but it was 12am and i was sleepy

Tom helping you study:

-Coming home after a long day and knowing you need to study but wanting so badly to avoid it once you walk in the door and see Tom’s face

-“Alright sooo, I got some of that cheese you like, and some bubbly, I thought we could catch up on House of Cards? Or whatever you want to watch sweetheart, doesn’t bother me.”

-Just feeling really sad and disheartened because you know you can’t and him picking up on it straight away

-“What’s wrong darling? I’m sorry, we don’t have to do that, we could go out or something? I just thought you might like to have a night in.”

-“It’s not that, I just really need to study for this exam tomorrow and I’d love to do all that but I’m gonna fail if I don’t study, Tom I’m sorry I jus-”

-Tom steadying you with his hands on your shoulders, putting his hand on your cheek and bending down to look in your eyes to reassure you

-“Hey, hey now. Love, your studies are important, you know that, I know that, don’t you dare be sorry about it. Now I don’t know how much help I can be, but what if I be your study buddy? I’ll help you in any way you need me to.”

-“You’d do that?”

-“Only for you my love.”

-Both of you sitting on the ground with your legs crossed, your books and notes spread out on the coffee table with your laptop, and he’s just staring at your notes in awe of how much you take on

-“You just tell me what you’d like me to do and I’ll do it. No questions asked.”

-“That’s very ballsy of you Tom.”

-Getting him to highlight certain words in a word passage for you and him not knowing what colour you’d prefer

-“Okay so you’ve got pink, orange, yellow or green here, which should I use love?”

-“It doesn’t really matter Tommy.”

-“You wore green knickers yesterday, so I’ll use green.”


-Just KNOWING Tom has so many questions about the depths of what you’re studying because he’s a curious little puppy but he holds them back because he doesn’t want to distract you

-“You have lovely handwriting darling.”

-“Thank you Tommy.”

-Tom rubbing your back while he waits for you to give him something to do


-“Yes love, what can I do??”

-“Could you maybe make me a snack?”

-“Crackers? And that cheese I got for you?”

-“Yes pleaseeee”

-“I’m on it.”

- Tom wanting to feed you the cheese and crackers so you ‘don’t have to waste your study time picking it up yourself’

-“Tom I can feed myself, you don’t have to do that.”

-“But I’m helpingggg”

-“Okay okay, fine”

-Getting him to quiz you and him being so serious about it, covering the back of the page with his hand so you can’t peep through

-“Are you gonna have a buzzer?”

-“No Tom, I don’t need a buzzer, I’m the only person answering.”

-“But it’s a quiz show.”

-“It’s a quiz for study, not a quiz show Tommy.”

-“…….it’s a quiz show and your buzzer is ‘ribbit’.”

-Watching some recorded lessons on your laptop and Tom watching with you even though he clearly finds it boring af

“Tom you don’t have to watch this if you don’t want to.”

“No no I want to, this is great.”


-Struggling to read your notes because you left your glasses upstairs and Tom knowing exactly what’s up

-So he goes upstairs and grabs them for you but you’re too focused to notice

-He comes up behind you and slides them on your face, and it’s the littlest gesture but you’re so so grateful

-“You need to wear them darling, your eyes are probably sore enough as it is”

-“I love you Thomas”

-“I love you too.”

-Tom looking through the novel you’re studying and reading all your annotations because he just loves to see your thoughts written down

- Starting to feel really sleepy and Tom noticing your eyes drooping

-“How’re you going love? Maybe you should head off to bed soon”

-“I’m almost done, I just need to go through this last few notes and summarise them, would you make me a coffee please?”

-“No love, it’s bloody 12am. You can have tea, coffee will have you wired and you still need to sleep.”

-“Thank you for making my good choices for me”

-“That’s what I’m here for”

-Finally finishing up and just collapsing back into the gap between where his arm is holding his also very tired body up and his torso, his hand resting gently on your hip giving it a tap

-“Alright, time for bed I think.”

-Tom helping you to bed, and letting you wear his lucky socks, the fluffy blue ones with clouds on them

-“I always wear them to my auditions, you can wear them tonight to give you luck for your exam tomorrow”

- Thinking it’s a little ridiculous, but his sweet soft boy face is utterly serious

-“I’d be honoured to wear your lucky socks. They have been washed though right?”

-“I think so.”

-Tom slipping into bed beside you pulling you into his embrace, one arm under you neck, the other curled around your waist

-“Alright love, one last question. Buzzers ready. Who’s the best Spider-Man?”

