but it shows that even though they are grown men

which character should you fight (ft. Gen 1 FE:A dudes)

Winner: You
look at this guy. look at his fashion choices. look at his nerd-ass lying on the ground in the smash trailer. someone needs to set this boy right. you may incur the wrath of everyone you dont want to fight but hey. do it for us. do it for all of humanity. (warning: he may try to marry you after. or before. or during.)

Winner: who do you fuckin think
why would you even think about fighting frederick why would that thought ever cross your mind i mean 1. have you seen him. he has grown ass men and seasoned warriors on their knees praying, tears or sweat - fuck if they know - dripping down their faces just from his workouts. he’s the one who has to carry the bullshit of an entire kingdom, including his lords. 2. it was his ass that carried your slovenly ass through the first four chapters of lunatic/+ so how about you show some fucking respect. get fredereckt

Winner: You
are you kidding me? punch him in the crumpet. take his tea and pour it out in front of him. you get some on your clothes? no problem, rip his godforsaken cravat off and mop it up. if you’re a girl you might get away with it. otherwise he might fuck you up. who cares, it’s worth it.

Winner: Stahl
fighting him will accomplish nothing. you’ll go up to him all ready for a tussle and he’ll glance over at you with a sleepy lopsided grin and a “oh hey, what’s up?” and that’s it. you’re done. you’ll lose all will to fight. his chill is contagious. and if you do somehow retain your fighting spirit? he’ll knock you flat on your ass. probably apologize too. it’ll be embarrassing for both of you. i mean the dude was trained by frederick after all. but i mean he’ll probably help you up and offer you food so idk. if you’re starving go for it.

Winner: 50/50
look, i know what you’re thinking. look at all those muscles. the dude is ripped. fight him anyway. do it. he’ll probably forget his axe somewhere so you probably wont die. fuck him up. someone has to for the abomination that is “teach just got tenure.” Let him atone.

Winner: Depends
If you aren’t a girl, you will be sliced into pieces so thin tharja might mistake you for her mesh body suit. if you are…. i mean you can try, but he’ll run. you can win if your cardio is good enough. go. chase him. Be Free.

Winner: You
okay he’s the nerdiest of nerds but he’s also a fucking child so. idk man you can fight him if you want but what’s the point. if anything getting beat up by you will fuel his teenage rage and he’ll keep it stewing inside himself until he’s big enough to fight back and then you’ll have to deal with years of pent of rage and a napoleon complex but on a full sized being and no one wants to play therapist in a scrap. it just isnt worth it. i mean unless you’re like itachi uchiha then by all means go ahead

Winner: You, but only with careful planning
ok so gaius isnt the toughest cookie, but he doesnt want to fight and he has access to the assassin class and i dont know about you but in my experience fighting assassins is no bueno. you get one punch in maybe if you’re lucky and take them by surprise but then youre dead and you cant fight for shit anymore. BUT if you take all his candy, his blood sugar will get low, making him weak and agitated. this is the optimal time to fight him. make sure he knows you’re the one who stole his candy. make sure he can smell the sugar on your breath. note: he may not spare your life if he gets the upper hand.

Winner: Gregor, but you win friendship
i’ll be frank, gregor will beat the everloving shit out of you and there is nothing you can do about it should you choose to fight him. he’ll do it laughing and smiling, not even realizing he broke three of your frail ribs with one pulled punch. but he will absolutely take you out for a round after and exchange drunken stories with you. so fight him. even if he refuses, pay him to fight you. he cant say no to money and nothing is more valuable than fire-forged friendships.

Winner: Libra
why the fuck do you want to fight the priest. fuck fine, you know what? fight him. see what happens. he’s the only one who will pray for your immortal soul while you bleed out. but guess what, jackass? the gods are gonna see you tried to fight a priest and they’re gonna send your ass to the void anyway

Winner: ???
man fuck i dunno what this guy’s deal is. on one hand he’s a dark mage genius who was raised by wolves and then sent to a horrific boarding school/orphanage making him literally the stuff horror films are made of. on the other he can be a pretty nice guy if you’re his friend and he’s kinda fucked up so he might let you win. his crows will probably peck you to death either way though so its a lose-lose situation.

Winner: Basilio
same deal as gregor, except basilio is hard-mode. he might accidentally kill you while you fight and his friendship is an even rarer flower. you gotta be charming. you gotta be smart. you gotta be somewhat strong. but if you do manage to get your ass beat and stay alive in such a way that he wants to grab a pint with you, take that beautiful budding friendship, hold it close to your breast and never let go

Winner: You
he’s by far the sorriest character you get at recruitment. if it weren’t for that pot on his head, a feather falling too hard could kill him. but he’s a farmer that works day in and day out just so his village can survive. do you really want to fight the paradigm of the wondrous and wholesome rural life we should all aspire to? you capitalist pig.

i hope i didn’t forget anyone

Good Girl Ch 32: Wrapped Around My Finger

“They are going to have a field day with this,” Jiyong sighs to himself before leaning towards me and whispering, “I’m going to need to put my arm around you.”

I stop in the building entry way to glare up at him, “What?”

He huffs, “I’m not hitting on you for once, it just that there are going to be a lot of people staring at us and I want to make it clear you are taken, even though it’s not by me.”


He is surprisingly hesitant to actually do it though, so I pity the suddenly cute man and take his arm and put around my shoulders. Ten feet behind us a chorus of hoots and other cheer rings out, Jiyong just glares back at them. We walk out into the chilly weather on to a nice busy street. It’s only 7 but the sun is already going down. He holds me closer as we join the crowd, I don’t mind too much only because he’s really warm. We walk for a quiet ten minutes down the nice street, glancing at the cafes and shops, it isn’t until we turn a few times that I begin to understand the whole arm around my shoulders and safety thing.

We aren’t in the nice luxurious area anymore, and even though the street is filled with mom and pa shops there is a strange atmosphere about it. There are creepy looking men and women in not enough clothing for such temperatures. I actually find comfort with Jiyong’s arm around me and his friends tailing behind us. Even though I doubt any of these people would mess with us, most of them are either shaking in their boots or just straight up running away. It’s kind of amusing, I used to seeing people doing that to my daddies at school, but it’s different seeing grown men run away compared to high schoolers.

Glancing up I see that Jiyong has a major bitch face going on, and I can’t tell if it’s because of the guys following us or if it’s just for show but it kind of scares me. Behind us his friends, well most of them are footmen, are wearing a matching bitch face. I’m kind of freaked out by how they all actually look like thugs for a second. The four oldest are leading the pack with their hands in their pants pockets and their eyes set on us. Junhoe and his friends are scanning the area around us, making sure no one is planning on trying anything funny. Jiyong leads me into one of the little traditional style restaurants. A bald old man greets us right as we enter, he bows to Jiyong and looks at me with surprise in his thin eyes.

