but it totally fits in with my headcanon

I saw this post by @krzed and I just had to draw it

I totally agree Kim would use Alix’s ace-ness to make the most ridiculous puns

Unusual opinion - I’m excited to meet Leta

Now, most people I’ve seen posting about Leta are all talking about how she’s gonna mess with Newtina and how they don’t want there to be an awkward love triangle – and don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed about that too – but I’d like to point out a few things.

  • Newt and Leta were best friends – for years. Our precious baby would not choose a total bitch to devote his friendship to for almost six years
  • Leta was into fantastic creatures too
  • Leta didn’t fit in – I headcanon that she was a bit of the “black sheep” of her family
  • NEWT. LOVED. LETA. A lot like my first point, he would not love someone that didn’t have redeeming qualities!
  • We know almost nothing about Leta! Don’t be quick to judge!
  • It is highly implied that Leta loved Newt – something we all can relate to
  • Leta may be a “taker” – but that might not be a manipulative, abusive way. She might just be someone who depends on her S.O. a lot and requires a lot of help!
  • I am so excited to meet Newt’s best friend in two years !

I read a lot, too—pretty much anything I could get my hands on, from dad’s history books to fantasy novels—because I spent a lot of time sitting around in hotels and airports and dig sites in foreign countries where I didn’t know anybody. (Carter’s POV, The Red Pyramid, p.2).

  • headcanon that after Carter and Annabeth meet in The Crown of Ptolemy (which I haven’t read yet oops) they exchange book recs regularly bc they’re both Nerds™
  • and Carter always makes sure that the books he recommends to Annabeth are available in audio format bc he’s aware of her dyslexia
  • and their shared reading always ends up in intellectual debates
  • #CarterKaneAndAnnabethChaseAsBookBuddies2k16

Happy japanese/ anime AU month!

I had this since the other year and since I (were running out of time) wanted to finish it here it is <3

My headcanon is that he likes Mecha and Idol anime so i mixed those two (totally created a new oc for this single thing…) also what’s he eating? buns? mochi? i don’t know, decide yourself!.

I have another thing prepared but that’s for later.

Thoughts About TsubaHono

So during browsing and looking for fanworks for this pairing, I stumbled upon a blog post where someone expressed their dislike about this ship. No hate here, mind you, and the post was rather polite and thoughtful, but it revolved around a single reason: That fans only ship Honoka with Tsubasa because the rest of u’s are paired up with each other already.

This reasoning saddens me a bit. I am a TsubaHono fan, had been one since that short scene in Season 2 Ep. 3. I fell in deep for the pairing (or rather, the potential of the pairing) in Ep. 10. Why? To be honest, I find it hard to pin down why I like them so much. There’s magnetism there and there is definitely respect between the two characters, but I liked them together not because the rest of u’s are supposedly paired up already (at the time, I’m still copping around for a ship I actually like) but because I feel like they share something special, something that Honoka doesn’t necessarily have with her group.

Tsubasa and Honoka are both leaders of their respective groups. They are the driving forces behind A-RISE and u’s respectively, the face of the team, and the spokespersons. Because of this, I imagine that they are both placed on a certain pedestal by their members. u’s claims that it does not have a leader, but they all clearly look to Honoka for decisions and ideas. Eli, for example, asked Honoka many times what must be done. I bet A-RISE is the same, especially now that we know that Tsubasa may also be responsible for song composition. Because of their positions, I feel like these two characters share a bond that they do not have with their teammates. There are things that only a leader knows and understands, and I think this is one of the reasons why Tsubasa sought Honoka out in Ep. 10, aside from asking her what drives u’s to be as good as they are. She hoped that Honoka would understand where she was coming from when they were talking and that there would be no offense taken. Though Honoka was confused and perhaps even overwhelmed, deep down she knew where the questions came from, hence she called Umi later that night for guidance.

