but it took a long time so i wanted to post it


~please click on the first image and open in a new tab for full size, this image is much bigger than tumblr allows!

So this is why I haven’t posted any art in a while; I was spending all my time painting this massive daft punk tribute. This is what I would’ve submitted to the daft punk zine I wanted to join, but they had too many artists and not enough slots; I was inspired by them nonetheless so I made this! it’s starboy era daft punk featuring scenery from their music videos with the weekend and their collaboration songs ‘starboy’ and ‘I feel it coming’ (their winter cloaks are turning into the other scene if you can’t tell)

honestly i’d say this is one of the best things I’ve made in a LONG time and hope you guys like the TONS of effort I put into it, only for daft punk would I do something like this… my hand is destroyed right now loool. If you’re wondering this took me around 70-80 layers, and 2-3 weeks work

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

cambriascolex  asked:

Hello! Could you post a link to the Harper Perennial Olive Edition of The Bell Jar? I saw your post and I want the exact book in your pic

Hello! I wish I could, but that particular edition is long out of print. It took me a very long time to find my copy via the used book market. I just checked Amazon, eBay, and Thriftbooks for you, but none of them had this edition. You’ll have to check those sites and others every week or so until you locate one, and when you do, pounce on it!

One thing that will help is the ISBN: 978-0-06-184990-9

I didn’t have that as I was searching, so it should make it a little easier for you to ensure you’re getting the right edition.

One more thing. All Harper Perennial Olive Editions are only available for one year, so if you like them, you should buy them when they’re available. Finding them after they’re out of print is a fun but not so easy task. 

Good luck! :)

I was tagged by @angiemars thank you! <3333 sorry it took so long time to post this! btw I love your playlist dude :)

rules: put your playlist on shuffle and put the first ten songs (no cheating!!), then tag ten people.

  1. Maisie - Syd Barrett
  2. Paxton’s Back Street Carnival - Strawberry Alarm Clock
  3. It doesn’t matter - Manassas
  4. She came in through the bathroom window - The Beatles
  5. Blue (Live Ver.) - Joni Micthell
  6. Mama, You Got A Daughter - John Lee Hooker
  7. Wholy Holy - Marvin Gaye
  8. Melinda - UFO
  9. Poet - Sly & The Family Stone
  10. Shake Appeal - Iggy & The Stooges

Wow I don’t cheat this but this playlist is so good i luv it lol.

I tag @psi-groovin @knockin-on-heavens-door-gnr @johnny-daydream @seventiescherry @boys-on-the-radio and anyone who wants to do it!

*Wipes off all the dust on this blog*

Heyyyyy, remember when this was a thing? No? Good.

So it’s been about two years since this blog last updated, and a lot longer since the adventure actually had an update post. I meant to formally announce a hiatus, but….I didn’t. So.

I could write this long thing about why I stopped doing it, but really, it comes down to two reasons:

1) I honestly started it on a whim and meant for this to just be a side-project to do whenever, but when it got major attention I realized that I should probably plan ahead for it in terms of story events. So I took some time to do that

2) College is a thing, and it’s a thing that requires a lot of your time if you want to do well

In the end, the blog got swept aside. And life goes on.

So, nearly three years later, here we are again. To be honest, I haven’t watched an episode of AT4W since the movie came out (Comicron-1 is gone????), but that doesn’t actually affect the situation. Actually, the reason why I’m here is that as I mentioned on my main blog, I’ve been considering starting this whole shebang up again, if not starting over.

The latter, most likely.

I know it doesn’t really make sense to start over when it barely just begun, but considering that it’s been a while since this blog had any activity, and the fact that we actually hadn’t gotten anywhere in the story anyway makes a reset go by more smoothly. It’s like starting your game over after playing a few hours because the character you made didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to look, essentially. Except you do it a couple of years after you initially started that playthrough.

Anyway, so that’s going to happen sometime soon, after I sort out some irl plans. This particular blog won’t be deleted; the URL will be changed so that I can start up a new blog with the current URL, and I can keep this one for posterity. (When the time comes, I’ll let you know.)

