but it usually works for me so i dont bother

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OMG Jay you draw posts in advance?

I USED TO NOT but ever since late 2016 i have!! i don’t always post them in the order i draw them in either, that’s why sometimes the style can look v subtly inconsistent. most of the time if you catch me just as im posting, you can tell when i Goof Up bc sora’s braces will be the wrong colour (sometimes i rush to edit it, sometimes i..dont bother), or (lately) some posts will be written in lowercase rather than in allcaps!!

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Looked through your stuff and saw nobody really asked, how does the internal anatomy of some of your dragons work? Like, skeletal and muscular anatomy How does the shoulder joint work in tandem with the wings? How do your dragons produce a breath weapon?

DISCLAIMER: i have 0 idea how anatomy works and biologists are probably going to want to beat me to death but here we go i guess

Ok so to start breath weapons. Most of my fire breathing dragons have an organ in their bodies (usually close to the heart) that synthesizes their respective weapon chemicals and stores them in liquid form, and on a few of the dragons on gaseous form. When they want to breathe them out they can just pump it up their throat and the chemicals should react with the air and produce fire or smth

Rivier, while not a fire dragon, has a similar mechanic, except she needs to eat a certain type of rocks (nonexistent irl) that have the chemicals necessary for her to do her thing
Alex doesnt have this, instead he’s able to break down atoms and produce energy (usually from metals). He breaks them down to hydrogen and then usually breaks the hydrogen down into energy as well. I know physics dont work this way but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The fire he breathes out is just a secondary result to this process

Ok now for the skeletons (oooh spooky bc i dont knwo what the fuck im doing)
Ok so i put up two different dragons to show differences mostly because as shown Cherokee’s wings are in the front and his arms are behind them, and c’s wings are behind her arms instead

Another disclaimer thing: this change for cher is fairly recent bc something about his design was bothering me before and now im just trying out different things

Anyways. Cher’s wings dont have shoulder blades apparently bc i looked it up and birds dont have them + they would probably bump into his arm ones? idk.

c’s however DO have shoulderblades bc her ‘wings’ can act as arms as well when she’s not using them to fly, while cherokee’s wings as they are could only serve as a bit of ground support if he needed it 

wow more eyeburning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯
so yeah i have no idea whats going on here to be honest but it looks like it makes the tiniest bit of sense visually (maybe not practically) so 

same here just some generic looking muscles, and the wings would have similar anatomy as an.. arm maybe,,,..

so yeah the truth come out, does windy is an idiot? yes. i have no idea what im doing

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hey quick question re: your blacklist. do you need overwatch's mercy tagged as she is technically a doctor? or like, only if she is explicitly wearing a doctor's outfit/coat/scrubs? also are nurses ok or nah? sorry if this is rude or something i just want to make sure ;;

im ngl dude it depends on how im coping that day but scrubs = pls tag. afaik she doesnt have a scrubs/white coat skin but i could he wrong? nurses… i usually lump them in w doctors bc the scrubs, but ive found the brighter/more colorful/patterned ones dont bother me (i guess bc the plain scrubs i associate w the pysch ward vs colorful patterns i associate with pediatrics, if that makes sense). overall its not as severe now that ive been working w my therapist so please dont feel bad if you think youve been undertagging it ^^;

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ship me? im a gay boy & im very awkward so people kinda make fun of me/ignore me sometimes it bothers me, but i usually dont mind because i have close friends that are nice to me! im quiet but when i feel comfortable around certain people im actually very easy to make laugh. i think im kind lol? i love video games & dogs & cats. I work hard on things im passionate about & always try to improve. i like dancing (not as a hobby) but like at parties. its hard for me to talk to intimidating people ha

(Im crying right now because your profile picture is the greatest thing ever)


Konekomaru Miwa

Konekomaru would never ignore you

Your an important member of the team, and he values you

Everyone else does too, but he does so a little more, and is always quick to remind you

He loves hearing you laugh

It’s his favourite sound

He loves how kind and helpful you are

He admires your perseverance in wanting to get better

He would love to help you achieve your goals

He is always up for dancing with you at parties

He was a little shy about it at first, but once he realised how much fun he was having with you he stopped caring

You met everyone on the first day of cram school, you were often paired with Konekomaru. You were both easygoing and hardworking, so you achieved your work quickly and perfectly. All of your teaches were very impressed, and you two became friends rather quick. Konekomaru realised he had feelings for you, and after receiving some advice from Bon, he asked you out. You had a wonderful first date at a cat cafe.

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tbh binders are really subjective and its so weird?? i've worn gc2b binders for some 3 years and they work better for me than other binders i've tried, but i know some people dont like them (had a friend whose binder from them became loose after like 8months and now you mention not liking them). it annoys me so much when ppl act like theres a One True Binder. i wish different brands were available in supermarkets or something so you could try them on before buying them

yeah?? im also bothered by how people hail specific brand as The Only Binder Worth of Buying (which is. usually gc2b). also i think best would be if u could like take binder for test drive because usually you will see if its for you only if you use it for several hours

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hi! i really wanna make a bullet journal, but it looks like a lotta work?? so id be using up energy i already dont have (freakin mental illness, amirite?) Im sorry if its a bother, but could you possibly point me towards some simpler templates that dont take a lot of upkeep/energy?

i can do that! @studywithinspo, @stillstudies, and @journalsanctuary usually have very simple yet elegant spreads. :) you don’t have to add any extra flair like they do, but i do love their simplistic style of writing weekly tasks. 

and if you really want to bullet journal to make it your own, i suggest getting a plain planner and spicing it up with whatever you feel like adding! planners are great because they already have the months/days laid out for you.