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“That’s...a lot.” [V;LD]

A Voltron: Legendary Defender fic, Klance.

  • Theme: Feelings, down with the rivalry, confessions
  • Pairings Klance (Keith/Lance)
  • Rating: Rated E for Everyone, swear warning
  • Words Total: 2285
  • Tags: confessions, kisses, dealing with feelings and the rivalry, Pidge thinks everything is hilarious, truth or dare, mutual pining, insecure Lance
  • Summary:

“Who’s your best friend on the ship?” Pidge asked, and Lance groaned off to the side, flopping backwards in his dramatics towards the boring question and only stopping to allow Pidge to tack on, “Shiro not included. He’s the obvious answer.”
“Uh, Lance probably.” And the world seemed to still.

Of course, in all of Lance’s years in space, the most surprising thing he’s ever heard is Keith saying they’re best friends.

Alternate Title: Lance can’t believe??? Anything Keith is saying.

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  They were twelve questions in, and Lance had painstakingly sat through only receiving two of them. Pidge and Hunk were smart enough not to pick him, and Keith had learned quickly that he’d take any dare from him. As it so happened, the idea of truth or dare was a very good and entertaining one, and was a decent way to pass the time when they were too wired to sleep, but no good questions were being asked, and Lance was dying. He was on his way out of this level of existence, writing in boredom, and Pidge made a insufferable show of lavishly thinking of a question for as long as she could. She called on Keith, who didn’t even blink, seemingly growing bored himself, before replying.

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anonymous asked:

Really sorry to bother you! But could you please rec me some good books with lgbtqia characters? Thank you sweetie :)

yessssss of course!!

  1. the half life trilogy by sally green!! half bad and half wild are out already! angry poc bisexual witchy boy that you can’t help but want to protect tbh. the initial writing style made me go ????? but don’t let that put you off PLEASE bc it’s rly wonderful and deals with so many things (trigger warnings for death, suicide, gore, and a lot more but those are the main things i think?)

  2. the torch keeper trilogy by steven dos santos. again, the first two books (the culling, the sowing) are out already and i’m praying we get the raising soon tbh. amazing books that feel really hunger games (i hate comparing ya dystopian to thg but there are certain similarities. anyway). poc gay main character. this books comes w a lot of trigger warnings as well tbh, going from death to gore and everything in between. 

  3. madeline miller’s the song of achilles. it’s queer iliad fan fiction tbh. prepare to have your heart ripped out. if you know the original story of achilles and patroclus,  but it’s like that only 18 times worse. 

  4. alison bechdel – fun home. this is a graphic novel and idk if you are into that, but it’s honestly so great??? there are a lot of lit references and sometimes it’s hard to catch them all, but tbh it doesn’t really matter because the story is still so good (it’s autobiagraphical but don’t let that stop you tbh) and it’s told in such a beautiful way? (ps also check out the musical once you read it) 

  5. boy meets boy by david levithan. tbh this is the lowkey easy queer ya romance novel we all deserve? it’s rly basic tbh, just boys falling in love, but it’s just nice to read something cute once in a while (though the story deals w more than that as well, but u know) 

  6. kissing the witch, honestly this book honestly. it’s written by emma donoghue and it’s not??? a novel in the tradition sense of the word i guess?? it’s more like a bunch of short stories w a smilar theme? anyway, it’s all retellings of famous fairytales, some of them w a queer twist on it (most of them, i guess). they’re all about women and the language is so so so beautiful, i love it so much. it’s sad but also happy and like………. it touches my soul tbh 

  7. alex london w proxy duology!!!!!! it took me so long to get to proxy lmao but really u should read it!!! it’s again dystopian, with as main character a poc gay cinnamon roll. the sequel to proxy is guardian and honestly i don’t have much to say abt these books except go read them please

  8. the line of beauty by alan hollinghurst. i had to read this book for my queer lit class and at first it was a pain in the ass to get through it lmao. i’ve cursed this book so many times and at one point i wasn’t sure if i’d ever finish it, but in the end i did and it was so worth it……. it’s probably one of my fave books i had to read for that class. the way it’s written is just??? plain poetry??? honestly??? and it deals w homosexuality in the 1980s, but also w racism and classism and the aids crisis and all that. if you have a lot of time and feel like frustrating yourself but also enjoying it, go read it!!! 

  9. the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater. okay tbh i’m not sure how i feel about putting this book on a queer books list but…… well, okay. this book has queer character(s) but the way they’re handled makes me feel kind of…… idk. their queerness is never mentioned and everything is Between The Lines and it’s all so under the radar that i’m just like??? fuck it tbh. but i enjoy these books a lot and all the characters make my heart bleed and i love the relationships so i can’t leave it out either? the books are wonderful in the way they deal w modern magic and friendships and relationships (platonic and romantic) and like, wanting thing and needing things and longing for things etc etc. so i would rec them for those things more than for the queer aspects lmao but anyway a rec is a rec

  10. aristotle and dnate discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin aire saenz. lmao okay confession time, the first time i saw this book  was when it was recced to me by goodreads, and i just looked at it like ??? what kind of fucking title is that??? and scrolled pst it lmao. but then it showed up again and i checked it out and it sounded nice to i bought it and FELL IN LOVE oh my god. don’t let the title foor you. this book is amazing, it’s so tragically beautiful??? but it’s also happy, and it feels so real to me? like nothing about it is fake or made to look differently or influenced in one way or another? it just feels real and raw and i love that about it. the main storyline is two mexican boys living in the 1980s meeting each other, but believe me when i say it’s so much more than that 

  11. lost and found by carolyn parkhurst. the queer aspects of this novel are….. hard to describe lmao. they’re only a small part of the storyline but then again they’re also a p big part? actually let me just copy the blurb of this novel tbh: “What do a suburban mom, her troubled daughter, divorced brothers, former child stars, born-again Christians, and young millionaires have in common? They have all been selected to compete on LOST AND FOUND, a daring new reality show.“ this book will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea but yknow. 

  12. adaptation duology – malinda lo. ya scifi w a bisexual girl protag. i haven’t read the 2nd book (inheritance) so i can’t say much about that. tbh the pacing of this book felt rly kind of weird sometimes, but yknow. bisexual girl protags are rare so i won’t be picky. i’ll take it. 

  13. rebecca brown – the gifts of the body. again this is more a bunch of shirt stories and they are also hard to explain lmao. the main theme of this book is aids, the protag is a nameless person, a home care worker who helps people w aids. we read their storries and learn about their lives and what happened to them. it was??? surprisingly emotional to me tbh. 

  14. blue is the warmest color by julier maroh. if you’ve seen the movie: don’t let it fool you. the graphic novel is a lot less male gaze-y lmao 

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So I caved and bought City Living. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually play, considering I’ve been here for over an hour already and haven’t left CAS (how do you TS4). Anyway, I won’t make a habit of posting TS4 stuff here, but I figured I’d share the fruits of my afternoon labor - here’s Lily. 


“Of course we’ll have soup, roast and ice cream!”

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188. Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter never told their fathers but they absolutely loved muggle comic books, there were actually some characters that had worse names than them. Their names didn't seem so bad compared to Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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