but it took me forever so im posting it anyway


so this was originally supposed to be posted at the beginning of the year? ((i know it’s really late im so lame but i still hope you had a wonderful 2015 and go on to have an even better 2016)) anyway, here we are, a little after valentine’s day and i just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you! for helping me escape life through your fics/art/posts, for making me smile, for making me feel like im not alone! holds u all very close to my heart! especially my lovely mutuals I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH

sorry this is so long omfg i literally don’t know how that happened?? and the format is fucked up too /cries/ if u don’t have a lil note im so sorry I’m exhausted uwu

ps. you’ll see my aesthetic mainblog following you @exodusheartache 

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ok so I recently reached 2.1k which is crazy!! thank you all so much, i never know why people follow me anyway <3

this is for my mutuals, those i know and don’t know, who make my dash wonderful and always brighten up my day with their posts :)

first, a special mention:

reignofbooks i love you and i can’t wait to meet you, and i’m always grateful for the day we became mutuals because it brought me one of the greatest friendships ever.

to my two losers best friends irl:

liam-paynes and wades-wilsons ok i really cant put it all on here right? but you know how much you mean to me so it’s all good <3

and now to the mutuals i’m kind of, sort of obsessed with:

bolded = faves


adamparrisih | adamsparrishs | adelinastarkov | aelinashryveres | alicvnte | alinasoretsev | arobynnhamel | asterinsblackbeak | axollo | blackthorans | blue-argent | bluexsargent | blvsey | bookofendlesspages | cabcswater | cabeswtr | caupheus | chaoled | chaolaena | chaolian | chaolparrish | chaolwestfaal | chaolwestfall | clarkegrifin | claryherondhale | clarysfray | connorcobalts | czerhy


daisysmeadow | dorianhavilllard | dullsuns | eadlyns | fallenaelin | frostingpeetaswounds | gansae | ganseyscamaro | ganseywestfall | haermes | halecalloway | harleyqvinnn | havillird | hcnrycheng | herondelles | huffleppuffs | hyliani


illgiveyouthesun | insrgence | jemcarstvirs | khramovna | kilornwarren | kingchaol | kinglydorian | kiohne | ladygansey | larasjean | latnsov | lindsayshalstead | loranhale | lovelykestrel


maenons | mannonblackbeak | mattdaddahrio | mattdaddrio | maxerica | mropheus | mvthics | nefertetti | noahczeny | noahczherny | odvsseys | oktobrist | onehundredandonebooks | padfout | parrishgansey | peterkavensky | pynch | qalloway | qselene | ravcnboys | ravngayes | richardesgansey | richardganseyi​ | richardganscey​ | riichardgansey​ | rollingspoons​ | rykemedows


samcortiland​ | sardothiened​ | scarletbenoits​ | shakespears​ | sleighs​ | sturmhond​ | taamlin​ | thebooknymph | thebookrealm​ | theravcnboys​ | tomriidle | tomsriidle​ | tsarist​ | wereallbrave​ | zaynsgrammys

hiii !! i hit 4.2k recently and it’s been 84 years since i posted my first follow forever mostly because im just lazy but antyways.. i changed a lot and made a bunch of new mutuals and friends so this a callout post @ u all for dealing with my mess of a blog 💓 i appreciate all of u so much and THANK YOU for following me!! i also follow like 800 people so if i forgot u, dont hate me! it took forever to finish this msodkalfs

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ok yeah hi i know that i make a lot of follow forevers (i literally made one less than a month ago lmao) but its the end of the year and i felt like making another one and this one’s actually kinda organized and sorta long i guess but yea idk um happy holidays & happy new year & i love you guys :)

ok first things first my squad

420normanidanielle you’re always so nice to me & we don’t talk like all the time but we’ll literally pick up a conversation right where it left off after a few days & i feel really comfortable talking to you and idk i just love you

camilascabello: om.g.. i can’t believe i’m frie nds with th eREal. camilac abellllo.! thats so crazy….. surreal…ama zming…. ok anyways in all seriousness you’re really fuckign funny and we have a lot in common and you could literally say the word pudding and i’d be like o .kk me ! and i really love talking to you like i honestly feel like we’re not speaking english half the time because i’m pretty much just slamming on my keyboard but i love u and u were like the only person i could talk to about how annoying a****n is when that thing we don’t ever speak of happened… anyways i love u and i can’t wait for u to fight fifth-harmony-army !

