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how do you think John talked to Sherlock about the ILY scene?

So when I got this ask it ended up inspiring me a little. My answer is going to be a little ficlet instead of a legit answer, so hopefully that won’t bother you lol. Besides, I don’t think this is totally out of the realm of possibility. We can happily imagine…

There’s Still A Chance

John pulled the blanket around his shoulders a little tighter in the back seat of the police cruiser and let out a heavy sigh. “God, I can’t wait to hold Rosie,” he murmured.

Sherlock continued staring silently out his window.

“Hey,” John prodded gently, making his friend turn. “You did good today. You should be proud.”

Sherlock barely smiled. “People did die, John.”

He nodded. “Yeah but some people didn’t. Your parents still have all three of their children because of you. I get to go home and raise my daughter because of you. You did that.”

John cleared his throat a minute later, after some more silence had set in, deciding it was a reasonable time to unearth another more specific topic.


Sherlock’s head whirled round again to meet his gaze before swallowing thickly and facing ahead.

“Yes,” he answered softly, perhaps a little nervously.

“So during that phone call you- you told her you…” John started slowly, and Sherlock took the bait.

“I did think she was about to die, John.”

John shook his head and smiled. “I knew you were gonna say that. I knew that’s what you were going to say when I brought this up. Sherlock, look, I’m not talking about how it happened. I don’t care if she was surrounded by bombs or in a cage or in that coffin or if she was just standing there in front of you. The point is…you meant it.”

Sherlock kept his gaze straight ahead but John could detect a shift in his demeanor.

John boldly repeated his statement. “Sherlock, you meant it.”

Finally, the stoic detective turned and looked him in the eye, speaking not much above a whisper.

“Maybe I did.”

“Ok,” John acknowledged, nodding slowly. “So you meant it. So then…what now? I mean, I know you don’t typically do…that sort of thing but I can’t help wonder if things might be different now. Things should be different now, I’d think. You’ve scoffed at sentiment for years but, mate, what saved you today? What saved everyone who walked away today? It wasn’t cold unfeeling logic, I can tell you that much for sure. If that’s all you had you never would have won. Because I think we all know Eurus has got you beat in that department. No, what saved us was your heart. Doesn’t that tell you something?”

Sherlock pressed his lips together nervously, no argument to offer, likely because he knew there was none to be had.

“So…” John pressed on. “What now?”

Sherlock inhaled and released the air from his lungs slowly, the plain old oxygen probably filling in for the comfort of nicotine that he’d never fully stop craving. Finally he squared his shoulders and his eyes brightened just a bit.

“Do you know, John, I believe you’ve already told me what to do next.”

John tilted his head and frowned in question. “Have I?”

Sherlock gave him a little smirk and cleared his throat in preparation to repeat the words. “Text her, phone her, do something…while there’s still a chance.”

John’s lips lifted slowly in a smile at his familiar wording before returning the favor and repeating words of Sherlock’s. “If you’d like to know how I predict the future…”

Sherlock chuckled. “No need to be smug, John.”

“Ooh, I think there’s need. Anytime I’m in the right I think I’ll have to use the chance to be just a bit smug.”

Before anything else could be said, John leaned forward toward the front seat. “Scuse me, could we use your mobile?”

The driver immediately complied, passing the device to John. Sherlock looked a little frightened as John settled back in his seat and reached his hand over, holding out the phone for him to take. Of course he was frightened, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t finally ready.

“While there’s still a chance,” John repeated softly, giving another gentle push.

Finally, slowly, Sherlock reached out and took the phone. He stared at it in his hands then, motionless before once again speaking the words that were quickly becoming like a mantra for him, making his fingers move to dial the familiar sequence of numbers.

“While there’s still a chance.”

Torn Up (Part One)

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A couple of disclaimers:  

1. I’ve never ever published an imagine before, and this is just the first part of many, so if you want to read more, shoot me a message and I’ll continue to post this story!

2. This is gonna be a big one. It’s already 15k words on the google doc, and I’m nowhere near halfway done, so I’ll be releasing it in parts if y’all want me to continue.

3. I’m not sure about the pairing yet, so in a couple parts if y’all have any opinions, feel free to weigh in!

Warnings:  Some foul language, probably rude jokes, ambiguous romance at this point… 

The first time I tried coffee, I was convinced that it was the most vile thing on Earth. Granted, it was that super bitter, low-quality instant stuff. As I got older and tried higher quality beans and roasts, I fell in love with its complexity. Fast-forward seven years and there I was working as a barista in a quirky little coffee shop in downtown Toronto.

I had always wanted to go to college outside of the United States; I could never really stay contentedly in one place. The constant relocation that came with having parents whose jobs included constant moves was the most likely cause of my wanderlust. That, and the fact that I was raised in places like Germany and England, Texas and Canada. Out of the thirteen different places I had lived, Canada was my favorite; granted, it was Niagara Falls which was known for being very American. Canada was just foreign enough to be separate from the U.S., but Toronto was only seven hours away from where my parents had retired to in Indiana. They weren’t happy about me studying in another country, but conceded that Toronto wasn’t as bad as sending me off to Europe.

The stress of classes hadn’t quite hit me yet, as it was only three weeks into the fall semester of my freshman year at the University of Toronto. I was feeling confident enough to get a job at a coffee shop a couple of blocks away from campus and was enjoying the sense of purpose it gave me. I did however dread the idea that I would possibly have to give it up if my grades started to slip. Granted, the employee benefits of working at a niche little place like Espresso Yourself, along with the free coffee and flexible hours, it would be difficult to leave, no matter how tough my classes got.

After about a month of working at Espresso Yourself, I already had a few regular customers. Most of them were young professionals who would show up in immaculate suits and with purposeful, if not superior, expressions on their faces. While they all seemed to order the same three things, kind of like how they all wore variations of the same three outfits, I learned to predict whether someone would order real coffee or a fancy, sugary drink from the rest of my customers.

Adversely, the only two true regulars who didn’t show up dressed like they would kill each other for a job were two young guys who pretty much lived in Toronto Maple Leafs gear. Despite them being regulars, they never seemed to show up at the same time every day, but by their third visit I knew them by name and their orders by heart. Mitch was the shorter of the two and without fail would order a caramel mocha with extra whip. His friend Auston (double espresso, splash of cream) teased Mitch mercilessly after every order for choosing something so sugary and girly, to which Mitch complained that it was the only out of diet thing he consumed and that he was trying to put on weight anyway. The two bickered like frat boys. Or old women.

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Twisted In Lies (D.T) Part 1

Summary: It’s been 6 months, since Y/N and the boys spoken to each other. They’ve all moved on. Y/N even has a boyfriend now. But what happens when Y/N reunites with Ethan and Grayson? Does a reacquainted love occur? Are there more lies? Will more hearts be broken? 

Word Count: 2,883

Warning: None

A/N: We had so many ideas for Twisted In Love, that it was only right we continued the series! So, SURPRISE! Here’s the sequel! As you can see it is called Twisted In Lies. Why? You’ll see as you read the series. Feedback is always welcome! Let us know what you guys think! Make sure you guys keep an eye out on @sniperdolan blog for part 2!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you! :) 

( the boys are 20 in this series.)

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Reader’s POV

It’s been 6 months since I’ve spoken to either Ethan or Grayson. The last time I’ve seen them or spoken to them, was the night we got back from Playlist Live Orlando, and everything kind of blew up.

