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Walk With Me?

A/n: I’ve received a few different requests for an imagine about going to the beach with Shawn inspired by the recent pictures and videos. 


It’s been a long and exhausting tour so far, but Shawn finally has a couple of much deserved days off. You haven’t been with him for most of the tour, but since he had a few days off in Florida, you took some time off work and joined him on tour last week to spend time with him and end it on the beach together in Florida. After a busy week with Shawn on tour, you’re excited for a few days to just relax, and you can tell he is too. 

The second you arrive at the hotel room, you drop your bags and change into your swimsuit. Shawn knows you’ve been dying to go to the beach since it’s been a while since you’ve been in the ocean. Anytime you don’t go to the beach for a month or two it feels like an eternity since you grew up going practically every week. Shawn wastes no time changing into his swim shorts, not wanting to keep you waiting. You two head down to the beach outside the hotel and spot the rest of his team already lounging about. 

You’re pretty much the only girl around most of the time when you visit Shawn on tour, but you don’t mind. You watch the boys play like little kids at the beach for the first time, all the while laughing at their antics, and genuinely enjoying the company. You help Matt bury Shawn and Charlie in the sand, filming them as they free themselves and run into the water. 

You spend the afternoon swimming, playing spike ball, talking to fans, and playing in the sand. It’s been an amazing day so far, just being at the beach makes you feel at peace and re-energized. Seeing the happiness on Shawn’s face and the way he finally has time to relax is really all you need to feel completely content as well.

As the sun starts to set, Shawn’s crew begins getting ready to head up to their rooms, ready to be back inside after a nice long afternoon in the sun. You stand up, folding up your towel and pulling your dress back on, ready to follow the crowd back in. Shawn appears beside you. Resting his hand on your shoulder, he asks, “Wanna take a walk with me?”

A smile crosses your face as you intertwine your fingers with his. “Of course.”

You say goodbye to everyone, and begin walking down the beach hand in hand. There are hotels lining this particular beach, so there are a lot of other tourists lounging on the beach or playing in the water or sand. He squeezes your hand as you begin to walk, letting the waves lap at your feet.

You walk in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company, knowing that there’s no need to fill the silence because just the other person’s presence is more than enough. You both make comments when something comes to mind, and you have small conversations along the way. You walk further than either of you intended to, but you were just enjoying being with each other, having time alone, and taking in the beautiful view.

The two of you walk and talk until you’re far past the row of hotels. The beach is mostly empty here because most people don’t want to walk this far, but neither of you minded or even noticed really. The sun setting has turned the sky a beautiful pink color. You sit down side by side on the sand, enjoying the sounds of the crashing waves. He wraps his arm around you, and you lean into him instinctively. You’re both staring at the sunset, waiting for the sun to disappear and the colors to fade from the sky leaving only darkness behind. But the truth is, you don’t want it to. If you could, you’d live in this moment forever. 

markala5  asked:

I'm an emotional wuss & I know this won't be gotten to for a long time but I don't care: GARASHIR PROMPT, sequel (AU, unofficial sequel or whatever, idc) to 'Final Letter' where by some blessing of the universe, Julian gets the damn letter early by accident (I don't care how), gets his damn shit together, comes to Cardassia and saves his stupid, self-sacrificial, lizard boyfriend and they get together FINALLY. *cries some more*

I’ll write it now. I thought of a decent idea and I need to warm up before I get into my original work today. Plus the letter is still fresh on everyone’s mind and I believe all the other prompts I have are for new content. This will be the only time I just ahead like this.

In truth, I was okay with the letter standing alone. I’m not a fan of making everything a happy ending. While I enjoyed writing this, it may not be atypical of me to write happy endings out of every tragic piece I work on. Just a head’s up.

Final Letter

Final Sacrifice

It was warmer than Garak remembered. He must have fallen asleep.

Outside his open window, he caught the laughs of children. They carried across the dry Cardassian heat like grace-filled birds, swooping and fluttering and diving and soaring. Such sounds were foreign to Cardassia Prime for months. A giggle, or any joyous noises, were lost in the dust and debris. Garak once believed they’d be lost forever. But here they were, ever present. He’d helped rebuild that. He helped bring that joy to the world and allowed it to carry. His sacrifices were worth it. Yet…

His heart twinged. Garak’s right hand tightened with the pain, though he didn’t fully tighten it. The pain wasn’t due to the heart’s failure.

The letter. Ah, yes. The one he’d saved to his PADD yesterday morning. The one for Doctor Bashir. That’s what rattled his heart. It would for the remainder of Garak’s short life. There was no doubt in his mind that the post-death letter was the right choice though. He’d sacrificed his connection with the dear doctor when he returned and stayed on Cardassia. There was no other option but to die enfolded in blankets, stowed away in a building standing proud under the Cardassian sun. Julian Bashir had no place there.

Garak tilted his head to the left, towards the open window, towards the childhood laughter. He longed for it to take him away again, to carry him to thoughts of rebuilding, of constructing, of a Cardassian future filled with building bridges and stepping away from their destructive past. He tried to force it, but images of Doctor Bashir reading over his words stifled the comforting thoughts immediately. The poor man. He deserved better.

