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who wouldnt trust a guy in a minecraft shirt


“A lifetime together on ice… The Olympic Champions. Two-time World Champions. Six-time Canadian Champions. Tessa Virtue. Scott Moir. Ice Dancers Extraordinaire.”

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir announce their return to competition on February 20th 2016, exactly two years to the day from the Olympic Free Dance in Pyeonchang in 2018.

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@ladyinredfics: Ginny trying to handle it when she and Mike are together but not public and women hit on him while they’re out with the team.

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“You know, it doesn’t matter how long you stare, they’re not gonna burst into flames.”

Ginny nearly jumped, and Blip did his best to rein in his smile. Guilt and annoyance at his intervention flickered across her face before she managed to effect a smooth mask of indifference.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she sniffed, taking a dainty sip from her drink. And going straight back to glaring at the blonde leaning into Mike’s side.

(Completely ignoring the way Mike kept edging away from her.)

Blip eyed her critically, before dropping his gaze to her glass. A tequila sunrise. That was Ginny’s drink-to-forget cocktail of choice. Before this season, he rarely saw her order them. On team outings, she’d limit herself to two beers and call it a night. 

Recently, though, it was all tequila sunrises all the time. And a lot of them.

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In attempts to learn something about digital drawing, I drew an overview of Bjarg’s cabin for practice. 

Items are as followed

1.) Fire pit with kettle and roasting rack
2.) Bed where Logi sleeps
3.) Table and chairs
4.) Pelts where Bjarg sleeps
5.) Bjarg’s chest (maps, extra clothes, pelts, blankets, etc.)
6.) Larder/Pantry and supply barrels (including water barrel)
7.) Nightsoil cabinent
8.) Support pillars
9.) Shelves with dishes/utensils/etc.
10.)Dry firewood/Kindling pile

Black spot at the bottom is the door frame. The door opens out, not in.

Things not pictured: Pelts on the walls. Herbs hanging from the rafters. Pegs where cloaks and such are hung. General longing and angst.

anonymous asked:

Super excited about all your fic plans, thank you for your untiring enthusiasm <3. You are a blessed gift, Holly! I gotta tell you, a Pride & Prejudice AU would clear my skin and make my crops thrive, I feel these characters would lend themselves perfectly to some Regency frustrated pining!

Ahhhhh well me too, thank you so much for the note!! I wish my workplace life wasn’t so demanding right now so I could have my days of getting a lot done of writing there back, there’s so much I want to work on and only so many months before new canon ;__;

And yesss I agree that a P&P AU is perfect for them, just rewatching the movie and imagining them in the lead roles makes me so ridiculously happy!?