They ended up working things out, and I’m glad. Thank god the Dolans Twins were still together, and from what I see and hear on social media, the boys have been doing great. I tried to keep up with their videos, and watch they whenever they post but it was hard. I missed them. Before all of the craziness, we were friends. I missed being their friend.

I think about reaching out to them, to see if we could try to amend our friendship, but I wouldn’t even know what to say. Grayson was in a relationship now. He was dating a 21 year old college student named Gabriella. She wasn’t a model, or a YouTuber, or anybody in the social media world. She was your normal everyday college fan girl. She was really pretty, and they looked super cute together. I was happy for him. He deserved to be happy.

A lot has happened in the last 6 months. After all that drama passed, everything has been going great. I now have 4 million subscribers on YouTube. I have 5.9 million followers on Instagram, and I was 3,000 followers away from 3 million on Twitter. I’ve doing a little modeling here and there, and taking on some acting rolls for a few shows. I’m so grateful for all these amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

Tonight was the Teen Choice Awards, and I have been nominated for 2 awards. Choice Female YouTuber, and Choice Female WebStar. It was an honor to even be invited to go, let alone be up for 2 big awards. I was currently in my apartment, getting ready with my best friend and my roommate Lena, and my boyfriend Cameron Dallas.

Cameron and I started dating a few months ago. 4 months to be exact. A few weeks after all the drama and stuff had gone down, I was asked to do a photo shoot for Calvin Klein, and Cameron was my partner for the shoot. We got along really well while we were on set. Cracking jokes, and just making each other laugh. He reached out to me on Twitter a few days after the shoot, and asked me to film a collab video with him for his channel. He was a flirt let me tell you! We ended up texting, and snapping each other, and went on a few dates, and now here we are. I really like Cameron, he makes me happy.

“Ready to go beautiful?” he asked, holding out his hands for me to take into my own.

Cameron, Lena, and I walked down stairs to the front of the apartment complex, and got into the Uber. We were finally on our way to my first TCAs.

* * * *

We pulled up to the venue, and as we were getting out the Uber, Cameron and I were immediately called over to the blue carpet. We walked over to the carpet and waited at the end before we were told to go on. I haven’t been here for 10 mins yet and I’m already seeing a ton of celebrities and I’m fangirling a little bit on the inside. There was so much going on. People interviewing, people taking pictures, cameras flashing everywhere. I wasn’t s nervous as I thought I would be, and I guess that was because I had Cameron with me, and he’s done this like a bunch of times already.

“You guys are next.” the lady said to Cameron and I.

“You ready?” Cameron asked. I nodded.

Cameron held my hand, as we both stepped onto the carpet. Immediately there were cameras flashing at us. We stopped and posed for some photos. We took some silly ones, and some normal ones. They wanted some pictures of us by ourselves, so Cameron went off to take his pictures, and I was over here taking mine. I did a few cute poses, and headed over to the next part which was the interview.

* * * *

“Y/N! You look gorgeous. So it’s your first TCA and have already been nominated for 2 awards! Congratulations!” the interview said before placing the mic in front of me.

“Thank you so much! I’m grateful to even be here, so being nominated for 2 awards, I’m truly honored! I hands down have the best fans in the world! I love you guys!” I said blowing a kiss into the camera.

The interview carried on for a little bit, with questions about my channel, and what else I’ve been working. Now here comes the one question I’ve been dreading the most. Great.

“So Y/N I think everyone is dying to know. Have you and the twins talked at all since all the drama happened? Do you think it’s possible to fix the friendship?” she asked.

I did not want to answer that question at all, and I didn’t know how to answer that question. That was a question I was hoping to avoid, but of course it was going to get brought up so am I surprised.

“We haven’t talked, but I mean I have nothing against them. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things, so I couldn’t be any more proud of them.” I said truthfully.

Thank god Cameron finished his interview because he came over shortly after I answered the question.

“Clearly everyone is talking about “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” How are you guys feeling about being nominated for Favorite Ship?” the interviewer asked.

“I think we’re a pretty cute couple, and I think the fans would agree.” Cameron said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Before we let you guys go in, we have something for Y/N here.” the interviewer said, before walking off to the side to get something. She came back with a surfboard and I was so confused. Was it mine?

“Y/N you won Choice Female WebStar! Congratulations on your first award of the evening!” the interviewer cheered.

Cameron was cheering like one of those embarrassing mom.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much!” I said surprised. I was shocked to say the least. My first TCAs and my first surfboard! Tonight was going to be great!

* * * *

After the carpet Cameron head inside to meet Lena, who was already at her seat. I was seating down when Lena looked at me and kept motioning her head back, and mouthing for me to turn around. I gave her a weird look, but turned my around to see what she was trying to tell me.

It was them. It was Ethan and Grayson. They were sitting literally a row behind us. Grayson had his arm wrapped around some girl, who I realized was his girlfriend. Well I guess this will be interesting.

The award show went on, and it was time for them to announce Choice Male WebStar. A category both Cameron and the twins were nominated for. I was feeling so conflicted. Of course I wanted my boyfriend to win, but the twins also deserve it.

“And the winner for Choice Male WebStar is? …” the announcer paused as she opened the envelope. Cameron was holding my hand the whole time, while he was shaking his leg up and down nervously. It was cute how after all the awards he’s won he still gets so nervous.

“The Dolan Twins!” the announcer yelled into the microphone. I looked over at Cameron to see if he was upset or angry, but he wasn’t. Instead he was smiling and clapping for his friends.

As the twins were walking up to receive their award, they walked passed my row and Ethan did a little double take, as he tapped on Grayson’s arm making him turn around and his eyes landed on me. I flashed him a small smile, and he just turned around and made his way to the stage with Ethan.

“You okay?” Lena asked me.

“Yeah, it’s just weird seeing them since we haven’s spoken or anything you know.” I responded truthfully.

The boys gave their speech, and the fans went crazy! We went through a few more awards, a performance from Ariana Grande. Cameron had just won his Choice Comedian award, and I couldn’t be happier! They were announcing the awards for Choice Female YouTuber and Choice Male YouTuber next, and I was honestly freaking out! I was up against so many great YouTubers, there was no way I was winning that award. I was in my seat talking to Lena, and Cameron, when someone came and told me I needed to head backstage.

I was waiting backstage like the one of the backstage crew members told me to, but I wasn’t sure for what to be honest.

“Hey stranger.” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around to see who it was.

It was Ethan.

“Hey!” I said, a little excited, but a little taken back at the same time.

“What are you doing backstage?” he asked me, nervously running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t know, they just told me to come back here and wait for something.” I shrugged.

“What about you? Why are you back here?” I asked.

“I don’t know either. Someone told Grayson and I the same thing.” he said, putting his hands in his back pocket.

There was an awkward silence between us for a few seconds before Ethan spoke again.

“I’m not mad anymore.” he said, causing me to drift my attention from the floor to him.

“I wanted to reach out but Grayson said you changed your number.” he finished.

“Yeah I did…” I paused.

“Ethan, I really am sorry about everything that happened.” I told him.

“It’s cool. I’m over it. I just miss my best friend.” he said flashing me his award winning smile.

“So friends?” I asked, as I was being pulled in for a hug by Ethan.

