but it turned out to be shit

There’s this kid in my class named Alexander, but everyone calls him Xandre. So the other day it just dawned on me that I could use his name in any context to fit my Shadowhunters obsession needs and he’d never know.

Therefor, in chemistry, he helped me solve a density problem and I told him, “Thank you Alexander. You continue to surprise me.” And his response, I shit you not, was, “Good ways I hope.”

We both stared at eat other for what felt like ages, I was in complete shock while he was laughing his ass off. Turns out the asshole googled the episode after seeing my reaction on Snapchat and memorized the lines that mentioned his name. 

I don’t know how to react.


Lmao I love Otabek’s face (I call it the ‘oh shit I forgot to formally ask permission to take Yuri out’ xD)
Dude, for real, I was more than happy with the poster -even if I won’t read the rest of the magazine because it’s about fandoms I’m not that into-, but they had this cute ‘victuri’ memory page and I was 'yeah, I like it 💕’ but I turned the page and spoon gave me an OTAYURI MEMORY PAGE???!!! Spoon, I love you from the bottom of my tiny bitter heart. Who do I need to send a breakfast basket or buy coffee to? xD

plot twist; the writers have been misleading us with the whole ‘can we trust lena’ shit all along, and it turns out mon-el is the real villain. supergirl and guardian save the day, with the help of the DEO, Maggie and Lena. Sanvers gets more screen time. supercorp becomes canon. the show has direction, and actually focuses on supergirl. all is right in the world.

Just Us- Part 1

Yoongi-Centric *.*

*Word Count* 4,178
*Genre* Angst, Parenting, Happy
*Pairing* None


“Daddy, where’s mommy?”

What the hell was he supposed to say?

Mommy left because daddy couldn’t treat her right, it’s actually daddy’s fault for yelling in mommy’s face and telling her to get the fuck out and leave if she wanted to.


He couldn’t say that.

He didn’t want to risk his daughter hating him too.

See things were perfectly fine 4 hours ago.

He was working of course. working on a new song that he needed- no wanted to finish by tonight. His phone turned off so he wouldn’t be disturbed, he didn’t need any distractions while he was working anyway, if he wanted to get this finished he needed to be concentrated and isolated. He’d been sitting in the same spot since practice ended, which was about 6 hours ago, to say he wasn’t exhausted would be a lie, he was in fact beyond exhausted.

Yet even as tired as he was he was still determined to get his work done, get it over with, then he could move onto the next thing.

And by next thing, he means more work.

His original plans were to finish the song he was working on now then start working on another song he wanted to get halfway finished by tonight also. If he got halfway through the next song then he would be able to finish the entire thing the next day, then work on another song.

Of course, it doesn’t only take a day or two to finish an entire goddamn song that could probably be the next hit, or in their album if it gets accepted. It, in fact, takes days, weeks, months, years. 

Took him years to finally release his mixtape, it could take him years to finish the song he was working on now, but you never know. Yet again he’s determined he knows exactly what words he wants to put in this song, he knows that the beat he created fits well perfectly with this song. He knows it so well to be positively sure he can finish this entire thing by tonight.

As focused as he was, his mind still kept drifting off to unnecessary things when he couldn’t come up with anything, it’s like as soon he went off track, or moved his eyes elsewhere besides his computer screen his mind would think about something else. He didn’t even know what that something else was seeing as the thought left as fast as it came. He couldn’t just simply put words into a song, he wanted his words to have meaning, he wanted the fans he cared so dear for to feel how grateful he was towards them. 

The Fans, no Army, was just 1 of the things he always had on his mind 24/7, the feeling of not wanting to disappoint lingering in each members hearts. He wasn’t planning on letting them down, after everything they’ve done for him and his team. 

For those, he can’t see, for those he can’t remember, for those he can’t personally be close to. He wants them to hear him, to feel how he feels, to speak and have a connection with him through his music. To share something he loves so very much with people that continue to cheer him on, even tho he doesn’t know them(Personally)it means a lot to him. That’s one reason he works so hard.

