but it turned out so good ahhhhh

I’M FEELING SO UNATTRACTIVE TONIGHT because I looked at too many gorgeous gems on Instagram for too long and now I feel like a potato in comparison ahhhhh.

I feel like I haven’t got gotten a good selfie or like felt genuinely super happy with my face in like almost a year. Idk it’s ever since my skin turned to shit last year. My self esteem has really been hit by it. My skin breaks out and is all pink and uneven toned and I don’t wear any foundation/concealer coz I don’t like it/don’t want to but fuck maybe I should start wearing it coz I feel like shit Ahhh.

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Hi!! So I love your writing! Masterpiece was honestly such a beautiful series and Purple is really good and just all your scenarios are amazing! I was just wondering if you could recommend some bts fanfics to read? Thank you :)

Really? That’s so sweet of you! Masterpiece and Purple are basically my favourite pieces that I have written :)

So yes, I have a few fanfics that I would love to recommend but ask other people too because I haven’t been able to read that many on my time here, and I would love to read more.

Note: None of the pieces of writing I recommend will be smut because I don’t read smut but I know some of the writers do write smut so if you like reading that then check do out those as well :)

Also, make sure you check out every writer’s masterlists and all their works because they’re all amazing writers, I’m just recommending a few in particular which are my personal favourites 

And I have a fic rec tag to which I reblog some of my favourite fanfic so definitely check that out too!

I even made a banner for this guys

It’s serious

They are in no particular order, I just love them all, okay?

And sorry if the majority is Jimin fanfic *hides*


I am so thankful I found this author because I don’t really see much of platonic BTS scenarios and she writes platonic BTS!!! And I just started reading LaFT and let me tell you DAMN it’s amazing. By the way, the last two aren’t actually called that, that’s just the prompt she used to write it, but it’s one of my favourite pieces by her :)



Honestly so good!!! I loved it! It was so fluffy and cute and just !!!!!!!!

I don’t KNOW how to describe how this fic made me feel except:



Photographer Yoongi is so adorable and this fic is so adorable and my heart couldn’t take it. She’s so good at describing and making each moment worthwhile to read.

I loved it <3


This story hurt me and I can’t explain how much I loved that pain. I love the way the author writes, it just made me keep wanting to read even though I started to fear what was going to happen




This story is actually the first gang au I’ve ever read and it’s so good?? L is so good at writing, like her descriptions are amazing and you can tell she put so much thought and work into her writing

Make sure you read all her stories

ALL of them


Idk if you know how much I love angst, and heartbreak so like… Farewell is literally my type of scenario, while Simply Loveable is super adorable and asdfghjkl imagine dating Taehyung like…. it’s so cute



I love me some Jimin CEO stuff and she writes tHE BEST CEO PARK JIMIN


This story is so angsty I love it so much. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself but I just love reading angst even though it hurts me both mentally and physically… I still do it

Make sure you check out this scenario as well as all their work!


Okay but who doesn’t die when they read about Jimin as a dad? (Was about to write Daddy Jimin but…) This story is so cute and fluffy and asdfghjkl You need to check out all their work!


So, as I stated before, I love dying. So I read angst, it’s good for the soul you know? 



It’s angst guys


Idk if you know by now but I love angst more than anything else in this world and






This writer is amazing and I keep reading fluffy stories so like…. it’s super fluffy and cute.


SO FLUFFY I DIED WHEN READING THIS. I just love the character Jimin has in this story and ahhhhh she’s such a good writer!!


If you’re have a BTS tumblr and you don’t know Kaye, then what are you doing with your life? And if you haven’t read the story about the adventures of Prof V, what are you doing with your life? This is personally one of my favourite stories on tumblr/wattpad, so if you haven’t read it, get to it! And if you already have read it, why not read it again? XD


This is super cute, if you like super cute then read this super cute fic


Beautifully written, honestly


So some are super cute but then the others…. you know…



Guys!!! This is so frikin heartbreaking I just-

I love it so much


Both of these are sooooo damn cute!!!! I especially love the first one because like I feel like I could totally imagine it happening. The writer is actually so good in their detail and I just love reading her work <3

And now you see that I really haven’t read that many fics in my time here, and the ones I read are mostly Jimin

Love you guys!!

