but it was better than the original script

How ‘Psych’ star, creator rewrote the movie in 72 hours
By ABC News

Creator Steve Franks and James Roday, who plays the lead character, Shawn Spencer, in the upcoming “Psych: The Movie,” wrote this film together. But shortly before production, Timothy (Tim) Omundson, who portrays Det. Carlton Lassiter in the series, suffered a stroke.

Omundson is now recovering. But even as the film’s writers were absorbing the news of his stroke, they had to do a heavy rewrite of the script.

“We were so exhausted and heartbroken and numb,” Roday told ABC News. “It was unlike anything I’ve been a part of writing-wise. It was almost like a higher power took over. Steve and I camped out at a booth at this restaurant in Vancouver for like 72 hours and rewrote basically the entire script and then, bloodshot, handed this over [to executives] like ‘We, we don’t know what this is.’”

“It actually became better in a weird way,” Franks added. “It became more emotional, and it became about something slightly different than it originally was.”

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   [13 Days of Outlander]
   [2x07 | Faith]
   [Favorite Script Scene | Time with Faith]
   [“I lost a lifetime with someone that I loved before we ever met.”]

“I knew where the story was headed, and I knew that Toni was writing it, and Toni has such a beautiful, poetic way with her writing. I knew that it was going to be in very safe hands. So when I first got the script, I mean, I cried. I emailed Toni straight away, and I was just like, ‘This is so beautiful. You’ve made me cry like a baby.’ I loved how Toni handled it. It was in such a respectful way, and such a beautiful way, and I think it’s such a defining moment in Claire’s life and for her character, that in a way, you just relish these moments as an actor to be able to go through this journey with the character…

We stuck very much to the script, and very much to what was on the page. The writing was so beautiful for this… Even the little thing about the song when she sings to the baby — when you read it in the script first, it seems like such a jarring song to use in that moment. But actually, the more work I did on it, I just thought it was even more heartbreaking, because here was something that I felt that Claire probably heard from her mother. You know, it’s this lineage of tragedy that surrounds Claire, in a way, having lost her parents so young, and everything that’s happened to her, it all just felt very powerful.”
~ Caitriona Balfe for Variety

“When I wrote it I said to her, ‘This one’s for you,’ and I knew that she would knock it out of the park. I knew that she would elevate it even better than what it was. And the original draft had a ton of voiceover because we try to use voiceover sparingly but she was alone in so much of this script that we needed to use the voiceover to portray what she was thinking, but… everything played on her face. You knew what she was thinking, you didn’t need to hear her voice. She did a phenomenal job and I really hope that she is rewarded for that, because there is no actress that can touch her, just no contest.
~ Toni Graphia for Variety

“I had a problem reading the last part of it through my tears,” - Steven Spielberg to the HTTYD 3 script.

Can I just talk about this?

Okay, I don’t think that DreamWorks will leave the fandom off, broken and sad because that’s not who they are. As cliché as this sounds, I’m sure there will be a happy ending. 

Maybe, the last parts of the script (and movie) will be that the dragons and riders reunite, happy and cheerful to have eh other again. The second movie gave me some thoughts and it kind of hinted to Toothless discovering more Night Furies. 

We all know that the dragons will disappear in the third movie for some reason and I’m sure they’ll come back. 

Spielberg specifically said, “I cannot believe what I just read,” as if he’s saying that this is better than he imagined it would be. He continued with, “I had a problem reading the last part through my tears. It’s a complete unqualified classic and better than the original,” Because he told Dean that the last scrips had been more like notes and not an actual script/movie. Last thing me said was, “I’ve never witnessed this kind of transformation from the last two drafts to this one.”

I have friends who’s just as crazy about HTTYD as I am and they’re saying, “We’re fucked,” but I think we should all be calm. I mean, yes, this is huge news because the movie is finally in production but I’m sure DreamWorks would leave off a fandom this big, broken and in tears. 

I think the third movie will be great and it’ll really connect the two movies before that and I don’t think we should be worried about what will come. Sure, they killed off Stoick in HTTYD 2 but that was to show that Hiccup wasn’t a kid anymore and that he can take responsibilities bigger than just dragons. 

All in all, I think the third movie will end happily. Dragons and riders reuniting and coming back up from a battle, kids running and playing with both baby dragons and grown ups and maybe we’ll see a Hiccstrid kid tagging along his/her parents, smiling that they we’re al happy and safe. 

I don’t know, don’t judge me. I just thought of this as I watched the Animation Dingle Keynote 2017 and I had to write it down. If you read all of this, thank you <3

About Stephen King’s “It”

I went to see “It” last night and I must admit that I was a little skeptical about the adaptation, because they didn’t do a good job with the 90′s series and we are talking about one of my favorite books. 

How wrong was I… all I have to say is that the movie is just as good as the book itself (something I have never said about any other book in my LIFE). The movie is extremely faithful to the book and it’s rich in details, I was appalled because I’d never seen something like it before. I kid you not, it’s perfect.

The actors, the scenarios, the script, everything is just like in the book; and everything that they changed, they made it BETTER than in the original. If you haven’t seen it or if you’re still in doubt whether to go or not, this is the sign you’ve been looking for.

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Script/Storyboard Tips to Self

So I’ve been working on the script and storyboards for W2H2, and it’s interesting because I’m kind of re-learning how to do it?  I mean I was never taught how to do it in the first place, and I’ve never claimed to be an expert, but it’s nice to get back into a workflow and rediscover some things about how I work.  I wrote some tips to myself last night on a dry-erase board, after working on a scene that was giving me trouble. And since y’all sometimes ask me for tips, I figured I’d share.  These are pretty specific to what I’m working on and HOW I work, but maybe you’ll find them helpful.  Here goes!


  • When the script gets too tricky, start boarding. 
  • vice versa, to a lesser extent.
  • Sometimes you draw the wrong expression on a character while boarding, but explore that route anyway, ‘cause sometimes it makes more sense than what you originally had in mind.  Maybe you’re drawn to drawing that character that way for a reason.  Shit sometimes comes together if you just keep moving forward with an idea or sudden inspiration.
  • You also think better when you draw.  Writing seems easier because you can just sit there and blast out words for whatever runs through your head, but remember that the act of placing lines on paper to form an image is a much more intense/deliberate/therapeutic process for you.  Thoughts form more clearly and the flow feels more natural.
  • If you’re envisioning a certain tone for a scene (esp. if it’s high-energy), you don’t always have to jump right into that tone.  Try building up to it through the characters/dialogue/acting.  Scenes can (should) progress/change, and it’s more satisfying to be brought to that tone rather than thrust into it.  It’s like micro-”buts” and “therefores”.  Or foreplay.
  • Call-backs and mirrored shots/dialogue is charming.  Maybe don’t overdo it?
  • Remember who your characters are.  Sometimes the story should drive them, but try to have them drive the story too.  Find a balance.  Don’t just write them to fit the needs of the scene.  