And to all of you who stuck around after all these years (all 212 of you???), I want to say thanks for reading, submitting commands, or simply just following. If it weren’t for everyone doing that I probably would have completely let go of this thing long ago. Hopefully I’ll see you in AT4WQuest 2.0, and hopefully even moreso that we’ll be able to see this adventure through to the end.


okay so. improvement time

the top three are from 2011 to 2013 (i think). theyre from the first time i read romeo and juliet in class, and i wanted to make some designs for them. originally they were just the characters from the play but then they kinda took on a life of their own.

fast forward to 2014 and i changed mercutio to marline and modernized her. the others followed a while later. tybalt became tyler, juliet became josiah (jed). benvolio became ben, romeo became ronan.

for the most part their roles are the same as the play; jed and ronan are boyfriends, tyler and ben are their cousins (respectively), and marline is marline. i always thought of tybalt and benvolio as ‘secret bffs’ who would hang out at night and gripe about how difficult their families were. marline became bens best friend (because, besides romeo, benvolio is like the only friend mercutio has). i kept the unrequited love for marline.

these were some of my favorite drawings from that time frame in my life. and now, 4 years later, i can compare and see how much has changed. i like it. i like where my characters ended up and who theyve become.

sometimes i feel alright about my art


I wanted to make appreciation drawings for a very interesting, relevant, and important character that is sadly, so widely overlooked by the fandom. The guy who literally has all the answers to our questions about the Butterfly Monarchy and Mewni history. the guy who plays such a pivotal role in the show by teaching Star to understand her magic. the guy who is currently stolen away by Ludo right now. We cant forget him.


A Tennant/Tate Celebration 

Interviewer:  “You can’t stay apart.”
David:  “We can’t, no.”
Catherine:  “No, we tried.”

David:  “We’ve always enjoyed working together… specifically working together as well as hanging out.”

A gif-tastic update of this old post o’ mine

fun fact: i originally read Oumagadoki Zoo around the time when it first came out, about 6-7 years ago (around 2010-11)

i was still in highschool.

that was also Horikoshi’s first official weekly debut. sadly, it was canceled not long after along with his second series (Oumagadoki at 38 chapters, and Barrage at 12), but i’m so glad he’s continued on even past these failures and went on to create MHA

i always knew that dude had a lot of potential, and i’m so glad he kept going until now

the only reason it took me so long to touch MHA was because Oumagadoki and Barrage were canceled soon after they started, and i didn’t want to get my hopes up only to have them crushed again. (also, because while Oumagadoki had a lot of heart in it, Barrage felt very forced and uninteresting to me. i was worried the new series might have that same feel in it’s writing style; Horikoshi even went on to say that he didn’t enjoy writing Barrage. 

thankfully, MHA has never had that feeling to it. you can tell how much Horikoshi enjoys writing it, and he puts so much heart and care in the story and the characters. you can just tell how much he loves writing MHA.)

also, as sad as i am that Oumagadoki got cancelled after only 38 chapters, i think it really helped Horikoshi hone his writing skills, because a lot of what he put into Oumagadoki has been reused in MHA. things like character designs, traits, development, and plot points that originally appeared in Oumagadoki have all been reused and reinterpreted in MHA in new and interesting ways. 

the biggest i can think of are Shiina’s childlike mentality vs. Shigaraki’s (and the circumstances that lead to it), and how Shishidou started out as an aggressive character obsessed with being Number One who eventually mellowed and became more of a friend to the cast vs. Bakugou’s own similar character development.

but that’s hardly the end of it

not to mention, look at his art development. 

the top pic is his first published colorspread for Oumagadoki (and his first published colorspread EVER). the bottom is for MHA that was published about a year ago. that’s only a few years difference, about maybe 4-5? maybe??

he originally started out using traditional art like most of his fellow mangaka, but he obviously had a hard time using copics and markers. but somewhere along the way, he switched to digital; he still draws the outline traditionally with an ink pen, but all the coloring is done digitally, and it has done WONDERS for his art

a comparison between Oumagadoki’s first colored chapter cover vs. one of My Hero Academia’s.

the dude has improved A LOT.

