but it seems like they're just friends

Extroverted and introverted versions of the signs
  • EXTROVERTED ARIES: Talks to everybody, even the people that they don't like. Smiles a lot, loves shopping and travelling, loves partying, can't keep them at one place when they're out at night. They have to visit all the nightclubs and bars. Loves shopping and dresses colourfully most of the time, but can be really competitive at times which makes them even mean. A big foodie and can't get enough of anything they do
  • INTROVERTED ARIES: Speaks only to their mom, wishes everyone else could just die because they hate everybody, but is actually very VERY nice to people. Loves cats and inspiring quotes but can be a real backstabbing bitch. Even though they're introverted, they still love being the most popular one
  • EXTROVERTED TAURUS: Talks to everyone about everything, can sit with a serial killer and have a normal conversation. Spends millions of dollars on food and coffee, hugs every animal they see on the street, has LOTS of friends, but tends to forget some of their friends because they constantly make new friends and don't have the ability to keep control over the communication with all of their friends
  • INTROVERTED TAURUS: Very passive, VERY LAZY, doesn't want to get out of bed, loves watching films and TV series, loves listening to music alone or with their partner, very caring and kind, loves animals and they think that they have the hidden magical ability to communicate with animals while it seems like they're just being foolish talking to every pet of their friends
  • EXTROVERTED GEMINI: Very communicative, a literal drama queen, has tons of acquaintances but hates almost everybody and almost everybody hates them. Has like only 3 real friends who do not use the Gemini because this Gemini simply doesn't know when to shut up. Talks to everyone and can be really bitchy at times. Doesn't know how to keep secrets and spreads gossip and rumors like 104% of the time. Loves shopping and art, but also loves hoeing around to death. Also, loves champagne - be it cheap or expensive, it just needs to be champagne (preferably pink).
  • INTROVERTED GEMINI: Loves staying in bed all day, twittering, sitting on tumblr and instagram and basically every single social media. Really talented but for like very strange things. Doesn't like eggs. Gets bored of people very often and can't stand staying with another person in the same room for more than 20 minutes. Constantly wants to go home but when they go home they don't know why the hell they went home - they realized that they liked staying outside better. Has a very interesting blog, tries to stay healthy and always tries to start their life anew, but they just can't give up on their vices, especially smoking. Loves comfort and velvet clothing. Likes reading magazines and loves the fashion world but they have no clue how to dress because they're too anxious about their choices. Their mind is so fast and they learn quickly
  • EXTROVERTED CANCER: Literally a SPAMMER. Spams everybody in real life too, not only on social media. Obsessed with anime and japanese things. Likes k-pop. Thinks they're the master but can be really boring sometimes because they just can't stop talking about topics that nobody is interested in. But very pure and good. Gets kinda hellish when they're angry, they can't control their temper even 1%. Really strong physically and doesn't get sick very often. Loves their friends and their family and always gives GREAT advice. Obsessed with cats and dogs and animals in global
  • INTROVERTED CANCER: Always draws some cute anime things on their notebooks, really intelligent but just can't study because they can't stay focused because they overthink everything. Really intense emotions but seems unemotional because they don't even show 20% of their emotions. Has like only 1 or 2 friends, 3 tops. Loves their mom and is really connected with her. Has some hidden talents that nobody knows about, like, making pancakes or some weird shit that you could have never thought of. A really good cook
  • EXTROVERTED LEO: Gets on the verge of a nervous breakdown if they're not the center of attention. REALLY intelligent and learns really fast but there are things that they just can't learn, like, maths or some specific subject that makes them seem stupid. But they're not stupid, they're just over-enthusiastic about everything. Rolls their eyes very often and acts really bossy all the time. Loves people and loves visiting their friends and relatives. Doesn't like to get abused and manipulated while they use and manipulate people on a daily basis, just for fun. But can be easily manipulated into something, even if they're aware of that, because their pride doesn't let them "lose". Likes reading books and doesn't understand paintings. Thinks they're a good leader while they might lead people to hell .... just for fun.
  • INTROVERTED LEO: A cinnamon roll too pure for this world, learns things really quickly and loves helping people. They're a really good supporter. Totally connected to their cat and thinks their cat is secretly a human being or a miracle. Idolizes things and people. Quite afraid of things most of the time and really, really socially anxious but doesn't show it because their pride doesn't let them. But it can be obvious sometimes, believe me. Likes having long conversations with their friends, but has only one or two friends so they literally can't stop talking or typing when they're alone with their friend. Doesn't let their parents find out anything about themselves and makes everybody watch their favourite tv show
  • EXTROVERTED VIRGO: Really communicative and organized, a great leader, full of knowledge, doesn't really show their emotions by keeping a poker face most of the time. A really good supporter and knows how to lead people on the right way. A very good teacher in life. You can learn a lot from them. Their capabilities know no boundaries. Very, very intelligent and ambitious but not power-hungry... well, ok, sometimes. Really enthusiastic about the topic they're talking about but doesn't want anyone to find out that they're obsessed with that particular thing. Loves coffee and loves food. Always achieves their goals and it's mostly done the hard way
  • INTROVERTED VIRGO: Their mind is chaos, just unbearable. Certainly NOT organized, doesn't even know where they're going when they get out of their house. Hates most people and thinks that most people hate them, but really chill when they're outside with their friends. Just doesn't know how to communicate with people properly and they're really, really obsessed with themselves. They have a higher opinion on themselves (read egotistic). Intelligent but doesn't know how to use their intelligence and they always refuse advice
