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hEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW ME SOME LANCE YO please 😍 idk maybe playing a video game? or him just being lance bc lance is good but ily

i got a little bit carried away……….. :D

BTS Reaction - trapped in an elevator (smutty)


The elevator stopped and he knew it was time for sex.


As you were going up to your hotel room, making out heavily while your body was pressed against the cold metal of the elevator, a sudden flicker of the light signalled Namjoon that something was wrong. And as the elevator stopped midway, a voice telling you that they had problems with the electric he knew that he wouldn’t wait for you to get to your shared room to fuck.

“On your knees, princess. I won’t stop here because of that small incident”, he’d command, pushing you down on the floor. “We get that mouth busy as long as we’re trapped, don’t we?”

Just as he said that you began to suck, the time flying until he panted, gripping your hair while the elevator’s doors remained closed, his release getting closer..


Jin and you were on your first date, deciding it was time to get back up to your room to spice things up. The date went average, but you two had agreed on at least hooking up nonetheless how it went up until now. But as he stared at you with his oh so pink lips pursed in a faint smile, the booth shook, lights flickering. The elevator stopped.

“Fuck, why now?”, he heard you saying, your lips being gnawed on.

Looking desperately down his crotch, his member already hard, Jin turned around to suggest something exciting that would heat up the atmosphere. But as he did, he was met by your tasty lips attaching to his, your hands eagerly grabbing his shirt.

“Now, I like the date”, he’d mumble against your lips, taking you in his arms.


You two were in a heated argument about a thing that happened during his practice as the elevator made strange noises, your faces close, raging at each other for a while now. Hoseok and you looked up, hearing a voice that declared that they needed time to fix the elevator.

“Now that?”, Hoseok sighed loudly, leaning against the closed door. “So wanna shout at me more? You have the chance, y/n. Better say how the girl had fl-”

He couldn’t even end the words as you threw yourself at him, your hands flying over his crotch where his dick started to inflate at the sudden lust that flooded the booth. “Angry sex?”, he asked and as you nodded, he was above you, pressing you down the cold floor. “That’s how arguments should end, huh? That’s what I want, baby..”


Yoongi was back in town after tour, asking you out on a fancy date with an expensive dinner in a hotel where he had reserved a suit for you to spend some private time in. His hands were already roaming the back of your dress, his fingers grazing your round ass over the tightly clinging fabric you wore as the damned elevator stopped midway, his erection already lining his suit pants.

Cursing he used the tissue of his suit’s jacket to cover the camera, turning your way. “Turn around, babydoll. I can’t wait any longer.”

And as you did, he slapped your ass, positioning your hands on the metal while nibbling on your bare neck. Without warning he had pulled up your dress and down your thong, inhaling sharply.

“Excited already?”

Yoongi never thought that a quickie in an elevator could be that good as he entered you harshly, his hand in your hair..


The metal doors closed, his bulge straining the pants he wore, but he had a strange feeling as it creaked loudly. But he didn’t care, his hands on your waist already.

“Why are you teasing me so much today, princess”, Jimin whispered into the empty elevator. “First, stroking me in front of them, then whisperi-”

The elevator stopped. Now? Really?

Rolling his eyes Jimin let his head fall into his neck. “Why now of all times?”

“Don’t worry, baby boy”, you’d say, grinning at him before pushing his lean body against the metal walls in his back. “I’ll take care of what I started.”

Biting his bottom lip he enjoyed the lips of his teasing, but cute girl wandering down his neck..


“I can’t wait to eat you out, jagi”, Taehyung whispered in your ear as the two men left the elevator that went up to the room he had rented for the night. “What a shame the ride doesn’t last longer.”

As the last word left his reddened lips the lift came to a halt with a rumbling sound. A female voice saying that they needed time to find the problem. But you two couldn’t care less, Tae already on his knees pulling you closer against his smugly smirking face.

“My prayers were heard.”

His large hands got rid of your panties, throwing them aside whereas his teeth grazed your soft flesh beneath your legs, making you shudder. Growling in arousal his tongue got you going, moaning like hell while being trapped in an elevator and Tae’s pretty hands..


Jungkook and you threw each other suggestive looks while stroking each other in the corner of the full elevator, the thrill of being caught fuelling the boy’s arousal even more. Five more floors until he could finally throw you on his bed..and then it happened. The masses storming out, the doors closing, a floor higher..it stopped.

“Shit”, was all he was able to say, trying to open the doors. “We’re trapped, baby. Damn..”

Instead of answering you tapped on his muscular back, wiggling your eyebrows with a grin and then he knew what to do. His strong arms lifted you up, pressing you against the closed doors with your legs wrapped around his body. And in no time you were a panting mess, his member buried inside you while you felt the coldness of the elevator’s walls in your back..


Book worm girlfriend was a huge success for blurb night so here’s an Imagine about it. 

They’ve been stopped at this Laundromat for two hours. It’s late, gotta be getting closer to one in the morning and it’s completely empty. 

