rippon 3T for the SP and 4T+1Lo+3S for the FS. A characteristic which I’ve always appreciated about his quad toe (and all of his toe jumps, really) is how light and quick his toe tap is, to the point that his toe loop can easily be mistaken for a Salchow if you don’t pay enough attention to how he uses his left foot:

The quad loop, officially debuted in competition just last season, is turning out to be a fine weapon as well, at 66.7% success rate. On a personal level, that jump is my most favorite quad of his, especially when he does it out of this very distinctive cross roll:

I’ve remarked on this a couple of times before: Yuzu has quite an unusual approach to the loop, in that he’d take off for that jump on a left back outside edge instead of inside as is common. In theory, that’d increase the level of difficulty, since that quirk makes his loop a counter-rotated jump, similar to the Lutz. The fact that Yuzu finds it more comfortable to jump the loop that way is to me a pretty nice indicator of his love for all things extra, complex, and contradictory.

Then there’s the troubled child, the quad Salchow. That jump has been problematic ever since he first attempted it in competition and last season was clearly the cause of much anxiety. My personal theory is that he loves it because it’s an edge jump but hates it because it takes off from an inside edge, and so we ended up with that dramatic roller-coaster of the Yuzu x Quad Sal love affair. When he does land it though, it’s a thing of absolute beauty: breathtaking speed on both entry and exit, lighting quick snap into a perfect air position and an ideal axis, and of course there’s the striking height and distance he achieves in all his quads:

Among his non-Axel triples, my favorite is the triple Lutz. It’s also the triple that Yuzu is most confident in, as proven by the fact that it has been his last jumping pass in the free skate for the past 5 seasons. Yuzu’s Lutz technique is simply immaculate: short entry, deep outside edge, clean toe tap. Plus, because it’s the final jump, he almost never fails to top it up with some dramatic exit, built to impress. 

Now you might’ve heard here or there that the Lutz is not Yuzu’s strong jump, but that is just objectively untrue. He might appear to have some trouble landing the 3Lz, but it has nothing to do with imperfect technique. The perpetrator is and has always been the quad Lutz. Practicing that quad has more or less messed up his timing on its triple version, as in he would time and again take off for his 3Lz as if it’s a quad: greater height, faster snap. If he manages to maintain his focus, he would counter this effect by either delaying his rotation a tiny bit or unfold his air position sooner for the landing, or both, which essentially would result in his triple Lutz having this incredible aesthetically pleasing visual effect which I dub the self-made slow motion:

(If he doesn’t have his full focus, most often for lack of stamina, the timing mess would make him either pop the jump or fall on his butt, in which case he’d usually follow it up with a cheeky little smile as he picks himself up, and that’s adorable, but beside the point)

Then we have the triple flip, which also used to be a troubled child but has, for a long time now, outgrown its troublemaker phase and matured into this stunning beauty:

The issue with the triple flip used to be his tendency to switch to an outside edge before takeoff (he loves that takeoff edge a bit too much for his own good, really). Since the 2014-2015 season though, his team has figured out the trick to help him stay on the inside edge, namely, to have him entered it using that tricky three-turn sequence as shown above, which basically serves to distract him from the takeoff: turn + edge - turn + edge - turn + edge - jump - oops 3F is already over, let’s move on. His flips now are done on a proper inside edge, and, thanks to that entry, always seem to materialize out of thin air. It probably won’t ever be his favorite though, so on balance of probability, expecting a quad Axel from him is way more realistic than a quad flip.

That about covers the essence of his jump portfolio, since he’s obviously no longer able to do a solo 3T or 3S and likely even 3Lo.

As a bonus, among his combos, I’d like to make a special shout-out to these jumps which I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with: his +2T with Rippon variation. The varied air position in these is always done with such elegance and grace, don’t you think?

disrupted routines - jughead jones

Request: Drabble prompt #36 with Jughead, please. @sunshine51879

“Fine, just do what you have to do.” - “Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?”

Jughead x Reader

Words:1072 (bit longer than a drabble oops)

Warnings: Cursing, fluff.

A/N: This was super cute, I love it and I figured I should post something before the new episode.

    Nothing was unusual for yourself and Jughead on this particular Friday night. It had been the same routine for a year (since you had sit by him one night when the rest of the booths were full because of  the post-football game crowds and you guys had hit it off), Jughead goes to Pop’s around 7pm, gets some writing done and then you join him around 8pm. He orders a double cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate milkshake and you order a hotdog, fries and a vanilla milkshake. This was the same every Friday night, for the past 52 Fridays.

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Flustered Kadi Analysis

Hello anons,

So while I was typing out both of your guys’ response, I noticed that I started putting very similar information so I combined them! So here it is:

Kyungsoo is quite an intricate person to examine. If I had the time (I might actually do this in the summer or my next break), I would like to study Kyungsoo’s body language so I (and you guys of course) can understand him better. He has said that he likes to show a different person than who he truly is based on what he’s doing (e.i his ‘D.O’ persona, his ‘Do Kyungsoo the Actor’ persona, his public person and his at home/personal/true persona aka, his core persona). And it’s actually quite easy to do but can get confusing when it’s something you made and not your brain, which is why when he’s doing interviews and they ask questions he’s been asked before, some of the details are changed/come out different. this sections is getting too long oops i’ll talk about this more if i do the d.o personality analysis

Now Jongin, as we’ve seen is very confident on stage. He has a persona that intrigues us all and we love that persona very much. But even the most confident people falter! And it most certainly happens to Jongin in a form called Do Kyungsoo :)

I would like to say that I do kind of agree that Kyungsoo seems to be the type to get very flustered but, after time it’s only natural for him not to get flustered anymore. So what we will be observing is kadi becoming flustered,shy and giggling messes due to an action done by the other.

[Quick Note: I use the terms dominant and submissive (and related words) to describe certain gestures. I would like to point out that those gestures do NOT reflect in anyway towards their sexual relationship. Please do not tag this post with top!soo or top!jongin simply because I said one of them did a dominant gesture.]

Angel Performances - Kyungsoo’s giggles

In the performances of Angel you can see that Kyungsoo becomes a giggling mess whenever Jongin is facing him and dancing in front of him (who wouldn’t I mean look at the way Jongin is looking at him, personally i’d melt and faint)

It’s more clearly seen in the video but whenever this moment of the dance is about to happen, Kyungsoo is already holding back a small smile; he knows he’s about to see Jongin, he knows what’s coming. Then once he turns around and faces Jongin, his heart bursts and the giggles explode out of him. I’ve truly never seen Kyungsoo more happy than in this moment right here. This is the moment where Kyungsoo lets himself go, it’s the moment where he looks the most free, ethereal, and happy. 

Then of course, Jongin starts smiling because who doesn’t want to smile when the love of their life is looking at them like that? Again, it’s more notable in the video, but Jongin starts of his usual serious, focused on the dance, sexy self. A couple seconds later though, he sees Kyungsoo’s reaction to him and he starts to smile real big and chuckles at the sight! He breaks out of his kai persona and becomes Jongin for that little amount of time and I think that’s really beautiful.

Now back to kyungsoo haha, in the video you can see that after Jongin leaves, he realizes that it’s almost his time to sing. But… he’s still on the high of happiness! So what does he do? He expands his mouth in order to calm himself down. This gesture is usually done for this very reason, to stretch out your mouth and force your laugh/smile into another gesture. This can be done to conceal a laugh/smile due to it no longer being normal for the situation or because you have to speak and don’t have time to let your laugh/smile die down by itself. Kyungsoo is about to sing so he obvious has to do this but I have a feeling that he also does it because he knows it must look it a bit unnatural for him to be the only other member smiling like that.

(bonus: @ 1:45 kai bites his lip when d.o makes his way over to him)

Jongin’s Stare - Causes even the most serious of hyungs to falter

Originally posted by kaidoscopes


In this glorious gif we see Kyungsoo laughing about something and we also see Jongin staring at him (per usual) And like most lovers, Kyungsoo’s first instinct is to look at Jongin. This is because, when in a group of people, you will instinctively look at the person you are closest to while laughing. I know a lot of people say this but no one’s explained why so here we go:

The reason people look at the person they are closest to is because humor initiation and appreciation is sort of a way that people initiate and maintain social relationships. Humor is in a way a form of people trying to express their interest and gauge a corresponding level of agreement with others. There has been a repeated case study (where the outcome is always very similar), that showed that most people will laugh more/express themselves more when the person they are with is someone they have a interest in or they know really well. This is again, because you are trying to maintain a steady relationship with that person you are looking towards. It already knows the person really well/wants to get to know the person and so you feel more free to show this positive side of you to them. (in this situation of kd) This then turns into the idea that someone that has interest in you (and vice versa) will repeat an action you have done because of wanting to show that you are interested in them. You want to show that you are alike and are to be trusted because of that. Kadi do this a lot, especially while laughing, and this gif shows that too.

Now that we’ve covered that haha, we can see that Jongin finds this adorable side of Kyungsoo very amusing. He especially shows this by bursting out in smiles and turning to show the audience, almost like “look, my Kyungsoo is so cute!” This causes an immediate burst of flustered-ness and giggles from Kyungsoo who even goes as far as bend slightly because of all the emotions. 

Jongin’s “I love you” - *Kyungsoo forcing himself to not get flustered*

Originally posted by minyoangi

Ah I absolutely love this but it also makes me mad that Kyungsoo had to strictly only say “ah i see” because we could see a proper reaction :((

In this gif, all of Kyungsoo’s true emotions to what Jongin has just said are shown through his eyes. The eyes are very good indicators at true emotions. 

First we see Kyungsoo’s eyes go down and to the left. This means he’s deep in thought/thinking to himself. He’s probably doing this because he’s trying to create a way for himself not to properly react to Jongin’s words and make it seem completely banterish and normal rather than romantic and meaningful. His eyes, then stay down and move to the right which indicates that he is attending to his internal emotions. This is very expected since the person he loves just told him “I love you” on a broadcast(?) and so he is experiencing an overwhelming emotion aka causing him to get flustered and shy. 

Then we see him adorably and lovingly look at Jongin. From the way he swoops his head to make eye contact with Jongin to the way he glances up at him, he is replicating the gesture done by people when looking at someone in a submissive manner (this has nothing to do with sexual submission). It’s just a gesture of shyness like when Person A compliments Person B and Person B turns to the ground for comfort then slowly half looks at Person B since they are all shy and flustered. 

Jongin’s Menacing Stare - Poor Kyungsoo just wants him to stop 

Originally posted by teapearlsoo

I’m sure we’ve all seen this gif at least one time in our kadi shipping lives and I’m pretty sure we’ve all read an analysis on this moment at some point or another so I’ll keep this one kind of short (or at least try to)

First let me point out that Baek is looking at the ground, Suho is speaking and looking towards the camera, Chanyeol starts off staring into space but then turns to face the camera and kadi, well they’re staring at each other. Jongin here, has the evident dominant gesture as he is the one causing the fluster in Kyungsoo. Jongin seems all chill about it but of course Kyungsoo is being heavily affected.