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stimming is autistic meditation?

oh my god stimming is the greatest?! yesterday i rocked while kneading my super-soft blanket and oh my god?! it was so incredibly relaxing?! and afterward I was so much more relaxed and more in touch with nice sensory things? 

i get the sense that it is unusual for an autistic person to get to adulthood and THEN discover stimming. 

a lot of us do get forcibly trained out of it, and later reclaim it. 

my problem, i think, has been that my abuse history made me dissociate so hard from all sensations and emotions… plus part of my autism is alexithymia, not knowing what you’re feeling… so i never got to be like, “this feels good, i’m gonna do it more!!!!” 

the only stimming i did was “AAAAA I’M SO STRESSED OUT MUST BOUNCE LEG AND BITE PENCIL IN HALF” which was never going to be enough to really even touch the stress. 

but also there’s some truth to the idea that i got forcibly trained out of it, because i WAS well-trained not to do a lot of things I knew people would perceive as Weird. 

so i only did the things that i had seen some kind of representation of. like, bouncing, and chewing and clicking pens, and foot-tapping or leg-bouncing, and banging your head on the wall or desk. none of which were relaxing stims for me. 

(actually, the head-banging kind of was. i didn’t do it hard enough to hurt, so it was more a pressure stim, and the only way i could express how intense things were. 

it was very confusing to me that eventually, when i got to college, i met people who were horrified by it and begged me not to. because in star trek novelizations and such, it seemed to be a normal thing people did, as a faux-comical expression of stress or despair. i was like, if it freaks people out in real life, then why do people do it in books?) 

(probably bc the books are written by autistic people but anyway)

i need to do so much more intentional stimming. i have the technology: i have soft blankets, and squishy stim tools, and a fidget cube, and rocking. 

i know, now, that when i do it, it’s like turning up the volume on good sensations for hours afterward. 

but i do it so little, that that connection isn’t really something my brain notices enough, or thinks of when i’m not doing it. 

it makes me think of what i used to think I’d get out of mediation. my brain is not good at the “sit still and just be” kind of meditation. it’s fine at the “sit still and just notice what comes up” kind, which can be very useful for seeing what to do in a given day. 

but it’s not like, “ahhhhh, I just meditated and now I’m at peace.” it’s like, “ok i made it through the whole time and now I get to actually do shit.” 

 but this! this is my autistic meditation. this is what gets me into my body and at peace. 

and i can’t wait to share different kinds of stimming with our baby when it’s born. i want to pet it with the soft blanket, and show it all the stimmy baby toys it’s been given, and see what its favorite textures and rhythms are.

i want an autistic baby book that has spaces for Baby’s First Stim, and Baby’s Favorite Stim Tool, and Baby’s First Special Interest. And “Baby is now one year old! What’s their favorite texture? What’s their favorite echolalia? What echolalia do they use to communicate?” 

I might have to write this. 

Brighter Lights Back Home

Happy EdWin Day everyone!

Word count: 2133

Read on AO3

Ed and Al’s first night back in Resembool after the Promised Day. Edward and Winry have some things to talk about.

Winry laid the old knit quilt at the foot of Alphonse’s bed. “Anything else you need?”

Al shook his head, exhaustion written across his face, tugging heavy eyelids downward even as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Thanks, Winry. I’m sorry I can’t stay up later with you guys. I wanted to be more fun on our first day back.”

“Don’t be sorry. We can talk more tomorrow.” Winry looked over to where Edward was digging through a suitcase.

Ed glanced up at her. “Yep. I’m just gonna help him get ready for bed and then I’ll be up for a little bit still. Now that I’m not sleeping for two,” he added, grinning at his brother. Alphonse chuckled.

Winry leaned down to wrap her arms around Alphonse, still marveling at the newfound warmth. “Sweet dreams.” Releasing him reluctantly, she crossed to the doorway. “I’ll be in my room when you’re done,” she said to Edward.

Keep reading

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What's your FAVORITE thing you've ever written?

ahhh yes!! good question - but this is so hard???

Together, We’re Infinite - BokuAkaKuroTsuki, this one came together quickly but I really like how it came together!

