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It still baffles me how you have such well choreographed animations and didn't go to an art school or anything. When Megalomaniac first released I thought you'd been animating in the past already, and you're always able to do all these cool stuff in animation that seem very difficult, though I don't know the ins and outs of animation myself. To me whenever a Glitchtale episode comes out the quality gets a boost, and it's incredible how you can make long, high quality animations so quickly.

Woah, you just said I made high quality animations. 

And meant it

ily 4ever

INTPs Are Not Cool, I Promise

So, it seems to be a recurring thing that people think INTPs are some mysterious force to be untangled and solved. I promise, we only have a coherent and interesting thought once a week (my thoughts are interesting to me, but no one else would be able to follow my train of thought and weirdness). 99% of the time, it’s us internally screaming and bitching about idiots around us.

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Are you as in love with Vetra as I am?

I mean I think Vetra’s whole being deserves an award for being so AMAZING. Not only does she have such cool writing, her voice actor Danielle Rayne is going to ruin me for all other voice actings ever, and Sheryl Chee has managed to craft this badass woman without falling into “badass space chick” trope. Vetra is warm, kind, sneaky, guarded but not without expressing her sympathies (her interactions with Jaal are especially precious seriously they’d make a great pair) and for all the shit she had to endure as a child and teenager she seems to hold no grudges to the people and family from her past. Also her being so close with Kesh adds amazing nuance to krogan/turian relations.


Clear GMM Mugs!!

Please. Please. Please!

So if you saw today’s GMM, then you saw what I’m hoping is a new mug. Honestly, they’re so pretty. And they’re clear which will make you seem fancier than you really are. They looked cool. I hope Rhett and Link start selling thise clear GMM mugs in the store because I’m I need to buy it and drink from it.

I hope this is a new mug there sell eventually! They need to. I mean, I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t. New product; more money!

Please give me clear GMM mugs! Please!

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So, recently I realized that what I've called a "crush" is actually a squish. I've NEVER had characteristics of a crush, just a sense of "you're cool let's be superfriends." I think I may be aro (I am ace), and romantic things like a candle lit dinner seem foreign. I am delighted by the idea of a QPR and would not want an intense romantic or sexual relationship... I see things that friends would do in my future, and nothing more. I think that I am aro, but I don't know? What do you think? Thanks

if you don’t feel romantic attraction, you’re aro.

& to me it sounds like you are


(Art by @ohhgoditsrabid with some minor editing from me!)

“So the new employee is Mothman?”

“Not the Mothman, c’mon now. They’re just a person. With mothy features. And paws. For some reason.”

“Where’d you find ‘em?”

“Caught the bugger wandering in the car park last night, they seemed lost, scared and hungry so I brought ‘em in and got ‘em something from the fridge, and they’ve stayed here since a couple days ago. Turns out they know a thing or two about writing programs, so I’ve kinda let ‘em stay and help us out. On a totally unrelated note, we’re out of instant noodles, should order some more.”

Idea for a little AU story for Lancer, where it’s not the zombie apocalypse, and they just happen to be a genetic experiment that escaped the lab and was taken in by the owner of a fledgling software company located in the same business park. 

In this case, they’re mute (or at least not very talkative), and their nickname comes from the fact that they took a curious interest in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo owned by the software company’s founder.

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paps, what kinda music do you like ?? can u recommend me anything bcuz i'm in need of anything other than hamilton n you seem like a cool dude w cool music taste

Ho, my taste is all over the place, I’ll put a few of my fav under read more ;U

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if u wanna, can you tell me a bit more about your necromancer?? that seems like a cool concept, i never thought of how necromancy would affect a person's aura!!!

yeah i love talking abt her no worries!! her name is nat and she’s one of the main characters from the novel i’ve been working on for the past five years.

a tldr; of how the magic system works is that there are humans descended from the fae, and these humans are called faeblood. nat’s descended from a type of fae that draws its powers from the lifeforces of living things. most faebloods descended from these particular fae use their magic for healing, and nat was raised learning how to do that too. but as she got older, she became fascinated by the potential uses of necromancy - which, like a lot of fantasy things, is a forbidden magic because of all the ways it could go wrong, plus its just seen as morally wrong - and started studying it; it was purely academic, at first!

and then there was an Incident™ and the tldr; for THAT is that a dog of a friend got out of the house while nat was housesitting and the dog ran out into the road and was killed, and nat panicked and tried to put the necromancy she’d learned into practice without any previous knowledge of actually USING it. she succeeded in binding a spirit back to the dog’s body, but she grabbed the wrong spirit: instead, her friend’s dog now has the spirit of a cat that had died nearby and had yet to move on bouncing around inside of it. and like. the dog/cat is OKAY. but it’s very much a fuck up.

since then her aura has a bit of a… black smudge on it? as a mark of her messing around with things that go against the cycle of life and death. animals don’t like her because they can sense something’s off with her. (note: animals that have crossed the veil and were brought back don’t seem to mind)

she still practices necromancy on a much smaller scale, but instead of animals she focuses in on trying to adapt necromancy to the usage of plants which is… a complicated research project that’s ongoing at this point in her story lmao.

