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may the bridges i have burned light my way back home

finally finished with my fic for the @pjohoobigbang, with of course tremendous thanks to @falloutside and @percyyoulittleshit for organizing it, to my long suffering and tremendously patient artist, @olympusisbleeding, but most importantly to mari for being sincerely the BEST beta i could have asked for… i don’t think i have to tell you that this fic literally would not have been possible without you, so what i really want to say is thank you for putting up with me and my sporadic writing habits and letting me torture your pure soul with the angst :,)

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,

anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

In a fit of sudden bravery, Annabeth reaches for her phone and scrolls down, finger hovering above the contact. And then she bites her lip and sets it back down on her dresser, hands on her hips, pacing.

Takes a deep breath, turns, stares at the phone. Reaches for it.

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Requested: by @four-fucking-australian-dorks  – i read I Found and fell in love with it almost instantly! your writing is amazing! i was wondering if you could write a one shot with single!jensen x reader where they were best friends when they were younger but lost contact, and now she’s the new actress on supernatural, playing dean’s love interest. jensen and reader lost their virginity to each other and never spoke of their feelings for one another :) thank you xx

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Reader

Warning: angst, fluff, dirty talk, mentions of smut and swearing

Words: 5,278

A/N: I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it to turn out, but there wasn’t much to work with. So I just went with the flow. Facts throughout this may come across as false, as I had to change some information to make it fit with the story-line. Also, I may have gotten too carried away with this…

Please do excuse any spelling and grammar errors. I’ll eventually get around to editing it. I hope you enjoy it .x

Requests are open!


The look on your mother’s face when she opened your bedroom door to the sight of a man between your legs was imprinted in your mind. You were embarrassed that she had caught you doing the dirty deeds with your best friend, Jensen. She had done absolutely everything to humiliate the both of you after that incident. For thanksgiving dinner, she thought it was a brilliant idea to invite Jensen’s family over to join, and in the process of everyone enjoying their meals, she blurted out the fact that you and Jensen weren’t all that innocent.

From that day forward, both parents made it their mission to prove that your actions were foolish and it could’ve led to a different situation – “it could’ve led to you being sixteen and pregnant, Y/N!” or for Jensen’s case, “what would’ve happened if that girl had herpes?” and Jensen’s comment would always be, “well then I would have herpes, but that’s impossible, because we were both virgins.”

Despite both of your parents denying you access to see one another, it never stopped you. You had been best friends since birth and nothing was going to step in your way. You both continued to see each other; always meeting at the field you claimed your own. It even got to the point where you both ran away together, but that only lasted three weeks before you ran out of money and were both starving.

Your father had forced you to speak to psychologist about your behavior despite your many protests. Even your psychologist believed that it was normal for teenagers to behave this way. But you decided to keep in touch with her and speak to her about every problem you had. You had even opened up about how you felt about Jensen and how he didn’t feel the same way you did – well not in that way, at least. You discussed the reason behind your sexual acts with him. You told her that you were both just friends, you weren’t dating. Jensen didn’t like you like that. Neither of you wanted to still be virgins when you graduated. What’s a better way than to lose your virginity to your best friend? The one person you trusted most.

When you both graduated, you promised one another that you wouldn’t lose contact – promised that the next time you’d see each other was for your 21st birthday. Jensen wanted to start off his career whilst you wanted to explore the world. So you both parted ways, staying in contact for a whole year. It always consisted with you sending postcards from every stop you made around the world – that included the Sydney Opera House, the London Eye, and even the pyramids of Giza – and him sending one back with letters of his progress.

The second year was when the communication had lessened. You couldn’t blame him for losing touch; he was busing himself with his acting career, he wanted to make the big screen. It was on a cold November morning that you decided to send your last postcard which was of the city of Chicago lit up at night. He knew how much you adored cities at night. You told him that you were going to settle down for a couple of years; that you were accepted into the University of Chicago. But you never got one in return.

It was the third year that you decided to send another postcard to him. Two weeks before your birthdays. He was a day older than you. You wrote to him about your progress in school, about the friendly people you met, about the dates you went on. You asked if he was going to come to the city for your 21st birthday, as he promised. You didn’t expect much of a reply, but you were surprised when you seen an envelope in the mail a few days later.

You were lead to disappointment and heartache. Jensen had told you about his life. He mentioned that his career was starting to go somewhere, despite him being offered a one-off role in a small television series no one really knew about. He told you about this woman he met, told you they hit it off pretty well. You were happy about those two facts. But you were left broken when he told you that he couldn’t make it to your birthday – he had already made plans to spend that week in Hawaii with his new girlfriend.

Despite your heart screaming at you in protest, you decided to send your one last final postcard to him. You wrote about your new best friend, Misha, as he liked to be called. You had met him in one of your classes when you were both assigned to complete a project together. From then on, you both grew close and became the best of friends. You told him about wanting to start your career soon. He knew about it. You both wanted to be major stars on the big screens.

You wished him a happy birthday. Told him that you hoped he was happy and living a good life. As much as you didn’t want to say it, you wrote to him that it was nice knowing him. You stated that now was the time to let go of your foolish promises that clearly weren’t going to remain unbroken. Instead, you wished him a healthy and happy life for the later future and bid him goodbye.

It was better this way. You could finally move on from your high school love. He didn’t bother to reply after you sent that, making it easier for you to move on. Why continue to love a man who didn’t love you the same way you did?

It had been seventeen years since then and you were happier than ever. You career blossomed when a student from the university asked if you and Misha could participate in her short film. You both agreed, of course. Her professor was impressed with her work and the acting involved, that he managed to get in contact with a director and producer and showed off her work.

You and Misha were offered roles in a movie that put your name out into the world. It had begun from there. You both separated but continued to stay in touch. In fact, Misha made the effort to see you as often as possible. You stayed in contact with the student who made you a star in the first place; learning her name was Victoria and she was the only female friend in your life. You both shared the same interests and hobbies. You fangirled together over bands and hot actors and even gushed over the movie you starred in with Norman Reedus.

Eventually, you became the love matcher and got Vicki and Misha together. That led to them both being married and expecting their first child.

That leads to today. You were sitting in the trailer that was now owned by you, preparing yourself for your first scene. Misha had scored a reoccurring role on a well-known television series and had told you about an opening spot for a main character on the show. You hadn’t had enough time to research the show, but Misha told you the basics. There were two main characters, Dean and Sam, who fought against evil. Misha managed to score the role of an angel named Castiel.

You laughed at the information he gave you. What kind of show was this?

But soon enough, you were discussing the role with the creator himself. You had already auditioned for the role, as did many others, but he immediately loved your acting and asked to meet with you privately to discuss arrangements. You learnt that your character would be playing Dean’s love interest, a half angel half human hunter who grew up without knowing her parents.  

Mr. Kripke showed you around the set that was currently cleared for the half hour. He showed you to your trailer, and showed you where to go for clothing and hair and makeup. He arranged for an assistant to take care of the rest as he was needed on set in the next few minutes. Your assistant – Kaylee, you had learnt – handed you a schedule with the times you needed to be on set to direct a scene.

Now here you were, reading over your script and memorizing every line. You had recently bumped into Jared Padalecki, who you learnt played the role of Sam Winchester. He told you that you’ll love the guy who plays Dean, but never mentioned his name. Instead, he rushed off as he was needed on set.

The scene that you needed to film was your character interacting with Castiel, who finds you cutting off a vampire’s head. It was entrance to the show, making the audience believe you were just another hunter, but soon reveal that you are more than just that.

Glancing at the time, you quickly rushed out of your trailer and ran over to set. You seen Misha talking with one of the crew members, but couldn’t help but squeal and run over to him. He immediately stopped speaking the person and grinned, opening his arms and readying himself for your embrace. It had been three weeks since you seen him and you were happy to be with him again.

“Mimi!” You giggled when he spun you around, planting a gentle kiss to your jaw. The two of you were always affectionate towards each other, it even made Vicki think you were together when she met you both. Luckily for her, you weren’t together and never planned on it.

“Y/N/N!” He beamed, placing you back down on your feet. “I’ve missed you.”

You smiled up at him and quickly pulled your phone out, opening the camera. He knew what you were doing; you did it every time you caught up. You held your phone in front of both your faces, both grinning, as you snapped the photo.

