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Hc about MC who has soooooo much trouble to get up from bed? Like she needs 12h of sleep and she is so ded when she must wake up at 7 and only RFA can wake her up but its so hard because she keeps falling asleep and they must watch for her she won't do it again and when they finally wake her up she's in bed for next 30 min. And when she finally gets up she is soooo slow and guys must do her hair because she is so sleepy and she is ALWAYS late for work? Lolol please I want to read this so much

Once he notices, Saeyoung times MC on her off days to see;o_O wow, you really…. thought this one through. Are you okay?


  • These two never get out of the house on time
  • Okay, between school, LOLOL, and other things, it took Yoosung a good… two to four years before he realized how bad it was
  • Like, he knew that MC had trouble getting out of bed, but it took Yoosung having a regular sleep schedule himself to figure that out
  • Yoosung experimented to see what exactly was the best way to get her up
  • He tried feeding her and giving her coffee in bed, but she’d eat while dozing off, then thank him and curl up to go back to sleep
  • He tried setting five alarms for her, but she just turned all them off while still half asleep
  • Yoosung even considered splashing water on her face, but he didn’t do that because he realized that was a really stupid idea
  • In the end, he asked if MC had seen a doctor about all this, as it didn’t seem normal or healthy, and it turned out she had and was fine
  • In the end, they figured out a morning routine together, and it mostly consisted of them scrambling through all the necessities in the last half-hour before they had to leave
  • These two are a mess in the mornings, but a joy in the evenings


  • Jaehee is on top of this
  • Once Jaehee knows all MC’s morning obstacles, she makes sure that MC gets to bed early enough that she has enough time to get up and go through her routine
  • In the morning, she always has coffee ready, and is never afraid to help MC get undressed and into the shower
  • And redressed, as MC wanders out of the shower dripping and naked, searching for coffee, if she doesn’t
  • Before Jaehee got a routine down, she occasionally had to help MC eat and once spoon fed her cereal
  • As thanks for taking care of her in the morning, MC takes care of worn-out evening Jaehee everyday


  • He picks her up and carries her to the table on more than one occasion
  • Zen may not be able to cook much, but at the very least he can cook breakfast
  • So he gets them both their coffee and breakfast ready everyday, then helps her get dressed (usually while planting kisses on her to try to motivate her)
  • When she falls asleep at the breakfast table, sitting up or face down, he sometimes takes pictures because she’s so cute
  • Zen would totally help her into the shower, too, and if she’s too sluggish that morning, he’ll help her bath ;) (it’s really not that sexy, but he can’t help laughing sometimes)
  • The one that Zen can’t understand is why she goes to bed so early, but still can’t get up by herself in the morning


  • Upside to being married to Jumin, she can take her time
  • Maybe they rarely have breakfast together, but she’s able to take all of her sweet time getting up and out of bed
  • However, Jumin figures out a routine with her that helps her wake up faster so that, when he does have time off, they can spend as much time as possible together.


  • Once he notices, Saeyoung times MC on her off days to see;
    • How long she sleeps
    • How long it takes her to get out of bed
    • And how long it takes her to be awake
  • He treats the whole thing like a science experiment, and once he has all the necessary data, he sets up a few tricks
  • First, he makes sure that all clocks set themselves forwards two hours at midnight, so that it goes off when she sets it, but its earlier than it needs to be, thus giving her extra time to wake up, then they reset at 10am, by the time she’s already gone. It also works to scare her out of bed if she’s slept for longer than she meant.
  • Then, he has Meowy ready, if he’s not there, to help MC by doing a little dance for her and playing music until she gets out of bed
  • And the coffee maker is set on a timer so that it automatically has fresh coffee brewed and ready by the time that she is up
  • Basically, he uses technology as their mutual best friend
RFA + Saeran reacting to MC being obsessed with BTS

Heyo guys, I’ve been seeing these things floating around on tumblr, so I thought I’d give it a go!

- He would walk in the livingroom, seeing MC on the couch watching FIRE by BTS on their laptop

- “MC have you seen my mouse pad- oh hey, what is that?”