A noise stopped that pity. A shuffle to his right. Someone was in the room with him, sitting in the bedside chair, likely unaware that Garak was awake. A nurse, probably. Someone of Cardassia who decided to sit with him in case his heart finally did give out. It was only a matter of days until that happened. He supposed they would have to check.

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Cajun life of murder husbands I'm sorry I just im from Louisiana so I wanted to see what itd be like lol

@thehanniquinn​ sorry this took sooooooo looooooooong. Hopefully you enjoy it :)

“Perhaps here.”

“Hannibal, choose a spot soon, please.”

“We have time, trust me.”

“Well, you’re taking forever.”

Will maneuvered their pirogue through the shallow slow moving waters of Bayou St. John near the opposite end of City Park from the Tad Gormley Stadium. It was the middle of the night and the park was deserted.

Will and Hannibal had chosen a location at the end of the park that didn’t see a lot of foot traffic during the day. The last few nights, the two had staked out the spot to ensure that the park would serve as a viable dumping ground for their hunt.

Will and Hannibal had been living in the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans for about a month now. Post-Fall life had been wonderfully blissful for the two, giving them both time to explore a new city, while also exploring new things about each other (I’ll let your mind wander).

Everything had been amazing, until an FBI agent had caught up with them.

Lately, Will had discovered that something was amiss. Whenever he and Hannibal left their historically designated apartment (they happened to own the entire building) together in the morning, kissing each other goodbye before departing in opposite directions, Will noticed, at out the corner of his eye, some shadowy figure standing in an alley across the way, seemingly spying on them.

One night, Will brought up his concerns with his husband.

I think someone is watching us, Hannibal. I can’t be sure though…

Yes, I’m aware. Hannibal had answered before serving Will his portion of the shrimp Étouffée he had prepared that night.

Wait, you knew this entire time?? Will had been shocked. He thought he was the one to have the upper hand this time.

I noticed about a week ago, but I was waiting for you to mention so to confirm.

Aw, well thank you for including me in on the planning, dear. Will had smirked in response.

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Take me back to the start - September

Here it is, the follow up of “Soon we’ll be found again” and the Hermione to MsBinns’s Ron in her “Reunited”. All of it is set in her Australia-verse. I highly recommend reading it all, but this could also work as a stand alone (though where is the fun in that? ;-)) It’s all a collection on Ao3, link here. Enjoy!

Sometimes things hurt more when they’re still healing.


She’s torn.

She wants to go so badly, yet she wants to stay there forever. In Ron’s arms.

The platform is buzzing. Everyone’s saying goodbye, children hop excitedly on the train, parents sniffle back tears. She doesn’t know where she stands.

She’s going back to Hogwarts. Her final year. She can almost feel the magic hum inside her. One last year, without fear and dark wizards to fight, where all she’ll have to focus on is her classes and her classes only. She’ll spend time in the library, not to look up how to escape a deadly situation, but simply to study. She’s been doing both all this time, now she’ll only have one to do and it’s a relief. She can feel the butterflies she once had when she first boarded the Hogwarts Express. Learning feels limitless.

Going back scares her more than she thought it would.

She is terrified to walk around the hallways where Fred, Tonk, Lupin and so many others died. What will it be like to stare outside the window and not see the destruction surrounding everything last May. The last time she was in the Great Hall they were still counting the dead, and now she’s supposed to walk in there tonight and have a feast.

She’s going back alone, and the fear she had when she boarded the train that very first time is creeping back up at the back of her mind. Will she have friends? She knows it’s ridiculous, and she is aware that everyone knows her and she won’t be truly alone. Familiar and friendly faces are going back with her.

Just not the one she wants.

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Can’t Let Go - Part Two

A/N: Yeah, so, there’s kind of a lot of Seungri in this chapter.  That’s what happens when I have to actually work on something and can’t watch him be adorable on Japanese television.  Sorry not sorry. :-P


You escaped to the bathroom before you embarrassed yourself by crying in public, and managed to regain your composure and repair the damage to your makeup with five minutes to spare before you were supposed to meet Seunghyun and Jiyong.

There was a cynical twist to Seunghyun’s lips as you approached, but he didn’t say anything, just stood gracefully and stretched his arms overhead.

“Well, it’s time for me to go.  It’s been…interesting seeing you again, _____,” he said, not even trying to sound sincere.

“Goodbye, oppa,” you said quietly, feeling worn out and not in the mood for any of this.  You almost thought his expression softened for a second, but when you looked again he was scowling as disapprovingly as ever.

“Ready for dinner, jagi?” Jiyong asked as Seunghyun left.  You sighed.

“Can you just take me home, please?  My head is starting to hurt.”  It wasn’t even a lie, there was a throbbing dull ache behind your eyes that you could tell would only get worse as the evening went on.

“Does it?” he said mildly.  “Come on.  We have reservations.”

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soyogi  asked:

Hey! Could you recommend any Korean female R&B artists? I've listened to Boni, Hoody, Nieah, and Nov already but I can't think of any others. I'm a big fan of this blog! Sorry if this question was answered previously.

Admin Andy answered it here

But I’ll put my own personal twist on it. Hoody and Boni are definitely my favs as they consistently put out good tracks. But there are some other underground krnb female singers that have some really fantastic songs too. 

