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Tom Holland Imagine: Broken

Summary: after getting out of a toxic relationship, you meet a very handsome boy on your train. (Loosely based off of both Yes Girl and I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller)

A/N: sorry for being gone for so long… writers block kicked in…😤

Warnings: physical and mental abuse


I let out a sigh of relief as the train took off down the tracks. I watched as the town I once knew and loved flew passed me. I wondered what He would do when He came home from work to find me gone. I fidgeted with the strap of my duffle bag before deciding to pull out my book to help the time pass.

“Hello? Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind if I sat here?” A voice said.

I shook my head without meeting the stranger’s eye. Yes, I would prefer to be sitting by myself but considering I bought the last ticket for this train, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I heard the stranger let out a heavy sigh as he placed his bag under his seat.

“Whatcha readin there? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uh, it’s called Ordinary People. By Judith Guest. It’s my favorite book, I’ve read it like 10 times.”

“Huh, maybe I’ll read it sometime.”

“Oh you definitely should, its incredible.”

I finally looked up from my book to see a very handsome boy smiling at me.

“I’m Tom by the way.” He said as he extended his hand to me.

“Uh, I’m Y/N.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

I blushed at his compliment and closed my book and looked back up at the him.

“So what’s bringing you to the city? And by train? Not many people go on these anymore.”

Tom smiled and looked out the window.

“Well, I do a lot of traveling. I’m always in the air and so I just wanted to see the trees for a change. And I’m staying in the city, actually. I just felt like I was going insane from only seeing buildings and angry people everywhere I went and I need some time to figure things out so I found the smallest town I could find outside of Atlanta and left for the weekend. What about you?”

“Uh, that’s a story for another time…”

“That’s alright. Let it be yours.”

“Well, your accent gives it away that you don’t live here, so why are you in America?”

“I’m an actor. Filming a movie.”

“Oh, I love movies! What movie are you filming?”

Tom let out a light laugh as he looked down and fiddled with his thumbs.

“Uh, Spider-Man, actually.”

“Wait, really!? I love Spider-Man! Are you the guy that plays him in Civil War? I haven’t gotten to see it yet but I want to so bad. See, my boyfri- ex boyfriend wouldn’t let me go see it.”

I looked down to avoid Tom’s confused face, hoping it would give him the hint to not ask any questions.

“Well, maybe I can take you to go see it sometime.”

“Uh, yeah! But if you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’m sure you’ve already seen it like 500 times…”

“Yeah, but never with a girl as beautiful as you.”

“Pft, are you kidding me? Have you seen Scarlett Johansson!?”

Before Tom could reply I heard my phone go off. I reached into my bag to pull it out and felt my heart stop.


He wasn’t supposed to be home this early.

I felt my heart drop to my stomach as I looked at His name written on the screen.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned my phone off before shoving it back in my bag.

I felt Tom’s gaze on me. I looked up and gave him a weak smile, trying to get him to drop it.

Luckily, he did.

—3 months later—

I laid on the couch, wrapped up in Tom’s arms. We started dating shortly after we met. I didn’t think I would be able to date anyone for while after what happened with Him but, Tom was different. I knew he was different because he cared.

Unlike Him. I knew He was searching for me. I had been forced to ditch my phone and buy a new one to get Him to stop calling me and leaving hurtful voicemails.

Now, 3 months later, the thoughts of Him felt like only a distant memory of a childhood nightmare.

But that quickly changed.

Tom and I were watching The Way Way Back when it happened.

First there was the pounding on the door.

“I’ll get it, love.” Tom sweetly whispered in my ear. He kissed the side of my face and got up from the couch.

I instantly missed the feeling of his arms around me. I turned my attention back to the film, thinking it was just Harrison who forgot his key again.

But then I heard it.

I heard Tom’s angelic voice asking who they were but getting cut off by a punch to the jaw.

And then His voice calling out my name.

I sat up immediately and felt my self beginning to hyperventilate.

But while I was breathing hard, it felt like there was no oxygen in my body at all.

As His figure walked into the room, I felt myself black out from fear.

I didn’t even feel Him pick me up by my hair and throw me into the glass coffee table.

I didn’t even feel the blood begin to fall from my skin from where the glass had cut it open.

I didn’t even hear Tom scream my name.

I didn’t hear Tom tackling the guy.

I didn’t hear Harrison come in and call the police.

I didn’t hear the ambulance as they asked me questions.

But I watched all of it.

I could see everything.

