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Let’s start off easy * rolls up sleeves*

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The picture might be blurry but the first thing that caught your attentiont is probably that veiny forearm

When he flexes while cooking asfdghjk 

His veins are just effortlessly showing as if it was normal shit to look that sexy

His manly forearms *nosebleed*

That manliness showcased through them , like : “ Baby girl * grabs your waist*” # you all thought of this # don’t deny me ppl

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Author’s note: YES!!! You can read part one here 

The Other Girl part 2

The hell?

You shifted uncomfortably in your seat, trying to avoid Zen’s glare. His scarlet eyes narrowed as you squirmed.

Just ignore him… ignorehimignorehimignorehimignore


“Him-Ah, I-I mean, what?”

Crap, I’m not crying again, am I?

“…I asked if you invited Allergy to the next party,” Seven leaned forward, slightly tilting his head. His eyes softened, silently asking if everything was okay.

You gave him a reassuring smile. “Yeah, I sent an-”

“MC, can you help me with something in the kitchen?”

Zen moved his petite girlfriend off his lap and stood up. He walked out of the room without an answer.

I guess I don’t have much of a choice…

You sunk farther back into your chair and closed your eyes.

Maybe I can pretend I didn’t hear him.

“MC, aren’t you going to help him?”

You gritted your teeth and slowly stood.

“I guess I will, Yoosung.”

As you walked away, Yoosung ‘hmph’ed.

“Who spit in her coffee this morning,” he muttered.

Life. Life spit in my coffee.

You peeked your head into the kitchen.


“Over here.”

Zen looked over at you, the familiar glare returning to his face.

Oh my gosh-

“-What the hell is your problem?”

Zen continued to stare at you, completely ignoring your question. The kitchen light above you flickered, and the low hum of the refrigerator filled the heavy silence.

“I don’t have to put up with this.”

As you turned away, a warm hand grabbed your wrist.


Slowly, Zen pulled you back in front of him. He closed his eyes and sighed.

You looked down at the iron grip he had on your wrist, and then back up to his face.

Seriously? First he acts like some angsty teenager, giving me the silent treatment, and now I can’t even leave?

The burning in your chest overwhelmed you, rage bubbling up inside every inch of your body.

Okay, okay, I need to calm down. 

You looked down at your shoes, trying to remember what Seven told you before the party.

Seven placed both his hands on your shoulders. “Okay, MC, listen up. I’m about to give you some grade A wisdom!”

You sighed and tilted your head. “What is it this time?”

“If you ever feel too overwhelmed just count to ten!”


“You know… one, two, three-”

“I-I know how to count,” you playfully pushed him away, “but does that really work? I mean, is that what you do?”

“No, I just push away the people I love and dig myself into a hole of self-hatred.”

“Anddddd, why can’t I do that??”

“Because,” Seven patted the top of your head, “I care about you too much to let you do that.”

Zen let out a heavy sighed, bringing you back to reality. 

Counting to ten, huh? Alright… I’ll try your way first.

You let out a breath and looked back up at Zen. He opened his eyes, loosening the grip on your wrist.


Zen moved closer to you, his eyes trained on your face.


Your back hit the counter, trapping you between the wall and him.


His cold eyes turned soft, and the smile you had grown to love appeared on his face once again.


You heart was beating so loud you could’ve sworn he heard it.


He let go of your wrist, slowly moving his hand up to your cheek.


The world around you stopped. Your stomach flipped, and you mentally cursed at your now flushed face.


Zen’s eyes looked down at your lips, his hand slowly pulling your face toward him.


You held your breath.


He leaned in to close the gap.



Zen’s warm and ragged breath tickled your nose. Your eyes wandered up to look into his red ones, his faces only centimeters away.

Despite everything your heart was telling you, you pulled away. Your back hit the cold counter again and you winced, readjusting your stance. You leaned against the wall and stared at the white tile floor, avoiding the confused look Zen was giving you. He cleared his throat.

“I thought-”

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

You bit your lip, failing to hold back the tears already streaming down your face. You looked up at Zen through blurry eyes. “You have a girlfriend… you didn’t choose me, you chose her.”

Your voice felt distant and unfamiliar. Slowly, you began losing control of your surroundings. The world-


Your world came crashing down. In one short burst of courage, you pushed past him.

“Can’t I love both of you?”

Those words stopped you in your tracks.

I’m such an idiot.

Everything felt cold and numb. Without turning around, you spoke up.

“Are you really so selfish as to keep dragging me along like some kind of… kind of… cat toy?”

Despite the situation, you smiled.

Jumin would be ecstatic right now.

You felt a hand on your shoulder.

“I’m not selfish, I just don’t want you to end up with… anyone else.”

“That’s the definition of selfish!! And who the hell else would I-”

That’s when it clicked. That’s when everything clicked.

Zen’s glaring.

Seven’s kindness.

Your feelings.

You shrugged off Zen’s hand and opened the door to the living room.

“MC, please just… wait!”

But you were done waiting. You stormed out of the kitchen, Zen on your heels.

I finally understand now.

“There they are, we’ve been waiting! We’re gonna play charades.”

Jaehee smiled at you and Zen, oblivious to the fight that had just occurred in the kitchen.

“MC, pleaseeee be on my team!! I’ll be your best frienddddd!!!!”

Zen’s stare burned holes in the back of your head and you heard him audibly scoff.  Seven stood up and smiled at you, extending one hand toward you.


In one big swoop, you grabbed his hand and pulled him toward you. You placed a hand on the back of his neck, connecting your lips with his.

It didn’t take long for him to react. He cupped your chin, deepening the kiss. When the two of you pulled apart, you were both out of breath.

You wiped your mouth, sending a cold glare Zen’s way. When you looked back at Seven he was as red as his hair.