Here are some of my favs (click me for a YouTube playlist):

Hoody: Baby Oh Baby, Last Time, LustU Touch Me <- Goddess. Newest member of AOMG and I’m glad she’s finally getting the exposure she deserves. 
Boni: 대답해줘 (Answer Me), Stalk You, One in a Million <- Goddess #2. Her live vocals are amazing (i couldnt find a studio version of Stalk You on youtube)
샛별 (Satbyeol):   너의 곁에서 (By Your Side), Do Me, Woo Baby <- Goddess #3. Baby making music.
Han SoA: One More LoveTonight (오늘 밤), 37.5°c, Maybe <- She has more of a delicate voice and maybe a little more pop and a little less soul than the above three, but I like a lot of her songs too.
Henmi내게 him을 줘하하ha 라랄la <- Sounds a little early 2000ish but still good
Heize알고 있어조금만 더 방황하고 (After I’ve Wandered A Bit) <- Half rap, half rnb? I think she was on Unpretty Rapstar
Xena (제나)Body Talk <- Don’t know much about her but this song is sex. (edit: she’s also in this Molly.D song i like: 어쩌다가 (acoustic version)
Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha)Honeymoon <- Rap queen can sing. 
다이아나 (Diana)다 들어줄게 (Let You Do Me) (feat. Lil Cham) <- Don’t know much about her but this song is also sex.
KOHO (고호)CampfireWAIT 4 U (Feat. 이다흰) <- KOHO is unique to me cause she always has really cool beats in her songs. Not your typical r&b
Hwayobi:   난 좋아Booty Call <- Hwayobi specializes in ballads but i like her r&b-y tracks too
HeenainGoodbye, Loving You (1,2,3) <- Same label as Molly.D, 1sagain, etc but hasn’t put out anything new in years. 
Nao (나오): 피노키오 (Pinnochio) <- Nao is only “featuring” in this song but I dont hear Sumshers voice at all…maybe he produced it. Also dont know much about her either. Nice voice though.  
SuranCalling in Love <- Is this even considered r&b? idk but but she’s been featuring in a TON of popular artist’s songs. Primary’s/Beenzino’s Mannequin, Zico’s 오만과 편견, Yankie’s Purple Night, etc.
LiViiC'mon <- Admin Andy’s favourite female r&b singer hahah
니아(Nieah)Alright, No Rush <- Um I kinda just found her while looking at LiVii’s stuff lol. Sounds pretty dece though!

Holy crap this took forever to write up so I really hope you guys give these songs a good listen hahah. 
AND because I love you guys so much, here’s a youtube playlist for your convenience (I’ll add it in the top of the post too): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfxNaGj0UY0bLkdqIawP7ViAYeu5w7RtW

Show me some love and inbox us which songs you guys like best!
-Admin Daniel
PS: My 8tracks r&b collection (w/ guys and girls) if you’re interested.

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Please enlighten me! Were they realised officially? I feel like I would have heard them if they were. Wow talking to you is showing me that I really didn't know as much about rent as I thought I did, hehe (but its great dw) :P


The stuff under the cut is not in capslock though, sorry about that, I get excitable about Rent. It’s a thing.

[Trigger warnings for mentions of: drug use/overdose, suicide, misogynistic and homophobic slurs, abuse, HIV…]

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While You Sleep

ZK Fluff because I haven’t posted anything in forever and this has been on my mind for basically that long.

“You look so tired, love. Just lay down for a few minutes, that’s all I’m asking.”

“I—We have meetings Katara and I can’t—”

“I’ll wake you well before we have to go, I promise. Please, Zuko, I’m worried, you need to sleep.”

“Fine,” he signed and she released a satisfied grin before pushing away from the desk they sat at.

“Kat, wait, will you… could you just stay with me?” He shouldn’t have felt so embarrassed at the question, she was his wife, he could ask this couldn’t he? “I…I sleep better when you’re here.”

“Of course, Zuko, I’ll stay.” She took his hand and lead him to their room. First settling herself against the pillows, she then gave the spot next to her a pat and he crawled over. But instead of lying next to her, he angled himself so that his head rested in her lap and his arm draped over her knee.

“Sleep well, my love,” she whispered running her fingers through his raven locks. It only took a few moments of this for his eyes to close and his breathing to slow, but she kept stroking his hair enjoying their closeness.

He woke up with a start, knowing it’d been too long.

“Kat, what… what time is it?”

“Don’t worry, there’s still fifteen minutes until we have to meet with the council, it only takes us five to get there. You’re fine.” She stood over him when he sat up and pinned his crown in his hair. “See?” She took his chin between her fingers, “Now, let’s go.”

The meeting went well. Katara managed to convince some of the business owners to help fund a new school outside the city for the children in smaller villages. Zuko was bursting with pride as he watched his wife speak and took notice to how well the council seemed to receive her as not only the bearer of the title Fire Lady, but as someone they would listen and respected.

There was, however, a type of tension in the room that he couldn’t put his finger on, but he was sure it wasn’t something to do with him. A few of the council members kept glancing his way and squinting their eyes and Katara seemed to be avoiding looking at him all together.

He stood when the meeting was over, thanking them all for coming and saying goodbye to each of them individually as they trickled out the door.

The last man in the room, besides himself, was the retired admiral who had been sitting closest to him. “My lord, I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I was wondering if I could ask you a question?”

“Of course, Admiral Huang, what’s on your mind?”