After going back and watching the episodes many times, I always smile whenever we are shown instances in which Honoka and Tsubasa watch each other as idols. And here lies yet another reason why this pair is endearing to me. In the anime, Honoka got the idea of forming an idol group because of she saw A-RISE perform. Later on, Tsubasa keeps an eye on u’s, because they are potential rivals. Gradually, they become each other’s idols and end up driving each other forward. A-RISE is already popular, they have all the glamour of being celebrities, and they won the first Love Live! like so many fans thought they would. Yet, in the second event, u’s was there to keep them on their toes. There is a new challenge since u’s is back and better than ever, and A-RISE must somehow try to keep the crown. But instead of being a bad sport, Tsubasa found herself admiring Honoka. It was never stated verbally in the anime, but the looks she gave, the sheer awe in it, spoke volumes. Of course, this could only be because she was impressed by u’s Yume no Tobira performance, but we see that look a few times in other instances, like after they talked by the lake and after Tsubasa saw what Honoka came up with as a catchphrase for u’s. The fondness in her expression for Honoka’s honesty and achievements always makes me smile.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I haven’t seen their interaction there. I heard that Tsubasa had quite the role in the latter half of the movie. I really like how they did that. And I think they did so because Honoka needed someone, another mentor, outside of her group. Umi might have taught her discipline, Eli might taught her how to better herself and overcome adversities, but no one from u’s knows how to deal with the bigger picture. Tsubasa is there to teach and guide Honoka into being more than a School Idol, into being popular. And I’m certain Honoka appreciates this, perhaps she’s even grateful. It’s not everyday that the person you admired for so long would openly support you, especially after you have surpassed her.

I won’t jump the gun here and prattle about romance, because it’s difficult to assume that with characters who have so little screen time together. However, I still find it hard to understand why some people cannot see their potential and simply wave the pairing off as a solution to Honoka being a leftover. I believe that Honoka and Tsubasa see each other as equals, true equals. They’re not each other’s leader, and they are no longer each other’s rival. They have become two people who have gone through the same process of rising from the very bottom and climbing to the very top with their friends in tow. And they did this through sheer will and determination. Romance may blossom, or it may not (though I’m certain Tsubasa is already quite smitten of Honoka’s sunny charm), but they have more chemistry with each other than many of the other possible ships in LL.

EDIT: I nearly screamed when I saw those horrible typos on there. This is why I dislike typing crap on my phone. Bad things happen! /0\ And knowing my typos, they’re always actual words that go unnoticed until I read it carefully. Either that or missing words. OTL -laments in the corner of fail writing-

Oh wow and I thought the AskLouisXIV was funny. I should have known AskMonsieur would be a million times better! Someone asked him what his favorite curse word is: ‘putain de merde’ which is basically “fucking hell/holy shit/goddamnit’ which TOTALLY fits in my headcanon that he’s “Catholic” but really couldn’t give a crap about religion (this is SHOW!Philippe).  He has a ‘woody’ scene. He loves his wife but there are a lot of other things he loves more (we can all guess what number 1 on that list is…). He does not like modern pants apparently? Oh he doesn’t know what a movie is therefore he does not know what his favorite movie would be but he’s too busy having sex to care! Other wonderful things: 

he thinks he deserves his own TV show (which he does).

 Someone asked if he’d rather ride or be ridden (oh Jesus Christ) and he basically said the answer’s in the story ;) so take that as you will…

“140 characters are not enough for him to say what he’d do differently if he was king” 

Someone asked what the Chevalier thinks of his dresses and he said ‘well the Chevalier is the one who picks them so he should know!’ (which I could have guessed because he was WAY to giddy about showing him off in that gown)

He also said he IS the gossip and conspiracies of Versailles.

He is also clearly a believer in there ARE stupid questions. He’s called a bunch of people idiots so far…mostly because they criticized his hair.

HE WANTS MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL!!! That would be the law he’d make. AWWWW #MonChevy wedding!

If he was exiled and could only bring one thing it would be the Chevalier (duh)

He also prefers blondes (like the Chevalier) to brunettes! 

His favorite emoji is a moon (because his brother’s is the sun, get it?)

Oh and the Chevalier is his only true love. Really. Like he REALLY loves the Chevalier. A lot. It’s like a constant stream of heart eyes emojis when he’s even mentioned. He got upset because someone said the he deserves better. And said the Chevalier is his Prince (AWWWW OMG OMG OTP OTP!!!!!!!!! CAN HE GET MORE ADORABLE!!!!)

He also thinks instead of paying for Versailles he could have used that money towards shoes…damn he loves his shoes, doesn’t he!

Someone asked how he lives without TV, internet and and iphone and he said “I have sex, war and beautiful clothes!” 

He likes dark and gloomy selfies (ugh, so Morticia Addams of him)

Oh wow did I miss this quote?? “I am the rumble of Thunder in the distance? Did I miss this?!’