We both took out our phones, and decided to take a selfie. We posted a video on our Snapchat stories, and posted our selfies on Twitter with the caption …

@EthanDolan: “Ran into this stranger backstage. Congrats on your first TCA @YourTwitterName! Proud of you! 1 down 1 to go!”

@YourTwitterName: “Look who I met backstage at the TCAs! @EthanDolan”

As I was putting my phone away I saw Grayson coming from around the corner. I wanted to say something to him, but one of the crew members grabbed me and told me to stand over by the stage entrance.The announcer started making the announcement for the female and male YouTuber nominations.

“Good Luck.” Ethan said from behind me. The crew members had us standing in some kind of line up in front of the stage entrance, and I had zero idea as to why. Grayson was standing next to Ethan, paying attention on his phone and not once did he even try to look at me. I guess he wasn’t over it like Ethan was.

I smiled and wished him good luck as well.  

“And your winner for Choice Female YouTuber is…”

“Y/N Y/L/N!” one of the announcers yelled.

As I was walking up the stairs to get on the stage to accept my award, the second announcer started announced the award for male YouTuber.

“And your Choice Male YouTuber is…”

“The Dolan Twins!” the second announcer yelled, and the boys came walking onto the stage behind me.

We accepted our awards, gave our speeches and continue off the stage. I had some interviews to do so Cameron waited for me backstage so we could go together.

“2 awards! I’m proud of you babe!” Cameron said pulling me into a hug, as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

“Yo E, congrats bro!” Cameron shouted to Ethan, turning around giving him one of those bro hugs.

We made our way to a room, that had a beach theme going on.There were surfboards, a little swimming pool with sand around it, and a beach balls getting thrown around everywhere. It was pretty cute. Ethan, Grayson, Cameron and I were all getting interviewed by Tyler Oakley.

“So Y/N. You tweeted a selfie of Ethan and yourself and Ethan you did as well. So can we confirm that everything is good between you guys? No more drama” Tyler asked.

“Yes, everything is good. The past is the past, and I’m just happy to have my best friend back!” I said, as Ethan pulled me into a side hug.

“What about you Grayson? Everything’s good between you guys?” Tyler asked Grayson. To be honest, I didn’t know how he was going to respond. I mean he has even said a single word to me. Not like I expect him too, but I figured if Ethan got over it maybe he would too.

‘Yeah, we’re good!” Grayson said, fake smiling at the camera.

We were all answering a few fan questions, Cameron was cracking a few jokes back and forth with Ethan. Grayson tried to interact but you can tell he wanted to get the hell out of here as soon as possible. I mean I’m sure this has to be awkward for him. Seeing me for the first time in months, and I’m here with my boyfriend who just happens to be a friend of his. Someone bought out an envelope and surfboard, handing it to Tyler. He opened the envelope and read it before turning his attention back to the camera.

“Congratulations “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” you just won the Favorite Ship award!” Tyler screamed. Turning around to hand Cameron and I the surfboard.

“Told you we’re a cute couple.” Cameron said, before giving me a kiss on the lips.

Everyone in the roomed started awing following with chants of our ship name. Even Ethan was chanting it. Cameron and I pulled apart from our kiss, and I turned my head to look at Grayson. His eyes met mine, but quickly left as he turned his head and whispered something into Ethan’s ear.

After the interview Cameron and I went to go meet up with Lena before we started heading out. The TCAs were now over, and besides the awkward tension between Grayson and I, I had an amazing time. As the three of us were walking through the hectic crowd, Ethan approached us with Grayson and his girlfriend following behind. 

“Hey Y/N. Do you wanna go get some pizza and catch up? Cameron and your friend can come too.” Ethan said eyeing Lena. They never met before, but Lena being my best friend of course she knew all about him.

“Yeah, that sounds good actually! Cam you want to go babe?” I asked my boyfriend.

“Yeah, I’m down. Lets go! I’m starving!” Cameron said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Ethan, this is my best friend Lena. The one I use to always be on FaceTime with.” I said introducing Ethan to Lena.

“So this is the infamous best friend we always use to hear about but never met.”

“Nice to meet you Lena, I’m Ethan.” he said shaking her hand, flashing her a wide smile.

We walked outside, and somehow managed to fit into one SUV. The car ride to the restaurant consisted of just jamming out, and taking snapchat videos. Well all of us except Grayson. He was sitting in the front seat on his phone the whole time.

“Babe are you okay?” I heard his girlfriend ask him. 

She was really pretty. They really did look cute together. I hope she treats him well. He deserved to be happy.

I started making small talk with Gabriella and she was really sweet. We talked a little bit about her, and school, she was really nice. Perfect for Grayson to be honest. Meanwhile Cameron was FaceTiming his sister next to me, and Ethan and Lena were in the back seat talking, and taking selfies. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Ethan was even flirting a little bit. Lena and Ethan? Lethan? Okay I would totally ship that! I wouldn’t even be mad if they ever dated. 

* * * *

We arrived at the restaurant, and the waiter sat us at a big circular booth near the back. 

I was sitting next to Cameron, followed my Lena and Ethan, and with Gabriella and Grayson on the opposite side of me. We all ordered our drinks, and Ethan ordered us a big pineapple pizza pie. 

We were eating and making small talk amongst each other. Everything was going great. The vibe with everyone was great, everyone except Grayson anyway. He was pretty much quite the whole time, unless he was talking to Gabriella or Ethan. He made small talk with Lena here and there, but as for Cameron and I he didn’t really speak to us. 

“Does anyone want anything else?” Grayson asked, picking up the check. He offered to pay the bill, which I thought was sweet of him. 

But I spoke to soon.

“What about you Cam? You could always go for seconds right?” Grayson said, smirking at Cameron. 

Great here we go…

Hero? No Need.

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Requested by anonymous:

“Do you think you would ever write for Reggie Mantle?? I know he is no Jughead, but Ja'dore 😍. If you did do you think that you could do one where the reader and Cheryl are Bffs and they grew up hanging out with Reg. But since high school things are different. Maybe he stands up to Chuck? I don’t know, but I would appreciate it. You really have a talent and I love you 😘😘”

Warnings: Fluff, swearing 

Notes: This gif makes me laugh lmao but yes I love Reggie!!! I’m so sad Ross isn’t playing him in season 2 and that we haven’t gotten to see his character develop :( x

“Are you here yet?” 

“I’m walking in to school now.”

“Would you hurry your virgin ass up?” Cheryl huffed which caused *yn* to roll her eyes but still smile slightly at her all too predictable best friend.

“Would you relax your tyrannical ass Cher? I’ll be two minutes tops.” *yn* teased, hanging up before Cheryl could get another snarky remark in. 

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Jealousy get the best of me- Monty De La Cruz

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Requests are open!

Requested but with a twist

Warning: Explicit content- swearing and dirty talk

Authors Note: This was a request based on jealousy and I thought I might spice it up a bit and I’m sorry if its not what you wanted if not liked I can make another one with a sweeter version but I just thought it would make things hot and heavy.

Short Imagine

I stared as he walked by wearing his plaid shirt and holding his bag that hung loosely by his side, his hair muffled up in his usual style and his smile as wide as ever. God, he was so good looking and I can’t even tell you how long It has been since I had a crush on him- too long.

“Hey baby” he winked and continued walking,.