The man pauses as if still deciding if he wanted to speak, but eventually asked “I was just wondering if you knew that your hair has braids in it today…?”

“Brai—” his eyes shot to Katara who had a hand covering her mouth and was looking around the room avoiding his glance. “Uh, yes,” he coughed feeling himself blush, but trying to seem calm, “of course I know that… Thought I’d try something new… it’s too much isn’t it?”

“Oh, no you look lovely my Lord, very… regal,” the man swiftly bowed and hurried out the door, leaving Zuko and his wife alone. She finally broke, letting out a burst of laughter

“Katara,” he hissed now that they were alone, pulling her from her chair and pinning her against the wall.

She smirked dragging her fingers through his hair. “So regal, my love. You are the envy of all rulers.”

“This isn’t funny,” he grinned, grabbing her hands and pinning her wrists above her head, his knee pressing between her legs. “You’re gonna pay for this.”

“Do your worst,” she matched his grin before pressing her lips to his.

A Vampire By Any Other Name

This is for the amazing lynyrdwrites, who, like all of us, needs more Carenzo fic. This is heavy Friendzoline (as dubbed by ravenclawslibrary) with Klaroline undertones and ending. Also, I am still taking those suggestions on what Enzo’s last name is. Enjoy!

Another day, another diner, another lunch with Enzo. Caroline twirled her fry between her fingers before popping it in her mouth, looking over at the other vampire who was eyeing her with amusement.

“Bored, Goldilocks?”

Caroline huffed in annoyance. “I spent two years fighting supernatural bad guys and now the biggest thing I have to do is read another witchcraft book written by some idiot who thinks witches actually carry around black cats.”

“You’re the one who wanted to take back your hometown, you could’ve skipped out of here a long time ago,” he reminded her smugly, snatching a fry off her plate.

Caroline rolled her eyes, familiar with his speeches about the big wide world and how she was missing all of it. She squirmed a little, remembering another man and the things he had told her about the wonders she could see. “You know I have to stay close to my mom, Enzo,” she said, banishing her memories, “Mystic Falls is my home, I might as well do what I can.”

Enzo just shook his head, drumming his fingers absentmindedly. “You’re a sentimental fool, sweetheart.”

“I’m sentimental?” Quick as a fox, Caroline snatched an onion ring away from him, popping in her mouth. “Damon’s back and you’re no longer locked up by Tripp Fell, what’s keeping you around?”

“Perhaps it’s your charming company.”

Caroline smirked, “Well duh, but there’s more to it than that. See, Damon’s back and I’ve noticed that he and Stefan are actually trying for the whole ‘brother bonding’ thing, and I think someone’s feeling a little left out.”

Enzo frowned a little, swiping her drink and slurping down the pop. “Your Psychology classes do you no justice,” he said dryly.

Caroline just kept the smug smile on her face and returned the favour by stealing his coke. “You know I’m right. Just admit that your ‘bromance’ with Damon is on the skids and you’re secretly moping inside.”

“I don’t mope, goldilocks, and I’ll have you know that it’s hardly a challenge for me to find company, should I ever feel lonely.”

“And yet you spend your free time with me.” Caroline stole another onion ring, while Enzo just stared at her in mock admonishment, but she knew he didn’t mind.

“Well, you are paying for lunch. And since all of your other friends seem to be otherwise occupied, I think someone should be watching your back while you reclaim your one-pony town.”

Caroline decided to ignore the jab at Mystic Falls and focus instead on the fact that someone – even if it was the last person she actually expected – was sticking by her side. “Well then, I hope you’re ready to read through the fifth volume of A History of the Occult in America,”she said, finishing the last of her fries.

“To us, Miss Forbes,” Enzo joked, lifting her stolen drink in toast.

Caroline grinned and snatched his drink, lifting it up to match the gesture. “To us, Mr. – “ She broke off, frowning as she realized something. “Hey Enzo, what’s your last name?”

Enzo stared at her quizzically, “You don’t know?”

“Actually, no,” replied Caroline, wondering how the subject had never come up.

“It’s – “  He was suddenly cut off by the sharp ringing of Caroline’s cellphone, and she answered it, eyes widening dramatically as she listened to one of her friends jabber on excitedly on the other side.

“Oh my god, we’ll be right there!” She tossed the phone in her bag and stood up quickly, dragging Enzo after her. “Emergency with Elena, we’ve got to go now,” she ordered over her shoulder.

”Watch the goods Goldilocks!” he called out, but followed her closely all the same.


“Hey, remind me what war you fought in?”

Enzo lifted his head a smidge from where he’d been doodling obscene images on the edges of Caroline’s notes while she tried to study. Alaric and Damon were a table over, the former with a stack of papers in front of him, waiting for an answer to his out-of-the-blue question.

“Why, have one of your students dug up a secret of my sordid past?” Enzo asked, sarcasm dripping in his voice as he pulled his hand back before Caroline could impale him with her pen. The campus bar was fairly empty for a Saturday morning, but he doubted the few that were present wouldn’t notice him bleeding profusely.

“Easy gorgeous, I might bleed over your flashcards,” he said with a wink. The glare she gave him in return could likely melt glaciers.

“Enzo, I have midterms in two days so if you’re not going to help me study, go help Damon drown his Elena sorrows,” she said, tilting her head towards the morose older Salvatore. The vampire in front of her took one glance at his old friend and then resumed his doodling, ignoring the pen that bounced off his head.