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1621

Genre: Fluff

With a final tap of your screen, your fanart for the latest WonWooJi video, “What it’s Really Like to Date a YouTuber,” was up on instagram for the world to see. Art was one of your favorite pastimes, and you had WonWooJi to thank for it.

While you’d enjoyed drawing since you were young, you’d never thought you were particularly good at it and had no confidence in your art skills. If anyone had asked you to show them any of your drawings a few years ago, you would never have shown them, but that had changed slowly as you found the YouTube channel run by two quiet 96 liners.

You’d discovered WonWooJi before they were well known and had watched their subscriber count grow from less than 200k to s million over the course of many years. The subscriber count had constantly grown little by little over the years and the video quality had slowly gotten better and better as well. The once limited camera angles began to get more decisive and direct. The scripts that bordered on cliches grew more and more original and you had seen the confidence of the two young video makers grow over the years.

Through that, you’d found the courage to try drawing for the sake of drawing. You tried to ignore whether you thought it was good or bad and simply strive for improvement because you enjoyed it - the way that Wonwoo and Jihoon had. Slowly but steadily, your art had improved and your confidence in your ability to draw and improve grew and you made the huge decision to start posting your work, and naturally, you posted a tribute to the people who had started you on your art path. And since then, your collection of WonWooJi fanart on your account had only grown along with supporters until the WonWooJi official account had followed you back and you’d almost died in happiness and shock. You still got overly excited whenever the account liked any of your fanart.

Since you’d gotten a follow from your idols, you’d set a new goal of meeting them and that dream was about to come true in less than a week. You’d been invited to set up a little booth at a convention, only to later discover that WonWooJi would be there as well with their own booth. It had been an honor to be invited in the first place as it meant that you yourself had enough fans to warrant that kind of treatment and the chance to make one of your dreams come true was just an extra cherry on top.

You were excited but also extremely nervous about your first convention and first time meeting your fans, the fact that you had fans still blowing your mind. You were worried if you’d live up to people’s expectations and whether you’d make a fool of yourself.

You refreshed your page to see the notifications and almost fell off your couch when you saw a like from WonWooJi and a comment reading “excited to finally meet the master artist at the convention!” on your latest post. Your legs kicked wildly in the air as you let out a little scream of excitement and praeyed for the convention to come a little faster.

When the day of the convention came, you headed off to your booth excited about meeting Wonwoo and Jihoon as well as your fans and the other random convention goers you were sure to encounter. You were humming to yourself as you set out the stickers and other goods you’d brought to give out and sell when you felt a pair of eyes on you despite the fact that the convention had yet to start. You brushed off the feeling as you being delusional, but there was someone observing you from across the floor.

“Hey Jihoon, isn’t that the one fanartist that sent us those stickers?” Wonwoo said as he nudged his fellow YouTuber and nodded in your direction. He’d first found your account about a year ago when he’d found your fanart of the “Love Locks” amongst the hundreds of notifications that came in on instagram. Your art had caught Wonwoo’s eye right away with your distinct style and the ability to pick out what he considered to be the most important part of everything that he and Jihoon AKA Woozi, decided to put on their channel. Since then, Wonwoo always waited for your fanart after every video and made sure to like all of them with the WonWooJi instagram.

Jihoon glanced over and nodded.

“Looks like it. We should go say thank you later.” Wonwoo nodded at Jihoon’s words and the two of them went back to setting up their own little station.

Oblivious to all of this, you simply continued to make your booth as appealing as possible by covering it with your art. You finished with some time to spare and stepped back to admire your work from afar and take some photos for your instagram when you felt your back run into someone.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” You said as you whipped around to face the person you’d run into.

“It’s ok,” the voice that responded was deep and oddly familiar.

“Oh my god. You’re Jeon Wonwoo.” You gaped at the tall male in front of you.

“Yes I am, and you must be Y/N. Jihoon and I really like your art. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He shot you a smile and held out his hand to shake. Your mind started as you whir as you realized holy shiz. WonWooJi knows you by name. You’re shaking Jeon Wonwoo’s hand. The Wonwoo who’d inspired you to keep drawing and to find a passion outside of “normal” life. The Wonwoo who’s videos had made you laugh and cry more than any other people you could think of.

You thanked Wonwoo graciously as you tried to keep yourself from embarrassing yourself. Wonwoo was much more attractive in person than on screen, and you were blown away by how nice his voice sounded and how the person you knew to be endearing and deep through videos was also a beautifully flawless man that knew you by name.

On the other hand, Wonwoo was just as restless. He’d never known what you looked like until he’d walked into the convention center earlier and he was blown away. You didn’t look like a model from a glamour magazine, but you had your own charm. And maybe it was because he’d already fallen in love with your style through your art, but Wonwoo found your style in real life to be just as charming and couldn’t help but feel a little drawn to you. There was also so much he wanted to ask you about your art and how you’d gotten to where you were now, but he restrained and instead started thanking you for your support and art instead.

The two of you were both brushing off the thanks and trying to thank the other for the support when Jihoon showed up.

He greeted you respectfully as you got starstruck once again.

“Don’t make it so obvious.” Jihoon whispered to Wonwoo, “or just ask for their number. Go big or go home.” Wonwoo flinched as he heard Jihoon’s soft words, but you didn’t notice the exchange.

“Ten minutes!” You heard a voice shout into the convention center from the door signalling that it was almost time for the people to come flooding in.

“I’m going to finish set up, come back in 5 minutes.” Jihoon said to Wonwoo. “It was nice to meet you. Stop by our booth later and we’ll give you some merch as a thank you.”

“Well, I should do stuff too. I was going to take photos for my instagram.” Wonwoo immediately offered to help and you accepted the offer.

“So, how did you get started with drawing?” He asked after telling you to go pose in your booth so you could be in the picture. You bashfully admitted that it was due to him and he grew a little red as well. However, the conversation didn’t stop and the two of you found yourself falling into a comfortable rhythm over the course of a few minutes until it felt like the man you were talking to wasn’t some sort of celebrity but someone you’d befriended in college.

Through those few minutes, you two managed to barely scratch the surface of your curiosities about the other and their passion, paths, and such, leaving you both disappointed when the 2 minute warning was called.

“You should go now, Jihoon’s probably waiting, but I really enjoyed talking to you.” You said to Wonwoo. Wonwoo agreed and seemed like he wanted to say something else, but refrained. “Wait, can we take a picture?”

You remembered who you were talking to and wanted to document the moment. His eyes perked up a little and the two of you quickly agreed to take a selfie.

Wonwoo fumbled for his wallet afterwards and produced a business card that he handed to you after scribbling something onto the back.

“That’s my personal number so you can send me the photos, and I’d really like to continue our conversation sometime so shoot me a message if you ever want to go out for coffee.” He could feel his face burning since he never made the first move with people due to his more introverted personality and proceeded to quickly bid you goodbye and run off to Jihoon.

You stood there in shock until the events finally registered, leaving you with a wide smile across your face. This convention was off to a great start.

