but it turned out rly nice and i am v. happy

happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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RFA + V and Saeran going to an amusement park with female MC on a date, please!

Alrighty! This’ll be fun! Thank you for sending the request!~


  • omg this boy would be ecstatic
  • literally woke you up her up at 6 am just all ready to go
  • “Yoosung baby please just let me sleep for another hour”
  • He would be anxious and excited the whole car ride there.
  • When you get there he just is super super impatient as hell
  • “MC is the line getting any faster”
  • “MC I have to pee”
  • “MC will the rides have to long of waits?”
  • He just c a n t wait
  • And then you get in finally and he’s dragging you everywhere left and right and up and down
  • This boy is to cute you s w e a r
  • Takes you on every ride possible
  • Holds your hand on the fast rides though
  • “MC I’m not scared I just wanna protect you”
  • He buys you things, plays games for you until literally this boy is broke
  • You’re stuck with like 5 stuffed animals
  • But you guys get pictures
  • You want to thank him so much so you pepper him with so many kisses
  • mc please stop making me blush
  • when you guys get home you cuddle cuddle cuddle
  • best day ever 10/10


  • dude this guy is happy as hell
  • not like yoosung but dude he is h y p e d
  • He wants to hold your hand the whole car ride, on rides, whenever you’re walking
  • like he just wants this to be perfect
  • because he always works and he just wants mc time like all the time
  • he gets a lot of attention from fans but it doesn’t really bother you
  • but o h it bothers h i m
  • “Guys, I’m spending time with my girlfriend, please”
  • his fans ship you guys so hard
  • kisses you for the fans to get pictures so they’d leave
  • doesn’t really like the rides, and stays the hell away from cat plushies
  • but he wins a few for you and buys you cotton candy and dipping dots.
  • gets really sad when it hits almost closing time
  • but for real how long have you two been staying there?
  • mc is tired pls take her home
  • when you get home zen makes sure everyone knows about the day and sends pictures of sleepy mc
  • cuddles you and tells you it was the best day of his life


  • a…amusement park???
  • honestly she’s so confused
  • “mc why would we go?? it’s loud and annoying??”
  • “babe come on you’ll love it”
  • eventually goes with you
  • is not happy about the long waits and is always holding you close if it’s really busy
  • screams on the rides
  • shares drinks and food with you
  • fucking wins everything she can for you
  • jaehee that’s the 6th plushie it’s time to stop
  • she just wants you happy
  • and somehow is really pleased??? like this was a stress reliever???
  • when you guys get home she makes you a cup of her good coffee and massages you
  • “mc when can we go again?”


  • “mc I could buy an amusement park”
  • “why are we going”
  • but he enjoys how fanatic you are about it so he goes
  • bribes everyone in the lines to let him cut
  • bribes the stand people (whatever their called) to just let you have the plushie
  • babe that’s not how the game is played
  • sees a cat plushie and d i es
  • gets you anything cat related
  • today was a spoil day
  • he was going to spoil the hell out of you
  • but he did not like the rides.
  • why would you make me ride such ridiculous rides
  • but he sees a cat related ride and bAM HE’S ON IT
  • a lot of blurry selfies
  • honestly tries making zen somewhat jealous
  • “oh? stuck at a musical?”
  • “me and my amazing wife just had an awesome day at a park”
  • he cuddles you when you get home because both of you are tired
  • with the cat plushie down by elizabeth


  •  o h b o y
  • dude you are hyped when one day he’s not on his computer
  • “babe?? are you?? okay??”
  • “yeah, why wouldn’t I be, MC?”
  • it’s pretty quiet with Saeran at Yoosung’s house to not bother the two about food and supplies  (wink wonk to all my Yooran friends)
  • so you bring up amusement parks
  • b A M you guys have tickets and vip passes and everything you need in like 10 minutes
  • he’s really excited because he’s never really gone to one
  • poor seven
  • so when you go you make sure to show him everything
  • like the tiniest corner will be described in great detail
  • rides all the rides and does hilarious faces when the cameras take pictures
  • gets really happy if you occasionally lean over and kiss him
  • buys ice cream and you guys share it
  • dude this day has been the best thing ever please don’t let it end
  • gets really sad at the end of the day because he doesn’t want it to end
  • but you tell him you guys can go whenever he wants so he’s happy baby again
  • loves you so much and thanks you when he climbs into bed
  • “thank you for giving me the childhood I never got”
  • seven please