I cant believe he just said that to me but I should tell you that we have had a serious flirtationship throughout the entire year but it’s never anything too serious but I wish it was.

I’m sure he probably thinks that he owns me without any strings attached because I’ve noticed how he comes to me and make me want him while I see he flirts with so many girls and he is always in sight from me, always around me, well let me tell you that two can play at this game.

‘Who can I flirt with that will make Monty jealous?’ I thought as I walked down the halls and came across a few guys that might be on my list;

Victim Number 1- Alex Standall; He’s cute and he’s had an encounter with Monty so that should work but I don’t want any violence so no.

Victim Number 2- Bryce Walker; Uhm no Honey, simple no and I don’t even have to justify myself.

Victim Number 3- Jeff Atkins; He is so good looking and he plays on the same team as Monty and I guess that would be easier to plan since they will be in the same place most of the time so I guess that is my plan! Jeff Atkins, get ready for some serious flirting.

I walked closer to him and leaned in against his locker but I made sure Monty could hear us because his locker was 2 lockers away from Jeff’s where he stood and eyed me.

“Hi Jeff” I smiled

“Hey Y/N” he flashed his smile and I actually liked it.

“So listen, I was wondering if you would wanna meet up sometimes and hang” I attempted to flirt

“what did you have in mind?” he answered and frankly I was surprised because I’m actually not that great at flirting so this was a shock.

“Netflix and chill?” I smirked and looked over to Monty who had an angry expression vibing all over him and so prominent on his face.

Jeff bit his bottom lip and I took that as a ‘hell yeah!’ and I walked off but making sure that my ass was clear in sight. I was heading to home-class when I felt a pair of hands grasp my arm and pulling me somewhere quiet.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing Y/N?”  a jealous Monty spat while he pressed me against the wall of an empty classroom and his hand beside my head as he inched closer so I could feel his breath on my neck as I turned to the side to avoid eye contact, he came closer to my ear and whispered words that made my knees weak.

“You meant Netflix and fuck right? the only person you’re allowed to fuck is me, baby. You know you’re mine”

I turned to face him and answered “I can fuck whoever I want and that might be Jeff, he probably has a bigger dick than you, maybe he can make me feel better than you ever will- the boy has nice lips and probably a tongue that can work, those biceps to hold me down when I’m squirming under him and his hands to keep his dirty little slut quiet when he fucks me” I smirked In his face and he went from angry to flushed, I knew he was jealous at the fact I was talking this way to him but based on another guy.

“No one can have you. got that?” he didn’t let me answer when he smashed his lips against mine and I finally got what I wanted- him.

Potions Partners – Part 2

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Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!Reader

Words: 997

Forever Tag List: @missmotherhen

Request:  Could you do a sequel to Potion Partners? I really enjoyed the Draco x Hufflepuff Reader!! - @my-current-fandom-is

Hello! The potion partners really needs a second part! I love it! - @nvmmendes

Potion partners part two?!? Please 💙💜 - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Do I smell a part three!? Maybe if you all like this enough, I’ll write up another part. I just want to thank you all again for following this blog. It’s so nice to have a writing outlet that’s not just focused on one topic and that can be expanded to other things. And thanks for everyone who wanted the second part to this, it means so much to me! – Haley xx

 Part One

“Do you think he asked Snape to move you?” Neville questioned me as we walked towards the Potions Classroom.

“I hope,” I sighed. “How could he say that? How could Malfoy think I’m stupid?”

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anonymous asked:

there are more important things today but i wanna say--the only way d gets to live his own life eventually is by selling that he respects M & she's a good person. no matter what WE know, or what's clear to anyone w/ a brain, or what he shows 99% of the time. he has to play nice w/ her, just like w/ ryan, in order to be able to move on. she's OBSESSED w/ what fans see & say. if she thinks he's not helping her look good, she will never let this go.

Anon, I have said repeatedly that I fully support Darren in doing WHATEVER it takes to finally get her to walk away. It is more than evident in everything that she does that she is obsessed with the fans and fact is, she has invested years and years of her life in perpetuating this charade. And at the end of the day, she will not walk unless she has something to show for it. 

So we have the resume boosting events like being in a video and directing a video. And articles labeling her as director, producer, writer. 

And more importantly, you are correct, she needs the public affirmation that Darren is her friend. Because that validation will ensure that when they break up or it is revealed that she was a beard, that her fans will rally behind her and support her.

To me, and I have a feeling she would not agree, the best outcome for her is the truth or some variation of the truth. She will be looked at as a hero if there is a statement by Darren when he comes out to the effect of “I would like to profoundly thank my good friend M who has stood by my side for all of these years and supported me. I would not have been able to get through this without her.”

If something of that nature was said, no matter the reaction to D and his truth, her fans will exclaim that she is perfect and wonderful and the queen they have worshiped for years.

And to sell this, Darren has to sell that they are friends. And that he enjoys being in her presence. And they have fun together. And that he respects her. 

And that has not been happening lately at all. So perhaps last night was a start. And I will look at this as positive just like I looked at her Director’s job as a positive. And if they are friends, he can promote her bar or whatever project she has upcoming.

And if they do the break up route. Same thing applies, though it will not sell as well.  It will be hard to believe a couple that has been together since birth would be able to maintain a friendship, especially immediately after a break up. But if it was sold well, perhaps?  

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. The press conference confirming Luke's relation to Darth Vader would probably be pretty funny to those watching the press-corps reactions. There'd be a lot of "those rumors can't be true, Brad" turning into "how the kriff do you get a Luke Skywalker from a Darth Vader and a somebody else?", I think.

“-And welcome back, beings of the galaxy, to Last Word from Coruscant! I’m Lois, and we’re taking you live to Anthan Prime, where Lord Vader himself has called a press conference. Let’s go to our reporter on the scene. Miy’ra?”

 “Miy’ra Yson here, thanks, Lois. Earlier rumors have now been confirmed, the famous Rebel commander, Luke Skywalker is indeed here in custody. Looks like- hold on, hold on just a moment, I think that’s him. Brad, get the cam-bot over here!”

Now, my angle of the screen is a little odd, so you’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong. But Miy’ra, doesn’t it look like Commander Skywalker is walking around free? I don’t see any restraints on him. Don’t you think that’s unusual for such a high profile prisoner?”

You’re right, Lois, he’s completely unrestrained. Hold on- Lord Vader is saying something. Ugh, I’m too far from the stage. Move it, Brad! We need to get closer! 
Sorry about that, folks. Alright, I just caught something about Jedi Treachery and the chaos in the three days following the formation of the Empire.”

Not to worry, we’ll enhance the cam-bot’s playback on tonight’s broadcast to analyze the speech. Tell us, is Skywalker as at ease as he seems to be? You wouldn’t think a Rebel would be so calm standing in front of everyone with Vader’s hand on his shoulder.”

This is…I don’t believe this. Cambot, zoom in! Ladies and gentlemen and beings of all species and descriptions, Lord Vader has just announced that all hostilities against Skywalker are to immediately cease. That’s right, you heard it here first! Luke Skywalker has been pardoned – and I would like to remind our viewers that this is the man who destroyed the Death Star!”
“Kinda more like the boy who destroyed the Death Star. Geez, what is he, twelve?”
Shut up, Brad.”

