but it was alex

My Wayward Sisters wish list
  • Donna and Jodi to have a beautiful and complex friendship where they support and challenge each other and sometimes even drive each other a little crazy.
  • I want Donna’s sweet persistent kindness to help break through Claire’s bristly exterior and give them a special bond.
  • I would love for Claire to meet Hanna’s vessel, Caroline, so she has someone to talk to about the unique experience of being chained to a comet. 
  • I’d pay good money for them to find and help Kate from Bitten & Paper Moon. 
  • Let’s get some more diversity! Add a POC and/or queer sister.
  • Linda Tran should be their Bobby.
  • They have to meet up with Krissy & Josephine at some point. 
  • Cas needs to guest start in an episode.
  • Claire & Alex being sisters who share secrets and inside jokes, who bicker like siblings, and who will defend each other to the death. 
  • Kali is still out there. What if she took an interest in these hunting ladies?

I’m sure I could think of more. I’m just so excited about this!! Feel free to reblog and add your own Wayward Sisters wishes.