“I-I thought you liked-“

You leaned your forehead against his.

“I like you, Seven. It just took one selfish prick,” you glanced back at Zen, “to help me figure that out.”

Seven gave you a goofy smile and-oh no…

“SevEN PUT ME DOWN!! D-Don’t spin me, I’M GONNA HURL!”

He laughed as he released you from his giant bear hug, plopping you back on the ground. You grabbed his arm for balance.

After you re-orientated yourself, you looked back at the shocked group.

“So… charades?”

Night sky (Mark x TwinFemReader) fluff aghast

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(( gif not mine - CUTIE ))

(A/n): lmao this request is weird and I love it.

Request:  If you’re still doing request, do you think you could do a mark x female twin reader where they getting into a big fight so she leaves without telling anybody but eventually comes back and it’s clear that they’re both wrecks without their twin? Fluffy angst? Sorry, I just really like twin stuff ☺️

Warnings: Swearing and sadness and fluff and kill me


Okay so sharing a house in general, is not always fun. Sharing a house with three other men, can be fun but also not fun. But, sharing a house with your twin brother, fun and terrible.

But, (Y/n) shared a house with them because her and Mark had always worked together on everything. The pair of them had started this channel together; with (Y/n) behind the scenes and Mark in front of the camera.

Yeah, sometimes it was stressful, especially for Mark. He had to maintain his public image all the time.

The two of them had each other though. They pair really were inseparable, as most twins are.

“Mark, I swear to fuck if you don’t put the seat down one more time, I’m selling your dick on the black market.”

Screaming things such as this across the house was likely common. All the person in question would do, though, is giggle and run away. Because she lives with several five year olds.

“Kill me now…” (Y/n) mumbled.

Walking down the stairs cautiously, she had split her path and strut into the large kitchen.

“Mark.” the girl growled.

Her fraternal twin was standing there next the the fridge with chica at his feet.


“Did you even hear what I just said?” she questioned harshly.

“Well yeah, but I was busy adoring Chica that I didn’t have time to care.” he joked.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes with venom soaking her usually sweet expression. This was also very common. Him not caring about a lot of things his twin had to say.

“Mark I’m serious. This is a small bathroom incident but it just further proves the point that you don’t listen.

Her words didn’t register in his ears or even get past her lips it seemed. The brunette was too busy baby talking his dog.

All (Y/n) could manage to do was sigh dramatically. It pissed her off that he didn’t take the time to hear her, and the frustration showed.

“I’m going to get dressed.” the girl commented stiffly.

“Not that you care..”

As (Y/n) made her way slowly back up the stairs, Ethan passed her stride joyfully.

“Mooooring, (Y/n).” he called, stopping his bouncy walk to face her politely.

“Yeah.” she replied blandly.

She continued her walk of shame up the last four steps, and sauntered into her room. Ethan was left staring up the way (Y/n) had gone, visibly confused, borderline concerned.

Though it was the usual time for them all to share breakfast, the youtuber had lost her appetite.

“I’m not going to sit here and sulk, at least.” she mumbled.

Shuffling around her room, (Y/n)’s soft hum strung lightly in the air. The (h/c) haired girl collected a pair of clean jeans and blank shirt, throwing over a loose cardigan.

For the second time, she made her way down the stairs.

As (Y/n) walked into the kitchen, she took the liberty of rolling up her sleeves briefly. Stepping to the cabinet, she had gestured for Mark to move over.

“I’d ask, but I’m sure you wouldn’t hear me.” (Y/n) hissed.

Reaching up to grab herself a pale plastic cup, (Y/n) caught in the corner of her eye her brother mouth what she had just said, with crude facial expressions.

The girl wanted to sigh and apologize, but she thought it might be best to guilt trip him instead. (Y/n) had really wanted to make her point.

After obtaining her glass, she went to the fridge, passing by Ethan who sat at the table. He sat there, chewing his toast silently, feeling and seeing the tension but being shit scared to say anything.

The youtuber pried open the refrigerator, viewing its contents wearily.

Dramatically, she then twisted to face the blue boy.

“Do we not have any more milk?” (Y/n) asked kindly.

Ethan nervously smiled back up at the (e/c) eyed girl, shaking his head briskly with a mouth full of bread.

This time (Y/n) did sigh “I could have asked Mark, oh but he wouldn’t have given a shit.”

Mark rolled his eyes and aggressively threw up his arms.

“So what? Now you’re going to pout all fucking day because I made one joke?!”

(Y/n) actually wasn’t surprised by his outburst, in fact the (size) girl anticipated it.

“No, I’m trying to get a fucking point across! Because repetition is the only thing you see from me.” she scoffed.

Mark just clicked his tongue and stared at his twin intensely.

“That’s because I really couldn’t give less of a fuck what you say.”

“Yeah, I already know–” she began. At this point she had already had enough this. (Y/n)’s aim was to apologize now, but that sure wasn’t Mark’s.

“No, I mean I really don’t care. What you have to say means jackshit at the point, you aren’t actually valuable to any of my project’s whatsoever.” Mark spat “I’m honestly baffled why the hell you still live with me.”

That struck home immediately. Why was she living with him? Because… well this was what the two of them had worked for for a long time…

“…” (Y/n) stood there in silence.

Ethan took a second to stand up, his eyes already gone wide. He opened his mouth stiffly and said “I don’t think you should have said that.”

Mark’s knees felt as though they could give out at the calmest of movements. Before being able to actually say anything, the brunette opened and closed his mouth several times, looking between his sister and Ethan.

“(Y/n), oh my god… I’m…” he began, heartfelt hurting twisting his words.

“The sun is so bright…” came Tyler’s airy voice, entering the kitchen lazily.

He stretched backwards, and held in a yawn “Morning.”

The girl took this as any sort of cue to leave.