idk where this post is going, haha. Horikoshi is just a dude i’ve been following since i was about… 15-16? i’m an adult now, and i’m following his current series, which is getting so much attention and it’s so well written and it just passed it’s 100th chapter and it’s actually popular

i followed Oumagadoki Zoo week by week, hoping that it would raise a little in the rankings so it wouldn’t get canceled, only for it to end prematurely

My Hero Academia has just hit it’s 120th chapter, is about to air the second season of it’s anime, and already has a dub for the first.

i’m just really proud of Horikoshi and how far he’s come. despite failing twice, he continued on, and now he’s onto his third series and he’s doing such a good job with writing his characters and his story. people are finally appreciating his work.

and his story is unique; yes, it’s similar to what we’ve seen before, but he’s so good at manipulating and subverting common shonen tropes, and he’s telling this Hero’s Journey in a way that we’ve never seen in this genre before. the mentor doesn’t die, the mother actually has a say in her son’s life, the characters are actually punished and rewarded for their actions instead of having them brushed over, etc. the young character’s mental health is actually a THING and treated seriously.

so yeah, i’m just… really proud of Horikoshi. he’s come so far and improved so much. i wanted for so long for him to have a series that became popular, and he did. i kinda grew up with this guy and saw the potential he had, even as he failed and failed, but i had hoped, dearly hoped, that he would finally break through and get his day

and he has.

i’m just…. so proud of Horikoshi, you guys. so proud

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p14-17)

I bring you a new and long seiyuu interview! It’s 3 different, separate interviews with Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuuri), Junichi Suwabe (Victor) and Kouki Uchiyama (Yurio), published on the Jan. 2017 issue of Animage (not really on the magazine but in an insert all dedicated to YOI). While we have seen lots of interviews with Toyonaga and Uchiyama so far, for the first time we get to read about Suwabe’s opinion too, and it’s really interesting! Not to mention the interviews cover up to episode 10 included, which is more material than previous ones.

Also, in this interview there is proof that Yuuri bought both rings and not just one in episode 10 (I’m mentioning it because it’s a personal pet peeve, as I disagree with the widespread theory of Yuuri only buying one). Now you have official material to prove your point, lol.

It’s kind of sad that this will be the last “translation posted before a new ep”. I wanted to post it earlier but it’s so long it took me ages to finish it. You can use it to distract yourself while you wait for episode 12. Enjoy!

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Interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga / Junichi Suwabe / Kouki Uchiyama

Keep reading

Process gif of this picture. Took about 10 hours.

It’s important to me to talk about how long I spend on art because I used to constantly feel like art “took me too long” and the things I did didn’t look like they should have taken the amount of time I spent on them, and while I’m not going to say there’s no way I could learn to get faster, I feel it’s too easy for new artists (and people in general) to get the impression that artists have a special power or “talent” that lets them create finished pictures almost with a wave of their hand.

I would look at other people’s work and think it looked so easy, so effortless that it must not have taken them very long, and I would want to quickly create the same effect and get frustrated when I found myself stuck on it for hours. While there are ways to speed up the process and some artists just seem to have a knack for churning work out quickly, I’ve now come to realize that in many cases and for many people there is a long grind from concept to color to refining that just plain takes a lot of time. It’s pretty normal for a single picture to take me 8-10 hours to complete.

I wish I had known when I was younger that it’s okay to take the amount of time you need. Your art will be worth it.

i don’t want to clog yr dashes with a long string of caps, so all the highlights of yesterday’s NYC q&a with Rebecca Sugar that i posted on twitter!! (and here’s the video i got of her performing at the event!)

