but it rly looks like one


i was tagged to post a selfie by so many i’m sorry i’m only doing it now ):

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i take one really good selfie in 4 months so this is it! (+ a rly cool edgy aesthetic typo i just made lol)

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Do you or anyone else have recs to other blogs like this for Asian ppl?? Esp ones that include SE Asian ppl and not just East Asian! It's rly hard to find safe spaces like this ;;

unfortunately i don’t know of any blogs whose main focus is on both trans and asian issues, but reclaimingasia does have a good list of blogs for many different asian ethnicities here. i hope you find what you’re looking for!

- e


dripple is peaceful at night


this is richard. Hes a formed account executive, now owner of one of the biggest agencies of asia. he owns 7 ferraris and 13 BMWs, some people say he has a mansion in each state of america. studies show that he earns around $500 per breath. although hes one of the richest men in business, his 12th wife Hillary says he is a very humble and sweet guy.

some thoughts on yoo youngjae

First of all youngjae is such a child and its adorable to no end. He can barely work a camera and hes always fighting with himchan or someone and he never stops screaming and funjae is my favorite thing

Second of all hes rly good-looking. Have you even seen the dude cause??? Hes?? Not real??? How can he be real hes so perfect look at his little baby cheeks i wanna hug him to death and i cherish every last photo of him like its my child

Third of all its soothing just to listen to him talk. On v broadcasts he would just talk and give advice and stuff and its always nice to just lay down and listen to when u wanna just be calm and be happy. Listening to him talk is probably one of my favorite things and one day i just hope i will be able to talk to him, even if just for a second. I would cherish that second

Fourth of all his vocals are so sweet. His voice is perfection in your ears. Its so soft and soothing, honestly I just want to listen to him sing all day in that beautiful voice of his, and I want to be serenaded by him as I fall asleep. On restless nights all I need to do is listen to him and instantly I’m comfortable, his voice is just so good kill me

Fifth of all hes so fun to be around. I wish i could be his friend because hes so interesting and hes a really good friend. I just wanna hang out with him all day and go get mango bing with him and sit down somewhere and talk and have a nice time with Yoo Youngjae.

Sixth of all hes just overall so precious. I feel like i wanna be around him to make sure hes safe and hes happy and hes healthy. I wanna be able to hug him all the time and cheer him on in everything he does and be there for him if he ever needs someone. I wanna be there for him like he was there for me all the times he was and he didnt even know it.

Seventh of all i love him for everything that he is. Hes a beautiful talented lovely boy and hes precious and sweet and loving and i wouldnt mind spending the rest of my life admiring him from afar like the masterpiece that he is. Because yoo youngjae is perfection in my eyes, hes everything to me. And he likely doesnt see that in himself but i do and i love him for all of it, every bit of him. He may never know how much i love him but that will never stop me. I love yoo youngjae to the ends of the earth and back. I love him more than a person should be able to love another. Hes the most beautiful creature alive, because he is yoo youngjae, my world.

A victory selfie because tonight our horrible Territory government was voted out plus my sister’s derby team the Arafuries beat the Psyclones to win this year’s season!! Luca was hanging out with his friends Jem and Scout while all that was happening, but we both had good nights!

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i wanna know ur reasonings for putting them those houses (for the stranger thing harry potter au)