She stepped her way rigidly from the room. Mark could be heard yelling her name before Ethan called a loud “Wait!” but it wasn’t for (Y/n).

(Y/n) turned to face the stairs, staring up at them blankly.

She had made up her mind. Even in her dazed state, she knew for certain she did not want to be here of all places, right now.

❆   ❆   ❆ 

The girl had left. The house, I mean. She took her car from in front of the house and went away.

Of course she didn’t have any plans as to where she desired to go. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought she didn’t want to go anywhere at all.

So she drove and drove. And drove some more. Where (Y/n) ended up was half way across L.A, parked on the side of the road.

As she sat there breathing heavily, she was able to feel in her pocket, her phone vibrating. Not at all wanting to see any of the messages; she pulled it out against her better judgement.

- Loud blue boy: (Y/n)?

- Loud blue boy: I think you should come out of your room…

- Loud blue boy: wait r u even in your room??? :0

- Loud blue boy: Wait wait (Y/n) where are you?!

(Y/n)’s screen was lit up with messages from Ethan; they made her laugh a bit as she wiped at her eye.

The girl was happy she didn’t apply makeup this morning, noticing now that she had been crying most of the time she was driving.

A blunt sting cut through her upper chest. She didn’t want to be away from Ethan or Tyler. Especially not Mark. She had heard what Mark had said, but her mind wanted to know that he was lying. (Y/n) didn’t want to leave him…

“It’s been what, twenty minutes and I already miss them?” she mumbled softly.

Chancing her blurry eyes, (Y/n)’s gaze fell upon the digital clock in her car. It read in bright blue 4:58pm.

A quaint gasp bubbled from her throat, making (Y/n) sputter a bit in breath.

‘Six hours, what the hell.’ she thought.

Swiping furiously at her eyes once more, (Y/n) pulled off the side of the road and dealt out a most likely illegal U-turn. The youtuber began to go back the way she came, offering her silence a thick sigh.

❆   ❆   ❆

“I fucked up didn’t I?” Mark sniffed.

He was sat in the very middle of the kitchen, balling his eyes out, with a very not okay head.

“A little…” Tyler lulled. Tyler had been explained what had happened, and if he was honest, he was pretty disappointed in the two of them.

“Oh god, what if she never comes back?” Mark cries, heartbroken at the very thought “What if she just moves out and takes all her stuff with her and doesn’t say goodbye? Takes all her belongings, her memories.”

“I’m not sure that she would do that.” Ethan pats his back in an effort to console him.

Mark twists his head to look at the blue haired man and stares at him directly in the eyes.

“Ethan, I’m not ready to have her for once not take me.”

Now Ethan was the one heartbroken. He could see sufferable pain in Mark’s deep brown eyes.

“Hey, Mark, I believe that’s (Y/n)’s car pulling in…” Tyler spoke.

In an instant, the brunette had scrambled to his feet and with a deathly silence, watched the door.

Within a few seconds, it had opened quietly; softly. (Y/n)’s form slipped through the opening.

The current time was 11:23pm, from the moment that Mark saw (Y/n) in the doorway, to the second Mark had sprinted to her and snared her in a hug. The minute hand on the clock hadn’t even moved a millimeter between the two.

“Mark…” (Y/n)’s voice cracked. She wasn’t able to hug him back, or even close the door. Her twin had her arms confined under his own.

Mark also wasn’t able to say anything, it seems, other than ‘I’m sorry’ in repetition.

“Repetition, that’s all I ever hear from you.” (Y/n) laughed softly, sniffing a bit now and again.

The male raised his head to her words, showing her a sad, dopey smile. The stars in open night sky reflecting on his watery black eyes; making his sister smile back at him ten fold.


(A/n): Boi this is so long I hated editing it. I can’t frickin read today, lordy

This not-so-short-anymore story is dedicated to @charminglyantiquated and her magnificent @elsewhereuniversity comic which has exploded all over my brain.

Read chapter two here!

Nobody ever parks in Lot C after dark.

It’s not because of the Beast. It’s because Lot C is in the very back of campus, way too far from Everything of Importance. You’d have to walk a quarter mile before you reached anywhere that sells coffee, almost a mile to the library. The nearest structure is a low sprawl of administrative buildings, but even they don’t park in Lot C after dark. They come to work early, and leave before sunset.

It was a bitch to get my meal card replaced when I’d lost it. They kept shutting down that stretch of slumped old admin offices before I’d finished with my afternoon Physics Lab. My lab partner would laugh at me.

“You’ll have to eat out of the trash again. Poor Moonie. Soon enough you’ll turn into a raccoon,” she would coo at me, an unattractive smirk wrinkling her nose.

I didn’t like the way she said it. I didn’t like a lot of things she said. Sometimes I felt like she wished bad things to happen to me, just so she could snicker at my misfortune. I think it was her smile that did it. Whenever she smiled, I got the feeling she knew something that I didn’t. She liked it that way.

I didn’t mind it too much. The one thing she didn’t know was Physics.

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “9 - Alex Standall”


9. “I am just protecting you.”

Word count: 1.547

Posted: 15th of May 2017

A/N: I miss my Alex imagines and I am having some feels right now. I need more Alex imagines, I admit! I miss that little inactive chicken nugget. Dude, post something on your social medias! I miss you. :(
Anyways, here’s another request from Aja and I hope that you like it. 
I hope you keep on supporting my writing, guys! I love you all so much and I thank you for the kind words, they really motivate me to write more and to think of the shitty things in my life less. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompts imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: a little bit of angst, being drunk, swearing

“(Y/N), you’ve already drunk too much!” Your best friend, Alex, exclaimed as he stole the red plastic cup from your shaky hand. You had a blurry vision because you were already sleepy and you had to admit that you were also a little bit drunk.

