but it totally fits in with my headcanon

I saw this post by @krzed and I just had to draw it

I totally agree Kim would use Alix’s ace-ness to make the most ridiculous puns

Aro-spec Awareness Week 2017

Hey everyone :)

As you might (or might not) know, Aro-spec Awareness Week will be from 19th till 25th February this year - less than a week from now!

I really wanted to do something for Aro-spec week this year, but sadly it’s still exam season here, so I barely have any time for tumblr. Since Aro-spec Week is only once a year I didn’t want to miss it completely, though - and this is where you come in.

If you want to celebrate Aro-spec Week 2017 on this blog, share your ideas/thoughts/art/puns/… with me!

I’ve drawn up a quick plan for posts (though this isn’t written in stone, so if you have any suggestions for other themes or have a post that doesn’t fit the theme of the day, please submit anyway):

Sunday, 19th February: Aro-spec headcanons!
You know that one character who is totally aro-spec? The one you could relate to immediately or read that one fanfic of and headcanoned them as aro-spec ever since? Whether you have drawings, stories or just write the character’s name (and series/movie/book) in my submission box, it will be highly appreciated!

Monday, 20th February: Aro-spec Art Day
Quick aro doodles and art of your favourite character or the aro flag or whatever you can think of! Or do you have a favourite piece of aro-spec art on tumblr? Tag me and I’ll reblog it!

Tuesday, 21st February: How did you find out you were aro-spec?
Whether there was one specific event you can recall perfectly or many small moments that still sometimes make you realize that you’re way too aro-spec for this sh*t - share them here!

Wednesday, 22nd February: What I like about the a-spec community
What is says in the title - what do you like about the aro-spec community? The chatrooms, the puns, this very blog? ;) (Okay, I was just kidding with that last one, but really - submit away:D)

Thursday, 23rd February: Intersectionality
Aro-spec and asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual…? Tell me about your struggles or experiences, share art, jokes, whatever!

Friday: 24th February: Aro-spec recommendations
A book/tv show/movie with an aro-spec character? Your favourite aro fanfic? A cool playlist? Share your recommendations here!

Saturday, 25th February: Aro Jokes and Puns
Everyone knows we have the best jokes - of course this had to be part of aro-spec week!

I’ll try to fill my queue with posts related to these topics, but it would be super awesome if you could share your own ideas etc. - either by submitting something to this blog (whether it’s a page-long rant or two words - I’ll happily take it) or tagging me in your posts so I can reblog them!

The earlier you submit, the more time I have to sort out my queue, so submissions start right now - but if you find/make something on the last day of Aro-spec Week, please submit anyway :) I’ll use the hashtags ‘#arospec17′ and ‘#arospec awareness week’

My favorite Jaal headcanons are the ones where he has very little concept of personal space/privacy/intrusive questions.

He grew up with god knows how many siblings in total plus more extended family, he’s probably so used to being in constant physical contact with people because there was literally no way to physically have space. Cuddle pile on any available furniture because there’s no way everyone is fitting without somewhat sitting on each other, constantly bumping into people, and that’s just normal for him. He definitely falls asleep on the couch on the Tempest and just leans on whoever is next to him, not to mention he’s definitely a hugger after he trusts someone.

And with that many family members you know no one got privacy in that family. Jaal absolutely walks naked across the Tempest in Liam’s armor requisition mission (you and Liam are there chatting and Jaal just walks in already stripped down) and he leaves the room absolutely naked with 0 fucks to give. The crew definitely has to sit Jaal down and explain to him that you can’t just do that, Milky Way species aren’t cool with that. And he absolutely will pop his head into the shower to ask people random questions and he really doesn’t get the problem with that.

And based off banter (if you’ve romanced jaal there’s some great lines with Jaal and Liam in the party) he literally has no problem asking people anything he’s interested about. And he knew what he was doing in the sex scene, he absolutely asked a human on the ship (probably Liam) what human women like and someone gave in and explained human sex to him. Jaal has probably asked every person on that ship intrusive questions about their species.