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The Stunning Brilliance of 2015 Macbeth’s Forest, or “The one time a Shakespeare adaptation made a change and became better than the original play”

2015 Macbeth with Michael Fassbender was VERY fucking good. They respected the script, they blocked scenes like they were actually running a play, they nailed the soliloquies, it had an amazing, claustrophobic aesthetic and they remained in the scope of the original play. A lot can be said about how good it was, but a lot of that praise will return to being praise of Shakespeare so I won’t bother at length. I did particularly liked Macduff’s yelling of “He has no children”, because it was so confusing for a moment, before you realised that the very first thing Macduff was thinking about was killing Macbeth’s kids. Again, that’s implicit in the play itself, but it was acted stunningly well and has stayed with me and horrified me for over a year.

The change I want to talk about is the ending sequence, where they bring Birnam Wood to the castle. In the original play the soldiers pick up the trees and move under camouflage towards the castle, effectively moving the wood and fulfilling the prophecy that the wood must move before Macbeth can die. In the film, instead of doing that, they BURN the wood, and in the wind the smoke and ashes carry the substance of the burning trees over the castle. This struck me as such an incredibly smart decision that I want to break down why it was so good in several points:

1. It was visually awesome. Having soldiers goofily hide under sticks or behind trees might have been silly considering the tone of the film. But instead the final scenes had a serious visual weight: the frame was filled with dark red and black colours, and there was smoke billowing over everyone looking like blood, and it justified the final sword fights appearing in a swirl of chaos. As a cinematic decision it DEFINITELY worked.

2. It was ironic. Macduff kind of throws up his hands as if to say “look, the forest has come to your castle”, in a kind of “fuck this play, I’m going to burn the fucking forest, who cares”. Of course, the point was that the ashes were carried in the wind, which gave this brilliant image of the wood basically being spat into Macbeth’s face, but it also felt like “I don’t care about the prophecy, here’s your “wood” travelling to the castle”, not least because it was a subversion of the audience’s expectation too. They just really wanted Macbeth dead in this film. I just feel like the burning fits the tone so damn well.

3. It mirrored Macbeth’s burning of people earlier.

4. It’s way more aggressive than approaching undercover, which made the whole thing seem a lot angrier.

5. It’s unnatural: one of the big themes of the play is a subversion of nature, or of natural order, of doing gross and violent things that don’t seem acceptable. Burning a wood, destroying nature, and have it fly as satanic ash towards a castle, really fits the bill.

6. It was inspired. I know this is sort of a cop out point, but I just think it was such an unusual thing to think of when they were making the film. 

7. This is the best one: 

Earlier in the play Macbeth complains that he can’t get Duncan’s blood off of his hands, and that the more he washes the more the spot won’t get out. He famously says that he might “the multitudinous seas incarnidine / making the green one red”. It’s unnatural, and gives the idea that his sins are passing on and are unstoppable, that they can’t be purged easily, that the infection is spreading. The eventual consequence is the wood burning, as if his sin has grown into a blaze spreading across the land and destroying things. 

But what do you do when you burn a forest? You turn the green trees into fire, which spreads across the forest to incarnidine it.

Burning a forest makes the green one red: a parallel Shakespeare didn’t think of.



p.s. “Birnam Wood” also sounds like “Burn ‘em wood”

Why Dan, Phil, PJ, and Chris are the Most Underrated Creators

Before I begin, let me just state that this is in no way meant to be an attack towards other creators. There are a lot of incredibly talented creators out there today. In fact, I wish I was as talented as 99% of these people because then maybe I wouldn’t be rotting away in a godforsaken cubicle in a dead end job (don’t go into software engineering kids. You will hate everything and yourself). That being said, if you find yourself offended at any point during this narrative, please accept this homemade apology from me:

With that out of the way, let’s go! 

Prior to YouTube’s existence, bored people like myself mainly browsed websites like Ebaum’s World, Stupid Videos, Albino Black Sheep, and shitty flash sites for bizarre, humorous, and at times traumatizing content (anybody remember The End of the World, Numa Numa, and Schfifty-Five before they were uploaded to YouTube?) . Enter 2005 -  the birth of YouTube! At that time, I was one very bored 15 year old full of angst. YouTube offered up a new way to find content that appealed to millennials like myself. Not only that, but YouTube became the platform for people to connect with the world by sharing their interests, thoughts, and work with the world! While I never uploaded anything to YouTube, I spent an unhealthy amount of time searching and stumbling upon videos. Things got exciting in 2006 when I discovered a wonderful YouTuber you may know as AmazingPhil! Subsequently over the years, I would find myself stumbling upon Dan, Chris, and PJ. 

Let’s start with the first of the four I encountered - Phil Lester. Honestly, is there anyone on YouTube, let alone this planet, who is nicer than Phil? Even though he is a true YouTube trailblazer, he has fewer subscribers and gets less appreciation than his collaborator and best friend, Dan Howell. In spite of this, Phil does not get envious and remains fully supportive of not only Dan, but all of his friends. Phil is the paragon of a sincerely kind and generous human being. If more people in the world strived to be more like Phil, humanity would be better off. Phil’s creativity and talent never fails to make me smile and amaze (well, he is AmazingPhil!) me. I love his light-hearted silly jokes and when he spontaneously bursts into song (my favorite is in the Snake Oil video PJ did with Dan and Phil - “He slithers down your chimney/ He licks you while you sleep/ You don’t know where he’s been tonight/ He’s a snake on Christmas Eve”). Here is a guy who has accomplished so much in his life so far - graduated with a master’s degree, presented on BBC Radio 1 with Dan, won a Guinness World Record for coin stacking, and invented the game concept for the 7 Second Challenge app. Personally, I think Phil offers higher quality content than many other YouTubers. As a viewer, I can tell that when Phil makes a video, he puts in so much effort and heart. Yet, do others truly appreciate Phil’s talent, creativity, and personality? If I walked into a random crowd on the streets of Seattle and asked the crowd’s opinions on Phil Lester, what do you think would happen? I’m willing to bet most people would look at me as if I just asked them to solve a differential equation. Phil is so genuine both as a creator and person, and I wish more people appreciated him for all he does.

Next up is Dan Howell! I have yet to encounter a person who is as eloquent in their vocabulary and sarcasm as Dan. As someone who was also raised on Winnie the Pooh (and raised by an intensely literature/English focused mom. English class didn’t end after school for me!), stumbling upon a YouTuber like Dan was one of the best things to happen to me. Intelligent and bona fide, Dan is someone I could sit with over some tea or wine and have in-depth discussions with. While I love Dan’s typical commentary on his experiences with social awkwardness, being an outcast, and making mistakes, once in a blue moon he will post a very sagacious and intensely emotional video. Daniel and Depression is one of those videos. In this video, Dan opens up about his experiences in understanding and managing his depression. After watching his video, I took some time to absorb and dissect the content I just watched. As someone who has been dealing with chronic depression and anxiety since childhood, this was a video that profoundly struck a chord with me. Dan’s videos are very engaging and easy for many people to relate to. Even as I’ve gotten older, I still find the content Dan posts to be easy to relate to. For all his sardonic humor and sarcasm, Dan comes across as a very kind and generous person. Everything he creates is done with so much insight and character. I hope Dan continues to produce the content he does!