godmaliks: ruthy we’ve been friends probably like 2 years now (actually probably a lot less i have no concept of time) and i still can’t put into words how much i love you and how much you mean to me and i know we don’t talk to each other as much as we did last year (that’s like 98% my fault bc i don’t answer ur texts a lot but maybe if u didn’t send them at like 2am i’d actually remember to answer) but you’re still just as important to me as you’ve always been and i’m gonna make sure we meet someday ok i lvoe you

jadelust: SHANNEN i love u so much i can’t believe we’ve only been friends since the summer like we became close so easily i feel like we really just clicked which is kinda weird i guess bc if you think about it it’s not like we have everything in common like we’re actually pretty different yet somehow we still work perfectly. you’ve helped me through so much and i feel really comfortable talking to you i trust you completely and i’m so glad we started talking because i’d be a completely different person w/out you

normila: i don’t remember how we started talking tbh i think one of us just messaged the other about normila probably and now literally all we do is talk about normila and it’s great tbh bc i don’t know anyone else that would put up with me talking about them so much for so long

niallhoran2k15: dani!!! we like barely ever talk anymore and even though we always say we’re gonna start again we make it like 3 days before we stop again but i still consider you to be a really good friend and we have so many great memories and you’re one of the nicest and most helpful people i know and hopefully we’ll start talking again and actually stick to it lol

richkink: literally half of our conversations just consist of us saying we either hate or love like 4535464 people but we became friends really easily and even though we haven’t talked that much these past few weeks i really love you and you mean a lot to me and i’m glad you started talking to me bc you’re a really good friend and i miss u tf

tommocrave: benjiiiiiii i love you beyond words we have so many hilarious memories that i’ll never forget and even just thinking about some of them (the cone) makes me crack up. i’m really glad we became friends because whenever we hang out i always have a really good time and being around you makes me happy and i know we don’t really talk as much as we used to which is really dumb bc we probably talk more on here than in real life but we should really start again bc i miss hanging out with you (unless you’re just gonna force me to watch the kardashians again)

zarriallau: i know we aren’t really like that good friends but we talk a decent amount i think??? you’re really nice and extremely funny and i think we share a lot of the same opinions and i hope we become better friends soon & i can’t wait for OTRA :)



5hsquad 5thharmony ariasgrnde amyraudefeld amyraudennfeld 

arrystyles allthatsmatter buterabenzo bradmila bonjourcabello

blackgirlsvevo bizzlesblunts brookekordei britishlosers blurberrys bradshrimpsons

bestsnogever cabellobriens camz-cabello cockmeats cmlcabello 

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crazymofas cloudssquad camcabello


drewregui dopecabello derrickhamilton dollarmenus damnjesy 

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tmhzourry thirlbabe worshipthevamps zeymar

also shoutout to waakeme-up 4 making me really ridiculously happy just by existing i hate u

just a little bit ago I finally hit a big goal, so in honor of that and my past birthday im making my first follower forever/mutual appreciation post!! :))

also thank you darby (vipharry) for making the header and to both darby and kallie (niallsafuckboy) for putting up with me daily! and also ofc my irl best friend chloe (cremebruleezayn)!

bolded are my faves and bolded/italicized are my closest (but I still love and am thankful for all of you!!)


1dtilltheendd / 2013zarry / 2k15ziall / 6godniall / aberharry / adoraliam/ aimh2k15 / almightyniall / anotherwourld / astralplants / auziam/ birdcagedlourry / birthdau / blamestyls / blazinhood / bloggingprincess/ blondeyniall / boozeyoulose / boxingpayne / brahfords / carouselharry / clumsyhazz / coffeeshopfic / colimfirth / cremebruleezayn / crisstylxs / cuddlinglou / curlsalmighty


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idolharry / illusionlirry / immortaldecim / immortalmalik / imthinkinoutloud / iusedtobeabaker / jamescordenofficial / kingzayyn / larrystylickson / laurenharry / liamallmighty / lilomeme / lirryduo / liyum / ljpvinyl / louisblues / louisharryau / louisonmylap / louisruin / louiswillian / loveloumore / manbands / millionharry / narrysheaven / niallersjhoran / niallezr / niallsafuckboy / no-diggiity / nouis-almighty / nsfwpayne


ofliaem / oh-liams / onecliffocanda / orbituharry / ovoliam / paynepeach / protectliampayne / punkhrry / quitefond / rapunzlou / rimlouls / rocklington / rockmeniam / saintharrent / scphiasmith / sensationiall / sextingeleanor / spankyharold / spazzstyles / sterlingstyles / stylesnjh / stylesplzstop / sweaternarry 


thet0mm0way / thweeeknd / tomlinbooties / tomlinzens / tomlinzn / trillioniall/ unrulyhealy / vibeslikezarry / vipharry / vipliam / viplouis / viplourry / wankingtwink / watchkinkliam / wellingtoncurse / wounderlandstyles / zayntoxicateme / zeyoncemalik / ziallxalmighty / ziouis / zriall