“I’ve missed you, too,” you kissed his cheek before opening Instagram. You uploaded the photo with the caption “Reunited with my best friend. Can’t wait to be working with him again! Xx

Before you could both continue your conversation, you were interrupted by the director, ordering you both to get on your marks and begin acting.

It had taken thirty minutes to film the scene, Misha found every opportunity to ruin it for you. Whether it was the unscripted flirty line he spoke or the groans he made quietly when you killed the vampire. It ruined your first chance to be professional and show these guys you were good. But you made it in the end, with a punch to Misha’s arm.

You were both in the break room, grabbing something quick to eat whilst you wait for the next scene you needed to be in. That involved your character, Castiel and Dean. You were excited because you were finally able to meet this famous Jay that Misha was gushing about. He was about to show you a picture of him when you were told that you were needed on set.

Misha grabbed your hand and pulled you to set, walking over to a tall man who had his back to you. He was speaking to Jared, though. Jared seemed to notice you, and smiled at you. You smiled back at him, standing behind Misha to look over at the set. You hadn’t noticed that the three men were talking until Misha tugged at your hand, gripping your hand tightly. You turned to face him, smiling up at him, before looking behind him and at the man who was staring back at you.

Your heart started to beat faster at the man’s appearance. Your smiling dropping when you realized who it was. Minutes had past and you were still both staring at each other in shock. No words were said between the two of you as the both of you studied one another.

“Y/N/N?” Misha whispered, freeing your hands and placing his hands on your shoulders. You couldn’t take your eyes off the man in front of you though. He had changed. He didn’t look like the young baby faced teenager you knew of.  No, he was a grown ass man now, sporting a few days old beard.

“Jensen,” you whispered, pulling away from Misha.

Jensen seemed to understand what you meant through his name, as he walked to you and embraced you into a tight hug. You did your best to hold back the tears that threatened to fall, but your pride was let down and wave of sadness washed over you. You couldn’t hold back the tears. Your former best friend was hugging you.  

The man you had fallen in love with when you were teenagers. The man you bid goodbye to because you couldn’t handle the heartache he left with that last postcard. The man you hadn’t spoken to for seventeen years. He was standing in front of you, gripping you tightly in his embrace. You could tell he was letting go of a few tears as well, as he nuzzled his face into your neck.

“You have no idea how much I missed you,” he whispered, pecking the skin just below your ear. He had always done that as a sign of comfort since the age four, “God, it broke my heart when you sent me that postcard.”

You close your eyes and pulled him tighter against you, fisting his shirt. You didn’t trust yourself to speak, so instead you pecked him back on the neck just below his ear. You heard Jared and Misha mumble something before walking off and speaking to the directors.

“Why’d you leave me?” Jensen mumbled, pulling back slightly to look at your face, but he still held you in his arms.

“You were living life happily, I felt no need to stay in it when we barely even communicated,” you spoke softly, leaning your head on his shoulder. His hand rubbed softly against your back, calming you down slowly.

Jensen’s POV

Jensen felt his heart break even more. He didn’t intend to lose contact with Y/N. He never imagined his life without her – nor did he think it’d ever happen. He always assumed that you both would stick together and witness one another’s milestones. Instead, he was left with no one to tell when he scored a permanent role in an on-going series.

Throughout his entire life, Jensen never felt pain greater than the words he read within that last postcard his best friend had sent. He felt his heart break when Y/N talked about her new friend; as if she were already replacing him with somebody else. He could never replace her, no matter how hard he tried after that. But what hurt most was when she told him that she couldn’t do it anymore; she couldn’t handle the fact that they weren’t communicating as much as he promised you both would. It felt as if he had his heart ripped out and shattered against the wall.

The postcard was proof that Y/N could cause mixed emotions. Whilst Jensen was upset with the fact that she found someone new and that she decided that it was time to give up on their friendship; he was happy that she was starting to follow her dreams. He was glad that Y/N was finally doing something for herself for once.

He wanted so badly to write back and plead for her forgiveness. But what would be the point? She was happy. He wasn’t going to ruin that. He wasn’t going to be selfish and cause her even more grief than he already had. He understood why she wanted to leave and give up. Jensen was at fault, if he were being honest. He didn’t put his full effort in trying to keep in contact with her.

But all of that was forgotten when Jensen seen Y/N smiling up at Misha. He couldn’t believe that his former best friend, the woman who he had fallen in love with, was standing right in front of him. He wanted to scramble away and never come out from hiding, but he couldn’t. When his eyes met hers, he was in a trance. The same Y/E/C eyes that he often got lost in when you were both younger were now drowning him again.

Jensen’s heart jumped into his throat when he heard her call his name. He knew by the tone of her voice that she needed him. There was no hesitation when he stepped forward and pulled her small frame into his tight embrace. It was in that moment that he knew he was never going to let her go ever again.

“You think that made me happy when you left?” His voice trembled as a fresh wave of tears begun to well.

He watched as Y/N studied his face. There was a war happening behind her eyes, he could see that, and she had no clue how to respond. It tugged at Jensen’s heart when fresh tears rolled down her cheeks, her grip on his shirt tightening as she pulled him closer again. It was obvious the guilt was eating her alive.

“I didn’t want to,” Y/N mumbled, “I had to, it was for the best.”

“What do you mean?” He asked. He was generally confused at her confession. What made her do it? Why did she have to?

She sighed and pulled back from Jensen. He wanted to pull her back and hug her for the rest of eternity. Instead, he watched her wipe her tears on the sleeve of the sweater she wore and step back from him. She tilted her to look up at him, a soft smile evident on her face.

“That doesn’t matter right now,” she spoke softly, “we have a scene to shoot.”

And with that, she walked over to Misha and Jared. Several questions flooded his mind, every thought surrounding the reason behind Y/N disappearance from his life. But he had to put that aside and finish his work.

Fuck, it’s going to be a long day. He thought.

Following her, his gaze never let her figure. It had been twenty years since he last saw his best friend. She was just as beautiful as he remembered. Her Y/H/C hair had darkened with age, and she had definitely cut it. Her figure used to be short and a bit on the thick side. Now, she was slim and a little taller than he remembered. He loved those curves you had, and he loved how confident you were with your body back then. Jensen wondered what caused you to shed so much weight. He loved you just the way you were.

She was still her bubbly self, though; always excited about the tiniest things. He remembers the day he took Y/N to the park to have a picnic, he had wanted it to be a date but the thought of losing her over his stupid feelings was something he never wanted to face. They were eating the home-baked cupcakes Jensen had made when a lost child came up to her and asked if she had seen the little child’s mother.

She had then spent three hours trying to find this child’s mother, and even fed the little boy some cupcakes. Eventually, they found the kid’s mother and she was so thankful that Y/N took care of him. The mother even invited Y/N over for dinner, as a thank you. The kind act made Y/N beam with happiness. To others, it might have been a small act of random kindness, but to Y/N, it was her whole life being put into perspective.

Jensen fell in love with her even more that day.

“So, how do you two know each other?” Misha asked curiously, looking between you both.

Y/N looked over at Jensen and smiled. His heart was pounding in his chest, he was so sure that everyone could hear it.

“We had been best friends since birth, and unfortunately drifted apart after graduation from high school.” Jensen mumbled, looking over at the woman he still loved. His entire life was right in front of him and he was ready to grab it and never let it go again.

A gasp left Misha’s mouth as looked over at Y/N. He was connecting all the dots, every story she had told him about this friend she had in high school. It was about Jensen.

“The guy from the stories you told me?” Misha asked, a smile forming on his face.

This made Jensen look at him in realization. Misha was the guy Y/N had spoken about. How he hadn’t figured this out before was perplexing. All this time, he was so close to the love of his life without really knowing it. One of Jensen’s best friends was communicating with the woman he loved for the past five years he had known him and he hadn’t known of that fact.

A blush rose to Y/N cheeks. She nodded slightly but it was seen by Jensen. It made him smirk as he turned back to her.

“What stories did you tell, Y/N?” Jensen asked, the smirk still evident on his face.

She blushed even more, looking down at her feet. God, she’s adorable, Jensen thought.

“Most of the stories were cute, mainly about the small happy times you had together,” Misha butted in, a smirk on his own face. “Then there were other happy times that she described very graphically.”

This made Y/N punch Misha’s arm in attempt to get him to shut up.