  • EXTROVERTED LIBRA: Communicative af, even when they don't know what they're talking about. Has knowledge in all spheres of life and is a really sweet cinnamon roll too pure for this world. Tons of emotions and needs constant reminders to stay organized like sticky notes and stuff. Has interesting style and has the best eyebrows. Really appealing and beautiful, both physically and mentally. Likes seeming normal just because they're keeping their kinky self for their partner. Really good in bed and really intelligent. Very, VERY committed once they find the true love of their life but can be a fuckboy/fuckgirl when they haven't found their true love because they love experimenting with people and is aware that they can get the most beautiful boyfriends and girlfriends
  • INTROVERTED LIBRA: Loves books and shopping and is really organized. Likes pastel colours and loves cats. Behaves like royalty and wants to be admired. REally feminine. A dreamy girl/boy who wants to find their soulmate. Enjoys coffee, tea, long walks and deep conversations. Likes staring through their window and is often absent-minded, daydreams a lot. Really good, genuine and kind. Cries after somebody hurts them but always forgives people and is really not combative. Likes poetry and loves speaking in public, although they're an introvert
  • EXTROVERTED SCORPIO: Loves meeting new people and can really be successful but often wastes that potential on getting drunk, partying, love and sex. But still, dazzles with their appearance and is really hot. Hides their low self-confidence by manipulating people and hurting others just to feel good and in control. Really loyal to the people who are their TRUE friends but often tends to skip going out with their friends because there's some diCc/puSsi on the plate. But still, loyal to death and never hesitates to reach their hand and help a friend in need of help. Can be really problematic and chaotic because they're unorganized but they live in their own world and know that everything is going to be okay
  • INTROVERTED SCORPIO: Way too socially anxious and doesn't care about anyone hurting their emotions. Really depressed most of the time but forgets about their depression when they're with their friends. They don't have too many friends because they're introverted af and they don't know how to communicate with people in public. Can be quite inappropriate but always knows how to make others laugh. Will act as a clown if it helps a friend to stop being sad. Really intelligent and rarely uses their intelligence and potential because they're busy eating tasty food while playing video games or watching movies. They're even socially awkward with animals - that's how far it goes with introverted people with this sign. But not to be mistaken, they're really good and emotional but they don't like showing their emotions in front of people, they think it makes them weak SADasd
  • EXTROVERTED SAGITTARIUS: Emotional as fuck. They're emotions are chaos and they're so fucking introverted that everybody can see what's going on in their life. In fact, they LOVE exposing themselves. Really physically beautiful, popular and active on social media. Has great aesthetics and is obsessed with shopping. Acts like royalty and loves commanding people. A little bit self-centered and egotistic and think that they're always right, so when somebody doesn't accept their opinion they instantly start raging about it
  • INTROVERTED SAGITTARIUS: Loves bossing people around, even though they're an introvert. Hates showing their emotions and can be a really big manipulator at times. However, very emotional and one of the biggest fighters there are. Really, REALLY intense. You don't want to see them getting mad. They can easily hurt you but you can easily hurt them too because they're fragile as fuck on the inside, but they will never admit that you've hurt them in any way because they're proud as fuck so nobody is messing with the queen
  • EXTROVERTED CAPRICORN: Really funny and interesting, talks to everybody about everything. Always says what's on their mind and loves buying unique things. Doesn't have good grades but that doesn't mean that they're unintelligent or stupid. On the contrary. Very intelligent and daydreams a lot, loves telling jokes and has a fucked up sense of humor. So unique. Loves money but doesn't like to admit it lmao. Very artistic and loves philosophy, animals, nature, music and languages. A fair player most of the time and knows how to support their friends. Selfless on the outside, selfish on the inside. Also, loves cooking some strange things which usually taste very weird but in a good way
  • INTROVERTED CAPRICORN: Doesn't speak at all and just sits there waiting for the world to end. You really just can't make them say a word because they're a little bit self-centered and they think that they don't have to waste their time talking to unimportant people about unimportant things. However, they can get really silly sometimes and burst off, even though they're an introvert. Can't stop talking about things they love, it's really strange how such a person who doesn't talk at all - turns into a youtuber the moment they find out that somebody likes the same things that they do. Money kinda rule their world and they really want to earn money with everything they do, but having no money doesn't stop them from achieving the things they want in life
  • EXTROVERTED AQUARIUS: You just can't see them sober. Parties, drugs, journeys, walks in nature and such things move their world. Just can't stop partying all the time. Has lots of friends and is really popular, probably is a DJ or a famous singer. Really seductive and beautiful physically. Simply everybody is their friend (except for the people they hate lmao) and they can always find someone to hang out with, because everybody wants to hang out with them. Really intense and quite bitchy most of the time, which makes them seem really arrogant but that's just how it is and they are fully aware of this
  • INTROVERTED AQUARIUS: You can't see emotions on their face. It's impossible. They might even question themselves if they're human beings because they aren't really aware of their emotions most of the time. Loves plants and things like aliens, unicorns, etc. Lives in a fantasy world and hates the real world. So impatient about everything and has nervous breakdowns when somebody complains about something they do. Really nice to people, even though they hate like 99% of them. Has probably a tumblr blog and rages on it about everything. Roasts famous people on twitter and doesn't even care about it
  • EXTROVERTED PISCES: Goal-oriented as fuck. Doesn't stop until they get what they want. REALLY emotional, maybe the sign with the most intense emotions out there. Is a really good friend with everybody but can be a little bit bitchy and arrogant at times, especially when things are not going their way. Actually, when it's hard for them to get or achieve something, they use manipulation to get what they want. As I said, their emotions are very intense so literally everything hurts them because they're sensitive as fuck. Eccentric af. When somebody hurts them in any way, they always find a way to hurt that person's back and nobody can even see that they're behind everything that's happening to that person. Sly. But very loyal to their real friends and will never let them down. When they love - they love with every piece of their soul and would put their heart into a person they love's hands, if it needs be. Because of their intense temper, sometimes they might seem like a fiery sign because they explode and hurt people really quickly