I could see Tom attacking Him.

I could see Tom as he stood over me, crying.

I could see his lips saying words like, “Please say something, love” or “Please don’t leave me” as tears slipped from his eyes.

I woke up hours later. I looked around and saw Tom sitting to my right, holding my hand tightly as he cried into my side.

“Tom?” I asked.

His head whipped up and let out a sigh of relief when he saw me awake. He immediately began to pepper my face with kisses and held me tightly to him.

“Thank god you’re okay. He’s gone, Y/N. They’ve locked Him up. You never have to worry about Him again. I have you and I will always protect you. I love you, Y/N. So much.”

And those words, those few words, put every little broken piece in me back together.

skip-supports-ships  asked:

Newt/Percival prompt- Percival needs glasses and Newt is loving the glasses look

One prompt coming right up, I hope you like it!:

For @realpercivalgraves and @skip-supports-ships

“Percival? Percival have you seen my-?” Newt’s words died right in his mouth as he stared at the sight before him.

Percival was sitting on the bed, a pair of glasses perched upon his nose as he read book under the dim light of the bulb. The older wizard looked up, quite confused at the way the magizoologist was currently staring at him. “What did you lose this time?”

He seemed to pause, sighing as he put the book down and took of his glasses. “Please tell me none of your beasts got out…”

“Hmm?” It was quite hard for Newt to concentrate for some reason. “Oh no, no. Not at all, all my creatures are accounted for. No it’s, it’s… How long have you been wearing glasses?”

“These things? For several years, though I only use them for reading. Why?”

“No- no reason…” Newt muttered, looking down at his hands. 

He clearly didn’t want to let on how much this was affecting him, and that in itself brought a delightful challenge with it for the older wizard.

Percival slowly rose from his bed, smirking as he slowly closed the distance between them. “Mr. Scamander…” he drawled, “I believe that you might be compromised.”


“Hmm,” Graves hummed, “If I didn’t know any better” he put his glasses back on “I’d say you have a thing for my glasses.”

Newt shook his head, “I wouldn’t-”

“Wouldn’t you?” Percival rested an arm against the wall as he leaned over the magizoologist, just a few more inches and their chests would touch… “Such a shame.”

The auror chuckled, leaning in to whisper into the Brit’s ear. “I do hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for, Newt.” He walked away, staring at a flustered brit over the rim of his glasses one last time before returning to his book.

Don’t Cry // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 637


Hi love, Can you do an imagine with jack that he and the reader get into a huge fight and he makes her cry? Thank you!! Xx

A/N- so so so sorry this took so long. also sorry it’s short. i hope it’s what you wanted anon :)


“All I asked was for you to come out with us!” Jack shouted at you.

“And I said I didn’t want to! Is that not a good enough reason?” you questioned.

You two had been arguing for the past 30 minutes. Jack wanted to go out for the third time this week but you wanted to stay in and cuddle.

“You’re so frustrating!” he barked. “Just do one thing for me Y/n! One bloody thing.”

“Why can’t you just go out alone?” you sighed in annoyance.

“Well I’m sorry that I want to spend the night with my girlfriend,” he stated as he sat down, running a hand through his hair.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t go out,” you said under your breath.

“What did you just say?” his head snapped towards you.

“If you want to spend time with me, why do you want to go to the club?  Why can’t you spend them with me alone, at home?” you stared at him.

“Cuz it’s boring!”

“Wow, so spending time doing what I want to do is annoying?” you stepped back, clearly offended.

“Yes! Why don’t you want to go out and have fun like the other girls?!” his facial expression showed that he immediately realized he fucked up.

“What did you just say?” you stepped back once again.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean it,” he stood up, slowly approaching you.

“Get out,” you said quietly, the tears falling from your eyes.

“Y/n, please. You know I didn’t mean it.”

“Get. Out.” You said louder, not looking in his eyes.

“Okay,” you put his hands up defensively. “But you can’t say I didn’t try.”

“Excuse me?!?” you shrieked.

“Well you’re overreacting. I tried apologizing, now it’s on you,” he stared at you, completely serious.

“You just told me, your fucking girlfriend, that you wished I was ‘more like the other girls’,” you used your fingers as quotation marks. “So my bad that in a little pissed off.”

“I tried to apologize.”

“I’m not going to immediately forgive you for something like that! It takes time, but honestly right now I’m thinking you don’t deserve it.”

“What does that mean?” he asked, suddenly worried.