Miy’ra, Skywalker is starting to look a little nervous there. Doesn’t seem like he’s defected, does it?”

Mother of Moons…did he just say what I think he said? Cam-bot, get up there, I want a quote.”

His actions against the Empire are, indeed…..regrettable. Yet the fact remains that young Skywalker has only acted thus far according to very specific teachings of individuals who wished to use him for their own ends. Individuals who took him from his father and raised him to hate the Empire.”

“Lord Vader! Are you saying that Commander Skywalker was manipulated, like some kind of secret Jedi-super-soldier-project?”

Sounds like that was pretty much what he was saying, Miy’ra. Ooh, I don’t think Skywalker liked that at all, look at him. But I suppose if that’s what he was raised to know, he’d feel obligated to defend it.”

Lord Vader, you mentioned that Skywalker was taken from his father, specifically. Is his father a member of the Empire? Why was Skywalker taken, why not someone else?”

“Because Luke Skywalker is my son. And any further attempts to use him against me – by anyone – will fail.”

Lord Vader, will we be allowed to ask Comma- er…your…son…any questions?”


“Just one? Better make it count, Miy’ra!”

I don’t know what to ask!”

Miy’ra, ask him this: Commander, were you aware that you were Lord Vader’s son? Did you join the Rebellion knowing?”

I think that’s two questions in one, but I’ll try. 
Commander Skywalker, did you know you were Lord Vader’s son when you joined the Rebellion?”

“Eh…no. No that’s a, um. That’s a recent development. I was not informed until very recently, and he had to be the one to tell me…Kinda explains why he’s been trying to find me for so long though, doesn’t it?”

This is truly history in the making, viewers! And remember, you heard it on Last Word from Coruscant first! We’re going to take a break here for a word from our sponsors, but we will resume coverage of the press conference momentarily. Stay tuned.”

A Hamster?

You and Daniel bicker over whether you should adopt a cat or dog next. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Daniel your boyfriend, muttered from his position, head on your lap. The two of you were snuggled on the couch, Rooney and Peter the cats snuggled at the other end by his feet, and your dog Pebbles on his chest.

“What’s up, babe?” You asked, turning your attention from the TV screen to his face, staring up at you.

“I think we should adopt another cat,” Daniel said with a smile, eyes crinkling up adorably.

“What?” you sighed, patting his hair gently, “No, we already have two cats! We should adopt another dog!”

“But Peter and Rooney need another friend,” Daniel whined, sending you puppy eyes.

“They have each other!” You exclaimed, “Pebbles has no one, and dogs are so much easier to care for.”

“You have to walk dogs,” Daniel complained, nose scrunched up, “and clean up after them. Cats just go in the litter box.”

“Cats also vomit,” you said pointedly, “and whenever we have guests over, they always misbehave! My sister doesn’t want to come because Peter wouldn’t stop hissing at her.”

“Dogs bark a lot.”

“Cats just nap and lick themselves!”

“Dogs are way too hyper, then.”

“Oh my god,” Jisung, who was over just to raid your refrigerator, butted into your conversation, “you two bicker like an old married couple, I swear. Why don’t you just get a hamster?”

“A hamster?” You and Daniel traded suspicious looks.

And so, thanks to Jisung, you two ended up the parents of not only two cats, a small dog, but also a hamster and the enormous cage that came along with it.

this was so short omg im so sorry

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How do I find my true self? Sometimes I feel as if I don't know myself!

You need to isolate yourself.. stop hanging out with people stop talking to people. Just be by yourself for as long as you want until you feel you know yourself. You need to go on your own self discovery and figure out who you are. take your earbuds out and put your phone away. Bury yourself in books and write in your journal. Try a lot of different things, even things you think you hate! give it a second try. Go on dates with yourself. Go on walks. Start to pay attention to how you think and what you think about. Meditate and learn how to destroy everything people have told YOU about yourself. We tend to listen to what people have to say about us and we believe it. You could be told by a friend you are very sensitive but you truly dont feel that way.. so you believe you are sensitive just because they said you are. That makes no sense to do since you are your own person, no one knows you better than yourself, you were born in one body with one soul. You have been with yourself since the beginning of time so dont let anyone tell you who you are . So go on a journey and figure stuff out

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So in the actor!Sid AU what if Sid and Geno are at a cute lil cafe being cute and Sid's agent (who I think of as like sleazy and oblivious like the little girls agent in Bolt) walks up and is like "oh having some bro time away from the cameras? I like it, so I was thinking you could maybe go out with Jessica Chastain. It would be good publicity..." and Sid just cuts him off and looks him dead in the eye and is like "we're on a date. I'm gay. We've been over this."

omg like in Husbands where the agent is like “Let’s call him….your finger-quote ‘husband’” and Sid goes “HE IS MY HUSBAND!!!”

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Tsukki and Oikawa headcanons On them having a crush on someone who's very social but gets hit on by someone on the rival team?

 I made them the manager so it could flow easier with the headcanons, typical I know, sorry.


  • He noticed them because of how social they were and how they were able to talk to anybody. He loved that people adored them, but he also didn’t like how much people adored them because he wanted to be the only one.
  • Only Yamaguchi and possibly Suga knows of his little crush and he gets really flustered if they talk about it to him.
  • He offers to help them out a lot and the team notices that but they don’t think about it too much. 
  • When he sees you get hit on by Kuroo at the practice camps, he gets furious but walks over calmly. “Oh, flirting with our manager now? At least we have one.” And gently pushes you away from him and towards the team.
  • He keeps an eye on you so that other people don’t come talk to you because he isn’t having any of that. Hinata notices.
  • “Why do you keep looking at (Name)?” 
  • “Because she might go off and do something stupid.”
  • “Thanks for looking out for me then Tsukishima.” You’d say and he’d shrug you off but if you look closely his ears are red and he’s blushing.


  • “Hey! Don’t surround her! She’s our manager! Go away!” Suddenly he becomes all childish and you have to calm him down and politely as the people talking to you to leave.
  • If that doesn’t happen, this happens, “Does our little Miss (Name) have her own fan club now? Sorry, but she’s busy helping our team! Please move along!” 
  • You kinda got the hint that Oikawa likes you, but the team will tell you that he has a little crush on you and they’re putting their faith and trust into you so you could keep him in check.
  • He likes that you’re sociable because it’s easier to talk to you but this means that you talk to a lot of people that are not him. 
  • That being said, he talks to you as much as he can. You’re not too bothered by it, but it’s a lot of work.
  • Iwa-chan notices how much he talks to you so out of his own good heart, he would stop Oikawa from talking to you all the time so you could have some space and air to breathe.

I am actually so pumped, like. I hung out with a few girls from my class at one of the conferences I went to and had a nice time with them but didn’t really expect them to be not-conference friends, but I just ran into one of them on a walk with Monty and she and her friend played with him and chatted with me and I think we may actually be friendly acquaintances now!!!

You Know You Want To - Ch. 13

He didn’t say anything in response to her and held her eyes with his, challenging her.  She pulled the longest scarf from the small pile on the bed and raised her eyebrow “Wrists together Jared.”

“You don’t really think it’s going to be that easy do you?  Convince me.” He smiled at her with a look in his eyes she didn’t know how to read.

“What do you mean convince you?  We’ve been back and forth…” she said as her eyes narrowed at him.