“Knock it off old man,” Jiyong snaps as he kicks off his shoes and nudges them to the side. He crouches down next me and helps me take off my shoes before setting them neatly next to his own. I say nothing as he takes my hand and leads me into the empty restaurant. We sit down at the center table on the floor, my legs are crossed neatly while his stretch out under the small table and rest with one on each side of me. “My usual and than whatever those idiots want,” He tells the still gawking old man. The others join us in the room, they push two tables together and sit comfortably a few spots away. Of course the old man nods before scrambling away.

“I always forget you are a gangster.”

Jiyong blinks at me for a few seconds, “What do you mean?”

“You are always so sweet and gentle with me that I forget that you are the black dragon of Korea,” I stare down at the ring on my hand.

“Is that good or bad?”

I shrug, “It’s nothing really.”

“Do any of them set your alarms off?” Jiyong says without looking away from me.

“No, at least they didn’t make them scream.”

“What about Seunghyun hyung?”

I nod, “He still makes them go off.”

“What about Youngbae? You seemed a little unnerved when you met him.”

“I’m not sure,” I glance toward their table to find most of them watching us.

“What does that mean? You usually know right away.”

“He doesn’t set them off but he makes me nervous.”

He nods in understanding, “Who taught you about foot soldiers?”

“My daddies, Tao and Lay, were talking about their foot solider days and Kai yelled at yours.”

“Wow, Lay told you about his foot solider days?” He looks so surprised.

“Not really, hazy details.”

“Smile, you seem so down. Are you not happy to be here?” There is no angry or jealousy in his eyes, just guilt.

I shake my head, “It’s just weird seeing you looking so cold.”

“I look cold?”

“God this is sounds rude.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell me if I’m being weird, I can forget to turn it off every once awhile. Plus I’m a bit on edge having so many people seeing us together.”

“Lets forget about them,” I smile at him. “You have all of my attention for the whole weekend, you better make the most of it.” The weird atmosphere is shaken off as we smile at each other. Our conversation gets back it’s usual playfulness, we laugh and joke, earning weird looks from the only other table in the restaurant. The old man brings our food out, a large bowl of noodles is set in front of me and a pot of tea is in the middle. Time flies like normal but a nosy young blond man interrupts it.

“So Jooyoung-ssi,” Seungri says as he sits down next to me. Daesung is on my other side staring at me with so much interest.

“Yes?” I look from each man with a confused look.

“Why aren’t you afraid of us?” Seungri wonders out loud. They all watch me with such focus I begin to sweat.

I look to Jiyong for help but he only gives me a look that tells me to give them the answer he’s expecting, “You don’t set off my alarms.”

“Your alarms?” It’s Youngbae who questions me this time, why does he have to come over. He sits down on the other side of the table with Jiyong.

I sigh, “I’m very good at sensing people’s character, or at least I’m good at figuring out if that person is a threat.”

Seunghyun scoffs as he joins us as well, “It must be broken. You seem to surround yourself with very threatening people.”

“They aren’t a threat to me.”

“What makes you so sure?” Seunghyun cocks his head at me.

“I’m still here aren’t I? Look, I know it’s weird but the way my head works is very selfishly. I could see a person do terrible things but as long as I know they won’t harm me, my alarms stay quiet. Which is how all of this stuff started in the first place.”

“We never heard about how that happened,” Daesung leans closer.

“I was at a club, there was a shoot out, I climbed out the back window with my friend, I saw Xiumin kill some innocent guy, they debated on whether they should keep me or not, I said I wanted to go along with them, and after that it turned into rainbows and sunshine.”

“Rainbows and sunshine?” Seungri scoffs.

“I’m surrounded by attractive men all day who spoil me with attention and gifts. My world is nothing but sunshine and rainbows. I would be ungrateful to say otherwise.” They all hum in understanding, Jiyong gives me a small smile. The atmosphere is only slightly hostel because of Seunghyun’s presence, but other than that the others are actually really warm towards me. After awhile Seungri and Daesung tell me to call them oppa too since we will apparently be seeing more of each other. They continue asking their questions and in turn they let me ask a few of my own, and it surprised me how they answered without hesitation. Jiyong stops them a couple of times if they give me too much detail about something he thinks is too gory for me.

Our fun is ruined by someone busting into the restaurant, the familiar man walks in like he owns the place, but I’m 90% Jiyong does. The men around me glare at the new comer, Junhoe and his friends get up from their seats and stand in between the police and where we sit. I turn around to full face him, Daesung and Seungri follow suit.

“No need to look so hostel boys,” Detective Lee says casually, a few beat cops are behind him.

“This is a private party,” The leader of Junhoe’s friends says coming forward, standing toe to toe with the detective.

“Hanbin,” Lee pats the younger on the head as if they are close but I see the younger flinch. “It’s been awhile. It’s good to see that you surrounded yourself with good people.” I don’t know why I feel so annoyed by his actions, I know Hanbin can take care of himself but I for some reason feel the need to step in.

“What are you doing here?” Hanbin continues to glare at the man.

“I heard that Mr. Jiyong was walking around with a friend,” Lee looks past the group of boys to stare at me. “Nice to see you again Miss. Jooyoung. You always seem to have a group of men around you, how do you do it?” He raises a brow at me and I don’t know whether I should be insulted or disgusted.

“Watch your mouth detective,” Jiyong warns with a terrifying growl.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult her. Poor thing is probably sensitive,” I get irritated by his fake sympathy. He pushes past the group of boys who watch Jiyong for orders.

“That’s close enough don’t you think detective?” Youngbae snaps.

“I just want to get a better look at the little thing that was able to wrap the 13 most powerful men in Asia wrapped around her little fingers. That’s impressive, can you tell me something?” He crouches down a few feet away from me with a disgusting smirk on his face. “Do they all fuck you at the same time or is it more groups of three or four?” I’m on my feet in seconds ready to kick they guy in the face but Seungri kicks him on his back before me, a very pissed off look on his face.

“I would prefer it if you didn’t say such dirty things to my little friend,” Seungri cracks his knuckles as he continues to glare.

“Don’t tell me the little slut got you too?” Lee chuckles as he props up on his elbows.

Daesung is standing over him, the sweet man doesn’t look so sweet anymore with his foot on Lee’s neck and a killer look in his eye. “Jiyong hyung said to watch your fucking mouth. Who our friend is and is not fucking, is none of your fucking business. Understand?”

Lee nods, he taps on Daesung’s foot in a panic for air. I don’t feel bad as he gasps for air, or when he looks like he’s about to cry. Jiyong standing up, takes my hand and leads me to the exit. He slips on his shoes before sweetly putting mine on for me.

“I’m sorry about that,” Jiyong wraps his arm around me like before as we walk outside, the others aren’t far behind.

“Thank you,” I say to him and look back at Seungri and Daesung, who are a few steps behind us with their gangster faces on, “Thank you guys too for standing up for me.”

Daesung’s face falters at my words, “He’s an ass.”

“To make up for having such a great time ruined I have a surprise for you,” Jiyong beams at me. But you need to close your eyes.” Jiyong smiles at me.

“I feel like she’s the type to peek,” Seungri teases.

“Hanbin, can you hand me your beanie?” Daesung holds his hand out expectantly to the younger man. I feel bad when the younger hands it over without question. Jiyong takes off my snap back and replaces it with the already warm beanie. I snatch my hat back from him and leave his warmth to place my hat on Hanbin’s head. He is surprised by my actions but I just smile.