So Jason’s on an interview once, bc he’s Bruce Wayne’s kid and all, and he gets asked about why he thinks what he thinks about Trump and this is what he says:

“Well, before I say anything else, for all of you who are mad that I was shit talking the president, I want to point out that I did the reading, and according to the constitution it’s my right to call Trump a dick because all the first ammendment says it that I can’t threaten his life. I can destroy his self-esteem all I want. But I digress.
“You guys know that Bruce adopted me, took me off the streets. What you don’t know is that before that, I grew up in the worst part of Gotham - Crime Alley. Crime Alley like if you took all the crime in Gotham and Bludhaven, and threw it into one really long alleyway, and there’s still more crime than that. Growing up, my dad was god knows where, and my mom was an addict. I spent more time on the streets than anywhere else. Living in crime alley allowed me to see the worst in humanity. I’d seen people who did unspeakable things, drug dealers on every corner. But the thing is, there weren’t just criminals there. There were kids and teenagers, people barely older or younger than I was, and they were homeless. They were all drug addicts, abuse victims, homeless children and adults,?part of the lgbt community, teen parents, people suffering from mental illnesses, and more. They were my friends. But the way people looked at them was horrible. I saw how they were treated. People would walk by, hurrying down the streets, turning their heads away or spitting at them or making them feel inhuman. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.
"Some of these people didn’t make it. They died of starvation, hypothermia, disease… some ended their own lives. I watched one of them stab themself, because of the way people were treating them. They’d been kicked out of their home, just because they weren’t a straight, cis kid like their parents wanted. It’s so, so messed up. And that’s why I hate Trump. I see the way he looks at, talks to, and talks about LGBT people, women, everyone. I see how racist and horrible he is and he reminds me of the way people treated the Crime Alley kids. How they looked at me differently, because I was basically homeless and because I didn’t have the privilege they do. I don’t understand how people can be so fucking blind. There are people out there who have killed themselves over the way Trump and everyone like him treats them. That’s fucked up. That’s so fucked up. So I am so fucking sorry, Mr. President, if I hurt your feelings here. But I don’t give a SHIT what you think. You’re a total dick, and I hope that someday you’ll realize that, but let’s be honest: you won’t, because you’re too busy throwing hissy fits when you don’t get want you want handed to you on a silver fucking platter. Fuck you. I’m done with this interview.” He walks out after, pissed off and twenty minutes later Red Hood’s killed three more rapists.

(There was half an hour left in the interview, too, and it was being aired live)

Can you imagine Delia seeing Patsy in her leotard and not being able to keep her eyes off those collarbones… Trxie then asks her if she wants to come along, thinking “she’s just staring because she’s interested in joining keep fit, after all she is on the small side and might benefit from a little cardio…” And when Delia does join in the session and totally bosses everyone with her amazing guns and Patsy is like, that’s my girl, nobody else could pull off that bright yellow leotard.

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Honestly idk if you'll care but imagine lance goin through some serious end of the school year stress with negative reactions from his body. Breakouts, coughing fits, upset stomach, constant headaches, some anxiety and insomnia thrown into the mix and a dash of complete exaustion. (You don't have to answer if you don't want of course I'm kinda just venting how I've been feeling)

I TOTALLY headcanon Lance as someone who goes so hard at the end of the school semester that he ends up sick. My headcanon college Lance is a biology student (wants to be a phlebotomist), works at the on-campus coffee shop, the Vice President of the student government association, and runs track and field for the scholarship money. And the end of the year is super hard for him because finals, the coffee shop is busier, open later, and has students calling out to study for finals so he picks up extra, plus the SGA does a bunch of stress relief events for the student body that use a bunch of his time

Criminal Minds, Season 3, Episode 9 Headcanon.

Garcia comes home from the hospital with her hair in pigtails, shown in the pic below. 

My mind would not let this fact go. I have had a stomach injury (had my appendix removed) and I can tell you right now, there is now way she could have done that herself. You can’t hold your arms high enough, long enough to brush your hair, let alone braid it. 