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ok so idk how old of a topic this is cuz mobile Tumblr scrambles posts but Onion Kid was eh because all these ~weird~ kids seemed to be autistic, nd their nonverbal traits as being seen as weird by Steven was not needed. The message was "even tho they're weird they're still cool" instead of maybe "weirdness is relative and I, Steven, must seem weird to these kids who understand the world differently than me"

eesh, i definitely see what you mean. as much as i liked onion gang, the weakest parts to me were the message of the episode and steven himself.

tho i’ll be honest, i’d totally watch a mini-series of just onion and his friends.

- mod b

Recently I’ve been watching some kpop mvs and it seems like such a cool thing. I mean, I’d love to be a part of a kpop fandom, all the singers are so talented and dedicated, everything is so badass…

The problem is that kpop is SO confusing and I don’t have anyone to explain it to me!

The groups are so big and I can’t tell the singers apart because they change hairstyles and makeup like every ten seconds. Their names are hard to remember and apparently some groups have more than one group???? Like ? What?

I don’t understand what’s happening, but I like their dancing, so I guess I’m just going to have to get used to being confused all the time… Oh well

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YES! I'm entirely too emotional thinking about it. Any dream covers?

I’ve mentioned it a couple times on here, but for me my TOP one is Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.  It’s so rich and sexy and mysterious.  I had an anon suggest When We Were Young and I automatically thought Adele and then someone else suggested maybe they meant The Killers which would ALSO be amazing.  I think it would also be really cool if he went further old school and did an Elvis cover since we know he loves him and it would suit his voice.  Personally I’d also love to hear him sing something bluesy, but those options don’t seem to fit the 70s vibe he’s apparently going for.  But then I think about Bruno Mars’ live lounge where he did All I Ask as a slow jam and it was SO COOL (which he actually wrote for Adele and I’m wondering if he initially IMAGINED it as a slow jam)….which then makes me think that he could also do Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart but with his own personal spin on it???  


What do you think? 

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Every time i see a picture of Jyushi on my dash i just think "yes that the pure and good bean Benny. Thats him. There he is. Good nice soft Benny yes yes good boi" like honestly id hug you if i could u seem really nice and cool.


im open 4 hugs but omg i swear im just a nervous wreck irl,, idk where y'all r gettin th image im so cool omg???????

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Hello! I love your art so much it makes me feel so warm and nice ah! this is possibly a weird question but where do you get your hats? I noticed that you have a lot of really cool ones, but I seem to have bad luck when it comes to finding them!

hahahaha thank u for noticing my hats! i get most of my hats from second hand stores like savers, some hats i’ve bought online and then embroidered onto, i also regularly wear one hat that i took from my dad (i might have hats that i sew on for sale soon so be on the lookout for those)

So. The Secret World Legends.

I’m…. cool with this?

Like, my stomach is still in a knot, but after having read more of it, I’m cool with it. Like, yeah, lost progression sucks, BUT not as hard as lost money and it seems like they did take that into account. Here’s hoping my Hermes Bike makes it into Legends. (You do not want to know the amount I spent to get that shiny)

If anything, this is an opportunity for me. Most of my characters started off half-baked and I had to retroactively give them better backstories. A fresh start is actually a good thing for them and, given the art, they’re not ditching the original story, which was the biggest reason I was here in the first place.

Not to mention the fact my characters aren’t completely wiped away and I can access them if I want to (For now) is a HUGE relief.

So… yeah. While my stomach does have a huge knot. I’m cool with this. I just hope that most other people are, as well. That’s my biggest fear.

Also I SO signed up for that closed Beta. Fingers crossed!

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i started reading SOC bc you blog abt it and,,, thank you?? it's so good fuck me up. i would fight got with my bare hands for nina & jesper & inej. the others too, but especially them. i haven't gotten CK yet but im Pumped. anyway i love u & ur writing & ur blog, i have notifs on for u n i wish we were friends bc u seem so,, fuckign cool. i hope ur skin is clear and you feel confident and make good grades n life is gentle. 💜

man the fact that I’m just over here broadcasting my soc boner and I can push these golden books into people’s hands is like. ultimate

I’m SO glad you liked them, Nina and Jes are two of my favourites too!!! my buddy ck will change ur life give yourself a day and a quiet room and like.. tissues… and a glass of wine….. just a suggestion

also fuck dude….. it’s a ruse dude…. I’m like 20% cool…. 30% tops

definitely not cool enough to have the nicest people in the world just like….. handing me compliments??

all of those things back at you tenfold I hope someone drops a million dollars into ur open hands you absolute beauty

Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast
  • Diversity slapped me in face and I welcomed it with open arms
  • The enchantress didn’t curse an 11 year old who obviously knew stranger danger
  • He was an actual douche bag who deserved to be cursed
  • Belle’s blue dress
  • “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”
  • “But she’s so well read and your so… athletically inclined.”
  •  I want that music box. TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY
  • Belle Doing laundry
  • Belle teaching the little girl to read
  • I love that it’s eternally winter there that just seems really cool to me

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