Now then, on to PJ Liguori! If there is one channel that you will never find another one like it, it is KickThePj. The first video I ever saw on his channel was Retro MakeOver. I immediately subscribed to his channel after watching that video. PJ takes his artwork and creativity to whole different level on his channel. Not only can he draw, but he is musically inclined and an outstanding storyteller. The way in which PJ tells his stories with a twist of imagination makes his videos unlike anything I’ve ever seen both prior to and during the existence of YouTube. I love how as a viewer, I feel as if I’m in the moment with PJ, observing his imagination in action - nothing feels scripted! The way he engages with his viewers is also very genuine (I know I’ve said that a lot. Honestly all four of these guys can be described as genuine). PJ seems like a very pleasant person that I’d gladly chill with over a card or board game. I’m honestly surprised that more people haven’t discovered PJ or don’t seem to have an appreciation for this type of content. In a world that seems to demand more originality and creativity, you couldn’t find a better creator than PJ. PJ is a one in a million and a very talented creator. I can’t wait to see what he does next both on and outside of YouTube!

Finally, but not least, Chris Kendall! I would venture to say that no one could get through one of Chris’ videos without laughing their socks off. Chris does some the best impersonations and parodies I’ve seen on YouTube! I love his casual attitude in his gaming videos where he just acts like himself and doesn’t take things too seriously (his random burping always makes my day :P). Much like the other three, his content is original and there is a discernible effort in his videos. Case and point - both of his I Can’t Even YouTube Quiz shows. I laughed until I was in tears during both of them and loved all of the geeky references! I would describe quite a bit of his humor as both geeky and classically British. Beyond his comedy, Chris is also a great actor. Both in his videos and collaboration videos, his acting skills are impeccable and he is absolutely hilarious! I was sad when Chris took a hiatus from YouTube (though I understood), but I am happy he’s back to creating more awesome content. Chris is a creator that I hope more people will discover and follow!

I hope to be fortunate enough one day to meet all four of these wonderful men outside of a computer screen. If anything, to shake their hands (and hug them if they’re ok with it) and thank them for how much each of them have positively impacted me in some way or another. If any of them are reading this, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and for all the great work you are doing!!

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jael-paris  asked:

Hey, resident script writer! Could you tell us more about script doctoring since we all just learned Carrie Fisher's been doing it in the shadows for decades?

Of course! XD And thanks for asking!

First, let me give you the technical definition of a script doctor, as given to us by the Great God Wikipedia:

[[Screencap of Google Wikipedia result, which says: A script doctor, also called a script consultant, is a screenwriter or playwright hired by a film, television or theatre production to rewrite an existing script or polish specific aspects of it, including structure, characterization, dialogue, pacing, theme, and other elements.]]

This is true, as far as it goes. What this definition leaves out, though, is that a script doctor is the Hollywood screenplay version of a ghost-writer – meaning, they don’t usually get official credit for their work.  They are paid a set amount to “doctor” an existing script – which can mean anything from a quick “punch up” (i.e., a polish,) of the existing dialogue and action, to a rewrite of the plot itself – but the credit for the screenplay will most likely still be given to the original screenwriter(s).

Why is this? Well, for a number of reasons, both commercial and artistic. 

Firstly, we must remember that writers work in a primarily intellectual and intangible medium – words on paper can be easily scrubbed out, files erased, and notes lost. So it becomes difficult sometimes to prove that a story came from one writer’s brain as opposed to another. Things get even more complicated because there are those who are the Idea Guys, those who are the Collaboration Kids, those who are the Nuts and Bolts Gals, and those who are all three. So, one person might have come up with the idea for a movie or a television pilot, written the treatment (synopsis,) or outlined the story – and then another person will be the one who actually writes the script.  

Because of this, one of the most often contested issues in the Writer’s Guild becomes, “Who gets credit for this??” This is vital, because whoever gets the credit gets three VERY important things: 

  1. A reputation-boosting line on their resume
  2. A step towards eligibility to join the WGA, the writers’ union 
  3. The right to residual profits (i.e., royalties.) 

Since a screenwriter’s career depends entirely upon selling their next script, you can see how gaining a good reputation and joining the union is of utmost importance. As for royalties, while often not much, they can be enough to keep a writer from homelessness in lean times – also rather important.

And yet. And YET. Just because someone came up with the idea, or wrote a screenplay, doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact, one of the best-kept secrets in the industry is just how AWFUL first drafts can be. But the machine needs to be fed, meaning that if an agent or a producer sees potential in a poorly written mess of a script, they’ll still try to pitch it, getting as much momentum and interest for the story itself until they inevitably run into the road-block of said poor story, dialogue, characterization, etc. 

This is when they call in the script-doctor – usually someone experienced, with a knack for witty dialogue or fixing plot holes. (This happens a hell of a lot with both comedy and action scripts, for some strange reason.)

But why call in a third-party at all, you ask? Why not give a few notes/criticisms, then let the original writer take another crack at it? 

The answer is eminently practical: We believe what you show us. If a screenwriter has turned in a mess of a script, the producers who see it assume that said mess is the best that writer can do – otherwise, why wouldn’t they have submitted something better? Since every re-write takes time and money, it’s a much safer bet to give the mess to a veteran writer you KNOW can turn out good product than to give the moron who screwed it up the first time a chance to screw up again.

The problem with this approach, however, is that once a script doctor takes control, at what point does the script stop being the intellectual property of the original writer, and start being the property of the person who’s rebuilt it from the ground up?

A perfect example of this would be the over 30 uncredited screenwriters who worked on the movie The Flinstones. THIRTY WRITERS! Why? Well, every time the film changed directors, or producers, it was given to a new writer or group of writers to do a draft. The original story ended up being chopped and changed and sewn back together a bazillion times. It came out barely watchable mush, but that’s not the point; the point is, it still made money, so who gets it?

Deciding on the credit for The Flintstones became such a circus that it forced the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) to change its bylaws.  Now, a screenwriter must contribute more than 50% of a script, or 33% of an adaptation, to retain credit. 

So, in order to keep a script doctor at the level of “ghost-writer”, or uncredited, the production company only has to make certain that they use only 49% of the script doctor’s rewrites. Or that they hire two script doctors, and split the rewrites half-and-half. Of course, sometimes the script doctor has to do what they call a “page-one” rewrite, meaning they basically recreated the script from the ground up. That guy gets a writing credit for sure. But since the WGA does not like having more than 3 writers credited on any given project, a producer’s choices might be influenced by not wanting to have to go to arbitration in order to give credits to the 10 writers that actually helped the project.