Alex stopped you on drinking to impose you some limits, because he knew that drinking has never been good to people, mostly to you.

“Alex, you’re not my dad!” You slurred as you tried to snatch the cup back from his hands, but you had no success. The liquor spilt on the floor as Alex tried to distance the cup from yourself. “Fuck, Alex!”

You were in one of Bryce’s party to celebrate his team’s successful game the night before and all of the school was in his gobsmacking and enormous modern house, enjoying the music, the company and all of the bad things in life: drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

“(Y/N), we’re going home!” Alex forcefully grabbed your hand as he put the almost empty plastic cup on the kitchen counter, a place where it would be a little bit difficult for you to reach.

“No, Alex! I still have to play that suck and blow thingy!” You drunkenly laughed as you pointed to the crowd that was doing the game.

“No, (Y/N)!” Alex protested, but his friends suddenly pulled him away, so he could leave you alone. You flirtatiously smiled to thank them and you carefully walked towards the group.

“Can I join?” You happily asked, feeling tired but happy at the same time. The feeling of being drunk was great as you didn’t have your problematic thoughts, you didn’t have to think of the stuffs that you were going through. You heard people cheering as you stood between Jeff, on your right, and Justin, on your left. You knew that the fun has just begun for you.

The game has started and people started sucking the card and they passed it on to the person on their right.

You felt enthusiastic and less pensive at that moment, you forgot everything in your life, mostly your feelings for Alex, as the alcohol took your mind’s control. You had no control of yourself and you knew that you needed someone to handle you, but who cared? The people around you were drunk too. They probably felt the same thing that you were feeling: they would remember something, but then their minds just would black out totally. Some of them wouldn’t even remember everything that happened during that night.

The game lasted for about two spins before the first card fell off your mouth. You were passing the card to Jeff and, because of your clumsiness or drunkenness, you accidentally let the card go. Even though you didn’t have the clearest mind at that moment, the rules were still clear to yourself: you had to kiss Jeff.

Your senses were awakened by people as they encouraged you to kiss Jeff. You were drunk and you had no problems on kissing any person at that moment. You were out of your control and that was why your best friend was being worried earlier.

“I guess we have to do this.” Jeff naughtily flirted with you as he grabbed your waist, he was a little bit drunk and out of himself too. You knew that Jeff has always liked you, but you loved Alex and you didn’t even know why you were doing this to yourself, but you went with the flow. After all, some party goers did this stuff often.

“It’s not a problem, Atkins!” You winked at him and you hyperactively wrapped your arms around his neck and you both closed the gap between the two of you without any problems.

You both shared a passionate and wet kiss as people made noise for your little hot making out session in front of them. You were both enjoying it as Jeff led you to a less crowded place. Little did you both know that there was someone who was getting his heart broken by watching the two of you, but then was called by his best friends to distract him.

“Let’s lead this thing in an appropriate place.” You bit your lip as you stunned Jeff with your sweet voice. He started giving you some wet kisses on your neck as you both found the way to an empty clean room.

You were both caught up in the moment that you both kept on kissing and left the door wide open. You and Jeff kept on making out as he led you to the warm and comfortable bed, falling on it, with him on top of you.

The things started to become steamy between you and Jeff. The heat in the room fogged up the glass window as the cold wind kissed it from the other side. You turned the tables over as you wanted to take the control of the thing. You couldn’t deny it, but you were both turned on, touching and caressing your body parts as long as you could.

“(Y/L/N), what the hell?” The pleasure that you shared with Jeff while kissing him was interrupted by your best friend, when he suddenly dragged you off Jeff’s body.

“What the fuck, Standall?” You faced him as you tried to protest for what he has done. You angrily pushed him away, but he was stronger than you. You were so drunk and weak, that you couldn’t move him, not even a little bit.

“We’re going home!” He loaded you in one of his shoulders as if you were a sack full of potatoes. Alex was surely thin and slim, but he used to work out, by Officer Standall’s orders, and his arms weren’t that weak as you thought.

“I don’t want to go home!” You protested like a kid, wiggling yourself to make him struggle. You continued on doing it, but you got tired of it as Alex started to walk out of the room. You peeked at Jeff, who was now sleeping peacefully on the bed, passed out, and you let out a heavy sigh as you thought that you deluded him.

You let yourself relax on Alex’s shoulder and you closed the door behind you, letting Jeff sleep peacefully. Alex walked in the middle of the drunk crowd and he made his way out of the suffocating place that you were both in.

He put you on the passenger’s seat of his car and buckled your seatbelt carefully. You had your eyes closed, but you still had the senses to feel Alex’s moves.

“Why did you do that?” You garbled as you felt the car moving. Alex didn’t drink at all and his mind was sober, meaning that you were safe with him.

I am just protecting you.” Alex shortly answered as he focused his eyes on the road, following the road’s speed limit. You weakly opened your eyes and stole a glance of his face: he had his forehead corrugated and a black aura surrounded his raging body.

“I was safe with Jeff too, Alex!” You protested in a calm way as you were so tired to start a fight between the two of you.

“You are drunk, just take a rest and I’m almost home.” He annoyingly answered with a dry toned voice. You hinted the indifference in his voice and you stopped asking things, still keeping your mind alive even though your eyes were closed.

The vehicle suddenly stopped and you assumed that you arrived in his family’s home. He carefully unbuckled your seatbelt as he quietly admired your peaceful face. It almost seemed that you were already sleeping, but the thoughts and your feelings for Alex kept you up and pensive once again.

“I was being protective, because I was jealous.” He caressed your face as you felt his hot breath against your skin, sending some shivers down your spine. “I love you, (Y/N), and it hurt me seeing you making out with someone else, in public.” He mumbled, fidgeting with his jacket as he confessed his hidden feelings to you.