“To make sure you get your hat back I’ll leave you mine for now.” I turn on my heel without another word and take my place at Jiyong’s side again. He pulls the beanie down over my eyes so I can’t peek before wrapping his arm securely around my waist for safety reasons.

“You are so trusting,” Seunghyun clicks his tongue at me.

“I’ve been alone with Jiyong many times, if he wanted to do something bad I’m pretty sure he would have done it by now,” I snap back.

He scoffs, “Maybe he was just waiting for the right time?” Jiyong’s grip on me tightens, but I feel nothing but comfort from him.

“Even if he wants to kill me, there isn’t much I can do about it now, is there?” I look in the eldest’s direction.

“She has a point there Hyung, we got her,” Daesung’s voice comes from my other side, a lot closer than before.

“Will you guys stop saying stuff like that? I’ve told you about this many times.” Jiyong growls at them.

“About what?” I wonder.

“He is horrified of you being afraid of him. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before,” Dae tells me.

“Shut your mouth,” My oppa snarls between grit teeth.

“Don’t worry Oppa, you don’t scare me.”

They continue to tease my poor oppa about his weakness for me, I can’t help but blush at their silly words. We walk for awhile, I can hear other people talking and walking by; cars zoom down the street. A door opens and I’m brought inside a quiet building. Behind me the boys are laughing and whispering, I’m excited and nervous about where I could be.

Jiyong flips the hat up revealing a dark room. All I can see is his handsome smile and his shining eyes that make me smile so big my face hurts. Then the lights flip on and machines start going and suddenly I’m staring in aw at the empty amusement park in front of me.

“You didn’t rent out an amusement park for me,” I say gawking dumbstruck.

“I didn’t rent it out, I know the owner,” He quick tries to calm my worries.

“What kind of person do you have connections with that would own an amusement park?”

“That would be me,” Daesung says in a singsong way.

“Never mind I’m not that surprised.” I wave the kind man away, something he finds cute and laughs. “Oppa lets go on that one!” I point to a tall roller coaster that forms one pig loop.

“Lets go!”

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today two grown men grabbed me & got in my face while i worked the dining room. one couldnt understand why he wasnt getting an entire baguette (which we sell for $2.99) and even though i told him id get him more bread, he still thought it was an acceptable idea to grab me by the arm while im carrying 15 pounds of dishes and try to show me on his receipt where he bought the baguette (he pointed to his drink). the second time a few hours later about 10 minutes after closing a man who always stays

Drarry go out for a movie

So like I’ve said before, I’ve wanted to get into writing Drarry for a while now and I found this post by @drarryparadise. It’s basically a list of muggle activities that Draco and Harry could do together. I figured I could start off with something as simple as this and then advance onto more difficult, multi-chapter fics. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this. It’s a cute, fluffy piece.

“But, I just don’t get why we have to go out to watch it when we could just watch it on our television.” Draco complained.

“Because it’ll be fun,” Harry tried to persuade his boyfriend. “It’ll be on a huge screen and they’ll have speakers everywhere, so it’ll be amazing, and have I told you about all of the visual effects and 3D effects that they have? I mean I’ve never even heard of anything like this before.”

Draco continued staring at Harry, unimpressed. “Do you have any idea how unhygienic and crowded that place is going to be? We’re going for the first day first show of this movie.”

“Come on, Draco, I’ve always wanted to watch a movie in the movie theatre. I never got to watch in while I was at Hogwarts and certainly not before that and you know how hard it was for me after the war, I wouldn’t even get out of my bed.” Harry explained.

“Alright then, just for you,” Draco said softly, biting on his lip. Then as an afterthought, he added with a scowl, “but it better be worth it, Potter.”

Harry practically lit up as soon as Draco agreed and nodded his head repeatedly. “I promise you’ll love it. You won’t regret this.” Looking at the pure joy on Harry’s face and the enthusiasm with which he started preparing to go out, Draco didn’t think he could ever feel any hint of regret for agreeing to go to a movie with him.

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This is my first time writing Malec. I’m not an intense Malec shipper, so I don’t really know where this came from. I’m not that confident we’ll get a cute, soft boyfriends, bed scene between them in the next episode so I figured I’d write one preemptively. I may go in and edit this at some point as I ran out of steam towards the end. Even so, hope you enjoy!

Magnus lay with his head propped up on his fist as he watched a slumbering Alec in the small, flickering glow of the candles on his bedside table. It had been hours since Alec had backed him into his room, his eyes smouldering in a way Magnus had never quite seen them before. Now those eyes lay closed, his dark lashes a contrast against his olive skin. He was beautiful. Magnus had seen many beautiful things, many beautiful people but none of them quite captured the word like the boy before him. Alexander. His Alexander.

Magnus had never known anyone else with such quiet strength. He was fierce but reserved. Nothing he did was overt or for show. Alec could take down a demon in the blink of an eye and with not a second thought, yet there was this layer of innocence. It was easy to forget about it when you looked at his outer shell but sometimes Alec wore that innocence and vulnerability on his sleeve. And while it was the part that scared the heck out of Magnus, it was also the part he loved most.

In those times he was reminded just how much younger Alec was, in years and experience, and questioned whether this was right. If they were right together. However, it was also in those times that Magnus realised just how lucky he was to see that side of Alec at all. Vulnerability wasn’t something Shadowhunters often admitted to. How could Magnus ever turn Alec away now that he’d let him in like that? No, it wasn’t possible. So Magnus would remain Alec’s for as long as Alec let him. He hoped it would be a long time and that he would have many nights to lie and watch his love’s angelic features as he slept.

A smile rose on Magnus’ lips for no particular reason other than sheer happiness. Post coital bliss. This was not how he expected the even to pan out but then nothing about Alec had been expected. Magnus took his free hand and tentatively reached out, running his fingertips across Alec’s collarbone. He was shirtless and the thin sheet draped just below Alec’s navel, giving Magnus a perfect view of Alec’s broad chest. His fingers then made a slow journey down the centre of Alec’s chest, the soft furred skin sending sparks up his fingertips.

Alec’s eyes fluttered open, waking to Magnus’ gentle touch. Figures he wouldn’t be a heavy sleeper. A dreamy smile spread upon Alec’s lips as his eyes focused on Magnus. He rolled his shoulders before resting his hand over Magnus’ which still lay against his breastbone. Alec’s thumb brushed over Magnus’ polished nails as he glanced down to their joined hands for a moment.

“Hey,” Magnus said, finally breaking the silence as he too looked at their hands. He was still blown away by the simple intimacy despite the new phase of their relationship they’d entered last night.

“Hi,” Alec replied, his voice still thick with sleep. “Have you been awake long?”

“I didn’t sleep,” Magnus said, his gaze picking up from their hands to rest back on Alec’s face. He really was a sight to behold. “I thought I would replace those memories of watching you while you were unconscious with something a little sweeter.” There was a half smile on Magnus’ lips but Alec found no humour in his eyes. Not knowing whether Alec would ever wake up had been one of the most scary and painful things Magnus had been through in recent times. Not only for his sake. A world without Alexander Lightwood in it just seemed such a darker place for everyone.