  • poor blind baby
  • he’s been wanting to go somewhere with you
  • but he’s not good with a lot of crowded areas anymore
  • but you manage to find a really secluded and nice amusement park
  • you take him really early right when it opens and on a working day
  • he’s rly confused
  • “mc where are you taking me, hun?”
  • “shh, v, just wait”
  • when you get there you help him out the car
  • he’s really annoyed why you are standing and moving a lot, but when he hears the rides he gets rly excited
  • “mc, you took us to an amusement park?!?”
  • he needs helps but he demands he rides all the rides with you.
  • has to take his glasses off so he can ride the rides cause he wasn’t allowed to ride one blind
  • but he buys you cotton candy and you share it with him!
  • feeds him!
  • gets him gifts and such!
  • he’s just a small baby and needs to be protected
  • when you guys get home he is w o r n out
  • tells everyone in the chatroom about the day while cuddling you
  • whispers he loves you a lot throughout the night


  • what is this said amusement park???
  • “I am not amused MC”
  • it took you a lot to get him to go
  • but you looked really cute when you begged plus (he wanted to use that against you later)
  • you guys go and honestly he’s getting excited
  • big rides
  • much toys
  • mc if hack into the rollercoaster would they die
  • saeran no
  • he tries winning you stuff but he fails and gets angry
  • you have to calm him down with hugs and smooches
  • instead you win things for him and you
  • really happy when he sees they have ice cream
  • gets you ice cream and you share it together
  • slightly turned on by the way you eat the ice cream
  • really happy he went with you but demands cuddles and pretends to be really angry about it.

There you go, lovely anon!~ I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for asking!

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HEY KEL who are some artists who have inspired your art style one way or another?? also what cons will you be attending in sg this year??

OMG I have so many inspirations tbh so i’m not too good at picking out which one has influenced my style directly??? UmM some artists I LOVE TO DEATH THO are REI, L1ng, JC LEYENDECKER, Dian MZ, Onorobo, James Jean, Akihiko Yoshida, Milkmanner, Paul felix, Annaxiin,sara, Hwei, Nozmo, Phil Noto, Junji Itou, Naoki Urasawa! There’s a longer list on my main blog (it’s very very long and still updating)

As for cons I’ll be at cosfest and EOY (maybe)!  

MORE ASKS UNDER CUT it’s v long im sorry

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omg tell us about this italian guy?

omg ok so. THANKS TO BAD PLANNING FROM MISS BLANQUERA i was going down to london and catching a FIVE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING train bc she said we weere going on a tour of london at 8 am. anyway turns out that was actually the day after and she wasn’t arriving in the uk until 9am. so here i am in london at 7am, walking down a p much deserted regent street, sitting in pret for an hour w a cup of tea and a phone charger, walking up to trafalgar square and the like.
then i decided to go up to leicester square bc why not i had like 3 hours to kill. and i was sat down listening to hozier and seeing if tiffany had landed yet and this nice italian guy tapped me on the shoulder pointing to a map and i took my headphones out and he asked me where the fuck he was and i like showed him where he was like!!11 leicester square!! and he was really friendly and he was like ‘excuse me you look english’ and i was like well i am so thank u. anyway we continued talking and he told about that he was italian and i was like ..’nice’ but inside i was like ‘what is happening u r 2 cute 4 me’ and he told me to guess how old he was and i was like ‘uhhhhh 21′ and he was like ‘no 19!’ and he talked abt how he was going to university in milan next week and it was his first time in london but he wanted to come bc it is his dream to go to LSE and he wanted to imporove his english and i explained that i too am going to uni this month and i am from a tiny lil place in the countryside and it was nice:) then he asked me what i was doing in london and i said i was waiting for tiffany and i was like ‘WOAH FRIEND ON INTERNET SO COOL!!’ and so i talked to him about tiffany and he suggested that we could walk around a bit whilst waiting for her and i was like… yes pls ok.

so we went up to the national art gallery and looked at all the paintings and it was v nice and aesthetic but i was still lowkey like what is happening omg is this the real life. anyway we walked around and took selfies and talked and sat my the thames and talks and he was so so nice and we really got along and he kept saying ‘sorry for my bad english’ even though he was like fluent i was like its okkk. we were sat on a bench by the thames and it was q chilly with the wind and he put his arm around me for warmth and that was nice and :).