So let’s start with his eyes. You can see that he immediately starts blinking rapidly which is a sign of nervousness, a unconscious rapport, anxiety and/or stress. In this case we can combine his other gestures (pupil movement, gulping, mouth twitch, all of which I will talk about in a sec) and assume that he feels nervous, anxious and possibly unconscious rapport. In summary, this point alone is key to him being flustered. Then of course, his pupil movement. Eyes express more than we want them to and Kyungsoo’s eye movement that floats down and to the right shows that he is attending to his internal emotions. This is his body trying to control the anxiousness/nervousness caused by Jongin’s strong stare. 

Next, his gulping, also another sign of nervousness/anxiousness. Gulping in moments like these is because of a sudden rush of adrenaline that causes excessive saliva to build up in our throat. And, on top of that, his mouth twitches upwards, another means of nervousness/anxiousness. 

In general, this boy is just a flustered nervous mess under Jongin’s stare haha.

Kyungsoo’s Aegyo - Jongin’s biggest fanboy moment

I really like this moment because of not only Kyungsoo’s adorable aegyo but because of Jongin’s reaction! Jongin getting giggly is fav just saying haha  I’d just like to quickly point out that Kyungsoo getting embarrassed and flustered over his own aegyo is so beautiful haha

This is quite the legendary moment because it was such a grand moment. Jongin is the only member who reacted to such an extent, well, really reacted at all. All the other members laughed of course, they thought it was funny! It’s no big deal to them, obviously. But to Jongin, it seems to be. This man literally became the fandom when Kyungsoo did his aegyo - I for one know I reacted the same way. 

First, he has to turn away because he can’t handle the emotions and he’s trying to find another person to share this huge emotion with (he doesn’t find anyone lol which I’ll talk about in a sec) Then we have his legs that are stomping the ground, another form of trying to let out a huge emotion when you can’t totally express it. It’s almost like the same gesture he does when he’s laughing so hard, he starts hitting something to let out the (positive) frustration of the huge emotion of laughter. It’s just so much that his body’s instant reaction is to hit something as another form of letting it out since simply laughing won’t do. This is also similar; he’s in a position of not being able to fully express his love/excitement for Kyungsoo’s aegyo that his body has to show it through exciting his legs into movement. 

Finally, when he notices that he’s the only one with such a reaction, he runs his hand over his thigh in a form of comfort/ to calm him down. Then he adjusts his legs by spreading them open a little bit, a form almost similar to the feeling of restarting oneself or in simpler terms going back to your original position (in Jongin’s case a relaxed position in which he is being interviewed along with his members). 

Kyungsoo’s ‘Chocolate’ during My Lady - Jongin has to turn away

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Dec 10, 2016 at 8:25pm PST

Ah, I’ve already talked about this before (x) so I’ll keep this short:

First, the way he tilts his head away (again because he is in a position of restricted movement that his body is trying to contain the emotion). This is commonly seen when person A compliments person B and so person B has to turn away so that person A won’t see them smiling/blushing. It’s a form of not wanting to show the other person this ‘weak spot’ of yours which is why you turn away. Though here, I think Jongin was trying to keep us (the fans) from noting that he couldn’t contain his emotions but in reality it made it more obvious. For one, because he was the only member that was looking at Kyungsoo. Second because he turned while none of the other members were moving and when no other thing except Kyungsoo could’ve caused him to move. 

Then obviously we see Jongin’s little smile pop out. He probably thought something along the lines of ‘ah kyung, why do have to do this to me~’ . He probably knew that if he stayed looking at Kyungsoo that he’d be reprimanded so he turned away. I love this moment so much

Kyungsoo saying Kai-sshi - Jongin losing it ft. exo members also losing it

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jun 15, 2016 at 10:08pm PDT

This one is kind of here for fun. The video itself is very self explanatory as to why this is here (even the show/broadcast could tell jongin got flustered/nervous by Kyungsoo lolol). This was supposed to not be this long lmao

The first major gesture we see here is that Jongin freezes up. When this happens it’s usually your body going into a state of shock. In this case, it appears that Jongin is very shocked by Kyungsoo’s “Kai-sshi”. In fact, it seems that Kyungsoo purposely emphasized it that way. His tone raises slightly and his voice is a little louder. He even had a little smirk but that camera flashed to Jongin before we could fully see it. Kyungsoo (in the video) is in a position where he is ‘in control’ of the whole interview. He has quite some power right now (obviously to a very small extent lol but still) and he is enjoying it. He takes this opportunity to be a little tease toward his members and this is a great show of it. Kyungsoo’s smirk which showcases that he is feeling very smug right now definitely threw Jongin in for a loop. It even surprised the whole of exo! Jongin especially acknowledges Kyungsoo’s teasing by doing the continually movement of raising and lower his eyebrows which is an invitation or acknowledgement, it can be friendly or sexual, in this case it’s a friendly acknowledgement. Almost like saying “Well how about that !”

Jongin proceeds to laugh it off (and so do all the members) but now he’s nervous. You can tell because he starts rubbing his left ear. Though rubbing the ear can mean lying as well, due to the above paragraph and our knowledge of Jongin and his hardworking-ness, we know he isn’t lying about what he’s talking about. Anyway, it doesn’t take long for him to regain posture and answer the question properly… but after he’s done talking, MC Kyungsoo strikes again.

Instead of being smug though, he is very playful this time. He’s straight up messing with Jongin to elicit a reaction. Jongin laughs again, but not because he finds it funny but because he finds it amusing. You can tell because when he finds things funny his laugh pitch is raised but when things are amusing to him, his laugh pitch is a lower tone (this is a more general observation). Then Jongin does the iconic ‘raising and lowering’ of the eyebrows. (as stated previous) This suggests an invitation or acknowledgement. In this case though I believe it’s a more sexual, teasing “oh ;)”. This is also emphasized by the slight tilt of the head and movement of the jaw (and possibly the tongue but the video isn’t great quality so I can’t be for sure)

And, if you’ve seen skam, it is very similar to Even’s teasing towards Isak in this moment (and we all know where this leads to lol):

Originally posted by obartell

Jongin’s Dancing - Kyungsoo can’t handle kai’s dancing

A video posted by @alvabear94 on May 20, 2016 at 8:21am PDT

“D.O": Although kai is my dongsaeng, he’s really cool and sexy to the point where you can’t help but fall in love with him when you watch him performing on stage. His facial expressions are not rookie-like at all. When I ask him questions during dance practice, he doesn’t act tired by it at all and really teaches you step by step.” 

Whereas the other gifs/videos I’ve talked about have flustered kadi in an adorable or teasing way, this one is more sexual.

First, let’s start with Kyungsoo’s bedroom eyes. This gesture is shown through the whole video, it literally never leaves his face. This look (as you may have guessed it or known), is used to describe a person who looks at another with sexual longing. This is even more supported by the fact that he blinks less, and every time he does, it’s slow. This is also in combination with how he prolongedly stared at Jongin. (also if you watch carefully, you’ll notice that he blinks when Xiu_min covers Jongin from his view).

Then, we see Kyungsoo gulp or swallow and as mentioned before, this is a sign of nervousness. But, this is a different form of nervousness. This isn’t nervousness due to someone’s stare and you don’t know what to do but a nervousness due to sexual want (as the expression goes, ‘he is thirsty’ lol pun lowkey intended). This only gets more sexually implying as many have noticed that Kyungsoo looks towards his crotch after he gets up. And really, the only reason people look at crotches is (especially as a male) 1) because they are attracted to it 2)  to compare sizes 3) check for a boner. And I’m pretty sure Kyungsoo isn’t attracted to his own crotch nor does he need to compare it since it’s his. So the only other thing he could possibly looking for is for a boner. Especially after being as aroused as he was with Jongin, who wouldn’t?


Cockblocking Suho - Kyungsoo trying to be indiscreet but being caught

Since this is only two pictures and not a gif or video, I can’t really comment too much on it. But, for general purposes: 

Kyungsoo, in the first picture, is staring at Jongin (casual bro things you know?) He seems to be finding something funny so it brings us back to the ‘people stare at the person they are closest too in a group while laughing’. (I’ve explained this above so reread that if you forgot or care why). He seems to not have expected Jongin to notice (as seen through the second picture). but he might’ve forgotten that Jongin appears to have a “Kyungsoo alarm” so Jongin ended up turning towards him and smiling at him. Kyungsoo of course, who didn’t expect this, reacts by looking down, a shy smile on his face as he looks down and to the right. The staring to the down and to the right, as I mentioned previously, is a showing that he is attending to internal emotions. Needless to say, he got very shy and flustered by Jongin haha.

Well, there you have it. I apologize for any typos (especially if they cause misunderstandings). I’d like to quickly credit dika-dika  and dohkyeongsoo for some of the gifs I needed, very much appreciated! 

I hope you anons see this and I hope everyone enjoyed!!

alexandargideonlightwood  asked:

Malec + “I was bored out of my mind during this color theory lecture but I notice you looking at me, you keep glancing between me and your sketchbook WAIT are you doing what I think you’re doing” au... pretty please 😄

Let’s see if my brain will cooperate for at least something short! Thanks for sending this in :) ♥

You can also read it on AO3 :)

Here’s the prompt list if you feel like sending me one :)

He should be writing this down. Yep. That sounded like important information. Oh well. The professor droned on in front of the class sometimes struggling with the projector. Seriously, how did this guy get hired in an art college

Magnus felt like his brain was about to melt from the monotone voice talking and talking and talking. Did he even know what he was talking about or was the professor just going on autopilot at this point? From the empty look in his eyes Magnus guessed that it was the latter.

Shifting in his seat Magnus took out his phone and put it on his desk, feeling sure that even if he got caught the professor wouldn’t care. His fingers swiftly went through his basic apps, finally opening Instagram. He started slowly scrolling down, looking at pictures of cats and art that his feed was full of, kudos to the people he followed. 

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Torn (Seth Rollins x Reader) Part 2/2

Part 1

Do not post this story without my consent (on any site or platform), under any circumstance, unless I specifically told you that you could. Thanks!

A/N: Hey babes! This took me way longer than expected, and it is WAY LONGER THAN EXPECTED. But oh well. This is the second and last part of this fic, and I sure hope it lives up to the reaction I got from the first one (crossing my fingers). Leave me a comment if you did enjoy it, I loooooove them so much I cry. Also, sorry if I forget to tag anyone, I’m really bad at it. Hit me up if you want to be part of my tag list though!

Also, the gif I used is kind of misleading, even if there is smut. It’s just way fluffy. I just… the gif… I… yeah.

Warnings: Swearing and fluffy smut.