You heard him sigh as he brushed his fingers on your lips, wishing that it was him who kissed you that night, wishing that it was him who you loved, obviously unbeknownst to your feelings for him.

“I love you so much.” He said once again as you felt some hot water sting your skin. Alex was vulnerable and you wanted to shout at him how much you loved him, but something suddenly stopped you.

Alex kept on crying and only God knew how much you wanted to open your tired eyes to confess your feelings for Alex too, but you were so afraid. Afraid of admitting everything, afraid of the consequences, afraid of what might happen next, although you discovered that he loved you back.

You were afraid to love Alex as you both considered each other as best friends for a long time, so you set some limits between the two of you, just like how he set you the limit for your alcohol intake, just how he limited his driving, following the speed limits imposed.

Maybe those limits between the two of you would help you, or maybe not. Probably not.


more spoodles of my ocs for funsies.

alex and sophie going to some sort of gala and as per usual alex looks like a garbage bin at a thrift store threw up on him and not in the fun m*cklemore way. like really bro? purple argyle socks with your high water pants? attractive.

one of the ancient vampires that takes charge of the us eastern seaboard. she’s chinese, frighteningly ancient in so much that she has alluded to being there when writing was invented, and has a swarovski crystal manicure.

breaking news: idiot vampire yells at technology; this and more at 11.

holland, sophie’s estranged older brother, skinhead asshole and spook hunter. his speciality is killing vampires but he wont pass up the chance to kill anything else. no one knows where he’s been all these years.

sophie’s grandma. the supreme witch of the coven, she raised sophie from a baby and taught her everything she knows. she makes other spooks like vampires, werewolves, sirens, fae, ghosts, demons etc etc shake in their boots when shes around.


Hi I wasn’t going to post that drafts but @ortenmendes
Told me to post it sooooo ta da!!!!! It’s shitty and the first thing I wrote read on your own risk.


You are starting to wake up and you already know it’s going to be a hell of a hangover. Blurry thoughts play in the back on your mind while you struggle to gain consciousness.

Vegas, fun…get away for a few days, just the two of you…casino, drinks, lots of drinks…making out in the car…more drinks…chapel…“I do!”, kisses…speeding back to the hotel in the Jeep…sex…more drinks…more sex…

The whirlpool of fragmented flashbacks is making you feel dizzy, even if you didn’t even open your eyes yet. You touch your face with the back of your left hand, attempting to give yourself a little nudge to reality.

“Auuch…” you cry in pain as something scratches your cheek.

You finally open your eyes to see what it is and…

“Oh my God!” you suddenly wince, covering your mouth with the other hand.
You stare at huge diamond wedding ring, finally able to process what this means.

“Crap…” you manage to utter, suddenly awake.

You turn your head and look at Shawn. He’s still deeply asleep, facing you, his brown hair a mess, all over his face. His hand rests on your tummy. You lift yourself on your elbows to take a better look. There it is: a wedding band on his finger.

You drop back on your pillow, glaring at the ceiling. You two are not supposed to get drunk because you become impulsive. “God damn it,” you whisper to yourself, biting your lips nervously.

“Shaawwwnnnn,” you try to wake him up, gently caressing his face. “Babe, wake up…Shawn…” Nothing. Still asleep.

“Shawn!!” you raise your voice ,slapping his naked behind. You only hear a growl. Another slap. “Shawn, wake up!” This time he moves, repositioning himself on his back, eyes still closed.

“Baby, let me sleep,” he pleads with raspy voice, covering his face with the sheets.

You yank the covers off and you get on top of him. He senses your naked body on his and grins.

“Love…give me a few moments and I’ll be ready to go.” His hands reach for your waist and he adjusts you so he can feel you better.

“Not that I mind where this is going, Shawn, but you really have to see this.”

He blinks a few times, getting his eyes used to the image of your fingers close to his face.

“Baby, is that a wed..” You don’t let him finish.

“Yes, yes it is and…look here, you have one too!”

Shawn gazes at his wedding band, then at your ring, then at your face.

“Did we fucking get married last night?”

“Apparently?…” you make it a question, waiting for his reaction.

He stretches with a big smirk. Suddenly, you feel it and you giggle.

“Shawn, you weren’t joking about being ready in a few moments.”

“You know me, everything to make you happy.” He grabs your hand and kisses it and you get lost in his hazel eyes.

“Relax, baby, it’s Vegas. We can cancel that piece of paper anytime we want.”
You sigh without answering and he takes a hold of your hips, shifting you over so he’s on top of you now.

“You look so sexy with that wedding ring on…” he purrs in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. Shawn’s lips kiss your breasts, going up you neck, then find your lips again. At this point, both your breathings are erratic; your body is on fire, so needy for his.

“Baby…” you whisper “we should do this more often.”

“What, love, get married?”

“No, sex in Vegas”, you reply with a smirk on your face.

He starts laughing.

“Well, damn, let’s do it more often then.”

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I have a new favorite inking pen so I resurrected an old hobby of Drawing My Own Halftones and drew some The Adventure Zone (and TAZ Nights) characters. I’m continuing to have fun drawing the Balance arc characters in a hodgepodge of mostly-accurate medieval costume ‘u’

The areas filled in with lines required me to take a deep breath and draw from a well of patience and serenity I didn’t know I had, haha. In Taako’s case it didn’t fully work, I was inking his skin while distracted at lunch and had to make some digital adjustments, orz

(I already know these are gonna show up as blurry, please click through to see them fullsize. I worked too hard on these to reduce their detail to 540px, man)


So I checked this and turns out it really helped me through my week & I wanted to share it with you guys ! It’s really helpful. All The Love xx

-So I already posted this but it was fucking blurry so there u go my people -

Savior- Klaus Mikaelson


prompt: You’re kidnapped by Finn because he thinks Klaujs will come to save you, but you think you don’t mean a thing to Klaus

A/N: I’m so in love with Klaus y’all don’t understand


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Pain shot through your left cheek. You tried opening your eyes but your head hurt and you were too tired to even think about where you were. Something hit your cheek yet again and you tried to fully open your eyes. You felt that your hands were tied behind your back and a weird feeling was evident in your stomach. 