& my fave non-mutuals:

cockholmsyndrome / stylinsketchy / whtieeskimo / xfactorera / happilyboyfriends / breadbowler / awharrys

sorry if i forgot anybody & that this is so long, and thank you all!! :))

Hello everyone!! First things first,let me apologize for this shitty “thing” or whatever that I made. Let’s just say it could’ve been worse since I haven’t been editing for months. anyways. So a few days ago I hit 1k!! That’s like amazing. Thank you so much for following me and for putting up with my shitposting and sometimes ok posts. I’ve been on tumblr for 2 years, since summer of 2013. ofc I had another blog back then. I started this blog on december 2013, hoping to spread the love for snsd and many other great girl groups. A lot of things have changed since then though. I created this blog with a name that is really cringe-worthy so I don’t really think I should say it lmao. then I changed it and became ‘yoong-sy’ for a while. Last month I decided to change my url for the 2nd and probably last time.(cool story denisa lmao…..) anyways I just wanted to thank all of you guys for following me and for being so awesome! And just so everyone knows, I aknowledge every single on of you guys. yall amazing and I love all of you. also sidenote… I apologize if I forgot to mention anyone here. check out my blogroll actually.

bolded - mutuals *(really amazing ppl go follow them or you’re missing out on great stuff)*

-suelgi 77rv 4-velvets 5fxs 4velvets


asianphases beautifulvelvet baechuxs balanders entertaengme exidorks andreivgadia bootycalljung choissul aprils-end alwaysoshi blondeyoongie aestaetic ajummataeng craeyeons eoteokae dancinqueens bootyful-jams


finger-me-unnie imyoong hyoris kpopperlover gijibe kpop-parfait gikswang kemjo kim-ryeowookie hyolights girlsqeneration hyoism joohyeons- gingerfany icesicales krystaeng k1myeon honeytaeng fuibaka idolizesicat jumataeng fany-ah-pls gemini-rising kwonyuri florensic krismetender g-alaxyfanfan hyolyporn kim-choding 
keuriseu krismehard jesseseo hangeuk


nicesooyoung potionicia papayaloving red-shidae nineli9hts namierin pany-ah oh-sicas
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sailoryoona tipannies theseulgis redvelvetvevo taeneon suelrene taengisc seulgin so-sonyeondumb seo-gay-for-hyun taeng-s slavetokpop taengli taengyeon-s sicaholic queenqian snsdsooyeon tipanny sicameow taeblush sooyouhg taengtime sweet-taeng seulduction summersoshi sooyoungss snsd-snsd therunningdevil taepathy tae-ss tanahi snsd taecutie taendelion taenghoul


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So, I just hit 400 followers and I decided to do a follow forever! This is my first one, so if I forget to tag you or something, feel free to tell me and I’ll fix it. Sorry for any mistakes in advance!

Mutuals are bolded.

Friends are bolded and italicized.

✿ A-B ✿
 absolutely-ass ask-creaturehub ask-seamoose askkooters, askzeroyalviking automaticglitch

C-D ✿
captainroyalchaos cha0sly chilledchaosofficial chilledroyalchaos chllledchaos creature-audio-posts criousgaymers derplier diimaria dorkcrew dumbcrew duskler dutten-does-the-fanfic

✿E-F ✿
extremelyquestionable fairysidearms fuckyeahderpcrew

✿ H-I ✿
hella-rad-otps ianterweb immortaleks immortalhdildo

✿ J-K ✿
jack-o-alltrades jalekswilchant jamestheknight justcreaturethings kizzle-chizzle

L-N ✿
linkin-phan lordrebay meow753 mintgreentears mlgzeeb
nanosbeat naxrenafelldown nayahpapaya nigella00 notebookofwishes, novafoxhdpkc novahd-mhm

R-S ✿
rainywalrus rancake raphaellaerlach rararaam rise-ofthe-nobs, royalchaosing saltypeachums smartys12thplace spiritualchilled ssonpkc stripesmotherfucker stypls super-novahd

✿ T-U ✿
tectonikraven tricky-chan uberhaxernova uberhaxorimmortal unfinished-bizzness unlimitedbacon437

✿ V-Y ✿
verticonix yoshipuff625

Thank you guys so much for 400 followers! I legitimately can’t believe that such a high amount of people take a liking to my blog and follow me. It’s kinda funny that I reached 400 followers the day the creatures hit one million subscribers. Anyway, here’s to another one hundred followers and I hope you all have a nice day! ❤