  • INTROVERTED PISCES: So fucking sensitive and their mind is chaos. Doesn't know what they're doing most of the time but in the end they always succeed in everything they do. People see them as fragile but that's just how they seem. They are actually really strong because they've been through a lot. Born with tremendous artistic tendencies and art is literally their life. They are very talented. Loves animals, shopping, nature, taking long walks, deep conversations and stargazing. Loves books and learning new weird languages and has tons of inside jokes with their 2 friends. They open up really hardly and they just don't let everybody in their life - they are really picky when it comes to people that they let in their life. Socially anxious as fuck and will look like a fool if they try to talk in public, so they avoid such situations
Today's Cartoons
  • Gravity Falls: Two Kids spending summer vacation with their weird uncle in a town where bizarre things happen with a big mystery. Also about trust, growing up with maturity rather than grow apart from family, always sticking by your friends through the roughest times.
  • Wander Over Yonder: An Optimistic alien who wants to help people across the galaxy. Also wants to make sure no one is ever helpless like he was and help villains rather than hurt or beat them just because they're bad.
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil: A magical princess from another dimension fights evil with her best friend while having magical and fun adventures. Also shows the fear of the future, fear of growing up, and realistic crushes/relationships/love triangles and how to face them sensibly while growing as a person.
  • Steven Universe: A young boy being partially raised by aliens and has space related adventures while learning about his mother. Also about love and acceptance for everyone and character development that's relatable and real.
  • Voltron-Legendary Defender: A reboot of an 80's show that didn't have much to offer centering around five people who are chosen to defend the universe. Also about teamwork always works, everybody has each others backs, and helping anyone in need no matter how small they seem. Becoming more than just a team, they've become a family all while saving the universe from a former hero.
  • O.K K.O! Let's be Heroes: A boy wants to become a great hero like his friends and family and fight evildoers. Also explains that a hero's journey is long and hard but can be achieved by focus and discipline, while showing that everyone has different sides to them including dark ones and can grow everyday.
  • Society: They're just kids shows, people. 😑
a few things you probably did not know about the signs
  • aries: even though they don't express it frequently, they constantly crave attention from the people they care about and feel neglected/disliked if they don't receive that attention
  • taurus: they're incredibly secretive; even if it seems like they're talking a lot and opening up to you, you will never know the whole story bc they'll never let you know the whole story - only random parts of it
  • gemini: very aware of what makes other people happy and of how to cheer them up - actually surprisingly good at comforting people if they care about them enough
  • cancer: even if they seem quiet and reserved on the outside theyre actually completely crazy once you get to know them and it's almost scary tbh
  • leo: 100% ready to help you out through any crap you're going through and are likely to kill someone for you if you need it
  • virgo: they have a rly dorky sense of humour and even though their jokes are usually the lame they'll always be there to pick you up when you're having a bad day
  • libra: not rly nice and nurturing to EVERYONE (like zodiac posts make them seem), actually VERY selective about their friends and gives them the realest advice without ever sugarcoating anything
  • scorpio: too perceptive, even if they don't point it out they can tell when something's wrong before you've even decided to tell them
  • sagittarius: even though they're outgoing and usually manage to get along with different kinds of people, they have only a very small number of true friends who they are ridiculously loyal to
  • capricorn: they are veeeeery picky, especially when it comes to friends and the people they trust - even if they seem very impressed with you they might be just acting polite while judging u on the inside lmao
  • aquarius: they aren't unemotional, they probably do care about you a lot but just don't know how to show it
  • pisces: they let themselves get dragged through the dirt all the time and even if you treat them like crap they pretend they're okay when they're not and do literally whatever they can to help you and make you happy
How to guess peoples zodiac sign
  • (This is my experience about how certain signs act and things that have become kinda like patterns..)
  • Aries: the really present people, strong opinions and impulsive actions. Always wrapped up in some kind of relationship
  • Taurus: really chill and laid-back, stubborn and sometimes really negative, you might think they're a Scorpio at first.
  • Gemini: you get a kind of excited feeling when youre around them, those kind of people you know you cant be best friends with because they have too many friends, usually have some of those Virgo cleanfreak traits.
  • Cancer: shy people, just shy people.
  • Leo: doesnt talk that much, but you know theyre judging you.. and the hair, its always the hair.
  • Virgo: usually arent as serious and "earthy" as you'd expect, pretty random, seems like Cancer and Aries had a lovechild. So incredibly caring, usually get along with a wide range of people.
  • Libra: the ones you won't catch your eye at first, but when they do you'll remember them. It's hard to have an opinion on them since they blend in so well. Not often seen alone.
  • Scorpio: can be really social but theyll still be a bit weird. when they talk to you they'll ask specific quiestions
  • Sagittarius: really laid-back, really easy to approach but hard to follow, fits the Sagittarius really well usually
  • Capricorn: extremely dorky and social, the most airy earth sign for sure. They care about their future but they don't actually have their shit together like their stereotype
  • Aquarius: weird and really follow their own beliefs, is friends with everyone and no one at the same time. the ones that stand out, stuck in their own dreamworld like a Pisces would
  • Pisces: the hardest sign to guess, since they usually act like one the signs of above. always wants to help and listen. pretty aloof, also have their own world.
If You Won’t Love Yourself, We Will