So who braided her hair for her? My thoughts? This wonderful man right here. 

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Not only does it fit the dynamic of their friendship, but he has two sisters which makes it more likely that he would be able to do so, and is a total gooey in the middle teddy bear. So yes, if you ask me. I think that Derek brushed and braided her hair for her. 

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omg!! i loved you idea sooooo much! it'll be so cute to see best girls in such a cute style, especially in an animal crossing themed! K.K. best watch out! theres so much competition coming! so, for my contribuition, it's like to share some headcanons of honoka kousaka! to start with, i imagine her as a cub. her cards are often featured with cute round ears, her first event as even with a teddy bear! and she'd totally be a peppy! even if this personality fits nico more, i feel like its the best +

Here’s your girl!! Thanks so much for the headcanons * o * b It was a really cute read. 

Thoughts About TsubaHono

So during browsing and looking for fanworks for this pairing, I stumbled upon a blog post where someone expressed their dislike about this ship. No hate here, mind you, and the post was rather polite and thoughtful, but it revolved around a single reason: That fans only ship Honoka with Tsubasa because the rest of u’s are paired up with each other already.

This reasoning saddens me a bit. I am a TsubaHono fan, had been one since that short scene in Season 2 Ep. 3. I fell in deep for the pairing (or rather, the potential of the pairing) in Ep. 10. Why? To be honest, I find it hard to pin down why I like them so much. There’s magnetism there and there is definitely respect between the two characters, but I liked them together not because the rest of u’s are supposedly paired up already (at the time, I’m still copping around for a ship I actually like) but because I feel like they share something special, something that Honoka doesn’t necessarily have with her group.

Tsubasa and Honoka are both leaders of their respective groups. They are the driving forces behind A-RISE and u’s respectively, the face of the team, and the spokespersons. Because of this, I imagine that they are both placed on a certain pedestal by their members. u’s claims that it does not have a leader, but they all clearly look to Honoka for decisions and ideas. Eli, for example, asked Honoka many times what must be done. I bet A-RISE is the same, especially now that we know that Tsubasa may also be responsible for song composition. Because of their positions, I feel like these two characters share a bond that they do not have with their teammates. There are things that only a leader knows and understands, and I think this is one of the reasons why Tsubasa sought Honoka out in Ep. 10, aside from asking her what drives u’s to be as good as they are. She hoped that Honoka would understand where she was coming from when they were talking and that there would be no offense taken. Though Honoka was confused and perhaps even overwhelmed, deep down she knew where the questions came from, hence she called Umi later that night for guidance.

After going back and watching the episodes many times, I always smile whenever we are shown instances in which Honoka and Tsubasa watch each other as idols. And here lies yet another reason why this pair is endearing to me. In the anime, Honoka got the idea of forming an idol group because of she saw A-RISE perform. Later on, Tsubasa keeps an eye on u’s, because they are potential rivals. Gradually, they become each other’s idols and end up driving each other forward. A-RISE is already popular, they have all the glamour of being celebrities, and they won the first Love Live! like so many fans thought they would. Yet, in the second event, u’s was there to keep them on their toes. There is a new challenge since u’s is back and better than ever, and A-RISE must somehow try to keep the crown. But instead of being a bad sport, Tsubasa found herself admiring Honoka. It was never stated verbally in the anime, but the looks she gave, the sheer awe in it, spoke volumes. Of course, this could only be because she was impressed by u’s Yume no Tobira performance, but we see that look a few times in other instances, like after they talked by the lake and after Tsubasa saw what Honoka came up with as a catchphrase for u’s. The fondness in her expression for Honoka’s honesty and achievements always makes me smile.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I haven’t seen their interaction there. I heard that Tsubasa had quite the role in the latter half of the movie. I really like how they did that. And I think they did so because Honoka needed someone, another mentor, outside of her group. Umi might have taught her discipline, Eli might taught her how to better herself and overcome adversities, but no one from u’s knows how to deal with the bigger picture. Tsubasa is there to teach and guide Honoka into being more than a School Idol, into being popular. And I’m certain Honoka appreciates this, perhaps she’s even grateful. It’s not everyday that the person you admired for so long would openly support you, especially after you have surpassed her.

