but it took a while to figure out lolol

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Omg thank you so much for drawing my request!! It's so F U N N Y. I can't stop laughing and smiling haha. You're very talented!!!! (P.S. I am Saeran tbh lolol)

HAha I’m glad you liked it! It took me a while to figure out where I wanted to go with those expressions, and I’ve really wanted to draw Saeran in a maid outfit.. lolol It all worked out! And thank you so much, you’re so sweet ^o^// <3


AD-LIVE 2015 10/18 - Shimono Hiro and Fukuyama Jun

Today was the last day of the AD-LIVE! I was very lucky to get these live-viewing tickets for the night show (which is the VERY LAST SHOW of this year), even though I can’t be at the show itself. tbqh though, I like the live-viewing better because unless you get the front row seats at the show, it really was super hard to hear (re: Iwata and NamiDai show).

So I did say in my last report that the show seems to get the talk corner but live-viewing doesn’t - I was wrong. I think it’s just because in the first shows with Saku/TsudaKen, the shows ran late and they couldn’t fit in a talk corner. So yes, there was a talk corner for this show at the live-viewing as well!! (YAY)

I actually took notes during the screening in the pitch black theatre (or at least I tried - so you can figure out how my writing turned out… it’s a miracle I can still read it lolol), so this report will be a more spoiler-ish.

Here’s some keypoints during the show:

  • Shimo was Atachi - he was very clearly a ghost (with the typical Japanese image of what a ghost looks like - white triangle around his head, pale, etc). He’s supposedly 17 years old and died while he was traveling across the county on his bike (?) to find his father????? Yeah idk lol… he speaks in a very cold, monotone manner and repeats himself a lot. Also has tendencies of speaking to himself.
  • Jun was Kinoshita. And I honestly don’t know what look he was going after, but he was decked out in a Sherlock/Meitantei outfit with pink bright blush on his face. Nothing particularly unique about his character. He’s really just… Jun. lol.
  • Suzu is Mogami again, of course. But he is old!Mogami.
  • Shimo was the first one to pull out a prompt and he did it within like minutes of entering the room, sitting and introducing himself to Suzu. But he paused for a long time, didn’t say anything, folds up the piece of paper and throws it out. We were like ???????? lol. Can you guess what the prompt was? If you said “it must have to do with kaarage!” then you’re absolutely correct (or at least that’s what we think it is because we never saw the prompt - he threw it out). I actually don’t think half my theatre understood the significance of kaarage to Shimono because only a handful of us were laughing our heads off but yeah he just said it in his monotonous tone which made it even better. And honestly, what are the chances?!????
  • Jun comes in with Suzu and when he saw Shimo, and turns back towards the door and goes “HOLD ON, I THINK I GOT THE WRONG PLACE” (I’ll explain later when I get to the talk corner). Suzu pulls him back hahaha.
  • There were a couple of times in the beginning when Shimo broke out of character and snickered a bit. It was cute.
  • Jun somehow kept getting all these high-tension prompts in very random low-tension scenes. Like when Suzu was offering drinks, and when came back with Jun’s coffee, he pulled out “YOSHAAAAAAA!” and that gave old!Mogami (Suzu) a mini heart attack lolol.
  • During their little “Kodak moment”, Jun posed like he was praying for the dead while Shimo just stood there and became this clingy spirit. It was a great photo.
  • Right before they moved on to the games, Jun pulls out a “KEKKONSHITAIIIIII!” (I want to get married!) and ofc he has to scream it aloud… Oh Jun.
  • Shimo’s creepy man face omfg……
  • If you read my Saku/TsudaKen report, you might remember me mentioning something about recorders. Yeah. Shimo had the honours this time. He was asked to perform Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but ends up just holding a note for like 5 seconds so Suzu stops him and gives him no points lol. Jun was like “THAT WAS TOTALLY NOT A TWINKLE STAR AT ALL”
  • Half way through the third segment, Shimo suddenly snaps out of monotonous mode and everyone was like O____________O
  • Jun’s got some… err… interesting burping techniques.
  • In the NamiDai/Iwata show, I mentioned about the charades and how one person has to wear this feathered accessory with the huge bell. Jun wore it for this show and Suzu wouldn’t stop using the bell to swing it where it hurts. Suzu enjoyed it way too much rofl.
  • Which means Shimo is on the chair for the charades. When Suzu was strapping Shimo in, Suzu starts molesting him and at first Jun was like “lol stop” but Jun decided to pull out a prompt which was “is this a dream/it’s not a dream” and decided to molest Shimo to verify that point rofl.
  • There is a batsu game attached to the charades. It’s actually a VERY stupid batsu game (I won’t spoil that one lol), but during the batsu game Shimo pulls out “anko” and says it with the most blanked creepy face. LOL.
  • Before they go back to the first default set (the tomodachi factory lobby), Shimo accidentally calls Jun Atachi and Jun yells “YOU’RE ATACHI!!” and they both kind of burst out laughing. Actually NamiDai made the same mistake too with Iwata lolol.
  • The food segment was hilarious to a fault. They made a new kanpai phrase and all that good stuff. Suzu I think got a bit hungry but his character is an old man and he can’t chew the meat so he asks for a potato. Shimo’s like pouting over why Suzu asked him for the potato first, and Jun just straight out refuses him the potato. Then Shimo taunts Suzu with the potato on his plate lol.
  • When Suzu was cutting the cake, Jun fusses over how Suzu cut “tomodachi” in half but Suzu just keeps going
  • When Suzu explains the Russian Roulette portion, he almost goes into like full detail of how it’s going to turn out and Shimo’s like “you did this before didn’t you”. lol Suzu watch your company secrets!
  • So remember how I said earlier than Jun almost walked back out where he came from when the show started? He explained why he did that during the talk corner. I don’t know if you know/remember, but Jun was a ghost last year in the night show. When he saw Shimo sitting there as a ghost, he had a massive deja vu (doesn’t help that he’s always doing the Osaka shows as well lol) and he was convinced he couldn’t be in the right place lol. They also talked a lot about the names they chose and the significance but I wasn’t really listening at that point…. :P

So that’s basically random snippets of the show. 

Since it was the last show, Suzu called out his extra (idk his name I’m so sorry dude) and his music director out for a final applause. Both of them have followed Suzu to every show and he thanked them. 

And that, is the last of AD-LIVE 2015!

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