“It means that we,” you pointed between the two of you. “Are over.”

“Wait,” he walked towards you.

“No. You showed me how you really feel about this relationship,” you said as you wiped away the tears and held your head up high, trying oh so hard to not break down. “So, get out. We’re over Jack.”

“Y/n,” he sighed. “Don’t do this.”

“Why? So in a few days you can tell me that I’m boring and not like your exes again? No thanks.”

“Please,” he knelt in front of you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You instinctively put your hands in his hair. “Don’t do this. You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Jack,” you said, tears falling once more. “I can’t keep doing this.”

“I promise that we can do better. I’ll try harder. I just can’t lose you,” he stood up, putting his hands on your cheeks.

“I’m sorry Jack. I just can’t. I’m tired of being hurt, I need someone who will love me for me,” the tears continued falling but this time Jack was there to wipe away your tears.

“Please, Y/n. I can be that person. I’m sorry that I haven’t. But I promise that from now on, I will not judge you.”

You looked at him. It was then that you realized, he was crying as well.

“Don’t cry,” you gave him a sad smile as you wipe away one of his tears.

“I just lost the love of my life, I can’t not cry.”

“You didn’t lose me,” you smiled.

“I won’t mess this up,” he sighed in relief.

“Promise me.”

“I promise.”

Through the Years, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Continuation of ‘Backstage’ and ‘Wedding Plans’. Actual prompt was made up by me. Compilation of texts sent between reader/Lin through their relationship.

Words: 1501 (Yikes.)

Author’s Note: This took a lot of thought from me. It’s impossible to be clever through text. Sigh. Also, formatting was a bitch…hopefully it looks ok? I honestly feel like I can write a whole fic about each individual text convo. Also, it jumps time a bunch. Not every text convo is covered.

Warning: I’m sure I cussed somewhere. Under a read-more because it is that long.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part One Part Two | Part Four

February 29, 2016 - 11:46pm

From: Daveed, 11:46pm

did he ask you out? this is important. i have money on this.

To: Daveed, 11:46pm

how much money? i expect a cut. he asked me out.

From: Daveed, 11:48pm

$50 richer

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Song:Goner-Twenty One Pilots

You pulled out your keys and approached your house.
You went to unlock your door but something was stopping you.

“Why is there a sulking Damon Salvatore on my porch"you pouted as you turnt to face your swing.

“I’m not sulking, I’m deep in thought"he shot back.

"Well that’s extremely dangerous"you held your hands in the air and walked over to Damon.

"But seriously what’s wrong? You haven’t been this moody since…ever"you scrunched up your nose as you tried to think back to a time when Damon was down in the dumps.

"Have you flipped the switch again, because if you have im going to murder you. Do you know how long it took me to get through to you last time? Do you know what I had to do?. I had to throw myself off a building that wasn’t very fun!"you started to rant.

"If I flipped the switch I wouldn’t be feeling like this"he sighed.

"Feeling like what? You need to talk to me that’s what friends are for?"You gave his hand a squeeze.

"See that’s the problem, I can’t be friends with you?!"he shouted, making you jump back abit.

"Wh-why not?"you clutched onto his hand tighter, despite being slightly scared.

"Because I am in love with you, the way you look after me, you only see the good in me when everyone else sees bad, your incredibly smart and you have such a kind heart. I love you and I have done for about 2 years now"Damon sighed.

Your mouth opened, you were speechless.
"Y/n will you say something, because if you stay silent like this I might just actually flip my switch"Damon laughed.

"No no! Don’t do that! I’m just im glad you told me, I thought my feelings weren’t returned but I obviously thought wrong"you nodded a smile growing on each of your faces.

Stayin’ Alive

Prompts: How about a request for a one shot where Rick is saved by Negan after he stops breathing and it’s hella awkward. - Requested by Anon

Pairing(s): Rick x Negan (subtext/implied)

Word Count: 678

Warnings: none (?) two cuties bein’ too cute?

Notes: Sorry took me so long, but loved writing it. Please send in regan requests! Kinda want them, kinda need them…

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Rick paced forward, eager to get a distance between himself and the bat-wielding psychopath. Negan chuckled as the former police-officer hurried forward, he knew Prick Grimes would hate the idea of going on a run together, which made him love the idea even more.

“Calm the fuck down Prick, we got time, no need to fucking ditch your prom date so quickly.” He called after the Alexandrian. Rick sighed for the ninth time in three minutes as Negan chuckled at his own joke, he was fucking hilarious.