We’re now rockin’ with the champion - Iwaoi. Fighter au has just… reignited all my love of sexual tension and INCREDIBLY sexy Iwa-chan ;)

Sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you can fly - Terudai. I really love how this fic turned out? I am very proud of it, I love the ship and characters and jus agnkdfnglklngs

Celebration asks (ask me questions/send/confess anything to me!) 

my opinions on the signs (aries sun/pisces moon/cancer rising/aquarius dom)

super duper biased (im so sorry leos…)

aries: ive only met a few other aries in my life but weve NEVER gotten along. always starting arguments but refusing to finish them.. and they have a tendency to be immature. they have trouble apologizing. every aries ive met has been very defensive and always secretly extremely insecure but youd never be able to tell until you really got to know one. I will say though that they are very passionate about what they care about and if theyre on your side they will defend you even if youre wrong. theyre also adorably spontaneous. brutally honest when theyre angry. dont have much of a filter between their thoughts and their words.

taurus: I have so many tauruses in my life that im extremely close to. the ones i know are HORRIBLE with dates, times, remembering things, being on time, etc. which at first came as a shock because everyone says theyre extremely serious and reliable. oh well! i love them anyways. when a taurus cares about you however, they will be willing to drop everything for you anytime. incredibly giving people with hearts of gold. theyre so silly and sweet and have great senses of humor but theyre serious when need be. are SO passionate about the people they love. such romantics and so incredibly sensual. theyre so protective and great at comforting people. lazy until they absolutely need to get shit done (but somehow they always get it done). Love ‘em.

gemini: I LOVE geminis. my best friend is a gemini and she is by far the sweetest, most understanding, and diplomatic person ive met.
the geminis i have met have always been extremely fair and level headed. some tend to be overly worried about appearance, but others are the exact opposite. when it comes down to it they can internally be very petty but they will very rarely let it sway their opinions externally. every gemini ive met has had lavender as their favorite color?? odd but a cool little fact. tend to be hilariously sarcastic. very reliable. EXTREMELY intelligent.

cancer: yall are FUCKING CRAZY but i cant help but hang out with you guys. quick storytime: one of the cancers i know cut off the top of her sisters finger with scissors because she messed up her drawing, and another cancer i know lit a public toilet on fire and just left the restroom because they were “just really angry that day”. the cancers i know are TERRIFYING PEOPLE. emotionally you guys scare me because you feel everything so intensely. backstabbers to the max. SO FUNNY because theyre constantly roasting the hell out of people but constantly make me so so nervous. so quick to talk shit. i will say though you guys are really interesting and ive had a lot of really deep conversations with cancers. i appreciate them for the way they are and im sure there are some totally sane cancers out there.

leo: im so sorry to all the lovely leos out there but the leos ive met have RUINED this sign for me. they have always matched every leo stereotype. they are so whiny and live for being the center of attention. incredibly dramatic and jealous. some of the biggest gossips ive ever met. they never stop talking and when they are talking its always about themselves! SUCH inflated egos. so self absorbed. just very stereotypical negative leo behavior. im sure not all leos are like this so im sorry to all the amazing ones out there, but wow the ones ive met are just mean.

virgo: Ive never met a virgo???? where are you people? do you exist? youre probably cool. im going to default to saying that i love you guys. virgos = cool probably. idk

libra: I either love or hate libras. on one hand some of them are very fair and thoughtful, bubbly and loved by everyone. on the other hand though theyre a pain in the ass to deal with. they always want the very best, and tend to be extremely rude when that isnt what they recieve. such flirts. some of the libras i know are such good people though, and they give REALLY thoughtful gifts. a reoccuring stereotypical thing ive noticed is that they all love glitter for some reason. very crafty people. they can be super manipulative in order to get what they want. mixed feelings. judgemental as hell but only behind closed doors. the libras i know love making other people happy.

scorpio: I dont know many scorpios but i hate seeing how cynical and untrusting the ones i know are. very brutal people. but with the negatives aside, their intensity is invigorating and they turn heads like no other sign. SO intimidating but its only because they seem so well put together, mature, and otherworldly. genuine people though, and they are the most real people ive met. loyal and passionate.

sagittarius: ahhhhh! I know a lot of sags and I love you guys for the most part. always up for a good time and so creative. hands down the most fun sign. so exciting and interesting, intelligent and quirky. honestly, the most fast-thinking sign ive met. the most funny sarcasm out there. the people i know with this sign are such comedians and they live to make people laugh and brighten peoples day. its hard to make them mad because theyll brush you and your lousy opinions off so quickly, but that means theyre really difficult to sway when they believe in something. they tend to be right about things, and always have a “gut feeling” about any situation. just really warm, nice people. sweet smiles, too.