-“Ribbit. You are, you idiot”

-“That’s what I like to hear.” 





Some of my friends are currently doing their exams (they know who they are), and I’m very proud of them and I think they deserve Tom as a study buddy highkey (not to mention all the goodness in the world), I know I would have fucking loved him as a study buddy when I was at school. S/o to anyone currently doing exams/hardcore studying! Get that education xxx

Let the blasty bby sleep! (Does he even get bed hair? Cuz ya know? His hair is always like…boom?)

I just wanted to say thank you for the new followers and love on both my renditions and original stuff! Please accept this sleepy Baku for the night! (It’s like 12am my time rip)

May school spare me and all of you who start soon! <3

for quite a long time I didn’t think much of jihun as a leader tbh, I mean I never thought he was a bad leader but not like a very good one. and then I started noticing things that surprised me a lot? he’s actually a very good leader? it’s not obvious at all, but sometimes he says things about knk relationships, some small rules they have in the house, and I’m like wow??? this is so mature? like you could tell that he just really wants everybody to get along with everybody and how much he cherish what they have? I mean for everyone their friendship is very special but it feels like jihun put so much into it? maybe more than anyone else in the group? and he’s so patient and he’s a good listener. he’s not that typical dad or mum of the group (like youjin), not even that precious responsible child (like inseong) but he’s that kid who can actually make others in the family get their shit done and not be too obvious about it and he just doesn’t really complain. 

If there’s one singular thing my insomnia has been good for these past four weeks, it’s getting our home in order. With the exception of my old office upstairs and the garage (disasters with stuff EVERYWHERE!) and the new studio (which is ready for flooring!) I’m slowly getting almost all caught up on deep cleaning this place and preparing to take a much needed work break this November. They say it doesn’t matter where home is as long as you’re with the ones you love but I’ll fully admit I love how much @andrewbosse and I have loved on our home and made it ours. Happy Saturday from one sleepy weasel to you! (Our couch was a floor model from ArtVan and our coffee table is an old dining room table my parents cut down to size) #hgeliving #thebossepad #paintcolorisstormymonday by heygorgevents

the sawamura eijun fanclub

characters: miyuki kazuya, okumura koushuu, kuramochi youichi, furuya satoru, haruichi kominato
theme: CRACK. sawamura eijun love.
- i have no regrets. who are the other members in this club? i’m certainly one.

“What’s this.”

“Exactly what you think it is.”

“I don’t know what to think about it, honestly.”

“Why don’t you open it and see for yourself?”

“.. a wolf mask? And.. Is this a joke.”

“I assure you, it’s not.”

Sawamura Eijun fan club? Why am I given this nonsense.”

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ur local shit poster

here’s my late n shitty accent tag!! 

i was tagged by @jimins1ove to do this so ty for tagging me red uwu i lov u!!! so muc h!!!!

i recorded this at like 12am n my voice is usually rLLy low when im sleepy so i had to force my voice to go a pitch higher than it usually is so i wouldn’t sound like a guy hnsnndksk 


  1. Your name and username.
  2. Where you’re from.
  3. Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
  4. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  5. What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  6. What do you call gym shoes?
  7. What do you call your grandparents?
  8. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  9. What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  10. Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  11. Do you think you have an accent?
  12. Be a wizard or a vampire?
  13. Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  14. End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

so yea that’s that . i sounded so awk n nervous but it was kinda i fun ???? i guess??? lol i had 2 draw to calm myself donw hshdhshs

tagging: @yoongsbff@mlngug@lovelyhobs@hovseofcards@kanashi-konpyuta@jinsasleep@hersbts @fooljshgirl@lovjk@taecup@cosyjeon@kingkookies i jus randomly tgged ppl i’m mutuals w o k. u don’t have to do it!!! n if u have already or u don’t like being tagged in things like these i’m sorry !!

That's What You Were Doing In Germany - Austin Carlile & BMTH

Austin break up request where y/n live in HB with him, you’re super excited that he gets back from tour but completely forgets about your plans because he’s busy sorting out an engagement ring, he comes home late and y/n thinks he’s cheating and leaves him, she’s broken hearted and goes back to her friends BMTH in the uk-austin gets on the first plane he can and crashes a party BMTH threw to take her mind off things and proposes infront of everyone and fluff fluff fluff pleasee

I liked this one a lot so here you go c: it took forever I’m so sorry! Written by Emma.