The things he loves most about the Chevalier: his sense of humor, his mind and his hair

His favorite perfume is chamomille and lavander

I have never actually laughed out loud so much reading twitter. One thing to say though; THIS MUST HAPPEN AGAIN WITH THE CHEVALIER! CAN YOU IMAGINE?! IF MONSIEUR IS THIS SASSY CAN YOU IMAGINE THE CHEVALIER?! 

Ok but has anyone considered a Big Hero 6 AU???
  • Keith is Hiro
  • Shiro is Tadashi T-T It sadly totally fits.
  • Lance and Hunk are Fred and Wasabi respectively. Totally bros. Fred and Lance are both such goofs who both have crazy amazing dreams of being heroes. And Hunk and Wasabi are the Worried Mother Hen Sweetie Pies™. 
  • Pidge is Gogo. Snarky and determined, they are both my Daughters.
  • Allura would make a nice Honey Lemon (and it totally fits if you ship Honey/Tadashi as well as Shiro/Allura)
  • The gang just fits really well??? Except Coran. 
  • Coran is…. Aunt Cas???? Idk he’s kinda tricky
  • Of course, the main robot man himself is the star. Voltron = Baymax
  • I really don’t know how someone hasn’t done this before???
  • Are you sure this hasn’t been done before????
okay i have these strong wolfstar feels [muggle au]

• Remus works in a tiny, totally groovy music shop
• and he fits there perfectly with his large sweaters and freckles and adorable curls around his face
• the truth is he wears mid-lenght hair because he has scars on his face which he hates
• but anyway-
• he’s very smart and he’s interested in cosmos and stars and all these contellations and planets
• he even has the moon tattoo on his thumb and that’s why everybody calls him Moony
• and he loves that nickname, it’s even on his nameplate
• he always walks around the shop humming with this smirk on his face
• especially when his fav songs are playing
• he loves the beatles and led zeppelin and aerosmith but also classical music like tchaikovsky or chopin or wagner
• and there is this boy with his huge dog
• he always walks in that music shop on wednesdays and the dog waits for him outside
• he wears heavy boots and leather jacket and has kinda long thick dark hair sometimes in a messy bun
• and Remus is literally enchanted with this badass
• one day the boy asks Moony for help with finding the sex pistols vinyl
• of course he could find it himself
this hot grin on his face-
• Remus just stares at him because oh god he’s too handsome to be real
• “hey-” says the boy looking at Remus’ nameplate, “Moony, are you okay?”
• Remus nods blushing, “I’m sorry, it’s just… I’m just tired. c'mon, it should be here”
• and it doesn’t end up on looking for the sex pistols vinyl
• they talk for a while and trust me, Remus could talk about music for ages
• Sirius, because it’s how he has introduced himself, buys the beatles one too
• he’s about to go but he stops suddenly and turns to Remus
• “you said you were tired, wanna get some coffee after work?”
• and Remus is always up for a coffee
especially when handsome boys ask him out, not that it happens all the time
• Moony claims it’s because of his scars but the fact is he was just never interested
• i mean c'mon, everybody wants to ask him out but not everyone is as stunning as Sirius
• “pick me up at six”, says Moony with a grin and oh my god this intense heat running through his body is unbelievable
• aren’t they just adorable????
• Remus can’t stop this silly smile on his face and he catches himself looking at the watch all the time
• what if Sirius won’t appear?
• but he comes back at six
• with his big black dog of course

Voltron fandom: hypocrisy edition
  • Fan: I think Pidge is trans / nb, even if canon explicitly lists her as a girl
  • Fandom: Yes! That's fantastic! Your headcanons are valid and even if canon says different, we're totally with you on this. After all, even if Pidge is officially a girl, clearly you can change her orientation as long as it fits your preference.
  • Fan: I think Pidge is actually an older teen. I ship her with Shiro either with them both as adults, or both as teens. Nothing in canon confirms their ages, but that's my speculation. I think they're just close in age, and Pidge is just short, also pretending to be a boy makes her look younger than she really is. Also I think Shiro is younger than he looks, a little older than the others, but not by much.
Snowbaz morning headcanons

-Simon starts running really early in the mornings, and gets really into it

- Penny joins him a lot of days

-When she started running with him, Simon stupidly thought that she wouldn’t be that good/fast because shes kinda chubby, but she totally kicked his ass and he was struggling to keep up