  • when asked if Sugilitie or Sardonyx is stronger: ‘DEFINITELY, definitely Sugilitie’ 
  • her animation inspo as a kid was looney tunes + simpsons, ‘a lot’ of anime, and canadian animation
  • when asked if she considered Rose Quartz to be a tragic hero in the classical sense: ‘NO. but more on that to come.
  • when asked about the possibility of an Adventure Time/SU crossover ep: ‘they take place in completely different universes!’ the crowd aww’d and someone yelled out ‘what about Uncle Grandpa?’ Rebecca responded ‘uncle grandpa crosses dimensions and realities! he can facilitate these things because of his interdimensional qualities!’
  • Rebecca learned about music playing irish music on the hammer dulcimer as a kid- she then said that she took piano lessons after that, but her teacher ‘hated her; because she would always switch out the classical sheets with irish music because she was used to playing it. she picked up the ukulele after that because she felt she just wanted to play SOMETHING, and the ukulele was easy!
  • someone asked what she had for dinner. she said pizza, because she’s in NYC. the crowd cheered for NYC pizza. 
  • people asked questions ‘will there be an episode about Lion’s origins/what exactly IS Lion’, and ofc she responded ‘i can’t tell you this!!’
  • a question that she said was ‘very specific’- in onion gang, Pearl is a contact on Steven’s phone, so does that mean that pearl got a phone? Rebecca said ‘that will be addressed in detail later.’
  • of SU’s characters, she said that she identifies with Ruby and Pearl the most. (and then, ‘does that seem weird?’)
  • with regards to future projects- Rebecca said that yes, there are things she wants to do, but she’s very focused on SU right now. 
  • with regards to future books based off of episodes, like ‘The Answer’, she said that there is another one she wants to do in the ‘far far future!’
  • a teacher, who was writing a lesson around ‘The Answer’, asked if there was any message that Rebecca would like to introduce the book with. she said that it would be ‘to consider what is considered good/bad/normal/expected- about the things that everybody thinks are normal, and how they don’t really work for everyone. and then how to make that different.’
  • as the last question, someone asked how it felt to be redefinig kids’ cartoons, and she gave an answer my notes don’t really do justice. i wish i had gotten it on video, but basically- Rebecca said that it was an honor to be referred to that way, and it feels really surreal. SU was the kind of cartoon she needed as a kid and she’s astonished at its success. she told us that she had felt very alone when she was younger; but it was hard to feel alone [with everyone] in this room now.
Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di 2016/12 (p30-32)

Here we are with the usual(?) last minute translation before the airing of the new episode. This is an interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga alone that was published on the Dec. 2016 issue of Spoon 2Di. Even though this time he’s interviewed alone, you will find that many things are similar to what was said in other interviews, but all in all it’s a nice summing up of Toyonaga’s opinion on his acting, YOI, Yuuri etc, and it’s a good read. Also, there are still parts that I see here for the first time, so even if you’ve read all the other interviews I posted here you will not find it boring!

I wanted to post another interview from the same magazine too, but as they are quite long it took some time to finish this so I didn’t have time for the other one… I might try to post it tomorrow if I’m not too braindead after episode 11 (*insert laugh*).

Just my opinion, but I love Toyonaga’s realistic (”not-your-typical-anime-voice”) acting he uses for Yuuri, and I really appreciate how much he’s putting into this role. It’s also cute how he actually relates to Yuuri himself. I’m looking forward to reading the interviews from the recently released magazines where they will probably talk about the second half of the series too.

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Toshiyuki Toyonaga (voice of Yuuri Katsuki) interview
Yuuri Katsuki, protagonist of this anime, is vulnerable to pressure, gains weight easily and is possibly the figure skater with the most fragile glass heart in the world. We have invited his voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga and have asked him a lot about how he plays Yuuri and what he think is fascinating about him. According to author Mitsurou Kubo-san he is so similar to Yuuri that she called him “real Yuuri”. In what way exactly are Toyonaga-san and Yuuri so similar…? Let’s find out.

—“Yuri on Ice” has finally started airing on TV. Could you tell us your sincere feelings of when you got the role of Yuuri Katsuki?