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✨ In Which Justin Cheats✨ Pt.2

“ Earlier this evening first time Grammy award winner, Justin Bieber was seen collapsed in the street as his photographer girlfriend Avery Mason made a quick getaway in a taxi cab sources say that Sele-”

“Don’t these assholes have anything else to talk about?” Elena complains, turning the channel only for the three of us to be met with yet another image of my boyfriend crumpled in the streets. Finally Elena turns off the tv with a sigh and wraps me in a tight hug,

“do you want us to stay with you tonight?” James asks while handing me a hot cup of hotel coffee I take it eagerly and shake my head,

“ I love both of you but I think I just want to be alone tonight” Elena gives me a small kiss on the cheek while James plants one on my forehead.

“Goodnight Avery” they say in unison before closing the door behind them.

It’s 12am and all of my social media accounts are going haywire, not to mention the calls I get from Justin nearly every ten minutes. He’d given up on texting me a few hours ago but his class weren’t stopping anytime soon.

It’s 2am when my hotel phone rings and I answer it noncommittally.

“ Hello?” The line crackles and I catch the words

“Sorry” “early” “card” and “visitor” I just want the voice to shut up so I reply with a solid, sleepy ‘yes’ before dropping the receiver and snuggling into my pillow. I’ve dozed off for a few moments when I realize that someone is playing with my hair.

“What the actual fuck!” I yell shooting up In bed, pushing the offending hands from my body my room is dark and my contacts aren’t in so I reach for my glasses and the lamp.

“Baby, it’s me, calm down!” A raspy voice soothes and when I’ve switched on the lamp I see a puffy eyed Justin holding his hands up in surrender. My blood begins to boil but not before my eyes start to water,

“Get the hell out of here before I call the police and start another scene” I say quietly, hands over my chest as I realize I’d  chosen to sleep in my sports bra and matching panty set.

“Avery please hear me out okay?” He pleads and he looks distressed with his shining brown eyes and disheveled hair.

“Justin. If you care for my well being at all you’ll leave and give me some space” he nods and runs a shaking hand through his hair.

“Ok, just know that I love you Avery and I know that doesn’t make up for anything but if you take me back I won’t see her again I swear.” He tries to hold my hand but I yank it away because I can’t stand the thought of his hands running over her body just hours before.

“I said I’d hear you out Justin. But, taking you back is the furthest thing on my mind” his face contorts in a way that I know means that tears are soon to follow.

“You don’t want to get back together?”

“Not for awhile no. Maybe… Maybe not ever. I can’t stand the thought of you two together it makes me physically sick” his cheeks are wet now but he nods and stands up from my bed.

“ I’m going to fix this Avery. I’m going to fix us.” Then he leaves my hotel room and I’m crying like a baby.

Temporary Bliss (Luke Hemmings Series)

{{based off the song Temporary Bliss by The Cab}}

words: 900+

rating: slightly mature content

Part 1

2am. That’s the time your phone screen read when it kept on violently vibrating on your nightstand. Without actually checking the caller ID you swiped your thumb along the screen accepting the call. “Hello?” You mumbled obviously still sleepy. “Fuck, (Y/N). I need you, baby please.” The all too familiar voice at the other end of the line groaned. A sigh left your lips as you contemplated what to do. “You’re gonna be the death of me, Hemmings. I hate you, but I’ll be there in 10.” You murmured before hanging up, getting out of bed and quickly brushing through your hair with your hands before grabbing your wallet, car keys and phone and silently sneaking out of the house, luckily without getting caught. You got into your car and buckled up before making your way over to his house. When you got there you could already see the dim light in his room, being able to make out the dark shadow laying on the bed through the left curtain. So you parked the car, unbuckled your seatbelt, got out and locked it. You made your way over to the back door and sneaked upstairs, once again careful not to get caught. If Luke’s (or as a matter of fact, your parents, knew about what you guys had going on hell would break loose - literally). Finally reaching his room you walked inside without knocking, closing the door behind you and then putting your belongings on his desk, walking over to his bed. There he was, Luke Hemmings, your “friends with benefits”, in all his naked glory, laying upon his plain black bedsheets, still stroking himself. Your breath hitched in your throat as you looked him in the eyes and he smirked at you. “C'mon over, (Y/N). You’re usually not that shy.” He spoke with a grin on his face. A barely audible sigh left your lips. Yeah, last time was actually 6 months back before he went away on tour. Also, last time you weren’t sure if you felt more than just the usual “friends with benefits” connection. Now you knew, though. This relationship was toxic, it kept pulling you down and even further down. Whenever he was away on tour he’d find himself groupies or just random girls at clubs, there were pictures, videos, everything. Of course Luke was oblivious to all of that. He’d never notice you actually felt more. That’s why a week ago, before the boys came back from tour, you were sure to end this. But now you knew you wouldn’t have the strength to do so. He actually was the only guy who ever took interest in you, which definitely made things more difficult than they already were. He was your first kiss, first time, first everything - but of course he didn’t know that. You always kept your mouth shut about those things, trying to get as little feelings involved as possible. Yet, it obviously didn’t work.