Another reason he works so damn hard is not only I himself and the fans, but also for his team. Believe it not he believes not everything is about the fans, nor even himself when it comes to music. He thinks about his members to, their dreams too. Jungkook and Taehyung’s love for singing, Jimin and Hoseok’s love for dancing, his leaders love for rapping, and his Hyung’s love for singing also. Not only he but his members enjoy the thrill, the thrill of being on stage, the beating in their hearts louder than the fans screams that proceed to make they go deaf, the sweat trailing from his forehead all the way down to his chin and the music, the music that they enjoy making. For them is also another reason.

Out of sheer anger and hatred, he also works hard because he wants to prove the people that said they couldn’t do it wrong. Wants to tell them that they made it, and there going higher, higher than the very top. Wants to grab their success like a pile of dirt and throw it right in their face, like little children bullying another child. Even tho he’s angry and his hate burns strong somewhere deep inside of him, he’s better than that, and if he ever sees those people again, the ones who looked down on him and his team, he’ll just simply wave and smile. The reason for that is because he’s at the top, and there at the bottom, he could just simply crush them, with the lift of his foot, stomping on them like they were just merely bugs. But he won’t, because again he’s better than that, he’s already successful, but his hatred doesn't just fade away.

The last and 1 of the most important reasons, is because of his child.

His daughter.

His daughter’s existence was in fact known among his fans, his entire relationship was known throughout the country. 

He can still remember the day the media found out, sitting in the living room with his fellow roommates, eating the breakfast Jin had cooked which was always a bit too salty for his liking. His daughter only 3 mouths old in Taehyung’s lap playing with her little fingers, he can still remember the squeaky sound that erupted out of his daughter’s mouth made as he played with her while he simply watched the news. Then there it was. 

“Big News: Rapper Min Yoongi, Also known as Suga from k-pop group called BTS debuting under BigHit Entertainment, only 3 years into his career and he has already been confirmed to be in a relationship with someone and not only that he was caught seen by a fan who took pictures of him and saw him with not only his girlfriend but with a baby! Is this baby his? The fan eventually uploaded the photo on twitter and now fans are demanding answers!  What is Min yoongi hiding! More news on-“ 

His brain could only think about the words that had been said, he can remember how much panic he felt, for himself and for his group, Minhee to. The assuring words they whispered to one another after the news had been shared. The love and fondness, he loved her so much to think how far apart they are now, break his heart a little. 

He and his partner, Minhee at the time, were not married, fortunately, it’s not that he didn’t love her but he just wasn’t ready for marriage, but his dumbass should’ve thought about that before getting her pregnant. Her parents, of course, wanted them to get married, but he and his parents politely refused (It was mostly him, he was rude about it to be honest but he hates her fucking parents), leaving her father frustrated and angry. In all honesty, he could care less about how her father feels, her father claims yoongi’s always been out for all the money that his daughter has, which is so completely untrue and useless he always just drops the subject. He still loves her somewhat, and still takes care of his child but music……his music. He doesn’t want to blame everything on his job but, music is one of the reasons why he and Minhee split up, and because he was supposedly more focused on the fans and work that he didn’t have any time for her, is what she said.

His daughter stays with him and the other boys only on the weekends, he only keeps her for 3 days and unfortunately on some of those days he has to work, which means sometimes she has to sit on the hard wooden floor that’s located in their practice room and watch them dance. Other times she has to sit backstage as they do interviews or on stage performances,  she even has to sit in his studio and watch him type aimlessly on his keyboard. Sometimes he feels bad for her, they only have small conversations when he’s working, but when he’s not he focuses all his attention solely on his daughter. 

But today, things just aren’t going his way. 

His pale fingers went limp on his keyboard, his head snapping towards the door when knocks were heard. He took a deep breath and sighed, relaxing his body, he really didn’t want to be bothered right now, all he was trying to focus on doing was finishing his work. Who could be knocking on his studio door at this time anyway, didn’t the others leave?

“Who is it?”

He felt the words leave his mouth before he could even process he had said them himself. 