A crease formed on Alec’s brow and his hand left atop of Magnus’ to cup his cheek instead. His thumb gently brushed over the smudged eye liner under Magnus’ eye. “Did it work?”

Magnus turned his cheek into Alec’s palm before laying a soft kiss against it. “No. I’ll never forget the moment I thought I had lost you, Alexander, but perhaps that’s for the best. Those memories will make sure I fight all that much harder so it never happens again.”

Alec slid his hand down Magnus’ neck and with a palm on his chest he pushed Magnus over on to his back. Alec moved to loom over Magnus, his hands on either side of Magnus’ head. The muscles in his arms were taut as they held up his bulky frame. There it was, that smoulder. Magnus’ chest rose and fell a little faster as he stared up at Alec, waiting for him to make a move. Any move. Magnus watched as those smouldering eyes travelled down his exposed torso. He felt them like a touch that ignited a path of fire that disappeared beneath the sheet and collected there. The air around them became thick with tension and Magnus was sure there was an audible click of his throat as he swallowed when Alec’s eyes met his once more.

“So uh… last night was something,” Alec said and for a split second uncertainty passed over his handsome features. It seemed ridiculous to Magnus that there would be even a small doubt in Alec’s mind that what they’d shared had been anything less than perfect. Even as Alec hovered over Magnus, all strength and beauty, with chemistry and heat radiating between them, he still wasn’t completely secure in the knowledge that he was enough for Magnus. Or good enough for Magnus.

“It was perfect, Alexander,” Magnus replied, putting extra emphasis on the word perfect. Because that was the only word that truly captured what last night had been. There had been the initial intensity, the slowing down and taking their time. Exploring each other. There had been serious moments and moments where they had laughed and teased each other. Times when Magnus had guided Alec and Alec had benefited from his experience but mostly they just learned each other. It was beautiful and messy and it felt like coming home. But if Magnus had to use one word to describe the first time they made love, that word would be perfect.

For a split second Magnus thought Alec would disagree, or at least say something slightly self deprecating. He might ask Magnus to justify using that word and Magnus could, boy could he, but Alec didn’t. A small, impish half smile rose on his lips instead. “Yeah, it really was,” Alec replied simply.

A moment later Alec leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss against Magnus’ lips. As Alec pulled back, Magnus chased his lips before giving up and opening his eyes to look up at Alec again. “Do you want to…?” Alec asked, raising his eyebrows a couple of times. Magnus rolled his eyes but it was mostly for show.

“Do I want to what?” Magnus replied, cocking an eyebrow. If they were going to be having sex, Alec would have to learn to say the word. They were grown men after all, even if one slightly more than the other. Though, Magnus would also settle for make love.

“Sex, do you want to do sex? Have sex?” Alec said in return, muddling his words as he got a little flustered being put on the spot. A guy that looked like Alec really had no right being so damn adorable but Magnus wasn’t complaining.

“Yes, let’s do sex, Alexander,” Magnus chuckled as he brought his hands up. One to rest on the small of Alec’s back, pressing their bodies closer, while the other cupped the back of Alec’s head and pulled him into a firmer kiss than the one before. Alec tilted his head one way and Magnus tilted his the opposite as they deepened the kiss. When their tongues met, a small sound of relief escaped one of them but Magnus wasn’t sure who. All he knew was that he was more than ready for another taste of that perfection.