then we walked over the bridge and to houses of parliament/big ben etc and then he was like ‘lets go to a park’ so we went to st james’ park and sat on a bench like lowkey cuddling and then he asked me what music i was listening to when ini leicester sq and i was like ‘ummm hozier?’ and he was like ‘???’ and i was like ‘take me to church?’ and he was like ‘OHH! yes i know it!! play it for me’ so we shared headphones and i played the song and he kept asking me what the words were and so i replayed the song and then stopped after every line and relayed the words back to him bc he said it was hardest to understand songs and i was like maybe hozier isnt the best thing to listen to them and yh anyway. more cute stuff and then i like looked up at him and he kissed me and that was v nice rip.
 then we like continued walking and he took some pics with squirrels and then tiffany texted saying that she was there so he came w and we went on the tube and tried to find her hotel and we finally found it and i was rly happy and i hugged tiffany and then we all went for the cheekiest of nandos and then chilled the rest of the day. and the the next day i went on the bus tour w tiffany and it was cold but rly cute and happy and historical and :) !! then i saw him again just before i left and we went to st james’ again and rip i missed my train but it was nice and he kissed me good bye and he said ‘i will remember u’ and i was like rip and yh anyway…. this is long but… nice time in london yh 

The Signs At The Movie Theater

Aries: *sits in the front row and is probably rly obnoxious to anyone around* *constantly makes jokes*
Taurus: *all the way in the back bc queen w a lot of candy* *probably drags virgo back there to sit w them*
Gemini: *dramatically quotes actors to their friends and is v fun even though they can be loud*
Cancer: *gets really into the movie no matter what it is and ends up loving it either way*
Leo: *takes selfies* *sits all the way in the back and is on their phone the whole time* great movie
Virgo: *sits in the back w taurus* *probably on tumblr or something during the boring parts*
Libra: *the one with 50 friends taking up 10 rows* *usually shushes ppl so everyone can enjoy the movie equally*
Scorpio: *is probably sitting by taurus & virgo but is throwing popcorn and candy at people below them while also enjoying the movie*
Sagittarius: *the one who ain’t afraid to slap the annoying person behind them who won’t shut tf up*
Capricorn: why am i even here *is miserable but actually turns out to love the movie*
Aquarius: what is the meaning of this *points out every flaw in the movie* wow what a shitty movie i loved it
Pisces: *probably is hella happy to be hanging w friends so they gossip or talk about how much they love/hate the movie*

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You say their night in NY when they reconnect is wild so wild, can you elaborate on that pretty please? I'm sure they spend a lot of it talking and such but is there more to it (other than back tracing) ?

ok well 

they’re both there to see david sedaris read bc they rly like him (who doesn’t) & he’s reading at columbia & they both have buddies there but don’t rly think abt it. & in these two months like clarke has dated & had sex but nothing serious at all & lexa hasn’t at all she’s just sad she’s thrown herself into school & work etc. 

so lexa was Very Sad when she broke up w clarke & you know ppl like ‘yeah fresh start clean slate’ so lexa thought oh yes excellent idea yknow what i’ll do i’ll get a haircut so she does like EIGHT INCHES she regrets it like beforehand but she’s like it’ll be a change spoiler alert she is Still Very Sad (actually sadder bc she loves her hair also i am the saddest olivia can tell you how ride or die i am for lexa’s hair) 

& tHEN lexa asked her doctor if she could have like a few sips of wine & he was like yeah yeah not more than like three glasses you’ll be fine so raven comes over to lexa’s & lexa literally has half a glass & she’s tipsy one glass & she’s DRUNK & she ends up like falling & she hits her head on her coffee table & splits it open right through her eyebrow & raven is like oh my god lexa like this is just a mess so raven has to take lexa to the ER she has to get five stitches so  the ONE TIME IN HER WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE SHE EVER HAS ALCOHOL she has a scar lol

in summary the background there lexa has shorter hair & an eyebrow scar & clarke just sees her & clarke is ON A DATE w a guy but like wow she didn’t forget how lovely lexa was but wow lexa is LOVELY & so clarke sees lexa first & & is just hoooboy but so she goes up to lexa who thinks that for a minute she might ACTUALLY have a heart attack but they have like the most AWKWARD half hug bc like they start shaking hands? but then clarke leans in for a hug & it’s just a trainwreck they’re both so nervous 

anyway then it’s even more awkward bc clarke introduces her date to lexa & lexa is literally like abt to burst into these v unwanted tears she fights them back but ofc clarke can tell they dated for almost three years so 

