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what happened in the bb17 tag today:

what happened in the actual bb17:

  • lol nothing
  • steve nomd liztin
  • liz cried
  • thats it

Favorite Pictures of My Biases Tag  ಠ~ಠ

Tagged by princelyjeonghan thanks for tagging me! <3 This was harder than I thought.  Like ok first I had to straighten my bias list, then I had to choose photos and omfg it took like 3 hours LOL Four pics of Kwangmin bECauSE hE iS MY ULtiMAtE BiAS

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“You know what’s funny?” Everything from it’s expression to it’s tone was the perfect picture of casual, as it spoke to the person nearest to it. “Everyone in charge probably thought that this would actually work. It was stupid, really, to assume that keeping the student body in the gym would somehow keep everyone safe,” it chuckled darkly, “And now, all it’s done is make it so much easier to take us all out at once. Great plan they had there, right?”


Ouchie! (Deadpool x Reader)

Note: “Imagine Deadpool taps on your window and says: pssst I need your help!“ <- that was originally an Imagine request from my dear ohyesmarvel <3
However, I was so inspired that I asked her if I could make a whole story out of it. She accepted! :D
But OHMYGOD. This took me forever. Seriously, I wrote this 4 times XD Somehow I wasn’t happy with it.
Even though I’m still really anxious about it, I still hope you guys like it. Or at least don’t hate it XD <3
Also, I’m really sorry if he’s OOC. I tried my best D:

Warnings: swearing (of course lol)
Word Count: 2.016 (lol)

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My Dearest Madison,
Hey you crazy girl! Good thing I got pictures before your outfit got dirty! Man it’s annoying having a dog with a crawling baby! You get fur all over you!!

Haha Daddy texted me the funniest thing today. He was like “Did you know Madison has a freckle at the top of her butt crack?” Bahahahahahahahha

Yes I did. Lol you also have one under your eye. Pretty strange places!

You took a nice long nap this morning/afternoon. Since you got up at 8:30am after having gone to bed after 10pm I knew you would be tired sooner. It was so cute because you fell asleep in my arms as I was feeding you!

So I put you down for a nap and you slept almost 3 hours! I even took a nap too.

These pictures make me laugh!! Hahaha you are so funny! :)

You sure do get hungry a lot! We are going to have to start making you more puréed food with protein in it! You’re almost out of the chicken one.

I’m at work now and look forward to getting some rest in the morning! Daddy is on duty!! I hope you sleep well little one! I love you!!


Name: Julie

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4 almost 5'5

Where I live: Florida ☀️🌴

Time/date: 3:54pm September 2nd

Average amount of sleep: 5-8 hours depends if it’s the weekend or not 😂

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: sailor moon (the one with the flower that took over the world and wanted tuxedo I forgot the name )

My fav band: sum41 & red hot chili peppers 🔥

One thing that ticks me off a lot is when people are rude and disrespectful to people like it pisses me off it makes me wanna strangle them 😂😂

Fav drink: orange juice and water

Meaning of url: my towns name is drake and I like animal crossing lol

Most used purchase: my phone and my sperrys I use them daily 😂😂

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Sorry if you already did this you don’t have to this if you don’t want to ~

How to use the new ACNL RAM Hack Tools!

If you’re like me and you have an updated 3DS/3DS XL/etc, then you’re probably super happy about the recently discovered RAM hack for all 3DS systems, no matter your software!! It took me about 3 ½ hours and lots of trial and error, but I finally figured it ALL out! I now have flowers in my river~ (priorities, lol..) So if anyone needs help or has a question PLEASE come ask me because I’m pretty sure I encountered every error/problem that was humanly possible in this process.

anonymous asked:

have you ever done shrooms? if so what's it like?

Yeah I have! I’ve done them twice and both times I had really great experiences. The second time I took like 2gs and tripped for like 8 hours with my lovely boyfriend. We watched Adventure Time and cuddled and talked about cats a lot and laughed so hard we cried lol. It honestly makes me feel glorious and more in touch with the world and all my surroundings. I mean, some people have had bad trips, but I feel like it’s cause they took too many shrooms. Like, when my boyfriend and I were tripping he took waaaay more than me(6 grams) and fainted like 3 times. So I definitely don’t suggest taking that much, ever. But other than that shrooms are awesome! If you asked me because you would like to do them, I suggest you doing them with someone you trust and split a 8th between you and that other person. This way yall shouldn’t have any problems! Also, all different kinds of shrooms will give you other side effects like spiritual or visually or a complete body high. This post is specifically about Golden Cap Shrooms✨🍄✨ Hope this helps though! Just remember, don’t take a lot and always do shrooms with some you really trust. Like a best friend or bf/gf. Good luck and have fun on your trippy adventure🌀

Thank you so much startaconversation for tagging me and I’m sorry that I suck and am doing this like 300 years later.