He’s been trying to find something to entertain himself. He checked everything on his phone, read through a few magazines, but now he’s ready to be entertained. 

She’s just over there, reading a book, looking cute as shit. 

“Babe.” He says, voice low, almost as if he has to whisper because of how quiet it is in the place.

“Hmm?” She asks, not looking up from her book.

“Babe.” He says again, moving closer to her.

“What?” She asks, still not looking up, too lost in the world that she’s in. 

“Babe.” He whines, looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

“What Shawn?” She asks finally looking up at him.

“Can you talk to me or something?”

“What?” She giggles at his question.

“I’m bored.” He whines.

“I’m sorry, I told you to bring your guitar.” She says shrugging, looking back at her book. 

He just watches her, watches as her eyes dance from side to side as she reads each line. How her eyes light up, and she smirks at what’s shes reading. He’s not done bugging her though. Would never be done bugging her.

He takes the book from her hands and she gasps. 

“Wait Shawn.” She protests as he walks away from her. “Shawn!” She’s annoyed now.

“Hmm?” He mocks her.

“Give me my book back!” 

“Why? You should be just as bored as I am.” He says turning to face her. She stops short, eyeing the book in his hand. She’s trying to come up with a plan so she can get her book back from him. But he watches her, watches how her eyebrows come together, her lips seal together in a tight line. 

The washer their using beeps, and they both look over.

“Shawn I promise I won’t read anymore, I’ll talk to you. Can you just give me my book back.”

“No can do Babe.”

“Shawn, I don’t even know what page I’m on.” She whines, reaching for her book but he holds it above her head.

“That just means you get to read it again.” He shrugs. She glares at him, a warning, but he doesn’t listen to it. He shuts her book and puts it on top of on of the washer.

“SHAWN!” She says voice high pitched and he can’t help but snicker as he watches her eyes blaze with anger. 

He know’s better than to mess with one of her books, those are sacred like how his guitars are. But he wants to push his limits, wants to get under her skin. Get her all worked up, hot and angry. It’s a turn on. 

“Fuck you.” She mumbles as she goes to the beeping washer, opening the door in a huff. She’s a lot angrier than he expected her to be. She moves the clothes to a dryer and then grabs her basket and throws her clothes that are left to be washed in the washer.

“Here.” He says, taking his shirt off. “Can you wash that too.” 

“You are seriously going to sit hers shirtless, what if someone comes in.”

“It’s like one in the morning Babe, who’s coming in here?” 

“I don’t know, a couple that has been traveling around the world for his world tour?” She shrugs, taking his shirt and putting that in the wash too.

“A cute couple,” He grins, walking behind her. He kisses at her cheek and frowns as she moves away from him. “Hey, come back.”

“Don’t feel like being kissed.” She grumbles.


“You just lost my fucking page Shawn.” She says looking at him over her shoulder.

“Still on that.” 

“Yes I’m still on that, that’d be like if you were in the middle of writing a song and then I took your guitar away so you couldn’t finish.” She says crossing her arms. 

“I’m sorry, I was just joking around.” He says slowly moving closer to her. 

“It wasn’t funny.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” He says touching her softly, pulling her into him slowly. “It’s just really hot when you get mad like this.” He grins. She whips her body around and glares at him.

“How dare you.” She points at him, he smiles and leans down connecting their lips.

All her anger melts away, lips following in the rhythm he’s created. Their in sync with each other, he’s pushing her up against the wall. She smells of fabric softener, and he grins against her lips remembering how he chased her around throwing it at her like they were snow balls. 

“Babe how many do you put in here.” He asks opening the box of fabric softener. 

“One will do.” She says looking up from her book. 

“Are you gonna put that book down?” He asks.

“I did my job, started my load.” She shrugs. He glares at her, but then looks back down and smirks at his idea. He takes four fabric sheets and wads them up into a sad looking ball but uses it anyway. He tosses it over and it hits her in the face and then lands in her lap. 

“Hey.” She says looking up. He laughs and throws another ball. This hits her in the face again and she gets up, holding her thumb to keep her place in her book. She runs away as he continues to throw fabric softener at her. “Stop Shawn.” She giggles, hiding behind the dryers. 

“Put the book down.” 

“Shawn.” She whines. 

“I need to start this load.” She says between kisses. 

“It can wait.” He responds.

“No it can’t.” She pulls away. 

“Yeah it can.” He says pushing her back against the wall, moving between her legs. 


“What about your bra? That needed to be washed right?” He says kissing her jaw as his hands slide up her shirt. She shivers at his touch and nods, swallowing thickly. He undoes the hooks in the back, and it pops open. She reaches around him and pulls the strap off under her sleeve. She does that to the other side and he catches the bra as it falls off her body. 

Their still kissing as he holds her bra in one hand. He lets his other hand rest on the small of her back. She pulls away, pushing him away. 