“Ah! Look who’s finally awake!”, someone called out. You knew you’ve heard that voice already but you didn’t recognise it yet. Your view was still blurry so you could only make out someone standing in front of you, almost kneeling to look into your eyes. “Where the bloody hell am I?”, you choked out. Your throat was dry and your voice raspy. “You’re being held captive by me.”, the man said, you could practically hear him smirking. And with this sentence, you recognised him. 

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Blurryface pt. 3

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blurry really makes josh his bitch in this one. he loves it of course ;-)


“so you just couldn’t help calling me back, huh? just had to get this good cock in you” blurry teased, dragging his fingers down josh’s spine. josh shivered from the tone of blurry’s voice. 

“hey! answer me when i’m talking to you. you like how i fuck you joshie?” blurry emphasized with a slap to josh’s bare ass, hard enough to leave a burning red hand print. josh yelped from the brutal contact, and blurry laughed bitterly, watching josh’s muscles strain as he struggled to pull his hands out of the rope. 

“it’s pointless, josh. i’m not letting you go, and tyler’s not coming back this time. you’re my prisoner now. so answer me before i tear you open without prepping you at all. although you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” blurry spoke, his tone cold and bitter. he ended the thought with a deep chuckle. 

“okay, okay please just…” josh stuttered, distracted when blurry gripped josh’s ass and pulled him open. josh’s dick throbbed and he suppressed a moan. 

“as you were saying?” blurry asked, grinning wide and red eyes gleaming. blurry slipped a finger inside and josh’s choked moan only served to make blurry’s dick harder. 

“i like how you…how you fuck me.” josh said, flinching at how dirty it sounded coming from his mouth. blurry growled, low and deep while leaning over. he scraped his sharp teeth over josh’s skin, enjoying the way he squirmed. 

“that’s right, joshua. i own you, and you will do anything i say.” blurry continued, thrusting a second finger inside him and scissoring them. he climbed up josh’s back, putting his lips to his ear. 

“you’re lucky i go easy on you. you have no idea what i’ve wanted to do to you for so long…unimaginable things” blurry hissed, cold breath fanning against josh’s ear and neck. josh’s eyes widened, and at that moment blurry pulled his fingers out and shoved his cock in, causing josh to scream into the mattress. blurry grabbed josh’s hair and forced his head back. 

“scream for me bitch, i want to hear you” blurry grunted, hips slapping against josh’s ass. 

“aaaahh fuck!! tyler!” josh screamed, mouth open as he was being fucked senseless into the mattress. 

“that’s it. scream for tyler, because he can’t save you” blurry growled, pulling out suddenly. he chuckled again at how josh whined and arched his back when blurry squeezed and spanked him several times. 

“beg for it, slut” blurry said, hands leaving him completely and climbing off the bed. 

“wh-what?” josh asked, dazed from the ruthless pounding. 

“you heard me. you want to cum - so beg, like the little whore you are.” blurry repeated. josh bit his lip, glaring at blurry across the dimly lit room using tyler’s naked form to tease him. 

“if you don’t beg, i will just sit right here and get myself off. now you wouldn’t want that, would you?” blurry asked while leaning back, allowing josh a good look at what he’d be missing. he brought his hand to his impossibly hard erection, gripping it in his hand and stroking up. blurry stared at josh’s face, licking his lips seductively while working his hand up and down. josh let out a sigh, rocking his hips against the mattress. when he heard a harsh moan from tyler’s lips, he lost his resolve. 

“okay!” josh spoke up, making contact with blurry’s cold stare again. blurry smirked, sitting back up but continuing his pace on his cock. he gave josh a smug, expectant look. 

“get to it, boy. because i’m ready to burst from how hot you look right now, all vulnerable and ready for me.” blurry spoke, voice lowering and taking on a more sensual tone that went straight to josh’s cock. josh focused between tyler’s hand movements on his cock and the dark look in his eyes. 

“god ty, you got me so hard right now. i need you to fuck me and make me cum already, please” josh begged, meaning every word. blurry was silent and still for a moment, eyes closed. josh was almost worried he said something wrong when blurry’s head twitched. the next moment, blurry let go of his cock and stood up, walking slowly towards the side of the bed that josh was laying in. josh kept his eyes on him the whole time as blurry rested one knee on the bed by josh’s face. 

“that’s more like it. bet you wish you could touch me right now, too. look at you, so needy and all tied up and begging me to let you cum. you’ll do anything” blurry groaned, stroking himself above josh’s head. josh peered up at him, begging with his eyes and licking his lips. 

“suck my dick first” blurry ordered, and josh opened his mouth immediately. blurry moaned as josh closed his lips around the head of his dick, humming and teasing the tip with his tongue. josh’s eyes slipped shut as blurry worked his cock in deeper, grabbing his head to pull him closer. he gave up control and allowed blurry to use his mouth. 

“fuck, your mouth is so hot, babe. tyler’s loving this so much right now.” blurry groaned, using both hands on josh’s head to fuck his mouth. josh gagged and made obscene sucking sounds as he struggled to take what blurry was giving him. blurry slowly pulled out, allowing josh a chance to lick and suck his balls while stroking his own cock. josh hummed more, desperate to get blurry close so he’d fuck him.  

“mmmmm look at you, grinding those sexy hips into the bed. you know you’re not supposed to get off without me, josh” blurry said in a warning tone. josh stopped immediately, knowing that he was serious. blurry had him in such a state, he hardly realized he was humping the bed. 