“Yes we have.  You say you have the guts.  Prove it. Convince me.” He stared deep into her eyes as he spoke.

She squinted at him and seriously thought about climbing off of the bed and leaving the room.

“Don’t you dare walk away.  Do it! Make me want to do what you want.” He pushed as his hands rested on her thighs.

“Get the hell out of my head, Jared.” She growled, getting frustrated to the point she felt tears gathering.

His fingers gripped her chin and held her in place as he sat up to look into her eyes.  He brushed the tears away from her lashes.  “You’re asking something of me that is outside of who I am.  Am I willing?  Absolutely, because I know it’s something you need.  But you have to convince me to get that scarf around my wrists.”

He released her chin and dropped back to the bed as he continued to hold eye contact with her.  Her fingers trailed up his chest before she bent over him and put her lips to his ear “I think just being honest would be a good place to start, don’t you?  I went shopping today…and I found a couple of items that just really intrigued me.”  She sat up slightly and looked into his eyes briefly before nuzzling her way down his neck and back to his ear.  “I’d really like to play with those little items.  I think you might enjoy them but there’s only one way to find out. You have to let me tie your hands together.”  She sat up and looked into his eyes, showing no sign of the doubtful woman she’d been only moments before.

“What are the items, Siobhan?” he asked as his eyes traveled down her body.

“Only one way to find out, gorgeous.” She smiled and held the scarf up in preparation.

“I’m going to get out of whatever you tie.  But okay.  I’ll play your game.” He put his wrists together and held them up to her. “I’m being easy on you.  If you ever want to repeat this, you’ll have to get better.”

She quickly looped and wrapped the scarf around his wrists before tying it off, leaving two long tails hanging.  She climbed off of his body as she said “Scoot up the bed.”

He laughed and pushed up a few inches before raising his arms above his head. She crawled up the mattress and wrapped the long tails around the rail on the headboard.  After tying one knot she crossed the tails and wrapped them around again before tying a very tight knot.  She pulled at the knots herself and then backed away as she was satisfied that he was not going to get out of the restraint.

“Feel free to test that, Jared” she said with a slight smile.  

He pulled at the ties and then nodded his head after a flash of shock crossed his features.  She could see that he was trying to retain his slightly cocky demeanor as he tugged at the scarf.  His throat cleared before she heard his comment “That’s pretty good.  I may have to work at it but I can still get out of it.”

She leaned to his ear and whispered “Good luck with that.”

“Mmmm sure of yourself aren’t you?” he said as he watched her move back down the bed.

“I’m sure that knot is going to hold.” She grinned and then slid her leg across his body before settling back against his thighs.

“We’ll see” he said with a sparkle in his eyes.

She reached out and trailed her fingernails down the center of his chest. She was completely engrossed in the texture of his skin and the feel of her nails sliding down it, not realizing that he was watching her very closely.  She blinked suddenly and looked up into his eyes to see him staring at her as if he was delving deep into her head.  

She looked to her side and pulled the shorter scarf from her pile of things she’d acquired while shopping.  Bending to his chest, she nuzzled her way up his body until she was eye to eye with him.  She sat up after adjusting her body to straddle his waist and moved to cover his eyes with the silk scarf.  

“Are you afraid you’ll lose your train of thought, Siobhan?” he asked as she laid the cloth over his eyes.

“No…I don’t want you to see what I’m doing next” she answered, not willing to admit that he was at least partially correct.  There was something about the way he looked into her eyes that simply could make her jittery.   That was the last thing she needed…to lose her nerve now.

He lifted his head and allowed her to tie the scarf after making sure it covered his sight completely.  

“I don’t believe you.  I think you’re trying to avoid my eyes.  Do I affect you that much?  So much that you want to hide from my sight?” he pressed, making his voice low and sultry.

“Shhhhhh” she breathed into his ear.  “I’m not avoiding anything.  Stop trying to guess my reasons.  Just allow yourself to feel.  It’s okay to let go of the control sometimes you know.”

“You know that’s not what it’s about right?  Your reasons.  It really is about getting away from my eyes.” he completely ignored her as she shushed him again.

She climbed off of his body and the bed and sat in the chair as she watched him.

“Now you’re going to play my game?” he pressed on.

She stayed silent, continuing to watch him.  He tested the binds around his wrists, pulling against the knots. She waited until she could see a slight agitation as he pulled against the scarf around his wrists before speaking.

“I know how to tie a knot Jared.  Is it too much for you?  There’s no shame in that really.  I know that doing this is completely against your nature.  You’d likely be more comfortable if roles were reversed, right? Truthfully, I probably would be too…but sometimes it’s about getting out of your comfort zone, right?  Or is it too much for you?  I wouldn’t want to push you past what you can handle.  It’s okay to admit that it’s too much.” She spoke slowly with a slight lilt in her voice, trying to use her voice to calm.

He gritted his teeth together as her words dug into him “You are seriously going to regret those words.”

“Is that a threat?” she asked in a suddenly somber voice.  “Maybe it really is too much.  That’s fine.  Just give me a minute and I’ll untie you.  I thought you really wanted to let me take a little control from you.  No harm right?”

She pulled her leg up onto the chair as she continued to watch him, having no intention of moving for the time being.  She smiled slightly when he sighed loudly.  “No, you don’t have to untie me.  I swear if a word of this reaches anyone outside of this room, Siobhan.”

“If you’re really worried about that, then I will definitely untie you. I thought that was understood. What happens between us is nobody else’s business.  Do you trust me?” she knew if he could see her eyes in that exact moment he would see them glowing with life.  

He sighed deeply and impatiently before answering “Yes, I trust you.”

“Do you really?” she asked softly, making him strain to hear her.

“Why are you doubting that I do?” he asked after another deep calming breath.

“Your impatience” She answered simply as she stared at the two tools she had purchased on a whim that afternoon.  She hadn’t planned on things going quite like they were.  She had simply been intrigued by their possibilities.

He growled low in his throat, making her shiver slightly.  His voice was still a little gruff when he spoke “I just want to know what you have up your sleeve, Siobhan.  I’m not exactly comfortable and no that doesn’t mean untie me.”

“Well we can sit here and talk all night or you can hush and you’ll find out what I have up my sleeve.” She climbed back on the bed as she spoke and continued to watch him as he seemed to settle into the idea that he was not going to be able to get out of the restraint until she untied it.

“Bossy woman.” He said simply.

“You like it.” She answered as she settled back on his thighs.

“Do I?  You seem so sure.  Maybe I don’t.  Maybe I’m just figuring out your triggers.” He answered with confidence.

She laughed at his comment, “Nice try.  Too bad you’re completely full of it with that statement.”

“Just get on with whatever you are going to do.” He said sharply.

“Mmmm this isn’t going to work that way.  You don’t get to tell me what to do or when to do it.  Understand?” she watched his jaw working back and forth with his agitation but he remained silent.

“Awww, what’s wrong?  Can’t stand the idea of not having control of the situation, Jared?  If you get to a point where you can’t take anymore just tell me.” She spoke very softly, making him strain to hear her.  

She waited until he finally said “Alright” before she turned her attention back to the bed.  

She reached over for the candle and lighter.  She didn’t have a chance to click the lighter before she heard his voice again.

“Really?  Candle wax? You can do better than that.” He chuckled.