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anonymous asked:

can you do an imagine that y/n is dating one of the boys and she have a 4b hair and she is insecure about it but the boy supports her, thanks

I had to google what 4b hair was so forgive me for inaccuracy and sorry this took me so long to get around to doing! I’m busy and stressed and when I’m not busy… I’m forgetful. I haven’t written in a long time so I hope I’ve done an alright job?? I’m clearly out of practice, tbh.


You frowned as you looked yourself over in the mirror, happy with your clothes for the day but not so happy with your hair. The style was still new to you and as much as Calum told you that you looked great, you were still feeling insecure about it. 

You sigh and roll your eyes at yourself, determined to be confident with the new look. Calum was in the kitchen, talking on his phone with his back to you. You snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder, scaring him and causing him to nearly drop his phone. You laughed as Calum apologised to his sister, glaring with his eyes but smiling at you as he righted himself in his chair. 

When he was done on the phone he pulled you away from the coffee machine and wrapped his arms almost too tightly around your waist. “She’s excited to see us.” He announced, kissing your cheek before releasing you. 

You tried to smile happily, the insecurity of your hair returning. “It’s been a while.” You replied, turning back to put the milk in the fridge after pouring your coffee.

Calum frowned at your back, “What’s up?” 

You busied yourself with your too hot mug, avoiding the question. “The sky, the sun, probably a few birds.”

Calum sighed, “Are you not feeling great? She’d understand if we cancelled.” 

You shook your head, “I’m feeling great, there’s not need to cancel.” 

Calum got up from his chair and stepped around the island to stand in front of you, taking the mug from your hands and setting it beside you on the counter. “You seem a little off, Y/N.” 

“I’m just nervous.” You shrugged.

“About?” Calum prompted further.

“I’m not used to the new hair, that’s all.” You admitted finally. “It’s… big and- I don’t know.”

Calum took a hold of your forearms and pulled you closer to him so that eye contact was unavoidable. “You look amazing, I’ll keep telling you that until you believe it, alright?”

“But what if-”

“My sister will love it too, not everyone can make it work for them, but you do, it suits you.” 

You side-stepped Calum to take your mug back and take a drink. Looking down at it you replied, “People have already made comments.”

“Fuck ‘em.” Calum shrugged, “If you like the style then who cares what others think? Who cares what me or my sister think of it?”

You nodded, looking back up at him. “You’re right.”

Calum grinned, “What’s new?”

Your desk is sturdy, right? ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

Cullen needs at least 3 hours notice if you wanna have some love making time with him. I mean… he wears so many layers of clothes and armors. Probably took at least 10 minutes for him to take it all off. He is an onion, no doubt.

Slowly creeping into the rotten world. There goes my pure and innocent mind…

Till Sunbeams Find You [Stephen Strange x Reader]

Author’s Note: This took me a really long time to write. I got really distracted lol. Anyway, I watched Doctor Strange yesterday and I loved it. I would’ve written for it when I got home last night but I was out super late and got too tired and then I was in the library all day today doing homework (*cries*). Nonetheless, I hope ya like this. ^^

Word Count: 1,521

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“Give me one chance, (Y/N). Go out with me, that’s all I’m asking”, Peter said, trying to desperately convince you. You had danced around each other so long, it was time to do something to get it to move on. Peter stared at you with pleading eyes and you sighed. You wanted it, you wanted him to take you on a date but you were afraid. You liked him enough but what if you'ld get emotionally hurt because of him? Peter saw how worried you looked and took a step closer to you, assuring it would be one date and he wouldn’t hurt you. And you choosed to believe Peter because maybe this one date could turn into something more.

Lightening In Their Eyes

anonymous asked:

Could you please do a smutty fic where Thor and the reader are in an established relationship but haven’t had sex yet? And at one of Tony’s parties she shows up in a short, backless dress and is being really touchy feely all night and she leaves a bit early but when he goes back to his room she’s waiting for him. Thanks!

I’m so sorry this took me so long and I’m sorry if you don’t like it but I did my best. 

Word Count: 1863

Originally posted by thordaily


    You sighed for the fifteenth time as you wiped away another black line, of all the nights your eyeliner could have a mind of its own tonight was not the night. Growling you threw the tube behind you and waited for it to hit the wall behind you, only to see a slender hand catch it in mid air.    