Word count: 7356 (oops)

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @imagines–assemble @imagineall-the-fandoms @insearchofsunlight @blondekel77 @thiickreigns @m-a-t-91 @valeonmars @littlemissava13 @nuroxic @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @superrezzy00 @momis30 @laochbaineann @alexispoo @taryndbiase @ehvil7 @shadow-of-wonder @ringsidexdreaming @wrestlewriting


Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Do you sometimes get the feeling you’re always coming back to the same place? You’ll think you’re moving forward, but really you’re going in circles, bringing yourself back over and over again. It can be frustrating, but I think, sometimes, it’s the universe giving you a second chance. Maybe, just maybe, it’s telling you to get back to the beginning to look for a better end.

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I got you anon! Just assume everything is the same, but without them kissing each other for even once during their routes. This will be including semi-AU scenarios, so I hope you don’t mind about it :) Its literally the longest I’ve ever written omg ~Admin Kei


-It was a few weeks after the official announcement of their relationship, when Zen and MC are watching a romantic movie in his house

-While they’re watching midway through the movie, the romantic scenes were getting cheesier, which somewhat left them in an awkward mood

- Being the sensitive type, he couldn’t help but stole a few glances towards his side. There she was, holding her cheeks on her palms, slightly blushing. It seems that she was really concentrated on the movie, since her soft gaze never left the television screen.

-A few minutes had passed and none of them dared to say a word. He was feeling even more conscious now, he thought, as he tried to find somewhere else to distract himself from the movie; he never thought that watching a movie that contains particular…kiss scenes with a female he confessed his love on could be such intense.

-“Get a grip, Zen. You know you’re better than this.” He mentally slapped his cheeks, putting his thoughts towards their recent relationship. They did occasionally share some physical intimacy, but it seems like its missing something…oh. His gaze landed back on the screen; the kiss is still ongoing.

-“I never even kissed MC…I’m so stupid.” Deciding that he should repay back her feelings on how she supported him throughout the time she’s joined RFA, he simply turned off the TV with the remote, which immediately gained back MC’s attention towards him.

-“W-What?” she blinked in confusion, as her thoughts soon returned to the atmosphere around the house. Before she could further ask what’s going on, he held onto her chin with his fingers, slowly pulling her towards him.

-The first kiss they shared on the lips was mild and sweet; her lips were pretty soft too, he thought. Although she knew that he did not dare to delve in further, she could still feel his hidden feelings that were waiting so desperately to be shown to her, and it was crazy. It truly shows how both of them love each other, considering time was not a factor at that moment.


-There’s still a few months left before their official wedding, when they arrived at a particular high-class restaurant for dinner.

-“I love the quiet atmosphere here, Jumin, thanks for inviting me.” She said, as he pulled the seat for her to sit in. “As long as its for you, I wouldn’t mind at all.” He he softly replied with a smile, as he eventually sat in front of her.

-After he ordered food from the menu, both of them began to share a conversation relating to the wedding and perhaps even their honeymoon in the future. Even when he’s a bit tired from all the working in his company, talking to his fiancée really restores his energy right away.

-“Sorry, I’ll be right back.” She stood up from the chair, slowly heading towards the bathroom. He did not reply, but instead kept his gaze on her back; the way her dress sways whenever she took a step, her hair bouncing up and down and the smile that seems to be lingering on the back of her head, all of them intrigues him. He just loves every part of her well-being, whether its her appearance or not.

-When he took a glance towards his surroundings, he realized that another couple was sitting at the farthest table, well…kissing. He did not particularly mind them showing affection in a public place, but it certainly reminded him that not even once did they ever kissed on the lips before, even after he proposed during the RFA party.

-After MC came back from the bathroom, they continued to eat while sharing a pleasant talk, as if nothing had happened before.

-Eventually, as they were sitting on his car with his driver on the front seat, he stares at her with a strange expression, leaving MC in a blank state. “Jumin?”

-He did not reply again, but instead placing his right hand on her cheek tenderly, initiating a kiss right before she could react from it. The kiss was somewhat rough, but she does not mind; not only she could feel the warmth crept up from his body, but also the long suppressed love he have been wanting to show her all this time. It was particularly enjoyable and memorable to both of them.


-It was another random day of them scrolling through the chatroom together in his home, when he came through a particular topic discussed by Zen and Seven.

Seven: I’ll give you a virtual kiss if you want some company Zen <3 <3

Seven: *inserts heart emoji here*

Zen: *inserts awkward emoji here*

Zen: I would rather get kissed by a fan than you Seven.

-“Yoosung, what’s wrong?” Oops. He hasn’t even realized that he zoned out a bit, while looking at the screen in front of him. “U-Um, its fine, MC! Nothing’s wrong!” He waved his hand to reassure her.

-When he returned his gaze towards the conversation that both Seven and Zen shared, he realized that their relationship hasn’t even advanced further, ever since he confessed his love towards her. He appreciates how she stayed by his side even when he tried to compare her with Rika, which he knows he shouldn’t do that in the first place, but he really wished that he could know more about her in-depth.

-”Why did I even decide to scroll through the chatrooms anyway…” He sighed mentally, knowing that they haven’t shared a kiss, for even once. Maybe he could do something about it?

-Unfortunately, his self-consciousness told him that it’ll probably be too early to do so, so he wasted a few hours playing multiplayer games with her, talking, cooking, the usual routine.

-“Maybe I shouldn’t be too subtle about it and instead ask her directly? Yup, this is definitely the best idea, even though I didn’t have my first kiss yet! Go Yoosung!” He kept making pep talks to himself during the meantime and its almost driving him into a non-stop blushing madness; its still a surprise that she haven’t noticed this yet.

-As soon as its almost time for her to leave, he simply grabbed onto her wrists, implying her to stay for a bit longer. “C-Can I kiss you before you leave?”

-When he saw that she froze on the spot, he took the chance and grabbed onto her shoulders, giving her a simple kiss. He did not dare to move, but it feels kind of tingly and nice, he thought. He could even smell the faint scent from her minted lip balm, which reminds him to buy more of those when he got time.


-It was just like any normal day in the café, but with MC helping her with the washing instead.

-“I really appreciate your help, MC, but it’ll be very tiring if you stayed with me for the whole day.” She said, with sadness added in her tone. She wouldn’t want her to be stressed out with the large amount of work, considering how she truly understands the meaning of being stressed when she’s still Jumin’s assistant.

-“I’m totally fine, Jaehee! Looking at the customer’s smiles always give me a boost of energy, plus its not that I have a lot to do anyway.” MC replied joyfully, as she continues washing the plates piled onto the sink.

-“Wow, she’s just so innocent…but that’s what I like about MC though.” She thought with a slight smile, complimenting the RFA coordinator in her mind. Ever since MC joined the RFA and befriended her, her sole existence already gave her a lot of confidence on being direct towards her own feelings. If its not MC who joined the RFA by accident, she might’ve been stuck being Jumin’s assistant, or worse, going to the hospital frequently because of over-stressing herself and a lack of sleep for almost every weekday.

-Before her thoughts could drift along any further, all the lights in her café suddenly went into an outage; the sun already setting didn’t help much too. Several customers began opening the flashlight from their phones, but the café is still very much pitch black, considering how its not really crowded.

-Its even worse when there’s already inches of snow being piled up against the door. Yup you’ve guessed it; it happened during December.

-“Jaehee?” She turned her head towards the source of sound, “I-I’m quite scared of the dark.”

-As soon as she saw MC’s crouching figure, she immediately put her arms around her, stroking her back softly. When the lights seemed that it wouldn’t turn back on for a while, she knew the only way to give MC full comfort. It is not the best choice, but if its MC, she’s willing to do anything to keep her safe.

-As their lips were connected for a while, it successfully calmed down MC in a surprising state. It wasn’t really the first kiss they had imagined to be, but it was more of a reassuring kind instead. For both of them, its simply worth more than a thousand words.


-It was a quiet night in his apartment, when MC’s the only one falling asleep peacefully.

-“Why do I have to work overnight again…” He let out a soft sigh, showing his frustration on a certain someone. Getting tired from staring at the computer screen while drinking Dr. Pepper, he stretched himself to get more comfort from sitting on a computer chair.

-While he was busy with closing all the useless tabs, his gaze landed on a folder with MC’s name on it. He clicked on it out of curiosity and sure enough, its mostly about the background information he researched when she first joined RFA by accident.

-His thoughts simply drifted off the 11 days before the start of an unexpected RFA party; all these years having to act for an optimistic personality online, with MC  suddenly popping up and knowing how to respond most of his weird phrases, was clearly something that he did not expect at all.

-Not to mention meeting his twin brother in such an unfortunate incident, which led him into despair and for once, breaking out from the façade and showing his true, pessimistic personality. He always thought that he should repay the debt from treating her with coldness during the time he’s in Rika’s apartment, but he just doesn’t know how.

-He simply hates how he’s always so emotional during the night. As he landed his gaze on her sleeping figure, he felt a sense of calmness radiating from her. If she did not appear, all of these incidents wouldn’t even happen, especially being her boyfriend-

-“Wait…we’re in a relationship for almost a month and we still haven’t kissed? How?!” He continuously scratched his head in irritation, “Should I do that? Right now?”

-“But it might wake her up-“ “Alright, here goes.” He slowly tiptoed towards his bed, as he crouched down below her sleeping figure. Seeing MC’s beautiful face already made him into a blushing madness. He isn’t like this-

-He gently pulled her forward with his right hand, as he then tilted his head and gave her a sweet kiss. He tries to move forward, but he knows it’ll instantly wake her up. He lingered the kiss to further savor the moment, he realizes she sort of tastes like toothpaste and it was the best kiss he ever initiated.

A War Fought at Home

Corporal Natsu Dragneel has been through Hell, and unfortunately for him, the ride isn’t quite over. How will a new Rehab program at the local VA help? And will a certain blonde help make matters better? 

Modern Military AU. Warnings for mentions of depression and adult language/situations. Other warnings to come as the story progresses. Cross post on AO3 and FF.net. 

“Come on, dude, you know you should go.”

Natsu Dragneel struggled to sit up in his queen-sized bed, the rays of sunlight causing him to squint as he moved about. He threw off the red and black striped down comforter and breathed in as deep as his lungs could manage. His pain killers from overnight were already starting to wear off and the sharp sensations were attacking him every time he forced his legs to move so much as an inch. His chair was in front of him, beside the bed as it had been since the day he was released from the hospital. Gods how he hated that thing. All it did was remind him of who he used to be, back before it all happened.

Summoning all his strength, Natsu lifted himself from the bed and plopped himself down in the wheelchair, taking a minute to collect himself before making his way toward the door. Looking in the full-length mirror beside the closet door, across from his bed, he was greeted by the image of a man he hardly knew. His hair was long and shaggy, he still had his muscle from years of physical activity and training but they weren’t nearly as defined. His eyes, once a bright emerald green were now a dingy shade of forest green, almost black and lacking emotion. He was wearing Marine-issue sweatpants with a black tank top, his tattoos swirling over his shoulder and right arm. Above the mirror hung multiple medals and certificates from his years of service but all they did was make him angry. If he could stand to remove them, he would have, just so he didn’t have to relive the bullshit over again every single day.