Name: Amela (uh-mel-uh)
Gender: Female
Height: 5′7″ or 8″
Where I live: The good ol’ US of A, not actually that good but yeah
Time/Date: 6:18 pm 3 September 2015
Average amount of sleep: 8 hours
Most recently (watched and enjoyed) movie: Ummmmmmmmmm This is the End I think, it’s like stupid funny
My Favourite Band: Probably Bastille
One thing that ticks me off: COLLEGE TUITION
Favourite Drink: Any tea 
Meaning of my URL: I procrastinate a lot (i’m trying to fix that lol) and I like cas from supernatural but also someone took procastinate with one s so here i am
Most Used Phrase: Sounds like a plan? Idk
Favourite movie soundtrack: Harry Potter or the Avengers probably

I shall be tagging these lovelies: thefelineoverlord, flagrantirresponsibility, forgeteverythinganddancebutihavequestions, and butmymalecfeels

About little old me

Repost, fill out with your answers, and tag 10 lucky shanks you’d like to get to know better.

Thanks for tagging me kingsubjugglator
So sorry I took forever to do this.

NAME: Ashley🙋🏼


BIRTHDAY: 👻 Oct 31🎃

STAR SIGN: Scorpio




CURRENT TIME AND DATE: 3:15, Sunday, August 23

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Lol I really don’t know. 6-8 I guess.


LAST THING GOOGLED: “Naming my characters,” because reasons. 😁


PLACE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY: Bed, I like my sleep.


FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Well, how much time do ya got? I have too many to count.

FAVORITE FAMOUS PERSON: (Look at previous response)


FAVORITE BOOK: Oh wow, I really don’t know

FAVORITE ANIME: Attack on Titan

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Supernatural

FAVORITE MUSICIANS/BANDS: Really just about anything and everything when it comes to music.

FAVORITE GAMES: The game where I awkwardly avoid people.


DREAM HOLIDAY: Place where I can sleep, food, and wifi

DREAM JOB: Anything with travel.

CURRENTLY WEARING: Black jeans and a red Kimono.

LAST BOOK READ: (Still reading) Great Expectations

And I Tag:

metalnediam asked:

62 (u kno) & 63

62. What do you wear to bed?
It’s been really hot here the past few months so I am relatively naked in bed (just underwear) and when it’s winter here I just sleep with my shirt off. :)
63. First concert?
I don’t really remember my first concert but I can remember the first great concert I saw. It was amon amarth and ensiferium, when we got let into the venue we were greeted by a massive viking with his arms open with a big smile on his face; it was Johan Hegg from amon amarth. I meet and took pictures with the guys from amon amarth and got there autographs! It was great. Ensiferium played for 2 hours and amon amarth played for like 3 hours!! By far the most brutal mosh pitts I’ve been in for 5 hours lol! I almost died that day, some tiny girl near me got absorbed into the pit and people were pushing her around and knocked her on the floor and I pushed 2 guys over and picked her up and carried her out the pit then I jumped right back in. That’s my story :)

oh look another 11 questions!!!!

thank you seungkwanraps for tagging me in thisss (: i’m sorry this took so long lol

1: look to your right what do you see? a window

2: whats your favourite food? uhhh there r alot omgggg i really like panera’s mac n cheese

3: things that make you happy? friends, games, tv shows

4: youre looked in a room for 12 hours with nothing but a choice in someone to keep you company, who would you choose? famous or non famous doesnt matter


jk that would be so awkwarddd

probs marge? or a dog that would be fun

5: whens your birthday? 0929

6: do you prefer laptop or desktop? laptop

7: favourite songs? dreaming alone, see you again, awanaitsumorino genkidene

8: what do you see yourself doing in 10 years time? married, having kids probs

9: whats your favourite number? 7!!!!!