       You scowled but it gave way to a chuckle as Natasha stepped in the room dressed to the nines with a smirk on her face. God she looks perfect. Her red hair was curled elegantly and pinned back, her makeup was basic yet striking. And to top it off she wore a sexy emerald green cocktail dress that made you even regret looking at chocolate cake.

     “For godsake Nat I’m an assassin. I can kill a man with my bare hands and de-arm a bomb. I should be able to draw a fucking line.” Natasha smiled and sat beside you, pulling you closer she opened the devil tube and in less than a minute you had perfect winged eyes. 

     “You know I still beat your highscore in the new training simulator.” Yet your subtle jab at humor went unnoticed as Natasha’s eyes hardened and serious.     

 “Okay hotshot what’s going on? It’s just eyeliner, what’s got you so worked up?” You sighed and tousled your straightened hair. Tonight needed to be perfect.

       “Oh my god tonight’s the night isn’t it, you and the god of thunder are finally gonna…?” She wiggled her eyebrows at you, growling you dropped your head into your hands. You felt like a complete idiot as you played with the fringe on the hem of your dress. You had seen it the window of a shop in manhattan and you had to have it. The dress looked like something out of the great gatsby with the fringe and swarovski crystals. You didn’t normally spend a lot of money on such trivial things but you figured what the hell.

     “I know it’s been a long time but you haven’t forgotten how-”

     “Dammit Natasha that’s not the point he’s a god! And I’m me and I’m human and I’m gonna disappoint him!” Sighing you fell back onto your unmade bed and stared up at the ceiling as the silence roared in your ears. Looking up you couldn’t believe your eyes Natasha was fuming you nearly jumped out of your skin when she pulled you off your bed.

      “When the hell did you turn into a fucking teenage girl? You are the Blue Lotus you’ve helped take down hydra, an egomaniacal god, and you work with Tony Stark on a daily basis, a feat might I add that I can’t even manage. You cannot disappointed it’s not in you.” With that she pushed you out the door.

      “Now go down there and get some asgardian tail.” You laughed but she was right. You are a goddess in your own right and you needed to start acting like it.  Standing a little straighter you walked down the stairs and were surprised by the lack of people. Tony was known for his lavish parties yet the living room held only the team, Nick Fury, and a few other S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

      Some soft swing music was playing over the surround sound as everyone chatted. You headed over to the bar where Bruce was serving drinks. He had popped back up on the radar a couple months back, nobody really knew what had happened while he was gone. He refused to talk about but he seemed happier.

       “Have I stepped into an alternate dimension?” You asked while Bruce just smiled and set your usual Jack and Coke in front of you.

     “It’s crazy right but Tony said it was just family tonight, said he had some big news.” Big news with Tony had a fifty-fifty chance of being disastrous. Before you could ask anything else Bruce’s face lit up and you knew that you had just lost him to Natasha for the rest of the night. Shaking your head you sipped your drink and leaned you back against the bar so you could watch your family, a family you never thought you would have. Bruce, Tony, Natasha and Pepper were talking while Sam and Scott were making fun of Steve and Bucky’s taste in music. You could see the way everyone tensed when Tony caught sight of Bucky but it quickly turned into an unsettling feeling.  Everyone was still trying to figure out how to handle Bucky’s history with the Starks.  

    “You look beautiful tonight my elska.” Goosebumps covered your skin at the sound of Thor’s deep voice and his hot breath on your cool skin. Taking a breath to try and calm your rapid heart you moved so your back was pressed against his chest while his arms formed a vice around your waist. 

    “Well it’s a special occasion.” You purred seductively, you could feel the confusion emanating from him.

      “And what is today drottningin min?” He pressed a gentle kiss to your bare shoulder as his hands slid to your hips. You had no idea what he was saying but anytime Thor spoke asgardian it turned you on, yet you fought through the lust driven haze, you were in the mood to play tonight. Freeing yourself from him you took a few steps away to fully clear your brain, you looked over your shoulder at him and smiled.   

  “You’ll just have to wait and see after Tony’s announcement.” You gave a sly wink before taking a seat next to Natasha who was drinking with Clint, both were grinning ear to ear after witnessing the encounter . You smiled and squeezed her hand a silent promise that you would tell all later.

     The next few hours passed by agonizingly slow with heated looks and feather light touches that left trails of fire on each others skin. Not a word was said but his eyes never seemed to leave you. His intense stare was starting to break your resolve, you sent up a silent prayer when Tony and Pepper finally took their place at the makeshift stage.