Road Trip

~~~A/N: I wrote this quickly to kinda shift gears. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but the more I think about it, the more I think I might continue it! Mostly fluff. Maybe next chapter will get a little more steamy.~~~

[MC Has Entered The Chat]
Yoosung: and now the guild master won’t let me use that armor anymore.
Yoosung: *crying emoji*
Yoosung: MC!
707: Heya!
MC: Heya! I see Jumin, Jaehee, and Zen are here too! How rare!
707: Yea but they aren’t talking to us
707: Maybe they are having their own private conversation?
707: about ELLY!
707: *love emoji*
Jumin: Elizabeth the 3rd, and don’t think about her.
Zen: why would I be talking about that furball?
Jaehee: ….
Jumin: If you must know, I’m planning a business trip to Daejeon. I’m visiting the owner of a hot spring.
MC: Hot spring? I’ve been thinking about going to one! Sounds so relaxing~
Jumin: Indeed.
MC: Idea!!!
MC: Instead of flying,let’s go together! On a road trip!!!!!
MC: It will be so much fun!!!!!!!!
Jumin: road…trip? Why? Flying is more efficient.
Zen: lololol like rich guy would sit in a car for hours eating junk food.
MC: come on, Jumin. Experience the open road!
Jaehee: the lack of bathrooms
707: All the HBC you can eat!
Yoosung: HBC? I wanna go now!
Zen: I kinda want to go to now;; Hot springs are good for your complexion
707: RFA ROAD TRIP?!?!?!
MC: Then it is settled! Cancel your flight, RFA is on the road! We can borrow my friend’s SUV!
Jumin: I did not agree to this.

The SUV was packed with bags, bodies, and bickering. There had been a struggle about who sat shotgun, but you quickly decided Jumin would accompany you up front. “He needs the most leg room,” you hurriedly explained, blushing at the side glances the other members gave each other. You could have sworn you heard Seven mumble, “Been thinking about his legs, have you?” But you decided to engage in selective hearing. Everyone settled in. Zen and Seven grabbed the middle row, and Jaehee and Yoosung settled in the back. You hadn’t meant for this to be a group event. In fact, you were hoping for just you and Jumin. It had been six months since your first party and the whole group had grown incredibly close, to the point of actually hanging out on weekends. However, there continued to be a part of you that yearned to be even closer to him, in a way different from the other members. It seemed like a pipe dream though, the other guys were intent on never leaving you two alone. Zen would make sly remarks about men being wolves, then would wink after his own joke. “Settled in and buckled up? Let’s get this show on the road!” Glancing in your rear view mirror, you accounted for everyone and started the ignition.

The first couple of hours were slow. Everyone nervously shifted around making small talk. Jumin had declared he was bringing some “snacks” to contribute, but showed up with a large box of canapés. It was unanimous that those should be eaten first, to avoid rather unpleasant stomach problems later. After distributing them to the rest, he awkwardly tried to figure out how to hand you yours. “Just keep them in your lap, please. I’ll reach over a grab them as I can.” you offered. He answered with a skeptical glance and tried to delicately balance the box on his knee as close to you as possible. As you ate them on by one, you discovered how delicious they were. Crafted with perfection, the vinegary capers blended with the smoked salmon, and the texture complemented the crisp cracker underneath. You hummed a tune while eating and driving, savoring the moment. Eyes on the road, you reached over for another bite. Your hand hovered while grasping air and you bring it down only to feel soft fabric and smooth muscle with underneath. Jerking your hand back, you glance over at Jumin. His cheeks were slightly tinged with pink and his eyebrows were raised. “Oops! I guess I ate them faster than expected.” You offered in apology. “They were made this morning by the chef. He does an excellent job with hors d’oeuvres,” Jumin responded, avoiding eye contact. Well, maybe you were the one avoiding it since you had to drive.
“ Of course Mr. Trust Fund can’t bring actual junk food. Canapés on a road trip. I never even considered that an option. Seven! Where did you stash that Doctor Pepper? I need to wash down all this pretentiousness.” Zen mocked him as he searched for the soda. Jumin began a retort as the sodas were passed around and many eyes began to roll as the inevitable fight began. After the words began flying back and forth, you realized you couldn’t let their drama ruin your good time. “Oh! I love this song!” you exclaimed as you turned on the radio and raised the volume to a deafening level, drowning out any chance for them to continue.

The next couple of hours were filled with music and singing. Zen and Seven accompanied you in singing whatever was on the radio, and even knew some of the dances. You tried to dance the best you could with one hand, making dramatic gestures and pointing at your back up. Yoosung even found a few songs he knew well and he would chime in when possible. Jaehee watched Zen gleefully; you could have sworn you caught her glasses glinting when you looked in the mirror. The man next to you didn’t join in but you saw a sly grin as he watched you exaggerate your movements and belt out the words.

Night began to fall. You had been the driver all day and even though all the other members were dozing off in fits and bursts, you knew at some point another person would have to take over. You decided to let everyone get a little more sleep before the change of shift. Music low, you softly sang along. Looking down at the gas gauge, you found yourself close to empty. An exit was coming up where you could refill and maybe stretch out your legs a little. You pulled up to the tank and tried to get out as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing anyone’s peace. The door obeyed your request and closed silently. After shaking your legs out, you walked over to the pump and began filling up. Driving was exhausting, and you leaned back against the vehicle, closing your eyes to give them a break. A door softly opened, but you were so in your own thoughts you didn’t check to see who it was. Your mind drifted to that person who had been a constant source of both anxiety and joy. You focused on recalling his face first, dark slate eyes that betrayed his thoughts. Did he even know how expressive they were? Then his chiseled jaw distracted you, sometimes tightened while he was deep in thought, hair falling forward as he looked into the distance. And then his mouth….. Your eyes opened quickly, this was NOT the time and place for that. Blinking rapidly, you must be more tired than you realized. You must have been daydreaming. No. Standing in front of you, exactly as you imagined, was the man himself. After taking a moment to gather yourself, you gave him a shy smile.

“I had to stretch out for a moment. It appears long car rides are very uncomfortable. Why do people do this?” He questioned, but stared at you in such a way you knew he didn’t actually care for an answer. This was the first time you two had a moment together, even if it was only due to the metal and glass behind you. He was always very soft with you, his cold exterior replaced with warmth and care. He leaned next you on the SUV and crossed his legs out to brace himself. “It’s a bonding thing. Being stuck with someone for several hours tends to make you like them. Or hate them.” You giggled as you finished, thinking about him and Zen. The pump clicked as it finished. You motioned to put it up, considering waking up someone to take over driving duty.

“MC,” it was almost a whisper that escaped from his lips. You turned to look at him, standing right next to you. The closeness summoned heat to your cheeks. He was watching you intensely, thoughts clouding his vision. You waited a little longer for him to finish, and raised an eyebrow as a question. Just when you thought that would be the end of it, he reached out and palmed your cheeks. Long fingers stroked across your skin, brushed your hair out of your eyes, and pulled your face to his. Your could feel the blood rushing under your skin, heart racing, and your face did as it pleased. He closed the gap between you and placed a reverent kiss on your lips. Every thought, feeling and impulse you had been repressing flooded out and you grabbed his jacket, wrinkling the fabric. He has hand slid behind your head to pull you even closer in. You ran your fingers through his hair, mouth open to allow his tongue entrance. A fire blazed between you. Months of holding back resulted in a selfish desire to pull him into you, to continue this moment forever. He kissed you back just as fiercely, imprinting himself on every fiber of your being. You weren’t sure how long you remained like this, but the need for air eventually caught up with you both and you pulled back. His eyes were shining back at you, lit with pleasure and longing. His hair was tussled and his suit jacket was wrinkled at the neck and shoulders. Unable to control yourself you began laughing hysterically.

Hurt filled his face and he watched you and he began to say something before you shushed him with a light peck. “I’m sorry, I’ve just wanted this for so long. I couldn’t help but give a hearty laugh of happiness.” You explained to him gently, and his face fell back into a shy smile. He adjusted his clothes and tie, and ran fingers through those dark locks you loved. You took a moment to fix your own clothes and hair, and put the gas pump back in it’s place. “I picked quite the romantic spot, it seems,” he joked as the acrid scent of gasoline lingered around you. “It could have been in the restroom for all I care.” You replied. Glancing in the vehicle, all it’s occupants were slumped over each other asleep. You couldn’t rest if you wanted to now. “Wanna keep me company for a little longer, if you aren’t tired?” He was still watching you intensely and walked up to you, then leaned one arm on the car. You shivered as he bent over to whisper in your ear.
