but it suits the situation basically


Okay so there’s app called “emergency chat” and it is amazing! Basically if you are having a meltdown or panic attack or you are in a situation where you are unable to communicate with people around you it takes you to this chat where you can type out what you need to help you! I’ve used it so many times during my anxiety attacks as I am unable to speak, hear or move and it is really helpful! It’s free on the AppStore and easy to set up! You can also change the message that comes up (the one in the picture) to suit your needs etc.! Just thought I’d share that with you because I know some of you might need this 💕💕

You know what I find hilarious? How (basically) everyone is slating the Sharon and Steve kiss by saying it was ‘unnecessary’ and ‘there was no build-up’ and that it ‘literally came from nowhere’, and yet all I can think about is that if a similar situation were to happen in real life, i.e. Sharon Carter saving their actual arses by stealing the Shield/Sam’s entire ‘bird suit’ from the CIA and giving it back to their rightful owners, (when they needed it the most) despite what might happen to her own career/life. I’d kiss the everloving shit out of that woman too. Did it fuck come from nowhere. 

Also, Steve clearly had some feelings for Sharon since he met her in CA:TWS because how else would Sam have recognised her at the funeral? Sam never met Sharon in CA:TWS and yet it was he who saw Sharon first and nudged Steve. He knew who Sharon Carter was, and he also knew who Sharon Carter was to Steve. So let’s not even pretend that Steve hasn’t been talking about the cute nurse, who wasn’t really a nurse, from across the hall who he liked flirting with four (? who even knows timelines any more) years ago.  

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Following up on your grad school interview guide, WHAT DO YOU WEAR???

Business casual basically. You want to look put-together, professional, and most importantly, that you care about the interview. Even for non-interview activities (like dinners and socials), I would dress on the side of nicer than too too casual, but also appropriate for the situation (so like.. no high heels if it’s an outdoor activity). 

The motto is usually: it’s better to over-dress than to under-dress for important events. 

So for the interviews themselves think: ironed slacks, ironed dress shirts, knee-length work-appropriate skirts, suit jacket or blazers optional, formal shoes that are also comfortable (there will be lots of walking). I would also dress in layers (so the blazer comes in handy here) so you’re comfortable no matter the room temp. If your interview is somewhere super cold, bring that (nicer) jacket and scarf as well!

Social events: jeans are ok, but in general, wear something like you’re visiting your grandma, or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. 

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! Or even to vent your nervousness! I know just how nerve-racking grad school interviews can be, but I also know you’ll going to have a lot of fun too :) Good luck!

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how do you sue someone if you dont know their real name?

With extreme difficulty!

Sometimes you see civil suits against “Jane or John Doe” with the intention of naming them later. Usually this is a situation where the suit is against multiple people and businesses, but they want to leave it open to identify other parties later as they gather more information and identify people who might also be appropriate to sue under their suit.

You do have to know some basic information against a person. You can sue someone by naming a name they go by and amend the pleadings later to their real name if that is relevant. But you do have to identify them somehow, and serve them with your documents. It’s entirely possible that if you misidentify the person and they claim not to be the correct party to be sued, your suit will be thrown out and you’ll have to start over.

Also, if you want to sue a business, you have to know their exact registered name - but businesses have to register their names and you can search the registries to find the correct name.

Friend in me: Can you trust my abilities?

It’s a nice thought anyways doc, but one thing at a time I guess.  Of course my current worries are my friends and the way I can help everyone out during this time.

My friends have skills that are better suited for this situation…I mean yeah cooking isn’t a useless skill but I can’t fight like Karma, Sly, Dragonous, Mondo or anyone else.  I’m no leader, I try to be a team mom in a sense but I’m not really a leader, I don’t have the aura people like Taka or Kirigiri do.  I’m not that great with tech, I’m not luddite by any means and I understand most terms but best I can do is hand over tools and maybe some minor basic work.  I’m no navigator, I get lost easily, I’m a terrible liar so espionage is out…and I know basic first aid but we have a few ultimate medical professionals here, yourself included.  What good is a baker in an apocalypse?  All I can do is lend a friendly ear and help the army march on its stomach and take some of the work off of TeruTeru, who has the general, more adaptable version of my skill, Ultimate chef.  I’m not helpless, but I’m afraid I’m more of a hinderance than a help…I wasn’t even sent on scouting missions often when we were fending for ourselves, and I know its because I’m not the most useful.  It was fine when things were happy back in school, I could bake and impress people and make them happy.  I could deliver good food to the reserve course so they wouldn’t have to eat the health code violation they called food on their part of the campus.  I could do good in the pre-tragedy world with my skill…but now…bakers aren’t that needed are they doc?  We need soldiers, doctors, scientists, spies…heck even the branch I’m in, we’re the caterers, my boss said so herself!  Yes there are some people working on long term food methods but seems like that isn’t as active as I would have hoped…basically I’m shoved into a corner because what else are you gonna do with me?  I tried to be well rounded but in the end…I’m just a baker…

It also doesn’t help that most of my friends tend to let their emotions get the better of them more than I’d like…which makes me worry about them getting killed.  Orichi is calling himself an yandere and him and Karma are using Junpei as a trophy, brilliant *rolls her eyes* I just want to take Junpei aside and tell him to pick neither for everyone’s sake.  Karma also blames herself so you know with her mental state, which is about as stable as the world situation right now mind you; she’s more in need of seeing you then I am.  Toson is obsessed with ‘pretty people’ Maemi acts like the leader but the only reason people listen to her is because of fear.  Sly trusts nobody, though he’s trying; Kobo is also trying but there are days…hell he almost lost his hand, granted he did a good thing but…our lucky student is scared to death, our teacher needs a big ego boost right now…really Dragonous is the only person who seems to have come out of this sane.  I mean you know my issues…and Naomi didn’t even want to leave, she thought we were happy there!  I had to talk her down from that maddening idea!  It’s a miracle we got out of that alive!  I’m still scared I’m gonna lose them doc…