“Hey, still waiting for an answer!”

Enzo turned back to the professor, “I fought in World War II, if you absolutely must know. Missed out on the fun the first time around, decided to try my hand at being a military man when everyone came back for the sequel. Now, why are you interested?”

“He’s a history professor, it’s his thing,” slurred Damon, downing the rest of his bourbon.

“I thought you took up occult-something-or-the-other?”

“I’m filling in for a 20th century history course all week, Don’t suppose you want to grade some of these?” asked Alaric, almost hopefully.

Enzo snorted and turned back to the blonde opposite him, but instead of frantic scribbling, he found her staring at him thoughtfully.

“What was it like?” Caroline asked quietly.

Enzo considered her question for a moment; the two of them falling into silence, ignored by Damon and Alaric’s steady bickering. “It taught me discipline,” he said, after a moment. “Being a soldier was probably the only thing that kept me sane when the Augustines so kindly locked me up for the next half-century. Every day became a battle, but the trick is to live for the future.”

They stayed in silence, lost in memories. A whisper danced at the back of Caroline’s mind, an old assurance of a ‘beautiful future’ and it occurs to her that Enzo’s outlook is something she should probably co-opt if she’s going to be living forever.

“What’s the matter gorgeous? Imagining how I look in uniform?” His smug smile replaces the distant stare and she’s glad for it, so she half-heartedly chucks an eraser at his head.

“Please, I bet you spent more time with that uniform off than on, trying to get girls,” she retorts.

Enzo gasped in mock offense, “Caroline, I will have you know I was a Captain – I never had to try to get girls.”

Caroline laughed then, unable to help herself, raising her hand to salute him, “Roger that Captain Enzo!”

“Wrong name, gorgeous, it was Captain – ”

He was stopped short by a harried Tyler suddenly running up to their tables. “Problem with the twins, we’ve got to get back to the dorms now!”  He didn’t offer any more explanation, but Caroline was up in a shot, with Enzo close behind her.


“Trust me gorgeous, you don’t want to do Rome this time of year, wait until Spring.”

Caroline startled as Enzo slammed the door of her dorm room behind him, sauntering over to her bed and flopping down on it.

“Oh by all means, just let yourself in, not like I was busy anyway,” muttered Caroline, shutting her laptop but knowing that Enzo had already spied the screen and knew what was really on her mind.

“I’m serious, Goldilocks, go in the Spring,” said Enzo, watching her fidget in her desk chair out of the corner of his eye.

“I wanted to go to Paris in the Spring,” she muttered, more to herself than anything, but now she had his full attention and he propped himself up on his elbows, watching her like a hawk.

“You’re serious?” he asked in disbelief. “I was just joking are you seriously getting out of this place?”

Caroline sighed, not wanting to have to foace the Spanish Inquisition over plans that were just dancing at the edge of her mind. “I haven’t bought any plane tickets,” she said, twirling herself around in her chair idly. “I’m just – weighing my options.”

Enzo nodded slowly, “So what, were you going to tell anyone?” he asked, taking great care to keep his tone flippant.

Caroline stopped her spinning, toe pressed firmly against the ground to hold herself still as she looked, really looked at Enzo. “I wouldn’t just leave without saying goodbye,” she said slowly, not breaking his stare.

“Well of course you wouldn’t,” said Enzo, but he smirked, and it was enough to tell Caroline he understood what she was trying to say. “So, why Rome and Paris?” he asked, looking for lighter ground.

“I, uh – I want to see what they’re like,” replied Caroline, nervous for a much different reason now. “I just want to see what’s out there.”

“And what else were you considering?”

“Tokyo.” The answer was out before she could stop herself, like it was only natural that those three cities would be at the forefront of her mind whenever she daydreamed about getting on the next plane out of Virginia. And of course they would be, because some old promises were hard to forget, no matter how much time passed.

Enzo laughed loudly, “You’re aware Tokyo’s nowhere near the others, right?” he teased, easily ducking from the pen she threw at him. “I’m just saying; finish Europe before you try the far East!”

Caroline smiled to herself, imagining sunbathing in Spain, or exploring old German castles. “I guess you have a point.”

“’Course I do,” he said smugly, “and let me know if you need a tour guide.” He almost didn’t notice the way she stiffened, tapping her foot nervously against the floor, but Enzo had always been a sharp observer of detail. “Car –o-line,” he drawled, pulling out her name, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just remembering something, that someone once told me,” she said, voice pitched just a little too high to be convincing.

“Alright, keep it to yourself, I’m sure I’ll work it out of you sooner or later,” he said with a wave of his hand, ignoring her scoff. “Now, tell me more about your plans for Rome.”

“I don’t have ‘plans’, and anyway, why are you so interested?”

“For shame darling, I’ll have you know Rome is near and dear to my heart. My mother was Italian.”

Caroline turned to him with wide eyes, trying to imagine a miniature Enzo running around the skirts of a woman with his dark hair and eyes. “Really?”

“Well where did you think ‘Lorenzo’ came from?”

“Fair point,” she said thoughtfully. “What about your last name?”