Anyway, you made your way over to his bed, crawling on it and hovering above him, licking your own lips before pressing them to his. He immediately responded and you put one hand on his chest, slowly trailing it lower and lower. This was all you’d ever be to him, a fuck buddy, a booty call. It hurt, but for now it momentarily filled the hole in your chest while you found yourself lying underneath him, him pounding in you, giving you his all. At least physically you were close to him this way and if that’s the best you can get, then so be it.


You rolled onto your side, throwing your arm around the person next to you. Wait, there was no person. Groggily you sat up rubbing your eyes before opening them, squinting at the bright light flooding into the room through the already opened curtains and then a sigh left your lips. Of fucking course. There was a note laying on Luke’s pillow saying something along the lines “sorry, emergency band meeting - had to leave early, but thanks for the great night ;)” You angrily crumbled the note in your hand and threw it across the room before getting up, putting your clothes back on and sneaking past Liz and Andy who were downstairs in the kitchen, most likely having breakfast. No sign of Luke and you didn’t even bother to check the time. Normally Luke would never get up before 12am, but whenever you guys had your “fun”, he’d be out of the house at at least 9am, leaving you to wake up by yourself and also deal with sneaking out by yourself. It was the same thing every single time, yet you still fell for it, every single time. You shook your head at yourself for being so naive, but you couldn’t help it. He had you wrapped around his finger, literally. A few angry tears made their way to the surface as you got into your car, buckling up and driving away. You tried blinking them away but soon you were trying hard to contain yourself from sobbing hopelessly as tears were streaming down your cheeks, as if that wasn’t enough already you could barely see anything on the streets anymore because of the tears completely blurring your vision, but right now you couldn’t care less. You couldn’t wait to just get home and curl up in bed again. This is basically what your life consisted of. Luke messing with your head, you falling for him - deeper and deeper - and you laying in bed 24/7 thinking about how messed up this really is. Though you couldn’t help but do it over and over again just in order to be close to him. It seemed as if it was a never ending circle.

I Love You More (Than I could Ever Scream)

for: anotherasiandork (wow this is late but I hope you like it uwu)

It’s funny how different Yoongi and Jimin are, yet they fit together so perfectly.  Two sides, of the very same coin.

Jimin is all about words, tumbling out like a broken faucet, ideas, and thoughts and things that can easily be lost in each train of thought. Yoongi is about little words, saved for when he does want to speak, letting the words crash onto the page into biting lyrics. Jimin is bright, Yoongi is deliciously dark. Jimin wakes up early, Yoongi naps like a cat.

They should be parallel, two lines that never touch, never understand.

They’re not though, and when lines crash, an understanding blooms, one that should not even exist in the first place.

A lot of words, little words or no words. None are needed.

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Happy New Years c: Basically, this is a screenshot of when it turn 12AM and I wanted a quality picture of it. and yes, Connor Franta is my wallpaper, why wouldn’t he be.

i screenshot it at 12AM but i couldnt take a quality picture with it at 12AM because theres something wrong with my flash and i was sleepy so i went to sleep and then woke up and went outside to take it. 

instagram: quality | personal

Got tagged to do some selifes & the selfie like your bias thing by wcozi, vernsol17, peachyhoshi, seungcheofine, plsvernon, overallwoozi, mngyusgf & 17-carat! (ps, you’re all beautiful lovely human beings i love u all and thank you for tagging me i hope you have a wonderful day!)  (∪ ◡ ∪)

Idek anymore I look so pathetic and the only thing good about this is that Minghao is beside me..  (◕︵◕) it’s 12am rn so i look like shit (but i always do so nvm that)

if ship me n minghao we can be bffs u know