She shook her head and refused to respond in shock over his guess.  She put the candle and lighter aside and bent over him to his ear “Stop talking.  Stop criticizing.  Not another peep out of you, Jared.”

“Or what?” he challenged again.  

She trailed her nails down the center of his chest as she spoke “Am I seriously going to need to gag you, Jared?”

He blew out a breath.  He could feel his body beginning to get excited at the prospect of whatever she had in mind.  He squirmed under her trying to will the reaction away.  

“Is that a no?” she asked softly.

He didn’t answer her which she took as a small victory.  She picked up the candle and lighter again and proceeded to drop the melted wax onto his skin.  She moved over the expanse making a design of curves and lines from his collar bone to his waist.  

She looked up and scanned his face before asking “Are you okay?”

“Yes” he said simply and began humming softly under his breath.  

She reached up and put the candle into a glass on the nightstand, having to stretch across him to reach it.  He never stopped humming, appearing to be completely unaffected by her.

She reached out for the metal pinwheel with sharp needle like points.  Barely touching his skin she traveled along the path of the wax on his skin.  His humming finally stopped as he seemed to be trying to figure out what she was using. She inched back to rest on his thighs as she lowered the waistband of his pants slightly.  Applying a little more pressure she skimmed across his skin, finally drawing a response from him with a low hiss.  

He started humming again and she put the pinwheel down.  She climbed off of his body and moved back to the chair. He crossed his legs at the ankle as if he was just relaxing.  It wasn’t the posture that got to her but the cocky grin on his face as if he’d won.  

She raised her eyebrow and thought to herself.

Okay…you want to play harder.  I can accommodate you.

She stood and crossed the room to her suitcase where she had hidden a purchase for when she was back home.  

“Giving up already Siobhan?” his voice chimed out into the room.

She calmly walked back over to the bed and picked up a silk scarf.  “Roll over.” She said in a monotone voice.

He shrugged and maneuvered onto his stomach, sure that he had already figured out her next move.  She moved onto the bed and bent over him, nuzzling his neck, waiting until his mouth opened and quickly gagged him with the silk scarf.

“I told you to hush.” She whispered into his ear.

She climbed back off the bed and stood back to enjoy seeing him, resting on his elbows, blindfolded, and now gagged.  

“I think I need to take a picture, you know, just for my own enjoyment. Maybe.” She chuckled and picked up her phone.  She clicked a couple of pictures and then walked back across the room after laughing softly.  

She heard him protesting around the gag but ignored him completely.

She picked up the toy she had bought for herself and climbed onto the bed at his feet.  She grasped his pants and worked them down his body.  She pulled them completely off and tossed them aside before sitting beside him on the bed.  

She ran a finger nail from his shoulder down his arm as she said “You know, I bought that pinwheel with the intention of just doing a little sensory play. Nothing major.  Just heighten the one sense by robbing you of others.  But you had to go all cocky jackass on me. So…no more sensory play.  Too bad.  You might have enjoyed that.”

She picked up the vibrator she had gotten out of her suitcase.  “We could always use this.” She turned the vibrator on and slid it across his ass, making him squirm slightly on the mattress.

She turned it off and put it down on the bedside table as she stood “Or not…”

She picked up her shoes, the keycard, her phone, along with her wallet and walked out of the room.

She stopped and slid her shoes on after closing the door firmly behind her. She looked down at her phone and deleted the pictures she had taken of him and walked down the hallway toward the elevators.

Goodbye, Arthur

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Word Count: 340

Request: Ketch x Reader with prompt #4 and a different request for Ketch x Reader and prompt #1

A/N: I having a few more angsty prompt requests I’ll be uploading over the next couple of days, xo Jess

“I’m sorry, Arthur, but I just can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep going behind Sam and Dean like this. So please, don’t make me leaving any harder than it has to be.”

“Don’t make this any harder than it has to be?” He scoffed, “Y/N, we both know if you walk out that door I’ll have to kill you! This was your decision to join The Men of Letters, and you damn well knew the consequences if you ever bloody decided to walk out!”

“Don’t you think I know that, Ketch?” You hissed at him, “I was fully aware what I was getting myself into by joining your little organization but I what I didn’t know was what I was getting myself into with you.” Tearing your gaze away from him you made yourself pick up your already packed duffle and moved towards the door.

“Y/N, please. Please don’t do this to me. To us. I can’t, I can’t lose you. I- I love you.” Hearing his voice crack like that tore your heart apart but your decision was final, you were going to do the right thing. At least what you thought was the right thing.

“You say you love me. So what? You wouldn’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last.” You said not being able to bring yourself to look at him, knowing to damn well if you did you would stay.

“Take one more step in that direction and I will kill you.” He barely whispered as you heard his gun being cocked.

“Goodbye, Arthur.”

Before you could even make it to the door a shot rang out. After a second of panic you realized he hadn’t shot you. Relief flooded through you before you understood what he had done.

“Arthur?” Your voice quivered, “Arthur?” When you didn’t get a response you let out a sob before leaving the British Men of Letter’s bunker for good.

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Tree bros for the pairing thing

  • proposes - Connor !!! They’ve been living together for a few years, dating for more, but they’ve never really talked about getting married. Connor brings it up super casually one day, just like “hey Ev we should get married” and Evan thinks it a joke at first until Connor pulls a ring out of his pocket and tosses it at him. “For Forever” is inscribed into the ring. Connor is lowkey nervous and Evan cries for a good ten minutes before saying yes. They have a really small outdoor wedding at the orchard with Heidi, Zoe, Alana, Jared, Cynthia, and Larry (everyone’s surprised that Connor invited him and it’s the first time in years that they don’t fight, even if they’re walking on eggshells around each other). Jared is Evan’s best man and Zoe is Connor’s. Cynthia and Heidi both act as the flower girl with Alana being the ringer bearer. Zoe walks Connor down the isle. Jared, Heidi, and Cynthia are all in ugly crying by the end (Larry, Zoe, and Connor might also be shed a tear or two but no one will ever know). They didn’t read their vows in front of everyone, bc they knew it would make them both uncomfortable, and instead they wait until after the wedding when they’re both alone to read their vows and it’s SUPER emotional and they’re both in tears by the end
  • shops for groceries - Connor. Evan’s the one that keeps track of what they need and makes the list, but Connor’s taken over going shopping bc he knows it makes Evan nervous (also Evan always freaks out and doesn’t buy condoms/lube so Connor knows he wont be getting sexy time if he lets Evan shop)
  • kills the spiders - Neither. Connor won’t go anywhere near them bc eww bugs and Evan is too weak to kill them; he always catches them in a cup and puts them outside
  • comes home drunk at 3am - Evan,, Connor doesn’t really like alcohol (plus he really shouldn’t be mixing them with his meds). It doesn’t happen often, but every once in awhile he’ll get wasted at Jared’s and come home drunk
  • remembers to feed the fish - Neither. They both agreed that they really shouldn’t have pets bc it’s a full-time job taking care of themselves and neither of them are really ready for the responsibility of being in charge of another life. Evan has a lot of plants though !!! He likes succulents and cacti bc you don’t need to remember to water them everyday,,, Evan gives all the plants names and Connor pretends to not like them but sometimes Evan will walk in on him talking to the plants affectionally
  • initiates duets - Evan. Connor likes to sing under his breath a lot and sometimes Evan will chime in if he knows the song and they’ll both just quietly sing together
  • falls asleep first - Connor. Connor’s insomnia basically disappeared once he started sharing a bed with Evan, but Evan still has a lot of trouble sleeping (he’s a light sleeper and still gets bad nightmares every once in awhile)
  • plans spontaneous trips - 100% Connor. He loves to surprise Evan with random camping trips 
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - Evan! It only happens when he comes home drunk or if he’s had a nightmare – blueberry pancakes are his feel-good food and Connor’s always willing to make him a batch
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - Connor. It makes Evan really frisky and he only does it when he wants to bottom. He gets a real kick of sending nudes when Evan’s out of town or hanging out with his friends (Evan made him promise to never do it during work though bc it makes him too nervous)
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - Evan !!! Evan is a total sweet-tooth and is a big sucker for baked goods. It’s basically a rule that if they see a bakery they have to stop and buy a treat
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - Connor,,, Evan always tries to hide the fact that it makes him smile and blush bc he wants to be mad but how can he when Connor’s being gorgeous
  • killed a guy (also, which hid the body) - Connor,,, he also probably hid the body
  • wears the least clothing around the house - Evan, weirdly enough. At first it was Connor with his crop tops and lack of pants, but eventually Evan just started to walk around in only his boxers. Usually it’s because he just wears his boxers as pajamas now that he doesn’t live with his mom, but he’ll also do it when it’s hot outside and he doesn’t want to waste money on the AC. Of course, Connor’s not complaining
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - Connor,, sometimes he’ll just look at Evan and be like “holy shit i’m in love”. He loves to hug Evan from behind and talk about how much he’s in love with Evan and how being with Evan makes him glad that he’s alive 