capricorn: some of my closest friends are capricorns. theyre the definition of ride or die friends. most loyal sign ive met. theyre the masters at hiding their emotions and their emotional seriousness has a tendency to scare me a lil bit, but theyre just really cool people. you can come to them with absolutely anything and theyll always want to help. such memes tho. good taste in music. theyre so complex but appear so simple. SO GOOD at storytelling and writing. brutally honest, but in a productive way. doesnt take bullshit. ever.

aquarius: ive only met 2 but theyre such aliens i swear. theyre so cool though. very spacey, cute senses of humor, VERY chill. theyre really clever and creative too. independant as hell and sometimes they just want to be left alone. they always seemed a little detached from reality. cool as a cucumber.

pisces: and the award for most passive-agressive goes to pisces. honestly though i love you guys. youre so empathic and caring, and THE ABSOLUTE BEST to talk to about problems, deep thoughts, or just random stuff with. just the best people to carry on conversations with. the pisces i know arent shy at all, but just naturally quiet. i will say that you guys are so difficult to talk to when youre upset because you have this tendency to shut down and block out the people around you. very sensitive and you tend to take things to heart very easily. extremely intelligent and innovative people. you always seem lost in thought, and im always curious about what youre thinking about.

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Hey :) Is the alexander the great au still happening? Can you tell us more about it (even if you don't intend to write it :) It just popped into my head out of nowhere :D

Hey! I don’t know man, that’s a good question…. so many things I planned last year are getting usurped by newer ideas! I just started a new story today ahhhhh (but it’s a short one that I’m planning to finish/post on Monday).

The premise for this AU was more Alexander-ish than following the Alexander story, with Kylo being the son of the ruler (Leia) and befriending Hux as a child, growing up with him and falling in love with him, becoming disenchanted with his good parents and turning evil (so a reverse of the Alexander and Darius/Olympias dynamic in that sense lol) and seeking out Snoke at shrines, Hux becoming scared for him as he grows more and more obsessed with the power that the (evil) demigod Snoke offers, Kylo refusing to take a spouse who could bear him children and marrying Hux even though he’s not considered a suitable partner, and the one super Alexander-y thing I wanted to keep in this AU was the idea of Kylo strolling the battlefields alone while others were off celebrating, honoring his slain enemies while Hux like wraps a cloak around Kylo’s naked shoulders and tries to understand why the fuck he’s like this, etc. ;___; ugh I’m still really into this, I need to retire ASAP so I have writing time again. Thanks for asking!!

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cause darnit he’s so cute in this. *prays he ends up decent and good and nice and true*

Holy shit yesterday something insane happened. I came out to my brother cassually and it’s been probably two months now and I was asking him how he thinks our parents would react to me coming out and he was like I don’t know, but if you came out, I would too.

I turned my head so fast I’m surprised it didn’t fall off. My brother is bi! Holy shit. I am in shock. I can’t believe he never told me! I freaked out. holy shit. oh goodness. I’m happy that I’m not alone 

I drowned my phone yesterday… Now im trying to dry it out since yesterday.. Actually my phone was in my pocket with my Walkman… And we had to cross a stupid path which was separated by a river… Didn’t realised that it was that deep… So yeh i got out tryed to turn them on and both of them wouldn’t turn on… I mean i dont care about my phone really but shitttt my Walkman! Im devastated… I cant! Im so pissed because it was a new Walkman (nw-a35 red) ahhhhh
Ok so ive heard its good to put them on a bowl of rice, apparently it sucks the moist out of them… Im kinda sure the iPhone didn’t survived i mean it was a 5c what the heck… But i really do hope my Walkman survived
And its weird without a phone, i hate myself that we are so used to this shit…. Actually this whole thing opened my eyes,…
So i actually wanted to buy a non smartphone cellphone again….
But given it a second thought i need some apps like maps.. Im the most confused person when it comes to navigation/orientation … So i definitely wont buy an iphone (bcuz way to expensive and also don’t want tge same model) and also no android… I used to love the sony phones… But they have lost their style/aesthetics/charms the interface looks like a cheap ass google android phone now… So pitty… Anyway…
Ive decided and i will get a blackberry! A non android one yay ✨ But still classic and has even keypads… it has some apps! But only necessary ones… Like WhatsApp, maps etc.. Im excited yay but, I mean im not… Im super pissed because fuck spending money?! But thats life and its done can’t be undone..
Ok bye
I will post some pics and “impressions/thoughts” maybe

Peter Pan Imagine/ Birthday Girl

It’s your birthday and Pan throws you a birthday party but doesn’t say its from him because he is too shy.