10: favourite colour? pink i guess

11: are you kimbap kidding? lol

thank you for tagging me in another 11 questions!! im not going to tag anyone bc i’ve done alot of these recently lololl;;

I just sent a long letter in the post and finally sorted out the bills for my old house which has been stressing me out a ridiculous amount for what seems like forever. Today me and josh are buying a mattress from ikea and spending the first night in our new flat(!!) because he has job interviews tomorrow. On Saturday I worked a 12 hour shift because 3 of the people I work with were on holiday and we were really understaffed and it was v stressful but I am proud of myself because I worked really hard and took crap loads of money (lol capitalism). Yesterday was my birthday and it was really simple and nice and I got a nice big cafetière from my little brother and a bottle of fancy raspberry gin from the guys at work and all my parents friends sang happy birthday when I walked into the pub at lunch time and then I had work in the evening and it was nice and quiet and I got bought drinks by lots of regulars even though I didn’t actually mention myself that it was my birthday cos I didn’t want to sound like a dick lol. Even got a bottle of prosecco it was real sweet. I am still so fucking sad at the moment but I am tryin real hard to be optimistic and I am surrounded by people who are making that not too hard so today I don’t feel so bad.

officially done summer school!

and it feels sooo good. my final was last night and it was 3 hours long, but i guess i prepared really well for the essay portions because it only took me 1.5 hours, and that’s with re-reading my work like 5 times lol. winter session starts in 2 weeks but i don’t know how active i’ll be until then.. i’ll probably be on here when september starts to get myself back into study mode lol i hope everyone is doing well! <3

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Name: Maria 

Nicknames: Mery, and my BFF called me monkey because of Orphan black’s Kira :’) 

Birthday: June 5th 

Star Sign: Gemini 

Gender: Female 

Favorite Colors: Orange is my favorite, but I really like all of them x) 

Current Time: 12:41 pm 

Average amount of sleep: tonight 6 hours, but I have to sleep at least 8 to be a normal person lol 

Lucky Number:

Last google search: job offers out of my country 

Amount of blankets you sleep with: Right now none, it’s freaking hot around here in summer

Favorite Books: If I say I don’t read very much… I’m always studying so I don’t read that much… 

Favorite Bands: I don’t have many favorite bands because I always listen to song in playlists, but if I have so say any: Abba, Morrigans, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Antebellum, Guns n’ roses, Imagine Dragons, Maná… 

Last film I watched in the cinema: I can’t remember but I think it was Perdiendo el Norte (it’s a Spanish film) 

I tagged my little baby notafraidfrompeople :3 and if anyone else want to do it, go ahead :D

Getting To Know You

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NAME: Natasa
BIRTHDAY: 25th may
HEIGHT: around 165cm
STAR SIGN: gemini
GENDER: female

THE LAST THING I GOOGLED: turquoise cause i wanted to spell it right lol



FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER CURRENTLY: first that pops to mind daryl dixxon


FAVORITE ANIMAL(S): my little buggie                                                           FAVORITE SHOWS: utopia, twd, ouat, community…                                            FAVORITE MUSICIAN(S)/BAND(S): fatm, azealia banks, childish gambino…       FAVORITE GAMES: super mario bros 3                                                              LAST MOVIE I’VE SEEN IN THE CINEMA: i have done a couple of these get to know me, and the last movie i saw in the cinema is still penguins from madagascar xDD

DREAM HOLIDAY: Bruges, England…                                                                  DREAM JOB: something with animation, graphic design im not sure   WEARING RIGHT NOW: black pants and a red shirt

LAST BOOK I READ: persuasion, still not done though but i cant remember what i read before that

TAGGING: iloveyoubrittaperry, ouestjessicahyde, tahliahdebrettbarnett and anyone else who wants to do it :)

The pale horse III (amv)

This video contains heavy spoilers relating to the series. watch everything at your own risk!

-Watch in HD;
-credits at the end of the video;
-Credit song is Unravel piano cover;

Check my other videos of the story “The pale horse”:
PART 1 | PART 2 

It took me 3 hours to do this video(since the story really got me !XD) while it took me 4 days to render this ‘cause SonyVegas keep frezzing up during the render…
I think something is wrong with SV, I didn’t use a lot of effects to do this…
Anyway this manhwa/comic is really great, like the drawings looks like paintings, not to mention the story is awesome even if now it is gettig very dark…
(lol each chapter is always a shock!XD)

1.The first part(00:00-01:35) is dedicated to Marie, on how she became strong(cruel in a sense) and how she remain loyal to Rose!
2.The second part is dedicated(01:38-2:10) to Lemon/Jeremy on how he’s immortal('cause even if Marie cut off his head he’s still return to live);
This is also dedicated to Rose on how she finally start acting on her own without Jeremy..
3.The third part(2:10- is dedicated to Pierre on how he’s so desperate, he even had an affair with an older woman D:, just to be able to go inside the palace/building where he saw Rose!
(Geez what happened to that cute boy in the start of the story)… And also on how Rose deceived Pierre to get him out of the palece/building…

I didn’t put all the characters like the hunters, Adelheid, The wife of the count because.. well I don’t really like these people!
While Kiara and Jack are also my fav but due to the short song I couldn’t add them…