“I have a private suite at the hot spring, if you’d like to relax alone.” Not giving you a chance to reply, he found his seat and closed the door.

You were going to make sure you got there in record time.



American live action/animated crime film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi, about an African American rabbitfox, and bear who rise to the top of the organized crime racket in Harlem, encountering corrupt law enforcementcon artists, and the Mafia. The film, which combines live-action with animation, stars Philip ThomasCharles GordoneBarry White, and Scatman Crothers, all of whom appear in both live-action and animated sequences. 


This is one of the big ones folks, one of the most prolific of forgotten animated films. A cult hit by legendary animation god, Ralph Bakshi that is unmatched by any other animated film in its style or its portrayal of its subject matter.

I could do a whole week dedicated to the works of this animator but I feel I should spotlight one of his works sooner rather than later. Why not rush in, guns a-blazing with one of his most controversial and personal of films, Coonskin.

Now with that title, and this trailer I shouldn’t have to explain why the film was met with a mountain of controversy both pre-and-post-release. I shouldn’t, but I will. The movie shows a massive amount of depictions of “black” characters as violent gangsters, con-men, sociopathic monsters, drug addicts, etc, etc and doesn’t shy away from blackface caricatures, and stereotypes that have aided in marginalizing Blacks in America for several decades. 

Some people out there will argue that even though Bakshi grown up in the epicenter of Harlem, New York during the time of segregation in America, lived and worked with Black Americans his whole life, specifically wanted black artists, animators, and voice actors that the film is bad for showing such imagery.

Even if it’s all presented in a satirical way (which it is), it’s still bad to show these caricatures and black characters acting in a stereotypical way because it only helps to reinforce those stereotypes and keep them alive. That’s pretty nonsensical since the entire point of the movie is to show that these types of things manufactured by Hollywood and ingrained in the popular culture are bad. They’re thrown in your face in a way that’s striking and horrible and you can’t believe it exists, or that such a thing was ever ok. Its meant to be raw, gritty, and spit in the face of White America that doesn’t know what Blacks have had to contend with and what their culture has been forced to be like.

Then again, nobody is really depicted in a positive light; White people in this movie are stereotyped, Gays, and Jews are HEAVILY stereotyped, and cops… well, cops are cops, ain’t no changing that.

Despite the controversy, and how it received a limited release it became a cult classic among animation fans and is heralded by Bakshi as one of his best works, if not his best work.

Nowadays– in all honesty while the film should be watched by everyone as a genius work of satire, it’s more on the artistic side rather than the entertaining side. Bakshi is one of those directors who is in love with his rough and gritty style and loves to linger on his visuals for the audience to absorb.  In every one of his movies he has this problem with pacing; drawing out some scenes that look great or are meant to convey a message. Other scenes just kind of get zipped past or don’t have much to them, making the movies feel longer than they actually are.

This makes his movies, particularly Coonskin more along the lines of something to be enjoyed for the art rather than the story, which isn’t a bad thing but kind of kills rewatchability. 



I dig this movie, I dig it a lot. I saw it for the first time years ago when I took a course in college about The History of Writing & Cartooning In American Culture.

In short, I would definitely recommend it. Go see this movie, in fact, go hunt it up on youtube right now, you owe it to yourself.

Go on.

Get a move on

I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that's how we both got kicked out of the quirky community bookstore. AU Kylo Ren x Reader

There I was in the bookstore yet again. Oversized sweater hanging off my hands, skinny jeans tucked into my boots. It was the third time this week, or maybe it was the fourth. That isn’t really the point. As I browsed the shelves looking for anything I hadn’t read yet, but it seemed that I had outread my preferred section of books in our little town’s quirky little bookstore. Until I saw it. On the top shelf was the Holy Grail of discoveries. The one book I had been looking for since forever. It was perfect I had been waiting for this book to come out since I finished it predecessor last year. I stood on my tip toes, and stretched my arm as far as it would go hoping to grasp the book firmly in my hands. Already feeling the cover in my hands, already smelling the pages, and ready to fill my head with it’s story.

There was one problem. I could not reach it. I fell short. Literally. I barely even touched the edge of the shelf, it seemed like fate had decided that it hated me and would love to torture me. The one thing I want is just out of my reach. I look around hoping that maybe there is a stepping stool, an employee, or even a casual bystander. My luck seemed to turn around because low and behold a tall dark haired stranger happened to be making his way passed me to what looked to be a table with nonfiction best-sellers

“Hey. Excuse me, but can you help me?” I asked reaching my hand out before he made his way completely passed me stopping him right in front of the table. He looked down at me craning his head down so he could look me in the eye before speaking.

“Does it look like I work here, small fry?” The small fry comment making my blood boil ever so slightly, because unlike him not all of us are born to become 6 foot something giants with perfect cheekbones and a jawline from heaven.

“No, it doesn’t look like you work here Paul Bunyan. But you are what I need. I will take like five seconds of your time. I just need you to get a book off the top shelf then you can do whatever else you were doing. Please I really need this book.” I did my best to pull of the pleading desperate eyes hoping he would give and once I saw his eyebrow twitch I knew I had him.

“Fine what book is it?

“The Legend of the Jedi, it’s right over ther-,”I was interrupted by him laughing, be that it was a beautiful sound deep and warm not that I would say that out loud, but the dude had just started laughing out of nowhere, “May I be inclined to ask what you find so fucking amusing,” his laughter got even worse at my comment.

“I should probably say sorry, but you actually read those,” he speaks between laughs, “I mean they’re for like twelve year olds. Like what are you some kind of nerd who can’t let go of bedtime stories?”

At the end of his little speech, though it had been interrupted by his own laughter almost every other word, he looked down at me only to realize that the look on my face could probably make grown men cry. At the moment he must have realized just how much he down screwed up. I craned my neck up to look him in the eyes and before he could even blink I pushed him into the table of nonfiction best-sellers. Books flew everywhere, he might have flipped backwards and one disgruntled employee showed up with a look of pure terror on his face before he ran to get the owner. So he left me and the Paul Bunyan alone. Him staring at me in shock and me with a defiant, at least I hope it looked defiant, smirk on my face.

The owner arrived not even a minute after eyes going wide looking at both of us in shock. Before he raised his voice and let out a bellow


With the owner’s words both me and Paul Bunyan were thrown out of the store and onto the sidewalk outside. Paul Bunyan looked at me then the store, before he started laughing yet again.

“Why is this so funny to you?! We’ve just been kicked out of the only book store in town! What am I going to do now?!”

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you flipped me over a table, small fry,” an arrogant smirk making its way across his lips.

“My name isn’t small fry, okay Paul Bunyan,” my fist balling up ready to punch his perfect face.

“Well my name isn’t Paul Bunyan either, so can I be inclined to ask my attacker her name? In exchange for mine of course.”

“It’s (Y/n), yours?”

“Kylo Ren, and about your book I might know of somewhere else you could aquire it, but I will cost you.”

“How much,” I said while reaching for my wallet.

“It won’t cost you any money, just you have coffee with me at the cafe.”

“I just flipped you over a table, and now you want to have coffee?” Confusion filling my voice.

“What can I say I like living on the dark side of life. Now come on they close at five.” He grabbed my hand pulling me along. Dark hair flowing gently behind him, and all I could only think of two things. One: why did I let myself get into this mess. Two: this is probably the best worst decision I’ve ever made.

Feeling Loved (Part 1)

Pairing(s): CrowleyxReader