You wake up same as always but you wake up to a note next to you, you rub your eyes and read it, it says “Morning, i hope today is all you ever wanted and more.”

You smile and wonder who would write this?

You walk outside breakfast is made!

“Hey who made this?” 

“We don’t know!” a lost boy yelled out.

“Uh is it safe?” you questioned.

“well we are eating it and Pan ate it. If he ate it it’s good!”

You smile and take a bite, and oh my it was so yummy, still wondered who did it?

Pan offered that they all play your favorite game which was charades, and you were excited you could play all day! You enjoyed the game, the guys always made you laugh and nobody never did not want to play.

You all scattered and did your thing,for a bit, you picked berries and strawberries, you wanted sweets and you put them in your basket for the boys and Pan for later on.

“Hey there” a familiar voice came from behind you, it was Peter!

“Peter!” You hugged him, you and Peter always had feelings for one an other but never showed it nor told each other.

He hugged you back, “Having a good birthday?”

“Yes I am! Its such a great day and so pretty.”

He smiles “Good love, I’m glad.”

There was a silence pause for a bit.

“Here” he holds out a floral head band. It was beautiful.

“Peter … It’s beautiful.. “ You hug him, thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me.”

He hugs you tightly and then lets go, he looks at you deep in your eyes, you come in a little closer, he leans in for a kiss-


Peter grabs you and flew to the camp site, “What happened?!”he shouts.

“What ?” Nothing” “haha we’re playing a game Peter duh!”

Peter turns red and walks away, you follow.

“Peter are you okay ?”

“I’m fine love , I just thought they were in trouble.”

“Oh okay but you seem mad..”

“I’m not I have stuff to do I’ll see you later” Peter flew into the air without warning and dissapered leaving you alone and confused, and a little sad.

Later that night you get to camp,a little sad still but you try to not let it ruin your day.

You get to the camp and its a celebration for you! It looks like a party.

“Oh my gosh!”

“Happy Birthday!”

Everyone was there even Peter. You walk towards him, “Was this you?”

“This? Nahh love.”  he gives you an other gift, it was a floral bracelet to go with your crown. 

“Peter!” Your smile couldn’t be bigger, Thank you..”

He grabs you by the waist, and kisses your cheek, being way more touchy than usual, and you were loving it.

You danced and played games all night long, Peter was by your side and you guys laughed together and even held hands at one point.

He was totally showing his true feelings, what better birthday present could you ask for?

It was bed time,, all the lost boys were fast asleep.

You walk to your tent but Peter grabs your hand, “Hey love, I need to tell you something.”

You look confused but go along with it, “Okay what?”

“It was me who did all of this.”

“Oh really?” You smile.

“Is it that hard to believe ?” he questioned being all serious, it ws cute.

“Oh I knew.”

“What how?”

“Peter,the lost boys wouldn’t do all this, and if they did, They would take all the glory for it.”


“Haha come here.” You bring him into your tent and you sit on your bed.

“Why didn’t you wanna tell me?

“I’m not supposed to be the nice guy.” he looks straight not facing you.

“Well i like the nice Peter, than the mean Peter.” You grab his face and kiss his cheeks, 

He grabs your face and kisses your lips, you kiss back and feel his soft lips against yours, kissing and softly biting your lips. You laugh in nervousness.

“Happy birthday, birthday girl.” Then he kisses your forehead. 

Request #1 - Teen!Dean Makeout

Imagine Dean pulling you into the bathroom to catch up after his weekend away.

You were grabbed by the arm and pulled rather roughly into the nearest bathroom. He pressed you up against the closed door, reaching behind you to lock it before crashing his lips to yours. You broke apart and looked into each others eyes for a moment.

‘Well hey there handsome. Nice to see you too.’ you said with a smirk.

‘Hey’ he breathed softly. ‘I missed you.’