but yknow the poor dude clarke is with is like hey so clarke do you wanna grab drinks or yknow should i take off? & she’s like i’m rly sorry you’re rly great but i’m gonna go w lexa lol it’s so great (he’s a super good sport abt it actually bc clarke had talked abt lexa & it was p obvious she was rly rly still in love so he sees clarke a few days later on campus back at brown & she’s like sorry for ditching you you’re a cool dude i’m just highkey in love w her & he asks how it went & they’re dating again he gives her a huge high five he’s great) 

so then clarke & lexa go to get dessert at their favorite place & it’s all kinda lovely & nostalgic & this rly nice spring night & while they’re outside by the cafe clarke just kinda takes lexa in bc there are fairy lights & wow she mISSED her for some inane reason 17 by youth lagoon is playing quietly over these tinny speakers & lexa is v solemnly reading the menu on the wall outside the restaurant & clarke is just like wow i almost fucked this up so bad wow but she dIDN’T so she smiles a little & tucks a lock of hair behind lexa’s hair & says like ‘you cut your hair’ & lexa nods w a sad little laugh & clarke laughs at her sad little laugh bc lexa’s like ‘i thought it might help me move on it didn’t i regret it daily’ & clarke is like ‘the hair or not moving on’ & lexa just rolls her eyes & goes back to reading the menu but she reaches out & takes clarke’s hand & just laces fingers

& clarke orders red wine & lexa gets hot chocolate they end up getting pecan pie it’s such a weird combo of flavors but they share the pie & they fight over who pays (they split it) 

so after dessert lexa is like ‘where are you staying?’ & clarke LAUGHS bc she’s w some friends at tisch but her date is also staying w them so lexa’s like well i was taking this weekend as a little relaxing treat after all of this sad shit so i have a room at the plaza (‘ofc you do, lexa’) 

so they hold hands & sit rly close in their cab & then like. there’s only one bed in this room lexa legitimately offers to sleep on the floor it’s so cute & ridiculous clarke REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to kiss her. but she doesn’t bc like they do need to talk. & lexa ends up offering clarke some clothes for pajamas & they smell like lexa & it’s just an old pair of sweatpants & a tshirt but lexa’s in a big harvard pullover & her underwear & socks bc her feet are cold & like they changed separately in the bathroom? but it feels so so strange & normal at once

& they just end up lying on the bed holding hands talking abt everything it’s been a long two months like lexa had some p bad pain over spring break & had to spend a few days in the hospital & NO ONE TOLD CLARKE she’s lowkey pissed bc yeah they were taking a break but she’s head over heels in love w lexa like she should’ve been there? but lexa’s okay like she’s fine sometimes she just has p bad scar tissue stuff but also lexa got a cat so that’s exciting clarke is sculpting now that’s eXCITING 

& eventually clarke asks lexa if she finished her tattoo & lexa laughs bc yes she did so she ends up just sitting up & taking her sweater off & it’s just lol bc she has no bra on & clarke traces it & it’s quiet & like wow they’re just so into each other it’s gross

but they don’t do anything & they lie back down & end up having a Real Talk abt some stuff & at one point lexa cries in the bathroom bc she doesn’t want clarke to see her cry despite the fact that clarke is literally right outside the bathroom & has seen lexa cry like a million times? but whatever ok lexa 

eventually it’s 3 am & they’re sleepy & they turn toward each other in bed & clarke traces lexa’s eyebrow & she’s like ‘did you get in some knife fights or something’ & lexa laughs like she blushes so hard like ‘no actually i had a glass of wine & kissed my coffee table passionately w my face raven has it on video if you want’ & clarke laughs so hard like wow she’s just so in love still she just kisses lexa’s little scar without rly thinking abt it but lexa doesn’t say anything & clarke thinks abt maybe leaning in to kiss her but then lexa just puts her index finger on clarke’s lips & says ‘not tonight’ & rolls over & drags clarke’s hand across her chest & tangles their legs & clarke kisses her neck & they fall asleep spooning they’re so gross

& then they get breakfast & take the same train back the next day & at clarke’s stop she grabs her stuff & is like ‘so i guess i’ll see you around some time?’ like she’s a dork a nervous dork & lexa just leans over & like gross ew ew gross lexa kisses her so so gently like you know lexa’s slow achy gentle kiss & then she pulls back & v solemnly says ‘yes, you’ll see me around. but go now bc otherwise you’ll miss your stop’ & clarke just laughs & kisses lexa again & then gets off bc she actually has a group meeting she can’t miss lol & she has the BIGGEST SHIT EATING GRIN also lexa is super happy she cries it’s p much the best day it’s like they can breathe again lexa is also the least punk thing on earth oh my god