Even better when we dealt with helicopter crash and I was trying to help mondo, before I could explain everything THREE PEOPLE basically first told Mondo with no other info that Junpei was there, and noting how mondo’s best friend that he isn’t dating is a despair right now and all he knows is Junpei helped end the world at that point…well I had to hold down a 6 foot tall, muscular, pissed off HUMAN BUCKING BRONCO!  Well then that person threatened Mondo for daring to be angry at someone, than Karma and Rouge pull the same act…Than karma, AFTER I GOT MONDO CALM MIND YOU!  Pokes him more and more until I SNAP  and read her the riot act…*takes a deep breath*  I then shut down….I just…shut down

Add to that two final pieces I forgot to mention: I don’t have a home anymore.  Well I do, here, but New York is gone, just ruins…if there is anything alive there I’d be shocked!   I can never go home, even after this all ends, I can never go home.  My worst fears have come true and I hate it! 

And the final bit, I have a boyfriend, he’s alive but he’s somewhere safe, somewhere Junko can’t get him…but the trade off is I can’t get to him either, I don’t know where he is…and I miss him…he was a real sweetheart, he was first person I dated since middle school…he was kind, understanding…and I can’t see him now…*cries* doc…how am I still alive after all this, how did I not just jump off a building and end it, I’ve lost almost everything!  I and don’t think I can get it back! And I know I’m just gonna lose more and more until its over…*breaks down…* I can’t lose anyone else, I can’t lose anything else doc, I don’t think I can take it

“Can I tell you a few things your friends have said about you…? I wanted to get their opinions of you before we met today.”


The whole damn episode was basically Harvey confessing his love for Donna to anyone who would listen (Mike, Rachel, their client, opposing council). It was his love letter. Basically the title should be “How many ways can I say I love her before I actually say it?” And I am more than okay with that. In fact, I am ecstatic about it!! It was interesting to see this side of him. He is legitimately concerned/worried about the situation and we never see Harvey worried. He is angry and hurt (yes, hurt). She didn’t come to him, she doubts him (for the first time). This is Donna. 

A woman that he needs.

A woman that he can’t lose.

A woman that he can’t be himself without.

A woman that he is a fan of.

Harvey is grasping at straws, running around accusing people and yelling and doing everything in his power to get this person out of trouble. A person that means more to him than anything. 

Then he goes and tries to drop the case and tells Evan that she’s dealing with a person’s life and he cares about this woman.

And he argues with Donna and this little gem comes out.

Harvey: This just got a thousand times harder for me to get out of.

Donna: You mean for you to get me out of.

Harvey: Donna, you of all people should understand by now that to me, they’re the same thing.

A person who he is not willing to risk. At all. He is basically telling Mike that he gives two shits about him in comparison to Donna. And we all know how much he loves Mike. So, you do the math. Yeah, that’s a big deal. Wrap your brain around that.

A person who makes him want to throw ethics/doing the right thing out the window. He will do anything and everything for her

A person who makes him track down someone to pay them off so that they will do the right thing.

A person who makes him feel utterly helpless. And in this moment, I think he was hurt that she doubted him, upset that he couldn’t comfort her (because he had his eye on the prize, getting her out of trouble, he can’t do both at the same time). He is yelling to push her away so that he can focus. If he sees her emotions, if he lets that fear in, he can’t win. I would say this is pretty new to him. He is always distant, but it is painful for him to be this way with her.

A person who he will actually apologize to and comfort and tell that he was wrong.

A person whose opinion and faith in him matters more than anything (because she means more to him)

A person that he loves. A person he finally admits it to. This is Donna, his Donna. He says it and he leaves. These feelings are finally on the surface, after years of pushing them down. He has said it and there is no going back from that. It’s out there and we all know that Donna doesn’t let things go. 

But this shocked the hell out of her. Not because she didn’t know, but because she never expected him to say it. That’s the big thing. We all know how he feels, but he never admits it. Seeing this woman in this predicament has made him very open and vocal. He was scared (bring him to his knees? that’s a big confession), being scared can do this to someone. You thought something bad might happen to someone you want to protect and it freaks you out. And the relief you feel after it’s all over?? Well, it’s a love fest. And next week she confronts him. That’s my girl. She’s not going to act like it didn’t happen, she will call him out. It’s what she does. She is not one to stand idly by and wait for him to bring it up, if ever. Nope, she will get to the bottom of it on her terms.

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Man, sometimes I forget what the Sansa!dialogue is like in the ASOIAF fandom. I used to be very very heavily involved in it (before Arianne took over my life), but since stepping back and moving more to engagement primarily on tumblr, I’ve found myself more irritated with her stans than detractors (that whole YAHS QUEEN thing feels so out of place, and then many are quite into conflating her with Field Marshel Sansa Snark because it suits their projections).

But holy crap I checked out one thread on westeros and it’s all like “she’s a fundamentally selfish person” and “she’s a moron” and it’s like, good gods, I forgot this hellhole.

Protect Sansa. She’s a character that’s basically defined by her empathy who was thrown into a ridiculously complex political situation without understand most to all of the context, after being sexually groomed her entire life and having very a fucked up understanding of her value and duty.

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I hate wearing dresses/skirts. I feel extremely uncomfortable in them, and just not myself. So, would I be able to get away with wearing basically suits/nice pants+shirt for situations calling for more professional wear?

Yes, of course. As long as the pants are professional and comply with your company’s dress code, you are definitely allowed to wear them instead. You deserve to be comfortable and not everyone is comfortable wearing dresses. That’s entirely up to you.