I’m personally a fan of figure skating, so when my agency told me of this anime about figure skating I was very thrilled. My manager, who loves figure skating more than me, told me “get this role at all costs!” (LOL). You can’t really predict the results of an audition, so that’s not something I could promise, but later on when I was told that Mitsurou Kubo-san watched my audition and thought “Yuuri Katsuki is Toyonaga-san” that made me really happy. Yuuri is an ordinary boy living in the provinces, therefore even if this work is indeed an anime, I challenged myself to act as realistically as I could, and even in the audition I tried to limit the “anime-likeness” as much as possible and tried to pronounce the lines as if it was something I was naturally saying. If this hadn’t matched the style of this anime they probably would have thought that my acting sucks, but luckily that actually turned out to be a good idea. When I was informed that I got the role I was so happy I felt like crying, but my manager was so crazily hyper about it that I didn’t have time to react (LOL). However, when the realization that I got the role sunk in, I also started to feel the pressure because it meant that I would need to act in that realistic style, removing all anime-like elements from my voice as much as possible, for one whole cour. I can only blame myself (LOL)

—Does removing most anime-like elements and act realistically use up a lot of energy?

It’s just my personal opinion, but I feel that when you voice anime images there is a kind of template on which your acting is based, so I decided to just ignore all of that, make the lines mine and act out Yuuri’s role thinking carefully about the background behind each line and the reason why he’s saying it. I’m keeping in mind this kind of realism. It’s not like it’s physically tiring, but sometimes I felt mentally tired. The more I do it the more I get into the character, so to avoid empathizing with him too much and ending up crying (LOL) I’m making sure I don’t lose my balance too much.

—I see! This time Mitsurou Kubo-san created the storyboard for the anime. What did you think the first time you read it?

It was really interesting, as if I was just reading a new manga by Kubo-san, and I couldn’t wait to know what happened next (LOL). The structure of Kubo-san’s manga, the way comical parts and realistic parts are in perfect harmony, made it very easy to read, and I was really curious to see how all that would translate into an anime. I could also feel Kubo-san’s love for figure skating when reading the storyboard, and I felt that we should do our best not to ruin it.

—Did playing the role of protagonist Yuuri Katsuki make you realize something new and interesting about him?

According to the setting he is mentally weak, but he’s still a professional athlete who is competing on an extremely high international level. As “weak” as he may appear, he’s probably mentally stronger than your average person walking down the street. He works really hard, and I think that he also wants to repay all the people of his town Hasetsu for supporting him, so even if he’s timid he is still doing his best. Still, because of his faint-heartedness he ends up withdrawing into himself. That’s something I understand a lot myself, so when I talk about him I really feel like crying (LOL).

—Mitsurou Kubo-san also said at an event that “Toyonaga-san is like a real Yuuri”, and that surely shows how much you get into your role. Did you receive any directions from director Yamamoto or Kubo-san regarding how to play Yuuri?

Thankfully enough Kubo-san seems to be of that opinion, and I guess maybe that’s also the reason why they didn’t really give me directions, they are basically listening to the Yuuri Katsuki that I built up. After listening to my acting usually the director and the sound director Shimizu-san would discuss and ask me to adjust some things if needed.

—I see. Is there anything you think you have in common with Yuuri?

I think that in figure skating, compared to many other sports, the power to express something is considered especially important, so in a way the fact that figure skaters and actors are both “expressing” something makes them similar. Also, I believe many figure skaters have been skating since they were little. I’ve also been acting since I was a child, so I went through sad times, fun times and failures, and I can relate a lot to the feelings Yuuri experiences as he grows up. That’s also why it’s an honor for me to hear that Kubo-san thinks of me as a “real Yuuri”.

—When we interviewed Kubo-san in the last issue she said that theme she chose for Yuuri is “his neat sex appeal is violence”. Do you also pay attention to this when playing him?

“His neat sex appeal is violence”…… It sounds like a maxim (LOL). It’s the first time I hear those exact words, but indeed I was told about the theme being sex appeal. I do think that Yuuri’s sex appeal is not of the dirty kind, and it’s true that “neat” sex appeal can be more fascinating than anything else. I feel that it’s because he’s so artless that he can radiate that kind of sex appeal and make people fall for him.

—What did you find difficult about playing Yuuri?