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 4- First Sleepover

I’m pretty late with this! For most of you it’s probably Day 5 already lol. But I really wanted to give this one a try. This is how I imagine things, and I guess it doesn’t really directly conflict with canon, despite the fact that this theme doesn’t have to be canon compliant. Idk, hope you guys enjoy it…gonna go do laundry now lol!

He Needs The Space

Molly peered over the edge of her bed, looking down into the sea green eyes that stared back at her.

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’d actually feel better if you just came up here,” she stated sincerely. 

It wasn’t a lie. She did hate to think of him sleeping on the hard floor.

Sherlock had turned up at her door a couple hours before, dripping wet and looking like a stray dog in need of some loving care. Molly didn’t hesitate to invite him in. True, she’d only known him a couple of months, but Mike Stamford had known him longer. She’d heard nothing but good things. Well, perhaps not everything was good. But she’d heard enough to know he wasn’t a man to distrust or fear. And besides…she could just tell. 

It was painful for her to think of him bouncing around from place to place since his move to the city some weeks before. Apparently there was no family or friends he cared to stay with. She hated to think of him in the streets or God knows where else. Molly couldn’t say for sure what had motivated him to descend on her flat that night, but she was awfully glad he did. 

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secrets - part one

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summary: peter has a crush on y/n, but finds out her secret

words: 1,782

warnings: one use of the word hell

a/n: part one of my entry for @tilltheendwilliwrite‘s writing challenge, with the prompt “They’re not powers. They’re more like…special abilities.“ i haven’t used it in this part, but i will in the next installment!


"Dude, you’re staring at her again,” Ned informed Peter during their shared English class, rolling his eyes. “Remember what happened with Liz? You were pretty obvious with your crush last year. Even she knew about it.”

Peter glared at his best friend, but looked away from Y/N. Realizing how long he had actually been gawking at her, he couldn’t stop the blush that coated his cheeks. Ned scoffed and shook his head.

“Man, you are so whipped.”

After English, Ned walked with Peter to the gym but left to go to his computers course, because they didn’t share the same PE class that year. However, Peter shared it with Y/N, which made it a bit more bearable.

“Okay class, listen up!” yelled the instructor, motioning for the group to get together. Because it was a different period and they were juniors, it wasn’t the same teacher from the year before, and Mrs. Harris preferred playing sports instead of just working out for an hour.

“I’m going to divide you all into multiple teams of six, so that we can get a volleyball game started,” she continued. “Once you’re placed with a team, you cannot change teams, or else I’ll make you take laps. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Mrs. Harris,” the class chanted, and as she read the names off her list, the students talked amongst themselves, either glad that they were with their friends, or sharing wistful glances with the people next to them

When Mrs. Harris assigned Y/N and Peter in a group, Y/N met his eyes and grinned, giving him a thumbs up. Peter flushed and looked down, staring at his shoes.

“Quiet down!” she yelled over the students. “Get into your teams and start planning your positions and players. The first two groups on the court will be Michelle’s team against Peter’s.”

As Peter analyzed who was on his team and who was on Michelle’s, he frowned, knowing that both teams had an equal chance of winning. What he didn’t know, was that his team had two people with powers, almost guaranteeing them a win.

At the end of the impromptu tournament, Peter’s team had beat almost every other team. With Peter’s spikes and digs, and Y/N’s serves and sets, they were nearly unstoppable.

Of course, everyone knew that Y/N had been playing volleyball for as long as she could remember, but they didn’t know when Peter Parker had gotten so good at the sport.

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Used Pt. 4

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Author’s note: Oh my god, it’s been almost a month since my last chapter. I’m so so so sorry. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress from school. Anywayyy, I hope this chapter is okay and I should be posting Pt. 5 in a week or less. This chapter was meant to be longer but I decided to split the chapter. Tell me how you like it. Thank you <3

You sighed as you made your way down the stairs ready to greet the guests that would be coming to your family’s annual New Year’s Eve party.

“Hey loser, you look nice,” Hansol said, flashing you the slightest smile and shoving you lightly.

“Help me put this on.”

You smiled as he handed you a black tie. You snatched it from his hands and tied it for him.

“So I heard the new neighbors are coming over,” he said, his eyes fixed on yours as you focused on folding his red collar over the black material.

“Yeah, so?”

“So isn’t seeing Mr. Lee with Jaehyun going to bother you?”

You stopped abruptly, letting your hands fall to your sides and faked a laugh.

“Hansol, what are you even saying?” you continued to giggle as you turned around and headed towards the kitchen.

What the actual fuck. Did he know about you and Taeyong? If so, wouldn’t he have already told your parents?

Just as you entered the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

“Y/N, can you please get that,” your mom yelled from the dining room as she continued setting the table.

Your heels delayed your way to the door, and Hansol ended up opening the door instead. You froze when you saw who your first guests were, none other than, Jaehyun and Taeyong.

As Hansol welcomed them in, Taeyong’s serious eyes met with yours. The smirk playing on his lips making your cheeks warm and your thoughts sinful.

“Good evening, Y/N,” Jaehyun spoke first, his arms around Taeyong’s right arm.

“Good evening.”

You faked a smile and walked back into the kitchen. Hansol can entertain them.

As time passed, all the guests arrived and you were able to successfully avoid Jaehyun and Taeyong. That was until dinner came around.

You mentally cursed Hansol for forcing you to sit in front of Taeyong. You didn’t argue because it’d only raise suspicion as to why you were against sitting there.

As you sat in your seat and picked at your food, you knew Jaehyun was doing way more than just eating. You saw Taeyong squirming in his seat and smiling at Jaehyun as the other guests made casual conversation. You could merely imagine what Jaehyun was doing with his hand to elicit such reactions from Taeyong.

Silently, you picked at your food and surveyed the couple in front of you. How couldn’t anyone else notice Jaehyun fondling Taeyong under the table? Your fork gradually increased its aggression as you stabbed at your food. Your blood was boiling. You had never seen Taeyong so giddy. Was Jaehyun the only one to have that effect on him? You felt your heart ache.

Jaehyun, who had been focused on Taeyong’s priceless expressions, turned to you. As he held your gaze, he dangled his fork in the air and let it fall to the floor.


You scoffed in disbelief. Jaehyun suddenly slipped under the table to look for his fork. You obviously knew that was not his only intention, or better yet initial intention.

Within seconds, you observed Taeyong’s hands clenched into fists while his eyes struggled to focus on the plate of food in front of him.

Enraged, you threw the napkin you had been clutching for moments now on your plate and stood from your seat. Fuck Jaehyun. Fuck Taeyong. You couldn’t bare another second of this.

You hurried upstairs and slammed the door behind you when you were inside your room. Tears followed. How could Taeyong let Jaehyun do that to him in front of you? Soundlessly, you slumped down against the wall and cried into your knees. You wanted to hate Taeyong for doing such a cruel thing to you but you just couldn’t. Your heart still yearned for him.

Minutes had passed when you heard a subtle knock on the door. You didn’t hesitate to open it because you expected to see Hansol on the other side of the door. You stood still; Taeyong was the one who had knocked.

As you were about to close the door on him, he slipped into your room.

“Why are you crying?” Taeyong questioned, his hands in his pockets as his dark eyes pierced into yours.

“What the fuck do you mean why? You know why. Leave Taeyong.”

Truthfully, you didn’t want him to leave, and he didn’t. He walked a few steps forward and stood only a few inches away from you.

“Don’t cry, baby girl. You know you’re the only one who can make daddy feel good.”

You felt your cheeks redden. You hadn’t expected Taeyong to say those words to you. You hoped he’d say something comforting but this was good enough.

You nervously played with your hands and felt him run his fingers through your hair. His lips made contact with your neck and began to suck on it.

“How about you suck daddy’s cock?” Taeyong whispered into your ear as he continued to lay kisses along your jaw.

You didn’t take long to process the request as you started to pull on his pants. You lowered yourself to your knees and looked up to see a very satisified Taeyong smirking down at you. Your eager fingers slid his cock out of his briefs and you stared in awe. The size of his member never failed to impress you. Hesitantly, you began to jerk his dick; you were not sure how to fit it into your mouth, but you wanted to do a good job. As your focus went from his hard member to him, your eyes met with his expecting eyes; he was waiting for you to start.

Carefully your lips wrapped around his cock and you were able to take most of his length into your mouth. As you began to suck him off, you felt his hips buck forward. You wanted to make him feel good, so you made the effort of taking in more of him. As you felt the tip of his dick touch the back of your throat, you gagged. Your was mouth surely not used to this kind of activity.

“You look so hot sucking on my cock, kitten.”

Your eyes fluttered and searched for Taeyong’s. He held your gaze. His hands seized a fistful of your hair, and he began to thrust lightly into your mouth. The pleasure received from basically face fucking your mouth made him cock his head back and shut his eyes. You swirled your tongue as you continued sucking, and pumped the rest of his length with your right hand. You sped up your pace as you felt his hips rolling into your mouth more steadily. Decadent sounds of slurping and swallowing being all you could hear. At certain times, you would catch Taeyong moaning lowly then biting his lips.

However, the array of licentious melodies consequently called over a particular guest. As Taeyong pulled his cock out of your sore mouth and was about to finish off on your face, Hansol walked in.

Hansol’s solemn face turned to that of utter disgust. He remained still as Taeyong hastily pulled on his pants and you rose from the floor. Taeyong’s face had lost its color while yours had gained a hundred shades of red. The two of you stood quietly and hung your heads like two children awaiting a harsh scolding. Your eyes were trained on the floor because you were far too ashamed to meet your brother’s cold stare. You had no idea what he was planning to do.

Because I love you

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Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: Your relationship with Eric had always been less then conventional but things take a dramtic turn after a brutal fight reaches a tipping point with a power full confession.
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 8,885…( oops,sorry not sorry)
Warning: Nothing other than strong languge, mentions of drinking, and i supose slight violence.

A/N: I’m so terrified to post this because i think it’s absolute trash but ive been working on it for a while and its time i take the leap. This is probably one of the first fics ive really ever spent a long time working on and so pretty please send me feedback and constructive critisism. Thank you and i really, really hope you enjoy. Also please look over any grammar issuse ive read and reread this like a million times but sometimes i over look things.

The fight between Eric and you had been brewing for weeks. Just waiting to rise to the surface when one of you snapped. To be fair, you two weren’t a couple, no your ‘relationship’ started as a one night stand which then evolved into regular fuck buddies. 

  But somehow, over the course of almost a year, casual hook-ups turned into something more. Something that involved true emotions and could no longer be labeled as just sex. You stopped seeing Eric less as just a narcissistic asshole, that was a good lay with a nice apartment, and more as an actual human being. You saw past his tough façade. There where nights where the two of you would just lay naked in bed cuddling, talking, and wake up the next morning, pretending that it was still just sex. 