Thing is, all writers all good writers have the ability to edit and fix other people’s work. It’s really far easier to fix a poorly executed story that already exists than to come up with something original oneself. So often, well-established writers will take script doctoring jobs on the down low to help pay the bills, and just forget about the credits because 

  1. They don’t need the credits that badly, and
  2. They get more out of gaining a reputation as a good script doctor, like future jobs as word gets around about them.

This, I believe, was how it worked for our Carrie. She was well-known in the industry for her ability to fix terrible dialogue, although there were a few movies she worked on that I don’t think anyone could have salvaged. The first time she showed her dialogue-honing chops was rumored to be by fixing her own lines in the original Star Wars trilogy. Lucas was so impressed with her work there that years later he asked her to do a punch up on Attack of the Clones, and to write a script for the Young Indy series

She also punched up Hook, Sister Act, The Wedding Singer, and a bunch of others.  Here’s a short video about her script-doctoring career:

So, that’s how it works! But if you’re thinking of doing this for a living, understand that it’s harder nowadays to get into script doctoring, because they make you pitch ideas and notes before they give you a chance – and who wants to give their ideas away for free??  

If you want to read more, there’s a short article on script doctoring here that I like.


Hick (2011) - Derick Martini

5 bullets on this film:

  • Many people didn’t like this movie because it has a boring and slow pace. But it’s a road movie!!! It’s supposed to be like this!! Most of the scenes are gonna be about the protagonist walking around the desert with a country song playing in the backgrund. Keep that in mind and try to enjoy the damn movie.
  • The characters have a strong personality and they are well defined. I love Luli, the main character, so much. She’s one of the women who inspire me AND SHE’S NOT EVEN REAL. 

  • If Eddie Redmayne and Chloe Grace Moretz weren’t in this movie it would suck a little bit. Honestly, they are way better than this script. Eddie, you always in my heart. 

  • It’s very similar to the book it was based on, but I think the movie lacks ‘personality’. The dialogues aren’t natural, and I feel like something more could have been added. 

  • The cinematography is really good, and I really like the costume design. It’s not original or extraordinary, but it’s a nice colorful - indie - cute movie.

Soooo uhhh?? batim oc? Hes called Jim and hes a storyboard artist. Hes really damn confused like all the time. Hes convinced theres a company conspiracy and yet somehow manages to compleTELY glaze over the satanism stuff and ignore the overwhelming evidence.

He also finds it hard to read people AND words so sometimes he misinterprets the script and ends up goin in a completely different direction for the storyboard. Sometimes, its better than originally planned so they go with that instead. Also another reason hes good as storyboarder is that he cant read people or situations well so he finds alternate methods fo find out if someone is sad or happy by looking at their actions and expression in detail- overexaggerating those details in his drawings.

He never eats and is also a klutz but he means well. He means well.

anonymous asked:

We better get some drago closure. New villain? Ok. But please, drago closure.

I absolutely agree that there needs to be Drago closure. The ending of HTTYD 2 does not end with the defeat of Drago, his power, and his ideas… only drawing him away temporarily from Berk. Drago has lost a battle, not a war, and his unique exit from the movie’s end more than suggests he’s not finished with Berk yet. I also believe that the creators are well-aware of this need, too, to finish telling Drago’s story. In fact some of the earliest interviews with Dean DeBlois about HTTYD 3 touched upon Drago’s role in the final film:

DeBlois: You have to wait until the third film to actually see where Drago’s character goes, because he’s a lot more complex than he’s presented in this second installment.

Since Drago was originally intended to be the villain for HTTYD 3 and not HTTYD 2, his early introduction means that DeBlois is well-aware his character hasn’t shown his full potential yet. Which means there’s more to come. If DeBlois is talking in 2015 about where Drago’s character is headed, that means that Drago’s role has been planned well in advance, and there’s something very intentional to be done with him yet. Even with the script revisions that inevitably happened since 2015, I think it’s safe to say this is one idea that DeBlois won’t drop: the complexity and fulfillment of this villain they introduced in the second film.

I also suspect that Steven Spielberg wouldn’t make such laudatory comments of HTTYD 3′s final draft if some huge plot hole like Drago’s resolution were missing:

Spielberg: I cannot believe what I just read - and I had a problem reading the last part through my tears. It’s a complete unqualified classic and better than the original. I’ve never witnessed this kind of transformation from the last two drafts I made to this one.

So it’s entirely possible that changes have been made to Drago since the first two drafts, but it’s also the case Spielberg has been reading How to Train Your Dragon 3 scripts since the start, giving advice, lending his ear to the creative process. But given as we hear HTTYD 3′s growth has been a profoundly, extraordinarily positive one, I doubt that means they’ve backtracked in concern of answering major HTTYD 2 plot points like what will become of Drago.

I am also surprised and curious to hear about a new HTTYD 3 villain, Grimmel the Grisly. I’m not certain what role he will play or how his presence will mesh with the other villain we haven’t finished confronting as of HTTYD 2. Maybe this means Drago’s role and complexity have been reduced and he will only be in the first arc of the film, and the majority of the film is dedicated to a three-dimensional Grimmel (but they’ll still give us the closure we need for Bludvist). Maybe Grimmel will overpower Drago and we’ll see a new kind of Drago throughout the film. Or maybe we get lots of Grimmel and Drago throughout HTTYD 3 - Grimmel could even be an ally with Drago. Who knows? We have so little information of who he is, what he does, and what role he will play… it’s all so up in the air for us fans to try to speculate upon.

Yet news repeatedly confirms over and over and over again that HTTYD 3 is written outstandingly. To bring yet another exciting testimony is Jay Baruchel’s report:

Baruchel: I’m not allowed to say anything. This is what I’ll say, and for whatever it’s worth I do swear that this is not just promo nonsense. It’s by far, the strongest of the stories. It’s the movie that the series requires and deserves and it’s the rightful third chapter or third act, I should say. I don’t think anybody will be disappointed.

HTTYD 3 is the strongest of the stories and I have no doubt this means that everything will be in its perfect place. I mean, the first movie everything was in its perfect place, so saying HTTYD 3 surpasses that is wildly incredible. Yet that’s the consensus from everyone who’s experienced the third film! The writers have had a gloriously long time to write and tweak How to Train Your Dragon 3, allowing it to become this classic we hear it’s going to be. I know many fans have been upset HTTYD 3 has been pushed back from its original release date several years, but what it looks like has happened is… this has allowed the movie to be refined into something incredible. We’re getting an amazing movie exactly because the creators have had the time to construct all its elements together seamlessly.

