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Hello Jes! I saw the commission you did for Umber's cover of Bathtub Mermaid; I recognized it immediately as your style from the thumbnail! It's so beautiful and fit the song so well, and I was so happy to see a work of yours based off of a Mili song. Do you happen to listen to Mili yourself? If you ever have the time, it would be amazing to see more Mili-inspired works from you. Good luck on your work for LGTS! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Ahhhhh!!! I’m so glad!!! Umber’s cover turned out really beautiful so it’s honestly an honor that my art gets to be there!!!!! ;w; I actually didn’t know about Mili until I was commissioned but now i am SO IN LOOOOVE!!!! My fav is RTRT!!!!!! It is too good for me to comprehend!!!!

If you have any recommendations, please let me know anon buddy!!! ^O^

just back from the hormone clinic !! I got the prescription for testogel which I can start next week if my blood tests turn out good !!!!!!!!!!!!! due to my diabetes I will have to start on lower than normal dosage for a couple of months so we can see how it affects my blood sugar but !! I can most likely start t next week !!!!!!!!!!!!

When they’re nervous to ask you out

Awwww that’s a cute request! ( And I’m always really happy when ppl request a BTS reaction haha) Thank you so much ^_^

Here comes~


*Sees you from the distance.*

‘’Okay Hobi, you can do it, there’s nothing to lose! Just go there, tell her/him how you feel, ask her/him out and be cool. You’re good. You’re hope. You can.do.it.’’

*The moment you see him he makes an u-turn and hides behind a corner.*

‘’Ahhhhh this is so hard, I can’t do it I can’t what if Y/N says no?’’ *Mental Breakdown.*


*Swallows hard when he sees you.*

‘’Okay. Jimin this is your day, you can do it!’’

*After 15 minutes he’s still standing in the same spot looking at you and keeps telling himself that he can do it.*

‘’Okay Jimin, ChimChim, Jimmi chim cham, you can do this.’’



*Every time he tries to ask you out, he starts giggling like a child.*


*Super shy youngster here.*

Jimin: ‘’ Kookie we’re going to leave now, maybe you could bring Y/N home, how’s that?’’

‘’M-me? Don’t do this to me, please don’t do this to me! I don’t even know how to talk with Y/N or what to say!!’’

Jimin: *Winks at him* ‘’You can confess that way!’’

Y/N: ‘’Thank you for taking me home, Oppa.’’

‘’ Ah y-yea I real-y lik- wah uh ..ah y..yea.  I’m going to kill you Jimin for doing this to me.’’ *Can’t stop stuttering and panicking, the cool guy image long gone.*

Rap Monster

*Eventhough he’s really good with words, when it comes down to you, everything he knows is gone in an instant and he’ll be at a loss for words, mostly spewing out gibberish.* 

‘’You’re really a brat, wanna go out with me?’’ *Speaking too fast and mumbling the last part.*

Y/N: ‘’Excuse me?’’

‘’I-I meant you’re really r-rad! No-not brat, RAD. R.A.D. Ya know..!’’


*Sees you coming his way.*

‘’Okay, Yoongi you’re going to ask Y/N out and everything’s going to turn out alright. You’ve practiced this a douzen times in front of the mirror.’’

Y/N: ‘’Hey Yoongi!’’

‘’Ah.. uhh you’re beautiful.’’

Y/N: ‘’Omo, thank you!’’

‘’Shit.shit.shit.shit that’s not what I wanted to say! Why’s this so hard?’’


*Grins and smiles when he sees you.*

‘’Okay, Taetae you can do this, you even kissed Hobi and you’re still alive! This is nothing compared to it!’’

*Chickens out at the last moment and can’t stop laughing at his own misery.*

‘’Whhhy is this so haardd!!! Ahhh I’m going crazy.’’ *Internal crying*

Thank you for the request anon!! :D This one was really fun to do~

I make BTS and EXO reactions~