“You’re a bullshitter! I never described anything graphically!” She yelled at him.

Oh my, Misha, he was so good in bed. And I don’t mean just the sex, I mean with his tongue too,” Misha moaned out, doing his best impersonation of Y/N.

Both Jensen and Y/N blushed at Misha’s reenactment. Jensen blushed at hearing the statement the woman in front of him had apparently said. She blushed because she never wanted the love of her life to know that she gushed about their time between the sheets. But it was too late; Misha was enjoying the moment.

“Is this the chick you talked about to me, J? The one you had said was ‘the best fuck’ in your entire life and ‘had a mouth of a goddess’?” Jared caught on, smirking at his best friend.

Jensen groaned and ran his hand down his face in attempt to hide his red cheeks. He was so going to get him back for this later.

“Wait, so best friends since birth, but you had sex? Did you date?” Jared asked curiously, more confused than anything.

“Uh, no,” Jensen mumbled, “We didn’t date.”

“Why not?” Misha asked this time.

“Because he didn’t love me, Mimi, you know this.” Jensen heard Y/N whispered to the blue eyed man. His heart was caught in his throat as he stared at her. He couldn’t believe what he had heard. The young woman who had stolen his heart all those years ago was only now admitting her true feelings. Meaning, within the twenty one years they spoke, he could’ve expressed his feelings towards her and she would’ve returned them.

But he never took the risk. And that left him with regret.

“I did love you,” Jensen told her, watching as she looked up at him and frowned.

“What?” She murmured, searching his eyes for truth. Boy, did he let her read him. He was falling apart in front of her.

“Of course I loved you back then, fuck, I still do,” he stated, running a hand through his hair, “I loved you since the day you told my bully to back to hell down before you kicked his balls so far up him that he’d be deepthroating his own nut sack.”

This caused Y/N to laugh and shake her head. She remembers that day so vividly. Despite growing up in a strict household, she had one hell of a mouth. Both verbally and physically, Jensen inwardly groaned. They were only fourteen when she said that.

“Oh boy, that was a tough day,” she giggled.

Oh, how Jensen loved the sound of that. Her laugh, to him, sounded so angelic. He could record it and listen to it on repeat and never grow tired of the angelic sound that escaped her mouth. He was so in love with her.

He was about to reply when he was interrupted by one of the crew members. Jensen gave her a look to say that they’ll need to talk later, more privately. She nodded and followed his lead.

“Jensen, Misha and Y/N! On set now!”

Jensen was sitting in his trailer when there was a knock at the door. He mumbled a “come on” as he continued to scroll through his phone. He hadn’t seen who came in and when he didn’t hear them speak he decided to get off his phone and pay the person some of his attention. But when he looked up to see the love of his life; he knew he was going to give all of his attention.

He patted the seat beside him, watching as you moved to sit facing him on the small sofa. You hadn’t given much thought to what you were going to say to him, you didn’t want to make a fool of yourself. But knowing your luck, you probably were going to anyway.

“Hey,” Jensen looked over at you and placed his hand on your knee. His eyes studied your reaction, and he had witnessed that you felt the same sparks he did. You placed your hand over his, curling your fingers into his palm and pulling it closer towards you.

“Hi,” you murmured, smiling softly when his fingers tightened around yours.

Your thumb rubbed over his knuckles, tracing small patterns over the pack of his hand. You missed moments like this. You would always meet up at that field you both claimed as your own and just lay there in silence, holding hands. The silence spoke for itself; you were both comfortable with each other.

“How have you been?” Jensen asked.

He leant his head back against the sofa, still looking over at you. Your gaze was stuck on your hands, your other hand soon joining in drawing patterns on his hand. Part of him wished you would look up so you could see the look on his face; the complete adoration he had for you.

“I’ve been great, honestly. Life is great! I’ve met some amazing people,” You finally looked up and seen how truly interested he was to know about your life. It made you feel important.

“Meet anyone special enough to settle down with?” He dreaded to ask the question, but he needed to know. He wanted to know if he needed to let go and move on. He hoped your answer was a no, being too selfish to let you be with somebody else.

You shook your head, no. You noticed his body relax after your answer, “No, I was close to, actually. That didn’t end well. He wasn’t stable.”

You didn’t want to go into too much detail about that relationship. It was a bad time for you. Jensen realized what you meant, anger sparking his every nerve. But when you brought his hand to your lips, he visibly relaxed. You didn’t want him to worry about something that happened five years ago.

“What about you?” You needed to know this.

“No,” he muttered, “you know that chick I was with when we sent those postcards? Yeah, we ended on a bad note. I haven’t really dated since then. A few hook ups, but nothing more.”

You inwardly screamed in glee, smiling softly at the man. You felt guilty that you were happy that he was single. You wanted him all to yourself, though. As selfish as that seemed. But he wanted the same. He wanted you to himself. He didn’t want to share.

“Good,” you whispered, looking back down at your hands. He squeezed your fingers and used his free hand to move the piece of hair the fell in front of your face. You looked back up to him to see his face close to yours.

You sucked in your breath as he studied your lips. Oh man, kiss me already! You screamed out in your thoughts. But he didn’t kiss you where he wanted. Instead, he placed his lips on your cheek. It still caused you to blush uncontrollably.

“Why is that good, hm?” He whispered into your ear, his breath was felt against your neck causing goose bumps to rise.

This was your moment. Now was your time to tell him everything. It had been seventeen years full of trying to move but ended up being seventeen years of falling even more in love with someone who you thought had forgotten you existed. But you were wrong. Jensen thought about you every moment of the day. You consumed his dreams when he slept. And when he went out to drink with the boys, you were still on his mind. How could he forget his first love? Even if his first love consisted of being friend zoned to the max.

“Because that means I get you all to myself,” you turned your head and looked him in the eye. He looked you back in the eye and grinned, finally feeling the hole in his heart start to fill. It only took you both twenty-two years to confess your feelings for one another. You could’ve been married by now if the two of you grew a pair when you were fourteen.

“I wish we kept sending postcards,” he mumbled, leaning closer to you. You could feel his breath against your lips, “I wish I had the courage to confess my feelings to you in one of the postcards, maybe then we’d be together.”

“You’re wasting time right now,” you giggled, “screw them postcards. You have me now.”

And with that, he pressed his lips against yours. Fuck the whole butterflies in your stomach, it felt more like dragons blowing fireballs. His free hand cupped the back of your neck and pulled you closer. Your lips moved together in sync, one of your hands reaching up to tug at his hair. With lips locked, a silent promise was made.

You both silently vowed to never leave one another’s life ever again. You vowed to marry the man in front of you and he vowed to love the woman in front of him for as long as he lived.

Don’t Reset - MM Fanfic - Chapter 1

Title: Don’t Reset
Game: Mystic Messenger
Characters: MC + Saeyoung + RFA + Supporting Characters
Rating: 18+
Themes: Angst, all the angst
Description: The Reset Theory, MC is trapped in the game, will 707 manage to free her?

Hey guys, yeah I know another new fanfic started and I haven’t finished the others, I’m sorry haha but @hifftn helped me figure out what I wanted to write. The basic idea was there but I couldn’t get the rest out, she helped so thank you :D hopefully this will turn out ok :) but basically I had seen soooooooo many cool and amazing reset theory fics and drabbles and such and my mind wandered into my own idea. I’t’ll probably be similar to the others but I am trying to make this one different, but we’ll see where it goes! Enjoy!

Why was it so dark in here? I couldn’t see a single thing, not even my hand right in front of my eyes, was it even there? Where was I? And why couldn’t I remember anything? I desperately tried to think back to what led me here, but I kept hitting a brick wall, a very painful one at that. A headache shot through my skull every time I attempted to remember. It was useless. It was probably best that I didn’t keep trying that too often. Pain as well as darkness wasn’t a good combination right now.

My hands slowly began to shake, seriously, what was going on? Ok, ok, I had to calm down before I really started to panic. A light. I needed to find a light. I reached into my pocket but my phone was dead. I doubted it was the battery being simply dead, but what else could it be? I put it away anyway, it wasn’t going to be much help, so I began to carefully reach out in search for an actual wall. If there was a wall, there must be a door at least.

“Hello?” I finally found my voice “anyone there?”

No response. I swallowed hard as my hands reached all around me. I was failing to find a wall, how big was this room? My hands started shaking again and I genuinely felt the panic setting in my heart. Was I stuck here? How long for? I wanted out. Now.