I won’t jump the gun here and prattle about romance, because it’s difficult to assume that with characters who have so little screen time together. However, I still find it hard to understand why some people cannot see their potential and simply wave the pairing off as a solution to Honoka being a leftover. I believe that Honoka and Tsubasa see each other as equals, true equals. They’re not each other’s leader, and they are no longer each other’s rival. They have become two people who have gone through the same process of rising from the very bottom and climbing to the very top with their friends in tow. And they did this through sheer will and determination. Romance may blossom, or it may not (though I’m certain Tsubasa is already quite smitten of Honoka’s sunny charm), but they have more chemistry with each other than many of the other possible ships in LL.

EDIT: I nearly screamed when I saw those horrible typos on there. This is why I dislike typing crap on my phone. Bad things happen! /0\ And knowing my typos, they’re always actual words that go unnoticed until I read it carefully. Either that or missing words. OTL -laments in the corner of fail writing-

Yuugi's Soul Room + Loved Ones

Also, as a follow-up to my Atem Soul Room meta, I’m now musing how YUUGI would represent his loved ones in his room.

Because it is totally still a toy room, even if the details (What games, how messy they are, etc.) might have changed a bit since Shadi’s visit.

Where do people fit into that?

Pictures seen to random, plushies don’t seem Yuugi’s thing, and figurines seem more like how Bakura would work.

So- What about names written on the toys and games?

Like, you know, how you’d write your name on the inside of a book, the foot of a doll, or the lid of a game you’d take to school?

But instead of his own name, pick up that broken portable video game, or that little heart love detector thing? Anzu.

Digital pet game or fighter game or yoyo? Jounouchi

Bakura’s on a manual for Monster World, Honda’s on some board game the group played, Otogi’s a dice set, his mama’s on an alarm clock game, and grandpa on some weird antique puzzle–

And “the other Yuugi” just keeps popping up everywhere.

…no, seriously, even if it’s completely counter the continuity of my other works, I can’t help but imagine Yuugi slowly sweating bullets as he discovers “mou hitori no boku” written everywhere when he bothers to turn anything over. On the bottom of games, the walls behind shelves, on the floor under toys, just EVERYWHERE.

(I guess the more ‘canon compliant’ and my own story compliant idea would be he never notices.)

YOI headcanons and my absurdly long canon-divergent fic

Putting this here because this fic is getting so massive and I’ve shoved so many headcanons into it that I need to keep track of everything before I forget it, will be uploading the damn thing tonight:

Keep reading

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Ruby's reading manga or something and she's like "oh Weiss, i found this word that describes you. It's "tsundere"!" And Weiss totally denies it.

Please, please, all of you, have a look at this art by @ellelehman who somehow nailed it while this ask was still waiting in my queue. Must be destiny. 

The next day Weiss hands her a four paged essay as to why she doesn’t fit the trope. 

Ruby shuts up about it, mostly because she’s impressed by the effort Weiss put into this. 

gayhura replied to your post “Real legit question: why did it become so popular in fanon for Keith…”

i feel like it’s just fanon that got out of control…and mainly i think ppl associated “keith lived in a desert shack for a year” with “keith has no hygiene he’s a rustic nature man that’s never heard of chapstick” idk i get where ppl are coming from but it can get extreme and i feel u…

yeah, that’s been my impression. and like?? my main issue with that line of thinking is that? he was in the military?? for at least a year? probably longer? like, idk how much y’all know about the military, but personal hygiene has to be decent, at the least. and like, military training like that tends to stick with people through the years, so while he might go lax, sure, he would probably still keep it up… like, i don’t mind people having headcanons, it’s just sometimes it’s like?? why are you taking this to such an extreme when it doesn’t really fit the character? idk, that’s my personal opinion, i’m not trying to invalidate other’s headcanons.

