but it started to so well

Confession: I’m a Senior and have just been accepted my 3rd college for art, I was told by my art teacher that my best ap works are in our town’s museum, and I got an award from another well known college’s art gallery for one of my pieces. I want to get into illustration/Cartoonist but I also want to start doing animations. My goal is to create a cartoon show on Adult Swim or Cartoon Network centered on a black girl in the future. I feel so excited, I haven’t felt so proud of myself before!

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How well would a woman plausibly be able to give birth with no assistance? One of my characters is a female fighter, and her water broke just as a huge battle started, so there's no one around to help her. Would she be able to do everything she had to by herself? And how long until she would be able to stand and fight again?

Okay nonny, I’m gonna get real with you. Birth, especially of a first child, takes forever. Labor begins hours before the delivery of the baby – from “a few hours” to “a day or two.” Even the actual birthing process can take four to eight hours.

(You may want to read the Mayo Clinic’s article on Stages of Labor and Birth.)

So your character has a lot of time to find someone to help her, and the odds of the little squirt coming out during the battle are actually fairly small. (Writers love small chances, so I’m not saying don’t go with it, I’m saying give her some contractions for the last few hours first.)

As for actual care during the birth, it depends on if she’s trained or not. Hopefully she’ll lay down some sheets and blankets, and have some gear ready to clamp and cut the cord.

Look, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with delivering a child, especially if she hasn’t had any kind of prenatal care or there weren’t ultrasounds done. But humans have also been having babies for hundreds of thousands of years. She could have everything go just fine. Both of them could die. Only one of them could die. It’s anyone’s game.

As for getting up and fighting again, it’s going to depend on her condition and her mental fortitude, but she’s likely to be pretty exhausted, and her first thought will most likely be protecting her baby. The battle will go how the battle will go, but the child will come first. If she has no one to care for her, she has no one to take the baby, and she’s going to spend some time nursing the little tyke anyway (this is HUGELY important for bonding). If it were me, I would not be going into the fight at all.

Best of luck with your story!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I've been rewatching S2 and was once again struck by the lack of intimacy between J & C. This was a major weakness in the overall storyline. I really missed those small moments that make J & C'a story so special. There are strong moments (Faith) but then dreadful ones like the dinner farce (I kept expecting music from the Benny Hill show to start playing). Cutting Sam's 'seeking forgiveness' scene post faith weakened the overall storyline as well (stripped it of depth). Hoping for a stronger S3.

I don’t think it’s even the lack of intimacy, it was the lack of Jamie and Claire. They didn’t feel like a unified couple that could read each other and were in-tune with the other person. Also the editing was atrocious. There were times when I wish they had held the shot on Jamie or Claire’s face a bit longer, but they did a quick cut to get the other’s reaction. I really do hope that season three will get back to the Jamie and Claire that we love. Voyager is an easier book to adapt, but does still have that feeling of part one and part two similar to season two. It’ll be fun to watch!

Zach Werenski #1

Anonymous said: Can you write a zach werenski imagine about anything you want

A/N: so basically i watched the game where zach got injured and then after that i started to watch his highlights and now i’m defs a fan, reagardless i hope you all like this little imagine :) sorry it got pretty long 

Word Count: 2,417

It was late into the second period, and time was only ticking by with a single goal lead. The Jackets were playing well but you were biased and your eyes were trained on one number on the ice, the one that matched the number on the jersey that was on your own back. The puck had turned back into the Jackets zone, you watched as Zach went up against Phil Kessel - body in position to block whatever shot was coming for him. 

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Finni’s Sketchbook- Page 1-10

I said I was gonna upload my sketchbook, so here I am!!
Some of those sketches are known, some are not XD
(Page 8 was a blank, which is why there is only 9 images!)
My sketchbook features my ocs, the ocs of others(I won’t specifiy because those people know their ocs and know the drawings already, too!), as well as characters from fire emblem and some random people for the sake of it.