With his words, someone opened the door just enough to pop their head in, that head belonging to Jimin. He watched as Jimin slowly opened the door and made his way inside, the light from the hallway brightening up the dark room more than his dim computer screen did so. He wasn’t really curious as to why Jimin was still here, the kid was probably practicing, he just wondered why he didn’t notice him here before.

“What do you want?” He heard himself say

Jimin only smiled shutting the door behind him, yoongi heard the soft click of the door and watched as Jimin lazily leaned against it “It’s nice to see you to hyung" 

Frustration and Irritation are all he felt in this moment. He really didn’t have time for games, not to mention he couldn’t quite come up with anything. In his head, he was so fucking sure he knew exactly what he wanted to do, but being interrupted made all his thoughts fly away. He’s blaming jimin for this. Jimin was basically wasting his time and he needs every second he could get, if Jimin wanted to tell him something, he better hurry up because he can feel himself running out of patience. He wondered if his expression showed how frustrated he was because Jimin quickly lifted himself off the door and stood straight.

"Have you been here since practice ended?” He only nodded, moving his mouse upwards watching on the computer screen as the pointer appeared again from hiding. “I’ve been here the entire time, didn’t you know?” He found himself asking a question, which was taking up more time, the time that he oh so very much needed. Jimin raised his hands up in front of him and shook them along with his head, taking a seat on one of the beanbags next to his chair. “Ani, I’ve been here since practice ended too, but since I didn’t see the guys leave I thought you were with them" 

"Right.” He said squinting his eyes when his computer screen popped up something about a software update, it’s been asking him about an update for months now, it’s not like he didn’t want to update his software, believe me, he would love to get rid of this annoying pop up that seems to even pop up when he’s working. It’s just that he’s afraid that if he updates, then everything will be gone, all his files all his music, it’s happened before too.

Jimin only sat still, quiet with his hands fidgeting in his lap. Yoongi didn’t mind him being in here, but he’d really wish Jimin would stop tapping his foot and biting his nails, and of course the fidgeting is what he hates most. It’s obvious he has something to say. So he decides to just get this over with.

He closes his eyes, let’s out a big breath he didn’t even know he was holding in and turns his computer off. Turning his computer off means he’s done, done for the night anyway, he still has so much work he has to do, he’s not even finished with the first song to move onto the next one. He just shrugs to himself, he guesses that’s just more work for him tomorrow then he had originally planned, oh well he doesn’t care. 

He says this now but in fact, he does care, just thinking about how much work he’s gonna have to do tomorrow, he tries not to get stressed out at the thought.

He spins himself around in his chair and faces Jimin, who’s currently staring at him in confusion.

“What are-”

“Cut the crap, what do you want Jimin" 

Yawning, he puts his entangled fingers behind his head. Jimin only hangs his head down, and for some reason, Yoongi gets the feeling that whatever Jimin’s about to say can’t be very important.

"Hyung……Minhee, she, she called me…" 

Yoongi only rolls his eyes, he’s happy he turned his phone off, he didn’t want to hear from anyone when he was working, if he would’ve heard from her he’d be pissed. Pissed only because she would of most likely started an argument about something completely unnecessary. The love he has for that woman has been slowly fading ever since they called quits on their relationship. 

That was when Nari, his daughter was 2 she’s 5 now.

Even if he’s thinking a lot about the situation his only comment to Jimin’s sudden confession is "What the hell does she want?”

Jimin smiles sadly at his words. “She wanted to know when we were coming home…” Yoongi moved his hands from behind his head letting his left arm fall down on the arm of the chair and using his other arm to combed his fingers through his bright blonde hair. “What does she mean? ‘when are you coming home’ is she at our house?” If she was at their house he would be extremely angry it’s not even Friday so she has no reason to be there, if his daughter isn’t there then he could care less about anything she has to say. He immediately felt his blood boil and rise up to his face. 

“Call her and tell her she needs to leave”  

The look on Jimin’s face showed nothing but pure panic, the venom in Yoongi’s voice was no joke.