‘I missed you too Dean. How was your camping trip?’

‘Boring as per usual. It would have been much better if you were there to keep me company.’ he said with a cheeky glint in his eyes.

‘Oh really?’ you questioned, raising your eyebrow. You snaked your arms up his firm chest and around his neck, tangling your fingers in his short blonde locks.

‘So, would you say we’ve got a bit of catching up to do?’

‘Yeh, I think we could say that’ he grinned down at you. Cupping your cheek in his calloused hand, he leaned in and kissed you. Softly. Gently. At least that’s how it started anyway. The kiss became more desperate and passionate and 5 minutes later you were sat on the bathroom counter with Dean standing between your legs, his long fingers tangled in your hair.

‘Dean I-’ kiss

‘Really have to-’ kiss

‘Go!’ you sighed, summoning the strength to push at his chest.

‘Okay, okay! Ya nerd. I know you have class that you absolutely can’t miss.’ he joked, rolling his eyes.

‘Yes. As a matter of fact I do. I’ll see you later okay?’

‘How about I drive you home?’

‘Sounds good babe. Thanks.’ And with one final chaste kiss, you turned and walked out of the bathroom.

When they’re nervous to ask you out

Awwww that’s a cute request! ( And I’m always really happy when ppl request a BTS reaction haha) Thank you so much ^_^

Here comes~


*Sees you from the distance.*

‘’Okay Hobi, you can do it, there’s nothing to lose! Just go there, tell her/him how you feel, ask her/him out and be cool. You’re good. You’re hope. You can.do.it.’’

*The moment you see him he makes an u-turn and hides behind a corner.*

‘’Ahhhhh this is so hard, I can’t do it I can’t what if Y/N says no?’’ *Mental Breakdown.*


*Swallows hard when he sees you.*

‘’Okay. Jimin this is your day, you can do it!’’

*After 15 minutes he’s still standing in the same spot looking at you and keeps telling himself that he can do it.*

‘’Okay Jimin, ChimChim, Jimmi chim cham, you can do this.’’



*Every time he tries to ask you out, he starts giggling like a child.*


*Super shy youngster here.*

Jimin: ‘’ Kookie we’re going to leave now, maybe you could bring Y/N home, how’s that?’’

‘’M-me? Don’t do this to me, please don’t do this to me! I don’t even know how to talk with Y/N or what to say!!’’

Jimin: *Winks at him* ‘’You can confess that way!’’

Y/N: ‘’Thank you for taking me home, Oppa.’’

‘’ Ah y-yea I real-y lik- wah uh ..ah y..yea.  I’m going to kill you Jimin for doing this to me.’’ *Can’t stop stuttering and panicking, the cool guy image long gone.*

Rap Monster

*Eventhough he’s really good with words, when it comes down to you, everything he knows is gone in an instant and he’ll be at a loss for words, mostly spewing out gibberish.* 

‘’You’re really a brat, wanna go out with me?’’ *Speaking too fast and mumbling the last part.*

Y/N: ‘’Excuse me?’’

‘’I-I meant you’re really r-rad! No-not brat, RAD. R.A.D. Ya know..!’’


*Sees you coming his way.*

‘’Okay, Yoongi you’re going to ask Y/N out and everything’s going to turn out alright. You’ve practiced this a douzen times in front of the mirror.’’

Y/N: ‘’Hey Yoongi!’’

‘’Ah.. uhh you’re beautiful.’’

Y/N: ‘’Omo, thank you!’’

‘’Shit.shit.shit.shit that’s not what I wanted to say! Why’s this so hard?’’


*Grins and smiles when he sees you.*

‘’Okay, Taetae you can do this, you even kissed Hobi and you’re still alive! This is nothing compared to it!’’

*Chickens out at the last moment and can’t stop laughing at his own misery.*

‘’Whhhy is this so haardd!!! Ahhh I’m going crazy.’’ *Internal crying*

Thank you for the request anon!! :D This one was really fun to do~

I make BTS and EXO reactions~

just back from the hormone clinic !! I got the prescription for testogel which I can start next week if my blood tests turn out good !!!!!!!!!!!!! due to my diabetes I will have to start on lower than normal dosage for a couple of months so we can see how it affects my blood sugar but !! I can most likely start t next week !!!!!!!!!!!!