but it warms my heart that they're all friends

headcanon that one of percy and piper’s shared interests is 90′s and early 00′s cartoons bc that’s mainly what both their childhoods were all about: percy grew up with an abusive stepfather and piper with an absent dad. those hours they got to spend in front of the tv and forget about their lives for a while were very precious to them, and they bonded over their love for those memories

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brian is so in love with justin 12 years later it still hurts me thank you

I feel your point and I acknowledge your pain, but do you ever think about how Brian and Justin are currently about 46 and 34 and they’re still annoying all their friends by doing this whenever they hang out together?

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Because honestly that warms my heart like no other.

We have now had at least one episode dedicated to developing the relationships between each duo combination of Team Phantom, and I think this is as good a time as any to gush about why this is one of my favorite trios in anything.

I’ll just cover each combination in order and then talk about all three of them, because I love these kids and could talk about them all day.

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it’ll always make me smile that leia is more like her dad and luke is more like his mom, despite having inversed careers. leia, the temperamental and sassy politician who won’t be quiet or sit down and will defend everything she loves, and luke, the sweet, calm, gentle-natured jedi who seeks above all else peace, being so much like their parents and all at once so different.

let me elaborate: padme, who stood up but held back, who insisted on being civil, who hated war above all else, and some of her bitterness, her anger, her rage and pain that she’d never let slip out, bleeding into her daughter, who uses it, who speaks and fights back and kicks and screams (and saves their skins, and saves herself, and saves all of them deep down) using emotions her mother would’ve suppressed, and standing up for her mother’s ideals of democracy and peace and resistance, who could’ve done so much more if she’d only had time. anakin’s son, anakin who only wanted love for those he loved, anakin, who wanted to save his mother and his wife and his padawan and his master and his family, his everything. anakin, so full of love that turned into pain and fear and rage and hatred and all of it, and all of his love and pain being passed down to his son, who takes it all in, and takes so many hits and still forgives his father, his enemies, his friends, and everyone (but himself). luke teaching and training and being a force for not necessarily peace or democracy, but for love, protecting those closest to himself and knowing when to hold back. perfect mirrors of their parents, I tell you.

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but imagine levi going on a date(idk hanji prob set him up on one bc "he needs to get out more") and he realizes he doesn't know how to kiss(u decide why) and eren is there(bc they're friends") and he's like "here, let me teach u" and he does and it isn't until levi is out of the car that he realizes how soft/warm the kiss was and how much he actually likes eren.(q flashbacks of all the sweet things eren has done for him) so he leaves bc u know...he wants eren and i just


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Can you maybe write about how any of the Sans (plus the original UT Sans) would react to their s/o coming in all sad and quiet and just desperate for a tight hug when usually they're really bubbly and bright? I would really appreciate this (my best friend passed away a few days ago and I'm really falling apart) and this blog just makes me feel so warm and happy. Thank you in advance, but I understand if you can't do it too.

This one’s got a bleeding heart, so I’m sending you all the hugs sweety. -Mod Sync

Undertale Sans

He’s alarmed at your sudden shift in personality and is immediately very worried. He’ll give you whatever attention that you need, make a pun or two to see if he can get you to laugh, and tell you to talk to him if/when you’re ready. He won’t push you to talk, even if he really wants to.

Underswap Sans

DATEMATE WHAT HAPPENED, WHY ARE YOU SAD?!?! Needless to say, you are going to be cuddled and smooched until you can show you aren’t sad anymore. He’ll prod at you more to tell him what’s wrong, but he’ll back off if you tell him to. He just wants you happy and smiling again.

Underfell Sans

He doesn’t show it, but he’s as shocked as the rest. He might initially tell you to suck it up, but when he see just how badly whatever it was affected you, he’ll relent and give you a hug and some awkward comfort, try a pun to see your reaction, and if it’s positive he might just do that instead. He might ask what happened, but won’t prod if you don’t want to say.

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it's not exactly a 'moment' but I love seeing all the pre-debut/really early pictures and tweets between yoonmin, where they're just hanging out or teasing each other. it makes me feel all fuzzy to know that jimin had such a good relationship with a hyung when he first joined and also that yoongi had a close friend who got his sense of humour/banter

I’m not gonna lie I think about predebut yoonmin alot - nothing warms my heart more than the realization that Yoongi’s been looking out for Jimin since he had his chubby cheeks. I vaguely recall an interview where Yoongi said that at first he thought Jimin was sloppy/all over the place but then he was in awe after he saw how hard Jimin worked to improve :’)) not to mention the fact that jimin was last to join and yoongi was one of the first and in those short months they spent time together they became close so quick!

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A capricorn is probably the cutest sign when in love. I always picture the charming yet strong, gentleman, protective and down to earth caracter in old black and white movie as a capricorn. I don't know how but so strong on the outside they hold you up and close, yet so soft in the middle they make you melt. Capricorn woman are beasts in their field. They're a boss at work and at home directing the family with elegance and firmness all at once. They're impressive people definitely worthy od love

Yes. Yes yes yes. This is so good. Warmed my heart. 
I completely agree with you, they are the absolute cutest. These people are normally so deadpan and cunning, but when they really love someone, they just melt. My friend Shelby is a Capricorn, and seeing her with her boyfriend is the cutest thing ever. It’s like watching a wolf shift into a puppy. 
Thank you for this description, it is beautiful. :)

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Do you ever think about the fact that Joey and Daniel just... live together? And have two dogs? They're basically a little family, they wake up together every day and they go grocery shopping and they talk about changes they want to do to the house and they're just so domestic. I hate them

oh my god whenever I think about that it warms my heart so much like they are SO in love and they never want to be apart!! they walk the same path in life together holding hands and never want to let go. and the things that make me the most emotional is thinking of them doing casual domestic things together, like daniel cooking breakfast for joey in his undies, or them cuddling with wolf and storm while watching drag race and doing impressions of all their favorite drag queens. they’re best friends in love, who started their family together, and have two pups and a gorgeous house. nothing makes me happier than their love story.

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I always seem to forget that the Charmings risked their lives when the Furies tried to take Robin. My only hope is that this is all coming back to bite them in the UW, because all of their behavior is disgusting. I have casual viewer friends who used to not understand my frustration with Snow and Emma's relationship, but after what we've seen this season, they're pretty much done with Snowing. And Regina. When it comes to their relationships with Emma. So it's definitely not just the fandom.

It actually warms my heart that some of the GA is starting to pick up on this stuff. It kinda makes me think it’s intentional on the writers’ parts. That Snowing and Regina’s lack of appreciation and care for Emma AS A PERSON is coming back to bite them. Like you, I hope this gets dealt with in 5B.

The hypocrisy they display toward Emma’s actions just makes me SO ANGRY. She’s given up so much for them, to get them THEIR happy endings, but when it’s hers they seem not to give a shit.

Also an aside…how stupid are these people? They can’t figure out Hook’s plan? They’ve known him for HOW LONG now? They can’t figure out that a Dark Hook’s first target would be RUMPLE? Again, it’s just goes to how fucking self absorbed Regina and Snowing are and it makes me NUTS.