“Well that came from my father, it’s – ”

The door being flung open interrupted them, Elena stood on the other side, looking first at Caroline then shooting a confused glance at Enzo. “What’s he – never mind, Damon wants us downstairs, he said they’ve found out something that can help Bonnie!” She flashed off and Caroline was on her feet, future plans and last names forgotten as she hauled Enzo off her bed and ran them both out of the room as fast as possible.


“Enzo, I know you’re there.”

The older vampire held up his hands in surrender, coming out of the shadow. “Sorry Gorgeous, just trying to figure out why you’re outside, sitting on a car while your friends are inside. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”


She sighed, knowing that there was no getting rid of him, not when he hopped up to sit next to her on the hood of her car. “Got into another argument with Stefan,” she muttered, catching Enzo’s elbow before he could slide off. “You’re not going in there to snap his neck,” she said sternly.

Enzo rolled his eyes but otherwise listened, staying where he was. “You’re alright?” he asked, voice just a little strained.

“I’m fine,” Caroline said, sighing into the cold night air. “It’s just getting on my nerves, more than usual.”

“Really, a few broken ribs is not going to hurt him that much.”

It was Caroline’s turn to roll her eyes, but she definitely wasn’t letting anyone get seriously injured tonight. “It’s not Stefan’s fault, I’m just in a funk.”

Enzo grasped her chin, turning her face towards him, but there was a distinct lack of tears, which kept him in place. “And what’s got you in a ‘funk’, exactly?”

Caroline pulled her chin away from his hold, “Promise you won’t tell? “she asked, only half-joking.

Enzo mimed zipping his mouth shut, earning himself a small smile.

“I think I need to get out of here for a while.”

Enzo stilled, looking closely for any hint of humour but the blonde was dead serious. “ I know you wanted to go travelling – ”

“No, I don’t mean during Spring Break, or next summer, I mean now.” As she explained herself, she became even more determined, “I feel like I need to get out tonight.”

“All this because Salvatore pissed you off?”

Caroline flopped her head back, staring up at the stars. “It’s not all because of Stefan,” she tried to explain, “It just feels like I’ve spent so long around my friends and I wanted to, because I love them, but lately…”

“You need distance.” It’s not a question and he’s right, though Caroline is still just a little hesitant to admit it.

“If I stick around, I know I’ll just cave and forgive him for everything. And I don’t want that – I deserve better.”

“Won’t argue with you there, Gorgeous.” She shot him a grateful smile, and he leant back on his elbows, staring up at the night sky with her. “Small towns can only hold you for so long after all.”

“Small town life isn’t enough,” said Caroline wistfully. A moment later, she began to laugh softly. “Oh my god,” she said through giggles, “Klaus was right.”

“’Klaus’?” asked Enzo, “And who’s this?” He had some vague memory of the name, something Damon had told him and he suspected it had something to do with what he’d been told about her certain penchant for British bad boys.

Caroline chewed her lip slowly, looking over Enzo before finally reaching her decision. “Get in the car,” she ordered, and slipped off the hood and into the driver’s seat, Enzo copying her actions.

“Am I going to get an answer?” he asked, smirking as she started up the engine.

“Yeah, you are, but we’ve got time until we stop.”

“Where are we going?”

“New Orleans.” She says the name of the city with a bright smile, excitement and anticipation building as she pulls them away from the campus bar and onto the long road south.

“So you’re just going to drag me to Louisiana? he asked, his voice rife with amusement, “What if I have things to do?” His argument is half-hearted at best and Caroline just shoots him a grin.

“Come on, we’re road trip buddies!” she said in earnest. “We’re a team, Forbes and – ”

Her phone’s ringtone cut her off, and she and Enzo shared a look. With a wink, he answered the shrill ring.

“Good evening, you’ve reached the personal line of Caroline Forbes. She can’t come to the phone right now, and will probably be away for a short time. Don’t bother leaving a message.”


It wasn’t that Caroline expected a parade when she showed up in New Orleans, but she would’ve settled for Klaus answering his own front door, instead of leaving some vampire minion to act like a personal butler.

Seriously, just let us through?” she tried again, but he didn’t budge, and if the vampires crowding around in the courtyard were any indication, it wouldn’t be a fair fight, even with Enzo on her side.

“Listen Blondie – “

“Hey, it’s only endearing when I call her that,” said Enzo, irked, but the vampire doorman ignored him.

“ – no one just marches in here and demands to see Klaus.”

Caroline pulled herself up to her full height, and even if tall, dark and fanged had the height advantage, she was Miss Mystic Falls and this was getting on her last nerve. “Tell Klaus that Caroline Forbes is here,” she said, her voice edged with steel. The vampire in her way didn’t budge, but she saw one of the others go inside the large house, and she smirked, satisfied.

“Quite the set-up your boyfriend has,” Enzo muttered, close to her ear.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Caroline shot back, watching the doorway and ignoring the odd looks being thrown their way.

“No, he’s just the bloke you like to have indiscriminate sex with in the middle of the forest – is there a term for that?”

Caroline spun on her heel, hitting Enzo in the shoulder. “You jerk I told you not to bring that up!”

“Oh I don’t know love, I wouldn’t mind rehashing old memories.” The voice that interrupted them was a familiar one, and Caroline couldn’t stop the small flutter her stomach gave as she turned back to face who had spoken.

“Hi Klaus,” she said, taking a deep breath as he walked closer and reached for her hand.

