but it tasted horrible

can you imagine if we as a species couldn’t taste sweet foods… that would be horrible. it’s no wonder cats have such an unstoppable need to kill small animals. cats can’t taste cinnamon rolls

So when I was younger, like, ten years ago, I loved a band called Placebo. LOVED THEM, they were my favorite band.

At some point, I just… stopped listening to them? I don’t know why. And eventually I refused to listen because I was worried that older, more mature me would discover that they’re not as good as I thought they were at the time, because younger me was a fool with horrible taste and even worse opinions and cannot be trusted.

But man I finally pulled them up on Spotify and it’s like coming home. <3

I gotta give baby me credit in SOME ways I guess.


Diego Luna + Jabba the Hutt

  • Me: *Sees a couple pictures of Michael in Cancun*
  • Me: *Scrolls further*
  • Me: *Comes across Michael/Crystal pictures*
  • Me: *Looks to the heavens*
  • Me: This is punishment for being a thirsty hoe and wanting more pictures, ain't it?
  • God: Yes.

Quick checklist before I go to sleep alright I got this

- I think Ariana might have created an Obscurus (Sophie doesn’t agree though so I might do some more research tomorrow)

- The Niffler is even more adorable than I thought he’d be

- Newt + Mating Dance

- Two girls and SO MUCH SASS

- It was an emotional rollercoaster tbh

- Prepare for lots of feels at the end

- Dumbledore has a horrible taste in men

- (As a German I can confirm we have better looking actors)

- Also the scenes between Grindelwald and Credence? I wondered if it was supposed to be an abusive slightly gay thing and now that it turned out it was Grindelwald it’s reminding me of Grindelwald using Dumbledore’s feelings

- Newt Newt Newt Newt Newt

- Did I say emotional rollercoaster

this part wasn’t in the anime so i never knew how he came to get the mask but apparently he just fucking bought it at an art gallery because he has horrible taste and then hung the ugly thing in his house to remind him of his dead wife


Apparently when Hamilton and Jefferson were negotiating the debt plan, Jefferson always served mac and cheese for dinner, except he was a really shitty cook and it tasted horrible. When Lin serves it for lunch, it brings up some bad memories.

HAHAHA Lin and ‘Lex 3 for you guys! I’m so sorry about the delay, but I hope this comic here makes up for it. Enjoy!

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the foxhole court family <3
  • basically neil adores his family 
  • like he is 100% invested in them 
  • and they are so proud of him (yes, even kevin)
  • like kevin and him will sit for hours rewatching the same Exy games, making terrible exy jokes (’hey, day?’ ‘what?’ ‘this is exylent’) 
  • and neil will agree to sample his protein shakes even though they all taste horrible and healthy 
  • like basically the two are indeed friends, no matter what reporters says, seeing kevin day basically screaming at neil for being so fucking stupid half the court away, neil flipping him off without even looking. 
  • neil also always waits for renee after her bible group. they meet late every wednesday and end around 10 at night and he finishes class at 9 but he doesn’t mind waiting because it is a long walk across campus at night and he knows renee is perfectly capable of walking by herself, he just thinks she might not mind the company. 
  • she always tells him what pastel colour she plans on dying next, and he always asks how she does it exactly because renee’s hair always looks so perfect and they exchange hair dye tips and tricks. 
  • allison makes him go shopping 
  • and neil lets her critique his barely held together converse shoes. 
  • basically they spend entire days together and she drives him far away from the university and it helps him deal with his anxiety, with the car going faster and faster until the stress goes away. 
  • he’s also right there beside her at women right protests and movements, because he does not understand why guys think its weird to support how strong women really are. 
  • allison totally paints his nails for those events and he never minds. he likes it most when she does orange and white because he is such a team spirit nerd. 
  • dan and matt always take him out for pizza since it’s his favorite food. 
  • they go see a movie and basically run around taking the weirdest instagram photos e v e r. 
  • like neil planking in front of a fountain? got it. 
  • dan flipping off the statue of christopher fucking columbus? got it. 
  • matt trying to coax of a bunny rabbit in the park to trust him and be his forever best buddy? you better believe they got it. 
  • fans adore their instagram accounts. 
  • basically neil is dan and matt’s child and they adore him 
  • some idiot tries to attack nicky for being gay on twitter?
  • ohhhh poor life choice buddy because did you not know that is neil’s domain? 
  • like riko may have thought he was king of exy, but neil is the master of twitter. 
  • like basically he does not stop. he shreds the poor ignorant bastard and educates him on why exactly he is wrong and basically whenever someone tries to attack nicky’s sexuality he is right there ready to fight. 
  • (he is also the more polite one nicky can introduce erik without as much fear to because really? aaron or andrew? please son. neil is the one with more evolved manners, even if they aren’t much.)
  • aaron and him have a more basic relationship. 
  • sometimes neil hands him a bottle of water instead of throwing it at his face 
  • BUT 
  • he is always nice to Katelyn. that is without fail. 
  • and well 
  • andrew 
  • andrew is a bit more special 
  • “it’s always a yes with you”  
Most likely, a conversation that happened in the infirmary
  • Nico: No. Get that away from me. I'm not taking it. It tastes horrible.
  • Will: Doctor's orders~
  • Nico: You can't just-
  • Will: Take the medicine, Nico.
  • Nico: I don't want it!
  • Will: Go to hell!
  • Nico: I AM HELL!!