Prompt/Summary: When the Winchesters return from their latest hunt they have two things with them: A bruised Crowley in a terrible condition and a demon they have to interrogate. So you are left to take care of the King of Hell which wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t ridiculously in love with him.
This part has fluff, the next part will have smut.
Author: http://written-inkcompetence.tumblr.com/
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 4,230
Warnings: a bit of cursing, mentions of blood, wounds and violence

Your eyes flickered over to your phone again. No new messages, the clock showed 11:34 pm. They had told you they were going to be back by 11. No need to worry though, you told yourself, maybe the hunt is just taking a little longer. But wouldn’t they have called you then? Or did they run into trouble? You groaned. Even though they didn’t always act like it, the Winchesters were fully grown men and completely capable of taking care of themselves. Most of the time at least. Okay you had to admit it: You were freaking worried about the boys. It didn’t even take you that much to go nuts when they left without you for a hunt. Especially a demon hunt. Demons could be tricky. Hard to find, harder to catch and it doesn’t get easier when you want to get your hands on one specific demon while about five others or something were around as well.

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Things Unique To Kpop

1. Never have I been so invested in record labels. Does Universal have a basement? Does Warner have 13 year contracts? I don’t know but YG and SM do!

2. Aegyo. It’s like a car crash. You want to look away because it’s awful but you can’t.

3. Being a female fan but envying male skin and make-up. And earrings. FML.

4. Being the most grateful for three types of people: prompt English Subbers, steady filmers of HD fancams and photographers who let you edit their photos.

5. Watching a video without understanding anything. And still enjoying it.

6. Not being able to sing 99% of a song. And still enjoying it.

7. Jamming to a rap song. Then pausing to google the lyrics. Then jamming some more even though nothing rhymes in English.

8. The word ‘Debut’ has nothing to do with Bjork anymore.

9. The word ‘Comeback’ has nothing to do a tennis match anymore.

10. The word ‘Hiatus’ is not the vacation it sounds like.

11. The word ‘Bias’ and the associated committement issues.

12. Whimsical fandom names. And colours. And fucking lightsticks. What.

13. Praying that a person is getting regular meal breaks and rest.

14. Dance Practice videos.

15. Music shows and ‘wins’.

16. Watching grown men eat.

17. Constantly ‘Fighting!’ (fighting what?).

18. Mini-Albums (which are basically EPs).

19. The Military Service countdown.

20. Reading Surnames first.


The smartest of the investigators in the CCG and the dumbest of the executives in Aogiri. For characters who come from complete opposite places, they’ve ended up crossing blades more than once.

Which is important, because when an event repeats itself it’s a parallel and that repetition automatically draws attention to itself. The narrative is setting up Naki and Akira to be classic foils, and there is some interesting things you can learn about Akira as a character herself just by comparing the two.

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In Which Killian Jones Learns How to Ride a Bike Again

(Dramatic reenactment of Killian Jones in S3, played by Nick Miller)

Since Quiet Minds aired, I have seen a lot of people complain that Hook’s apology to Belle was forced and/or his reconnection to Neal was random/rushed. 


Lemme talk to you baby birds for a quick minute.

One of the best parts to the redemption arc of our dashing rapscallion is watching him learn to love healthily again. I make that qualification because while he has always been a character defined my his ability to love, his love for Milah became quite unhealthy and destructive, as witnessed in S2. It isolated him and almost destroyed him, and had it not been for Emma, it probably would have succeeded in that. We all know this. 

But Emma did come along, and his love shifted towards her. He fell fast and deep in 3A, and yet I think one of the truly beautiful products of that has been what we’re seeing in 3B: the awakening of the feelings and emotions adjacent to romantic love, and his sweet bumbling self as he adjusts and welcomes them back into his life. For a 300 year-old smooth talking pirate who could probably sell ice to an Eskimo, suddenly he’s adorably awkward and it’s fucking hilarious.

Because learning to deal with unfamiliar feelings IS HARD. Why do you think crushes are so fucking awkward? Because people are overwhelmed and out of their depths, and for some godforsaken reason our humanity translates that into embarrassing series of verbal diarrhea accompanied by weird robot motions and/or goofy faces until we find our rhythm. Until we get accustomed to it. 

Quiet Minds was a smorgasbord of this for Killian. For example:

The Belle scene: GOOD GOD THOSE FACES. He is literally a 4 yo apologizing. He’s so uncomfortable and awkward that he overcompensates the shit out of it and I died. I’m of the mindset that he and Emma had not spoken beforehand, more that this was one of their brilliant lil silent convos, and Killian’s interpretation of that. Killy has finally fully accepted wanting to be a part of this world– for Swan, for himself– and understands that he will be doing some repairing of bridges, so to speak. Belle is the first. 

The Neal scene: THE HUG. It was so sweet and perfect, he literally could not stop himself. It was a total dad moment– when they do that cute but random (though quite sincere) act of affection. Neal’s reaction is the clear indicator of how out-of-left-field this was too. But it again shows how Hook’s emotions are getting the best of him now, that the dam has burst and the river is flowing freely. Even in Neverland, the scenes between these two men were not like this. But Hook’s had a lot of time to grow since then, and his relationship with Emma has grown considerably too, awakening more emotion in him. So obviously this would lead to him reconnecting to Bae, the boy he once wanted to call his own.

So no, shit is not rushed or forced. It’s actually quite in character to someone who is shakily navigating a sea of emotion– for someone who is being inspired to work to be a better person. And Hook is. Fuck, he said it himself: it’s unfamiliar. He’ll adapt eventually, but honestly I am loving watching his progression through this. It’s rather human and funny and beautiful. 

As much as I love Dan and Arin, and as much as I enjoy watching Game Grumps, sometimes they really say shit that bothers me. Today’s episode of Ocarina of Time is a great example.

Like… They tend to have this kind of attitude about offensiveness that’s like, yeah, they know not to be offensive - but it’s still sort of an inconvenience to them that they have to take the time to not be offensive. And I’m not saying that they’re terrible people, because they’ve displayed more than once an ability to be socially sensitive. But like, they really don’t seem to understand why things are offensive? And why people get offended. And more than once they’ve displayed this sort of aggravation with their fanbase for calling them out for saying something inappropriate.

There’s one episode where - and I can’t name the exact episode, but it was the same Mario Maker episode that spawned “Baloney Man” - Arin attempts to break down why the n-word is offensive. His take on it was something along the lines of, “Well, it’s like, if your dad yells, ‘BALONEY,’ at you all the time when you’re growing up, when you’re an adult you’re gonna be all messed up about it.”

I’m not saying that in particular offended me, don’t get me wrong. But it says a lot about the way Arin (and possibly Dan) perceive people’s reactions to racism. The n-word isn’t offensive because someone yelled it at me all the time as a child, Arin. The n-word’s offensive because I’m black and that word is tool used to dehumanize me, oppress me - reduce me to a slave like my ancestors before me.

There’s another episode - another Mario Maker episode - where Dan is like, “Imagine a world where people didn’t get offended.” He then quickly changes it to, “Imagine a world where people didn’t get offended over stupid shit.”

But what’s “stupid shit,” Dan? Who draws the line? Are people “too sensitive” when it’s their culture or race or religion or gender being turned into a joke?

And then, Dan from today’s Ocarina of Time episode:

“We say ridiculous shit all the time to each other because, you know, we know we’re not racist.”

I hate to break it to you, Dan, but being racist behind closed doors or among friends is still being racist. And it’s heavily implied that they said some incredibly inappropriate shit that they couldn’t even repeat on the show. I know I can’t tell people, especially two grown men, what to do in their free time, but racism is racism and it isn’t okay no matter where you do it. Even if there’s no one around to hear it. Even if there’s no one around to get offended. If it’s offensive, it’s still offensive.

I recognize that a lot of the offensive things that pass Arin and Dan’s lips come from the fact that they’re both white males and exist in a position of privilege. I’m not excusing their behavior by any means, though. I still love the Game Grumps, I’ll still watch their show daily. But I really just wish they’d take some time to educate themselves on subjects like this.