“Ah, hyung you shouldn’t-" 

"Fine I’ll do it” He shut jimin up real quick, grabbing his phone and roughly pressing each number, he was clearly angry he could still be working right now instead of dealing with something so unnecessary. As soon as he had dialed the number she had immediately picked up the phone, saying hello and waiting for his reply. 

“Why are you at my house?” He tried to say as nicely as he could, but trying to pretend you’re not angry is hard for him, so he’s pretty sure she heard how irritated he was.

She huffed on the other side of the phone and he’s positive she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t get an attitude with me, I’m not happy to be here either.”

“Good, then you should leave”

“Believe me I wish I could, I’ve been here for hours waiting for you”

“No one said you had to wait for me.”


“You’re wasting my time, what do you want?”

For a few seconds, all he heard was silence, she coughed a little and made him wait a little longer before answering his question. “It’s Nari…..” Instead of leaning back in his chair he quickly rose up from his seat moving things out the way rather roughly on his desk his hands searching for his car keys. With no luck finding the keys on his desk he patted his body with both hands up and down holding his phone between his head and his shoulder until he found the keys. He was ready to leave if there was anything wrong. His anger quickly turned into concern, Jimin not having any clue what’s going on just left the studio but he assumed Jimin was getting his stuff. 

“What happened? Is she okay?”

“I’ll tell you when you get here…”

“No, tell me-" 

The call had ended before he could even finish his sentence "Motherf-” he decided not to let the word completely slip his mouth and breathed out instead, hurriedly putting his phone in his back pocket, rushing to leave he almost tripped as his foot hit the orange beanbag jimin has sat on just a few minutes ago, quickly catching himself he was happy when he found Jimin already ready to go with his bags as soon as he stepped out the room of his studio, without explaining he motioned jimin to follow him out to his car.

The ride home was quiet jimin didn’t ask any questions because he had felt how tense Yoongi was and he didn’t want to make any false accusations and make him tenser. Yoongi even cut on the radio and actually let a very stupid song play just to distract him from his thoughts. It didn’t help much.

Once they had reached home, he had quickly stepped out of his old car and made his way to the doorstep nervously fumbling with his keys, he was in fact so nervous that he even dropped them, twice.

“Hyung maybe I should do it-”

“I got it!" 

Jimin had jumped in surprise at his tone, he hadn’t meant to yell at him he really hadn’t he was just so..he didn’t even know what he was talking about, he rarely ever yelled in the first place he even found his throat hurting a little. He would’ve said sorry for scaring jimin, but a moment after he had shouted the door opened.

Revealing Jin.

"Your home-”

“Where is she?" 

Passing Jin her started to look around the house for his daughter, he headed straight to his and Jins bedroom first, the door being shut, he attempted to open it but Jin stopped him.

"Wait, she’s sleeping”

“I won’t wake her” He said coldly glaring as he looked back at him, he tried to open the door, but he was again stopped, not by jin.

By Minhee.

“Fancy seeing you here”

She said smiling her voice even till this day still music to his ears, quickly taking in her appearance she still looked the same, like the same woman he had fallen in love with, but he and her both knew she was long gone, somewhere far away, probably dead. He didn’t know, but he missed her.

His face hardens doing the opposite of what his thoughts are hinting him to do.

“Oh really?”

Her smile drops hearing the sarcasm in his voice, not like any of her smiles are real anymore.

“Well this is my house” He finishes 

“Whatever…” She mumbles quietly crossing her arms, over her chest. Here she goes again wasting time and not getting straight to the point.

“What’s wrong with Nari?”

“I lied”


"I said I lied okay…”

“What?” He says again but mostly to himself not sure he had heard her completely. “You lied, lied about what?” he continues. She looks down at her hands, and from anyone’s point of view it would seem that she’s feeling guilty for whatever she lied about, but he’s not falling for it, he knows her too well to fall stupid to her tricks.

He’s not buying it.

“Stop fucking wasting time and tell me what’s going on” he snaps

She doesn’t jump only looks at him sternly.

“I lied about Nari, she’s perfectly fine..”