I was bored so I drew my favorite character in II,Nickel!
Though,I thought,
How about I try to make him fabulous?
So yeah,At first I laughed it off after I drew the first one,but when I drew the second one
“Oh god I’m actually starting to like this”
“What have I done?”
“It doesn’t even make sense”

Anyways,I sure hope I didn’t ruin Nickel for you,But oh well

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Hey could you please recommend some PotO blogs for me to follow? I'm new to this whole tumblr thing. You're awesome, by the way😘😘

Awww, thanks pal!

For Art;

My queen always now and forever is @drawnby27emilys

But there are lots of out of this world amazing artists on here! I can’t possibly tag them all, but here’s a good start- @muirin007 @alvadee @embergeist @phantoonsoftheopera @rumpelstiltskinned @your-obedient-phantom and @rosyhoursofphangirlishtrashtalk

For writing;

Oh my god there are so many and I know I’m going to forget some people and feel awful but anyway

@rienerose @littlelonghairedoutlaw @chris–daae @rue-scribe-siren @spooky-mormon-hell-dream @serafimo @pagesofangelsand not @ me, pls don’t it’s awful you’ll suffer in a bad way not a good way

For phantom knowledge, the best scholars are;

@glassprism @rjdaae @operafantomet 

And here are some people you should follow as well;

@phantoms-pseudonym @iheartphantomoftheopera @phantomofthevenue @vl-blackswan @wanderingchcld @goodphantomoftheoperaposts @apollos–lyre @musique-de-la-nuit @asklefantome @cinema-phantom @grace-eatsfood @the-phantom-of-the-blog

Honestly there are so so so so many wonderful people to follow on here but I hope this is a good start for you!

Omg Peanut just followed me! I’m sorry, it looks like I’m going to celebrate every new follower like this, I almost did this with @psukho too, but resisted just before I did it. It just makes me so happy to see this kind of mark bunch on my dash, and if one of the marks are a follow, heh, well I go nuts. >w< But, like, @peanutheadbox, you’re like a legend! Kinda. =D I’ve been looking up to you for a long time. And- wait… Wh- WTF???

WHAAAAAT??? Wh-when..? H-how…? In the name of all good and beautiful, WHY ARE THIS MANY PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME????? A-aaah..?!? This.. Ah-I… Meep! *hides under the bed*

i am so mentally and physically exhausted from exams and maniacally trying to guess the questions that will show up. like the combination of wanting to just give in but the anxiety and fear of the page you stop is the page that will be on the exam is so unreal and i can’t believe this is my life for 3 weeks every couple months. make it stop. 

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So I'm 25 and I've always considered myself straight. Only recently I've started to look at women, well one woman in aprticular and god I fancy her, and not just in my usual thinking she's pretty and also very smart way but seriously full on go weak at the knees and want to spend my life with her. I have friends and family members who are lgbtq and gay rights have always been a big part of our lives. So surely I would have noticed if I was not straight before now? (1/2)

(2/2) My friend says I’m labelling myself because I have so many lgbtq friends and I want to fit in but I really don’t think so. It feels very real. As real as all my other romantic feelings in the past. I’m just confused.

KP: Firstly what I would say is labels come last, feelings first. Just because you have thought yourself to be straight doesn’t mean your attraction towards this girl are fake or you “trying to fit in”. I’d say peruse these feelings and see where it takes you, don’t stress about “being straight” or “being gay” or bi or heteroflexible or anything else.

And there is no age limit to coming out. My uncle came out in his 40s after he had been married to a woman and had two kids. So seriously, don’t sweat it. You can come out (or not) whenever you damn well feel like it and it is still valid.

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heya, don't know if you're still doing prompts, but... you write uliro so so good, any chance you could do something happy and tender? (it's been a rough week)

Anon I am so sorry I didn’t get this to you last week! Here’s a little blessing for your Monday. Hopefully this week is much better for you. <3

ETA: name credit for the aliens goes to the amazing @gitwrecked, who helps me with these entirely more often than she should :) she is the best.

“Have you seen Shiro?” Ulaz asks.