“blurry, please fuck me?” josh asked as innocently as possible, hoping he wouldn’t be able to resist. blurry disappeared from sight and he felt the bed dip behind him, then a cold hand pressing on his lower back. 

“stick that ass out for me” blurry ordered, spanking josh and relishing in his loud moans. josh arched his back, presenting himself for blurry who let out an animalistic grunt. just like that, blurry lined up to josh’s entrance and was back to pounding him stupid. josh was unable to do anything other than pant and rock back and forth against blurry’s thrusts, the bed was creaking and his body being jolted forward. josh suddenly felt a hand wrap around his cock and start jerking him in time with the thrusting and cried out. 

“you feel so good, josh. cum for me now” blurry crooned, jerking faster and gripping josh’s hip hard with his other hand. josh was too focused on the way he was being fucked and violently jerked off to care. he came onto the sheets with several whimpers, knees going weak from the power of his orgasm. 

“ahhh, fuck blurry. it feels so good, so so good. oh my god” josh muttered between panting breaths. 

“that’s it, baby. only i can make you feel this way, is that right?” blurry asked, grinning from ear to ear. he let go of josh’s sensitive cock and grabbed his hips with both hands, brutally pounding into him to reach his own climax. “answer me, baby.” 

“yes, blurry, only you.” josh answered timidly. he allowed blurry to use his body, even though he was sore and exhausted. blurry rocked into him one last time, releasing everything that had built up as he rode out his orgasm. he ran his hands up and down josh’s sides, for sure leaving trails of black all over his pale skin. he remained hovered over josh for a moment catching his breath before easily slipping out of him. both were too drained to get up. 


the next morning, josh woke up to tyler draped around him with his breath fanning over his neck. he must not have realized he moved, because tyler stirred awake, yawning and kissing josh’s neck. josh could tell he was back to tyler, but he felt like he got ran over by a truck. he didn’t want to tell tyler that blurry was actually more rough with him than before. 

“I love you, josh” tyler murmured between soft kisses to josh’s neck. josh smiled, happy tyler was back to be sweet to him. 

“i love you too, ty” josh answered back, turning his face to catch tyler’s lips with his. tyler got a mischievous smirk and got on his knees, pulling the blanket down to kiss josh’s chest. when he pulled the blanket lower, he gasped when he seen scratches, bruises, and black hand and fingerprint smears on his ribs, hips, and stomach. josh got a worried look and looked down to see what tyler seen in the light. 

“my blurryface did this too you?” tyler asked, gently running his fingers over the marks on josh’s body. josh was really appreciating how gentle tyler was touching him after last night, squirming at his touch. tyler’s eyes shot up to him, smirking again and continuing lower. 

“are you just going to tease me?” josh whined as tyler settled down on his elbows and placed feather light kisses over the tiny bruises on his hips that slowly turned more open-mouthed. 

“nah, i think you deserve a little something after that. did you like me fucking your mouth last night?” tyler asked, voice low as he rested between josh’s thighs and licked a wet stripe up josh’s shaft. josh moaned a ‘yes’ in response as tyler continued licking and pressing more soft kisses to josh’s hardening dick. when josh was fully hard and begging tyler to suck him, tyler took him in his hand and engulfed about half his cock with his mouth, jerking him in his fist. josh tried lifting his hips to feel more of tyler’s mouth, but tyler held him down with his arm and went slow. josh finally gave up, letting tyler set the pace and make him feel good. 

“that feels so good, tyler. i’m gonna cum” josh moaned, throwing an arm over his eyes and running his fingers through tyler’s hair. tyler’s eyes flicked up to josh, taking in his appearance before he fell apart. he sucked harder, moving up and down faster as his hand matched intensity. josh was shaking as pleasure rippled through him, ready to spill over. he made eye contact, taking in tyler’s pretty face with his mouth working him over and that caused him to lose it. 

tyler swallowed everything josh gave him, pumping him in his hand. he slowly dragging his tongue over josh’s tip while gazing into his eyes. josh’s cock gave another twitch at the sight.

“fuuuck, tyler. oh my god” josh groaned, dropping his head back and trembling as tyler cleaned him. 

“i’ll go make us breakfast, stay here and i’ll bring it to you” tyler said, winking at him before getting up to leave the bedroom. josh watched him walk out of the room still naked. he licked his lips, thinking i’m definitely fucking him good later. 

I'm Right Here // Archie Andrews

Maybe like the season finale where she hear Vernonia and Archie confess to Betty and Jughead they kissed a few times and they ask Betty and Jughead not to say anything to the reader so the reader runs out of the school and she decided to avoided all 4 of them the only people she talks to is Cheryl and Kevin. Maybe a month later Archie decided to finally talk to the reader and then they somehow finally get back together

Phew, I’m trying to smash these out but it’s the balance of writing them to make them long and writing them to make them good, I’m struggling but I’m slowly getting there. But anyway, here’s another Archie imagine. Love you all 💕🌸



To say the least, I was a coward. Why you ask? Because I’ve been having an internal debate with myself on whether to tell Archie that I loved him. I’ve chickened out 3 times already, never finding the perfect moment. Now, I was trying to grow a pair, suck it up and admit it to him.

I sighed, clutching my books to my chest as I went to go find Archie and the others, who were probably in the common room.

Alright Y/N, you’ve got this; pull him aside, tell him you love him, then run like hell.

It was simple, but affective.

I took a deep breath, blowing it out before I could hear talking coming from a vacant classroom. I frowned, stopping my escapade to listen in on the conversation. I saw the back of Jughead’s beanie, who was with Betty, Veronica and Archie.

What the hell were they doing?

I leaned closer to the door, making sure I wasn’t going to be seen.

’…wait - how long for?’ I heard Betty asked.