      “Thank you all for coming tonight, I know you’re all very busy, but I pay for all the cool toys so you owe me.” You couldn’t help but chuckle as Steve glared at Tony.

     “But I wanted my family here tonight and no matter how screwed up we all are I consider every person in this room family…” Smiling at Pepper Tony took her hand and placed a kiss on her palm.

    “So I am very proud to announce a new addition to our crazy family.” As the words left his mouth a huge picture of an ultrasound blew up behind the too. The room erupted with cheers and applause as they crowded to get a better look at the tiny stark. Taking this opportunity you sent a very unsubtle wink at Thor and made an escape to Thor’s room knowing he was hot on your heels. 

    When you finally reached the room you kicked off your heels, then stripped off the little black dress. You did this until you had a nice little trail from the door to the massive bed in the middle of the room. As soon as you had settled yourself under the silk sheets you could feel electricity sizzle in the air. Your heart started to race as Thor’s bronze chest was illuminated by the moonlight from the floor to ceiling windows. Biting your lip you let the sheet fall from your hands and your nipples hardened when your hot skin was exposed to the air. Within a second Thor was on the bed with his lips against yours. You moaned when you got a taste of him, he didn’t really like human alcohol so he kept a flask of asgardian liquor with him, the taste was a mixture of mint and something sweet yet you could never figure out what it was.

     Lacking oxygen Thor broke the kiss and tangled his hand in your hair until he had a good grip then he pulled back exposing your neck. He trailed kisses from your jawline to your collarbone. Untangling his hand from your hair he trailed his kisses lower settling at your breasts. Now it was your turn to pull hair as his lip latched onto your nipple. With a loud pop he released your breast and smiled up at you before moving to your other breast. You ground your hips into the bed to try and alleviate the pressure building within you.

     “God Thor please I nee-.” Replacing his mouth with his hand his lips silenced you while his other hand moved to the inside of your thigh. Your body trembled as his fingers traced patterns in your thigh and his tongue explored your mouth. When his fingers moved up and grazed your clit your body jerked against him. Sensing your need he went back to tracing patterns but you were to your limit with games. Snaking your arms around his waist you used his weight against himself and flipped him onto his back. You could feel his erection against your thigh and you couldn’t help but groan you needed this man and you needed him now. With one hand tangled in his hair you used the other to grip his cock his body tensed and he pulled back his blue eyes burning holes into your Y/C/E eyes. 

   “Are you sure you want this my elska?” You smiled wickedly as you lifted yourself up and took all of his cock. You both moaned as you adjusted to each other after a few minutes you began to wiggle a little letting him know you were ready. His hands settled on your hips for leverage as he began pumping into you. You met him stroke for stroke but his stamina was far greater than yours. Within minutes you were screaming Thor’s name you didn’t care if all of New York heard you. Taking charge Thor flipped you onto your stomach and continued to thrust into you only increasing your pleasure when his hands tightened on your hips you knew he was close. 

      “Thor please fuck me please!” Dirty talk was one of Thor’s favorite things and with one final thrust he screamed your name and lightning crashed outside the windows. And from what you could tell it had blacked out most of the upper east side. Falling onto the bed you were both panting as the sweat dried on your bodies. Thor’s arms had loosened some so you were able to turn and face him. His blue eyes were soft as he pushed a piece of hair away from your face.   

   “I love you.” You almost whispered he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before mutter something in asgardian. Settling into his arms you yawned.    

    “What does that mean?” Your eyes were heavy and his scent was so calming. You couldn’t stay awake anymore.Thor looked down at the woman in his arms and smiled. Placing another kiss on her head he pulled her closer.    

 “It means will you marry me?”    


elska= love

drottningin min= my queen

Homesick | Jay Park | Request

Request: Jay Park scenario where you’re at an AOMG party and you seem distant and glued to your phone missing your friends and family back home… But Jay assumes you’re cheating and goes crazy

Pairing: Jay Park X Reader

Genre: angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,084

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long to get out and also that I always send my scenarios like this lmao. I had writers block for a long time! Anyway, I hope you like it and request in the future! ~Jasmine

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Who He’s Not [Oh Sehun Scenario]

Originally posted by kairamelo

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: After having dated Sehun for a while you move in together but that decision quickly changes your life.
Pairing: Sehun x Reader (You)
Type: Dramatic, angsty, mafia kinda feels
Word Count: 921

This is my first scenario so I hope it didn’t suck too bad, I just came up with this idea today and felt like I needed to write it up before I completely forgot about it. Hope you guys (whoever you are) enjoyed reading it and if you have any feedback or anything please let me know :)


You sighed contently as you took a look at the apartment you would now be calling your home. You and Sehun has been dating for quite a long time now and he decided it was time for the both of you to take the next big step in your relationship and that was to move in together and although you insisted on finding an apartment that would fit both your preferences and because his place had so much unnecessary space nonetheless he had insisted that you moved into his place and because you loved him you couldn’t bring yourself to disagree.