 It wasn’t though, it stopped being just sex when you started spending the night with him instead of running home after the deed was done. It stopped being just sex when he gave you one of his dresser drawers to put clothes in and you put ash trays in your apartment for his occasional after sex cigarette. It especially stopped being just sex when you guys exchanged spare keys to your respective apartments.

  Everything was going great between you two, considering the situation, for a while. It was a daily routine you finished up working around the same time Eric got out of his office, the two of you would meet at one of the apartments and spend the rest of the evening together, most of the time it carried into the morning. You really couldn’t think of the exact reason why most nights where spent together. The fact that they usually ended with you two naked in bed, exchanging rough kisses and dirty word probably had a lot to do with it. But there was also the fact that you where one of the few people Eric wasn’t a total asshole too and you could put up with sometimes sour attitude and match his sarcasm.

  You and Eric both agreed that it was best to keep your hook ups private. There where multiple reasons why it was best to keep everything discrete when in the presence of others, and you tried to pretend it didn’t make your heart hurt when you thought about them. But that didn’t stop Eric from sometimes approaching the table in the dinning hall you sometimes sat at with Four, Tris, Will, Christina, Uriah, Zeke, and anyone else who decided to join. Of course his main goal was to torment Four but he also made sure to shamelessly flirt with you, to which you always responded with a ‘fuck off, Eric.’ A few sarcastic quips later he was off to make someone’s day miserable. Everyone always questioned how you managed to put up with him, you always faked a grimace and pretended that your heart didn’t beat a little faster when he was around.

   The Dauntless compound was thrown into complete chaos when Max was arrested. Eric, along with a few other dauntless leader, had been the one to step forward and reveal Jeannine plans when it came to Divergent. Of course all hell broke lose and she was arrested along with about 20 other erudite scientist that had been test serum illegally and helping with the plan of action. Max and another Dauntless leader where thrown in prison also. Make no mistake, you knew the main reason Eric did it was to gain more power, with Max gone Eric was now the second most powerful leader. Harrison was the man who was now head leader of the faction, he was to ‘retire’ in about a year and when he did Eric would take his place.

  But with his new position came a hundred more responsibilities and you could see the stress getting to him. Eric was more hostile than usual, if that was even possible. He seemed to be getting in more fights with the rougher dauntless, which put him on thin ice with Harrison. Even with you he was more aggressive something you found beyond agitating mainly because you of all people didn’t deserve it. 

  One evening after you got off work and found yourself wondering toward Eric’s apartment. He had called you earlier that day asking you to come over that night. Ever since every thing had gone down about a month ago, the two of you rarely saw one another. You where excited to spend time with him again, not that you would ever admit that to anyone.

  You where surprised when you let yourself in his apartment that he was already there. He was laying across his couch one leg thrown over the back, the other dangling over the armrest. A cigarette was lit between his lips and a glass of whiskey rested on his navel. You snorted at the sight of his lounging form, moving toward him you sat down on the one cushion he wasn’t occupying, throwing your bag on the floor. He moved his drink to the coffee table next to the couch and adjusted his position so his head now rested in your lap. You began absently minded playing with his gel filled hair, he practically melted under your touch.

 “Bad day?” You asked softly, just wanting to hear his voice. He simply grunted in reply and closed his eyes. Figuring you weren’t going to get a better answer you leaned your head back on the couch and relaxed, closing your eyes too.
 It was the fucking cigarette that started the fight. You weren’t a particular fan of them but you had plenty of habits and ticks that Eric hated, so you where willing to put up with it. But after a few moments of continuous smoke floating in your face you grew irritated.

 “Eric common..” You grumbled, you knew he knew exactly what was bothering you. A few more seconds passed and you could still smell  the smoke in the air. You opened your eyes and looked down at Him. His piercing steel gray eyes looked up at you with no emotion. You quickly realized he was in one of his weird moods, where he was a complete asshole for no reason. Eric was a dick majority of the time but he was down right evil when he was like this. 

 You continued your starring contest with him until finally he moved his hand from where is was resting on his chest and he grabbed the butt from between his lips. He took a long drag from it, killing what little was left, and moved it away from his lips. You had expected him to get up and put the cigarette out, but no instead he blew all the smoke up in your face. That upset you, but what really pissed you off was him placing the cigarette back between his lips and looking up at you smug.

 “Real mature, thank you very much for that.” Sarcasm dripped from your tone as you moved to stand up. Eric simply pressed his head harder into your lap, making it practically impossible to get up.

 “Eric, stop it! What’s your issue?” You where tired, hungry and losing patience. He eventually let up the pressure and allowed you to stand. You looked down at him and rolled your eyes, muttering the whole way to the kitchen about how ridiculous he was.

 Peaking into his cupboards you quickly realized that he had hardly any food. The package of instant noodles was the only thing that looked appealing. You grabbed a pot from another cabinet and turned the stove on. Turning around to put some water in the pot you jumped slightly when you saw Eric sitting on the counter watching you. He had made no sound when he came in and honestly it was a little unsettling how stealthy he was. You shook your head when you noticed a new cigarette dangling from his lips. After filling the pot and putting on the stove you turned to watch Eric, leaning against the counter opposite to him. You narrowed your eyes as you watched him pull the butt from his lips and tap the ash into a tray. 

  The moment you glanced away, to look the steaming water, was when he moved, jumping off the counter and rushing forward. You saw him move last minute out of the corner of your eye and lunged to the side to avoid him. But you weren’t fast enough and before you knew it he had you trapped between his body and the edge of the counter that was now digging into your back. His thick arms rooted themselves on either side of your head. He had a few inches on you and the close proximity forced you to have to slightly look up at him.

  He leaned his head back slightly so he could replace the previously removed cigarette. He moved his hand back to the other side of your face and used his teeth to hold it in place as he inhaled a drag. He blew the smoke out his nose. You squirmed and put your hand on his chest to push him back. He moved one hand and rested it on your hip and pulled the cigarette away with the other after taking another drag. You knew instantly what he was going to do.

  “Don’t you dare-” You didn’t even get to finish you sentence before he was taking advantage of your open mouth and pressed his lips to yours, letting the smoke flow from his lungs to yours. 

  You where livid as you pushed him away with all your force, choking on the smoke in your throat. 

 “Aww common ____ don’t be that way!” Eric was cracking up at your reaction as you turned the stove off and storming out of the kitchen. Eric sighed as he watched your retreating form, flicking the lit butt into the pot of water, he rushed after you.

 “____ Where are you going?” Eric yelled, bewildered from the kitchen. He grabbed onto your arm and turned you to face him. You yanked your arm away and crossed your arms.

 “Home Eric, I’m going home…” You said slowly

.  “Why?” He arched an eyebrow and reached for you again. You took a few steps back in order to avoid his grasp.

 “Because you have been acting like a douche lately and I thought tonight would be different but I guess I was wrong.” You said calmly as you walked to the couch and grabbed your bag from where you had left it on the ground.

   “Fine.. go, I don’t care.” Eric snapped as you walked to the door. You almost turned around and said bye, that is until you heard the tell-tale sound of him lighting another cigarette behind you. Instead you made sure to slam the door on your way out.

 The walk back to your apartment was long, seeing’s how it was all the way on the other side of the compound. By the time you got there you where even more pissed at Eric as you realized that half your shit had fallen out of your bag when you haphazardly through it on the floor. You knew your anger at Eric was unjust but you didn’t care. Thankfully your keys where still in the bottom of your bag.

 Eventually you would need to go back to his apartment and get what had fallen out of your purse, but right now the thought of facing him made you a whole new level of angry. Entering your apartment, you couldn’t even work up the energy to take a shower or make something to eat. Instead you laid across your bed, starring up at the ceiling, pretending you didn’t wish you hadn’t left his place.

 You successfully managed to spent the next five days avoiding Eric. It was the longest you had gone without talking to him in a while. Granted ever since his slight change in jobs, your nights spent together had been few and far in between. But even during the weeks you to couldn’t see each other, emails and call where still sent back and forth. Most of the time it was simply him bitching about Harrison and you calming him down but every once in a while he would sent you an email with a subject line that simply read ‘I miss you’. Since your fight you hadn’t heard anything from him.

 Your wallet had been on of the few things that had fallen out of your bag at Eric’s. Still to stubborn to go and get it you had been trying to just eat what was in your cupboards, but it was made apparent very quickly that you also had next to no food in your house. But still you powered on and found a way to make saltine crackers and canned vegetables taste good.

 On day six of avoid Eric you found yourself making the walk to his apartment. You where hungry and things where getting ridiculous. It was fairly late but you didn’t even know if he would be home.

 You stood in front of his door for a while wondering if you should just let yourself in or knock. Making up your mind you banged your first on the door. You leaned your head against the door way and waited. Just as you where about to pull your key out, the door was pulled open. You moved to stand up straight and came face to face with a shirtless, baggy sweatpants clad Eric. 

  “You have a key.” Was the first thing he said, he kept on hand on the wall and the other on the back of the door, ready to slam it shut at any moment. His breath smelled like alcohol.

  “Yeah i know i just..” You trailed off not knowing what to really say. Trying not to squirm under his harsh gaze, you shifted from foot to foot as he narrowed his eyes at you.

  “What do you want?” He said with a raised eyebrow.

  “I left my wallet here the other day.” You tried to keep your face blank.

   “Right…” Was all he had to say in response all he moved back slightly to let you in. Your shoulder brushed his chest slightly as you walked in, you could feel his gaze on your back, He closed the door behind you. You walked over towards the couch and sat down. Everything that had fallen out of your bag laid neatly on the coffee table. You watched Eric as he disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a beer in his hand.

  He sat down on an arm chair next to the couch and opened the beer. There where 5 bottles, that you could see, sitting on the table and next to his chair. But you knew better than to think that that was near enough to even get him buzzed. You could tell he had no intentions of speaking to you as he reached for a book that laid abandoned on the table. You shook your head and let out a humorless laugh as you realized how terrible an idea this had been.

 “I should go..” Was all you said as you moved to stand.

  “Oh.. running back to the stiff so soon.” As soon as the words left his mouth your head shot in his direction.

 “What the hell are you talking about?” You where so confused and he hadn’t even lifted his head from the book.

 “You know exactly what I’m talking about!” He yelled at you.

 “No Eric, no I don’t!”

 “I’m talking about you and Four, ____!” You had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and your face must have shown it because he seemed to grow increasingly angry.

 “Don’t play stupid, your fucking him!”  His words left you speechless, it felt like he had just slapped you across the face.

 “How in the hell did you come to the assumption that I’m having sex with Four? What from us hanging out while we weren’t talking? You realize how ridiculous that is right?” You where in complete shock.

  “Please I saw you two that morning all cuddled up sharing his food.” True disgust dripped from his words as he stood up. 