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Not a question about preserving or stripping bones, but i was thinking that in this hobby yoy have to have some of the BEST out of context quotes. Do the admins all have any particularly good or favorite things they've said

Oh my gawwwd I’m sure we all have some hilarious stuff. My favorite was I was walking home with literally half of a raccoon in a shopping bag and some dude starts chatting me up and he asks what was in my bag “most of a raccoon” I reply and his face goes WHITE it was amazing. I never saw a dude split so fast.

Also “I gotta go water the corpse” (referring to my rot pots)

“No don’t touch me, I’m covered in fox”

“Hey, can you get me a bandaid? This skull just bit me.”

“No I will NOT move Claudius, he’s part of this family!” “He’s dead! I’m sure he doesn’t care”

“Don’t go in the bathroom” (just dumped a ton of maceration water in the toilet)

“My cat killed a mouse it was so disgusting” “…can…can I have it…?”

“I wonder how suspicious buying six containers of peroxide looks….“

“Look! A deer!” “Like, a live one, or?” “YES A LIVE ONE”

This is just for me, I’m sure the other mods will add more!!

-Mod Kitty

My favorite is anytime I go to tell my bf about my opossum I have buried he just shakes his head and goes, “STOOOOPPPP.”

I also love the day we were walking in the woods and I caught a severed deer leg out of the corner of my eye and it scared me because I thought it was a snake 😂😂!

Please don’t keep our dog after she dies.“

- Mod Galaxies

Oh man this is my fav topic!

"Gross, cat soup” (it rained on my half rotted cat)

“Wow, those skulls look so real!”
“They ARE real.”

“Soooo do you dig up people’s dogs too?”
“If they let me”

-disappointed looks from old white men- (yes, only white guys for some reason????)

“I thought you loved animals!!”

“If you look back and I’m dragging a carcass behind me it’s just a taxidermy thing”

“Do you have a boneyard?”

“Did it die? Can I have it?”
Usually followed by
“Oh oh I’m sorry no I’m really glad he’s okay I was just wondering-!”

“I found a [animal]!!”

What they say: “let’s go on a hike!”
What I hear: “let’s go find deads!”

“Hang on I have to put these fetuses in borax”

-mod Cookie

We took our last morning walk at this apartment! Now it’s the awkward stage of using up the very last half-banana, throwing away 100% of the trash and doing 100% of the dishes and laundry, and stumbling around in my piles of things. I fly tomorrow. I move the day after I get back. There’s way too much to do and pack and think about, so I’m going to write  here instead and pretend it doesn’t exist. 

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What do you think of this rye bread? I have it once a month or whenever I fancy it only post workout Ingredients Grains (Whole Kernel Rye, Whole Grain Rye Flour), Water, Natural Sourdough (Whole Kernel Rye, Water), Salt, Yeast 😊

I think that is a horrible mentality.  If you enjoy bread eat it with every meal.  We have a whole society who thinks carbs are the devil and they can only eat them when they work out…  Feeling guilty from eating a food that is responsible for the explosion of civilization out of the bread baskets of the world is a sad sign of the times #fakenews.  The amount of fake nutritional information people walk around with is astounding.  True, modern industrialized bread, soaked in RoundUp, over processed to the point the micronized proteins enter the blood stream and potentially cause immune reactions, filled with too much salt, additives, preservatives is no longer a healthy food, but you have found what looks to be a standout looking loaf of bread.  Enjoy!  


Grindstone Bakery has been selling to Whole Foods Market for ten years. Mario Repetto has a long history with different kinds of flours and breads, as his father was a partner at a flour mill. After pursuing a career in science, Mario eventually came back to his love of baking, which he now uses to produce artisan wheat-free, whole grain breads and cookies. Grindstone Bakery uses the ancient art of stone milling; the oldest, slowest and best method of grinding Whole Grains. It is a gentle and cool process that preserves every good part of the grain. All of Grindstone’s breads are 100% organic whole grains stone ground at the bakery, no yeast (authentic sourdough), vegan, no gmo, no sugar, and truly artisanal. 

There are some jobs robots can not take over.  

There are some cultures where bread is the center of their meal still to this day.


Its made inside hot ashes.  Imagine how far back this technique goes?


Thirty thousand-year-old evidence of plant food processing.  There is evidence that even predates this study.  

Starch Analysis.

At Bilancino II, a large number of starch grains of different sizes and shapes were observed both on the grindstone and on the pestle grinder


Found in Oxfordshire, England, and estimated to be 5500 years old, the overcooked bread was mistaken for charcoal at first. Then one of the archeologists noticed crushed grains of barley inside of it. If the age is correct, it would have been made by some of the first people to enter Britain from Europe. That crushed barley represents a world-altering revolution, as the newcomers brought with them the fledgling practice of farming

Moral of the story, enjoy your bread, as less processed as possible & if you are failing hard at health goals consider focusing on the whole intact grains.  The USDA Dietary guidelines recommend no more than 50% of grain consumption be refined.

So that ask got me thinking. I considered myself “agnostic” to those who did not know about my craft. And that feels more right? BUT. I do love the thought of a goddess. BUT, I don’t believe in several deities. I am such a crossroads because I want something to believe in - I’ve always said I believed in “the universe” which is true. If something is going awry, I just…let the universe do its thing and point me in the right direction. 

I guess I just had religion and a scary god that will damn you to hell shoved down my throat for so long…I actually started having panic attacks in the last church I attended. My stepdad, bless his heart, walked me out and sat with me while I cried my eyes out and said, “Well…we just came for the stupid donuts anyways”. Its hard for me to think that my fate after this life is left up to one power. 

Does anyone else believe similarly? Or am I just…one of those odd ones?