- “This is BTS, I love them”

- Yoosung would warily eye the screen, watching the men move in perfect sync in envy

- The little puppy would worry that he couldn’t compare to them, he couldn’t sing like that if he wanted

- He would look MC in the eye seriously. “Do you prefer guys like them?”

- “Oh no Yoosungie, I just really enjoy their music. I love you, don’t worry.” while hugging him

- To Yoosung, it was like watching seven different Zens sing and dance at once, he felt a little self-conscious

- “Are you sure jagi?”

- It took a bit of convincing and a lot of affection to reassure him

- He watched a few of their videos in secret, trying to figure out what was so special about them anyway

- He had to admit they had talent though, and their songs were catchy

- A few days later, MC would catch him singing I Need U in the kitchen as he was making a snack for a LOLOL marathon

- He was so red, the poor boy couldn’t quit stuttering

- Soon it became something for MC and Yoosung to bond over

- MC never let him forget that day though

- One day Zen walked in on MC dancing to Not Today, watching the MV on their big tv

- He would be impressed by MC’s dancing skills tbh, he had to force his eyes away from their hips

-Then he would notice the tv, and maybe frown a little bit

- “MC, what are you watching?”

- “BTS. I’m trying to learn this dance.”

- He would watch MC a little more before snapping back to reality, shaking his head

- Like Yoosung, he would be a bit intimidated, but more defensive

- “Yah, take your eyes off of that screen and look at me”

- Zen genuinely didn’t understand why you would watch them when you had him to look at. After all, he had looks and talent too

- “In a little bit, I’ve almost got this part down” and MC continues dancing, nerve taking their eyes off of the screen

- Zen’s eyes would darken. “So this is how its going to be, jagi?”

- Beast mode on

- He would carry MC out of the room to their bedroom for a demonstration of *cough* his talents

- Needless to say, MC still listened to them.

-Zen admitted they had an okay sound, and let MC continue to listen around him.

- (just as long as MC didn’t watch their MVs near him)

-Jaehee would perk up in curiosity upon coming home to Run by BTS playing in their apartment

- She walked into the kitchen to find MC baking brownies in the oven, swaying their hips to the music

- “Oh, hi Jaehee! I made you a surprise, they’re almost done. I hope the music’s not too loud”

- Jaehee would walk closer, taking a look at the video playing on MC’s laptop

- “MC, I didn’t know you were a fan of BTS.” She would say while smiling

- Jaehee didn’t know anyone else who liked BTS, everyone at the office was so strict and uptight she thought she was alone

- She’d never thought to consider MC

- “Yeah, I listen to them quite frequently. I love this song”

- Jaehee would be so excited to have someone to fangirl over them with, especially MC

- Baking brownies would turn into karaoke as MC and Jaehee sang BTS songs at the top of their lungs, dancing stupidly while laughing

- Jaehee was surprisingly good at rapping holy crap

- They spun in each other’s arms, Jaehee leaning in to kiss a bit of brownie batter off of a blushing MC’s cheek

- They were having fun, until they realized the oven was smoking

- With MC in the floor holding partially burnt brownies

- And Jaehee frantically spraying the oven with a fire extinguisher

- They both stopped, looking each other in the eyes realizing that FIRE was playing in the background

- A giggling fit ensued that lasted for about 20 straight minutes as MC and Jaehee sat on the floor eating the unburned brownie parts

- He just didn’t get it

- One day he came home to MC watching Dope on the livingroom tv he never used

- “MC what is that obnoxious noise?” His eyebrows furrowed

- “Its rap Jumin”

- He would watch them with MC for a little bit, trying to understand their appeal

- He personally thought they were too flashy and extravagant (speak for yourself Juminnie)

- But once he saw that MC was enjoying it thoroughly, he tried to get a into it, swaying his head a tiny bit

- He took note of their talent, thinking maybe he could get one of them to model for his new cat plushies

- Jumin understood MC liked it but it just wasn’t his thing

- But you bet your ass he took MC to every concert he could, and bought them as much merch as MC wanted

- One day he would turn on the tv to glance at the news to have We Are Bulletproof blasting through his surround sound system

- The poor man almost went into cardiac arrest

- Elizabeth jumped and yowled, while MC cackled a few rooms away

- MC wasn’t allowed to use that specific tv without asking after that

- It was worth it to hear Jumin shout out in surprise and fall though

- Seven knew who BTS was, after all he had come across their videos many times and enjoyed a BTS on crack video every now and then

- He was surprised to find out MC was a fan though

- He would discover it one day while catch in her dancing to I Need U in their bedroom

- He would laugh, shrug, and join in with them

- “MC why didn’t you tell me before?”