“Hello Caroline,” he replied, bringing her hand to his lips and pressing a gentle kiss to her knuckles, pleased to hear her breath hitch.

“Do I get a kiss?”

Klaus’ attention was pulled from the blonde beauty in front of him to the dark haired man who looked entirely too smug for his liking. “And you are?” he asked, temper flaring.

“Klaus, he’s a friend,” said Caroline, warningly, though she didn’t pull her hand away from his grasp.

“The name’s Enzo. Enzo – ”

“KLAUS!” Everyone’s attention was pulled towards the vampire who had flashed into the courtyard.

“Something’s up with the witches in Lafayette Cemetery, you should check it out.”

Klaus tensed, gripping Caroline’s hand just a little tighter. “Find my brother, tell him to handle it. Now sweetheart,” he turned his attention back to the baby vampire, “what say I show you the best place in my city to get a drink?”

“Finally, I hope they have some decent bourbon,” said Enzo, rubbing his hands together eagerly.

“I don’t believe you were invited,” Klaus growled, but Caroline just laced her fingers through his and squeezed his hand tightly.

“He’s with me, and there’s no way I’m leaving him alone,” she said, eyebrows raised.

Klaus huffed, but focused on the feel of her small hand intertwined with his, and it was enough to calm him down, just a little.

“Very well.” Gently, he tugged Caroline along, Enzo following closely on her other side, and a thought occurred to him. “One more thing mate,” he said, turning to Enzo.  “What did you say your name was?”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you already posted about your favorite Hunhan/SeLu moments? If you haven't can you post gifs of these and why? Thank you!! The ship's always sailing!!

 Sure, there are many many moments that are favourites of mine, so many that I’d be here for a while listing them all. I generally love every single small moment they shared, whether that be a small glance, or a giant hug. Warning long post ahead-

To start, this isn’t really a moment as Luhan done it often, but I absolutely adore the way Luhan would put his hand under Sehun’s chin, and then most of the time Sehun would turn and smile at him. This was apparently Luhan’s way of checking he was happy, and a way of breaking his sassy bish face. I think it’s just so sweet, and special, and it showed the caring relationship between the two.

 Hehe I think Luhan was tickling Sehun in the gif below. I just like their playfulness too aww.

I love the way Sehun sorta done a sassy smile at him in this one

This one isn’t really the same, it’s more of a comfort looking thing to me? Idk Sehun looked either a little shy or maybe bored, and Luhan thought he’d help out I guess, and try to make him smile?

And never to forget, the showtime one

I would be here forever posting all those little chin holding moments, there many other snaps of Luhan doing this. And this isn’t another technical moment, but I like the way Luhan almost protected Sehun, it’s all in this ask here, so if you want to read it go ahead. This chin thing could be another way of his “protection” thing. But I’m pretty sure Sehun once said he didn’t like his smile, so maybe Luhan disagreed and this was his way of making Sehun show his beautiful smile.

My absolute favourite, and most heartbreaking favourite moment has to be Luhan’s last concert with exo, 21/09/14. Here’s a basic run down of all the glances and other things, and a lot of things happened in the song moonlight, mostly glances, but I just feel like that song is now their song for us who ship them, here is things about moonlight. Now getting on to what I was going to say (I’m sorry I got carried away lol), my fav moment is when Sehun watched Luhan’s last solo with exo. The others went to change, but Hunnie wanted to stay and watch. The staff were fussing around him, sorting out his hair, giving him water etc, but not even for 1 second did he take his eyes of his hyung. Now we don’t know exactly why he stayed, but he probably knew this was the last time he could ever see his hyung dance in real life, and Luhan had fallen over earlier too, I think Sehun was very concerned about him. Maybe Sehun didn’t want this moment to ever come, but it did and he had to make the most of it, maybe that’s why all the glancing happened too?

See how he just didn’t look away, it just hurts. I feel like when you have to say goodbye to someone you love some people find it easier to try to stay away from them so it isn’t as heartbreaking, maybe this is how they felt on this concert, but Sehun just needed that one last proper look at him.

Again, this technically isn’t a moment either, but I love the fact that they both still wear their cartier bracelets. Luhan wore his recently in his newest mv (the one for the fans), and Sehun constantly wears it. I guess this could count as a moment? Sehun didn’t wear his cartier for a very short while, but we found out why after, it was because the poor boy had a cut where he’d normally wear it, and he’d been wearing the cartier over it. I guess he took it off because it hurt, love hurts right?

I feel like it’s their way to remind each other of their friendship. They obviously don’t speak as much (not saying they don’t because I believe they do maybe?), but this will remind them. Maybe sometimes they look down at their wrist and smile remembering the other? Luhan also has a ring, and I’ll take even longer explaining it, but here is an explanation. I once saw a pic and Sehun had a ring too, but I didn’t save it /urgh @myself/ And remember when the fansites brought them both necklaces with “H” on, and they both wore them? I just find that so cute, and it just shows how close they are, because if they weren’t they may not have worn them?