Originally posted by amynelsons

Request: Hiya. Its me again. I’m sorry 😳 but um, I was wondering if you could do an Ethan imagine (I frickin love Ethan) where y/n isn’t very skinny and is slightly overweight and is so self concious of her body and what not and Ethan is there to tell her encouraging words to.her (it doesn’t have to be romantic but I wouldn’t mind if it is) sorry this is so long

Summary: Fem!Reader is overweight and self conscious about it and Ethan goes and makes her feel better about herself. What a nice guy I love Ethan.

A/N: Hey guys, this request hit very close to home as I too struggle with being self conscious about the way I look and wih body dysmorphia. It sucks, and there are definitely better days than others, and I wanted to kinda depict the way I personally feel on the bad days when I don’t want anyone to see me. It’s unedited because I honestly just didn’t want to reread it and get sad while watching Harry Potter. As always, italics signify the inner monologue of a character. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve used that gif of Ethan before, but I kinda had to use it for this fic, it’s too perfect not to.

Wordcount: 1190good length, yes?

Request some more guys!

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He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

We’ve gotten into a thing where if we’re doing sketches, we used to like drag around a tripod and that’s just such a pain in the arse, like I can say this from experience, just being a performer is so much easier than being a creative YouTuber that makes things independently because when you have to be like the writer of the content and you know essentially the director of the content and you have to set up the camera and the lights and the sounds and then do it, it… oh my God it takes so long. … It’s much easier to be like “Phil, Phiiil… can you hold the camera for me?” and he’s like “ugh!”, so yeah whenever we film videos we’re usually just like “pleeaase help” and the other person is like “whyyy?”, which is the sign of a good friendship. Helping them, but you know never helpfully helping them you really have to moan and make it seem like you’re doing something incredibly painful and unnecessary. You can’t just like a good friend, you really have to make it seem like they’re the worst person in the entire world.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 7th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (28/?)

anonymous asked:

How do you think befriending the rivals could benifet or hurt ayano? Obviously they wont just leave after their week is done and if they're friends with ayano won't the trie to help her. Helping her seems like a cute thought.

I always liked the idea of Ayano slowly but surely recovering from her empty state as she’s exposed to more sincere love and kindness. But here are some of the possible benefits that will also follow in befriending rivals

If you befriend a rival, she will text you once a week to see how you’re doing with a photo of herself as well.

Osana: Taro now knows who’s Ayano is, and is on good terms with her. He will now forgive her for small mistakes, like carry weapons, laughing, bloody clothes, etc.. as long as you have a sincere apology. Osana gives you a matching black kitty keychain as a token. This will now be present on your phone. Info-chan will not be pleased with you, however. You may want to watch your back…

Amai: Befriending her means you now have the full trust of the cooking club. Not only that, but you now have full access to more weapons and possibly poisoning a rival’s food in the future. Amai gives you an apron that you can wear as a token.

Kizana: You now have the full trust of the drama club. You will have a reputation boost of 10+ because people will believe you are charismatic and popular. You will have access to masks, costumes, gloves, and other potential weapons. It will be less creepy if you wear bloody clothes. Kizana gives you one of her beloved rose hair-ties as a token (customizable). Kokona also gives you a big hug.

Oka: You now have full trust of the occult club. You have access to spell books and potential weapons, and possible minions. Some students may find you a bit odd to befriend the occult kids. Oka gives you her favorite book as a token, which can come in handy later. You now have gained a newfound sensitivity to the supernatural, which could come in handy later…

Asu: You now have full trust of the sports club. You have access to use the pool and gym at any time of the day, and seeing you with a baseball bat or any sports related weapon wouldn’t be too much concern. Asu gives you an old track jacket of hers, which you can wear.

Muja: You will now have access to the infirmary at all times of the day. This will give you a plethora of poisons you can use, but once a week the nurse will ask you to watch over the infirmary for an hour while she takes her break. Students will now believe you to be a helpful person they can rely on, increasing your reputation by 5. Muja will give you the name tag you have to wear on the job. You may also wear this outside of your job.

Mida: You now have full trust of the staff, not including the headmaster. You now have the option of having Mida tutor you privately once a week in certain subjects, giving a boost in the area you choose (excluding PE). Some students may now think you’re a teacher’s pet. She will also give you a tube of red lipstick that she considers her favorite brand. When Ayano wears this, her seduction goes up.

Osoro: You now have full trust and the backup of the delinquents. If someone is picking a fight with you or another student, give Osoro a call and she’ll send a lackey or sometimes she’ll come over herself and deal with the student. However, your reputation will go down -5 because students will think you do illegal things. Osoro will give you her coat, which you can wear to school. If you haven’t befriended Mida however, teachers will not allow you to wear it during class hours.

Hanako: You now have Taro’s full trust. He will occasionally stop and ask how you are doing in the hallways. Every once in a while he will make small talk with Ayano, but a mini game will pop up where you have to help Ayano keep her cool. Hanako will give you a matching pink heart clip you can wear. Taro will always smile and comment on how cute you look when you wear it.