The fact that the comical parts and serious parts are very fast-paced. I think that’s one of the interesting things about this anime too, but as we record everything in one go, sometimes it’s quite hard to switch between comical and serious and my mind can’t keep up. I basically created different “boxes” inside my head, like the comical box, the serious box, the sarcastic box, and even though they’re of course all Yuuri, it’s like I take out a different Yuuri box depending on the scene I’m playing. Sometimes, when talking with sound director Shimizu, I realize that I picked the wrong box for a scene, and in that case I do some adjustments. It’s difficult, but it’s also fun in a way.

—The anime is still airing, but are there any scenes you especially like among the ones that were already broadcast?

All the landscapes of Hasetsu feel very beautiful and warm. Also, Victor’s ass was nice too (LOL). I like the scenes in the hot springs because they’re amusing, and also, when Mari-neechan looks at Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky) and for a moment pictures a certain Takao from an idol group I was like “who is he!?” (LOL). And the fact that Yuuri’s room was covered in Victor’s posters. There are so many interesting elements scattered all over the place that it’s really hard to choose one. However, as Yuuri, I was very impressed by the scene at the beginning of episode 2 where he realizes “I’m nervous because I’m so happy”. He’s not nervous because he’s puzzled about the situation, but because he’s genuinely happy that Victor is becoming his coach. When I saw him like that I too couldn’t help feeling happy for him. I also like the scene where Yuuri and Yurio are doing basic training together…… I could keep listing scenes forever (LOL). Every episode is so dense that sometimes you wonder whether this is really a 30 minutes anime.

—But it progresses with a very good pace, which makes it easy to watch.

Exactly! What is really amazing is that the amount of information doesn’t feel like a pain, it’s made in a way that viewers can follow what’s happening easily. I also love the scene where in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, the night before the actual match, Yuuri goes to Minako-sensei’s house and asks her to teach him because he wants to change the way he is going to perform Eros. Yuuri usually gets depressed when he is worried about something, so I think in this occasion it’s because of Victor’s influence that he actually decided to actively do something about it. It’s really nice to see how Yuuri gradually develops a more positive attitude thanks to the stimuli he receives from Victor.

—Are there any other characters that you like or that you are curious about beside your role?

I like the 3 sisters of the Nishigoori family, I think Yuuko-san is cute too, and in general all the people in Hasetsu are just so warm and lovely that I like them all. I also like Georgi Popovich, who is played by Wataru Hatano-san and is going to show up in the next episodes (LOL). I can’t speak in detail because he hasn’t appeared in the anime yet, but I will just say that I like the “atmosphere” that he creates. I hope that you will understand what I mean when you see him!

—It’s a character to keep an eye on! What are your impressions of the other main characters Victor and Yuri?

Victor is so active that he decided to fly to Japan right away after watching Yuuri’s skating video, and a normal person would say that it’s impossible to understand what he’s thinking. The things he says also sound a little aloof, he’s the kind of character that makes you think “ordinary people cannot understand a genius”. However, Victor is also a skater who basically decided to give up his life as an athlete to go to Yuuri’s place, so I believe that deep down he is probably thinking a lot. I also think, though, that Victor himself doesn’t consider it something so serious and that it’s his way of enjoying life. It’s people like him that become stars.

—What about Yuri?

Yurio also has the nature of a star, though a bit different than Victor’s. He is called “Russian yankee” and he’s kind of rude, but I also believe that sharp side of him is actually important in the world of expression. People who stick to their beliefs and values naturally attract other people, and his sharp side, beside being partly caused by the fact that he’s still young, has been shown to be important at times. His temper isn’t just selfishness, because for example in episode 3, when he loses to Yuuri, he says “this time I lost, but the next time I’ll win”, so I feel that he understands that acknowledging defeat is a way to become stronger.

—What do you think about the way Victor and Yuri’s voice actors, Junichi Suwabe-san and Kouki Uchiyama-san, play their characters?

I heard that in the beginning Suwabe-san had trouble grasping the character, but after talking with director Yamamoto and Kubo-san he was able to understand him. I think that he’s really amazing, because when I’m in front of the mike voicing Yuuri I forget that the one standing next to me is Suwabe-san and I have the feeling that Victor is right there and I’m talking to him……! Ucchi (Uchiyama-san) is very good at changing his own acting after listening to other people’s. For example, regarding the Yuuri I built up, I think that inside his mind he was probably like “he’s playing Yuuri that way, so I’ll play my Yuri in this other way”, and he’s doing all this without even needing to discuss with me. He’s really good.