How they handle Drago, how they handle Grimmel, how they handle everything… it looks like it’s going to be done with great thought and beauty. I have no idea how they’re going to balance Drago and Grimmel. All I could do is make wild guesses. But at this point, my faith is entirely in the hands of the DreamWorks team. I’m not worried one bit about how they’ll tackle Drago. I trust that they are going to move me from start to end of this animation, and I’m going to step away from the theatres in awe and bliss.

anonymous asked:

Why is everything in the ml fandom better than actual show (so far)

HAHAHA. it’s kinda true tho. but honestly if you are watching it in english on netflix, you are prolly missing out a bit. not to sound like a snob but the french version was great, and some of the localization choices that were made for the english script are really….awkward lol. [i’m looking at u, “wild ride” moment in animan…or the changing of hawkmoth’s motivation in one ep to be WORLD DOMINATION??????????? WHAT??? THAT’S NOT IT AT ALL????]

that said, season 2 is supposed to have an actual story arc, so more episodes like origins, volpina, and jackady :D/ i’m hypppee!

Asian History & USHMWG: A New Era

Long time, no see! These last few years, I’ve been absorbed in the mires of Graduate school. However, I’d love to return to updating Asian History and US History Minus White Guys (@ushistoryminuswhiteguys) again. I’ve missed these blogs, which are representative of my passion for history and public engagement with history. 

That said, I am looking to start these blogs “fresh” in many ways. Ideally I would be cleaning out back archives of both blogs and publishing new content that is more balanced between links to articles and websites with originally written content. This would also allow for a better, and more cohesive tagging system. 

I’m looking forwards to rededicating some weekly time to these blogs, upping the quality of the content you might find here, and making them easier to read through. I may eventually record a few podcasts - but not until I’ve ironed out my scripting and recording techniques. 

Lastly, I may look into creating some kind of funding/tip jar for these blogs. Think: Cash.me, Patreon, Ko-Fi, or something similar. I know these things invoke mixed feelings, but now more than ever it’s easier to set up totally optional ways to donate to creative/scholarly/passion projects as opposed to fundraising for specific (limited) projects or all at once.

If anyone has suggestions, questions, or submissions, please let me know. 

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hi tammi! you know the scene 'tis but a scratch - a scratch? your arm's off!' from monty python? but with merc!lucio. ps you're awesome :*

[Hey, i’m gonna drastically deviate from the original script a bit so things fit better, okay? Haha. This was fun to write. This, of course, will be more silly than the usual stuff I write! Enjoy!]

Lucio had been charged with the order to defend this bridge, no matter what. Pretty simple task, but it was boring. He’d only had one scuffle today and it was barely stimulating. The win required little effort, despite how rowdy he’d had to get to secure it. Fighting with such rugged brutality doesn’t cater to maintaining his good looks at all. Since then, he’d been passing the time putting his pretty face back together, not even acknowledging the newcomers traveling his way.

“You fight with the strength of many men, Sir Knight!” one traveler, dressed in flowing robes made from the finest of fabrics, exclaims.

Lucio doesn’t dare look up from his makeshift mirror as he applies his eye paint. He wants to tell the fellow that no, he isn’t a knight. He’s, in fact, a mercenary. But he must admit: the title is attractive. However, he doesn’t intend to serve a king purely out of loyalty. Or anyone, for that matter. This arrangement isn’t permanent as he has plans for greater things. Though, he will take the traveler’s comment as a well-meaning compliment, in spite of—

“I am the court magician of Vesuvia,” the traveler announces to Lucio’s inattentive ears. When met with silence, they shuffle awkwardly but continue. “I seek the finest and the bravest knights in the land to join my Count’s court at Vesuvia.”

How dare this whelp keep interrupting his inner monologue? Anyway, not only did he surpass the skill of many knights, he had sullied many a knight’s honor by soundly defeating them in battle. Those who chose to duel him definitely were fools. Seriously. They—including this court whoever—should’ve known by now who he was.

The magician rolls their eyes,  as though sensing the arrogance rolling off of him. “Alright, alright. I’ll cut to the chase. You have proved yourself worthy. Will you join my Count?”

Finally, Lucio sets down his mirror and grins. “No.”

“Fine. Let’s go, men. Maybe we’ll find some real talent beyond this bridge—“

Abruptly, a sword finds its way just before the magician’s neck. “None shall pass.”

The magician raises their brow. “What?”

“None shall pass,” the mercenary repeats, leisurely resting his sword on his shoulder.

A deep sigh as the magician puts their hands up. “I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Knight, but I must cross this bridge.”

“Then you shall die.”  

Well, that escalated quickly. They stand their ground, still, determined to get their way. There’s no way in hell that they’re taking the long way to the next destination.

Raw authority in their voice, they set their stern gaze on him. “I command you, on behalf of the Count of Vesuvia, to stand aside!”

“I move for no man, especially with those robes,” Lucio sneers, showing off sharp canines. “Honestly, have you seen yourself? Those colors clash more than gladiators at a coliseum.”

Offended gasps leave the magician’s party, the loudest belonging to the magician themself. How dare he insult their robes? Their dear mother made them these. No one insults their dearest mother! They’re given a sword by one of their companions and once they grab it, they assume a fighting stance.

“Fuck it,” they blurt out, casting all formalities aside.

They swing madly at Lucio. It’s apparent to him that the magician hasn’t had a day of training when it comes to swordsmanship. Dodging them is so easy, he could die from boredom and still not suffer any injuries. That’s just how bad they are. He’d never had an opponent who was so grossly outmatched before. Surely, it would be truly embarrassing if they even managed to nick him—

Off goes his arm. Well, then. Consider him embarrassed.

“Stand aside,” the amateur swordsman demands. Overall, they seem shocked that they landed the blow, but they will a victorious smile on their face.

“Tis but a scratch,” Lucio declares, flippant. He dared to look smug as blood sprayed violently from his wound and painted the ground red. He’d rather die than to portray the slightest sliver of pain upon his handsome face.

His opponent’s jaw drops, perplexed by the certainty behind his statement. “A scratch? But your arm’s off!”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Well, what’s that, then?” they demand, pointing at the liberated arm.

Lucio not-so-secretly kicks it away. “I’ve had worse.”

The magician’s eyes blink in rapid succession. Worse? What in the hell could be worse? The man struggles to stay upright before them, lunging forward to try and do whatever damage that he could. However, the attempts just sadden them.  

“What’s worse than this? A bad hair day?” they tease, not expecting to see a mild look of terror upon the braggart’s face. A devilish grin breaks out on their face once they get an idea. “I’ve seen you preening in your looking glass. If losing an arm doesn’t faze you, we’ll see about what this’ll do.”

Throwing their sword aside, the magician raises their hand and mutters a spell. A purple haze illuminates their fingers. It gathers into an orb and is shot towards Lucio’s cranium. He shouts as his hair falls out, replaced with stark white tufts of fur. The rest of his body remains unchanged, but whether that’s to his benefit or not is up to him to interpret.

“How dare you!?” Lucio all but bleats, makeup streaking down his face as tears of wrath fall down his face. His furry, furry face. He charges at his amused rival, yet hits nothing but the ground for his head is too heavy. What with the horns and what not. “What have you done to me!?”

“Come along, men. No time to kid around,” the magician says, proud of themself for the delivery of that pun. “We’ve got a bridge to cross.”  

“You get back here, you cowards! I’ll bite your legs off!”