 Four was one of your best friends. He instantly knew something was up when you didn’t come to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a few days during the time you didn’t have your wallet. He finally can to your apartment one morning and walked in on you trying to decide if you wanted tuna or macaroni for breakfast. After explaining the situation to him, making sure to leave out where exactly your wallet was and how you ‘lost’ it in the first place. You where only thankful he didn’t ask too many questions, even though you knew he didn’t believe your bullshit story.

 Four convinced you to come down to the dinning hall. The two of you shared his breakfast that morning, after you refused to let him buy you something to eat and he refused to let you go to work until you ate something. You guys did the same thing for lunch and breakfast the next day too. You hadn’t even realized that Eric was there.

 But you had absolutely no sexual or romantic feelings for Four. The two of you had a drunken make out session once, one night at Zeke’s party after initiation and woke up the next morning mutually off put by it.

 “Eric, we’re just friends, besides he has Tris. You know he would never cheat on her and I would never cheat on-” You cut yourself off before you even finished the sentence, but he knew what you where going to say.

 “Ha what where you going to say, ____? You wouldn’t cheat on who? Me?” He was laughing but there was no humor behind it. “We aren’t a couple, we are fuck buddies, nothing more.” You flinched slightly at his cruel words. 

 “Maybe you right Eric, but answer me this, if this is just sex then why do you care what i do with four so much?” In all the time that you had known Eric, you had never seen him as speechless as he was now.

 You stood there and waited for him to answer. But instead of responding, Eric let out what you could only assume was a grunt of frustration as he threw his half full beer at the wall. You watched numbly as the bottle smashed into a hundred pieces and beer splattered against the wall.

  The two of you fought for about three hours before you finally felt truly broken and gave up. You guys argued about everything from your ‘relationship’ with Four to Eric’s smoking habits and tendency to be a prick. You where exhausted and upset. You had almost forgot just how mean Eric could be. You guys where both brutal to one another. Eric had completely destroyed the living room, throwing some of many empty bottles and knocking things off the tables.

 “I give up.. I can’t.. I can’t do this right now.” You finally said sitting down on the couch. It was currently 2:39 am and you didn’t even have the energy to fight. Eric was drunk and still pissed off as he paced around the room.

 You laid down and curled your knees up too your chest. Eric suddenly stopped moving and looked in your direction. He huffed at your position and shook his head.

 “Just take my bed.” Was all he muttered, slightly slurring, before he disappeared into the kitchen for what felt like the 10th time that night. Your suspicions where confirmed as he reentered the room with yet another beer.

 “I’m going home..” You announced as you pushed yourself off the couch with next to no grace. 

 “Fine ____, do the 20 minute walk back to your place. You going to do whatever the hell you want it doesn’t matter what the fuck I say.” Eric sounded oddly calm as if this was some casual conversation.

 He glanced back at you and rolled his eyes, “Just fucking take the bed.” You couldn’t help but notice that he sounded as defeated as you where. 

  Standing there awkwardly for a few seconds, you finally nodded your head and retreated to his bedroom. You closed the door behind you and deflated. 

 Eric’s room was beautiful, just like the rest of his apartment. You could probably fit your whole living room in just his master bedroom. A California king sized bed, adorned with black silk sheets and a matching comforter, dominated one side of the room. A night stand stood on both sides. There was a sitting area near the door to the bathroom, with a black loveseat and a small round coffee table. bookshelves covered almost all of the charcoal grey walls. 

  Probably your favorite part of his room though was the French doors that lead to a large balcony. The view was amazing. The placement of it allowed you to see majority of the city and given how high up you where, you could see a little ways over the fence.

 You wondered over to the bed and slipped you boots off, soon followed by your pants and bra. crawling under the silk sheets and you curled up into a ball. As you laid there and thought about how shitty the past week has been a sudden wave of sadness passed through you. You replayed the last few hours in you mind over and over again. Squeezing you eyes to hold back your tears you tried to shove everything out of your head.  

 “Your heartless Eric, you have no emotions, no capability to feel. You’re a monster.” You screamed. Every word that left your lips was a lie and you knew it, but still you yelled them in his face.

 Eric flinched, actually flinched at your words and it broke your heart.

 “Maybe I am ____, but you’re a liar. Tell me how do you think Four, Tris and the rest of your little gang feel, knowing that your fucking me?” His words stung slightly and a feeling of guilt rose in your throat. Eric made Four’s life a living hell sometimes and now you where sleeping with him.

 You buried your head in his pillows and tried to block out everything. The fact that the pillows and blankets smelt like him didn’t help. You eventually rolled over on your back and just stared at the ceiling. The bed felt cold even despite all of the blankets. You stopped trying to get comfortable after you realized that the reason the bed was so freezing was because Eric’s warm body wasn’t pressed against yours.

 You got maybe 4 hours of sleep before you where woken up by Eric slamming things in the other room. You laid there with a pounding headache and let the events of last night fill your mind. You rolled over on noticed that sunlight was trickling into the room from the blinds that covered the windows on the balcony door. you almost could have fallen back asleep that is until panic fill you and tugged you completely awake. You had over slept, usually you were up before the sun had even risen. You quickly jumped up and grabbed your clothes. rushing into the bathroom. After a quick rinse off in the shower and getting redressed, you brushed your teeth and left the bedroom.

 The though of having to face Eric made you feel nauseas but you where running to late to really care. Grabbing you wallet off the table, you shoved it in your pocket and walked to the front door. You lingered in front of it and looked to the side. From where you stood you could see into the kitchen. Eric stood there making a cup of coffee, looking off into space.  

 He eventually seemed to notice your presence from the corner of his eye and he looked up to meet your gaze. He obviously hadn’t gone to sleep after you when to bed. He was a mess with rumbled clothes, dark circles under his eyes, and his slicked back hair looked haywire from him running his hands through it. The two of you just stood staring at each other before you finally broke eye contact.

 “Goodbye, Eric.” You practically whispered, but he heard you. Waiting a second to see if he would say anything, you finally opened the door and slipped out of his apartment. Eric’s eyes had never left your form as he watched you go.

 You made your way to dinning hall, trying to fight off tears for some unexplainable reason.  

 Eric leaned against the counter and sipped at the coffee he had made. He was tired and still a little drunk from all of the beer, replaying your final words as you left in his head like a broken record.

   “Goodbye, Eric.”

 He didn’t know what it was about the statement that he couldn’t shake. It drove him crazy, You drove him crazy. Why was he so infatuated with you? Why was he so hung up on two fucking words? Two word that you said to him all the time. Realization hit him like a freight train.  

 Something about your tone had sounded so final, so set in stone. You actually meant it, you said goodbye and meant it. Eric quickly realized that he had messed up, you where gone. 

 “Fuck!” Was all he could say. He abandoned his bitter coffee and swiftly moved to the living room in search of his cigarettes. It was only as he reached the coffee table did he remember that in a fit of anger last night you had broke all of them in half. Eric didn’t know what to do for the first time in a long time. He paced for a few moments trying to figure it out.

 Eric was bolting out his front door running down the hallway before he could actually think a plan out. He bumped into a few people shuffling down the hall and as he neared a large thong of Dauntless who where all waiting for the elevator, they all quickly parted for him. The elevator was packed full of people, Eric frantically looked around for the stairs. Shoving people out of the way, with a heavy hand and a ‘fucking move’, Eric sprinted his way down 7 flights of stairs, still wondering why he was doing this, why he needed to catch up to you so desperately?

  You mentally prepared yourself to enter the cafeteria as you made your way down there. When you reached the entrance you lingered there for a few minutes thinking. The events of the last 12 hours played through your head on loop. God you where miserable.

“Goodbye, Eric.” 

  Who would have ever figured two simple words would have had seemed so heavy. You didn’t have time to dwell on it now, you couldn’t because the longer you did, the harder it was to keep yourself together.

  You made your way into the packed room and did your best to keep your head held high, easier said than done you felt like a beat dog.

 You absolutely refused to be seen as weak. Looking around you spotted Four, Tris and the rest of the gang sitting around your usual table. Christina, who sat practically in Wills lap noticed you enter and started to wave to you. The rest of the group was now looking your way and happily beckon you over. Even despite your sad mood you couldn’t help the small smile that was beginning to stretch across your cheeks.

It was almost in slow motion, as you started to make your way over to them, one by one their smiles left their faces as they looked at something behind you. Before you could turn, a strong hand wrapped around your upper arm. The grip was like iron, you whirled around as best you could. Eric looked back at you with a crazed determination. He released your arm and bent over, trying to catch his breath. 

 You stumbled back a few steps as the realization that he ran down here to try and catch up to you crossed your mind. You shook your head as you turned to move away from him.

“_____…Don’t.” His called out to you still out of breath. You couldn’t believe he had the nerve to come down here and start shit, your sadness turned to anger.

“I’m not doing this here Eric.” You practically spat at him, you turned once again to leave but his tight grip returned once more to your arm.

“Let go of me!” you tried yanking out of his grip but he wasn’t having any of it. At this point majority of the people in the room looked towards you two because of you outburst.

 “We need to talk, please don’t cause a scene.” He hissed in your ear, now growing aggravated at the attention you where gaining. You where seething at this point, how dare he just bust in, man handle you, and then tell you not to ‘cause a scene’.

 You turned around and pushed him away from you with all your force sending him back a few steps.

“Fuck you Eric! Who the hell do you think you are to tell me not to cause a scene!” At this point every one in the room, leaders included, looked on at you and Eric, mouths open and eyes wide in confusion and a little amazement.  
Eric looked around awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. This was exactly what he didn’t want, prying eyes looking upon your relationship.

 You knew Eric wasn’t necessarily embarrasses to be seen with you, but deep down one of his biggest fear was being seen as weak. And for some reason in his mind affection, relationships, and really any emotions that followed translated to that. 

 “What’s the matter Eric don’t want people to know about our issues.” There was no hiding the smugness in your voice.

“No ____, I don’t. You wanna know why? because its none of their fucking business!” 

“Well it is now, you want to talk so bad, fine were talking!” You shouted back.

 The room was eerily quiet, you could have heard a fork drop from the complete other side of the hall.  

 “You know what, fuck, this isn’t worth it.” He let out a bitter, humorless laugh and threw his hands up in mock surrender. This was it, this was his cold façade, the mask he put up.

 “What isn’t worth it Eric, our relationship?” You couldn’t believe him. At your words he let out another hollow guffaw, shaking his head.

“Nun uh no, what we had wasn’t a relationship, It was just sex point blank. You weren’t my girlfriend, we weren’t dating, hell we aren’t even friends. We are just two people who like to sneak around in the dark, fuck each other senselessly, and then carry on with our lives.” You tried your best no to flinch at his words.

 “That’s not true and you know it.” Your voice cracked slightly. “What we have, had, whatever it may be is more then that and we both know it.”

 "Are you sure about that?“ The cold glazed over look in his eyes was hunting.