My last favourite moment is when they went to the noodle shop together. And then a year later Sehun uploads a selfie of him on the road of that noodle shop, and Luhan uploads a selfie looking real emo, and people will say it’s a “coincidence” just like 520 was a “coincidence” *sigh*, like some might be but stuff like this happenes a lot a coincidences don’t happen that many times. I believe they plan stuff like this to make us all cry real tears of Jesus. And this idk how true this is, this is just a rumour, so don’t take it seriously but it has the pics of the instagram updates too, read the post here. This probably isn’t true, but yeah. Anyway, here’s the pic from last year

I know they all went out with other members and blah, but it’s the same for other ships, their moments going out would be the most special one to you. But what makes this even more special to me was the whole instagram pics a year later. 

These are my absolute favourite moments, and I’ll just post a few of my fav gifs of them together.

And I found my fav audio post of them and that’s here, and I also really liked the moment where Sehun got a tad jealous over Luhan and Chanyeol, here.

As I said I generally like all their moments, but idk those (not exactly) moments are my favourites. And remember this is my opinions on a ship that I ship, and it’s completely fine to not ship it, just don’t hate/shit on things that make others happy 

I remade.

Ok, finally, i remade my blog. Here’s a new link ► http://saarevok.tumblr.com/ I would like to see you again as my followers, if you want this. Recreation of the blog took me two days (especially reblogging my edits, holy shit, i didn’t notice i have that much of my shitty creations), tbh. This blog i’ll keep as my archive at least for a month. After that, i think, i’ll delete it.

↳ Why do you remade?
First of all, i don’t like the tagging system here.  Second, this blog has almost 70 000 posts, so i’m kinda tired of that amount of posts.

↳ Why not start using new tagging system here?
Because i’m a perfectionist in some way. Using new tagging system here means, i must re-tag all 70 000. I think it will take me almost a two or three months to do this.

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I will refollow almost all of the blogs i follow. So, if you still want to be mutuals with me, don’t worry about that,

↳ What about all of your followers?
If they still want to se me on their dashes, they can refollow. If they don’t - then, good bye, guys.


Spec fic for the episode coming up in several hours :/.

Anyway, I barely even read through it again, but I really wanted to get this out before the episode beat me.

Also, the only real spoiler is a quote from the promo. So not much.

The kiss they shared… both could have probably agreed that it was the most passionate either had experienced.

It wasn’t rough or harsh - not passionate in a desperate way.

Rather, as they moved in tandem with each other, and as their minds conjured only images of the other and the love that they held for them, it was passionate because it was real. It was true.

Every piece of the kiss was dedicated to the other. There were no wandering thoughts or movements made simply in a calculated attempt in order to fill some quota, nor was there any room for the hatred of self both had been facing. Instead, all movements and thoughts were controlled by what they truly wanted, or by the instincts that took over in places they had no ability to address.

It was perfect.

In all ways it was perfect.

However, perfect does not mean that it worked.

For however true and meaningful that it was, there was a reason behind it, and it was obvious that their hopes had not been fulfilled.

No flash of light filled a hopeless world to the brim with bright hues.

No magic flowed through their veins and allowed them to smile mindlessly into a kiss they hoped would never end.

Beside the burning beneath their skin that seemed to have become a pleasant, normal reaction to the other, there was nothing.

They broke apart.

And at that point they were sure that their dreams had too.

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“You Don’t Have to Assume the Worst of Me”


We have got to stop framing the ending of the finale as May abandoning Coulson and/or her team. She deserves better. She deserves a little faith, especially after the last time she left. When she really did walk out, and it wasn’t an official request for time off, and she still did amazing things like track down the TAHITI project files. 

And the music while she packs! It’s happy music. Gentle happy, like content, like someone finally being at peace for the first time in a while.

Coulson doesn’t act abandoned. He says she asked for time off “for the first time in the history of ever.” That’s affectionate. There’s a hint of a smile pulling at his face when he “confronts” Andrew about the scotch. He’s been her partner forever. He knows she never takes time off, that she works to the end, that she doesn’t leave without a good reason. He’d know how healthy and good it is for her to take a break–and to do so on her terms, no less, without being forced into it. (He might pump Andrew for information, sure; Melinda is notoriously tight-lipped, and it’s probably a good way to tease them both. And Coulson likes to tease.)

I can see how the implication she might be heading out with Andrew could be a little dispiriting for Philinda shippers. But heck, you can make that ending Philinda-hopeful, if that’s your thing. What relationship isn’t improved by one of the partners making healthy decisions like taking time off from a high-stress job after a hell of a year and the other one supporting them in those kind of wise decisions? 

As far as Simmons goes, she could have even come back by then. We go from Bobbi between surgeries–presumably close to the end of the main action–to a time where Andrew’s had time to get to the base and hang around for a few days. May heads out. And after that, we see Skye with her lip still busted and her knuckles raw saying goodbye to Cal, and then we get Skye perfectly healed and Cal’s had time to go to TAHITI and get his practice going. That takes time. And THEN Jemma gets slurped by a rock. Maybe Melinda’s still out. Maybe she’s back. Either way, she took time off weeks before Jemma went missing. 

It’s troubling that Melinda hardly ever seems to get the benefit of the doubt. And it fits precisely into a pattern where women and people of color–and especially women of color–are treated by and large with more suspicion and less care than white, male characters. It’s not one post or one person and it’s not even necessarily intentional. But it’s a pattern. Across other fandoms, across our fandom. And this is one tiny, concrete thing we can stop. 

Melinda May went on vacation. Melinda May went on vacation happy, and at peace, and she had the support of her team in doing so. This finale is a triumph for her.