“We have to start um the next load.” She says trying to regain her balance. Her head is spinning, and she feels uneasy as she stands on her own, him no longer holding her up. 

 He watches her with a shit eating grin on his face, knowing he’s done that to her. 

She puts her bra in the washer, starting the load. Shawn picks her up, sets her on a dryer and stands between her thighs. 

“You can have more kisses when I get my book.” She bargains with him.

“Hm, but I was just gonna talk.” He hums, smirking at her. She rolls her eyes and looks over his shoulder at her poor book sitting on top of the washer. It’s too high for her to reach and he know’s it, why he put it up there.

“What are we talking about?” 


Their kissing again, talking didn’t last long. Not when he was staring at her lips, licking and biting his. He’s getting handsy again, but she’s not stopping him. Not stopping him from slipping his fingers under her shirt, sliding up to her boobs. Well she wasn’t stopping him until someone came into the laundromat. They jump apart as someone clears their throat. 

Geoff. Geoff stands there, arms crossed, glaring at the blushing couple.

“Are you finished with the clothes?” He asks, voice booming. 

“Yeah.” Shawn says looking over at the washer and dryer they were using. 

They both work together to quickly throw all the now clean clothes from the dryers into the to go hamper bag they have. 

Being caught, they both are blushing a deep red. Geoff just watches them as they grab the clothes. She grabs her bra some the pile that Shawn grabbed and runs off the bathroom to go put it back on. Shawn grabs a shirt and puts it on over his head and then slipping his arms in. 

 He looks over at Geoff and raises his eyebrows.

“What the fuck?” 

“We need to leave.” Geoff says angry.

“Then fucking call me.” Shawn says slamming the dryer door shut. “No need to be a fucking cock block.” 

“That’s what I am?”

“Yeah, so thanks.” Shawn sneers. She comes running back out and takes Shawn’s hand as they walk back to the bus. 

Three blocks and a right turn, right back to the bus that houses The Shawn Mendes as he tours the world. Goes from show to show.

They are climbing back on the bus, giggling now at the fact that they got caught. The bus takes off and she looks up at him in horror.


“My book.”

And sure enough, sitting on top of the 6th washer in the 24 hour laundromat is her book. The corner of page 237 sloppily folded over in a sad attempt of a boyfriend trying to save the page of his girls book. 


The episode “The Great Fusilli” is the last episode in season one of Courage the Cowardly Dog, and ends with a scene where Courage is controlling the deceased bodies of Muriel and Eustace as puppets in an attempt to keep his life with them ongoing. This scene implies that after season one, the remainder of the series’ episodes are nothing, but thoughts that Courage has in his head. It implies that Muriel and Eustace have truly died, and that Courage has gone insane. He has made himself believe they’re still alive, and is trying to make us believe that too.

I Want You.

Request from @bellasett:Hello this idea just came to me I was wondering if u could do a Steve rogers where he just got unfrozen and his sex drive is up (bc it’s like a side effect from the ice) and the reader has had a crush on captain America for like ever and they meet at stark tower and he ignores her and she thinks it’s her but he just can’t be alone with her without wanting to do the deed and maybe he’s think of all the place he could have sex with her sorry this is really long if u don’t do smut it’s fine tho.

Note: I am soooooo sorry that it has taken me a while to get this written. Between my mind deciding to hate me and a whole lot of changes in my life everything has been a little too hectic for my muse to work. I hope this is what you were looking for! <3 I didn’t do too much smut though as my muse is very slowly coming back lol!

Steve x Reader

Words: 2,225

Warnings: Mild language and some minor smut. I haven’t gone into full detail with it and the majority is simply implied but figured I should warn you anyway….if I have missed anything please let me know :)

Disclaimer: GIF used is not mine so all credit goes to it’s creator. <3

You couldn’t believe it, not one bit. He was within arm’s reach of you, currently sleeping on the hospital bed in the room, his chest clearing rising up and then falling back down again at a steady pace….but still there was a part of you that was convinced you were going to wake up soon and be pulled back to reality.

Ever since you were a child you had grown up knowing his face, his name, and he was the very reason you now had the job that you did – working for Shield. He had made it his life mission to save others, never once expecting anything in return, and he had made the ultimate sacrifice in doing so. As far as you were concerned doing this job was your way of thanking him, something you never thought you would get to do in person.

Not only that but you were just like any other red blooded woman and you had developed quite the crush on him despite having never been in the same room as him until now.

A tired groan interrupted your thoughts and the rather perverted gaze you’d had on him as his eyes started to open.

“Captain Rogers?”

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It’s 1941, you’re involved with Tom, a soldier who goes off to war. Heartbroken, you try to forget him and you would rather die than sit around and wait. Michael, his brother jumps at the chance to have you, and even writes a fake “death notice” or “died in battle” and you think Tom is dead. You then go to fall in love with Michael, when a month later, you discover that Tom isn’t dead and he’s back.

{ By: Anon }