Megami: You will now have the whole schools trust, and the support of Saikou Corp. Depending on if you helped clear the Journalist’s name and had Ryoba arrested, Megami may also award/honor you for your help in a case that was wrongfully determined. Megami will give you a special friendship bracelet that is customizable, but will always be seen on Megami.

If you have anything to add, let me know!

The MBTI Heist
  • ENTJ- The Backer: The one who's paying for the heist to be done. Enjoys bossing everyone around by stating they're in charge of the operation, but everyone knows INTJ designed the heist.
  • INTJ- The Mastermind: The one who comes up with the entire scheme and makes the diagrams and writes up the roles. Would be the "Boss" but is too socially awkward, so they sit in the dark, scheme, and refer everyone to ESTJ for answers.
  • ENTP- The Source: The one who found the job. Typically the one to find the jobs in general. Has really good online connections and is typically able to get us the best price for the job.
  • INTP- The Hacker: Content to sit in the back of the van controlling the alarms, security cameras, lights, etc... INTJ wants you to hack into the police database to alter information? About time you had a challenge!
  • ESTJ- The Boss: Technically not the one who planned the heist, yet everything goes through them. Their unofficial job is to manage the crew and make sure they know their roles flawlessly.
  • ISTJ- The Informant: The one who knows about everything. They have gathered all the information concerning everything about this heist, and could ESTJ please explain that once more, it doesn't seem like sound logic.
  • ESTP- The Conman: The one doing the actual conning. Being the actor, doing some people manipulating, creating some useful relationships.
  • ISTP- The Gadgets Guy: Job description is to create or obtain what ever the crew needs. In charge of all the gear, from earpieces to explosives. Enjoys planting bugs on INTP to hear them talking to themselves while in their van.
  • ENFJ- The Mole: The one already on the inside. Everyone likes them and sure they'll listen to your problem... and then leak your weaknesses to the crew.
  • INFJ- The Pickpocket: Somehow able to get you to start telling them your life's story in the bus. When you're done it'll be more than your conscience that's been lifted. Enjoys secretly planting little notes of encouragement on all the crew members.
  • ENFP- The Acquirer: The one who everyone seems to like and has limitless contacts. ISFP needs a better motor for their car? Yeah, I have a friend whose dad's cousin runs a car shop in New York, so of course I can get that.
  • INFP- The Person on the Inside: Unlike the Mole who was placed in their position, the insider doesn't know they're going to help until they are. They really are just trying to help, and ESTP made it clear that it would be a big help ($$$) if you just left that one door unlocked.
  • ESFJ- The New Kid: The one with potential in everything, but not great at anything. A little lost but ready to prove themselves. Is super hyped that to know the INFJ believes in them.
  • ISFJ- The Muscle: The sweetest person... until you mess with their crew family! They're super devoted to the crew and have no qualms backing that statement up with some force.
  • ESFP- The Distraction: The one causing the social commotion. Keeping everyone's eyes fixated on them, not the other crew members. Their job is to be more exciting then the surroundings.
  • ISFP- The Driver: They've taken driving to a whole new level, it's become an art form. Yes, all those cars are theirs.

acamuna  asked:

Okay, just a few questions- One, does the annoying dog exist in this AU? Also, what about Catty and Bratty? If so on the latter, I want to see them more, because they're adorable girlfriends, at least in my headcannon ;)

In the AFAC verse Bratty and Catty live together and are best friends but both secretly wish they were girlfriends but for whatever reason they both think the other isn’t interested in girls. There is, however, a mysterious fat cat that seems to be trying to get them to be honest with each other through very roundabout methods, like causing Jenny by Studio Killers to be on high rotation in Trash Mart, and leaving coupons for various date locations on their doorstep.

  • person: hey how you doing
  • me: good
  • person: s-
  • me: actually skam is ending and im just not ready because it's not even some tv show anymore, it's more like a lifestyle and i can't just give that up and on top of that everything is such a mess right now like what is up with the carrots and the black and white shirts aND ALSO sana loves yousef but yousef seems to have a thing with noora(ew) and sana really deserves yousef and she deserves happiness but everything her friends give her is disrespect and bullshit and they're not worthy of her love she deserves someone who will appreciate her and care for her(even bech næsheim were u @)and the worst part is that there's only a few episodes left and how could this many problems be fixed and this many questions be answered in just a couple of minutes tHE PEOPLE WANNA KNOW
Hogwarts Houses When Jealous
  • for anon
  • Gryffindor: just tells the person making them jealous that their partner is taken. If the person is a crush rather than a partner, they respect the person's choices, but complain to their closest friends.
  • Slytherin: casually slides into their partner's conversation. If the person is a crush, they spend as much time as they can arrange around the person, and try to seem more desirable to them.
  • Ravenclaw: question their partner about the interaction afterwards, double checking that nothing happened between the person and their partner. If they're just a crush, ravenclaws are most likely to internalize it, even if they still hope to date the person
  • Hufflepuff: do not get jealous easily, and trust their partner to be faithful. If anything, they may just watch carefully from a distance

ainiyuku  asked:

Hello! I just started watching Voltron because your art finally helped me make the decision :) I was wondering, if you haven't already and don't mind sharing, why do you ship Sheith? They're quickly becoming my favorite but my friend said they aren't as popular but they just seem so amazing!