“He focused on Luke once again, and saw his son was crying. Yes, that was it; he was tasting the boy’s grief – because he looked so horrible; because he was so horrible.

“But he wanted to make it all right for Luke, he wanted Luke to know he wasn’t really ugly like this, not deep inside, not altogether. With a little self-deprecatory smile, he shook his head at Luke, explaining away the unsightly beast his son saw. ‘Luminous beings are we, Luke – not this crude matter.’

- Return of the Jedi, Ch. IX, by James Kahn

Review of every type that I’ve encountered (from an INTJ pov)


- for someone who think they’re forward-thinking and progressive, you really sound like a Conservative Grandpa™

- I KNOW YOU’RE CLEVER stop trying to prove it to me just because you read that INTJs are masterminds. It’s tiring. 

- humor probably as dark as their souls


- I think everybody in the squad has had a crush on you at some point

- I mean. You platonically kissed me and I allowed you. 

- the Best Friend™ you see in the movies and never thought they actually existed

- strange in the best way. they never follow social norms and it’s amazing



- shy

- smol


- History & Lit nerd. a bit like Indiana Jones. a lot like ol’ indie J. actually

- horrible fashion taste

- can remember the exact words of a podcast we’ve heard decades ago or quote entire books casually like its no big deal

- part-time emos. socializing can be fatal to them.


- I love your humor, but damn you never use it when you should (like that time you literally tried to put the “fun” in funeral)

- I either agree completely with you or disagree completely. no middle ground.

- every. single. one of you. have weird hair


- I tried to say “hi I like you do you want to date”, you replied with a freudian analysis of college and why people like you will never be like the others and maybe when I’ll be mature enough I’ll be like you, old in my mind and so deeply cynical that every instance of socialization will sound to me like the distant cries of fools would be to an exhausted god, etc. Like. Chill dude I only talked to you because you had pretty eyes.


- SO KAWAAAAAAI. seriously they are like kitten but human kitties

- organisation nerds. imagine how a mom can freak out when she discovers nothing’s ready and Aunt Phyllis is coming in TWO DAYS and omg this house is a mess!!! and then proceeds to clean the entire city block? Yeah, that kind of organisation nerd.

- LOVES gossiping and generally judging people. My fav ‘Let’s comment on every single person we see’ buddy.


- our hurmor is probably worst than ENTP’s and ENTJ’s combined. halfway between aburd, cynical and plain stupid. 