—The other day I was present at the talk show of the anime preview screening and I could feel the love that members of the cast and staff have for this anime. What do you think about the atmosphere of the recording studio?

It takes a very long time to record “Yuri on Ice”, but that also shows how much everyone is serious about it, and I have the impression that we are all searching for a way to make it as good as possible. Everyone is really kind and I have fun talking to them, but they’re also very serious people that know how to do their jobs, so I feel it’s a very balanced atmosphere. Also, recently I often do recordings with people who are younger than me, which of course is a good thing because it stimulates me, but since I still consider myself a “developing actor”, if I don’t get many occasions to do recordings with people who have much more experience than me I get a little frustrated because I also want to learn more and to watch other people’s acting to use as a reference (LOL). Therefore I’m very grateful to this anime because it gave me a chance to do recording with many voice actors who are older and more experienced than me, which I think is really important for myself too.

—Thank you very much! Please leave a message for the readers who are looking forward to the next episodes.

So far the story has been centered mainly around Yuuri, Victor and Yurio, but from now on many skaters from other countries are going to appear and we will also see how Yuuri interacts with them. I think that when you start seeing many different kinds of relationships you also get a wider view of the world, so I hope you’ll enjoy the “internationality” of the story. I also personally think that it would be nice to see the cultural differences between the characters, therefore I’m playing Yuuri in a flat way to give the feeling that he’s somewhat of a late bloomer, which I think is very Japanese. It would be interesting if the different ways everyone voices their characters could somewhat connect to cultural differences, so that’s also something I would keep an eye on. By the way, as the Grand Prix Series is starting in the real world too, it’s a nice occasion to enjoy both the real and fictional versions at the same time. When I’m not playing Yuuri I’m also following the real Grand Prix Series like you, so I hope we can spice up the world of figure skating together! I will do what little I can do to help, please keep on cheering!


#do you ever think about hermione and how it must have felt to realize that your best friend #your one constant in this crazy world - the one with whom you would stick through thick and thin #the one you would die for so he wouldn’t have to die alone #how it must have felt when the inkling that harry might be the final horcrux #made its roots in the back of her mind #the utter despair and denial she must have gone through #how she must have cursed for the first time her title of brightest witch of her age #because ignorance for once might be better than this #might be better than knowing that each moment might be the last #that this is the last adventure #her pleading in the forest to stay hidden and grow old becomes so much more heartbreaking when you wonder if she knew then #how long has she known #how many times did she prepare herself to say goodbye #until that moment on the stairs #because this is it #and she’s not ready #how do you ever ready yourself to watch a piece of your heart walk out of your life #possibly for the last time #how #(i made myself sad) (via overlyaffectionategreeting)

dexphagus  asked:

Hi! Could you please do a no. 10 for SuperCat? Thanks and happy new year!

(The happy new year just showcases that it’s been 84 years since I last posted anything but I thought I’d try seeing if I could still make the words do the Thing I am sorry this took so long).

10. “I just want this.”

& bonus 19. “Come home with me.”

It starts with a messy kiss on Cat’s balcony, as Supergirl tells her goodbye and wishes her luck on her latest adventure.

They’re stood close together, arms pressed against one another as they both gaze out at the city, and Cat can’t help but revel in being so close to the woman that has come to mean so much to her over the past few months.

Kara might think that Cat is only interested in the Supergirl side of her, but that is far from the truth – and Cat would tell her so, if only Kara would tell her the truth. But her final fishing attempt had been brushed off with a soft smile and an amused laugh, and Cat isn’t going to push it any further.

If Kara wants to keep up the charade, then so be it.

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In Enemy Territory - analysis of Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship in Episode 8

So, there’s already been a lot of meta on the topic. I wanted to focus a bit on how Viktor and Yuuri address the bias against Yuuri in this episode; specifically the bias caused by the fact that people are upset at Yuuri for “stealing Viktor” away. Let’s jump right into it. Text below the cut.

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