‘Well, there’s been a few times where we’ve kissed, but that’s it.’ Veronica answered. What were they referring to?

'Does Y/N know any of this?’ Jughead interjected.

'No,’ Archie answered. 'Y/N doesn’t find out. It’ll break her heart.’

Suddenly, two and two clicked together as I finally figured out what they meant.

Veronica and Archie had kissed. Archie had cheated on me, on more then one occasion.

I bit my lip, feeling my vision starting to go blurry from the oncoming tears that had already began cascading down my cheeks. I can’t believe they’d do this, and keep it from me.

'Archie…you have to, or I will.’ Betty warned.

'She can’t find out, Betty…I don’t want to hurt Y/N.’ Archie pleaded.

I heard Betty sigh, 'Fine, but, you’re already too late, Archie.’

I stood away from the door, turning around to walk to the girls bathroom. I wiped my cheeks, trying to hide my emotions from everyone in the hallway.

'Hey, Y/N!’ I heard someone call behind me, 'Have you seen where…’ I looked up to see Kevin, who looked down at me with sad eyes. 'What’s wrong, Y/N? What happened?’ Kevin asked, grabbing my shoulders as I shook my head.

'He cheated on me with Veronica, Kev.’ I answered simply, feeling him pull me in for a hug.

'I’m so sorry, Y/N…everything’s going to be okay, I promise.’ He soothed, looking down at my face.

I felt so broken, betrayed…how could I even look any of them in the eye? All of them making a pact not to tell me that Archie and Veronica have kissed, not just once, behind my back.

'Kev, Y/N!’ I looked over Kev’s shoulder to see the four liars walking towards us.

'Kev, I have to leave.’ I whispered to him, looking at Archie, who was giving me that charming smile that still managed to make my heart race. 'I-I can’t look at them anymore.’

'Go, it’s alright. I’ll cover for you.’ He whispered back, giving me a slight push as I broke out into a small jog, getting away from them as quick as possible.

I jogged around the corner, looking frantically for another exit. I cursed under my breath, not sure whether to leave or not.

'Y/N!’ I heard my voice from around the corner, knowing it was Archie. I turned my head to the girl’s changing room as I pushed opened the door, seeing Cheryl looking at me with her eyebrow raised.

'If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were hiding from someone.’ She noticed my tear stricken face, frowning a little on confusion. 'I’ll probably regret asking this, but, are you okay?’

I scoffed, wiping my eyes again. 'You mean, am I okay with the fact my boyfriend cheated on me with one of my friends? Yeah, I’m totally okay.’ I replied sarcastically and sniffled, leaning against the wall.

'Let me guess; Archie and Ronnie?’ She questioned, standing in front of me. I nodded, biting my lip. 'I’m sorry to hear about that, you and Archie were adorable.’

'Not anymore.’ I muttered. Then, she did something I never expected her to do.

She hugged me.

I wrapped my arms slowly around her, starting to feel the sobs escaping my mouth as I hugged her, begging for comfort.


It had been 4 weeks since the incident and I refused to speak to any of them, but Kevin kept me up to date with everything that was happening in between the group. I broke up with Archie over text, ignoring his replies and calls back. He’d try and confront me at school, but, Cheryl was savage enough to keep him away, along with everyone else.

I’d sit with Cheryl at lunch and in our shared classes, her keeping me company in these past few weeks was strange, but it was good to have someone around to talk to. Kevin understood why I was mad, but he wished I’d talk to Betty, since she hated keeping the secret from me.

I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t.

But, only one thing stopped me from ignoring them completely…it was the fact Fred Andrews had been shot.

I couldn’t believe someone could do that, to someone like Fred Andrews had completely destroyed me. I wanted to see Archie, but sadly, my own heartache got in the way of a mature decision.

But, that’s why I was standing outside of his house, staring at the familiar home that had now a dark cloud left around it of sadness and loneliness. I sighed, taking a few steps forward to the steps as I jogged up them, staring at his front door.

I breathed out, lifting my fist and knocking on the door. I wrapped my arms around my body, staring down at my dirty, white converse. I heard the barking of Vegas echo throughout the house, hearing the door open to reveal Archie, a very heart broken Archie.

He looked shocked to see me standing outside his door, as though I wasn’t actually there.

'Y-Y/N? What - why are you here? I mean - what are you doing here?’ He stuttered, confusion plastered on his face.

I sighed, biting my lip. 'I’m sorry to hear about your dad.’ The awkward silence grew, knowing that there was so much more that I wanted to say to him.

'Is that the only reason you’re here?’ He asked. 'Because, I know that you found out about Ronnie and I and what we - what I did.’

'I’m here to see if you’re still alive. Now I have, I’m going to leave.’ I snapped, already half way down the stairs of his porch.

'Please don’t leave…I’m sorry, okay?!’ He shouted, following me. 'I messed up!’

'Hell yeah you did!’ I screamed at him, feeling my eyes starting to well up with tears once more. It had been the first time I’d cried since then, over him. Now, I was doing it again. 'You did this, Archie. No one else made this decision for you!’

'I can’t find any other words to tell you how sorry I am, Y/N.’ He lifted his hands to grab and pull at his hair. 'I just - you don’t have to date me again or forgive me for what I did. But, please…I - I need you. I need you more than ever.’ He pleaded, his voice cracking, him as a whole falling at the seems in front of me.

'I can’t date you again, Arch. You broke my trust,’ I told him honestly, seeing him break down in tears in front of me, 'but, I will be here for you because we were friends before lovers and I care too much about you.’ I blinked back my tears, feeling Archie falling into my arms, gripping onto me for comfort. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him tightly.

'Just - please, don’t ignore me. I can’t get through this without you, Y/N.’ He cried.

'I’m right here, Arch. I’m right here.’ I soothed.