@shieth replied to your post “Real legit question: why did it become so popular in fanon for Keith…”

in the space mall episode, you can hear the toilet flushing when keith leaves the bathroom but you dont hear a sink, so obviously he didnt wash his hands. as far as i know thats the only canon example of bad hygiene on his part. it’s p much just a fanon thing and i dont really like it either

oh, haha, totally missed that. though, i’d personally attribute that to a “we wanted to indicate he used the bathroom, but didn’t want to waste precious time waiting for him to wash his hands, too”. like, they only have ~20 min per episode, why waste a solid 30 sec or more on something that most people aren’t even gonna think about? also, i’ve been seeing this hc since before s2 aired, so like??? idk

but yeah, the consensus seems to be it’s fanon. but where did this come from, and how did it get so popular? like, honestly, i legit don’t understand why so many ppl seem to like it so much? I’m really honestly not saying anything super against, like sure I’m personally not a fan of it, but like, to each their own and everything, but I really and honestly don’t get why this of all things is so popular

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Love your Power Ranger headcanons -they really brighten my day. Have you ever thought of AUs? For example, I'm trying to figure out what kind of daemons (from His Dark Materials) they would have. What AUs do you think would be interesting? Greetings from Germany!

Honestly, I think some Harry Potter AU’s are always fun! It’d be cool to see Kimberly getting sorted into Slytherin and Trini in Hufflepuff, but Kimberly not fitting the stereotypical Slytherin once she meets Trini and the boys. I can totally see them going onto on of the forbidden floors and finding the Mirror of Erised.

I’ve also thought about a Star Wars one when Kimberly is with the resistance and Trini is a stormtrooper (very similar to how Finn and Poe meet in TFA) Kimberly gets kidnapped and is taken in. Trini is assigned to take care of Kimberly whenever Rita’s not trying to get information from her and they start to talk. One day, after weeks of watching Trini struggle with working and being like the other troopers, Kimberly just asks her, “Why are you doing this?” And Trini replies with something along the lines of “We always become what we promised ourselves we wouldn’t” and from there they start to become friends.

Another AU concept I really like is Trini and Kimberly in Pacific Rim. They meet one day during training before they can have a Jaeger and from there they learn they make a good team and become one of the best Jaegers.

Or one where Trini is in the Foster Care system, and she’s taken in by Kimberly’s parents and over the course of living together for years they realize that they’re falling in love which inevitably causes a lot of drama and angst because foster siblings can’t have romantic relationships. (I don’t like this idea as much as the others but it’s popped into my mind a few times)

WOW OKAY so I never gave a damn about The Problem of Ros before because etymology is not something I generally care about, but there’s actually some good stuff in here about which languages certain characters would have spoken! (That is really all I’m interested in when it comes to Tolkien’s languages, I’m very sorry.)

The folk of Bëor continued to speak their own tongue among themselves with fair purity, though many Sindarin words were borrowed and adapted by them.

This matches my initial headcanons PERFECTLY, so I’m just going to ignore the version from UT that says they switched completely to Sindarin. 

This was of course the native tongue of Beren, lineal descendant of Bëor the Old. He spoke Sindarin after a fashion (probably derived from North Sindarin); but his halting and dialectical use of it offended the ears of King Thingol. 

This…also fits all my headcanons perfectly! TWO FOR TWO! Beren would have learned Sindarin from his family members, who would have learned it from Angrod and Aegnor’s people. He is actually quite good at the language when he’s younger, but when he meets Thingol his speech is “halting” because he hadn’t spoken Sindarin in about nine years before he met Lúthien (Barahir and his men would probably have used their own language among themselves), or to anyone during the four that he was on his own (imagine having no one to talk to for FOUR YEARS); and “dialectical” because he learned Northern Sindarin from the Noldor, not the older, fancier Sindarin of Doriath that Túrin learns in the Narn.