-Baz absolutely REFUSES to go with

- “I already have superhuman fitness Snow, why would I want to get up early to exercise.” “C’mon Baz! I think it would improve your mood.” “Excuse me, Snow, my mood is excellent, thank you very much”

-Baz secretly likes that they are gone in the mornings because he gets the bathroom to himself and he spends A LOT of time making sure his hair looks good

-Simon makes breakfast when he gets back, and makes a big meal for himself, and packs something up for Baz because Baz always forgets to eat and Simon worries

-Baz makes really good coffee and has gotten Simon hooked on it so when Baz makes it he puts some in a thermos for Simon

-Baz has to leave first for class but always makes sure to kiss Simon goodbye or leave him a cute little note for when Simon gets out of the shower


Like I can picture Boruto eagerly watching as hinata’s skillful hands sew on different animals, shouting out their names excitedly– and cutely, getting some wrong but it’s okay because he’s just a small kidddddd. AND HIMA GETS A OVERALL TOO EXCEPT HERS IS YELLOW AND COULD YOU IMAGINE THE TWO SHOWING OFF THEIR OVERALLS TO LIKE EVERYBODY, LISTING OFF NAMES OF THE ANIMALS, JUST AHHHHHHH


Here are some drawings of other people’s Hyper Light Drifter headcanons that nobody asked for but I did them anyways. These should be the first of many.

I find it funny that like 90% of the fandom think that Drifter or Guardian have white hair, but I totally agree. Also, the various adorable alien ears are great. mue-se’s have been one of my favorites though.

Also I hope it’s okay if I tweak a few things just to get stuff to fit with my art style.

Here are the posts that I referenced:

@asktheguardiandrifter [here]

@mue-se [here]

Artwork belong to BlueBead

ALRIGHT Y’ALL ship weeks is happening right now at this very moment, but I haven’t had time to write yet so instead here are some Rachel/Matt headcanons to hold you over and I will write for you this weekend I swear

  • Matt is a total sucker for Rachel in a dress, so much so that Joe has to go on the missions that require the more form-fitting ones because, well, Matthew Morgan is really good at his job but “Keep your eyes on the bomber, please, Matthew.”  “Okay, but Rachel.  Your hips are the real bomb here.”
  • Matthew Morgan is the little spoon.
  • Rachel could run her fingers through Matt’s hair all day.
  • She frequently does exactly that – while they’re snuggled up on the couch, while they’re on their way to bed, while he’s making dinner or while they’re reading to Cam or just pretty much any time.
  • Matt can’t cook particularly well either, but at least he doesn’t set off the smoke detector every time he touches a stove like, seriously? Again, Rachel?
  • The two of them have a massive prank war.  They have since they first met.
  • It was Rachel who figured out that Matt was a Pavement Artist.
  • Matt totally has that I’m the father, I’m the husband, I’m the protector thing ingrained in him, but then Rachel laughs and flips their latest target over her shoulder without even looking and Matt kind of just wants to kiss her until they’re both breathless
  • Matt and Rachel argue all the goddamn time – mostly on missions because “That’s not how you’re supposed to do it, Matthew.”  “Okay, but this way works better.” “Do you know how much training I have?”  “But we did it this way on the farm and it worked every time.  Did you wake up at the asscrack of dawn everyday to – ?”  “Yes I did, as a matter of fact.  And then I would go to class and learn the appropriate procedures for this exact situation.”
  • Rachel calls Matt by his full name because she wants to experience all of him, all the time.
  • Rachel seriously did not like Matt when she first met him.
  • Which was fine, because Rachel wasn’t Matt’s favorite person either.
  • But then they got assigned a mission together
  • and then another one
  • and then Abby got involved
  • and honestly the rest is history.
  • Matt was usually the designated driver, but there was that one time when Rachel volunteered and Matt decided to “make up for lost drinks.”  It had been a particularly long week in China, and Matt always hates himself when he can’t get to the kids in time, so Rachel lets him drink what he wants and then holds him as he cries himself to sleep later that same night.
  • Rachel knows Matt’s limits better than Matt knows Matt’s limits.
  • Matt’s still trying to figure out what Rachel’s limits are – because damn it, if theres any one person who’s limitless, it’s got to be her – but he’ll sure as hell be there for her when he knows she’s reached them.
  • Matthew Andrew Morgan is in complete awe of Rachel Cameron. Always.