Finally letting go of the door handle he’s been holding onto since he got home, he walks up towards her slowly. “Then why the fuck-" 

"I wanted to talk to you..”

He can’t believe this, he literally can’t.  "You called and made me come all the way fucking home just so you could tell me something? Couldn’t you have said it over the phone? it couldn’t have waited? I was fucking working-“

"It’s important yoongi-”

“So important to the point where you had to lie and bring our daughter into this?” he accused his voice raising just a bit, he could see jin behind him and jimin to his left, them both wanting to do something to stop the argument, he could tell they wanted to, but they dared not to.

“Yes, that important!”


“If I had asked to speak to you in person would you have come?”

“Like hell, i would”

“That’s why I brought up Nari, because I knew you would listen if she was involved, this is important yoongi so how about you listen to me for once in your fucking life!” she said yelling at him his face only inches away from hers now. He stepped back at her sudden outburst putting distance between them rolling his eyes.

“Fine,” his voice still cold even though he agreed to talk.

“Hurry up, I don’t have all night”

Jin reached out grabbed Jimin’s wrist and walking out to the room giving them both a small smile before completely exiting leaving them both standing alone in the silence. 

“I met someone..”

He rolls his eyes, this is so stupid. He moves his hand to his back pocket, hoping to find his cigarettes there, but they aren’t he hasn’t smoked since high school but he had a sudden urge to start again.

Letting the thought leave his mind he focused on the situation again.

“So? what does that have to do with me?”

She lets out a breath and sits down on the only couch in their house, she waits to speak and again he think’s she’s only wasting more time. He’s getting tired, not like he wasn’t tired before, like he said he was beyond exhausted but he had something to keep him focused something he was determined to finish. 

But this, this was just boring and utterly useless, he couldn’t even bring himself to really care.

“I’ll be in America for at least 3 months, with him….” she whispers afraid if her words might start something.

They do.

“How about you fucking stay there forever?”

“That’s not what I’m say-”

“Stop with the bullshit! just fucking leave! that’s obviously what you’re saying right?”

She stands up angrily standing right in front of him, her fist balled up to her side.

“No, yoongi you know that’s not what I meant!”

“It obviously is, you wanna leave, just fucking do it! Please, fucking leave! We’ll be perfectly fine without you, so go up there with whoever the fuck this guy is and don’t come back! we don’t need you-”

He hears it before he feels it, the pain stinging the left side of his cheek.

He was shocked but he didn’t show it on his face, she had never hit him, even when they were together. He would be lying if the tears in her eyes didn’t make his heart ache a little, but no she brought this on herself.

“Why are you so selfish yoongi….why do you only think about yourself, you don’t give a damn about how others feel.”

He listens to her words carefully, but he doesn’t even try to compare himself with her words. 

He smirks.

“Your right, I don’t give a fuck, now fucking leave never comes back.”

His cold words pierce her, and he can see it to them way her eyes widen slightly and the tears in her eyes threaten to fall, but before they can she quickly grabs her purse and hurriedly rushes to the door.


He just stands there. In the silence, his body oddly cold even tho the house is warm. 

She’s joking. 

She’ll come back, right?

He didn’t even mean what he said, he didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean to say any of that, but his brain spoke instead of his heart. Like it usually does.

He sighs making his way to the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cabinet and filling it up half way with foist water. God, he was such an idiot, he should’ve kept his mouth shut, and usually that’s not even a goddamn problem for him. But as soon as he says her face, heard her voice, he doesn’t know why but he just got so angry, even the thought of her made him angry.

He throws the glass cup in the sink, ignoring the loud clanking sounds it made, walking back into the living room him and Minhee stood in just a few minutes ago, and he lays himself down on the only coach they have. Staring at the TV, staring at nothing but the black screen it displayed.

He just wanted to sleep, sleep his stress away. Minhee would be back tomorrow he knows she will, she wasn’t really gonna leave.

Everything would be perfectly fine tomorrow.

7 am is the last thing he see’s before his eyes close, leaving him in nothing but darkness.