But it was told in the legend of Beren and Lúthien that Lúthien learned Beren’s native tongue during their journeys together and ever after used it in their speech together…Dior their son, it is said, spoke both tongues: his father’s, and his mother’s the Sindarin of Doriath. For he said: ‘I am the first of the Peredhil (Half-elven); but I am also the heir of King Elwë, the Eluchíl.’


This doesn’t fit my headcanon quite as precisely (I’d imagined Beren and Lúthien using mostly Sindarin with each other, as they both already know the language) but this is more than I could possibly have hoped for, and I am totally ready to go along with it! And it’s not like it says they only used Beren’s language when talking to each other - they probably used both. I also think that Dior (and probably his parents) learned the language of the Green-elves while they were living in Ossiriand. 

GoT: Gendry: Season 7 & 8 Hopes n Dreams

k but Gendry and Orys Baratheon parallels because like… if he is gonna be a big thing in season 7 like everyone is rumoring and that he’s been seen in Belfast (Winterfell and the general North) AND Spain (Kingslanding and the general south) i wanna take a minute to talk about what he’s got.

He’s the last of the Baratheon bloodline. We all know that. But he’s also prolly the only living blood relative of Danaerys. Dont forget that Robert Baratheon’s Grandmother was Princess Rhaella Targaryen AND Orys Baratheon was a Targaryen bastard as well, making Gendry her only blood family (either than Jon of course, but we all know Jon’s gonna do shit.)

If he lives through the war of the dawn I can see him getting rewarded as Lord Gendry Baratheon of Storm’s End and reviving House Baratheon.

Now how will this come about I wonder. Gendry wouldn’t come up with that himself. I dont think Danaerys would come up with it herself because she would have to have someone explain everything to her. Now, who has an interest in bettering the realm? Ohh! Tyrion and Varys. I think one of the two or BOTH will tell Gendry that he has a shot at Lordship and of course Gendry will be all like “No I hate the nobility. I dont want to be one of them.” and then the answer to that will be. “Your distaste of the nobility is exactly why you should become a Lord. You have a duty.” 

“And duty? Why? Because the king fucked my mother in a brothel, now I have a duty to his house?”

“No, your claim to House Baratheon is merely an opportunity. Your duty lies with your young self, a bastard boy with no family wondering around flea bottom hungry. Any other highborn lord will sit in the golden stag dining room at Storm’s End and eat their supper while his people starve… I say, you would sell all those golden stags, wouldn’t you? You’d be content to eat at a simple wooden table knowing it wasnt on the backs of the lowborns. The last thing this realm needs is another castle full of pampered brats that don’t know a damn thing about the people they rule. If you live through this war I know I can easily convince our Queen to make you Lord Baratheon of Storm’s End. After all you are her cousin…”


I want the Acorn Hall scene to take place still even tho we’re way past it in the books. Maisie Williams is older now and Arya has completed most of her solo self-finding soul-searching mission and is now back in Westeros completing more of her list and then probably going home to Winterfell where Sansa is.

We saw Arya in some nice feminine clothes in Braavos. Personally, I think she’s pulling a “tomboy grows up and begins to appreciate femininity in her own unique way.”  thing that happens all the time. as much as people wanna say Arya will always be this dress and bath hating child forever, realistically it’s not likely.

The party traveling to Winterfell from Kingslanding is large so Sansa is planning a feast for everyone as a welcome back/to. I can see a nice sisterly moment where Sansa asks Arya if she’d like something nice to wear to the feast and when Arya isnt disgusted by the question and actually smirks a bit and maybe makes a joke about how pretty her brown old tunic is.. Sansa takes her hand and they go away together to pick out dresses and do their hair nice and we get to see them have this really innocent happiness again even just for a bit. then of course the only dress at Winterfell that will fit Arya is this acorn dress. then of course you know the whole Acorn Hall scene with Gendry. and I want Ser Bronn of the Blackwater to be the one that sings Featherbed and teases them because I love Bronn and I think that laughing and teasing them is totally something he would do, as well we have already seen him drunkenly singing The Rains of Castamere before the Battle of Blackwater, so why not sing My Featherbed?