“Let me out!” I shouted.

No response or even an echo. No echo…no walls…what the hell?

“Please! Let me out!” I shouted again.

“Reset?” I suddenly heard a voice.

I froze. Was there someone in here with me? No. This didn’t sound human to me.

“What?” I asked, a tiny glimmer of hope sparking. Even if this voice wasn’t human, it was still a voice.

“Will you reset?” The voice asked.

“Reset? What do you mean?”

“In order to leave here, you must reset, will you do this?” it asked.

There was no emotion to this voice, it was purely mechanical, metallic, robotic and it wasn’t exactly reassuring me right now. I just clung to the idea that a voice was still a voice. A voice meant I wasn’t alone, not completely.

“What happens when I reset?” I asked.

“You will begin again” It replied.

“I get that, that’s what reset means, I meant what will happen to me? I’ll get out of here?” I asked.

“Yes” It replied simply.

“…” I hesitated, something in my heart was screaming at me to not do it, and yet I just wanted out of this blackness “ok, I’ll reset” What harm could it do?

As a bright light began to engulf me, I felt like someone was watching me. Were they really? Or was this just paranoia and I was just imagining the voice had a body? Minds play tricks after all.

Once the light had passed I stood staring at 5 doors. Ok, now what was going on? I looked at the one on my far left and carefully walked over to it. It looked exactly the same as the others, and yet the handle was tinged with a slight silver to it. Glancing at the others, I saw each one had its own colour. The next was a slight green, then a yellow, then a purple, then a…a black? Why was the last one black? For some reason the black felt more out of place than any of the others. Curious, I walked over and let my fingers brush against the handle.

“OW YOU MOTHER FU…” I hissed as the handle burned my fingers and I pulled back.

Ok, fine, this was obviously a choice and if I couldn’t choose that one, then I’d start at the beginning.

I made my way back to the silver handled door and warily put my hand on it. It didn’t burn so I turned it and stepped through. And yet, as I did, I swear, I swear on my life, I heard crying. What had I done?

h e a t h e n s // part 1/? (k.t.p.j.)

Summary: You were born into a family of normals, the only one with something different about them. It was a curse you turned into a gift- a gift you hid away, never to be seen again. But years later, it seems you can’t escape its past. Someone comes looking for you- looking to make you the leader of a group of delinquent villains, the nastiest that exist. 

You were never one to say no. 

Genre: Action//Romance//Angst//Comedy

Word Count: 7,494

Group Members: Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung 

You: Captain Flag (Fem.)

“Forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun.” 

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It’s Too Late - Part 1 (Jikook x Reader)

Here is the first part of the new series. I really hope that it turned out well and that it’s enjoyable. Feedback is highly appreciated. Enjoy. ♥

Wordcount: 2.470

Genre: angst

You couldn’t remember how this all started. Had it been the way he’d looked at you the whole evening? Had it been the way you automatically searched for him when you’d just escaped from an argument with your boyfriend? You couldn’t remember what it was that had started all this, but here you were at the party of the schools most popular girl in your grade, making out with him in a closet.

“Jimin, I really don’t want to be here.” You whispered to him as you entered the house. There was loud music booming through the speakers and a sea of people, some familiar but most unknown to you. You weren’t exactly one of the popular people in school. You weren’t even invited to this party. You only were your boyfriend’s +1, because he, a member of the school’s football team, had decided to be in a relationship with you. But how could you say no when this boy with the face and voice of an angel had asked you to come with him? “We just arrived here.” He whispered back while he was looking through the crowd trying to spot out a certain person.

As soon as he saw who he was searching for, he pulled you with him through the mass of people. “Hey, Jungkookie.” He called out. You saw the tall boy with the raven black hair look up. Your eyes met for a second before he looked at your boyfriend. He rolled his eyes. “Stop calling me that. We’re not in kindergarten anymore.” He pouted. Jimin giggled. He found it just too cute how Jungkook always complained. He walked up to his best friend and ruffled his hair playfully. “How is everything going?” He asked him. Jungkook shrugged “As always.” He answered plainly “What about you?” “I’m great - as always.” The orange haired boy answered with a smile “Being here with my girlfriend.” He pecked your cheek.

“Park Jimin!” Someone called out for him and he spun around. “Ahh, jagiya. Let’s go talk to the host of this party.” He told you. “I don’t like Iseul.” You mumbled under your breath. Jimin ignored your comment and pulled you with him. He had a conversation with Iseul while you were just standing at the side as decoration. You scanned the room for someone you could talk to, but none of those people were your friends. You were a nobody and popular people weren’t friends with nobodies. The fact that Park Jimin was your boyfriend was the great exception and honestly most people didn’t understand how he could be with you.

Your first interaction with each other was in your English class when you were put together for a project. It was pretty cliché, to be honest. He came to your house to work on the project, but soon you found yourself talking the whole afternoon about everything but the project itself. Jimin was the nicest guy ever. If angels existed, he was one of them. He didn’t even care about the fact that you weren’t popular like him. He loved you just the way you were and he didn’t expect you to suddenly become friends with all the popular people. You were rather shy and introverted and he accepted that.

The only exceptions were times like these, when he took you to one of the parties he was constantly invited to. You had to admit, accompanying him to those parties was the least you could do for him, since he already ditched most of his invitations to spend time with you although he loved parties. But you couldn’t help it. You just felt so out of place.

Jungkook’s and your eyes met again. Why did you look at each other so often? It wasn’t even on purpose. Somehow your eyes just magically seemed to find each other. Suddenly, Jungkook left the spot he was standing at and walked into the kitchen. You looked back to your boyfriend and Iseul. “Have you heard of the rumor that’s going on about Jinwoo and Sandara?” Iseul asked excitedly. Jimin smiled at her. “I haven’t only heard about it. I can confirm it. Jinwoo is constantly bragging about it during training.” Iseul giggled. You rolled your eyes. Who cared? They did. All the people in this house did – your boyfriend included. You freed your hand from his grip and nudged him. “Jimin” He ignored you. “Jimin.” You nudged him again. He let out a deep breath and excused himself from Iseul. He grabbed you by your arm. “Let’s go outside.” He said and shoved you out of the door.

Outside were only a few people. Drunk girls that were chatting about these oh so hot boys on this party and a few guys fighting over whatever. No one paid attention to your annoyed boyfriend shoving you onto the grass. “Why are you like this?” He asked you incredulously. “What do you mean?” You asked him “You were the one shoving me out of the room.” He sighed and rubbed his forehead before he talked to you again. “Y/N, since we came here you are doing nothing but complaining.” “Because I don’t want to be here.” You retorted. He huffed. “Seriously? I don’t even go to half of the parties I’m invited to. Because of you. Because I love you. And I don’t get why you can’t even spend one night with me and people that are my friends.” “Because I don’t fit in.” You countered. “It’s because you don’t even try to fit in!” He was yelling by now “It’s not only the parties! Do you know what I have to deal with all the time because of our relationship? All the comments I get to hear every day? All the comments you don’t get to hear, because you don’t even try to talk to my friends? Sometimes I ask myself if all this is even worth it, if being with you is worth all those restrictions.”

You frowned. “What did you just say?” You asked him quietly. He widened his eyes in realization and held his hand in front of his mouth as if he could take all the words he just said back. Tears started to gather in your eyes. “Is this how you think?” Your voice was shaking as the first few tears streamed down your face. “No, Y/N-ah. I-I didn’t mean it.” He tried to comfort you. He wanted to take your hands, but you took a step back and shook your head violently. “Don’t.” You said “If that’s how you think…Go back inside and have fun. I won’t bother you. I won’t complain. Just don’t talk to me for the rest of the night, Park Jimin.” You walked back inside the house. Jimin was still standing there watching you dumbfounded.  

When he was just about to follow you inside someone walked into his way. “Hey Jimin. Nice to see you here again. You barely attend parties anymore! Where’s your girlfriend? Ah, never mind. Jinwoo wanted to see you. Wait I’ll lead you to him.” The boy said, wrapped his arm around Jimin’s shoulder and basically forced him to follow him to meet Jinwoo.