You began to unpack even though Sehun had told you specifically to wait for him since he would be home in a few minutes and because he had some ‘personal’ items he wanted to move about himself and when you accidentally stumbled into the wrong room you realized what he meant by that.

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Part 1: Imagine Jacob trying to keep you from seeing Paul kissing another girl.

You hid in the attic of the Black house, no one knew you came there when you needed peace. But you were wrong, Jacob Black knew almost everything about you. He took the time to find out, unlike Paul. Paul made you feel alive because he’d always get in some sort of trouble, but Jacob just made you feel comfortable on a whole new level.

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Arno Dorian x Reader

A/N: Phew! I finally did it! Here’s the request for that sweet anon. I’m sorry if it took so long, but school is literally tearing me apart. Anyway, I hope you’ll like it! Sorry for some mistakes, if you’ll find it. I’m dying of lack of sleep…

“You just can’t, can you?”
You sighed, a worried look on your features. It wasn’t the first time Arno come back with wounds, but you were started to getting very tired.
“Oh, come on. It’s not that bad.” You smacked his arm and then kept cleaning his wounds.  “You know, that hurt.” He said, looking at you with wide eyes, like he couldn’t understand your reaction. You lifted your eyes to the sky. “Oh, shush it. For someone who barely care about his well-being, I have to say you complain a lot”
“Usually nurses aren’t so mean with their patients”
“Who said I am your nurse?” You  retorted, trying to hide your smile. Arno looked at you with mirth in his eyes, without even bothering speaking.
You knew you were thinking the same thing. He would run for his chore for all Paris, and very often he would come to the Café with cuts and scrapes all over him; some more graver, some less. 

“I am serious, Arno. Why you won’t listen to me?”

“Like I said, it’s not a big deal, chérie.” You shook your head. “This is the fourth time in this week. I fixed those wounds a few days ago, I can still see the stitches.” 

He just shrugged and you nearly groaned. With an huff, you gently pressed a cloth damp with ointment to his torso, studing the rest of it. There were few cuts, but you didn’t need to sitch them.
“Turn around.” You could see him raise his eyebrows. “What makes you think I need medication even on my back?”
“Because I could see the blood all over your clothes.”
“That was not mine” You moaned, exasperated. “For once, just once, could you do as I say?” He looked at you and you held his stare, the cloth still in your hand. Arno moved, showing you his shoulders. Saying that you didn’t actually enjoying the view was a lie,  a bad one too judging the blush that appeared over your cheeks. It was a good thing he wasn’t facing you; you couldn’t bear his teases and you could understand deeply why your body has to betray you so much.
You run a gently hand over his sore muscles, cleaning the dry blood on his skin and stitiching a particular wound that runned on his left side. Arno whined softly, tensing under your touch.
“I am hurting you?”
He shook his head, trying to look at you. You pressed your hand on his cheek, causing his head to move. “I suggest you to do not move, unless you want me to mess up this”
“You couldn’t mess up, chérie”
You bit your lip, a smile growing all over your face. “How did that happen, anyway? Pick again a little fight?”
“You know, accident like this happen. I’m not the first; I won’t be the last. Especially on a mission” You muffled your laugh, while kept working on his wounds.
After you finished, you were supposed to retire your hands from his warm skin; instead you find yourslef running your fingertips over his scars, gently.
“You have plenty of them.”
Arno didn’t reply, instead leaning in your touch, your hands traced the one that was between his back and his right shoulder. You slowly caressed it and you felt him shiver.
“Do you remember how did you got this one?”
“Not exactly. I got many of them during fights, but I tend to not remember or count all my scars.” You were lost in your thoughts, while looking at his scarred skin. He was full of wounds; some of theme weren’t even visible. You bit your lower lip, again.
Both of your lives weren’t easy, they’ve never been easy; especially Arno’s. You could literally see the proof on his own body, those scars told many different stories and all of them was a different learned lession.
“What are you thinking about, Y/N?”
His voice brought you back to reality. He was looking at you almost hesitantly, like he was expecting something from you.
You smiled at him. “Oh, this and that. Mostly, you need to listen to me more. I’m going to ask for a salary next time you’ll need me as a nurse” He smiled, an amused expression on his face.
“And I thought you did all this because you loved me”
You took his face in your hands, matching his own smile as well.
“Pardonnez-moi, monsier. I cannot make privileges” Without even notice of your actions, you pressed you lips on the scar on his face, in a gently and soft kiss. You could feel him relaxing on your touch, his arms slowly reaching you and pulling you closer to him, his lips pressed on the top of your head.
“Now, what about a warm bath? And oh, some wine. We both need to relax, ma chérie.”
You smiled, your head nuzzled in the crook of his neck “I don’t know. I’m quite comfortable here.”
Arno lifted your head to his, capturing your lips with his own. It was just a simple contact of lips, but you were suprised of how much you craved for his touches.
“I’m sure you are, mon amour.”

