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hey this is actually a pretty good speculation video about Efi / Anchora as the next hero !

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ahhh imagine harry and the missus revealing a baby bump at the brits later x

You’ve actually killed me. This has been on my mind for the whole morning; I’m not even joking with you, my lovely. 

Throughout the whole day of getting ready and pampering one another and choosing their outfits, he’d be taking photos of her to keep on his phone and to possibly share online later that evening when they’re tucked up and cuddling in bed together and discussing how well the day had gone. They’d both do face-masks to make themselves look presentable, they’d do each other’s nails and do each other’s hair and they’d definitely FaceTime with their families so that they could wish Harry luck.

And when they’re both dressed, Harry can’t help but compliment how beautiful she looks and her little baby bump looks so adorable between her hips and he’d run his hands over the curve and kneel down and whisper sweet things to your baby;

“hey, little one. mummy and daddy are going to a big event tonight and we’re gon’a show you off to everyone after a while of keepin’ you to ourselves. we shouldn’t be so selfish and keep you hidden away. mummy’s made herself look very beautiful, too. you should see her.”

“stop it, Harry.”

“what? m’not doin’ anything, Gorgeous. jus’ tellin’ our baby how beautiful their mummy looks.”

When they’re in the car and about to arrive at the red carpet to show their faces, he makes sure you packed tablets and a bottle of water in your handbag to soothe your heartburn when it peaks and he’s always asking you if you’re comfortable or feeling any pains or feeling a bit uneasy and sick. But, she’s promising him that she feels perfectly fine and that she’s really excited to be there to support him and be his date to the event; adding in that she’s a little nervous about showing off her bump but regardless of that, she can’t wait for the secret to be out in the open.

Walking the red carpet would be a nerve-wracking moment for the both of them because they don’t know what’s about to happen around them; they’ll be the big talk of the evening, they’ll have eyes on them the entire time, people asking and trying to find out the sneakiest of details about the pregnancy, they’ll be interviewed a whole lot about everything that happened whilst Harry went quiet and they’ll be sharing their excitement towards a new Styles coming into the world in a matter of months.

“feelin’ alright? shall we head inside?”

“i’ll head inside. you stay out here and do some more press stuff. they’re all eager to talk to you.”

“f’they wan’a talk to me, then, they can set up an interview. you’re a little more important to me right now.”

“are you sure?”

“of course, Gorgeous. i want you to be comfortable tonight. everyone is headin’ inside now, so, let’s go find our seats. get some colder water for you to drink.”

They spend the entire time sat with Ed Sheeran and the One Direction boys, laughing and joking around and cheering when people won the awards. And after the entire show has finished, and the missus struggles to walk out of the venue and back to the car to go home, Harry saves the day by kicking off his black boots and sliding them on her swollen feet - which sparks up a lot of interest by those who were standing around and trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrities leaving. 

“a’right now? feet feelin’ better?”

“i would’a been fine with my heels, Harry.”

“nonsense, Gorgeous. i don’t want you in any pain. do you feel okay now?”

“they feel fine. swamp me a little but they’re fine.”

“promise i’ll give yeh a foot rub when we get home, yeah? run a nice bath for you and pamper you down.”

“that sounds lovely, Peaches.” xx

Thirty four years ago today, my father was killed by a drunk driver who plowed head first into his car on the way home from work.  At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen, convinced myself that I’d survived that and could manage anything.  That one loss made so many changes in my life, and I took a different route than the one I’d planned.  I stayed near home for those first two years until my brother sat me down and basically told me to get an apartment on my own and live my life. Deep in my heart, I feel guilty when I think how I probably wouldn’t have met the man who would be my husband if my father hadn’t died. I wouldn’t have gone back to grad school without hub’s support. Wouldn’t have my two beautiful daughter, be a professor, be writing, have wonderful friends here on tumblr.  I’ve no idea what my life would have been – it could have been just as good or better – but I like the one I have and for that, I cry sometimes, thinking I’ve been disloyal to Dad’s memory, even though I know he’d kick my ass and tell me to deal with what I’d been given and go do something. 

It never goes away, that hole, the missing piece. It goes into remission sometimes then recurs at a single memory or a quiet word. I hear his voice when I pass a lightswitch and don’t turn it off, see his face in my dreams where he talks to my hubs and is inordinately proud of my kids. He’s a ghost that is both comfortable and painful, one that will never leave. 

Miss you, Daddy. 

i think i sort of discovered why i hide my interests when theyre deemed “embarrassing”

i used to be a GIANT fan of this band in my scene kid years of middle school and freshman year of high school (i just discovered they broke up last year also) and everyone i told told me how shitty they were and i was always proud to be a fan of them but then i stopped listening to them and i dont even know what provoked it. i think the 1# reason i stopped was bc i heard one of the members treated Ash Costello (the lead singer of New Years Day, which IS my current favorite band and Ash is my idol) terribly to the point where NYD left the tour. 

but i feel like after i stopped i just started becoming embarrassed about my interests bc of how badly i was seen when i was a fan

idk if this made any sense but. i still hesitate to tell people how big of a fan i am of sonic bc of how much of a joke the series is seen as. like i just always feel like my opinion on anything is bad and will always be bad.

when i was younger i used to not care what others thought but now i change my entire outlook just to agree with someone bc i always feel like theyre right and im wrong.

seekthemist replied to your post “hi does anyone have any podcast recs? i like lore and serial, and by…”

Did you ever tried Welcome to Night Vale and Alice is Not Dead? BECAUSE THEY ARE SO GAY AND SUPERNATURALLISH AND HILARIOUS, I love them. (There are a shit tons of episodes as well so if you need a background for repetitive tasks they are perfect)

o fuck i totally forgot about night vale, i have listened to that one lol lol i am…… severely behind on it tho omg, and i heard alice is not dead was good, i’ll have to look at that!!!!