You walked straight upstairs and searched for the bathroom. When you walked into the room with the white tiles, you looked into the mirror just to see two people grossly making out in the bathtub through the reflection. You ignored it and eyed yourself. You grabbed a paper towel and wiped away the tears. When you were finally happy with the way you looked, it wasn’t visible that you just had cried, you walked out again and left the drunken party guests on their own.

You sighed and looked around. There was only one person you wanted to see right now. You walked around the house and looked into almost every room until you found him, still in the kitchen, leaning against the counter next to a bunch of people who were busy figuring out who could down the most shots. As you entered the room his eyes instantly found you. A faint smile spread across his face when you approached him.

“Hey, there.” You said “Why is the school’s quarterback all alone in the kitchen staring holes into his red cup?” He shrugged and took a sip of his beer. “I don’t like these parties.” He said. You frowned in confusion. “You don’t? But you are one of the most popular guys of the whole school. How can you be so popular when you don’t interact with people?” He let out a dry laugh. “I’m the quarterback. The quarterback is automatically popular, no matter what. And it’s not like I never interact with people. I just don’t like all the gossip and that stuff. Fortunately people don’t bother me with anything unless I make the first step. If I don’t talk to them, they don’t talk to me – except for your boyfriend who happens to be my best friend. While we’re at it, where is he?” He scanned the room for the orange haired boy, but Jimin was nowhere to be seen.

You grabbed Jungkook’s red cup and took a big sip. “We had an argument.” You explained shortly. “You want to talk about it?” He asked you. Jungkook actually wasn’t the best person to talk to when someone had a problem. He wasn’t good at giving advice and almost never knew how to act around sad or distraught people. But something about you made him want to help you, and if it was just listening to you ranting about your relationship issues. You were his best friend’s girlfriend after all.

“It was just stupid. He was mad that I complained too much about being here. I admit it, I did complain a lot. But that doesn’t justify what he said next.” You told the tall boy “He…He said that he didn’t know if being with me is worth it.” Jungkook swallowed thickly. “He said that?” He asked in disbelief. You nodded and emptied the cup. “I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” Jungkook said “But I get why you’re upset. Mean it or not, you don’t say that to your girlfriend.” He originally didn’t want to say anything against his best friend, but Jimin had done wrong. You chewed on your bottom lip while you were in deep thought about what had happened.

“Let’s get your mind off of it and have at least some fun. We’re at a party and not at a funeral.” He said and disturbed your thoughts. You looked at him blankly. He turned around and took a few steps to where all the drinks stood. He snatched a bottle of something unknown to you - the only thing you knew for sure was that it was alcohol – and turned back to you. “Let’s play a game.”

Not even ten minutes later you found yourself pressed between a  wall and his body, his soft and warm lips locked with yours. It was a heated and messy kiss. You kissed each other as if your lives were depending on it. And it wasn’t the alcohol that’d caused it, no. Both of you had barely drunk anything before Jungkook had taken you by your hand and pulled you into the closet.

His hands roamed your body and eventually found their place on your hips. Your fingers tangled themselves inside his dark hair while your tongues were fighting for dominance.

Jimin was tired –tired of the way too long conversations he was having with the people at the party. He had barely listened to everything that was aid to him, because he couldn’t get the fight with you out of his mind. He glanced at his watch. You’d said you didn’t want to talk to him the whole night. Well, the night wasn’t over yet, but Jimin thought that he had given you a long time to calm down, not really voluntarily, and could try to make up with you again. He excused himself from the small group of people that surrounded him – he didn’t even notice that someone was midsentence when he said that he needed to go – and went to search for you.

Breathless you looked into each other’s eyes. You were surrounded by almost complete darkness, only the light that shone through the gaps of the door illuminated the small space, and silence. Until Jungkook suddenly broke the silence “We should get out of here.”  Did he mean getting out of the closet, or getting away from the party? You nodded without even knowing what he was talking about. He did the same, opened the door slightly and peeked out to look if someone was coming.

When he was sure that no one took notice of him, he walked outside. You wanted to follow, but he suddenly closed the door and would have almost squeezed your fingers, if you hadn’t pulled back in time. You were just about to complain to him when you heard a familiar voice on the other side of the door. “Jungkookie”

Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of his best friend – the one whose girlfriend he’d just made out with. “Hey, Jimin.” He said, trying his best to seem unsuspicious. He’d pressed his whole bodyweight against the door and prayed that you would just stay silent. “Have you seen Y/N?” Jimin asked him, concern in his voice. “No. Wasn’t she with you the whole time?” Jungkook replied. His friend shook his head and slumped his shoulders. “We had a fight and I” He let out a heavy sigh “I really fucked up, Kookie.” Not as much as I did, Jungkook thought to himself.

You sunk down to the floor and buried your face inside your hands, guilt washing over you. You continued to listen to the conversation outside.

“Can you look out for her, please?” Jimin asked the taller boy. Jungkook nodded. “Sure.” “Thank you” The other male flashed him a faint smile “If you see her, tell her that I was searching for her and that I’m genuinely sorry for everything.” Jungkook nodded again.

You heard footsteps and a knock on the door. You jumped up just when the door opened. You walked outside and looked at Jungkook. There was the silence again. You didn’t hear the loud music and the noise of the people around you. There were only the two of you. But you didn’t have the time to figure out what’d just happened between the two of you. “You should go talk to him.” Jungkook said so quietly, it was barely audible. You nodded and looked to your feet when you started walking past him. “Hey, Y/N-ah.” His voice stopped you. You turned back around to look at him. “Are you going to tell him?”

Part 2

Critical role is almost too much sometimes? Like. I can handle it if there is a battle that takes two hours and then like an hour of emotions but lately it’s been like binge watching five episode of a show once a week and like emotionally it’s draining. I love critical role to death but I feel like we haven’t had an emotional break since Percy died and that was back in… September?

Idk. I just hope that this turns into something a little more fun for a little while? Not to say that they cast isn’t doing good work, because they are fucking killing it every week which is why it’s so draining because it feels so real (and i tend to avoid watching things that make me feel real) but I think it’ll be a nice break from the sad angst fest that it might have devolved into if Sam hadn’t made a choice.

(Spoilers in the tags)

How the bidders react to the MC getting attacked due to their work/participation in the auctions - KBTBB Head canon

So this one actually isn’t a request! I haven’t posted anything new that hasn’t been a request for ages now and this idea struck me the other day. I promise the other two I’ve been working on are requests! But I am very happy with how this turned out.

In fact I’m ridiculously excited for this new post! It makes me very happy :)

What happens when someone attacks the MC in retaliation to her boyfriend’s work/participation in the auctions?

WARNING - Features violence, angst and fear.

Baba - Being a thief, danger often came with the territory. Though Baba only ever stole artworks from people who had come to own them through dishonest means, it was a given that he angered a lot of criminals in the process.
Even though Eisuke helped Baba to move the stolen artworks through the auctions or assisted him in giving them to notable charities, one occasion, the knowledge had slipped through the cracks.
Getting off shift one evening, you had gone up to the penthouse floor, not expecting any of the others to be around. The latest auctions had been a huge success and given that, Eisuke had taken Ota, Soryu and Mamoru to the hotel bar for drinks to celebrate and to discuss when the next one would be held.
With Baba at home, getting some additional things to bring to the penthouse suite that you both shared, you were grateful to have time to change and freshen up, ready for your date with him that evening.
Getting inside and shutting the door casually behind you, you put your cell phone on the table and went to turn on some music.
Walking in the bathroom to put the shower on, you then went into your bedroom to look at what you might wear for dinner that evening, unaware of the door to the suite opening.
Meanwhile, as Baba got home, he had opened the door and walked inside to discover his home in disarray.
Pulling out a handgun from it’s hiding place, Baba carefully edged through the house, finding it trashed, though as he thought back to who could have been responsible for such a personal attack, he realised if they knew the location of his home, it was likely that was not all they had known. This was a warning…
Trying to call you proved to no avail, leaving Baba panicking as he ran from the house, sprinting up the road as fast as he could towards Tres Spades and dialling the first number he could find.
‘Ota! Listen to me, where are you and the others?!’
Thinking that you had heard something, you wondered if Baba was home early.
With no response, you had been about to go out into the hallway when the lights went out. The power was down…
Using the light from the surrounding buildings to see your way into the living area, you had been about to go and get your phone for the torch when you realised that Tres Spades seemed to be the only building with a power outage. That was when you saw a figure shift.
As your eyes widened, you let out a scream as someone grabbed you and threw you against the wall, hard.
‘Let me go!’
Throwing you across the room and watched as you landed against the coffee table, the glass and frame smashing beneath your weight, you struggled to try and get to your feet. Before you could escape, you were pushed roughly against the windows, an arm pinning your hands behind your back while the other was across your throat.
‘Baba will be here, any minute,’ you gasped out, fighting to maintain the strength in your voice as you felt the pressure increasing. ‘The others…they…’
‘They’ll never get up here while the power is down. That bastard Baba thought he could screw me over? Well if he can take something of mine, I’ll take something of his…’
Screaming Baba’s name as loudly as you could muster, you felt a sharp blow to your stomach as the door flew open, breaking off it’s hinges.
As the lights came up, you could see Baba stood, breathing heavily as he directed a gun at your attacker, with Soryu and Ota behind him.
‘Hasn’t anyone ever told you that’s a rude way to handle a pretty lady?’ Baba remarked, his voice venomous as his eyes glinted dangerously.
‘Baba…’ you breathed, your voice slight as relief shone in your eyes.
‘Step away from her.’
With the intruder distracted, instinct took over in that second as your knee came firmly up into his crotch, forcing him to drop his knife and giving Baba a chance to jump in and seize the attacker.
Letting Soryu haul him out of the room, Ota and Baba were at your sides as you fell to the floor. Taking you in his arms, Ota witnessed the fear and pain in Baba’s eyes as he cradled you close to him, promising you that it was all okay.