Perhaps you truly needed that warm bath…


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kadcn  asked:

gently places a ✎ on ur hand

CHERRY WHISPERS ! oh boy oh boy oh boY !! 

  • ok ok, they’re really relaxed around each other tbh!!!!! sakura finds kaden to be so sweet & funny, and sakura’s demure personality is so!! calming to him!! ( they nap together!!!! )
  • ALSO ALSO ! they would most definitely swap stories abt both their species + their homelands, & !! after hearing abt the plights of kaden’s people ( being hunt down for their furs, undoubtedly experiencing prejudice of some form ), she promises that, once the war is over, she’ll dedicate her time to becoming an advocate for the kitsune people & helping them prosper!!!!
  • DOING LITTLE FAVORS FOR EACH o THER !!!! LEAVING SWEETS FOR EACH OTHER, HELPING THE OTHER WITH THEIR JOBS !!! it gets kinda awks tho bc they’re stuck in this loophole of ?? repaying the other back constantly ??
  • they like to tell??? really funny jokes to each other???? sakura’s are a little awkward tbh, but she tries ok. she ??? thinks kaden’s are so funny tho?? he’s one of the only people that can actually make her snort with laughter, ho my god.
  • OK SO, sakura really loves to pet kaden’s tail/ears & thinks his fur is super soft!!!! she thinks the little purrs and gentle grumbles are adorable as hell. usually, when they’re speaking or sitting by each other, she’ll start to absentmindedly pet him and gets so embarrassed when she realizes what she’s doing ahHHHH. she thinks he’s rly cute omg……
  • sharing food is such ?? a common thing between the two ?? they’re the type of friends that eat off each other’s spoons and would not care aT ALL. sometimes they give each other food gifts, those dorks.
  • sakura would be so nervous to have a child w kaden ?? i mean, it’s pretty much guaranteed their child would be a kitsune themselves, & sakura isn’t all that well versed in the caring of a kit. she worries for DAYS, to be honest!! she does an ungodly amount of research on care for young kits ; she just wants to be a perfect mom, ok??? not only that, but she stresses SO MUCH about what his family & village will think of her! she tries to accustom herself to their traditions in fear of coming off as an inadequate wife & mother.
  • IF THEY’RE LOVERS, GET READY FOR A BUNCH OF FLUFFY SHIT !! these babies are cuddlers, let me tell you, & sakura loves his hugs. best huggers in camp, ny’all. they are just so incredibly ?? patient & sweet with each other ?? sakura teaches him about royal customs & “proper” / diplomatic methods while kaden honestly helps her with being more extroverted & willing to try new things! also?????? they are AMAZING & SUPPORTIVE PARENTS & CARE SO MUCH FOR SELKIE MMMMM BYE !
  • after being around each other for awhile, they!! actually start to pick up on each other’s nonverbal/gesticulative cues they make !!! they will know pretty quickly whether the other is frustrated / depressed / excited / etc. because they are perceptive mofos when it comes to each other! kaden’s ear twitches? you bet your damn ass sakura knows what that means. they can usually pick up on the smallest of things, like what seems to be the most insignificant twitch of their fingers or a minuscule shift of their body weight. this …….. confuses other people, hahaha.
  • they are!! super protective of each other!! did you call kaden some grossly offensive name about his race? did you make incredibly insensitive remarks towards sakura & made her cry? prepare to die, bud. also 10/10 best pairing during battle !

                                        < *.♡。 — relationship headcanons  /  accepting !