 "Yeah Eric, I’m positive. People who just have sex together don’t spend the night at each others apartment, they don’t cook breakfast for the other while their asleep. They don’t set up cheesy romantic evenings when someone has a bad day, People who’s whole relationship revolve around sex don’t give each other spare keys or leave their tooth brushes in each others bathroom. Stop me if I’m wrong but friends with benefits, fuck buddies, whatever else you wanna call this,” you made a motion between the two of you with your finger. “Don’t do that.”

“They don’t know each others favorite book, or food, or time of the year. They don’t pay attention to the others little quirks or bad habits. They don’t stay up until sunrise talking about dreams and fears and what if’s.. they just don’t Eric…” You felt a flood of memories come flashing back too you, your heart hurt and it most have shown, given the way Eric looked at you.

  “_____….” He trailed off obviously not knowing how to respond.

  “I don’t get you, it’s like one moment you’re the sweetest, most caring guy I’ve ever met and then the next your just this monster. I can’t keep up with you anymore, its killing me.  What are you so scared of.. Why do you do this too me?”

 You realized that you where crying as you finished your sentence. God you felt so weak under all of dauntlesses gaze. You lowered your head and brushed past Eric, you couldn’t do this. You half expected him to reach out and grab your arm, to stop you from going and you felt you heart break a little when he just let you go. You where almost at the door when you heard him speak.

 "Because you drive me bat shit crazy, because my every though is filled with you 24/7. Because I hate that I need you so much, because I love you and that is fucking terrifying.“ You felt completely frozen by his words. Eric had not only just admitted to actually being afraid of something but he also declared his love for you in the most public way possible.

 You turned around slowly to face him, not really knowing to respond. He stared back at you with a look that impossible to identify. Everyone in the room looked at Eric like he had grown a second head. You felt so overwhelmed, confused, and scared.

 "You don’t mean that..” You stumbled backward your voice coming out shaky and broken.

 And in that moment you did the thing that as of late seemed to be a natural reflex, you ran.

  Eric watched you retreat and felt broken. He had absolutely no fucking clue why he decided to do that, why he said that. But it was out now and there was no taking it back. He could feel the creeping, slightly overwhelming, gaze of everyone in the room. Watching him like a hawk, judging him.

“What the fuck are you looking at!?!” Eric Yelled at the first Dauntless willing to actually hold his gave for more than a few seconds. The young teenage quickly ducked his head, averting his gaze. Eric glanced around the room sending angry glares in every direction.

 He eventually worked up the courage and motivation to storm out of the room making sure to keep the snarl on his face and his shoulders squared, ready for a fight.

 Eric made sure to stop at a liquor store on his way back to his apartment, clearing the shelves of anything that would get him completely shitfaced.

You don’t remember the walk back to your apartment. You don’t remember unlocking the door and letting yourself in. Hell you don’t even remember striping down and climbing into an ice cold shower. You sat there at the bottom of the shower for god knows how long, you felt numb, broken.

You honestly don’t know how many days you confined yourself to your house.. You didn’t want to leave your apartment and face the rest of the compound. Four came knock at your door a few times but you never worked up the energy to answer. Tris came barging into your apartment one evening, Arms loaded with food to stock your apartment. Of course you freaked out when you first walked in on her putting the groceries away in your fridge and she made it quite clear to you that she had no intentions on leaving until she had cooked you dinner. You quickly realized that she some how got her hands on a key card that opened every door in the compound.

True to her word Tris didn’t leave until after she had made dinner for the both of you and you guys had ate. She filled you in on the gossip around the compound making sure to skip over any mention about Eric or you. Dinner was good and somehow she managed to take your mind of things somewhat but you could tell you both where avoid the elephant in the room.  Eventually conversation died down as you both finished your food.

“Have you seen him?” You said quietly, looking down at your plate. You didn’t elaborate on what you where asking but Tris understood anyways.

 "No Eric has been almost as much of a shut in the past week as you.“ She said quite bluntly. "The only time he leaves his apartment is to get more alcohol or start a fight.” You shook your head and tried to keep from grimacing.

 "Do you wanna talk about it?“ Tris questioned. You could only shrug your shoulders.

 "What’s there to talk about?” You muttered sliding out of your seat and dumping your dirty dishes in the sink. Tris followed you into the kitchen and after placing her plate in the sink she followed you again as you wondered to you living room and plopped down next to you on the couch.

 "How long where you guys together?“ She asked and you flinched slightly at the question. That was the one thing you didn’t want to answer. You had lied to your friends for so long about your true ‘relationship’ with Eric.

  "Almost a year.” You bit out refusing to look at her. You could see her eye widen in surprise and heard her mutter a small ‘wow’. You didn’t blame her for being surprised it was crazy how long you managed to sneak around.

 "Do you love him?“ Tris’s question took you by surprise. You had no idea how to respond and it took you a few moments to reply.

 "I…I don’t know, I care about him.. A lot.” You answered honestly, she said nothing in turn for a few minutes.

 "You should talk to him..“ Tris trailed off. You glanced over and meet her gaze shaking your head slightly.

 You never responded and eventually conversation picked back up. You guys talked and laughed for a few more hours before Tris announced that she had to head home. You hugged her as she left and said goodbye.

 After she was gone you crashed on you bed and stared up at the ceiling, trying not to think about him.

"Harrison why me..?”

 "Because you’re the only one he will listen to Four.“ Harrison said with a sigh. Four couldn’t believe  what he was hearing. Harrison had just called him out of the control room.

 "Eric hates my guts-”

 "Maybe Four but he hasn’t been into work in almost a week. I don’t have time for this bullshit, I need him to actually show up and get shit done. So your going to take this key, go talk to Eric, and get him to snap out of it.“ The dauntless leader looked exhausted.

"Go.. Get out.” he finally said making a shooing motion with his hand.

 Four left without argument, knowing it was useless. There was not a single bone in his body that wanted to go deal with Eric. For some reason Harrison thought four was the person to go to when it came to getting Eric to quit moping around.

 He made the trek up too Eric’s apartment and hovered outside of his door. Four could already faintly hear angry music blasting from inside the apartment. He tried pounding on the door and surprise, surprise he got no response. He eventually gave up and fished the key out of his pocket, entering the apartment.

 It became apparent pretty quickly that Eric’s apartment was a complete mess. There were bottles every where, most of them broken from being thrown against the wall. Furniture was tipped over and smashed. Eric was no where to be seen in the living room and there where no lights on in any of the other room that he could see. Four wondered over to the radio that was blasting in the corner of the room and turned down the angry lyrics. He then made his way into another room that he could only assume was the kitchen. He flipped the lights on and heard a groan. Looking down he noticed Eric was siting on the floor surrounded with even more liquor.

 "Turn that shit off.“ Eric slurred slightly, gesturing to lights above him haphazardly.

 "This is just pitiful Eric.” Was all four could say as he looked down at the other man

 Eric let out another groan as he glanced up and realized it was Four of all people. “Get out.” He muttered, not slurring his words quite as bad as before.

  “When was the last time you showered? Or cleaned house?” Four said as he looked around taking in the mess of the kitchen. He also couldn’t help but notice how terrible Eric looked.

“Get the fuck out, stiff!” Eric repeated raising his voice, Four ignored him.

 Instead he looked around wondering where exactly to start cleaning, he still couldn’t believe Harrison was making him do this. He didn’t want to clean up after the other adult man and he sure as hell didn’t want to be bothered with baby sitting him while he mopped around like a depressed preteen dealing with there first break up. If four had it his way he would leave Eric to die of alcohol poisoning or to choke on his own vomit.

He decided on cleaning the counters first. After pulling a trashcan out from where it had been tucked away in a small closet, Four pretty much just made a  long sweeping motion along the counter knocking as many empty bottles in the trash can as possible, He really didn’t give a shit what all landed in the garbage. He was pretty positive he had knocked a pepper shaker in the bin but he couldn’t be bothered to fish it out.

“Harrison said you haven’t been to work in like a week.” Four stated as he finished with the counters and moved to the floor.

 "So what?“ Eric growled angrily.

 "So what?! Are you kidding me? In less then a year your supposed to lead this faction Eric. Look at you now, your pitiful, weak.” Now that pissed Eric off, He pushed his way off the floor faster than four thought possible in his drunken stupor.

 Eric leaned into Fours personal space far past his comfort level and grabbed his shirt so he could move, “You better watch your fucking mouth stiff.” Four was slowly starting to piece together that Eric wasn’t quite as plastered as he though.  

 "Or what?“ Four challenged. Eric simply pushed him away and then pointed at the door yelling for him go away.

 Four couldn’t help but notice how bloodied his knuckles where upon close examination. He had heard about all the nasty fight Eric had been getting into as of late, so far he had put three people in the clinic.

 "Where is your first aid kit?” Four asked once again ignoring Eric’s yelling.

 "I don’t need your help..“ He growled back stubbornly, Four simply rolled his eyes looking around.

 "Yeah you do..” He replied. After a few more minutes of bickering and glaring Eric finally revealed that it was in bathroom and four retrieved it and sat at the small dining room table Eric had bandaging his knuckles. They sat in stiff silence as Eric glared a hole in fours head and four made sure that the rubbing alcohol he applied in some spots hurt like a bitch.

“Do you really love her?” Four finally said breaking the silence.

 "That’s none of your business.“ Eric bristled and four could tell by his tone that he had been expecting the intrusive question.

 "How long where you guy’s together” Four tried again.

 "We weren’t together, we where hooking up.“

 "Same difference.” Four mumbled as he began to bandage one of Eric’s hands.

 "Your okay with this all?“ Eric said after a another spell of silence. Four briefly glanced up at Eric before retuning to his hands shacking his head.

 ”____ is a big girl, she doesn’t need my approval.“ Four retorted as he moved over to bandage the other hand.

 "You know what I mean.”

  “…..I’m upset she didn’t tell me and I definitely think she could do better than some dirt bag like you but other than that..” He trailed off and Eric rolled his eyes at Fours little jab.

  “Besides it’s not really that shocking.” Eric widened his eyes at that slightly.

 "You knew?“

 "You guys forget that my job is to spy on everyone in dauntless..”

  Eric just kind of sat there a little shell shocked and then he started cursing under his breath.  "Why didn’t you say anything.“

  "I wanted to see how long you to would try and sneak around.”

  “Right…” Eric said looking down at the other man cautiously. Four finished with Eric’s knuckles and packed up the first aid kit, not bother putting it away. He started to make his way to the door.

  “Get your shit together Eric, cause sadly this faction kind of needs you.” Four hovered in front of the door for a second before speaking again. “And If you really love her… You should fight for her.”

 You eventually got out of the rut you where in. You where still incredibly sad and most defiantly didn’t want to fact the world but you where going stir crazy in your apartment, not to mention the fact that you where scared shitless of losing your job. So you woke up early one morning, showered and started to function like a normal human being.