I’m Done! Tell Me What You Guys Think Okay? If I Get A Good Response Maybe I’ll Post A Second Part! *.*

ok wait hold on i have something else to say!!! why was jimin putting so much force on jks neck like did he want jk to turn his face further but if he did that would’ve been a flat out kiss, AND UHHMMM. THAT WOULD HAVE ENDED AND STARTED EVERYTHING! also jin’s reacting was priceless like the fact that he was like “oh shit he really did that on camera in public FUCK, this kid has balls” and then how jimin walked back and forth like flustered but i also think he was thinking “man i did that shoooooootttt” and now we know why the don’t sit next to each other in the fansigns can you imagine we would be getting so much more jikook, but imagine what all we would get UYY UUYYYY. ALLLSSSSOOOOOO it looked like jimin kissed jungkooks jaw, not his own hand bc he didn’t move his head down far enough and it was like ok the end of jks jaw???? RIGHT, maybe i’m analyzing too much either way, I AM HAPPY AND VERY WELL FED

turns out you can just post whatever you want on tumblr.com

im listening to 2014 white people music like regina specktor and michael buble and honestly this shit goes off

No Brothers Allowed

Prompt: Every single blanket and pillow has disappeared from the Wayne Manor mysteriously, along with Tim’s s/o and Damien… Turns out they made themselves and epic pillow fort and refused Tim of his s/o because Damien and them were having bonding time. So Tim spends the next four hours trying to get his s/o back from Damien while his s/o sided with Damien. by anon

“Okay, Jason, it isn’t funny anymore. Give me back my pillows and blankets.” Dick demanded as he stalked into the kitchen. He had come to the manor to find all the bedding in his room missing.

“Only if you give me mine back, Dick.” Jason retorted.

“I don’t have your shit!” Dick said angrily.

“The stuff from my bed is missing, too.” Tim pointed out before Jason could react. “Y/N and Damian are also nowhere to be found.”

The three men just stood there in silence for several seconds before wordlessly heading up to Damian’s room.

They found a sign on the door that said “No Brothers Allowed.”

“The fuck does that mean?” Jason asked, lifting it up and looking at the back. On the reverse of the sign, “This means Drake, Grayson, and Todd. Father and Pennyworth are on a case by case exception.”

“The little shit is too smart for his own good.” Jason muttered as he reached for the doorknob.

“Wait, it might be trapped.” Dick said, pulling Jason’s hand back before it could make contact. He instead reached up and knocked.

“Hey, Dami, my sweet little brother whom I love very much, do you happen to know where our blankets and pillows are?” Dick called out.

“I have commandeered them, Grayson. L/N and I required them for our miniature batfort.” Came the slightly muffled response.

“So Y/N is in there with you?” Tim asked. He was afraid he had angered her earlier because he was paying attention to a game instead of her. His one day off this week and he was ending up spending it without his girlfriend.

“Yeah, I am in here, Tim. Do you need something?” He sighed when he heard her voice.

“I was gonna go get dinner and wanted to know if you were coming with me.” He answered.

He could hear the two whisper back and forth for a bit before Y/N answered. “We actually have some food in here so I’m good.”

Tim frowned as he heard Jason snort beside him. “Demon spawn stole your girlfriend, man.” He laughed. Dick nudged him and gave him a disapproving glare, but that didn’t wipe the smirk from Jason’s face.

“Well, then can I at least come in and have dinner with you two?” Tim pleaded.

“Are you incapable of reading the sign, Drake? It says ‘No Brothers Allowed’ and you are listed specifically on the back.” He heard Damian call out from the other side of the door. No doubt the boy had moved to block entry of any who tried to breach his stronghold.

“Y/N, come on. It is the one free day I have this week and I would like to spend some of it with you.” Tim begged, ignoring the way Jason started shaking with laughter.

“Did Damian fucking stutter? I think he made it clear you aren’t allowed in here.” Tim sighed at her words and started to walk away. He stopped when he heard the door open. He turned to see Y/N leaning into the hallway with a teasing smile on her face.