Thank you! Glad my art contributed! :D

I ship Sheith because:

  • I’m always a sucker for those best friends to lovers trope. That’s what the best OTPs are made of for me.
  • I love the angry-ball-small who turns all soft for sunshine-tall pairings.
  • Shiro is literally Keith’s world. FIGHT ME.
  • Shiro is Keith’s number priority and is the embodiment of his hopes and fears. Like DAMN, SON. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.
  • Sheith reminds me of my first love in college it’s scary and nice at the same time. tbh i haven’t decided which yet lmao
  • Shiro treats Keith so differently compared to the others? Shiro can let his guard down and be himself with Keith.
  • KEITH WILL SAVE SHIRO AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES DUDE THIS GUY IS IN LOVE IDK HOW ELSE TO INTERPRET THIS. Make Shiro a female here and we all know that’s a very romantic scene. It IS a romantic scene. End of discussion.
  • Have you seen how much they touch each other so tenderly? /clutches chest/ Like this is just too much for me. Idk how to handle it.
  • I’m just at lost at how much they are each other’s very important person? It’s so obvious in canon sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming it but I’m not? it’s literally out there. Spelled out for all of us to see?
  • They have the most established relationship in the show I’m honestly 75% sure they are going to be endgame. 25% is obviously for dreamworks being cowardly fools. 
  • THEIR DYNAMICS IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP. So much trust, so much love… they’re so soft and tender it’s turning me soft.
  • Pretty shallow but they are so aesthetically pleasing to look at. As an artist, their character designs are perfect to be drawn together and I love drawing them doing whatever the hell I can come up with.

I’m sure there are more reasons but I’m at work right now and this is what I can come up with at the moment during hard times HAHAHAHHA

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P1/2 I'm curious what you think of the MM deal after experiencing ECCC. From an outside perspective who's never met SC I keep on going back to recaps. Sam seems like such a sweetie & a real gentlemen. To all the women there but especially Cait. For arguments sake let's say they're just friends. I imagine that means he'd treat his gf even more special, which doesn't fit the MM mold. Not only w/ how they seemed in pics but given all that's happened online & reactions (or non reactions) by him..

P2/2..I can’t fathom the guy who seems like superman in terms of treatment specifically of his female friends to not be more into a SO. It’s not just respect in terms of what ppl say when they meet him but you can tell w/ what he posts & everything that it seems genuine & not a show for fans while at cons to make a good impression. Given the image that’s being pushed of Sam in S/MM & the image you see of Sam while seeing SC in person, how does that affect what you think of the whole thing?

I swore to myself I wouldn’t answer any more messages about MM so I’m saying this once and then hopefully never again. I think, if Sam is dating Mackenzie, then 95% of his behavior this weekend alone was inappropriate. Same with Caitriona’s behavior if Sam has a girlfriend, never mind everything else that’s happened just in the last month or two. Throwing things at his head from across the room? Calling him her partner in crime (which is exactly what he called her 5 months ago)? Talking about taking care of him and giving him vitamins to keep him healthy? She’s not doing that for the fanbase, let’s be real. And she’s not doing it for another woman either. That plus the number of times Sam mentioned that they had been told what to say in response to certain questions? 

After this weekend, I am firmly aboard the Mackenzie is 100% being paid to show up with Sam at random work related events ship. He’s obliged, maybe contractually maybe just to appease his bosses for a certain length of time, to show up in random public areas with this woman for some reason. I’m comfortable enough with this theory to say that Sam and Mackenzie, at this point, are probably friends and she is 100% benefitting from this setup more than he is. Do I think it goes anywhere beyond that? After seeing the way Sam gazes at Cait, after hearing and SEEING with my own eyeballs how attentive and aware of her he is (and vice versa) and how fucking HAPPY and content they are when the other is nearby - like lit the fuck up happy and content - I think there’s pretty much zero doubt left in my mind that they’re together. 

As a bonus and I know it sounds ridiculous to say: they have an aura about them. Like they are SO in tune with each other, so incredibly aware of one another and in sync with each other, perhaps without realizing it. It goes way, way beyond just being best friends. It’s this completely untouchable and unbreakable bond between them and it shows. It shows in their body language, in the way they respond, react and listen to one another, in their natural give and take with one another and in the way they look at each other. Goddamn the way they look at each other. It’s in the livestream - they had entire conversations multiple times just by looking at each other. You can SEE it. There’s no boundaries between them. In the way that only two people who have been incredibly intimate, both physically and emotionally, with each other can have. I really honestly believe Sam would do anything for Cait and vice versa, even though she’d never admit it to us at least. So there ya have it. I’m never fucking getting off this ship :)

  • Veronica: No you wouldn't understand!
  • Mom: Try me! I've experienced everything you're going through right now. Your problems seem like life and death. I promise they're not.
  • Veronica: Are you sure mom because I abandoned my best friend. I helped my boyfriend murder three students and make it seem like suicide and now they're haunting me. I'm trying to get him to just have a normal life but we're really damaged.
  • Mom: ...
  • Veronica: ...

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Could you please do some Junkrat, Reaper or Genji with a s/o who hides under furniture whenever they're sad or scared! I have a friend who does this and it's adorable ♡ Also I love what you do!!!