The planet of Thuresh is small, a glorious little place near covered in auburns and coppers thanks entirely to the abundant forests and fields the Thureshi carefully cultivate. The Galra were after the healing properties found in the stunning garnet leaves of their sacred plants; Voltron’s liberation had come not a moment too soon.

The Paladins and all the inhabits of the Castle have landed on Thuresh after the space battle had been won, spending the afternoon replanting and rebuilding. Somewhere along the way Ulaz lost track of time. He’d started the afternoon somewhere near to Shiro, helping to plant new trees brought in from farther greenhouses. At some point Shiro’d drifted away so Lance could show him something; then Ulaz had assisted Hunk in lifting large structural components back into place; then Pidge had wanted his assistance. Now four vargas have passed and Ulaz has no idea where his Black Paladin could be.

“I saw him,” Lance offers, when Ulaz finally tracks him down. Most of the Thurseshi natives dress in pure white wrappings, with intricate splotches of color bold against their shoulders and elbows. It’s a beautiful garb, but frustrating when one is trying to locate a second specific set of white-uniforms-with-colored-markings. The Blue Paladin is standing near one of the reconstructed buildings, chatting amicably with Hunk (who also grins knowingly at Ulaz when Ulaz poses the query. Ulaz still is not used to that sort of smile from Shiro’s friends).

“He’s that way,” Lance says, gesturing. “Think he took his helmet off. Want me to go with you?”

“No,” Ulaz says. “I will find him. Thank you.”

“Tell him I’m starting dinner,” Hunk hollers after Ulaz’s retreating form.

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Well, I’m better – enough better to come to work today – but not well. I’m good sitting down and staying quiet. If I talk for very long, it becomes clear that I still have a ton of congestion going on, and if I stand for long, I start feeling wobbly.

Also I was sick enough this weekend that I got practically nothing done, so I’m going into this week wayyy behind.

So. Uh. This week should be an adventure.

(Also I passed my horrible virus on to Lost and I’m so sorry!)

Safe to say my kid is starting to feel better. We’re watching Ellen and she’s loudly protesting that they’re not showing Val. Me - “Um…….he’s not on the show today nor is this on the same network so we’re not going to see commercials” Abs “Well, that’s dumb. They should show him anyways because he’s hot!!!”

Originally posted by valchmerkovskiyedits

anyway funny story

so today I was at my shift at school and the other teacher was talking to this guy from algeria. conversation goes like

her: do you think you’re staying here?
him: idk in theory I’d like to go somewhere else
her: where?
him: france, but I need to see my options
me: well idk I’d wait two weeks before going to france

but of course she’s exactly the same thing as the other guy  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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i hope im not the only one who thinks it would be... very awkward if you sent a copy to the vas i know you mean well and i really dont want this to be taken in a mean way (id die before im mean abt something) but i just.. it makes me uncomfortable to think abt it i guess? it just doesnt seem right idk

Yeah, I saw some mean tweets on Twitter by mistake (they were in response to my mutual’s tweet about the zine) so I might just not send it to them to avoid people talking crap behind our backs. 

Only reason why I considered, though, was because Mercer seems pretty cool with it. But if people start giving us trouble over it, we’re not going to do it.

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Do we think that ziam are married or engaged or boyfriends?

Well I can’t speak for everyone, I think everyone has their own opinions on it especially since we don’t know zayn and liam personally but I definitely think they’re boyfriends - defo committed to each other long term I could see them being married or wanting to be married to each other (but again idk anything).

They also have cartier jewellery (which symbolizes love and commitment between couples) that they started wearing and it hasn’t been connected to any of the beards so who else would it be for? Answer: it’s ziam.

Zayn also has his mandala tattoos, this post explains the significance.

also the ziam ring theories

Have a look through those links if you feel like it and decide for yourself is the best I can say :)

Okay, apart from this the blog is empty. 

I’m going to be talking about my posting schedule here, so let’s get started, with the explaining, shall we?