- what’s our problem with youtube/vine/tumblr anyway?! 

- help an INTJ learn things in a fun/non-academic way and they will love you for life. bc they love to learn. 

- secretly loves gossips & fanfictions. has probably 500000 ships atm. and I’m not talking navy-wise.

Teru Quirk List:

-”Horrible” fashion taste

-Cocks his hips when speaking


-Always cocks hips for minor warnings

-Bares teeth for big warning

-Vibrates a lot

-Leans towards feminine clothing

-Has 3+ pairs of converse shoes

-Won’t memorize “irrelevant” names

-Makes inhuman screeches when frustrated

-Loves beef

-Big eater

-Only character to use French phrases

-Gets physically ill from losing at anything

-The Pigeon Stance

Teru’s so fucking weird I love him

SLBP Fics and Headcanon Masterpost

This is Masterpost for all my SLBP Fics and Headcanon, for easier search. Will be updated accordingly :) so check back often!



[Services Rendered] Oneshot

Angst/Fluff/Shounen Ai

Yukimura drowns his sorrow with sake on the rooftop while Saizo is listening, munching dango. Things escalate from there. 

[Sunshine and Shadow] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Romance/Angsty Fluff

An AU where Fem!Yukimura is Saizo’s MC. After became traumatized by his recent mission, Saizo is sent to serve the Sanada clan where he meets the daughter of the clan, Yukimura, who refusesto conform to the limitation posed by her gender. 


[Little Deaths] Oneshot

Romance/Smut PWP

Kojuro has definitely underestimated his precious girl’s appetite as a lover. (Trigger warning for breathplay) 

[Green-Eyed] Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Romance/Angst/Smut & Fluff

Masamune requests the future Lady Katakura to assist him in preparing an important banquet. Kojuro feels conflicted about it.

[Of Swordplay and Horse Riding] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 2.5 

Romance/Smut & Fluff

In which Kojuro teaches his girl-page another kind of swordplay and horse-riding. The Dragon’s Claw is not the only one who can play the game of seduction. But everything has consequences. 


[Personal Injuries] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Romance/Angst/Fluff & (possible) Smut

Ieyasu values people from their use. He doesn’t see much value in having a mistress. And he doesn’t see much value in this cross-dressing kitchen wench either, other than her food doesn't taste horrible and she seems to amuse the Lord of Fools. Until he connects the two things together.  


[Whirlwind] Oneshot

Adventure/Shounen Ai

A day of adventures of The Lord of Fools and his exasperated Monkey. Filled with a festival, onsen and dancing for money. 


SLBP Lords and lingerie (NSFWish)

You, SLBP Lords (+Shigezane) and a bag full of sex toys (NSFW, with fanart by the naughty and talented @niakidanigara )

SLBP Lords in formal wear (GIFs)

SLBP Lords and flower crowns (with GIFs)

SLBP Lords and tattoos

If Kojuro and Shigezane switch bodies. 

If we genderflip everyone in SLBP…

Divergent AU! Which factions the SLBP Lords belong to

Cars or motorbikes? SLBP Lords and their modern-day rides

Saizo finds Yukimura to be attractive and Yukimura finds Saizo to be attractive.

Saizo is too expensive for Yukimura to keep as a retainer. 

Décolletage or derrière? SLBP Lords edition.   

Which military branch in Shingeki no Kyojin the SLBP Lords will fit into.  

How the Lords watch “Married Life” montage from Pixar’s UP.

How the Lords play the pocky game.

The Lords and creampies. (NSFW)

How the Lords express their jealousy in triangle relationships. 

How the Lords react to MC moaning their names in her sleep.

The Lords as your go-to friends. 

The kinkiest of the Lords. 

The Lords change back into kids after eating a strange fruit given by MC. 

Yukimura finding out MC is pregnant. 

Kojuro walking in on MC while she is changing. 

When Kojuro is betrothed to another.

When you bump into Nobunaga and he dirties your kimono.