“You can swing by around seven with some takeout and I’ll bring our blankets back to our room. But only if you leave us alone until then.”

“Sounds fair to me.” Tim said with a smile as he headed down the stairs.

“Glad that is settled. Can we have our stuff back now?” Dick asked with a sickeningly sweet voice.

Y/N pondered it for a moment before looking him in the eyes. “No.”

The door slammed in the blink of an eye and laughter echoed out from the homemade fortress.

After a wild night out we return to our beautiful home. I’ve had a weekend much similar to Victoria’s, just with no monetary gain, more public vomiting and an incredible amount of uncomfortable homoerotic vibes, so you’ll have to excuse this lame ass update cause my brain legit don’t work. So at this point I decide we should expand our craphole once again because shit is cramped af. First order of business is giving the cats their own room! Amazing right?

Next we bring down some walls and turn Victoria’s cave to a living room more fit for a family, thus depriving her of her precious isolation time. Sorry Vic!

-Those assholes are sitting here over my cold dead body.

Honestly how would we even know, being a cold dead body is basically how you exist right now.

Last but not least we turn the space where the living room used to be into a creativity corner, complete with Vic’s extramarital affairs shrine. I’m still training Komei to paint the death portraits of everyone and it’s unsurprisingly taking 200 years. Maybe looking at these photos will help his artistic side emerge!

Since Vic got us that sweet furniture discount deal through public fornication, I’m thinking the timing for the expansion couldn’t be better…

..and I’m dead fucking wrong. Good job Ronron! Komei is like 5 days away from becoming an elder and we’re still at 2 out of 6 as far as topping pet careers goes. Incredible. I wish we had an excuse like ‘oh we were too busy raising our kids’ but we obviously don’t. Well, what can I say, we gave it an honest try Koms! Some dreams are too beautiful to come true

So Ronron, you just got fired! Talk to the camera, how does being a giant loser feel?

-I gotta say it feels pretty amazing, it’s almost like I was born to do this!

You were actually born to top your fucking career but both you and your brother have been complete disappointments so far. Thank god our human children are faring much better!

-…So you see, Daniel, if that even is your real name, the numbers don’t lie. I’m the only one who possesses the x heir factor and thus the obvious choice. I know both you imbeciles are plotting against me, but the people will have the final say! I know, must be hard for your Stalin-loving ass.

-Jojo I just asked if you wanted the last slice of pizza.

-Victor ate it an hour ago guys.

-You shut your mouth Gunther, I can’t believe you’re even still alive.

Is 10 years too late for the morning after pill? Asking for a friend.

Add's midnight snacks

He had no idea why. He really didn’t. Ciel had no clue why the cookies kept disappearing overnight. It couldn’t be Lu. When she slept, she was gone to the world.

Could it be… Any of the other el members? Maybe. But again, probably not.

Ciel had decided to camp out in the living room and fin out who the thief was once and for all.

It was currently three in the morning. The prime time when Add’s sleep screaming stopped.

Ciel watching intently, perched next to the light switch. The minute a silhouette appeared in the kitchen, he turned the lights on, probably burning the poor albino’s already sensitive eyes.

Add fell back with a crash, dropping the cookie jar. “Shit!” He yelled as he fell, almost in slow motion.

“Aha! I’ve found you! Theft is punishable by death in the demon world..” Ciel said darkly, theoretic thunder clouds appearing above and behind him, the flames of hell surrounding him almost. Theoretically.

Add gulped. “Oops” wouldn’t be enough to cover for the damage at this point.

It took Ciel a few days after to realize that add would come for the snack after waking up from whatever night terror returned to torment him night after night.

After he learned of Add’s past, he made an extra dish before going to sleep, just for Add.

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How is Sami problematic? Did I miss something?