Arya will wake up a day after the war of the dawn has ended and she’s all bandaged up but is not that bad and capable of walking. Sansa is by her side. She asks about a few people and finally asks about Gendry. By most everyone’s knowledge of yesterday they all thought Gendry was too badly hurt and wasnt going to make it. Arya runs to his room and takes his head in her hand and talks sweetly to him thinking that this is the last time she’s ever going to have with him. Then she gives him a soft kiss. Gendry then opens his eyes a bit and whispers, “Arya…”


“I’m… alright..”

and there’s a moment there she’s processing what’s been said. then the Maester of whoever is caring for people comes into the room not having heard the whispers, “Isn’t it great My Lady? I was just spreading a bit of a word to everyone about him. Most people, including myself, thought he was a goner, but then I started tending to his wounds and they werent even half as bad as we all thought. Cleaned and bound him up right as rain and knocked him out with milk of the poppy.” By this time now Arya is horrified. She let’s go of him and stands up, embarrassed. Gendry tries to console her, “Come on, Arya, don’t be embarrassed. It was sweet.” Arya immediately leaves because she has to, though she doesnt actually want to stay away. She goes to the kitchens and gets breakfast for them both and returns.  


“…but what’s west of Westeros? I’d like to see that.” I cant see Gendry wanting to adventure around the world with Arya and as much as I’d like to fantasize about Arya and Gendry being the Lord and Lady of Storm’s End and having lil Baratheon babies… i dont know…. I feel like after the war of the dawn and Arya has taken her vengeance and maybe ditched her list all together after having her blood warmed again by Jon, Sansa, and Gendry that Arya won’t want to stay in one place being a lady and wife and mother. it just seems weird for her to end up the lady of Storm’s End after saying she wants to see what’s West of Westeros.

UPDATE: I am just remembering Gendry’s talk with Davos. Davos was born in fleabottom as well. King Stannis gave him a lordship and made him the hand of the king. Davos almost didnt accept the Lordship but he did because he wanted his son to have a better life. But then his son died young anyways! And Davos may be clean and have soft bed but he’s no more safe or happy because of his Lordship. What if Gendry likes the picturesque ideas Tyrion and/or Varys tells him about how the realm doesnt need another pampered bitch ass lord? And that he can do the realm some good? He can help people? He was once one of them therefore he knows what they need? Well… what if Gendry doesnt really give a crap about the people???? Maybe Gendry is only seriously considering accepting a Lordship because it might mean getting to fucking relax and be safe and clean and fed… but then, wait, no, if he’s learned 1 thing during this wild ride it’s that castles and armies and nobility and money aint actually shit. it doesnt matter that Gendry would be a good and noble lord. sure the smol folk would love him but that doesnt mean he’d be safe and not create enemies just by existing. Ned Stark was kind and honest and noble and well liked and he still had enemies that wanted and got his head.

Here’s what I see and hope for: Gendry seriously considers accepting the offer of being Lord of the Stormlands. But then Arya comes to him after the war of the dawn and asks him what he thinks he’ll do next and where he’ll go. She’s asking him this because she wants him to come with her.. to see what’s West of Westeros. He tells her that he’s been offered a lordship. Arya’s taken aback by that, and asks, “So that’s it then? You’re going to be a Lord.” Gendry nods, “No.”

Does anyone remember that shot after him and Arya first met and they were first leaving King’s Landing? Gendry put his helmet on the cart and pulls himself up, and then he gives Arya a hand and pulls her up and they sit next to each other on the way to the wall.

what i am seeing is a mirror of that but on the boat sailing for a new world in the west of whatever. maybe they climb somewhere high on the boat. Gendry puts his stuff up on the sit and pulls himself up and then gives Arya a hand a pulls her up and they sit next to each other has they’re leaving King’s Landing for the last time just as they sat next to each other the first time. can you imagine the gifsets?