- You can bet he tried to get MC to dance to their songs with him as much as he could

- And the two of them would get surprisingly good

- “One more round jagiya?” as he lay on the floor nearly passed out from never exercising

- But oh, the memes

- Whenever he would hear MC listening to something other than BTS, he would hack into their laptop and spam them with the “you got no jams” meme

- And other times he would spam Jin’s windshield wiper laugh

- One day MC’s laptop froze with all of the spam and MC ended up throwing it at Seven

-After that the meme wars ensued

- They competed to see who could make the funniest original edits

- MC and Seven uploaded the videos to YouTube for the heck of it

- They accidentally became YouTube stars whoops

- He would wake up to MC watching 2 Kool 4 Skool

- “Yah, why are you watching those rowdy teens jump around? Go back to sleep”

- “They’re not rowdy teens, they’re grown men. This video is just old.”

- He would roll over in bed to take another look at MC’s phone and realize who it was, groaning

- “Oh, not you too, please tell me you didn’t fall into that mainstream trap”

- He would bury his head underneath three pillows

- “Hey, I actually like them”

- MC made it their mission to get Saeran to like BTS

- MC would spam BTS videos in texts, along with pleas of “Come on, they’re not that bad. Just give it a chance”

- Saeran swore he couldn’t scroll down his social media for three seconds without their faces popping up

- He just didn’t get their appeal

- Weren’t they just dancing, singing prettyboys? He found them annoying

- One day, he came across a lyric video titled “Butterfly" and he gave it a listen

- He could feel the emotion, the song really clicked with him.

- The song would trigger thoughts about MC, and he started thinking about wah would happen if he ever lost them

- MC walked in on Saeran in a full on panic attack, and immediately jumped in to help

- About an hour later, they sat on the floor, Saeran’s arms wrapped around MC, his eyes red and puffy, MC running their fingers through his hair

- Saeran had newfound respect for BTS after finding out that was their song

- He would never admit it but he actually started liking BTS after that (MC may or may not have nicknamed him “Yoongi”)


AD-LIVE 2015 10/18 - Shimono Hiro and Fukuyama Jun

Today was the last day of the AD-LIVE! I was very lucky to get these live-viewing tickets for the night show (which is the VERY LAST SHOW of this year), even though I can’t be at the show itself. tbqh though, I like the live-viewing better because unless you get the front row seats at the show, it really was super hard to hear (re: Iwata and NamiDai show).

So I did say in my last report that the show seems to get the talk corner but live-viewing doesn’t - I was wrong. I think it’s just because in the first shows with Saku/TsudaKen, the shows ran late and they couldn’t fit in a talk corner. So yes, there was a talk corner for this show at the live-viewing as well!! (YAY)

I actually took notes during the screening in the pitch black theatre (or at least I tried - so you can figure out how my writing turned out… it’s a miracle I can still read it lolol), so this report will be a more spoiler-ish.

Here’s some keypoints during the show:

  • Shimo was Atachi - he was very clearly a ghost (with the typical Japanese image of what a ghost looks like - white triangle around his head, pale, etc). He’s supposedly 17 years old and died while he was traveling across the county on his bike (?) to find his father????? Yeah idk lol… he speaks in a very cold, monotone manner and repeats himself a lot. Also has tendencies of speaking to himself.
  • Jun was Kinoshita. And I honestly don’t know what look he was going after, but he was decked out in a Sherlock/Meitantei outfit with pink bright blush on his face. Nothing particularly unique about his character. He’s really just… Jun. lol.
  • Suzu is Mogami again, of course. But he is old!Mogami.
  • Shimo was the first one to pull out a prompt and he did it within like minutes of entering the room, sitting and introducing himself to Suzu. But he paused for a long time, didn’t say anything, folds up the piece of paper and throws it out. We were like ???????? lol. Can you guess what the prompt was? If you said “it must have to do with kaarage!” then you’re absolutely correct (or at least that’s what we think it is because we never saw the prompt - he threw it out). I actually don’t think half my theatre understood the significance of kaarage to Shimono because only a handful of us were laughing our heads off but yeah he just said it in his monotonous tone which made it even better. And honestly, what are the chances?!????
  • Jun comes in with Suzu and when he saw Shimo, and turns back towards the door and goes “HOLD ON, I THINK I GOT THE WRONG PLACE” (I’ll explain later when I get to the talk corner). Suzu pulls him back hahaha.
  • There were a couple of times in the beginning when Shimo broke out of character and snickered a bit. It was cute.
  • Jun somehow kept getting all these high-tension prompts in very random low-tension scenes. Like when Suzu was offering drinks, and when came back with Jun’s coffee, he pulled out “YOSHAAAAAAA!” and that gave old!Mogami (Suzu) a mini heart attack lolol.
  • During their little “Kodak moment”, Jun posed like he was praying for the dead while Shimo just stood there and became this clingy spirit. It was a great photo.
  • Right before they moved on to the games, Jun pulls out a “KEKKONSHITAIIIIII!” (I want to get married!) and ofc he has to scream it aloud… Oh Jun.
  • Shimo’s creepy man face omfg……
  • If you read my Saku/TsudaKen report, you might remember me mentioning something about recorders. Yeah. Shimo had the honours this time. He was asked to perform Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but ends up just holding a note for like 5 seconds so Suzu stops him and gives him no points lol. Jun was like “THAT WAS TOTALLY NOT A TWINKLE STAR AT ALL”
  • Half way through the third segment, Shimo suddenly snaps out of monotonous mode and everyone was like O____________O
  • Jun’s got some… err… interesting burping techniques.
  • In the NamiDai/Iwata show, I mentioned about the charades and how one person has to wear this feathered accessory with the huge bell. Jun wore it for this show and Suzu wouldn’t stop using the bell to swing it where it hurts. Suzu enjoyed it way too much rofl.
  • Which means Shimo is on the chair for the charades. When Suzu was strapping Shimo in, Suzu starts molesting him and at first Jun was like “lol stop” but Jun decided to pull out a prompt which was “is this a dream/it’s not a dream” and decided to molest Shimo to verify that point rofl.
  • There is a batsu game attached to the charades. It’s actually a VERY stupid batsu game (I won’t spoil that one lol), but during the batsu game Shimo pulls out “anko” and says it with the most blanked creepy face. LOL.
  • Before they go back to the first default set (the tomodachi factory lobby), Shimo accidentally calls Jun Atachi and Jun yells “YOU’RE ATACHI!!” and they both kind of burst out laughing. Actually NamiDai made the same mistake too with Iwata lolol.
  • The food segment was hilarious to a fault. They made a new kanpai phrase and all that good stuff. Suzu I think got a bit hungry but his character is an old man and he can’t chew the meat so he asks for a potato. Shimo’s like pouting over why Suzu asked him for the potato first, and Jun just straight out refuses him the potato. Then Shimo taunts Suzu with the potato on his plate lol.
  • When Suzu was cutting the cake, Jun fusses over how Suzu cut “tomodachi” in half but Suzu just keeps going
  • When Suzu explains the Russian Roulette portion, he almost goes into like full detail of how it’s going to turn out and Shimo’s like “you did this before didn’t you”. lol Suzu watch your company secrets!
  • So remember how I said earlier than Jun almost walked back out where he came from when the show started? He explained why he did that during the talk corner. I don’t know if you know/remember, but Jun was a ghost last year in the night show. When he saw Shimo sitting there as a ghost, he had a massive deja vu (doesn’t help that he’s always doing the Osaka shows as well lol) and he was convinced he couldn’t be in the right place lol. They also talked a lot about the names they chose and the significance but I wasn’t really listening at that point…. :P

So that’s basically random snippets of the show. 

Since it was the last show, Suzu called out his extra (idk his name I’m so sorry dude) and his music director out for a final applause. Both of them have followed Suzu to every show and he thanked them. 

And that, is the last of AD-LIVE 2015!

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