Soryu - As the girlfriend of a mobster, it was a given that Soryu’s primary concern was keeping you safe. They dealt with many dangerous people and the last thing he ever wanted was for you to come to any harm.
Though he never expected anyone would have the audacity to dare go to his home. Let alone when you were there.
You had been given some time off work by Eisuke and to celebrate, you had decided to get in ingredients for Soryu’s favourite meal as well as surprise him by waiting for him at home, knowing that he wouldn’t be expecting you that evening.
You hadn’t gotten much time alone together as of late, so you were hoping that this would give you some much needed time together. However, you had failed to notice the car that had been tailing yours as you headed for Soryu’s home.
Getting out of the car and locking it absentmindedly as your thoughts trailed off to your beloved boyfriend, you couldn’t help but feel a spring in your step at the thought of seeing him.
Idling taking his keys from your handbag, you let yourself into his apartment and breathed in the welcoming scents that you associated with it. It reminded you of Soryu, of home.
Placing down the groceries on the kitchen counter, you knew that Soryu would likely not be home for another hour, having checked in with Ryosuke to find out when he was likely to finish work.
Running a hand through your loosely curled tresses, you had been about to pour yourself a drink when you heard a noise from down the hall.
Placing the wine glasses on the counter, you waited a moment as you looked curiously down the hallway. You knew it couldn’t be Soryu. His car hadn’t been in the driveway and Ryosuke said he was still at work.
Waiting for a moment before gingerly pouring yourself a drink, you took a sip to steady your nerves and reassure yourself.
Deciding it might be best to borrow a book and try to relax a little, you had gone towards Soryu’s study when a dull thud sounded.
Putting the glass aside, you carefully moved through Soryu’s home, treading lightly as you moved towards the source of the sound. Though before you could push open the door at the far end of the hallway, a cloth was forced over your mouth as strong hands grabbed you from around the waist.
Struggling was useless against the strength of those who restrained you as you inhaled the chloroform that the cloth had been doused in and faded from consciousness.
By the time you began to come too, you could feel rope cutting into your wrists as you tried to move, the pain leaving you feeling disorientated as you tried to make sense of what was happening.
As a sharp blow was struck across your face, you looked up weakly to see a dark haired man looming over you. Chinese perhaps. Though he spoke fluent Japanese.
‘I would say it is unfortunate for you to be in this position thanks to Mr. Oh. But I have had to take care of many people that I would rather not come within a mile of. You, however, don’t seem too bad.’
‘Soryu…he’ll be back, any minute,’ you stammered, your voice weak as the apparent mobster laughed in your face.
‘Oh I’m quite sure I have him occupied well enough for now. Besides, as I have come to understand, he is unaware that you are even here…’
Seeing you pale at his words, the mobster managed a grim smile as he knelt down before you and trailed the edge of a blade along your thigh to your knee. The cool steel made you shiver.
‘Now, I’m sure I can do my best to keep you company…after all, when Soryu does return, we want him to hear a message.’
‘What do you want?’
‘What do I want? To hurt him. To wrench his heart out and show him how much damage we can inflict. Though what better message is there than to make him live through the agony of losing the only thing in his world?’
Following his grey eyes, you had been unprepared for the sharp pain that seared through your shoulder, making you scream out in agony as the knife was pulled from your wound.
‘I am going to give him my message, even if I have to carve it out, using your lovely body to do so.’
Hearing several gunshots ring outside, the man was on his feet as the door burst open and Soryu stood before you both, breathing heavily as he pointed the barrel of the gun at your attackers head.
‘Drop the weapon and get on your knees,’ Soryu stated, his voice ice cold as he glared at the intruder.
As the intruder began to make a move, Soryu moved to grab his wrist and force the attacker against the wall, smashing one of his frames in the process.
Hearing the clang of the knife hitting the floor, you let out a shaky breath of relief as you saw Ryosuke and Koichi.
’S-Soryu…’ you stammered, your voice shaken, petrified.
Releasing the mafia member roughly to one of his subordinates, Soryu was immediately at your side, looking over your wound and wiping away your tears as you struggled to regain your breath.  
‘It’s okay,’ he soothed, making quick work of the rope that bound you and bringing you into his arms.
‘Have Eisuke send Luke over here now,’ he snapped at Ryosuke before bringing his attention back to you…He would never let anyone touch you again as he promised himself that the bastard who harmed you would suffer severely for what he had done.
‘Soryu…’ Feeling you curl up in his arms and bury your head in his chest, you could still feel his racing heart.
‘I love you…I love you so much…’ he whispered.

Ota - For a long time now, Eisuke had strenuously tried to ensure the security and privacy of the auctions, though for Ota, someone was out to uncover him as less than his angelic persona. For a long time, they had nothing to base it on, that was, until you came along.
Ota was a difficult one to track, but given your position working in Tres Spades as a maid, it was easy to gain access to you.
If they could just get ahold of you, they could make Ota pay for his assistance in the auctions. He had discredited their works as fakes and, while correct, it had ruined them financially. Though they knew getting to you would be no easy feat. The other bidders seemed rather protective of you. Especially Ota.
Though you appeared to lack an understanding of just how much the angelic artist cared for you, those who tried to expose him, knew full well that he would do anything to ensure your safety. They had seen the way he spoke of you, describing you as his muse.
Deciding to make it as public as possible, as a warning to the auction goers and those that Ota associated himself with, they managed to obtain tickets to the secretive auctions.
It was easy to spot you among the guests in attendance. Even though you had been with Ota for a while now, you still couldn’t adjust to the auctions and everything that came along with them.
Finding Ota talking easily with you while casually having his fingers interlaced with yours, you couldn’t help but laugh at whatever it was he was saying.
Even as you turned away to answer someone who was approaching, the way that Ota watched you made it clear just how much he adored you.
‘I think this will be an evening they’ll remember, don’t you brother?’ the elder of the two remarked, glancing to his sibling. Both were dark haired, one having blue eyes and the other brown. Dressed in suits and holding a glass of champagne each, they didn’t look at all out of place. Just like another pair of the elite and wealthy.
Deciding to put their plan into motion, the younger of the two brothers approached you and Ota, the latter paying little mind to it. If he had of done, perhaps he would have recognised them in time.
As a gun shot rang out, the ensuing panic gave the younger brother his opportunity as he he seized your wrist and flung you against a nearby table, watching you smash against the glasses as more screams rang out in the hall and hands grabbed you, hauling you into the strong chest of the gunman as he pressed it to your head.
Unable to do anything given your position, Eisuke and the other bidders tried to take on a different approach than violence as Eisuke stepped forward cautiously.
‘I don’t know what you think you’re doing. But I do not condone this sort of behaviour in my hotel. You need to unhand her-’
‘So how does it feel Kisaki?’ the elder brother spat, ignoring Eisuke entirely. ‘Watching something so precious to you in another persons hands. How about we discard her like you discarded our artworks.’
‘The Akita brothers…Eiji and Hisato if I remember correctly’ Ota remarked, his expression dark. ‘You created forgeries. As an artist I find that quite the insult.’
‘Shut up!’ Hisato snapped, gripping you tighter as his hands pressed the glass into the cuts on your skin.
Letting out a small cry of pain, you could see the anger radiating in Ota’s expression.
‘Let go of her. Now.’
‘I think we both know that’s not about to happen,’ Eiji remarked, picking up a bottle and smashing it against the edge of the table before observing it with a keen interest.
‘I guess she won’t be much of a muse if we cut up that pretty face, will she?’
‘Please…’ you stammered, your body trembling with fear as you
‘If you so much as lay a hand on her-’
‘I don’t think you’re in a position to be making demands. Besides, wasn’t she an auction item herself? Clearly there’s a price for her.’
‘No one can put a price on her!’ Ota yelled, losing his composure as he ran a hand through his hair, and looking utterly lost as your eyes met with his.
‘Drop it.’
Hearing the safety come off a gun, you recognised Soryu’s voice from behind as he put a gun against Eiji’s head.
‘Or I will kill your brother and then I will kill you. Drop the gun and we will pay you whatever amount you demand.’
Knowing that his brother’s life was worth more to him, as soon as the gun was lowered enough, you broke free, running into Ota’s arms and breaking down as you fell to your knees with him holding you.
‘It’s okay beautiful, it’s okay.’
Telling Baba to take you for a moment, the thief easily supported you as Ota got to his feet and lunged at your attackers, throwing a hard punch at the one who had held a gun to you.
‘You will never come near her again. I can guarantee that much,’ Ota sneered, his eyes dangerous as he backed off only at Eisuke’s demand.
‘We’ll take this elsewhere, Kishi, Soryu, take them downstairs.’
Returning to your side, Ota cupped your face in his hands before lifting you up easily in his arms.
‘It’s okay, you’ll never see them again. I promise. This will never happen again. I promise you baby…I promise.’