So I want to apologize. This was one of the responses I almost had done, and I was just getting ready to hit post but like an idiot I hit something I shouldn’t have. The other responses were incredibly detailed, each with their own unique situations and they were super cute. But I really hate re-writing something I’ve already made, especially when it was as long as I had these three so we’ll see

Update: Worse, I seem to be making them even longer then the previous


  • So he didnn’t know that you hid under furniture when you were scared, nor did he always think of the repercussions of his actions
  • One day he insisted on showing you his work shop, filled of bombs and wires and other weird creations he’d had in the works.
  • It made you nervous but this was Jamison Fawkes, your Jamie, and you wanted to be a good girlfriend. To be a good girlfriend, you wanted to let him show you what he was ever so passionate about…even if it made you uneasy
  • It was all good at first, but then Jamie also insisted on showing you how to wire one of his small grenades. He noticed you standing a bit back, and admittedly he was more focused on your pretty face then connecting the correct wires
  • To his delighted shock, it exploded and sent him toppling off his stool. Laughing, Junkrat thought it was a good blast until he realized you were missing and saw the door click shut to the shop
  • Instantly he felt bad. Even though Jamie didn’t fully grasp why everyone couldn’t have his fascination with bombs, he knew it wasn’t fair to force his hobbies on you…Roadhog had told him that many times.
  • Off he went in search of you, searching every room of the house you both had moved into recently. Every room he went too, he couldn’t find you.
  • Finally Junkrat paused outside the room you declared untouchable to him. It was the one room Jamie wasn’t allowed to enter, likely because it would be clean
  • Taking a breath, Junkrat prepared to have to you yell at him and then opened the door. Blinking, he was surprised to not see you at all. The room was tidy though, and her understood your need to have a room free of him
  • Walking in, Junkrat slowly went around the room, before pausing when his peg leg accidentally kicked something on the ground. Looking down, he noticed your sneaker and….your leg?
  • Looking, Junkrat realized you were hunched beneath the desk, hands over your eyes. Seeing you there, struggling to remember to breath…Junkrat’s eyes softened.
  • Sitting on the floor, he scooted close enough so that his arm brushed yours, making you jump. You looked up at him with teary eyes and tried to take a deep breath.
  • “I’m sorry,” you whispered.
  • Jamie shook his head and reached over to smooth the hair from your cheek, wincing at the slight smudge his fingers left on your skin. “No. I’m the one who is sorry, darl’. Tis me own fault…I shouldna forced ye to go in the shop,” Jamie said with a sad smile. “I…I hope ye’ll fergive me, darl’, I was a right dongo, I was…”
  • Slowly you shook your head, trying to steady your breathing. The warmth of his arm soothed you, and you inched closer so that you fit into his side… he was like a heater, and you loved how warm he made you.
  • “You’re not a…a dongo…?” you said hesitantly. “I just…I get scared easily…And then I ran for the first place I thought I could take cover…I…when I get scared, I tend to curl up under tables or desks…Habit from when I was younger.”
  • It embarrassed you, as a grown woman, that anything could frighten you enough that you had to hide under furniture when frightened…
  • As if sensing your thought, Jamie took your chin and gave you a lopsided smile that melted your heart. “Think it’s kinda cute, honest,” he murmured, pressing a sooty kiss to your nose.
  • Realizing he left another smudge, he couldn’t help the giggle that escaped him. Neither could you honestly, and feeling a bit better, the two of you stayed curled up there under the desk for a long time.


  • Literally, the man spent an entire day trying to find you
  • Uppon noticing you weren’t there at breakfast, he searched for you in the halls.
  • The bathrooms. The Training room. The Hangar. Common Area.
  • No matter where he seemed to check, no one had seen you once this morning. And Widowmaker refused to use her recon visor in a building FULL of people, because she’d never be able to tell everyone apart.
  • Frustrated, Reaper had to give up for the evening. Duties had to be dealt with, and his frustration only grew more when you failed to come to practice.
  • Messages were sent to your phone. Oh yes, the big bad reaper has a cell phone-you made him get one and his only contact is you (his choice, not yours). When you don’t answer him, he almost breaks his phone in anger
  • Later that evening, he goes back to his room. Like a bachelor suite, it comes equipt with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and small living room space. Its large and enough for a man like him.
  • You still haven’t answered, he notices, and kicks his boots off at the door. Where ARE you? He’s starting to get worried at this point. Are you okay? Are you injured? Had something happened to you?
  • Growling, he started across the room when something caught his attention. One of the kitchen chairs was pulled out, and Reaper knew he hadn’t gone into his kitchen this morning.
  • Frowning, he took off his mask and placed it on the table. No one was in the room as far as he could see. Then he thought…
  • Looking under the table, Reaper was stunned to see you sitting there with your knees to your chest, looking lost in thought and gazing into space. God, had you been here this entire time?
  • Crouching, Reaper felt a burst of annoyance.
  • “Hello?” he growled. “Have you been here all day? What the hell, y/n, you missed practice!” he snapped.
  • For a moment you didn’t respond, but when you did you looked at him in surprise. “Oh…hi Reaper. Didn’t see you come in,” you murmur, as if he hadn’t spoken. “Sorry, am I in your way?”
  • Reaper could only stare for a moment, before he let out a long sigh. “Y/n, why are you hiding under my table? And why haven’t you answered my messages?” he asked finally, staring at you hard. He wanted to remain intimidating-you should be scared.
  • For a moment you blinked, then you pulled your phone from your pocket. Showing him, you gave him a rather sad smile. “Its dead. Sorry. I didn’t realize…and I’m thinking,” you said, putting it away.
  • “What could you be thinking about that takes a whole day of sitting under my table?” he asks, scowling now, but there was a touch of worry. You were known for having good days and bad, and despite his rough nature, he did genuinely care.
  • Hesitantly, you give him another smile that just broke his undead heart. “Life, I guess. You. Me…Us. Talon. I just…its one of those days. And when I start thinking of my unending existence, I like to do it under the table. Which…is weird, I guess, but its comforting,” you murmured, resting your chin on your knees.
  • For a moment, you thought that Reaper was going to chew you out anyway. No need to take pity after all.
  • Then after a moment, Reaper eased himself onto the floor with a grunt, sliding beneath the table with you. He didn’t like the cramped space, but it was worth it to pull you against his side. 
  • “Whatever. Next time you want to contemplate life beneath my table though, call me. I’ll join you. We can be miserable together,” he grumbles, and you can’t help the small giggle that escapes you. The two of you were never miserable together.
  • “Okay,” you murmured, pressing your face into his chest, his fingers rubbing gentle circles onto your shoulder. “I’ll remember that for next time.”
  • Having a supportive, though evil, boyfriend was a perk you were blessed with.