After he tires himself out screaming into the void, Lucio is left alone. He’s in the fetal position, reduced to a mess of goat-like sobbing and deflated hubris. He already ponders what life was like before he has succumbed to this terrible fate. His wonderful personality aside, his face was his only redeeming quality. Who will pay him attention now?

Who will soothe his goatman soul?

The Valentine's Day Feels-Trip Playlist

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. And I know that some (probably most) of us are alone on this day of love. Alone by choice, just got off a relationship, or some other reason. So if you’re feeling a bit lonely and would like to wallow in the ocean of feels, here is a playlist I made specially for you. Let’s go on a feels-trip! Because let’s face it, Love is a wonderful thing but painfully fucked up.

 - Your Body Is A Wonderland
 - Love Song For No One
 -  Back To You
 - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
 - Dreaming With A Broken Heart
 - I’m Gonna Find Another You
 - Heartbreak Warfare
 - All We Ever do Is Say Goodbye
 - Half Of My Heart
 - Perfectly Lonely
 - Friends, Lovers Or Nothing

- You’re Beautiful

 - Tonight I Wanna Cry

- Out Of My League
- Passenger Seat

- Linger

- You & Me

- Wonderwall

- True

- When You Say (Nine)
- Whether Or Not

- Wherever You Will Go

- Collide

- Chasing Cars

- Barely Breathing

-  Breakeven
- The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
- Six Degrees Of Separation

- Mr. Brightside
- Just Another Girl
- Here With Me

- Baby I’m Yours
- Fluorescent Adolescent
- The Bakery

- One Eighty By Summer

- The Ghost Of You
- I Don’t Love You
- I’m Not Okay
- Helena

- If It Means A Lot To You
- Have Faith In Me

- Anthem Of Our Dying Day

- Paper Heart
- Swing, Swing
- Time Stands Still
- One More Sad Song
- Move Along
- It Ends Tonight
- Gives You Hell

- Black Dress

- Catch Your Wave
- Just The Girl
- Jenny

- Belle Of The Boulevard
- Hands Down
- Stolen

- Hero/Heroine
- The Great Escape
- Thunder
- Love Drunk

- Skyway Avenue
- Secret Valentine
- Check Yes Juliet
- We’ll Be A Dream feat. Demi Lovato

- Remembering Sunday
- Therapy

- Vegas Skies

- Like We Used To
- Baby Blue Eyes
- On Your Side
- Baby We’re Invincible

- I Must Be Dreaming
- Into Your Arms
- Whoever She Is

- Your Call 
- It’s Not Over
- Awake 
- Vulnerable

- Your Guardian Angel
- Cat and Mouse
- Face Down

- Here There Delilah
- Rhythm of Love
- 1 2 3 4

34. MAROON 5
- She Will Be Loved
- This Love
- Sunday Morning

- One Man Drinking Games
- Three Cheers For Five Years
- The Last Something That Meant Anything
- Miserable At Best
- I’ll Be The Wings
- Kids In Love

- Letters and Love Notes
- Goodnight Moon
- You Hold Your Breath, I’ll Hold My Liquor
- Any Other Heart

- James Dean and Audrey Hepburn
- With Ears To See, Eyes To Hear
- All My Heart

- Seven Years

- Wake Up

- Wanted


I would like to feature here Original-Pinoy-Music. Why? Because no other musicians could make me feel the feels. One of the things OPM is known for is that it is very, very sentimental. And when you listen to OPM you can really feel the love and pain the artists went through. I am adding them to the playlist because the Feels-Trip wouldn’t be complete without them.

41. HALE
- Broken Sonnet
- The Day You Said Goodnight
- Kung Wala Ka
- Waltz
- Liham
- Dahil Sa Iyo Ang Himig Ng Aking Gitara
- Magkaibang Mundo

- Jeepney
- Gemini
- Di Na Mababawi
- Regal

- Migraine

44.  KWJAN
- One Look

- Rebound
- Ikaw Lamang
- Kundiman
- Kismet
- Hiling

- Bakit Part 2
- Jopay
- Torres

- Tensionado
- Pwede Ba

- Harana
- Gitara
- Your Song
- Pangarap Lang kita

- Gusto Ko Lang Ng Girlfriend
- Larawan
- Sarap Maging Single

- Eroplanong Papel
- Breathe Again
- I’ll Be Watching You

- Oo
- Tadhana
- Indak

- Endless, A Silent Whisper
- The Fight Is Over
- Evidence
- Inside The Mind Of A Killer

- Nobela

- Questions

- Miss Kita Pag Tuesday

- I’ll Be Waiting For You

- Catch You

Cover Artists. These people existed way before Boyce Avenue, Tyler Ward, Alex Goot, etc. but never became famous and recognized as these Youtube stars. And they made the songs sound way better than the original.

- Close
- Moonlight Over Paris
- Through The Fire
- Foolish Heart
- Swept Away
- Comfortable

- Kahit Kailan

60. NINA
- Love Moves In Mysterious Ways

- Beauty and Madness
- No Ordinary Love
- Especially For You
- The Closer I Get To You
- Constantly

I love the Conjuring Universe

“But Annabelle???!” I hear you say.

Yes, Annabelle was a bad movie one that I spent an evening laughing silly with my friends at because its honestly so bad its funny.

However, there’s the rest of it. The Conjuring was such a breath of fresh air ironically with the typical haunted house set up. The script is tight and solid the actors are great in their roles, the pacing is great.

It showed that you dont need an original story to tell a good story. A good storyteller can make any story come to life.

The Conjuring 2 oh man was that one good, even better than the original. The whole aspect of it, showcasing the relationship of the two main characters, putting doubt into the viewer’s mind. It had brilliant flow, I never felt bored watching it and I felt enthralled with this world’s universe.

Now there’s Annabelle: Creation the prequel to the awful Annabelle movie. I’m so looking forward to it. 1) It’s directed by David F. Sandberg, the director of Lights Out! another brilliant horror movie to come out recently. 2) Early reviews have been positive, 100% on Rotten Tomatoes currently. 3) It really looks good based on the trailers

So I’m hoping this is gonna be another Ouija situation where the prequel is a million times better than the actual movie (Ouija: Origin of Evil is one of my favorites)

The future looks bright for the Conjuringverse, after the new Annabelle movie there’s The Nun movie coming out in 2018 directed by up and coming The Hallows director Corin Hardy. 

There’s the Crooked Man movie coming out written by a writer who hasn’t done anything yet but its based on a story treatment by James Wan himself so thats a good sign.

Then there’s The Conjuring 3 which will change up things by not having a haunted house (according to producers) and will be co-written by David Leslie Johnsson the co-writer of Conjuring 2 so thats neat. There’s been talks of this one dealing with Werewolfs if so I’m hyped!

Then there’s also the rumored Annabelle x Chucky crossover movie which Dom Mancini hinted at in an interview. If they ever make that it would be truly awesome!