Mamoru - Mamoru had seen and done a lot of things as a cop. Being a member of the police was no easy task and of course, angering people was all part of the job.
Whether it was victims families, the associates of arrested felons, he had seen it all. He’d had attempts made on him before, taking a couple of beatings too. But he always fought back and still continued to do his job without fear of it.
Since he had been with you however, Mamoru had been more careful. He didn’t want to worry you by walking in from work with an injury like the ones he had suffered with before.
Unfortunately, Mamoru didn’t realise just how much he had angered the relative of a criminal who had just been sent to prison for drug dealing.
Wanting to get his revenge, believing that Mamoru had wrongly arrested him, he had initially targeted the detective, falling for his usual lazy attitude.
That was when he saw you.
Having joined him for dinner at your usual place, he watched you both from his beat up car, taking note of the direction you went him and taking it upon himself to make notes about you.
When he saw Mamoru kiss you, he knew that he had found the detective’s weakness. Maybe he would pay attention to his girlfriend paying the price for his actions.
Tossing his cigarette out of the window, he watched Mamoru for a little longer, before deciding to work on a plan.
Having one of his friends find out when you would be next visiting Mamoru’s apartment by tracking you, he knew he could give Mamoru a message he would never forget.
Going to Mamoru’s apartment two nights later, he knew you would be waiting for Mamoru and, having created a diversion at the police station, he knew you were all alone.
As you went about tidying Mamoru’s apartment, your music was loud on your headphones as you enjoyed yourself. Though you’d never admit that to Mamoru.
Lighting some candles and tying up the rubbish bag, you had gone to take the trash out when a pair of hands grabbed you, wrapping one around your mouth to prevent you from screaming.
The moment he loosened his grip, you had elbowed him in the stomach, but weren’t fast enough to escape as the attacker struck you across the face, hard.
Falling to the floor, you felt him yank you up by your hair as you grabbed a nearby pitcher and smashed it over his head.
Bolting from the door, you ran down the stairs as fast as you could manage, hearing the shouts from the attacker.
He clearly hadn’t expected a fight.
Though as you reached the carpark, you saw a bright set of headlights as the car swerved and braked hard against the concrete.
Recognising the car, you had screamed out to Mamoru just as the attacker had caught up to you, though you fought hard against his grasp when Mamoru grabbed him by the throat and flung him down onto the hood of his car.
‘You thought you could keep me away long enough to harm her. My girl? My woman? You really do have a death wish,’ Mamoru snarled, forcing a pair of handcuffs on him and letting them bite into his skin as a pair of police cruisers showed up.
‘Get him the hell outta here before I break his neck,’ Mamoru growled, fury evident in his tone as he roughly handed the intruder over.
Breathing deeply as you fell to your knees, Mamoru was by your side in an instant, putting his jacket around your shoulders as an ambulance also pulled up.
‘It’s alright sweetheart, that bastard isn’t ever going to come near you again.’
‘Mamoru…’ you breathed, clutching to his shirt as he ran a hand through his hair while the other wrapped protectively around your waist.
‘Don’t worry baby girl, I got you. I’ve always got you…’
Leaning you back far enough so that he could look you over, Mamoru pulled you firmly into his embrace.
‘Detective Kishi, the paramedics are here.’
Looking up to the officer, Mamoru took a moment before easily lifting you up and taking you over to the ambulance.
‘I tried to get away, I don’t know how he got in…he just-’
‘It’s okay sweetheart, relax. You did good, I’m just glad you’re safe’ he remarked, running his finger down the side of your face and brushing some of your hair back.
Reaching out a shaky hand to his cheek, Mamoru placed his hand over yours before bringing it to his lips.
‘Don’t worry sweetheart, I ain’t never gonna let another guy touch you again,’ he assured you, his eyes full of promise as he debated how to deal with that asshole when he got his hands on him.

Eisuke - Eisuke Ichinomiya. One of the self-proclaimed “most important men” in Japan. Though every one had their weaknesses, it seemed like Eisuke was utterly incapable of getting too.
He never kept anyone close to him. He was forever surrounded by women but they were never the same. There was no attachments. That was, until you came along.
After a deal had gone south, a particularly select group had been displeased by the outcome. They weren’t well known by many other than their associates. It was how they had managed to keep their illegal work under wraps from the police. But the moment they discovered Eisuke had a detective in his pocket, they were furious.
Believing that Eisuke had set it up to blackmail them, they decided to exact their revenge by hitting him where it hurt.
What better way than to do it on his own territory? Really shake him up.
Once they knew that you worked for Tres Spades, it seemed all too easy. Knowing the time that you typically tended to the penthouse suite, they timed their attack to fit in with when Eisuke and the other occupants would be busy dealing with their own business.
It was easy enough to gain access via the back entrances. They weren’t as well guarded due to it being the staff entrance.
Finding the elevator that would take them straight to the penthouse level, they were promptly in their execution, ensuring that the doors would not open until they reached the highest level as they readied themselves to make their move.
You had just finished taking care of Eisuke’s room when they arrived on the penthouse floor. Walking outside, you had been about to head downstairs when you noticed them before they could see you.
Backing into the room, you quickly shut and locked the door, your breathing heavy as you tried to think straight.
Removing your shoes to try and suppress any sound, you quickly made your way across the room and found the discreetly hidden panic button.
Hearing something smash from downstairs, you thought of the guns you had seen holstered as you tried to think of a way out.
Pushing the panic button, you were about to run and hide when you heard the door slam open. Looking on in fear as two men dressed all in black entered the room, you were struck with fear, poised defensively as you tried to figure out what you could do.
‘I wouldn’t do anything stupid if I were you…’
These men were clearly dangerous, but you had to do something. As they advanced towards you, you only just managed to dodge them, with one ripping the hem of your dress as you struggled to shake them off.  
Unable to maintain your footing, you fell down the stairs into the living area of the penthouse when you suddenly found yourself off your feet and hurled into the TV that Eisuke and the others used to observe the auctions. As you hit the floor, you tried to push up onto your hands when you felt a vice like grip on your arm as one of the intruders pushed you back into the coffee table before striking you across the face.
‘I did warn you not to do anything stupid.’
Stealing a glance at the men before you, you edged back on the floor and felt your back hit a wall as your chest rose and fell heavily.
Though before they could make any further advances, Eisuke’s cold voice rang out from behind them.
‘Step away from my woman if you want to keep your life,’ Eisuke remarked, his tone severe as he stared down your attackers.
‘Mr. Ichinomiya, how nice of you to join us,’ one of them remarked, though you could see that Eisuke was armed with a team of security all pointing weapons in the direction of the intruders.
‘It takes some nerves to break into my hotel. But touching my woman? Scaring her? Now that, you will pay for.’
‘This isn’t over.’
‘Yes, it is. You’re not the only one who can send a message,’ Eisuke remarked, telling his security team to take them to Soryu to be dealt with as Baba and Ota walked into the room, though Eisuke paid them no attention as he knelt before you.
Seeing how terrified you were as you hugged tightly to the wall, Eisuke gently held out a hand to you and placed it upon yours.
‘It’s okay,’ he breathed, showing you that rare smile that he only held for you.
As tears slipped down your cheeks, Eisuke gently extended his arms to you, encouraging you forward as he wrapped you up in his embrace. Breathing a sigh of relief into your hair, Eisuke continued to maintain his composure, though inside he was seething with anger. He would make sure they paid for going anywhere near you. His precious, innocent woman.
Pressing a kiss to your forehead, Eisuke trailed kisses along your cheeks, eyelids and lips, promising you over and over again that he would keep you safe.
‘I love you,’ he breathed, wrapping you up in his jacket before embracing you once more, leaving no illusion as to how much he cared for you.