So anon… he’s pretty problematic. First of all, I’m sure you’ve heard how he is with his matches. He’s very precise and likes to have a sense of how it’s going to go. While he’s extremely passionate about what he does, he’s to the point where he annoys the shit out of people backstage. Kevin Owens has touched on it many times before. Listen to him on the Talk is Jericho podcasts. He just gets too nitpicky and likes to drive the way the match goes. Cesaro and Dean Ambrose have sorta said the same on Table for 3. Second he’s the type of person who needs to be always right… have you seen his latest tweets? He tore that guy up. Again, yes passionate, but he’s also the type where he would argue until his face would turn purple just to drive home his point. It’s a “no, you’re wrong” type. I get the very same way in arguments and I don’t like being wrong. Thirdly, while he’s incredibly sweet and seems awkward… he’s got the god damn biggest potty mouth ever. He curses probably just about as much as me and that’s pretty impressive because I’m from New Jersey and cursing is a language enhancement. @heyambrose did I miss anything? Probably….


Everybody I know turned off their TVs or left after La La Land was announced for Best Picture. I stepped out of the room cuz I was so disgusted…but then I heard “Moonlight actually won” from Jimmy Kimmel I raced back into that room like I was Usain Bolt. Woiiiii. In the middle of the La La Land speech and everything. What a shit show. Ah well!!!! Moonlight won. Sweet mi.

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SO DIRK “CONFIRMED HETEROSEXUAL” GENTLY (line from the show, ikr lol) goes to ~~~investigate~~~ a missing robot at St. Cedd’s college.

Turns out the robot was being used by a sentient computer to do a simple task of…

Transplanting the computer’s consciousness into the body of a brain-dead professor’s daughter who is now like 25 or something but was being kept alive by the professor in a weird young girl dungeon

And now Computer!Girl just like of course falls in love with Dirk, and Dirk falls in love with her, and they eat chips in a library.

And it’s one of the most dodge things ever.

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at the same time he accidentally turns rohan into a vampire and he's like "FUCK, I GOTTA LIVE WITH YOUR ASS FOREVER?" there is literally no difference in rohan's lifestyle he's already a reclusive sun-hating fuck

rohan literally does not come out of his house except at midnight to creep around and take pictures of locations and shit for his manga while looking like a humanoid spider

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he didnt just tweet that. He followed the account of one of the biggest larries out there!


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:i think this is goodddd i fucking love louis but what if people use it for el*unor shit like “I’ve always loved you” or “it was always you” because “they are together again” fuck i’m scared.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Whatever comes of this(stunt or new song), the underlying message is his undying love for Harry and he made sure to show the “28”(anniversary?).

They can turn into Elounor all they want, we know Louis likes to send messages and this one was very clear 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I’m seeing so many people supporting Eleanor on Instagram, that’s why I like tumblr better 🙃🙃


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:do you think anything else will happen today? I need to sleep and Ik usually stuff happens around like 5pm but I can’t sleep now

No, I think tomorrow is the day. Go to sleep, bub xx

I just rewatched the first season of The Walking Dead and it was so weird. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it again after the first time lmao. But I have the DVDs and decided to since I have the whole week off and I’m bored.

- “we don’t kill the living” lolololol

- “don’t dead open inside”

- forgot how bad Shane was, but that he also sometimes has his good moments so you feel really conflicted about him

- Daryl’s short hair

- freaking Merle, cuts his own hand off, then doesn’t show up again at all in the first season?

- the walkers could run, throw things, turn doorknobs, climb up ladders and shit. they can’t do anything but amble around now.

- I miss Glenn and Andrea and Dale

- they fire guns when knives would do the trick and I’m like nooooo stop the noise! the ammo! D:

- I think out of the group right now there are like… four people in it that are still alive. Rick, Carl, Carol, and Daryl.

Gonna start season two probably tomorrow, or tonight after I play some games.

If you’re a spiteful little pissant who’s fueled by pettiness like I am, it can be helpful to do positive things to spite yourself. Like when depression Anna thinks “this is horrible I’m going to fail and die alone” sometimes the only way I can turn it around is to literally say out loud “fuck you and the horse you rode in on, I’m gonna keep trying dammit because I can do this shit, and I’m GONNA do this shit purely so you can have the pleasure of kissing my ass while I’m happy and successful counting my mad stacks. Asshole.”