  You would have thought everyone saw a ghost as you made your way to the dinning hall, People parted like the red sea as you made your way through the compound. You could hear the not so quite whispers as you made your way through, you felt the burning gaze of just about everyone. You felt like a zombie as you sat with your friends during breakfast. Zeke and Uriah tried there best to laugh and make jokes in order to try and keep the mood light and it worked some what, that is until you snapped at Christina.

 She conveniently decided that today of all day was when she wanted to play 20 question ’ ____ and Eric’ version. She rambled on and on about all the gossip concerning Eric that had been floating around the past couple of days, she even felt the need to fill you in on a few rumors about you that had also been big talk. You tried your best to answer her questions within reason, there was no point in trying to hide it not to mention the fact that these people where like your family but quite a few struck a nerve. God the girl had no filter, and you eventually told her to shut her 'candor mouth’. Of course you immediately felt bad after and tried your best to do damage control before excusing yourself from the table.

 Work was long, boring, and even a little lonely without the witty emails from Eric. You tried your best to push every thought of him from your mind but it was easier said than done.

 A few days passed with this schedule with the addition of going to the  training room to let out the days frustrations.

 One night you found yourself cooped up in the large space going to town on one of the punching bags. You had skipped dinner not really feeling like dealing with another altercation with Christina, she still hadn’t forgiven you for your first comment. Besides you where enjoying having the large space all to yourself.

 You had only been hitting the bag for a few minutes but you could already feel the sting in your knuckles, you hadn’t bothered properly wrapping them.

 "Keep it up and your going to bust your hand open.“ You froze at the words that echoed around the room, belonging to an all to familiar voice. You stopped hitting the bag and gripped it before it swung back and hit you.

 You turned around slowly and your gaze fell onto Eric who was sitting on the steps that led into the steps that lead into the room, watching you intently. You honestly had no idea how long he had been watching you, you hadn’t noticed him as you where running laps around the room but Eric had always sneaky that way.

 The two of you held your gaze for a while just watching each other for a while before you finally glanced away and made your way towards the gym bag you had brought with you. You took the time to wrap your now red knuckles and take a small water break. You finally glanced back up to Eric to find him still watching you closely. He looked like shit, but then again so did you so you really didn’t have the room to judge.

 You walked to the arena in the center of the room and made a head motion for him to come and join you. He pushed his way up from the steps and made his way toward you slowly. You slipped your shoes off and waited in the center for him to join you. The two of you got into position and began sparring. It started out with the two of you just going through the motions throw a punch, block, repeat, over and over again but eventually you grew frustrated with the situation and stated to throw real hits, aiming for his sides and stomach. He caught you drift and before you knew it the two of you where rolling around on the floor, throwing hard jabs and punches.

The only sound that filled the room was the occasionally grunts of frustration or pain as you two moved together. At one point in the fight you found yourself straddling him and using one hand to pin him down by the neck and the other was drawn back to strike him. A moment of hesitation on your part was all he needed in order to grab hold of drawn back arm with one hand and use the other to pry your other hand off his neck. You struggled for a few moments uselessly trying to free your hands but it was no use. Eric didn’t bother trying to flip your position and you let out a cry in frustration.

That’s when you realized that you where crying again, a few stray tears has slipped down you cheek without your permission and they landed on the man beneath you. You felt weak, you didn’t even know why you where crying but you where.

 Eric released you and pushed himself up far enough to where he could tightly wrap his arms around you without pulling you down. You tensed in his embraces at first but soon enough melted into his warmth and threw your arms around him. The two of you just sat there like that for a while as you cried into his shoulder and he nuzzled into your neck.

 "I hate you..” You whispered as you held onto him, both of you know that was far from the truth.

 "I love you..“ He whispered back.

 "No you don’t.” You felt more tears run down your face.

 "Yes I do ___, so much..“ He insisted.

   He released you and pulled away enough to look at your tear stained face and brought a large hand up to wipe away the tears on your face.

 "I don’t know and it drives me crazy..“ You couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped your lips at his response. He leaned in and brushed his lips across yours and waited your you to respond, You in turn pressed your lips to his desperately. Eric brought a hand up to your cheek and his other stay wrapped around your waist. While you carded your fingers through his blond locks.

 The two of you broke your kiss as you both ran out of breath, laughing.

 "I love you too.” You said slightly breathless and he pressed a stolen kiss to your lips. “But I also still hate you cause you’re a major asshole sometimes..” He chuckled at that and pressed his forehead to yours.

 "You wouldn’t have it any other way.“ He muttered giving you a playful glare. It was rare you say Eric act so.. Sappy.. But you could get used to it.

 "No.. I really wouldn’t.”

  Honestly you didn’t know where you and Eric stood, you didn’t know what the future had in store for you either. But for right now in this moment, that honestly felt like it belonged in some cheesy romance novel, you where just going to enjoy being in his arms. Because in some twisted, dysfunctional since it felt like home and that was kind of perfect.

anonymous asked:

hi! i was wondering if you would mind giving some klance fic recs? i love klance but voltron fandom is vaguely terrifying to wade into AND you have really good taste & opinions & write awesome fanfic yourself so i feel like you would know some good ones!! (but obvs feel free to ignore this if you don't want to do it)

Oops this took way longer to make than I thought it would. I think most of the fics I rec will be fics most folks would’ve rec’d already, but here’s a small list! Canon-type stuff up top, AU stuff (what little there is) at the bottom.

Also, I marked fics as complete/incomplete, but most of these are oneshots, or they’re done. There’s only like four incomplete fics on this list.

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August Update

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since I made a genuine sugar baby related post, and I apologize. I’m sure everyone can resonate with the craziness that is life, and sometimes, how, despite our desires and the goals we have set for ourselves, we cannot help but stray from them. I was absent from all my usual sites, and gave myself the opportunity to break away from the bowl for a bit just to get my hectic life in order.
Of course, that didn’t mean I didn’t learn a couple things while not participating. Doubtful, I know. But honestly, not immersing myself in the bowl as forcefully as I once was because there was the pressure of rent gave me the chance to analyze things from an outside perspective. I’m ready to re-enter the bowl, and I want to share some tips. Most, you probably may already know if you’ve been in the bowl, as many of these come from experience, and are usually not something you learn by reading posts. But I want to give people just jumping in a taste, so they can be more aware.
If possible, I wish I could prevent a lot of unpretty things that happen in the bowl, but it’s not realistic. However, if I can help at least one fellow SB with my posts, that makes me extremely happy.

Okay, I’ll start with the basics.
~ Never provide personal information about yourself. Safety is always, always more important than the prospect of new money coming in. I know most of us would rather be safe and broke than having something unspeakable happened to us. Personal information includes; your first and last name, your address, your bank information, your social media accounts, etc.,
People can seem nice and promising easily enough, however, that smile can quickly turn sour if you don’t seem to comply. Hint: This is a good indicator that he may not be the best sugar daddy for you.
~  That being said, we don’t want to be broke. Sugar Daddies should ALWAYS be generous. If he’s haggling with you regarding a price for what seems to take forever, he’s not good SD material. In fact, he’s the type to promise you big things for a discreet affair. Nothing’s wrong with meeting someone, but you are an SB, you are ALWAYS the prize. Always consider yourself as such.
~ Calculate what’s comfortable for you in an arrangement. Long lasting and genuine arrangements always take a bit of getting to know each other and developing mutual interest in order to succeed. Figure out what you want, and casually bring it up, if he hasn’t already. What are you fine with? What are you not fine with? Always set yourself a limit for what you will not accept. It may be different than another person’s arrangement. Hey, but guess what, they’re not spoiling you. Let your potential daddy know what you are okay with sexually, financially, and emotionally. You should not feel dread when you meet your SD. Oh, but Tarra, what if they don’t agree with what I say, and say that what I’m asking for is too high? You’re not asking for Buckingham Palace. What you want, and what you are going to be comfortable with, is NEVER too high. Carry yourself like the Queen you are. There’s a million fish in the sea, why settle for a bottom feeder?
~ Sometimes a Potential sugar daddy will hit you with, “ Oops I’m so busy I can’t meet,” That’s fine. Just like a friend, always supply him with the benefit of the doubt. Yet make it certain that your time is not one to be wasted. You could have been partying today, you could have been studying for that big exam, but what did you do? You cancelled just to make it about him. He shall repay you for your lost time. If he doesn’t, again, is he really worth the effort? If it’s your first meeting, and he completely flakes, don’t bother messaging him again until he’s practically begging. What are you? Monopoly? Well, you are..but you need actual cash instead of the fake colored bills.
~ Before making any big decisions, always try to verify the situation with a fellow sugar baby. You never know, scammers have been super creative lately, and even if they’re not, it’s always good to get the OK from other SB’s that have been in the game longer and have experienced this. If you have a weird feeling in your gut, it’s more often than not a negative situation that you need to escape from.
I’ll create more posts for more tips, but I think this should suffice for someone just starting out.
Happy sugaring, and I love you all~


Difficult Steps (Avengers x reader)

So this is my first fan fiction that I posted on here and I want to say it’s a short drabble but I got carried away. (Of course) 

word count: 1566 (oops)

tw: death, depression, and drinking (let me know if I need to mention anything else)

Death wasn’t an option in the Avengers. Whatever happens, you get your ass to the medic. The number one rule of an Avenger. So what happens when you break it?

It was a pain you’ve never felt before. Cold sweat stuck to your skin as the loud sounds of war echoed in the background. Soon, it all became white noise, including the voices of your teammates. A bullet through your abdomen. This wasn’t how you thought you would go. A slow painful death.

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word choice

summary: Lucy is not amused that she has to babysit Erza’s brats after soccer practice today, especially after Erza explains that Jellal is “distracting” her. Jerza. Implied Nalu.
M. Your imagination can make it higher, I’m sure.
also posted on: Fanfiction

notes: Originally going to be <500 words. Oops. Relatively experimental writing. Not my usual and I’m not sure if it should be called fluffsmut or smutfluff. Or just plain smut.
more: Also, yes, I know it’s Angst Week. My muse likes to oppose me.

Erza falls directly into her bed when she comes home from work.

She feels worse than the wilted carrots that sit in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, still unable to participate in one of the week’s dinner stews—and when she remembers about the vegetables, she huffs again into her pillow, remembering that she still has to get started to working on dinner…

Not to mention she still has to pick up the kids from soccer practice in about twenty minutes.

So she kicks off her heels and rolls completely under the cover and between the sheets, making her body as comfortable as it can lie in her business casual pants and button up shirt. She rubs her eyes, blinking against the afternoon sun, but she lets the light warmth settle over her body.

She channels her inner house cat and closes her eyes. She decides to nap for just a moment, reaching her hands down to the waist of her pants to shimmy them down as she starts to fall…








No. Just…one…more—


“Mmrph, Jellal—“ Her eyes open and she sees his face on the other side of the pillow.

He smiles in amusement. “Good morning, love.”

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