I was so gripped writing this! I hope it came across well! Due to the time and the fact I still have to do my workout, my next post probably won’t be till tomorrow now, but I’m going to be having a full writing day as I’m fully caught up with orders on my store for Etsy right now. So I’m looking forward to bringing you all more posts :)

I hope you all enjoyed!

Much love!


Despite it not being my type of music, I really liked the song from this request. That being said, it didn’t make this request any easier to write. I had a lot of ideas but none of them really made much sense so I’m anxious about how it will go down. Ultimately I mixed it with another request to try and overcome my writer’s block. So this post is an amalgamation of the requests by @illusionsacid​ and @buckybaerrns​. Hope you like it!

Prompt:  A Bucky fic based of off a song called holy by Pvris ?(: your writing is amazing

Hey can I get a fanfic/oneshot where the reader is a fairly new amputee and Bucky meets her and is really welcoming but also surprised??? Sorry it’s vague!

“Poor Unfortunate Soul”

You’d been away for a while. Too long, apparently. After an… unexpected event, what should have been a week long operation became a month long. But you really didn’t like to think about it.

Instead you thought about Bucky. Poor, fractured, amazing Bucky Barnes. Steve may have been Bucky’s best friend but you were his anchor, keeping him grounded in the times when Steve couldn’t. As close as they were, neither of them were accustomed to a such a volatile Bucky and sometimes the whirlwind of emotions left Cap unable to help. That was the point at which you stepped in.

You’d been undercover in HYDRA enough times to know how they would’ve treated him. An amalgamation of their techniques and your own compassion brought him down from the ceiling and back to reality.

However, one month was all it took to send him spiralling again. You leaned against the door to his quarters within Stark Tower, waiting for the sound of crashing and yelling and crying to subside. Every time that you thought he might’ve calmed of his own accord, you heard him start up again.

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Part 2 / 3

(Yoongi Angst With A Few Cuss Words) If you liked this one please let us know, because we’re making it a series (YAY :D) … Also, we want you guys to help us with some ideas for this! If you have anything you want us to include in the series, tell us here; Link

-Admin Kai

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You were stuck in your home office with a migraine. It was another late night trying to finish writing a new chapter for your novel. It was agonizing work because you had just gotten writer’s block. You just sat there with the blueish light beaming onto you almost mockingly. “Ugh, why won’t something interesting happen?” you asked the screen.

“Hey Y/N!”

You turned to see your boyfriend of one year, Yoongi, fiddling with a box. “How the hell do you open this thing?” You walk over and simply unlatch the hook at the bottom that fastened the box shut. “Oh… I knew that. I was just testing you,” He wagged a finger at you, making you laugh. He shot you one of his gummy smiles and turned his attention back to the box. You went back to the computer with a chuckle. You heard him leave the room and you sighed. You were hoping that Yoongi would give you something to write about. You proceeded to sit there for another half hour, thinking about what to write. You felt like you might die from idleness and decided to take a break.

You entered the kitchen and grabbed some juice. You heard a faint sigh from your bedroom. It peaked your interest and you made your way to the doorway. The door was closed, but you could still hear everything. You reached for the doorknob, but stopped when you heard what was uttered next.

“Yeah, yeah… I know I definitely won. Y/N didn’t even suspect a thing,”

You furrowed your eyebrows; what did you not suspect?  

“Crap, I can’t hear you, Hoseok. Go somewhere less noisy. What?! I can’t hear you! No, my phone isn’t screwy… Hold on, what? Shit, I’m gonna put you on speaker,” Soon, you heard Hoseok’s voice speaking along with Yoongi’s.

“I said, ‘You won, you can break up with her now.’ Hyung, you proved that you can get any girl you wa-”

You slammed the door open, making Yoongi jump in surprise. “Y-Y/N…” You put your hand up, making him flinch. Your hand dropped to your side but Yoongi didn’t relax. How could he relax now? You could barely hold back the tears in your eyes. He got on his knees looking you in the eyes, pleadingly.

“Jagiya, I-” 

You didn’t let him finish, “Get out,”

“Jagi, let me expl-”


He stared at you in disbelief. “Get out, Yoongi, before I make you,” you spit at him. “And… I’m not your Jagiya,” You barely finished that sentence without breaking down. He bit his lip and didn’t say another word; he just shut off his phone and walked towards the front door. You watched him put on his shoes and when he was at the doorway, he stopped. “Y/N, I’m sorry,”

You closed your eyes and shook your head, “I can’t believe you, Yoongi,” You shut the door harshly behind him and sank to the floor. You heard Yoongi shout out a few choice words in frustration from behind the door. Tears clouded your vision. How could he lie to you like this? Was everything- all of the moments, the hugs and kisses, all of the I love you’s- were they fake?

Fanfic: Pillow Massacre

first fanfic!

Warning: This started out cute when I was writing it, but for some reason it’s impossible for me to not make a fic with at least a little angst. Whoops xD

Fandom: W2H
Pairing: Sockathan (Sock and Jonathan)
Rating: Since the film itself is already dark, I guess T? nothing even close to nsfw in this though

Characters belong to real-faker / welcometohellfilm
credit also goes to finlinc who I made sockathan trash and who gave me a few other adorable fic ideas ;w;

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Thanks Everyone!

It’s been a great week of angst! Did everyone make it out of the carnage alright? I hope so, because Fluff Week is just around the corner! Tears were shed. Threats were made. New friends were found in the rubble of our feels.

I’m so in awe of this fandom and the amazing turn out we had. Either everyone loves da PAYNE, or everyone really loves to screw around with everyone (which is what I truly suspect). This started off with just a couple of people poking fun at one another, someone falling into a screaming pit of madness, and somehow managing to drag a large chunk of the fandom along for the ride. But I’m really glad so many people took the trip with us!

You made this week a success, even if you left your mods curled in fetal position for the better part of a week. 

We have one more bonus day, but the official end of Angst Week!

Thank you for everyone who participated. We hope to see all of your lovely faces again during Fluff Week. 

This is mod B signing off~

An AU Idea

This AU is a kinda Angsty AU

Dipper as a child had Bill looking over him, becoming in imagery friend (Even though Mabel could see Bill) Bill help Dipper with everything, going into his head and became the ‘voice in his head’. When Mabel and Dipper turned 14, Mabel’s mother wanted to take Mabel out to go somewhere (It can be anywhere really) Bill told Dipper to tag along or to try and stop them from going. Dipper refused, Bill knowing that something bad was going to happen. When Mabel and her mother were coming back from where they went, they got into a car crash. Neither of them survived. Dipper’s dad (in a later affect) started to make his pain go away by slowly becoming a alcoholic. Dipper couldn’t take the fact that Mabel died so he had attempted suicide, Bill being the only one to stop it from happening. (Now that I think about it, this really isn’t a AU more of like a angst Drabble. I’m kinda sorry about trying to make this into an AU (not really sorry but ehhh)

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