Mondays and Tuesdays - The Brown’s. They are, now, played as I played the Snow’s, and this will start tomorrow, as I can get all 10 gens done in one day. Then, we move onto the little spare families, the following week.

Wednesdays - Fridays - The Quartz’s will be back, but with a soft reboot. I felt in general I need to start afresh with everything, so yeah. Enjoy a whole lot of Fly’s face coming your way.

Weekends - The Snow’s/Gift days. I will be posting the Snow’s, mainly how I’m posting the Brown’s, which you will see tomorrow. They, in my game, are wrapped, so it’s all about posting now, and hopefully, you’ll see the end of all the spares. I’ll also, be posting them a little different then I used too. 

Gift days, will be once a month, and will fall on the last Sunday of the month. On those days, so the first being this Sunday, I’ll be releasing some of my favourites, and some of your’s into the wild. So, if you see a potential favourite, let me know via replies, and hopefully, they’ll be released as a gift. At certain times, such as I hit a certain follower number or I turn one, which is coming, I’ll be releasing heirs, as the gift, so look forward to that.

Is this too much information, should I have put it under a cut. I dunno, but enjoy, when the posting beings tomorrow, lovelies.


YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1227

Genre: Fluff

“Ready to get lost? Today we’re going to Busan!” Mingyu smiled widely at the camera as he stood in front of the Seoul train station. After the time he’d gotten lost while vlogging in LA on his trip to visit Joshua for a collaboration, Mingyu found that getting lost in a new city was a really fun video that was well received by his viewers as well and made it a point to get lost in a new city once a month since. 

“I asked Woozi hyung about good places to visit and he told me about this small beach on the northern part of the city and a sashimi place nearby so the goal today is to explore and eventually find those places.” He quickly made his way into the station to grab his ticket and start his journey for the day as he continued to talk, making sure to film everything as he went.

Signing the receipt after paying for the ticket with the selfie stick in one hand was a bit of a struggle, but Mingyu managed to do it before wandering off to grab some snacks to eat in the hours he’d be spending on the train. His eyes scanned the aisles of food, looking for the familiar green box of his favorite crackers. 

He wandered the little convenience store inside the station with one arm out to continue recording and the other trailing along the shelf when he felt himself bump into someone. Or did they bump into him?

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” Mingyu apologized as he bowed deeply.

“Sorry I should’ve looked where I was going and not just at the food.” You said as you bowed furiously in apology as well, causing the two of you to hit heads due to the limited space between the two of you. 

You both shot up and apologized again, unsure what to do. Your hand went to your head to rub the spot that had been hit and Mingyu muttered out another apology that you tried to refused. 

“Does it hurt? I’ve been told I have a hard head. Do you want me to buy you ice for it?” Mingyu questioned. You shook your head and promised him that it was fine as he continued to say how he felt bad. His filming was forgotten as he began to fuss over the you, his meticulous sides coming out. 

You told him that it was fine, the awkward silence enveloping the two of you once again as neither knew what else to say or how to get out of the situation. After a good few seconds you just mumbled out a bye and went to find yourself a drink for your train ride. 

Mingyu blinked a few times before remembering his purpose for the convenience store trip and the camera in his hands. He quickly repositioned the camera to continue his filming and to continue his quest for the box of whale shaped crackers he loved. 

They were located in the next aisle over and Mingyu happily grabbed two packs before heading over to the register to purchase the food. From there he proceeded to the water fountain to fill his water bottle and then headed over to the platform to board the train.

“Ok, so I just got on the train and it’s currently about…” he adjusted his backpack strap with his free hand before he fumbled around in his pocket for his phone. “9:24 AM and the train leaves at 9:32 so - CRUD!”

Mingyu’s phone fell out of his hand as he tried to slide it back into his pocket and missed. He brought his camera down and started to lean down to pick up his phone when his forehead was hit by the back of someone’s head as the person tried to stand up. 