anonymous asked:


Okay sit down little blogger and i’m gonna tell you a story. which is essentially my path down the gay road that will be almost identical to a LOT of peoples.

Imagine you are a young girl. You are given magazines about young girls having crush on boys, and only boys. You are shown loads of cute animated movies about princesses and princes living happily after. You are told whoever you’ll be there’ll be one boy who’ll love you for it.Your parents, your grandparents, your family friends talk about ‘aw when you’re all grown up and bring a man around i’ll have so many pictures to show them’. At the age of 12 you are taught how to use make up and are told to lose weight so you can impress boys. This is all you know, so you accept it- even though it doesn’t feel completely right

You are told about ‘the gays’ because they’re on TV and on movies. They are all thin white men who work in fashion or theatre and say ‘fabulous’ a lot. Lesbians you never see but are gossiped by people your age and you accept the word as gospel, that they are masculine looking with short hair, ugly, large bodies, and only play sports- this in your young impressionable mind reads as bad and you wouldn’t want to be one ever and so join the laughs when one girls calls another ‘a fucking lesbo’  even though it doesn’t sit right.

When you are about to hit 14 you start noticing small things. How in an all girls school where girls squeal at the prospect of meeting boys when you meet them you feel kinda nonplussed when seeing them. The way you like how long curly girls hair looks more than boys short hair. How female models in magazines, while make you jealous of their bodies, are far more attractive to you then the male ones your friends keep hollister bags of. The way you don’t blink an eye at boys with abs but blush a little when a female friend gives you long warm hugs. How you watch ‘friends’ re-runs and decide you’d date rachel or monica or pheobe before you’d date joey. but that can’t be right. because you’re not meant to look at girls. and besides you have long hair (which you love), you are happy wearing make-up sometimes, you like some pretty dresses, and you hate sports- you like reading orwell and watching doctor who. And when you start to get feelings for your female friend you keep them pushed down. especially when she changes school and stops talking to you. 

Then you start watching this show called ‘glee’ (dont fucking stop reading cause you hate how glee has turned out) the show is kinda funny and has good songs. And then there’s your favourite character ‘Santana’ who is extremely pretty, with long curly hair, a cheerleader, with a great singing voice and a great dancer, who is sarcastic and bitchy and you think she’s amazing. Then you find out she’s in love with Brittany and it kinda knocks you over. Because she’s girly, maybe not the poster girl of 1950’s housewife material, but she’s girly and in love with a girl. So what do you do? What can you do? Now that one of your most solid reasons for thinking you’re not attracted to girls just vanishes. So you start watching movies like ‘imagine me & you’ and ’but i’m a cheerleader’ and while you learn that holy shit you might be gay you also learn quickly that the world is very uninviting towards people that are.

So you panic. You end up crying a lot. You feel yourself flinch everytime someone says ‘thats so gay’. You distance yourself from your friends who want to talk about boys and ask you if you want to be set-up with one. You hear people in your class talk about glee and say ‘it was cool but it’s so gross they made santana a lesbian’ and they say it like the world tastes bad so you keep your mouth clamped up so can’t say a thing. Your teacher gives you poetry by 'Duffy’ and in her introduction mentions that she is indeed gay and you watch silently as your classmates scrunch up their faces and sigh exasperatedly. Your parents are liberal but they aren’t even 100% okay with the state of your mental health- how could you tell them you were gay? You hate yourself. While many girls around you begin hating their bodies you hate yourself to your very core because clearly there was something wrong with you.

You join tumblr and suddenly the world is slightly brighter because there are a lot of gay people on there. It introduces you to more famous people that are gay and more shows with gay people. One of your closest friends decides they wanted to know why you had been so down. You tell them. You them that you think you are interested in girls. You wait for them to shout at you but they don’t. They hug you and tell you it’s okay and that you are fine. You feel a little happier.

Then you find a few acquaintances at school who found Santana being gay awesome. They used tumblr like you. You brought them to your main group of friends. And a few months later, they both openly admitted to being interested in girls. It gives you the courage to tell people you were gay. People hug you. They ask you odd questions like ‘how did you know?’ and you reply like a smartass ‘how long have you know you were straight?’ to shut them up. but you hold your tongue about that fact that it wasn’t that simple. That how could that be the same. They have always been told they were straight and for them it made sense. You had to figure it out alone. You had to figure it out extensively like the longest research project you ever had.

And as you grow up the friends you make are almost exclusively from the LGBTQA+ community because you know they’re safe. They come from tumblr, from conventions, you meet them at pride. Your straight friends get annoyed that you don’t date and you try to explain that you would but it’s a lot harder when you could walk into a room and be the only gay* (*or otherwise interested in girls) there. When your friends say stuff like ‘that’s so gay- no offence’ you smile along and let it slide because they are your friends and they already have to deal with you being gay- you don’t want to to argue with them all the time especially when you know none of them’ll be on your side and complain you’re being too ’politically correct’. When moving to a new school where you are afraid and you meet a couple of gay guys who already have a group of friends who are cool with it you join them because you can’t trust anyone else. not yet. 

And that’s the difference. That’s why it’s not the same. Maybe the worlds not 100% for straight people but it’s like 99.9% and that can ruin a kids childhood because they don’t get to be as carefree as other young kids. And yeah i’m privileged for being white and cis and living in a first world country so i’ve had a lucky childhood compared to some. but don’t make it out like it’s as easy to be gay as it’s easy to be straight. because it’s not that simple. And if you really think it is then must have a real lack of perception, kiddo. 

So in that particular post’s case of straight pride being everywhere so you don’t need a particular event for it. You are incredibly ignorant if you think that’s not true.

Lemonade and victim blaming

I am so tired of the blame game here:

1. People have been coming for Jay, left right and center, they have been going off. Those who are not are those whack ass black dudes that pick on black women. 

2. Beyonce aired her pain and went off on her husband who is responsible for his fidelity to her. But they are public figures, everyone knows they are married. Roy, if it was her or whoever it is responsible for her actions as she is a grown ass woman. 

Even while airing her pain, she uplifted her fellow Black women and made it a point to create powerful visuals that show sisterhood, solidarity and a supportive environment for ALL SHADES of women which is something we desperately need. I do think its a miss that she didn’t also include the women who were lost as well, but that could have been the point. We are constantly hurt by Black men, even though we support, love and remember them fondly. We do not just stand for Black men, we stand for each other (black women) as well, not often is it the other way around.  But  women also hurt other women race doesn’t always matter when it comes to jealousy, which brings me to point 3.

3. Rachel Roy could have kept her mouth shut, but she wanted to make a point and be seen. It was a tacky, petty thing to do and I honestly don’t know what she expected. A hug? A handshake? She set out to be hurtful and then she got hurt. Beyonce has not said anything about her, she was vague and incognegro (no that isn’t a typo) as hell. Roy brought this on, she wrote herself an invite, traipsed her ass in the door and then turned around and showed her ass. Her being dragged is on her. Beyonce shows other Black women that she cares about them, that she doesn’t necessarily ‘other’ herself like a lot of famous Black women do. Her fanbase is loyal because of that. I’m not a Bey stan by any means but I can clearly see why her fanbase is so hardcore.

Jay was in the video, he knows whats up. He is still with Beyonce, so if she decided to forgive him and he decided to clean up his act, then he knows whats up. Roy had no right inserting herself like that, she was totally under the radar. People suspect Rita Ora too… she hasn’t said anything. (unless I missed it?)

If cheating was going on with those two, then Jay and Roy are in the wrong and Bey is the victim. I will not be party to victim blaming- it isn’t right. And if my man messed up, I only pray there would be people who were willing to stand up for me and call both of their asses out. Especially if they are unapologetic and act as though it is a joke.