I just love this franchise so much and i’m gonna be first in line for every movie they make. They could make 40 movies with only 10 great ones and I’d still buy a ticket for the next one.

TL;DR The Conjuring franchise is great and looks to have a bright future ahead, go watch these movies!!!


a decade since the airing of “the long game

a deleted scene. (text from “doctor who: the shooting scripts”)

Potential Original Script--Lorax

So I was talking to my friend about something and I wanted to post a thought about it. I’ve wanted to talk about for a while–The Lorax. 

Ha ha, you wish. Try again. 

Yeah, there it is…everyone’s little hypocritical marketing whore. There’s nothing I can say here that hasn’t already been said when it comes to the actual content of the movie and Illumination’s unreasonable treatment of the character. A quality and inspiring story taken and reduced to all the substance of a wet piece of paper, Illumination sold out an environmentalist character to Mazda (and 70 other companies), it shifts blame, etc. 

But as some of you may have noticed, there are a lot of signs that this mess of a film is something put together from an entirely darker script that took its story more seriously. There is no pre-production script available to prove this, only the script that ended up as the movie in the end. However, the proof lies in the storyboards and soundtracks. Specifically two songs, Thneedville (Original Demo) and Biggering. But within these two songs are clues to a different story than what we ended up having to suffer. 

So let’s start with the wide eyed Zac Efron fuck up himself, Ted Wiggins (almost insultingly named after Dr. Seuss’s birth name, Theodore Giesel). 

Probably the biggest hint of a major script change is in the original demo version of the opening song, Thneedville. In it, a huge portion that was cut out of the final version of the song is revealed–specifically a solo given to Ted. In it he gushes over a newly released toy called a Whosit and how its everything he’s ever wanted….aside from all the other extravagant things he has wanted, including but not limited to a sports car and a robotic twin of himself. In the proceeding lyrics he wails over the happy tune about how desperately he wants it, needs it, that ‘all he’s ever wanted is the stuff that he doesn’t have’. 

From this its pretty easy to figure out that in this missing pre-script, Ted’s character was not trying to impress Taylor Swift (yeah, I know the character has a name, I just don’t care). In fact, its entirely possible that Taylor Swift’s character might have not been in the original script at all, since her only real role in the final movie was to be the motivator to Ted’s actions. But here it seems Ted’s motivation is his role as the consumer–he WANTS things, he wants it all, he’s not satisfied with anything. I’ve heard rumors that his original goal was that he wanted the tree just so he could HAVE it and be the only one who had it. I have no confirmation on this but it seems about right. 

So, to put it simply, the bland as dishwater protagonist of the Illumination movie was meant to serve the purpose of rounding off the Trinity: the defender, the corporation, and the consumer. Within the original book there was very little sympathy, if any at all, for the issues a corporation can have. The television special improved on this, pointing out that there is no answer as simple as ‘just stop it’ because corporation of course employ people and provide products. But something that never has been properly addressed has been the role of the consumer in all of this. What fuels the corporation is the ‘need’ from the consumer and in thus the consumer has a role in the issue of corporations and environmentalism. While the Once-ler may be the dealer of the drug, it is the choice of the consumer whether or not to turn the other way and ignore the consequences behind the product they purchase. In this the consumer is just as responsible for this cycle as the corporation. 

This, to me, would’ve justified the creation of the new Lorax movie because it would’ve addressed something that the book and television special had failed to fully address. Yes, its a little weird that the Once-ler has a face despite purposely being kept out of view in the previous iterations but the true failing of the final movie is that it doesn’t truly add anything to the source material and in fact very well may take away from it. Pretty boy Once-ler is just a weird choice, not the true failing of the film. 

Speaking of, why don’t we talk about how Once-ler adds into this.

I’m not sure at what point that his song was changed from Biggering to How Bad Can I Be (though you’ll notice many of the lines in the latter are just repurposed from the former), but the fact remains that it is another refugee of the original plot. In this, its noticeable that it fits in better with the original song as well. Biggering and the original Thneedville seem to draw a bit of an interesting parallel between the Once-ler character and the Ted Wiggins character that was inexplicably dropped from the film: the parallel of greed and pride. 

The original lines talk about how the Once-ler wants to ‘bigger’ everything. He wants a bigger office, a bigger chair, a bigger staff, a bigger hat, and that all this biggering is ‘triggering more biggering’. Basically, he wants stuff because it’ll make him look better to everyone. More and more stuff. He will never be satisfied no matter how much he has similar to how in the original Thneedville song, Ted only wants everything that he doesn’t have and is jealous that anyone else has anything. This shows that the original intention was not just for the Once-ler to tell Ted about what happened in the past, but to curb Ted from spiraling down like he did. To keep Ted from ‘Biggering’. 

As far as the final script is concerned, there is very little that can be said for the ‘expanded’ protagonist other than Ted is so underdeveloped that you’ll probably forget that he’s there. It has been often pointed out that the Illumination film makes the problem too black and white, framing a ‘good’ side and a ‘bad’ side with the good side being the audience proxy therefore failing to teach people that this kind of indulgence could happen to them just as easily as anyone else. Ironically it seems that this major flaw might have been the POINT in the original script, with the consumer (Ted) being cast as the one who has to choose between his lavish behavior and the sacrifices that have to be made.

I’m not really sure what was responsible for these changes, perhaps Illumination Animation not wanting to make people feel bad about themselves, but it definitely happened and it ultimately hurt the film. Ted as a parallel for the Once-ler makes the film more viable because it inevitably presents the question that the book always begged to all of us. 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.”

Just hearing the words “Carrie Fisher will not be in Episode 9” breaks my heart. But I do understand.

To all the people saying “But they just said she would be in 9!” No, neither Lucasfilm or Disney ever said anything if the like. What was said is that Todd Fisher and Billie Lourd gave their permission for Carrie’s likeness to be in the film through previously unused scenes or other means.

What worries me is that Kathleen Kennedy said “Carrie Fisher would not be in Episode 9.” To my knowledge she never said anything about Leia being in 9 and the unknown potential terrifies me, what does this mean? They’ve already said that they will NOT digitally recreate her like Tarkin in Rogue One. If Leia will be in 9 without Carrie, the only possibility is recasting and I would like to think the people at Lucasfilm are smart enough to realize that that is the single worst possibility. Carrie Fisher IS Leia and no one else can be.

The only logical thing they could do would be to have Leia die in one way or another; either in the end of 8 which would be terrible because they would be just copying 7 by killing an original character or she dies during the time between 8 and 9 which is even worse because Leia and Carrie deserve better than dying off screen. If they didn’t killed Han in The Force Awakens this could have been a little easier because if they do kill Leia it’ll look like they’re trying to get rid of the original cast members one by one each film.

The worst part is that When Carrie died, The Last Jedi had finished filming and post production was well underway and the last I heard is that the writing for the Episode 9 script only recently started.

I just hope that the writers really think about what they’re doing I can’t think of a single good way out of this issue.

I’ve never been more scared for the future of Star Wars.