“Ow,” you said as you rubbed the back of your head with one hand and held Mingyu’s phone in the other. “You know you should really invest in a better phone case. This isn’t going to last long if you keep dropping it like this.” You said to try and make the encounter a little less awkward than the last one as you handed him the phone. 

“We also need to stop meeting like this.” Mingyu said as he brought his own hand up to his forehead after taking his phone back from you. 

“It’s only the second time.”

“In like fifteen minutes.”

“Fair enough.” 

“I’m Mingyu.” He said as he tried to stick out a hand to shake before realizing both of his hands were full. Awkward appeared to be a reoccurring theme whenever you met him. 

You introduced yourself and the two of you managed to make conversation (albeit a bit awkward) and you learned that he was a youtuber that lived in Seoul. The two of you proceeded to find seats together and you pulled up his youtube channel on your phone as he vlogged in his seat for a bit. 

His channel was a clutter of things and you found everything from cooking videos to random challenges to what appeared to be the only regular series other than Chefgyu, “Lost with Gyu.” You discovered a lot about his personality and saw that he was a bit talkative and actually just an overexcited puppy in the form of a really tall human being. 

“Do you want some?” You looked up from the video you were watching to find that Mingyu had stopped filming and was offering you some snacks. You thanked him and took a few.

“I didn’t realize you knew WonWooJi, I love that channel!” 

“Oh yea, Wonwoo hyung always comes over when he’s too lazy to cook and Woozi hyung also likes to nap on my couch. I actually did a video on their channel that should be coming out soon.” The two of you fell into a much more comfortable conversation than before, having found a common conversation point. You continued to talk about youtube for a while before the conversation turned to you and you talked about what you did.

“Sounds tiring.”

“It is at times though I do enjoy it at others, but that’s why I’m going to Busan for the weekend. Just taking a day off before it’s back to the grind. I’m honestly kind of just winging this trip. Thought of it yesterday and the only real goal is to get some good food.” Mingyu smiled as you talked.

“Sounds like we have a lot in common. I’m winging it too. The plan is to get lost and have some good food. I wouldn’t mind having someone join me.” Mingyu offered. 

“Are you inviting me on your little vlogging spree right now?” Mingyu nodded his head, but quickly said that you didn’t have to if you weren’t comfortable with the camera or with him since technically, you two were still strangers who’d met once. You told him that it was fine. 

“So do you want to get lost with me?” You nodded with a smile on your face, starting a friendship that would eventually blossom into something more as Mingyu’s viewers watched, them even shipping you before the two of you did.

Written by Admin Sea

@me complaining about my first world problems

Guess who’s back at being sad? (Hint: me). I start my exams soon and it’s really important for me to do well (partially due to expectations i imposed on my self and partially on how others expect me to do well) but my dumb ass decided not to study so now I’m really stressed™. I still have a few weeks BUT when I’m stressed i don’t function at all so trying to recuperate isn’t a viable option. I’m scared I’m not going to pass and it sucks because i was always the kid who did really well in school (sounds braggy but whatever) but then my mental health spiraled downwards and i stop caring about school (technically this is all my fault and i brought it all upon myself, so i guess serves me right for not sorting out my priorities?). I’m really sad right now and today I also had a panic attack so that’s fun. I also feel really unmotivated to study considering that I don’t really know what I want to do with my life. I don’t like it when I’m start to get bad because I start doing stupid things (i.e restrictive eating and having thoughts about suicide, although the latter isn’t really serious and very unlikely to actually happen). I’m going to try my best to pull myself together and somehow manage to sail through this. I think i should remind myself that school isn’t as important and failing isn’t the end of the world.

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What inspired you to start this Tumblr? Idk just a random question

What inspired me? Well, other headcanon blogs! I was scrolling through the Underswap tag one day and @skeletorific‘s blog kept popping up and I was just thinking, “who is this blog and why are they spamming the US tag” so I checked it out and being the shameless, self shipping slut that I am, I sent in a few asks and I really liked the process of it. 

After that I was just like…wait…I can do the same thing these headcanon blogs are doing…I’m a writer too, and thus Skelltales was born.