  • LUCAS: here’s my post about him its rly long he’s a total slytherin
  • DUSTIN: ravenclaw not just because he’s rly smart but he clearly LOVES talking/reading/learning about his interests! he’s the one whos always reading the dnd book, or calls up their teacher, or ramble on about magnetic poles, and constantly referencing starwars (LANDO). and he’s rly into Following a Set of Rules re their ~bro code~ thing like if you draw first blood you have to shake the others hand? and how hes all “but you can only have one best friend!!”. he’s also doubtful, not of ppl, but of realistic things like searching for will in the rain
  • MIKE: look, i know lots of ppl would sort him into gryffindor, and i understand, but i think he’s first a hufflepuff, and second a gryff. he’s the only person who IMMEDIATELY wants to help eleven and trust her. his priority was in making sure she felt safe and was taken care of. he also was the first one to suggest searching for will. he wants to protect his group of friends and values their loyalty, and was extremely hurt when he felt like eleven betrayed him. i think bravery just comes naturally with his loyalty and acceptance. puff/gryff is a rly intertwined house tbh so this depends on what you think defines mike more, and i think its how he wants eleven to feel included and accepted that leads to his bravery
  • ELEVEN: gryffindor, no question about this. she is recklessly brave, and helps people she doesnt even KNOW. like will, barb. she risks her own well being for them and she is scared but still goes through with it. while shes reckless she still has her own strong moral code that she follows. i dont wanna spoil this show for ppl who havent seen it so i cant like.. go on too much about her but yeah shes 100% gryffindor
  • WILL: not much is known about him, but i would say he’s a gryffindor because he’s.. frankly really brave. also the whole… he picked fireball and sacrificed himself for the party thing

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What IF Keith rly is a Galra and one day is shows but instead of everyone freaking out in a bad way they are freaking out about how cute he looks with those big fluffy ears and stuff and his glowy eyes or anything like that?(there is so much angst around just gimme some,literal,fluff,and srsly,it would look cute,esp w/ his hair,so fluffy and adorable)


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*swimming through the tags* Wow this fanfic looks really good *checks author* One of the admins? I'm not even fucking surprised

Its so funny bc ill come across a rly good fanfic and at the end ill check the author and be like “OMG NO WAY SAM WROTE THIS???” Its literally even more ridiculous if u know the person and they write like a god


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If you ever had the time, do you think you'd sketch Gilbert (Bloodborne) before he became a beast? He doesn't really have an appearance, but what do you think he'd look like? :0 PS: What do you think of his voice?? I think it's rly nice, so soft <3

hello anon,

this is how I imagine gilbert to appear pre-beast:

he was one of the few npc’s that i was not instantly weary of in a souls game. i was pretty surprised to get a nice flamethrower from him in my first playthrough tho…wonder how he got that sweet weapon, hm.

gilbert’s voice really set the tone of the game for me, listening to him lose hope was tragic, having to put him down was even worse!

thank you for that ask anon, here a bonus beast!gilbert for bring so sweet:

*gilbert with splints on his legs in my headcanon, and the poor hunter would see the state of them before being forced to end his miserable life, the drama!

8.24.16 🍴

first home cooked meal in Korea! it was soooooo difficult to try and cook with only one burner, but I’m sure I’ll get used to that. I made pasta with sautéed broccoli, mushrooms, chicken, and fresh garlic. I infused the oil with the garlic first and then I added a packet of 불닭볶음면 sauce haha! which saved the dish bc it was rly bland lol. ugh it’s hard to cook somewhere that’s really unfamiliar. like I don’t have my normal spices and ingredients you know :-( but it’s okay I managed and tried my best.

this was the first time cooking for my bf (and for any guy that wasn’t my dad) so it’s kinda special hehe. my angelbaby washed all the dishes, so we make a really good team. also! it was so nice bc after a long day at work, I came home to a perfectly clean apartment and the bed was made so nicely and he folded all the laundry while I was on YouTube watching cooking videos 😂😩❤️

I got my ARC card today, opening a bank account tomorrow, and it’s already gonna be Thursday! happy that time is flying by to the weekend. we’re gonna make some travel plans tonight :-)

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Hi! Could you please post a picture with your fave Jinani hair color and hairstyle?

regardless of his hairstyle it must be BLACK BLACK BLAAAACK FOREVER BLACK XD or dark brown i dont rly like light colors on Jinhwan


as for his hairstyle I like messy look the most 👍 hanbin is me

or when he has his hair down, he looks like an angel a sexy one

or or or or! when he wears beanies/caps/snapbacks etc 😍😍😍😍💖💕💖💕💖

ORRRR when he uncovers his forehead <3

I basically love every look on Jinhwan… the only one i’m not rly fond of is his curly/ramen hair 😂