  • The two of you were laying in bed one night
  • Genji is the only one who is very aware of your need to hide under furniture when your scared or sad. He thinks its cute, but it can sometimes be problematic if he’s looking for you
  • Tonight though, the two of you were sleeping when you began to get restless. You were having a terrible nightmare, one that scared you so bad that you shot straight up in the bed
  • Heart pounding and your lungs struggling to take in air, you couldn’t calm yourself
  • Genji felt the shift of your weight in the bed and started to wake up slowly. 
  • “Y/n…” he yawned, slowly rolling to face you. “Are you…” 
  • Eyes catching sight of your face in the pale moonlight, he sat up abruptly and immediately was awake. The tears pouring down your cheeks had him incredibly concerned, and your shaking had him gently rubbing your arms.
  • “Shhhh baby, its okay,” Genji said softly, eyes full of concern as he pulled you closer. “Did you have a nightmare, sweetheart?”
  • Clutching your chest, you struggled still to get ahold of yourself but managed a nod, unable to speak around the sobs that threatened to choke you.
  • Genji pushed the hair from your face and tried to murmur soothing words. You didn’t seem to be calming and Genji knew that there was a good chance only one thing would work.
  • Shoving the blanket and pillow off the bed, Genji looked at you. 
  • “C’mon,” he says gently. “We’re sleeping under the bed tonight.”
  • Eyes flickering up to his, you managed a small nod. It surprised you that he remembered this trait of yours to hide under the furniture when you were scared, as it was very rare that things frightened you. Then again, Genji had always been observant that way and remembered the small things…
  • The two of you climbed beneath the bed
  • Immediately, Genji pulled the pillow beneath your heads, and facing each other you two found yourself in a blanket burrito as he wrapped it around you both.
  • Cradling you, you pressed you face in his neck, knowing it couldn’t be easy for him being in this incredibly cramped space.
  • “Do you feel any better, y/n?” Genji asked softly after a few minutes, though he already knew the answer. He could feel your heartbeat against him, feel as it slowed to a steady beat gradually. Could hear your breath as it evened out as you calmed.
  • Slowly, you nodded, closing your eyes as you tried to press closer. Genji was so comfortable, you thought hazily, but the nightmare lingered at the front of your mind, preventing sleep.
  • “Don’t think about it,” Genji says softly, as if sensing your thoughts. “You are okay, my love. I’m okay. The team is safe…And I love you,” he whispered. Those words always sent a tingle down your spine and you couln’t help the smile that tugged at your lips.
  • “I love you,” you whispered, wanting to believe him that all was okay.
  • After a minute or so, Genji began to hum. He hummed an old tune for a very long time, and you had realized he wouldn’t sleep until you did. Luckily, the sound of his voice was quite soothing and helped to lull you as you lay there nestled into his arms.

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Imagine Sam calling Dean in ep. 11 and Dean is absolutely amazed by meeting an angel who is his best friend and soon he is asking every cool moments they had together and Cas maybe let slip that they're dating and Dean is like "my best friend is my boyfriend how amaze!!!" and he is just. Adorable and soft. Maybe they cuddle.

DeanCas prompts?

Dean’s not sure who this guy is exactly, but they seem to share history - and it’s epic. It’s really, really damn epic. He finds himself leaning towards the man, the, uh, angel, his best friend is an angel - and it’s like staring directly into the deep blue of the ocean. There’s a depth inside this guy - this angel, are they even real? Really? Angels are a thing? And he can’t deny it calls to him, invites him further, closer, like it wants to consume him whole, devour him, soul and body and all at once like a bite-sized snack. 

Castiel - that’s his name - has his hands on Dean, gentle and calm as he seeks the foreign magic from within him to remove it once and for all, returning Dean’s functionality and memories to him. Meanwhile, he’s talking with an absent smile on him, sometimes looking directly into Dean’s eyes which makes his whole world tilt madly to the left and his heart sprint like a scared antelope. He seems somewhat timid, and Dean feels the same; like there’s something there between them that they haven’t voiced yet. It makes Dean feel like purring, it makes him feel warm and excited, like a child waiting to tear open a pile of presents. 

Sam told him they saved the world together once, him, Dean and Castiel. Sometimes, he keeps casting looks towards them from the table, looking worried as always but also contented somehow, like he’s satisfied that Dean’s in the best hands possible. Then, suddenly, Castiel drops his hands; he looks at Dean and smiles, and Dean feels something against his own hand. He looks down in wonder as Castiel’s hand takes his and holds it.

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What's the relationship like between Suga and V? Suga seems to love Daegu a lot, but I don't seem to see him interacting with V as much as I thought he might since they're from the same hometown? Did I miss something?

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ah;;;; got lost in all the taegi again :(

but seriously, what has their hometowns got to do with anything. i’ve never felt obligated to make friends with someone just because they are Korean LOL